Free VPN Proxy by Planet VPN

4.5 (6.7K)
104.9 MB
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Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Free VPN Proxy by Planet VPN

4.54 out of 5
6.7K Ratings
5 months ago, Jaydee7163
Constantly disconnects
UPDATE: it seems like some glitches were fixed as it is not disconnecting constantly It’s not perfect. But much better than before I gave it five star because I think it’s very decent for free service . I do intend to make a few months of a trial run and decide then if I will subscribe So far it’s better than before. I’m pleased with the service even tho it still disconnects at least I can get a solid connection long enough to do what I need to do 😊 This vpn connect for a short time then disconnects. I’m using it free on a trial run I had planned to use it for three months free to see if I liked it. But it doesn’t entice me to buy the subscription. The connection is very wishy washy connects for a few seconds then disconnects. I quit trying Looking for a better VPN. Service if the subscription is anything like the free version. Then don’t waste your money
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9 months ago, brosephiend
Solid vpn, without a monthly fee.
So I have used many different vpns. Wanting to find one that offers a decent connection, consistently, without having to pay a monthly subscription fee. I’d have been more than willing to pay a one time fee for these services, but no such luck finding an app with these qualifications, most “free” vpns require you to watch advertisements in exchange for a certain amount of time, and most the time the ads won’t even play, so they’ll give you like 7 minutes when you’re asking for 2 hours. But this vpn was different. One ad, unlimited connection time, and the speed is adequate. Couldn’t ask for more.
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3 years ago, Gleb Rodin USA
Bad App, good connection.
Cons. App by itself is not finished and very glitchy. When you try to connect to the server it stuck in Connection phase and doesn’t give you your new IP address or notifying you about successful connection. You need to closed the App and open it again to see if it is connected to the desired server, or other way to look on your network status on the phone. Same thing when you are trying to change the server. Very inconvenient. Pros. Connection by itself looks good for now. I tested couple servers and it works well for me now. Great price, you can get around $100 for 3 years. Other. Mac App is very questionable, you need to go on some 3rd party website to install it. Use some configuration files and App by itself is not even called RusVpn, has some symbols on Chinese...Very frustrating, looks like cheap soft on Windows, it is weird for me, and I decided not to install it. Better to be safe then sorry. I also have Nord VPN account and everything is straight forward there. I don’t trust third party websites and do not recommend to anyone either. Chrome Extensions - works good. Mozilla Extension - can’t download and find it anywhere. Link is broker. Conclusions. If you just need bare functionality on PC or phone you can probably use it, but product is very fresh and underdeveloped. If you need need functionality and price - you probably should use other providers like Surfshark (they also offer great price).
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4 years ago, Colt Rippin.
I need good applications like this one!
I choose it when I was about to visit China. I had to stay connected there, but before I knew that I wouldn't have access to the sites I work with. With RusVPN – fast and secure VPN , I was able to create a secure IP address which allowed me to "change" the country and finally open the web page. The app is fantastic in that it only takes one click to turn it on. I started with a free version to switch to a Premium version: it will allow me to choose any country to use its IP and work without problems and problems. Comparing RusVPN – fast and secure VPN with other VPN offers for iPhone, I would give the highest score, 5 here.
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4 years ago, Katherine Kautzer
Perfect application
As soon as I work online and often use the iPhone for these purposes, I needed a secure VPN application to provide my anonymity on the Internet. RusVPN – fast and secure VPN is definitely what I was looking for. Compared to other similar services, it has more options (extras are added when you decide to use Premium). The fantastic functionality here is almost no loss of my Internet speed: using it over WiFi works perfectly. Also, the "hat" that hides you is nice for opening sites that are banned in my country (sometimes these are the torrents needed to download the files, which I use further in my work). 5 stars!
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3 years ago, Jaelyn Schroeder
Now I know that my iphone is protected. I also honestly think this app stands out due to it giving you access to different apps that are blocked. Keeps me safe from hackers and my parents will love it too! It's great because I know a lot of people who get hacked so they can get this! This is a great way to keep things under control. I was looking for protection with a VPN because I have a home business and I need all my files and users protected.
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1 month ago, frntdn
Bad application
This app is one of the parts of ecosystem, also you can download app for macOS. I tested their vpn on phone and bought a subscription for 1 year but after that I started noticing huuuuge amount of bugs. Think twice to buy a subscription here. macOS app used 1.2gb of memory, always frozen, disconnected, logged out, can’t connect to your profile because of much other reasons and errors. Phone vpn works pretty good but sometimes you should clean up configs and allow it to install again, it doesn’t connect automatically to any server from phone settings, every time you should switch in the app. Long await of loading screen. No way I buy for second year here a subscription.
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1 year ago, wrc1981020
我很喜欢:P you are doing well and your family is doing well and you are so proud to have been able with your team today or tomorrow at least it's going well and then I'll have the best day to go home for sure but I'm sure I'll come over tomorrow or Friday if that's ok for us and I'll meetup at the house in about an hour and then the other half of the day is the same as the other day
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11 months ago, 123life
Nice CPN - Update
Update: So I have been using this VPN for a few days now with no issues until I encountered that all my google searches are in Russian tied to an IP address from Moscow, but my VPN server showed USA. Then I tried to connect to a different country and it won’t matter. Google search would still be in Russian and my location would show Moscow, Russia. PLEASE FIX IT or I will get rid of this app! It’s not cool! I feel betrayed. It doesn’t mean that if you choose to use the free version you need to be hacked! Have been using this vpn for a couple of days and so far so good. It has a kill switch and has a few location for a free version. Couldn’t be happier.
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3 months ago, Cumme
This has to be the best free VPN because there is basically unlimited use and you can switch you location to about 5 countries for free. Within those countries, every now and again it will put you in a new city or if you learn to time it or play with it, you can continue to get the city of your choice. Excellent VPN and I recommended it to quite a few people.
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5 months ago, Chargedpanic
Easy to use VPN
Occasionally gives me a short AD, but as of Jan 3, 2024 it’s a good app that gives me a one click vpn experience even without the membership. the subscription gives you better options of location to connect to and other good features too. Overall, best free vpn i’ve seen on the app store
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8 months ago, Spracetravel1976
The free version is good enough and very versatile. You can do so much. Excellent! And this is the free version. You can’t get better than this. Just image that. And there is a paid version. That’s incredible. That one must be monumemtal and exponential and ahead of time. Way to go! Try it and you will see what I am talking about. I am speechless! Kudos! A must have!
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3 years ago, Eopatyos Miuoi
Very nice
This is a great way to keep things under control. I was looking for protection with a VPN because I have a home business and I need all my files and users protected. Having a secure internet connection is invaluable! I recently installed the app. And it works great! It blocks all unwanted threats!
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11 months ago, socactoos
It’s mid
It’s pretty easy to use but has adds almost every time you try to torn on vpn and really often doesn’t work even if you have interned because I was trying to turn mine on and it kept saying there was no internet eve though there WAS and it kept saying the same thing after I redownloaded it and refreshed it so even though it’s free it works really poorly
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4 weeks ago, Oksanache14
VPN that works
Planet VPN is for those who are tired of hidden fees, broken wi-fi connections and interrupted web surfing. I switched to it after trying various others and can recommend it to save your time searching for reliable web security
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6 months ago, fusuueuehdyd
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3 years ago, Alpestrine
Super convenient. Doesn't hog the drive, low profile. I know its not a commercial type vpn, but it does the job just as well. Excellent app, I like how it shows the ping, can I make a suggestion, I wish it could also show the ping in the notification.
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3 years ago, Mckenzie Frazier
Very nice
Very reliable! To be honest, very useful, used it to access a lot of things that are not available in my country and very quickly. Highly recommended! If you want to get a reliable VPN provider at a reasonable price, get this app. It is worth buying!
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3 months ago, топилья
Poor internet connection
An excellent application, but for some reason, the Internet connection does not work when using the application, although everything was fine before and worked flawlessly
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4 years ago, Vilma O'Kon
Really good.
Honestly. No complaints. I have the RusVPN app on all my devices. I've been using RusVPN for over a year and, in the end, I honestly love it. Customer support is amazing. I've never waited more than 5 minutes for help and they walk you through any issues you may be experiencing.
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4 years ago, Mike Crona V
it works well
Works as advertised and was easy to install and use. I was a little concerned I might have issues with my other devices once I installed this VPN, but everything works smoothly. I am very happy I downloaded this app as it does exactly what I needed it to do.
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4 years ago, Georgianna Schultz
Perfect app!!
A perfect way to deter hackers and establish a safer connection. I have a VPN for work so decided to put it on all my computers and devices. It gives just a little more peace of mind for the user. This is a top notch provider and one that I would recommend over all the others
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3 years ago, Windcheateroi
Very easy
The lack of network away from home has been with me since using this app. This is really the best choice for me when away from home, very convenient, very good quality
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2 months ago, Mark_1488
The best VPN
Still stay the best for free vpn, although I had to change a couple of settings for a more stable connection and the fact that now you can't change the region
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1 year ago, kirkthlov
Thank you
It works great the only problem I have is when I go to another country my browser uses their language that the only problem I have
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3 years ago, TamtamVervel
I really do not know much about technology but to use this application is very easy, the application has done well. Now I can go online anytime anywhere with this application in hand, too
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3 years ago, Adnounmen531
I love
Now I can access online sites easily thanks to this application. Actually accessing the network with network resources from the application is very quick, i enjoyed this
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3 years ago, Sabina Kabuubi
This is a great way to keep things under control. I’ve been searching for VPN protection because i have a home business and I need all my files and users protected.
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4 years ago, Bertrand Kohler
It's great.
Absolutely great app, have had no problems with it and I have no complaints. I've used many other VPN Apps and this is the best one I have ever used. I would rate it 10 stars if it would allow me to, I recommend it very strongly!!
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5 years ago, Joshuah Pouros
The best app.
Absolutely great app, have had no problems with it and I have no complaints. I've used many other VPN Apps and this is the best one I have ever used. I would rate it 10 stars if it would allow me to, I recommend it very strongly!!
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3 years ago, Miracle Fisher
It works great and makes wifi really fast! it always works great, all i 10/10 recommend doing! I used a lot of VPNs! But this man is more amazing than any other! Works perfect and perfect!
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4 years ago, Patrick Krajcik
Best app.
This is one of the best VPNs out there in my opinion. It's super easy to download and install on your smartphone, tablets, etc. You can choose to be from anywhere in the world! They have many options available to you.
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2 months ago, Max_-
Usually let down, but not this time
My isp usually throttles me at 20-30ish mbps but with this I was getting 120mbps… no login or anything too!? Got to bypass the geo restriction for what I needed to do today, very impressed with this.
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4 years ago, Altenwerth IV
Extremely useful.
It simply works and does as it says. it also works across a broader spectrum of devices compared to other programs that do the same thing which is why I use this app.
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3 years ago, CafairDalton
The app has premium features that users can access quickly. Too perfect for a phone app like this, it will surely grow in the future
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3 years ago, Emily Kiconco
Great application
While some people have problems with geo-restrictions, I install VPN and do my business. I feel like a hacker now! Just press the button and enjoy the free web surfing. Good app by the way!
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5 years ago, BwwarriorZonked
I like so far.
I like this apps it friendly user but maybe need to upgrade a bit because some ads still pop up in my searching web
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4 years ago, Raegan Hickle
So good app.
A small change, I agree with what the developer said, and its a very good app, very fast and secure connection, and yes free for some time. and to make sure it is not like other apps, but you are getting some free time with this app
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1 year ago, NUffleMarie
Does it work?
This is the only VPN that does close down a few minutes after I open it, but I’ve watched streaming films for years w/o one, and I can’t tell if it is working or not. I know it grabs hold of something my email needs to send outgoing messages, and prevents that.
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3 weeks ago, best vpn possible
Very happy customer
First off it’s perf I got alerted by google earlier then I fount this vpn and I also love that there are two options premium or free I’m definitely using this app from now on.😊
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3 years ago, Pantophobiaui
Really the application has exceeded my expectations before using this application, it makes me feel surprised because of the quality of the application.
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3 years ago, Jamie Arnoldvd
Great service easy and consistent connection. I am happy to use this master VPN proxy. No matter what others are complaining about, the ads are relatively unobstructed, the VPN works and it's unlimited.
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3 years ago, Nakaweesa Sonia
nice app
Now I know that my iphone is protected. I also honestly think that this app is outstanding due to it letting you access various apps that are blocked.
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4 years ago, Miss Oma Dare
I love this app.
I really liked this app because of its various countries so that we could use it. because it helped me in getting the new and good stuff. I really thank for making this app
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3 months ago, Kian Naseri
A very good VPN app!
I really appreciate the company for this reliable VPN. I want to purchase it. It really works when using free, see what happens if you buy and use all servers 🙂🙏
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3 years ago, Metz Anderson
Fine Product
So far it really is working well. Have nothing ill to say, hope it stays the same.
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1 month ago, deals you can't pass up.
Good Free VPN
So far I have had a good experience with this VPN and I would recommend this to everyone. Personally, my favorite thing about this VPN is the simple use of this app.
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5 years ago, KyrixkellElixir
Simple and Perfect!
Perfect just what I expected, I used hola von before but I figured out that it doesn't change my location, This app works perfectly I does what it says.
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3 years ago, Byanyima Cristal
Very easy
If you want to get a reliable VPN, this is a good one. Try it! I lost my hope of completing the writing of a diploma when the site was closed.
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1 month ago, Lightning Wings
This vpn is good but theres one problem
I live in Russia, and i use this vpn to play Brawl Stars. It works really great, but sometimes it starts to lag a lot, making it impossible to play. But overall, this vpn is pretty good.
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