Free WiFi

1.8 (5)
99.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Free WiFi

1.8 out of 5
5 Ratings
15 years ago, singer7784
checking ur position
checking your position ..... 20 minutes later... checking ur position... 5 minutes later... cannot find position... honestly it needs work
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1 year ago, Ari lacked crunch
Wi-Fi app
Don’t recommend at all worst app.
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15 years ago, Manouzz
Excellent. Makes life easier and cheaper.
If you want to find an open WiFi hotspot with your iPhone, you depend on the built-in wireless scanner (in Settings/WiFi). It has a very limited range, it will only show hotspots with a 20 feet radius or so. With this tool, you can find hotspots in a much larger range, it will also list them if they're a mile away, because it uses GPS. You can also find free access points abroad, it allows you to manually browse the countries and cities. This is a real moneysaver, because you can avoid those outrageous roaming charges from AT&T. Excellent program IMO.
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15 years ago, ajbeebster
This app is awkward. Has locations worldwide, but you have to dig from global all the way to local every time you use it (select country, select state, select city). You can't set defaults so you don't have to drill all the way in every time. When the list comes up of spots within a city, it's alphabetical. Would like to see it plotted on a map. Once a location is selected, you can see the location on a map, but you have to have internet connection to do that (what I'm looking for to begin with). Description says NOT compatible with iTouch, requirements says compatible with iTouch. It works on my iTouch but location is deemed from router vs. GPS. Not worth 2.99. Haven't seen one yet that is.
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15 years ago, JerzyDevil79
Works great! No gripes here. But please itouch users, If you know the app needs a GPS to work right and you know the itouch is not able to do such a thing, then why blame the app for your mistake of not paying attention?
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12 years ago, BlondBaby101
if I could I would give this app zero stars I'm am highly upset apple would let them list in the description that you get free wifi anywhere any time I want my $3 back this is stupid and I feel cheated from now on I'm not waiting my money on anything on iTunes I'll get my music from free websites lost all my faith apple
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14 years ago, SeriousStudent
No Free WiFi in Tokyo
Since the company that makes the app has a Japanese name. I thought for sure it'd locate some free Wifi spots in Tokyo, but nothing. You get one star for this misrable app! I'm flexible to change my rating if you show me some Wifi in Tokyo. You have one week! I may just request my money back on this one.
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15 years ago, td31g
Don't Buy!!!!!
i've tried this everywhere. I've tried this in three states (WV,VA,MD) and it has never worked, anywhere. If you want a wifi tracker that works, i recommend "Wifi Trak". It worked from the moment i bought it, for only a dollar. So save yourself the money.
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14 years ago, eschersketch
It's a Wi-fi hotspot LOCATER, not a Wi-Fi theft device!
Works as intended. I was able to locate Wi-fi hotspots 15 miles away or more in seconds. Great to know who has free Wi-fi!
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12 years ago, GeneWilson
I consider this app a literal rip off.
Very misleading, won't rate this. A waste of money. Wish I could get my money back. Don't buy this app!!! I had to tap a star to submit this review, I hope apple removes this app now!
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9 years ago, Endydo
This app can't even get it's location figured out! Does not work! Not even once! I wish I could get my money back!!!
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15 years ago, xtina0616
Don't buy this!
I just purchased this. Useless...there are free applicatons that do exactly same thing. I want my money back....
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9 years ago, 123mykoolee123
Need help
After download App. I could not open the app. Need tech support. Thanks
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15 years ago, tandapanda
Accidentally bought the app, new to the itunes thing. so i deleted i have no app i just paid for.
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15 years ago, eric in la
no mommy no!!!
do not buy it takes to long or it doesent work
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15 years ago, games and classic tv shows
free wifi
I am not gettiong the free wifi. Some of the games that i want need wifi. What do i do do to get wifi?
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15 years ago, Labelladell
The application doesn't work well. Waste of 3 bucks
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8 years ago, Grehornet
How can this app find free wifi when it can't even find me!
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12 years ago, JonShields
I already knew that Starbucks had free wifi.
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10 years ago, D-sciple
I don't even know why it's on the app at store!! I want my money back this does nothing at all!!!!
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11 years ago, marcos castro
Don't waste your money, the reviews
Complete waste
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10 years ago, Faze-xpulse
What the hell is this crap that doesn't even work?
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12 years ago, Absndkdn
Do not buy this!! Waste of your money!! Don't even make since!!
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9 years ago, Melgarita
Not Impressed
I should have read the reviews! Ugh :/
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14 years ago, M0ZiillA
WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT BUY THIS APP! It is a complete waste of money. Free apps are better than this!
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15 years ago, usssa100
This is a horrible app and waste of 3 $ I culdve gone to mcdonalds and gotten a meal instead of this garbage!!!
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11 years ago, Dylan Coratti
Not that good
Make A new WIFI App
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14 years ago, Valued Customer
Don't Buy
It is not compatabile with ios4
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15 years ago, Olij96
ok but
u can get apps more or less like this for free but its a nicer layoiut so im not sure execpt that----------------------
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12 years ago, Jimi tona
If its free then why does it cost $3.20 ????????
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15 years ago, Fabrat
This is NOT A Wi-FI scan app!!! Get Free Wi-Fi...for FREE!!! I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!!!!!!
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15 years ago, Choicemagician
this is a ok app
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14 years ago, fSDffffff
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13 years ago, john1986jm
Not good :(
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13 years ago, Emman559
Waste of money...
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15 years ago, DJ:Bambino
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12 years ago, osbely87
Esto no sirve para nada regresen mi dinero ladrones...
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15 years ago, redlv33
new i-pod touch(2nd gen)
The new ipod touch(2nd generation) DOES have GPS so I bought this app in hope that it would work for me.NOW I'm hoping this company catches up with technology.
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