FOX8 Cleveland Weather

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Tribune Broadcasting Company
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for FOX8 Cleveland Weather

3 out of 5
72 Ratings
4 years ago, cloverseven
Video problems
Videos aren’t working half the time. And are not updated. Checked and it said 8 days ago. I checked again and there is one from 3 hours ago. I love this app. Please can you fix the videos? Thank you so much.
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4 years ago, Very bogus
Want to ‘read more’ option just advertising trap.
Have had this app for years. My favorite local news app. But has been trashed by updates that gives teaser info then you have to hit ‘read more’ to get complete article. Usually have had to tap it numerous times to get the remainder of the article. Unfortunately many times when tapping that space to get remainder of article have gotten unsolicited advertising and only way to get rid of the advertising was to shut down the app. Usually it is one of the many many advertising sites that have replaced the news articles space that is why one is now required to tap if you want to ‘read more’. Am giving up tapping and looking for a news site not an advertising trap site.
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6 years ago, Bob WT
WHY would you make two separate apps, one for news and the other weather? It’s just more clutter on the phone. Also WHY would you make the two app icons virtually identical? WHY wouldn’t you keep all of the great features of the weather when it was in the news app? WHY would you make the video so small? This is my first review ever. I felt strongly enough about this crappy app that I took time out of my day to let others know just how much of a PITA the Fox 8 weather app really is.
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5 years ago, Ierzejewski
Terrible Forcasting
Always forecasting rain in the 10 day outlook. Many times as much as 8 of the next 10 days and the changing the forecast the day or hours before. Last night at 11pm forecast was 90% chance of t-storms starting at 9am. So I cancel my plans. I wake up at 6am and the chance of t-storms now reduced to 60%. At 9am I check the app again since the sun was shining and the chance is reduced again to 20% and going down to 10% by 11am. Cannot depend on FOX8 at all for getting the forecast right. I will be checking into a different Cleveland station.
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3 years ago, lordbuffington
Best for Local Weather
I’ve used this app for many years across many devices and have had no major problems to report. The app is straightforward to use, and is especially helpful for local weather. The national forecasts just aren’t as accurate.
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4 years ago, Codger796533
Video is working again. Thank you.
It looks like they have the video problems resolved. Adding it back again.
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9 years ago, Slarvey
Radar Needs Improvement
Trying to support my local news but the radar is slow loading and very narrow window of time being shown. The spinning wheel of options is annoying; could just display otherwise. Simple design with no large ads. Not bad tho!
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4 years ago, E6over13
Poor excuse for a weather app
This app has always been poorly done. You can tell the station forecasters don’t care about it, most never update the forecast video. Plus if they didn’t take interest they would know the video forecast quit working weeks ago after last app update.
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5 years ago, Kashew1011
Great and accurate
However after this update you can no kJ get delete locations from your list please fix this!!
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3 years ago, Biokmst
Worst news app ever!
If you want to continue any story, hit the button then go make yourself some coffee, do a load of laundry, do shopping and then ONLY THEN will those stories load. Our gen put a man on the moon but you guys can’t manage a decent webpage? I should have done it for you.
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4 years ago, Jackofalltrades557899
Full page ads
Last update. Now annoying full page ads that interrupt screen transitions. Loved this app but ads are becoming intolerable. Might consider other weather app soon if these disruptive ads continue.
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4 years ago, The Steppers
Video Error
I love this app, however when I go to watch the weather report videos they post I get this, “Video Error: Cannot play requested video” every time. I’ve tried deleting and re-downloading the app and it still hasn’t fixed the issue.
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7 years ago, no forcast
Love fox 8, but...
Fox 8 has the best news and weather and this use to be a great app. Unfortunately, recent "improvements" have made this app very disappointing! Content for the forecast is rarely available. Don't waste your time.
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4 years ago, CinDon
Unable to play videos
Makes this relatively useless. I get the same information form other weather apps, the local video forecast is what would have set this app apart.
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4 years ago, 242242
Ok app, but videos won’t play
Every time I try to watch the forecast, the app tells me it’s unable to play the selected video. Which pretty much defeats the purpose, of having a local weather app.
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5 years ago, moehnert
Waste of phone space
The hourly forecast is supposedly tailored for your location, so how can it show no precipitation for a current time and then you go outside and it’s raining? Happens more often than modern meteorology and purported high tech radar should allow.
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6 years ago, smojo445
Latest update is making find a new weather app!
I do not wish to change my location settings in order for me to have the app work the way it use to work!
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6 years ago, Sheri8989
Won’t even load now!!
I can’t get this app to open anymore. Used to have good information, but if it doesn’t load, it’s useless.
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6 years ago, willfire67
Not as accurate as you think
App has slowed down dramatically. The days ahead forecast on app never is the same as reported on FOX8 news. They always differ for cleveland.
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5 years ago, mvj49
Only opens 1/2 the time
This app is useful when it opens. Why is it locked up so often?
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5 years ago, overunderout
The app improvement was anything but!
The “ new “ radar map is horrible! Hate to say it, buts it’s back to weather channel app for now.
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5 years ago, firedogshan
I loaded update and now the radar is non functioning. Not good folks.
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5 years ago, Fredinstrongsville
Happy birthday Scott
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9 years ago, BZTAT
Bad Upgrade
This used to be a great app for getting local Cleveland news, but the latest upgrade really trashed it. It is harder to scan thru to see which stories are of interest to you, and it is full of bugs. Seems like they changed it to focus on getting you to watch videos but the videos are very buggy. They do not easily go into widescreen when you tilt to go to landscape, and sometimes they switch to an entirely different video when you tilt. I decided to go to the trouble of writing a review when the video I was watching about a sad death of a local man suddenly switched to a video of comedian John Oliver making a sex joke. REALLY bad form. The other Cleveland news apps will get all of my attention if you don't fix this.
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9 years ago, Z_hilyardo
Nice, clean.
I've had it for about a week and so far it runs very smoothly. It provides a ten day, extended forecast, along with an up to the minute radar, with severe weather warnings. Also, it's a Cleveland weather app so its obviously much more catered to our area.
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10 years ago, Ride n slider
Good app
Need to use it more but some of the print is white over white clouds and is hard or impossible to see. Looks good so far but would like a forecast with predictions
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13 years ago, Monk Mommy
Love it!
I love this app! Someone said that the radar isn't working, but all you have to do is push the play button on the top left corner. Works great!
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12 years ago, St.Larry
I am a loyal fox8 morning show fan and was eager to continue that loyalty on iPhone but the app is not user friendly. I am going to use wkyc's app. It is easier and smoother to navigate. Opens straight to a better radar and is easier to get the forecast. Sorry Fox8!
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5 years ago, MFedchock
Bad update.
Tons of issues with 6/24/19 update.
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9 years ago, Cleveland Macchio Man
Great free weather app
Installed it and already received a severe weather alert. Very accurate
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10 years ago, Chestderr
Content good -Graphics Horrible
Trying to read white text over a white clouds in the background is poor design. Makes me go look to other apps.
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14 years ago, Surgemeister01
Stopped working
Just installed os4 and now the radar stopped motion, this is my "go to" app for weather radar, please fix it, now I can't tell if heavy weather is coming or going
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9 years ago, Touchdowns59awsome!!!
Nice app
Nice neat easy to look at your weather
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9 years ago, J1sak
Love it
Wish more weather apps had lightning warnings
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8 years ago, Celsieorry
FOX8 Cleveland news app
Terrible- tired of it freezing up and clicking off. I am switching today to another local news app.
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11 years ago, 98761234
Sad too bad
The original app was the next was poor, this one looks great but the functionality is not worth using
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8 years ago, Masturbated fish
The weather map never works
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13 years ago, rocky river gay (OH!!!)
Not useful at all confusing
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9 years ago, x8Sharrock3x
Nice A+++
Works great.
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6 years ago, CuCuSO4
Only aerial view for maps
This app needs a regular road map like the android version
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13 years ago, tricksimon
Best weather app ever! School closings, too live radar. This app is the best, and its FREE!
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