FOX 9 Weather – Radar & Alerts

2.9 (255)
74.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Fox Television Stations, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for FOX 9 Weather – Radar & Alerts

2.88 out of 5
255 Ratings
4 years ago, irskdreamgirl
Does not load properly
Is this app need a refresher by its developer? Or is it just unable to work well with newer phones? I have one of the iPhone X’s - and 3 times out of 5 the app NEVER LOADS UP. It just stays on the first screen - and never shows the temperature, possible snow/rain chances, or anything. All I see is the Fox9 Weather logo. Get with it people and update or upgrade your app!
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3 years ago, ncgjdykm
Absolutely Terrible 🙈
Love Ian Leonard, but his weather app is the worst. I can’t for the life of me figure out why they promote this app so heavily. There’s only one part of this app that is accurate and that is the radar. Every other element is out of touch with reality. Forecasts NOT even close to the National Weather Service. Most of the daily forecasts are literally a guess just to fill in space, Not to mention none of the elements in the daily info even match what the Fox 9 TV segment says. Winds for example will show the same direction and speed for days which we all know aren’t true unless the earth stops moving. Really Ian, your beloved app is distorting you and your team’s reputation. Stay on top of updating the information and you’ll be the go to app for ACCURATE weather reliability. And one last thing, School Closing tab does not work at all. Not accurate and very seldom posts any information. What good is it. Insert the tab when there is info to share otherwise hide it until there’s useful information to share. RichP
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1 year ago, TedRoberts777
Limited Options
I would up the rating to 5 stars on the condition there would be additional features like in-app purchases to remove ads and get radar feeds from Lacrosse, WI, Aberdeen SD, Iowa, Fargo, ND and Duluth, MN. It would also be nice to buy the meteorologists a coke, Pepsi, or a coffee via a tipping platform in the app for when Severe Weather happens and they have to be on air well past their bedtime to keep us safe. When these features are implemented I’ll be sure to update my review and give 5 Stars. I’d love to get Ian Leonard a few cups of coffee for 99¢ every time he made sure he kept us safe. I love how funny he is even when severe weather is happening he knows how to get people to be calm and sensible by using humor. -Ted Roberts
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2 years ago, Quaint13
Stop the non-essential alerts!!!
I used to love this app “5 stars” worth. But lately I get daily “station alerts” for stupid things like “it’s going to be cold” or “great weekend ahead. If you must do this then you must have an option to hide those unessential alerts and only receive vital weather alerts. Are used to be that when I got a station alert I knew there was something big in the weather. Now I just ignore them so how am I going to know if there’s actually something big in the weather? I don’t need to know that it’s going to be colder than usual today. I can see that just by using my app. Please add an option to hide nonessential alerts! Either that or I will stop using your app.
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6 years ago, Relyt92
For a while now, I have not been able to go on the radar and view the specific page long details of certain watches or warnings that are issued in cities located around me. I remember I used to be able to do this....wish you’d all bring it back. It was nice to be able to simply go on the app and look at the more in depth details for areas I currently am not in. The only way now I can tap on specific watches or warnings to view the long page of details is only if my GPS indicates that I’m actually within range of whatever specific watch or warning I’m trying to view.
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4 years ago, whinnery
Only works sporatically
I have used this app and very much enjoyed it over the past five years. However within the last two months I continually get the message that the application is currently not available in my location and you’re stuck with just a black screen. Sometimes it will start working if I delete the app and reinstall it. I’ve noticed this is mostly happening during busy use times. Very frustrating! I live in Lindstrom please address this issue as I’m being forced to go to the channel 5 weather app now.
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5 years ago, jamesklambert
Thank you for bring back the old app!
I originally wrote: I use to like this app but now it comes up to this annoying guy talking about the weather rather than the radar. If I wanted to listen to someone talk I’d turn on the TV. I want the facts. I want the old app back! Thankfully, Fox 9 listened to its audience and has returned to a format that doesn’t force you to watch a video every time you open it.
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2 years ago, TurkeysWest3421
Alert Overlay Impedes Radar View
The reason for the 4 stars is because of the alert overlay on the radar screen. I have to go in and remove alerts from my map to be able to clearly see the radar. This takes like 4 clicks and I have to do it every time I open the app. Other than that, this is the most weather accurate and easy to use weather app out there.
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1 year ago, ShellyL93
Updated version is not as good as previous version
I loved the radar and ability to look at the radar from the past before the newest version came out. This version has lost detail in the radar forecast. I get that it shows the forecast further out in the future but the time increments are larger and the accuracy/detail is lost. There have been several times in the past couple of weeks where it’s been raining heavily on us and there is no precipitation on the radar for our location.
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6 years ago, Pobox867
Not working right
This has been happening for at least 2 months. I use to love this app but now It won’t let me open it the first time. It takes a lot of try’s to get it to turn to landscape. I had to take my iPad in because it was acting slow. When the Apple person looked at my iPad it had the Fox 9 weather app as having problems. I will be looking for another Weather App because this one has too many bugs. Too bad, I really liked this one. This has been going on for 3 months. Please fix it!
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4 years ago, Jimi0100
Works fine. Great local weather app
I last looked at this app a couple years ago, and it was awful. Stayed with the old app until now (when a virus showed up in it). This app now looks similar to the old one and works great! It says it requires iOS12, but it works fine on my 9.3 old iPad They must have read the reviews and adjusted - rare humility for developers!
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5 years ago, momsmad
Love it. Fair warning.
I love this weather app, these are my favorite meteorologists. I didn’t, however, expect a man’s voice at 4 am telling me there was a winter storm warning as I was in a dead sleep. Once my heart rate came back down and I realized what it was, it was funny. So fair warning, a warning will result in a voice telling you something is wrong instead of a normal alert sound. 😂
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5 years ago, Inthegarden
Best view of radar and clouds
This app has the best view of radar with clouds pictured too and you don’t have to pay a premium price. It’s free! Some of the well known weather apps do not picture clouds on their maps. On the other weather apps you would think it’s sunny because the maps show no clouds but it’s not sunny it’s very overcast. This app gets it right.
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3 years ago, StevieBear36
Best Weather App I’ve ever Used
Downloaded because a coworker recommended it years ago. I’ve installed it on all my devices. I have tried many weather apps over the years, this is by far the best one. Minimal ads and full featured. Bad reviews are unjustified, I’ve personally never had a issue.
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5 years ago, iPad user A
Network problems and other bugs
Frequently we get “Network Error. Failed to connect” message. Probably 1/2 to 3/4 of the time. Have to force close and restart the app to get weather updates. As other people have mentioned, it is slow to transition from portrait to landscape mode, which is the way we nearly always use the iPad. And, sometimes the ad at the bottom of the screen covers up the Home, Hourly! Daily, and Map buttons so you cannot move from screen to screen. Again, have to force close the app and restart.
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6 years ago, LBartHere
Love this App
I’ve been using the Fox 9 weather App for a number of years now and love the past and future radar feature. I also like that you can personalize alerts for different weather conditions and set up select cities for easy access. I highly recommend!
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1 month ago, CheleHiebert
Missing Information
I have had this app for a long time now and have always found it to be very useful! I have noticed since the last update that the dew point is not shown anymore under the current conditions, only the humidity. Can you please add that back in?
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3 years ago, qkdheub
Works fine
I have had this app for several years and have watched several updates come and go. Some of them I like, while others.... Overall, it does what it’s supposed to - gives me temp, radar and forecast. And, who doesn’t like tracking earthquakes?? Come on, you will get hooked.😊
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6 years ago, Mcgaver 1
Much needed update, has arrived!
This app definitely needed some attention and bug squashing. I was pleasantly surprised with how quickly and smoothly the app loaded and responded. I also appreciated the weather update you can watch as now at the top of the screen. All in all, a much needed update to a widely used app!
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1 year ago, mikmill
Overlays are exhausting
I want to like this app, but the default map setting of having all the overlays turned on is exhausting. It makes the actual radar difficult to see at best, until you take the time every single time you open the map, to go in and manually turn them off. Why, why can’t I save my preference to have them turned off unless I specifically want them on??
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5 years ago, Bkdows
Rarely up to date or accurate
So, their website gives you a more accurate weather forecast. Example: we got about 6 inches of snow on Monday. The app said 1-3 possible for the three days leading into the event. The website said 6-8 for two days leading into the event. It wasn’t until about 12 hours before the event that the app updated to match the website. Can’t tell you how much the inaccuracy of this app has cost me in car washes: no rain/snow expected, washes car, 6-8 hours later it rains/snows.
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11 months ago, Tamalex826
Could be so much better!
Love channel 9 but this app just keeps getting worse. Too much junk all over the radar. Half the time it doesn’t work. We just want to see a radar without lightening bolts and other crap. Just the radar! No fluff or cool graphics. Just the radar! And why doesn’t it work when you need it most? When storms start firing it doesn’t work. 🤷‍♀️
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2 years ago, semipenguin
My favorite weather app
I really enjoy this app. I’ve been using it for over a year now, and I haven’t had any glitches. As a truck driver, I try and stay on top of the weather, especially in the Winter months.
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5 years ago, DuBois5
Constant Crashing
This app is great- when it’s working and that is so rare. I can open it about 50% of the time and the other 50% I’m waiting on a spin. Constant “network errors” or absolutely nothing but a blank Fox 9 screen. Beyond frustrating that it needs to “reopen” every single time I get out and then back in. There’s always a delay, unexpected quit, or just doesn’t work at all. I love the ease of information when it’s working bit that is so rare that I give it one star.
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6 years ago, MeanwhileInMN
Colors are too strong
I like how the app works, but I live in an area where summer is full of severe weather. This app makes everything look more severe than it is, so it’s really difficult to know when to actually worry. Please tone down the colors and show red only when there is an actual threat.
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2 years ago, Koopie22
Great for local weather
I’ve loved this weather app for many years! I wish there was an easier toggle to turn on/off the weather warning overlay. It took me a little bit to figure out how to turn it off, but eventually I got it.
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6 years ago, Chris4564564566
New Update 👎🏻
This used to be my favorite weather app until the newest update. I loved seeing the weekly forecast first thing. Now I see a meteorologist update ... I don’t have time for that, nor do I care. Just show me the forecast in a quick hit. I’m leaving the house for the day before 7am and just want to see what I need to be prepared for.
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3 years ago, Tpkyt
no iOS 10 support
Hourly all of a sudden does not work for ios10!!! Weather alerts and radar needs to work for those who cant afford to upgrade. We deserve fixes to. Why? Some of us have apps that won't work with iOS 11 that we use and paid for, and need! Jews and other minority niches got mucked over with i11 due to the number of devs who abandoned there apps-apps that NO ONE else makes a good one of, if makes a version of it at all! Thanks!
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6 years ago, Nama915
New update
I hate the new up date, if I want to watch the weather I can turn on tv. Not have to see it the minute I open the weather. I use to be able to have the option to forward them to family members out of town, now I cannot any longer do that. Please put back the older version not this new one. So now that there has been no updates on the weather I am finding another weather station. I hate hate hate this version.
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4 years ago, stubip
Network errors
This app worked great for a while. Now whenever I try to look at radar or the hourly weather I get a network error. I get this error no matter where I am, whether I’m connected to WiFi or not. And I can’t even leave a review without problems Update: I can no longer even open the app. I have to shut my iPhone off. Then it might or might not work. I have tried removing and downloading again and it made no difference.
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6 years ago, $&12
Not improved
Before the “upgrade”, I could open the app and immediately see the interactive map. Now there’s a stupid home page, put back the map as first seen, or at least give us the option. Also, you stuck those stinking ads right in the middle of the Hourly and Daily content; very annoying! I’m done with this app until they fix it!!
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12 months ago, CathieMN72
Radar is Inaccurate
I’m not sure what happened but the radar is completely inaccurate. It shows red cells over me when it is sunny out and no cells over me when it is storming. I used to love this app for many reasons including the radar but will be deleting it and using another weather app with a radar that is accurate. Bummer, this was my go to weather resource.
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5 years ago, Name Try 14
Unable to use consistently after last update
I liked the app better before the last update as well. Now there is a glitch that will not allow it to load and it keeps giving me a error message to check that my wifi is on and airplane mode off. They both are, respectively, but it still will not load.
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2 years ago, AllByMyselfNow
So why does the FOX9 Weather Ap place my Home at the top of their screen at Andover, Massachusetts? And at the middle of the Eastern Atlantic Ocean with a big blue dot off Africa’s shoreline near The Congo?? I live in Eden Prairie in Minnesota, hometown of FOX9. Seems simple enough. And also what are the easy step-by-steps to get your Ap onto my IPHONE XR Home Screen? Yeah, I know…
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4 years ago, username taken 1
Background Activity
I have Background refresh off and still get a lot of battery drain. Looking right now and in the past 24 hours I’ve used 2m on screen and 7h 40m background. This was even after swiping all apps up to close them. I like the app and maps but not going to let it kill my battery when not in use. Delete.
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5 years ago, RJV74
Does not give me alerts?
For some reason this app I now had it for awhile I like it better over some of the other ones. It was working great. Then all the sudden it stopped. It was not updated, my phone was not updated. It is running the most recent iOS I have a iPhone 6
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1 week ago, Beckyroo1984
No dewpoint on apple 13 phone
I love Fox News. I love Fox weather. They’re always on accurate and the perfect for some reason on the Apple phone we’re not getting the dewpoint.
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5 years ago, whydoihavetogiveaname?
Please Fix This App
I used to love this app but since you changed the format and added all of the additional videos and weather clips, it rarely loads correctly. The app is no good to me if it doesn’t load correctly. I just want to be able to see the extended forecast for my area. There are plenty of other weather apps available that will work consistently if this doesn’t get fixed soon.
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5 years ago, mnjkiytrdgfuxh63738:!,$.$;83!.
New map is terrible
The new radar map is terrible. The old map used to show possible hail, wind, tornado, and lightening and was easily noticeable. New icons are microscopic and doesn’t show direction it is coming from/heading to. Not sure why they have to keep changing appearance. It’s not a fashion show it’s a weather map. Radar map was only thing good on this app, as their weather forecasts seemed like they were almost always wrong
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5 days ago, MNMoose01
Dew Point not listed anymore
Sadly, the dewpoint is not listed on this app anymore. This is info I need to know in the humid summer weather in MN. Changed to a weather app that includes this info. I hope you guys get it back because I like the local app
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4 years ago, Montskey
Great app... radar not working 100%
Great for local and just the same for national weather! Great job. Just fix the radar. Takes forever to load, or won’t load.
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4 years ago, what's with the app??
What’s up?
I loved this weather app. One day, 2 weeks ago I tried to bring the Fox 9 weather app up, and I couldn’t. I thought maybe Since I was traveling to northern Mn I may have had poor reception. Unfortunately, 2 weeks later, in MPS, at home, I still can’t bring it up. My husband is having trouble also, sometimes it comes up, sometimes not. Whereas, mine, never comes up anymore. I sure do miss it.
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4 years ago, nurse195829
Not an accurate weather app
I’m still looking for an easy to use accurate weather app. I’ve tried them all now. This one does not give you precise readings of humidity and temperature. I put in my location, and it thinks I’m 10 miles south of here which could have different readings.
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2 years ago, pos9220
Too many irrelevant notifications
It’s good to get weather alerts. But you’ll get MUCH more than that. Tonight I got a “Fox 9 weather alert” after some rain went thru. So, I’m thinking there’s a storm coming? Nope. They just sent a notification question “What were those clouds in front of tonight’s rain?” Not the type of alert I need. Deleting app.
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5 years ago, crystalfree
Fox 9 weather app
Very poor function. The connection works fine for about 2 days and then fails. Message states connection lost make sure airplane mode is off. I am sitting in my living room most times. Tried removing and rebooting several times without success. Would rather pay for an app that works as advertised so my family stays safe in summer weather.
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6 years ago, parentofaussie
Prefer the old app
Both my wife and I really dislike the new app. I miss having the radar map and the forecast right below it. No need to have to videos of weather people yakking. Haven’t watched one of them and probably never will. Just give us weather forecasts and details, and extended forecasts all easily seen when you open the app like before. Thanks.
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7 years ago, Hoffmann
Latest Update
The recent update won't let me use "current location". Keeps directing me to settings and allow it. I've used this app for years. Needs another tweak.
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12 months ago, Dancergirl_us
Fix the radar
This was my go-to weather app for years, but the radar is no longer accurate. I have had multiple occasions where it was storming in my location, but the radar showed it was completely clear. Please fix this!
Show more
5 years ago, Drj141
Best Weather App
Love the new map features and layers! You can view the weather radar, traffic, incidents & construction at the same time beautiful!!
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6 years ago, Jojobean4568
Last update won’t let me open the app. Worked fine before I updated
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