Free Conference Call

4.5 (4.9K)
121.7 MB
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Current version
CarrierX LLC
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Free Conference Call

4.48 out of 5
4.9K Ratings
2 years ago, Fa.Ai
I have been working with this app for about two years, and i have always updated it without any problems for my iphone 5s untill today. After today’s automatic updating, this app does not open and work in my phone. This issue happened to my friend’s iphone 5s a few days ago. However, in iphone 6s, this app has been updated properly and works wihout any problems. Does it mean that the latest app updates are no longer compatible with iphone 5s? Or is this a temporary problem and will it be solved soon? I look forward to hearing from the Freeconference team. Thank you in advance for your support.
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3 years ago, Chief Graham S
Non-profits During the Pandemic
Hello, My name is Graham S. I am the President of three non-profit organizations. One is a 501c3 charity which helps the less fortunate. The second is a firemen’s federal credit union dedicated to our first responders. The third is another charitable group which supports firefighters who have fallen on hard times. The boards of all three groups are strictly voluntary. From March 2020 until May 2021, the boards have met virtually due to the pandemic, one bi-monthly, one monthly, and one quarterly. Free Conference Call has been indispensable in keeping these organizations functioning during these trying times. Thank you to this fine outfit as well as all the people who support it. When the time is right, I will make a personal donation. Many thanks, Graham S.
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4 years ago, Mad’s Shop
Good, reliable
I have used FCC for many years. I have been satisfied with their service. In the past year-two I did comparisons against other free services. FCC won. I just decided to donate for their service. They a very humanitarian model: pay what you can. I value and appreciate this. Why only 3 stars? The app is confusing. The recorded meeting audio quality is less than good. While in the call, participants are happy, but the recordings don’t serve my purposes at all. I’ll need to invest in a portable recorder to capture audio that I can actually use.
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5 years ago, therealactualmatt
good stability, needs improvements
works well but the app wanted to make actual calls (charging minutes) instead of using wi-fi. Turns out you have to hold the "join" button to see a popup menu that allows you to choose between regular call and internet call. Also, during the call, there should be a "keep screen alive" function. I hate when my screen turns off and I need to say something (but first have to turn off mute) which means unlocking phone, going back to app, hitting unmute. and in those few seconds, everyone asks if you've dropped or if you're still there, or thinks you're just stupid and don't know how to use your phone....
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5 years ago, Rev. Ray-Ray G.
Not scary at all!!!
I downloaded the app over a year ago. But I used FCC for the first time last week. Needed to have an emergency Board mtg. at church. This was the only way we could handle the necessary business immediately. So after I got over my fear of trying something new, I went to it. The FCC website has a wonderful “How To” article that walks you through the process. It details a number of scenarios. I highly recommend that you take a look at it and even download it to your reading list. It took me about 30 minutes to read through the article. Most of that time was me building up my confidence. Once I started in fifteen minutes my Conf. Call was scheduled. The meeting went great. My board loved it. And here’s the best part. Everything was ACTUALLY free. I’m getting ready to schedule my second FCC. The second of many. I absolutely recommend this app for novices and experienced users alike.
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5 years ago, GPSteadman
Good service vs others
I like this and find it easy to use over wifi with groups. However recently I was visiting a friend and her wifi didn't connect so I could not connect with my group and had to cancel the meeting. Participants have trouble connecting with video and sometimes they are on phone and video. Not sure why. And since my connection is different as host, I really can’t help them figure out how to get the video to work. When all get on, it is clear and the video really helps.
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4 years ago, SelfHumility
Very robust service and app
This app is very suitable for small businesses , teachers or churches because of the controls that are available to the host. The only thing that I miss is the ability to broadcast the device audio to the attendees (not received from the microphone). For example if I want to share a video from my laptop with everyone, they would be able to see the screen (video) but would not hear the audio from the recording.
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11 months ago, NitaDPoet
A must have app!!
This app is a game changer!! It takes conferencing to the next level. I can’t believe that this app is free. It is definitely helpful to business owners, podcast hosts, churches and more. I truly believe that freeconferencecall is making a difference to those that need it, it literally takes communication to the next level. It truly helps that there’s a free version to use. The app is easy to use and reliable.
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4 years ago, Jemmo76
Like the app
My company was using Zoom until we found out that all the servers are being run through China, so we have switched to your platform. The only suggestion I have is the interface for sharing is a bit tricky to use and when you try to go from one file to another file the host has to set them up as presenter again, perhaps if this could be available to anyone without needing the host to release each time, just a thought. Thanks for a great app.
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6 years ago, Quantum Chris
My phone services wanted to charge me by the minute. App crashes all the time too
Used it on a group thing once or twice. Next booth Google and my cell company wanted to charge per minute to use the service. Couldn't connect anymore. Then the app one one of my phones just crashes every time. Sometimes works until I connect, then crash. Streaming data costs data too. My group wants to use this one and so stuck, can't connect all the time now, and have to be on wifi. AND NO Canadian DIAL IN NUMBER, yet Bahrain and Cambodia do. Others have several across Canada. Lame service. Looking for something gooder to switch my group to.
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4 years ago, Japanmomma
Pandemic Woes
It is getting more and more difficult to get online to do Bible Study. We have been using this service for years. Calls are dropped, lines are inaccessible and then for a kicker, we are now told that we will incur charges of $1 per minute through certain carriers because our conference line is not associated with a network. Please work out the kinks. I have enjoyed this service, but it is getting hard.
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4 years ago, josephrand
Good but could use a contacts integration
I started using Free Conference Call a few years ago, but only this year upgrade for $5/month or so to get an open line that does not require passcodes to access. It’s worked great, no problems. My only quibble is that it doesn’t integrate with my contacts, at least not consistently, so I can’t see who is on the call. I can only see the numbers, even for numbers in my phone contacts.
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4 years ago, 2HARD4U2
Great Purpose
I have been a member of FCC for a very long time. When it first was announced. FCC has came a very long way and has been an exceptional ride. I commend ALL of FCC Staff for their commitment to providing added means of service for subscribers. I love the added features that allow to add my own hold music! I login just to listen the High Quality Audio. In addition, setting up the color feature settings for my wall! Highly Recommended!
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4 years ago, zerosine
Still Can’t believe it’s free!
I know it makes sense it’s free (adopting the TeamViewer model) but still blows my mind. I believe they make money on their “business” plans/model.... which is smart. For everyone else using the “free” contribution optimal version, it makes sense as it works it way naturally as Word of Mouth advertising. Priceless. Thank you dev of FCC for providing such a cool platform for us to meet instantly and get things done/communicate to large teams/groups.
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4 years ago, Utch lady
User friendly
It was easy for me to quickly join the group I wanted to join. The Audio is very clear. No fluctuation in service. I can see other people on the line and it’s so cool to chat with other people on the line. Messages can be sent for all to see. I am enjoying the app and it has made communication very easy at no cost. It also has capacity for upto a thousand. I will highly recommend.
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4 months ago, Radar1717
A very nice and efficient APP
This app provides a means for small groups, individuals and larger organization to schedule audio and video meetings with ease. They have a great support staff to guide you thru your intial meetings and they are available even during a meeting to the host to troubleshoot if a problem develops. You can even donate to charitable organization for a small monthly fee! A well deserved 5 stars!
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2 years ago, WiseSoulKat
Great App
FCC is a great low-cost but powerful teleconference and video service. I started with the free version, but as they added features I subscribed to their service. I recommend this service for my coaching students who practice on each other for a short time. Many of them end up subscribing. Keep up the great work that hopeless so many people.
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4 years ago, phdnofuddy
So thankful for this service!
I appreciate how you have worked to improve the capacity and ease people’s access to the conferencing over the last few weeks. Especially today when the traffic is much higher with the Easter Sunday holiday. Our Bible fellowship has been meeting virtually for a month now, and we’ve seen the care you have taken. Thank you and God bless you!
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4 years ago, nonaba
Not Brain Surgery
Need more instructions. Trying to figure out how it works is tasking. You have to do a call and play with it to figure it out. It’s very simple, however, some directions would be helpful. The call in feature works great. And the link is even better. So, getting on the call is no problem. Just setting it up as Host and scheduling the call. I like that I can just press host and start a conference call right then. But what is the pen number for? Anyway, all in all I like the service. Thanks
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4 years ago, Dorairajan
Free conference call
I have been using the free conference call app for quite sometime to share my knowledge on Vedam, Dhivya Prabhandham and other Stotras of Vedantha Desikar with others interested. Normally my session lasts for 30 to 45 minutes with 5 or 6 participants and I have smooth and disturbance free valuable time with others. Really a boon for holding such conference mode for distance learning. I wish this facility is used more and more for the benefit of all those interested.
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1 year ago, Nitabita77
Please Fix
I have been using app for a while and it is great, but when updated I have run into problems when I press to listen to the recordings. I cannot get back to the Home Screen. There is no bottom to go back. I have to turn my phone off and back on. Please fix or give a solution.
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4 years ago, Sawscale1
Need some upgrades
This would be better if there were an easy way to save names and numbers for future invites to conference calls. One click would invite everyone you have on your list that you have checked saving a lot of time having to send individual invitations. Also would like to be able to change the music while waiting for the meeting to start. Also, need the ability to edit names and numbers for when numbers change or others join the group.
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4 years ago, Zion1699
Amazing service
I am writing this review for the service provided by free conference call. During this time when churches are closed, we can’t even meet one friends and family but with FCC we are able to talk, share and pray together. We can record the message and forward to others who can’t join our conference call. Thank you for the amazing service.
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4 years ago, 96proof
FCC is the best thing since pockets on a shirt. For yrs me and my brothers and some cousins had tried to have some decent conference calls. We would call put someone on hold and call another person and so on. Now with FCC it’s a piece of cake. The calls are crystal clear and we can have as many people on the line as is needed. I am so glad that FCC is here help in our big family communication.
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4 years ago, Sis Olubunmi
Sister Olubunmi
Global house Altar of Fire, is a fire brand ministry. A place to be, house of prayer and a place of peace. By the grace of God, it is an honor and privilege to be part of this ministry. The Prayerline runs daily, Mon through Saturday, in case you are looking for where to do early morning prayers search no more, join this family of God and you will testify. I pray for unending grace, strength and fresh fire upon our man of God. Pastor Chris Isaac, God bless you richly sir.
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2 years ago, CVP1969
Free Conference Call is an unparalleled service
What an awesome service and platform. The ability to connect with friends and family using this service and all it comes with is wonderful. I recommend this service to all my friends and family and even businesses I deal with.
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5 years ago, FrankG53
A blessing to have access to this service
This service has provided an opportunity for us to pray for many people and many causes worldwide and we are very grateful to have access to it. It also provides so many other opportunities for us to get together as a business and as a family of like minded individuals on occasions.
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4 years ago, nancyd560623
Freezing video, bad sound quality in one video meeting
I suggested your video conferencing as a possible venue for my Toastmasters club. We won’t be using your service; our sound quality was full of reverberating echoes and the video feed froze continually. The comment as we logged off was, “I can’t wait to ditch THAT app!” You have three stars here because your audio conference calling functionality is great; I’ve subscribed for years and never had a problem.
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6 years ago, ThankU FCC
So far great!
Free Conference Call is great tool to use, it makes it so easy to ‘meet’ a group of people at the same time. I’m using it for my adult college students who need time flexibility and I can talk to small groups this way. The app has been helpful as a dashboard for me, I am grateful to be using it. I just choose the call-in number to avoid data charges.
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3 years ago, Classic In NY
Excellent experience
I love this app. I have been on 2 meetings so far and even loved the song they played while waiting for the group to gather. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the title or artist. Hope they play it again, or have a list of songs I can find and go through.
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3 years ago, Coven Priestess
Connected elderly and humanity seamlessly
I cannot praise the services given to many during the lockdown. Majority of those I support are elderly. They look forward to church and the community events, with the pandemic all that stopped. Free Conference a selfless platform of endless shared conferencing was a life saver. I advise for those that can spare something, please donate. I cannot thank you enough.
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4 years ago, ProphetJSM
We appreciate the access your service provides
We are able to remain faithful in our connection with our members of the household of faith, we really value our commitment we have for our meetings, our prayer times etc. We your certainly grateful and we give God the praise, we give God our worship, and we give God the Glory.
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4 years ago, Hayesmsthing
Love this app
Our church does their Growth Groups (Sunday school) classes through this app every Sunday. I love it!! You can see the instructor and it gives you the option to video in or call in. The sound is clear. It’s a great way to stay in touch even though everyone is social distancing. Great app 😀
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4 years ago, mchu6h
Mute button doesn’t work
I love how easy and quick it is to join a conference call from this app. However, on my last few calls the mute button has been effectively inoperable. Pressing it seemed to have no effect. I ended up just dialing in so I could use my phone’s native mute function. Hope this gets fixed soon — the call quality using the app is much better, but my dog barks at everything so no mute is a dealbreaker.
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3 years ago, KennieLaRa
Great service for our group calls
I have been using FCC for a long time and have always appreciated their services. For a group of young folks needing to have a quick call over meeting items or organization developing programs, it’s a perfect set up!
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3 years ago, Jesus overflow
Fraud of a company
This app is selling the option to purchase a virtual phone that’s supposed to come with features I been paying for, but after paying they never worked properly customer service is horrible It’s like they know nothing about their product Dear apple customer service look into this fraud, they are robbing people and don’t care These people are thieves they will not admit they are selling a product that is not doing why I paid for , wasted hundreds of dollars
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4 years ago, Elder Trina Tanner
We have been using the app for 5 years now. I most admit when I first started using the app I had to open up all the different ways to use the app, once I did that I picked the one that serves us best. I have truly been blessed to have a way to connect with some prayer worries each morning at 4: o’clock am.
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3 weeks ago, Chaplain Delaine
Awesome experience
Thank you for providing this service. I have been a member for more than 8 years and it has been a good tool in keeping me connected to my family, personal friends and business opportunities. My communication is stronger! Thank you so much! Delaine
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3 years ago, PraiseGod4me&u
Prayer Warriors
We thank GOD for this application that allows us to come together from many locations throughout the country to fellowship in weekly Prayer Service. Many prayers have been answered as our GOD has strengthened the bond of his people through our use of this application.
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5 years ago, H20RockStar
Very good service.
I use this once a month or so to convene a meeting of volunteers or family that are spread out over three time zones. Pretty easy to learn and use and it is easy enough for folks who are not too tech savvy. We don't use many of the advanced features and we have been very happy with how it works.
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4 years ago, Ms GCP
Excellent Service!
I have found this service during our current Pandemic of COVID-19 and the Coronavirus to keep up with our family members, share how everyone is doing, who is in need of something and more importantly Pray as a family during these most difficult times.
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5 years ago, Kurlikaos
When you’re the host and connecting to the conference via app and phone and you switch to the phone (or any other app) while you’re on the call, your FCC apps appears to be disconnected from the conference. So essentially it looks like you’re not on. While you are. To get back to the panel where I can unmute ppl meant me repeatedly hitting “connect by phone” and hope for the best while I was on the call. No bueno. Please fix.
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4 years ago, Midsam
Easy to manage, the newer version is the best! The only issue is when playing something from broadcaster, we cannot just replace it, we must fast forward it to the end, then make another audio choice! So far it is a wonderful meeting app that brings the world in one spot!
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5 months ago, akinwunmi28
Noon day calls
We have been doing these calls for a few years now and we are thankful raven more in these times for the ability to be able to communicate with loved ones and businesses. Thank you FCC
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4 years ago, hosted meetings
I liked learning how to use this free service and I tried to help others how to use it. But their learning curves were too steep apparently. Several of them reported access difficulties every week. Some of them never used the wifi (and maybe it was the dial in by phone pop up option that confused and diverted them). I personally had no difficulties accessing at all. I appreciated the ability as host to mute attendees’ background noise. Some of the attendees never understood the mic icon or the star6 instructions. Many of the attendees were already familiar with zoom. All my meetings without exception outvoted me to switch to a paid zoom method. Thank you for providing us a free way to meet in the interim. Helen L.
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3 years ago, mcminor
Great tool, but bring back old features
I love love this tool. However, I can no longer see the names during the sessions. I contacted the FCC help line and they explained the change and they instructed me how I can get the information I need for my calls. Great Help support!!!
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1 year ago, Wile be
Free Conference
I have been using Free Conference call for years now. It is always reliable. Our calls are trouble free and clear. They have wonderful prompts you can use to control the meeting or video calls. I am really glad I went with them.
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4 years ago, Ricksyf
Grateful for the free calls
I am extremely grateful to have this format for calls. It has allowed us to gather for family meetings to deal with aging relatives & their needs. It has allowed us to have weekly prayer calls. It is wonderful! No problems, no glitches, everything is always good.
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4 years ago, yvetpope
The app I have ever downloaded
This is the Best app you will ever download. If you are looking for app that grows with your business or organization, this is it! I use it for ministry and it does everything from conferences calls to video broadcasting and screen sharing. I’ll never use another, this site is AMAZING!!!
Show more
6 years ago, Bobbiekirkland
Rating I Been on the Pray Line
I found this service being very useful. I been a Pray Warrior for at Least 6 Years. All our pray Warriors are from Various States and Courntys and Faiths of Life we all Believe in God and giving Him the Glory. We are not rich in monetary value we are rich in Faith. Thank You for Providing this valuable Service. To God Be The Glory!
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