FramePerfect Speedrun Timer

3.9 (129)
49.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Futuretro Studios
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for FramePerfect Speedrun Timer

3.93 out of 5
129 Ratings
2 years ago, gopokes16
Near Perfect
The only bad thing I can say about it is that doing anything other than splitting during a run is a bit harder than it should be. How it works is you have to hold down the split button for a half-second, then move your finger to what you want to do. (Mostly just pausing and unsplitting). Sure, this isn’t a problem if you’re just casually running a game, but good luck trying to figure out any without loading screens times Other than that, I have 0 complaints. If you’re looking for a solid timer that requires next to no setup, this works great
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4 years ago, Ashlin_peace
Is almost just as good as LiveSplit
I downloaded this app because I don’t always have access to a computer because I share my pc and would like to be able to speed run games and have an accurate timer. This app makes it really easy to create/ edit splits and makes it easy to split, start, stop, and pause a run. However, I did find it pretty annoying to have to clear all of my splits just to make splits for a different run and I wished you could export splits as a LiveSplit file or just a file that could be loaded so you don’t have to go through the hassle of recreating your previous splits.
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11 months ago, Kenneth Miner
Great idea, but several very annoying bugs
I love that this exists and I will definitely use it for my speed runs but there are several very annoying bugs. Worst is that I can’t change anything, the “save” button doesn’t save any of my split times, or split names. The times I can still do by literally timing my current PB, but it’s still very annoying. The split names I still can’t save. Please fix. Otherwise, great app.
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4 years ago, Pshagwyxn
Great app
It works great, and its 2 bucks to open the entire app and all it’s features. Remember when we used to pay 3.99 just for a stupid ringtone? People getting all mad about the $2 in here and on reddit, like relax dude, no need to tell someone to go f themselves bc you arent smart enough to develop a timer app yourself and u cant scrounge together 2 dollars. The app works very well, and from what I understand, can be connected to my imac and used in obs, which is awesome. Just waiting on my el gato to arrive tomorrow to try that out! Thanks for the app
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6 years ago, GuardianDeityGaming
Outstanding for my situation
Unfortunately I cannot stream my runs, and my games aren’t even near a computer, making it impossible to use LiveSplits from a PC. FramePerfect was the solution I needed. I could run wherever I wanted knowing my timer could come with me. Easy to use, nicely formatted, just a great timer. Would highly recommend this to any runner looking for a timer (I myself started out with just the stopwatch app on my iPhone...).
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1 year ago, BigMeatPete20
Solid Overall, but…
I’ve been having a problem recently where if I want to change multiple things about a run, the app will only save one change, or none at all.
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7 years ago, MrNeondy
Great App for Speedrunning
FramePerfect is by far the best app I’ve found for speedrunning. I have a Mac so I have trouble downloading and installing timers; but with this app, I can connect my phone to my computer and then to OBS! It’s super convenient. Not to mention, the developer is open to suggestions or questions that you may have and is super nice. I suggested a feature, and the next day he told me he was already working on it
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6 years ago, SuperprogamerSP
Great app!!!
I have this on my phone and tablet, (with pro each) and I don’t personally have a computer for any timers. I watch many different speed runners, and I haven’t seen a timer as good as this one! (I like to browse reviews before I download, so if you do too than, yes this app has in app purchases but its worth it, trust me!) -Thank you creators, thank you!
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4 years ago, llmi22
This app is amazing
When you download it you can make one category to see what the app is like. They have a discord where they take feature suggestions so if you don’t like something or want to add something all you have to do is go to the discord and say I want this to be added
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4 years ago, Pottsie425
I was speed running Mario Kart 7 and, because of how SMALL the split button is, when I pressed it, it didn’t register. Then I frantically clicked on it to get it to freaking work and I went a whole split AHEAD of where I was supposed to be! Why is that button not bigger??? I’ll give 5 stars when this is fixed. Otherwise, interface is simple and easy-to-use (besides the split button).
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5 years ago, ewb29384756
Stops halfway through a run
Works great when it works. I’ve had several frustrating experiences of being mid-run, returning to the app in anticipation of an upcoming split, and finding that the timer and all of my previous splits have been wiped. Add to that being unable to save partial runs or edit splits without losing the data on your PBs. I will be returning to using my phone stopwatch in the future.
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4 years ago, eeeeeee1$&;
Love it
Although I’ve only done two runs this app works great. Only complaint I have is that maybe instead of 1 game initially you could do 2 without the pro version. Other than that I would definitely recommend this to newcomers!
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3 years ago, Pandalikeskawaii
Seems like a great app
It looks like it’s a really good app, I just didn’t read the description close enough, it’s not for speed-running on your phone/ipad, it’s for timing the runs you do on pc
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5 years ago, pizza4free_285
Great App
I’ve never had any problems with it. I know it’s not really free bc of the one game/category limit, but if someone is serious about speed running, it’s worth 2 bucks. Just as good as LiveSplit.
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1 year ago, AJH1010
Does the job
The only issue is for some reason on a macbook it causes the computer to run hot. Not sure what causes this problem but it can get very hot.
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6 years ago, Cool game but won't work
Please add this
So I was watching stuff about live split and I want to be able to compare against gold for best time if you do I think it should be apart of pro version
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6 years ago, Ilucuthen
DLC exclusive
The app is very functional and does exactly what I’d expect. That said, the one game/category limit unless you shell out $1.99 is ridiculous. At least allow for 2-4 different speedruns so I don’t have to manually remove and re-enter all the splits whenever I want to change games.
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3 years ago, FireFlameSummer
I don’t know
I wanted to do speed runs independently on my iPad, but I don’t know how to operate it or do anything, I would suggest having a longer explanation on how to download a run or something. This would help for new speed runners, like me. But other than that I think the concept is great.
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4 years ago, litlboche
How do I do an IOS run
I want to do a run on a mobile game but I can’t start the timer, split, and record my gameplay and record my timer all at the same time.
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4 years ago, anything i can do
W- what?
Misleading... I thought this was a speed running recorder *for* mobile games. I’m speed running Super Mario run and let me say, it’s impossible to do without one! Like, I’d put 1 Star if it wasn’t good with like a big button, categories, etc. that’s all really well made but.... it’s not for mobile??
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6 years ago, Maximusamillion
Great Mobile Timer!
Great timer, simple controls for a new speedrunner like me. If anything is confusing, which is highly unlikely, the FramePerfect Discord will surely help you and solve your problem.
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1 year ago, FoxInTheClouds
Really good
Works great. My only complainant is that if you pause the timer and come back to it like a day later, the app will not remember it.
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5 years ago, Gwyndylan
Great but
I love this! It’s perfect! But I do wish it saved to iCloud because I got a new iPad and it reset but I could restore purchases so I didnt have to pay again
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3 years ago, ninjamixerfngod
To the people who made FramePerfect Speedrun timer
Thank y’all for making this awesome timer because my stopwatch was inaccurate for some reason.
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6 years ago, Coolio840
Been using it for SMW and Odyssey Any%’s, and it’s flawless. I hope for a best possible time one day, but with how smooth the app is I’m not gonna complain one bit. Hats off to the creator(s)!
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3 years ago, John Bruger
The timer works great. The only problem is that you have to pay to have more than one category. But overall great app.
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4 years ago, Ducky On YouTube
One Thing To Make This App Perfect!!!
This App Will Be Perfect If You Could Add A Video In The Background If your doing a run like I Do Playing Wii Sports Competitively... If that Was a thing, This App would be getting only 5 star Ratings.
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4 years ago, Maddox_Shine
Works fine for one game
You have to pay after more then one game but other then that it’s great
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4 months ago, 1appreviewname1
Needs microphone support
Being able to split by saying split would be very helpful, manually splitting can be hit or miss.
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4 years ago, ProFighter247
I have one singular question, please answer it.
How do I get in in my stream? Please tell me. Otherwise it’s great.
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6 years ago, Endercam
Great! But in app purchases?! :/
I gotta say, this app does get the job done, but I have to pay money for a TIMER?!?! Honestly why? These features could be included without any pay!! 5 stars if there wasn’t any stupid in app purchases
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7 years ago, Yoshi King👾🎮👾🎮
This app is perfect for me 2 dollars isn’t that much for a deal like this.
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4 years ago, jkatebs
Great App, but..
I find the app a great substitute for LiveSplit but I purchased the pro version and my Apple ID was charged but I didn’t get anything from the purchase :/
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4 years ago, Beavisgrumbleguts
Yep it works
I like it. Only thing I’d recommend is a way to resize the split button.
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1 year ago, Create Nickname 1776
Love this app but please add segment times!
The feature I’m really missing is segment times being displayed. You can click the pencil in the top right corner of your run and you can see segment times for your PB, and you can see your gold splits. I would happily change my rating to five stars if two things were added: 1) Display your PB segment times (or provide an option in settings to show them if you want) on the main screen for each run. Specifically what I mean by this is I would really like to be able to see the time for each section of the run, rather than just the total time up to that split. As I mentioned, you can see this for your PB and for your gold splits by using the pencil icon, but I’d really love for this info to be available on the main screen of your run. 2) Display segment times for your current run once it’s complete (or again, this could be something that is optional through settings). Currently, the only way to see what time you got on a segment that isn’t a PB is to subtract the time you got up to that segment from the time you got up to the previous segment. I’d love for there to be an easy way to see this. To clarify with an example, runs currently display like this: Section 1: -2.5 2:30.0 Section 2: +3.2 3:40.0 Section 3: -8.9 6:56.2 So, for example, the only way to figure out what segment time you got for Section 2 is to take 3:40.0 and subtract 2:30.0 to get 1:10.0 total time spent on Section 2. This isn’t a huge deal, and I still love the app. I just think this could take it to the next level, and then it would have everything I could possibly ask for. Thanks for the app! I love it!
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6 years ago, Skeletor 9000
Great app
If you don’t like this app you aren’t an alpha gamer.
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4 years ago, G Liam YT
A bug
When I swapped to chrome in run the audio bugged out patch this please
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4 years ago, DdRrUuMmSs
Great app for speedrunning, the streaming Q&A is nice, mirroring 360 works great with obs.
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3 years ago, Pokémon go's crazy
Amazing For Speedrunners!
This app is amazing! The one game/category limit is a bit annoying, but two dollars I’m willing to shell out. Amazingly accurate, and with all the categories on, it’s a must have for new speedrunners! Edit: I went into and did a SMO speedrun, and I had to pause it halfway through. And then I LOST MY TIME. I am a bit upset on this, because it seems that you can’t exit the app without the time being wiped. Still a great app, but this issue is a bit upsetting.
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3 years ago, stevenlol7899
Love it
Good to use😃
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6 years ago, deatjstrokebro9
Idk how to time my runs
Plz reply idk how to time my runs
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4 years ago, chickennutget44270
Y isn’t there a good free speed run app
Show more
7 years ago, Sloqx
Nifty app for speedrunners.
Show more
6 years ago, Nfjridndnfje
Garbage game limit
Show more
2 years ago, JTown2909
Sick timer - very convenient and easy to use
I’ve never written a review before, but this app is incredible. I use this for sm64, oot, paper mario, link’s awakening, and even random stuff for jokes (drawing 10 amogi as fast as possible). The $2 extension is definitely worth it. Being able to add custom icons that you can get of is pretty cool. Just a suggestion, but I think it would be nice to be able to start audio files after certain splits. For any% in oot, after I finish my crawlspace split, I switch to files and play a metronome beat to make sure I have the right timing for a certain trick that I cannot see because of the camera. This would also be useful for other games as well that have times when you need to play to a certain beat. I think this would be useful, but not necessary. Love this app. Definitely recommend for everybody even if they already have livesplit.
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4 years ago, Devyn Landry
More Features You Can Add
I love this app and love how you can connect to your computer and all that stuff! But what would be cool if you can connect this to the streamlabs mobile app on iPad, iPhone, and android to put the splits and stuff on the screen.
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4 years ago, FNAFClicks
This is Epic
I really like this app and I think it’s the same one a lot of other speed-runners use it’s really helpful to know how much time you saved on a boss or level and this is really awesome and it’s faster then just using your stopwatch that’s already on your phone I use this for speed-running Cuphead and maybe I’ll use it for other games soon I give this app 10 out of 10 And remember if you need help using it watch a YouTube video
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7 years ago, Shatterdpixel
Wish there was a way to delete the split times of the runs when importing from
Like I said in the title, I wish there was a way to delete split times without having to do it manually, like having to go split by split, which is very time consuming as a game I’m trying to run has 72 splits, but I imported from, so it had times aleready on it
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6 years ago, LegendarySQD
If u don’t spend money then you can’t do more than one game so why even make it free just put a price on it cuz I can’t goddamn use it unless I delete the game and start a new one, 0 stars, uninstalled
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