FOX19 First Alert Weather

4.7 (9.4K)
76 MB
Age rating
Current version
Raycom Media Inc
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for FOX19 First Alert Weather

4.68 out of 5
9.4K Ratings
6 years ago, Rue de la Huchette
Great app and forecasts
It is funny seeing people complain about the ads. Everyone wants something for free. Anyway....This app is a great and is my go to app every morning to see the video about what’s going to happen with the weather. From my experience, they have the most accurate/dependable forecasts in Cincinnati. And, they don’t do all the crazy weather hype that ch’s 9 & 5 do that gets people worked up into a frenzy.
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5 years ago, I dont want a nicknamr
Not that good
I’ve been using this app for a year or so now. When I first got it it was great. I used it all the time. Now it’s so slow and laggy! It’s not my internet or anything. It’s the app. The radar was so slow that it took like 10 seconds for it to load parts of the map and the overlays. The performance is awful. Also did I mention all the advertising? I know it’s a free weather app but this is just too much ads. It is so annoying looking at these ads and watching them. At least make a membership or pay to remove ads, that would make the app better. And also make a way just to get weather alerts and not notifications like “will it rain today? Open app to find out.” I’m going to remove the app and sticking to different apps!
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6 years ago, Daddoo-JM
Recent app is crap
Most of the time when it launches, the splash screen comes up, but the ad at the bottom of the page does not populate. It makes the app hang right there. For an Apple app to not support tablets in landscape mode is BS. I’m going back to the guys from GA at Weather Channel. It isn’t the greatest, but at least their app actually works and it supports both iPhone and iPad.
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5 years ago, Very disappointed 9999
Had to delete, wakes me up in the morning.
I had to delete the app because there was no way I could find to turn off all notifications except the selected severe ones. Every morning at 6 am it goes off telling me to go to the app to see nothing is happening today. I don’t need to get up that early and when my sleep is interrupted then I become an unpleasant human being. If they fix it to where I only get the notifications I want then I may come back. In the meantime I’ll stick with Apple’s built-in notifications for severe weather which are more reliable anyway.
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2 years ago, Kin Village
No one works harder at doing good weather reports for all of us in NKy than Steve Horstmeyer. Say all the grandiose about others but the answer will always come back toCh 19 Steve good health to everyone and pay attention to driving, be prepared for long waits in traffic stay warm keep your gas tanks full when possible.
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11 months ago, BeckyMac2020
The Weather app!
This is my go to weather app. It is easy to navigate, accurate and gives timely alerts. I live in an area prone to sudden severe thunderstorms and wind, and I need a heads up to take down patio umbrellas, and secure pet beds on a deck that bears the brunt of incoming storms. I’ve tried other apps, but always return to this one.
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4 years ago, cinbarren
When I wake up first thing I do I look at my cell. There will be a catchy cute description about the day ahead even if it is rainy. I always smile, put the phone down and go back to sleep. Later I will check out the app for rest of the day or the next day.
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2 years ago, kOhio
Spam ads on your homepage
This is my preferred app for looking at the daily/hourly forecast and the weather radar. On my iPad today, on your app homepage is a spam ad which says: iPhone memory full, device will not work, clean. It displays multiple times and at first glance appears to be a legit Apple pop-up. I hope no one is fooled into clicking it.
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3 years ago, Che'Annes'
I have WXIX WEATHER on my iPad. FREE! I wrote a review on YELP. I was so impressed, with WXIX, WCPO and CNN. I had to write a review. In my humble opinion, I think, every weather and news app ought to be free. I don’t care, if there are advertisements on the app. Just give me accurate information on the weather and news. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! Merci soi muichi.
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2 years ago, shark gaming car
They are very accurate an send alerts the second they come out for the safety of your family
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2 years ago, Bad will
Was better than this
I really hate that the forecasts are only in video form not everyone has great internet all the time. How about a text version? I videos you do get are a mixed bag. I am trying to check the forecast for the next couple of hours, but the latest forecast video was from 20 hours ago.
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3 years ago, Sxmglass
Forecast recommendation
While looking at the radar and in the past/past+future it should be able to go atleast 8 hours into the past. For making our own assumptions based on how the weather has behaved foreal instead of predicted.
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7 years ago, Bruce Hobbs
Email messages are better
There is too much advertising, starting with a full-screen ad when you open the app. The information is in video format; I prefer text. Fox 19’s email messages are better so I’ve removed the app. I thought I would like the notifications but they’re only teasers. For example, “Will there be frost tonight?” or “When will it rain next?” (in four days, silly).
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3 years ago, Fastpitch grandma
Only reason not a 5 star is that it’s slow to load and has ads. I have 3 weather apps, and while driving and needing information immediately, this one is the slowest to load and sit through ads.
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5 years ago, Freddy Joe1234123
Would be good if there was a way to view the old radar format. Might take a while to get used to the new one. Really like the weather updates
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2 years ago, USN Retired 1998
Too busy, Too many ads
The app is full of features and very accurate. Ahh but the ads make it clunky. Not just ads but videos abound. Videos that do not add value IMO. Lose the excess stuff including videos as they just add clutter on a phone. Going back to accuweather.
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3 years ago, Sq1rr3l
Short form
Love the weather alerts but I wish that when a notification came across it said specifically what it was about and didn’t just send you to video feed. When I’m working or driving I can’t watch these but information in short form would be nice.
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6 years ago, DavePutz
Last update not compatible with iPhone 5s
This once was a fabulous app and worked well. Then along came AquaProof as an advertiser and got progressively worse. Can't you leave well enough alone?
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3 years ago, Countryfans
Very handy
We use the app for weather updates wherever we travel—even all the way to Florida.
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10 months ago, Lori1818
Radar is unreliable
The radar only works about half the time. It’s very frustrating when you are trying to track a storm for safety because you live somewhere that doesn’t have a siren. I guess I will have to invest in a NOAA radio
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3 years ago, 62BT7
Last update hard coded Andover, MA as home location
Last update hard coded Andover,MA as home location that it defaults to ever time you open app. You can delete the location but it reappears next time you open app. A real pain to deal with every single time.
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4 years ago, grannyj03
What happened
This was a good app, what happened? The radar is so slow that when I get the notice that there is heavy rain in the area it was done raining. When it is pouring down rain out side the reader indicated there was no rain. Again what happened?
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3 years ago, ljc not happy
Love fox 19 but
I wish they would do more live updates during winter storms to let us snow Plow people know what’s going on and when it’s going to end and not keep playing the same recording over and over thank you
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2 years ago, mommameti
Weather report for several days ago. Prefer current and future not previous days.
Would be great if only up to date and future weather lol
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3 years ago, mybuddy82
19 Weather
I really depend on this site to give me accurate weather forecasts. I’ve never been disappointed.
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7 years ago, QueenCityJaneS
Slow and stodgy
What was once a nimble local look at the weather has become a long set of ads. The video has been moved to the top and everything displays in a jumpy fashion. There are easier and faster options to find out what the weather is today.
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6 years ago, Centersj
Infected with ADS
This app is borderline malware. It’s so full of ads that navigating it is hard. Never mind that you may want to read or watch anything. The notifications are also just a push to get you to watch their news channel. Notifications come in just before they air Trying to get you tune in...rude. I deleted the app. Very poor experience.
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6 years ago, Jd_6822
Where are the current details?
After this last update the app no longer shows the current temp/weather conditions. Just another ad where this info used to be. Would be great to have the old, more simple app with less advertising.
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1 year ago, Sarah Cates
My emergency weather forecast alerts are a necessity
I can count on I can count on this app
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1 year ago, pat and Sally
A number 1!!
I watch Fox 19 on television and I watch it on my phone. It is the best coverage and has the best reporters of any station in Cincinnati. A
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7 years ago, Pete Klein
Location always stinks
Disappointed. App now will only let you select current location if you set location tracking to always. Previous version would let you do if selected while using app.
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3 years ago, Harley 54
The best
Use it all the time very accurate thank you
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5 years ago, UsAndThem5150
Update = garbage crashes.
This app works like it should. Daily, Radar and traffic is great. I like the Lightning located -- miles away feature w/notifications, and as always the storm tracker is the apps best feature. Update: after update yesterday it's terrible. Broke what wasn't broken. Crashes. Useless. Off to find another app.
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1 year ago, Mindyrippedoff
Great app
They keep me updated. If storms are coming, warnings, daily, hourly updates.
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1 year ago, Hoppenjans
Radar Map
Radar Map does NOT show you what’s likely to happen. This map stops on NOW! We can look out the window and get the weather NOW!
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11 months ago, crashtest3
19 weather
To many advertisers, scrolling down through the advertising is unnecessary
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3 years ago, local513
No summary
This used to be a helpful app, but I no longer see a summary for anything local. If I want to check weather outside the Cinci market, I can get a daily summary...but for where I am? Nope. I end up going elsewhere for summaries of my daily weather. It’s disappointing.
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7 years ago, Grneyez1789
Radar update is awful
Please go back to older version where you could check future radar. The radar is slow and takes forever to load. Used to love this app but now it’s awful.
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1 year ago, Thank goodness we have
To many updates on the weather and check the app for more information. Will be deleting app after this review. Sorry.
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4 years ago, Judyirene
Why does the 19 first alert weather app keep saying “This application is not available in your current location”? I’ve been using this app for years and now I can’t get it. I have updated and done everything possible but still does not work
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3 years ago, 82nd Proud
Always spot on, regardless of which area you select.
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3 years ago, just want an honest app
Disappointed app user
I click on the latest video based on an update I received and only get a commercial for Pur water. I receive your updates frequently and normally they are nothing. It reminds of Chicken Little!
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5 years ago, Cincyfan2002
App is almost unusable
I watch Fox 19 every night. They tout their weather app all the time. I can't stand it. There are almost too many advertisements to even find the weather. Aqua proof must pay millions for all of their ads.
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3 years ago, samsamsamjone
This app used to give details for the day/week in the daily forecast now it doesn’t not and seems like what is does say is often wrong. It is disappointing that they will not give a forecast for more than 3 days ahead with any accuracy.
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3 years ago, Cjdcor722412
Great news, weather and professionalism
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4 years ago, Dan in Cincy
Daily Summary
I used to love this app, but the daily summaries have become nonexistent. It used to tell me what the weather would be in the morning and now it gives you 2 or 3 words but no indication of time when
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2 years ago, applesuxxxxxxx
Too many adds
You should offer a paid version. Too many adds here.
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2 years ago, Tired of the Swamp
No sound
Trying to listen to forecast but would not add sound to forecast. Ads had sound.
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12 months ago, Fan Pam
Big fan
Radar doesn’t work half the time. Very annoying.
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4 years ago, Firenog
Failing miserably
Will say it can’t find me every time I open app and must refresh my location. And they changed the rain and snow to look like grey clouds. So you never know if it’s rain or clouds. Download weather channel if you want a good app that works.
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