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User Reviews for Fresha for business

3.98 out of 5
375 Ratings
5 months ago, Tonaem
Need Fresha Payments in Jamaica
When is the Fresha payments gonna be available in Jamaica or better yet the North America region??? A lot of business here use the platform but we can’t accept payments especially deposits from our customers if we can’t access the fresha payments!! It’s saying coming soon, but when is soon? how long is soon? I need to be able to accept upfront deposits from my customers, especially in these times when persons will book an appointment and don’t show up which can cost my business as well as other persons who would have wanted that time. I want my customers to be able to book their appointments, make deposits, leave reviews all of that on one platform instead of having 2 to 3 different platforms to cater to my customers. Please work on providing Fresha payments in the North America region better yet Jamaica.
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3 years ago, rallycar27
Prefer it over Booksy
I used Booksy for 2 months and had a bunch of issues, and Booksy costs $30/month! I have been using Fresha for about a week and I like it overall. I especially love that I can do everything I need to for free, but honestly the interface has been so much better to use than Booksy, which feels bloated and buggy. The only thing I’m missing in Fresha is choosing “individual days” instead of just repeating things daily, every 2 days, every 3 days, etc. which doesn’t work for me at all. Due to the nature of my business (personal training), I schedule multiple visits a week on various days and times. Unfortunately, of all the scheduling apps I have tried, many of them don’t account for frequent scheduling at different times/days like this (and that’s one thing I liked about Booksy; I could see a month view of a calendar and just choose whatever days I wanted). My workaround has been to schedule Mondays at x time, then Thursday at x time, and then Friday at x time and repeat each one of those for as many weeks as necessary. It’s not ideal at all, but it works for now. Overall, using Fresha has been a MUCH better experience than Booksy Biz.
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2 years ago, marcus☠️
Too many changes and updates
I’ve been using these guys for 4 years. Up until this last year it’s been amazing. They change the app every other month it seems like. And with every update, a feature that used to be free, now you have to pay for. And they don’t notify you! Having appointments booked with card on file, they now charge .20 cents. Even if you don’t charge the card on file for a no show. Text message reminders used to be free. Now you have a monthly limit and can pay for more.. the calendar is all weird now, (so starts their week on a Tuesday?) they are just doing too much and it’s annoying. I’m sure a year from now all the prices with just keep going up and they won’t notify you. Overall, if you disable all the paid for features. You can still get by fine and it’s probably better than 75% of the other scheduling apps available. And .20 cents per appointment and a penny per text isn’t bad. It’s just poor business not to notify us of the changes. And has me concerned for the future if this app.
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4 years ago, Jessa Colon
Hidden fees BEWARE
I have been with this scheduling app since before Fresha took it over and it WAS FREE until November 2019. They charge 2.19% + .20 EVERY time someone books online , REGARDLESS IF THEY ARE CHECKED OUT OR NOT. So I have had to pay for people booking and cancelling. I have had to double pay for everyone’s appointments through the pandemic . They also charge 20% finding fee when clients “find us through the app” again if they check out or not. So if someone cancels , you still owe fresha 2.19% + .20 of a $250 booking that never happen. The worst part is that were giving me “credit” since November. So I hadn’t even seen the fees until the end of the first week my shop opened back up from the pandemic. I had to pay them $232 for 1 week, or I wasn’t able to open my app. Now I have to change my entire booking system. This app is not worth hundreds of dollars a week . They took advantage of our industry in a time of need. There is still a ton of manual things you have to do , that I didn’t mind doing if it was free. I highly recommend to NOT GET THIS APP!
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9 months ago, S.Manuu
Charges for everything
Love the app, makes my job easier specially when is time to make appointments and add clients and all of that, but whenever I receive a payment it charges me for something, some fee or anything else. I wanted to move the money to my bank account and the money is never actually deposited to it. I’m losing the money and don’t even have any idea on how to fix the issue. Really wish there were more options and that it doesn’t charge for every single thing like card fee, client fee, fresha fee, etc. I really just want to be able to transfer the money to my bank account without it disappearing.
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4 years ago, hOOnzz
Better than every appointment software/app
Believe me when I say this, I have tried schedulista, booker, meevo, millennium, booksy, salon iris, salon scheduler, and perhaps several others, but by far Shedul has been hitting the spot. Other booking apps have other really unnecessary features and cost a fortune per month for a salon to run. Shedul has solved every one of my booking needs for $0! I only pay when my customers pay through the app. They have built in marketing features, online booking with no-show protection, and an easy-to-use and solid UI. My customers get confirmation texts for their appointments and reminders as well along with thank you messages after checkout. I am one happy user of Shedul. You guys have solved a huge pain point! If you did this for me, I am sure you will be doing this for many others!
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3 months ago, Annoying unnecessary Updates
This app has unnecessary updates
Honestly this apps functionality has not actually changed much in years.I can keep track of appointments and sales, it gets the job done. However the INCESSANT updates that I think no one is asking for drive me insane. Redundant buttons, making certain actions more complicated than before, changing font sizes and look. None of these things have improved my experience in app, in fact they’ve just annoyed me. Why can we not swipe right to go backwards in app ? Why are there two return to date calendar buttons ?? Why are these updates so so bad ? Maybe contact your actual clients and get feedback before changing things to look like you’re being innovative when in reality you’re just having fun moving things around confusing people after they’ve just gotten accustomed the the previous update.
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1 month ago, Megan1229T
Great to Terrible
I used to absolutely love Fresha, I’ve been with them over 3 years. However, as they get bigger and bigger, their customer service gets worse and worse while fees keep getting higher. Most recently, I was told my bank account was “being verified” and it should only take 2-3 business days. Odd, considering I’ve been with them so long and never changed bank accounts. It’s now a week later, they’re holding nearly $2,400 of my service payouts with zero response from customer service. I am beyond furious and will be switching to another platform. Combined with their higher processing fees (2.79%), paying for client texts, paying for clients that find you through them (even if they don’t show up to their appointment), there are better systems out there, especially ones with a real customer service phone number to call, not just an email where you’re hoping and praying for a response.
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4 years ago, SarahMHutch86
Hair Salon
When we opened our business we came from a salon that had a scheduling system that was really pricey, with having just started our business we couldn’t take on that kind of expense but were used to booking online and on our phones. We downloaded Shedul and decided to give it a try! Two and a half years later we have grown exponentially and are still using and loving it! It is missing a few features we were used to having and a few things we wished it had but overall Fresha is doing wonders for us, and we would recommend giving it a try before you spend thousands with someone else.
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11 months ago, selkins7
Good but not great
I’ve been using Fresha for nearly 2 years now and I’ve liked the service up until recently. There seem to be a lot of glitches with trying to pay for blast emails using credits or any number of my debit cards. No matter what card I try or if I try using my Fresha wallet credits it says my payment cannot be accepted. What gives? Also, fix you payment processing so I don’t have clients nearly charging back Bcz they see Surge Ventures as the merchant vs. my business name. I’ve written in and get told it has been fixed but then have 3-4 clients who see Surge Ventures again. Has something changed or new ownership? Seems like things are going downhill when at first they were great.
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4 years ago, ChinaLOL
Awesome !
We’ve been using shedul ( now fresha) for about almost 3 years now and honestly the best one I’ve ever used , im happy they upgraded significantly! Only down fall is when you sign up to have the no show / cancellation protection they are able to put any valid card in without it having sufficient funds , very upsetting when a client does a no show and we charge their card and it’s declined for insufficient funds yet fresha still charges you for that “protection “ like a normal sale, something they should work on and not allow !
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2 years ago, period p
Use to love
FRESHA is a great app but the fact that you get charged for someone making a new profile and all the information is the same as a profile they have on file. Fresha will legit ignore you when you reach out for help. It’s as tho they care nothing about you just making sure you get charged for every single booking no matter how they come. It’s more irritating bc they don’t even have the courtesy to reply back to anything regarding their service. To be charged for every single “new client” is a scam honestly. If someone says they find me on Google I still get charged tho Fresha says it’s only a charge for ones found through the “market”. I rather just play a flat monthly for a service paying $100 plus dollars each month just bc someone found you is ridiculous
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1 year ago, Mrose79
Amazing app with robust features!
I never write reviews for apps, but FRESHA is exceptional and deserves 5+ STARS! I’m a solo aesthetician and this booking software has changed how I do business. The amount of free features, robust reports and customization make this app a no-brainer. Subscription free, low processing fees and only pay for marketing campaigns if you use them. Inventory management is a breeze with Fresha. Online store and forms can be customized for free! And it’s pretty, clients love it and it’s easy to use. No complaints and I’ve tried gloss genius and Square in the past. Very glad I switched!
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5 months ago, BrendaLynEm
Recent update has wrong dates
Today is Wednesday January 31 When I select todays date it says it’s Tuesday Jan 30, however the schedule is for Wednesday. It created a problem for me just now when I went to schedule an appointment for Thursday the 8th of February. The schedule was incorrect and said I wasn’t working the hours I’m supposed to work for the day. As I investigated it is actually Fridays schedule, though it says it’s Thursday. When you click on the appointment it says the correct day so I was able to fix it that way, but having all the dates shifted is a problem. I’ll fix my review when the problem is fixed. I wasn’t able to report it privately as it’s a free app. I’m hoping you’ll see it this way
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3 years ago, Eda Boo
Thee best
This app speaks for itself!! Ive tried others while using this one and my clients love Fresha just as much as I do! I have a ton of control that other apps charge for. And it is easy to use, well besides the recent update, I am still adjusting to it and it is a bit of a headache when I have a client in front of me and I cannot check out or check prices quickly like before. I am sure i will adjust to the changes. Besides that, I have nothing bad to say about this app.
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3 years ago, azziesmsms
Hidden Fees- Beware
You are going to get a few for every single thing you do in this app. There are fees for having cancelation protection, for scheduling online OR in person, for running a card, for even opening the app (just joking on that last one but it feels like it right now). Even when you cancel and switch to a different service your going to pay fees. I highly suggest steering away from this booking service. I used it for years as the free version and then switched to the paid one and I have never lost so much money in my life. Pay a service with a set flat rate monthly fee and avoid this at all costs. I am so embarrassed that I ever recommended this to anyone in the past.
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5 years ago, fial04ka
Better than Schedulista app
I used the Schedulista before and Shedule app I like much more! The customer service works great. I found the app, a couple months ago, and suggested this up to most of my friends who used a different app (Milana) or even old-style school notebook. When I didn’t understand a couple of things I got fast answers to my questions, also they updated my account by themselves. Thank you, guys! Highly recommend to try this app, I'm sure you will see my opinion is true.
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2 weeks ago, gafhnb
They Charge for everything
Don’t be fooled by the fact that it’s “FREE.” They charge for every card payment, which is normal for most booking apps, cool. But they also charge 20% for EVERY NEW CLIENT. They claim they found all of my new clients yet when I ask clients, none of them heard of Fresha ever and they all found me through my own marketing outside of the app(usually from Instagram or a walk-in at the salon). Some have even already been a client, they just simply only booked on the site for first time. They now also charge for text message reminders, so basically the only thing that’s “free” are email reminders and returning clients booking appts. I’ll just go back to Square
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4 years ago, Macesmommy
The reminders come from random numbers
I would give this 10 stars if the reminders sent out to my clients came from one phone number. I find it annoy and tacky that they come from all different numbers. Most reminder apps use a single phone number or sometimes even a 5 digit number. When it’s one number I can save it in my phone as say “hair reminders” so I know what the text is from but it is always coming from different numbers so I can’t save that number. I hate having texts from multiple random numbers, I see it and think oh what was that again.
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5 years ago, Mymason
Doesn’t allow auto login
When the app came out I quickly deleted the website page from my phone and downloaded the app. My only issue is when I go to log in it won’t do auto login, so I have manually enter everything. Which isn’t a huge issue, but it doesn’t always take it & then I have to do the password reset. Which is time consuming when I am trying to book someone or check someone out. Just need to fix this bug & I will rate this app 5stars.
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3 months ago, HannahBeth2016
Fresha is one of the best booking softwares out there, we are happy 99% of the time but we are all BEGGING you to STOP WITH THE UPDATES! The last update has been the worst experience. How many times do i have to click to simply check someone out? Not to mention booking someone is such a pain- half the time the client doesn’t pop up, i have to reclick to hit the request button like nothing is streamlined or easier. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go back to before this last update, everyone who uses this app would much appreciate it.
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5 years ago, rose05
Love love love
I swear this Appointments app is the best thing ever. I had their program for a month now and was waiting for the app to drop down and I cant be happier. The customer service is excellent I cant say it enough. You email them and they answer the same day, same person helps you all the time and they explain everything and send videos so you can understand how to do it. And its free I love the features the app gives and Im excited to start using them.
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4 years ago, KesiDotCom
Great for startups
I’ve been using shedul/fresha for about 6 months and I love it I can unlimited services; i can do special pricing and discounts. The paid version allows me to collect deposit and/or no show fees. i wish that there was a widget or add in where I could put plug it into my website. The marketing email campaigns are a little limited (maybe team up with mailchimp). Also using Square but Patiently waiting to see if this app will catch up, you can do it!
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5 years ago, Weasel pork.
Great app but
Our business is having trouble printing out the employee schedule for the day. It starts the day at 12 am when we don’t open until 3pm so only the first one or two appointments are shown on the printout when the computer sized it down to 47%. It used to print out just fine then it changed for some reason. We are printing from a desktop computer. Very frustrating because we use these print out as a backup to figure out employee payments.
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12 months ago, X-Static Salon
Hair salon
When i open the app it won’t let me enter the clients names and won’t let me make new clients it has been like this for about two hours now and we have tried to restart the iPad several times but we still have that problem and the app is having us update it every day, if anybody now’s how to fix it please reach out to
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2 years ago, djso mskdodm
Soooo complicated
This app can be so complicated to work with. Even setting up my hours is difficult. I thought this whole time I was open during the weekend because that’s what I had saved but apparently I have been closed every weekend according to this app. This is has costed me so much money because I use fresha for Google so now there may have been people who would have wanted to book me in the weekends and thought I wasn’t working In the weekends because of this complicated app. So frustrating. Only gave it 2 stars because it’s free.
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4 years ago, Anastasia (Banana Nails)
Customer service
I have been using fresha for 3 years as an employee at a beauty salon and my experience was great. In July 2019 I started using it as a business owner and had to go through setting up a business page. I must say fresha has the best customer support service! They were replying to me same day with a very clear expansion for every my question! Very happy with this platform, definitely will recommend to all beauty salon owners!
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5 years ago, Meeeeeeeeeee78
Need help
I love this app but I started putting my clients on ongoing appointments and I wanted to make sure it was working so I looked at November 2020 and it’s not showing any of my ongoing appointments it’s empty. But my other coworker uses this app and her appointments are showing all her ongoing appointments. I really like this app and it’s easy to use but I really need to figure out why my clients appointments aren’t showing up or I am going to have to switch apps I don’t want to do that because I have been using this app for almost 3 years. Please help my figure it out.
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4 years ago, Pinky4400
The best!
I have tried many different scheduling systems and this is by far the best! I have use this two if not three years and recently turned the online booking on and it has made life so much easier. Clients like the flexibility to do it themselves. The reminder text 24 hours before is a lifesaver for those people who schedules change constantly. Thank you for a wonderful program!
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5 years ago, TanikabellMarie
Best booking system
Absolutely love this booking system I have used several since becoming licensed including one that cost over 5K and I was never happy with the system or it was hard for clients to book online. My clients and I both love this system. If I could do one thing to make it even better I would allow clients to buy products though it as well as book appointments.
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5 years ago, VelvetHoundMom
I’ve been using Shedul for 3 years and it just keeps getting better. Any time you think of a tweek that would make the app easier you can suggest it and it helps make it better. I was paying $30 a month for Rosy-Floydware and this does just as much! I especially love the analytic reports and online booking. And now they’ve created an app! I couldn’t be happier. Keep up the good work!
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2 years ago, juliaraeb
Love this booking app!
I work at a hair salon & barbershop, this is the system we use and I’ve never had any issues or heard anyone ever having any issues! It’s convenient and easy to use ! And I LOVE THE NEW PURPLE LOOK ! I already loved this app but by changing the color/theme makes me love it even more ! Great call on the makeover ! I would recommend this to any hair salon or barbershop out there!
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3 years ago, RyanJamesGoodman
I absolutely love Fresha when it comes to online booking. The only thing I don’t like is how they charge you $2-$12 depending on what the service is they’re requesting. Of course they say that their service is free but they don’t mention paying $70-$140 per month just to have their online booking system. Hence the 3 star review. I also wish they would get on board with instant transfers instead of waiting 2-4 business days for your money.
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4 years ago, Pimplebear
The perfect nail salon App
I absolutely love this app. As a nail owner i am the cashier, the check in, the receptionist the everything. I need a quick app that i can book appointment and quickly look to see availability. This was able to do all of that for me and much much more. As i am working on a customer i was able to book very quickly and see availability of all my worker. Absolutely love this app!
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5 years ago, Ngocalinechau
Great booking system
I’ve been using this booking system over 1 year now and it’s great and easy to use. Now they have this app to make it easier to log in and use. Customer service is friendly and fast response. Now we are just waiting for credit card process to be rolled out in the United States to be even better than ever. Thank you Shedul!
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3 months ago, Jessica Massmann
Unhappy Not Business friendly
I am so unhappy with this company. They are holding my money and I now cannot do pay roll. They will not accept a new Business bank account, but they don’t call the bank or reach out to them. I have sent every document that they have asked for from Federal ENI and State documents and they still keep denying me. How can you not verify a bank. They are federally registered. Call the bank. Figure it out. I have never dealt with such ridiculous hoops to jump through. Not business friendly. Very unhappy!!!
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3 years ago, SweetMomma11
Stop forcing updates
I need access to that info and there is never a warning that an update is coming. I don’t notice there’s an update until I go in to get a clients info. At the moment it says there isn’t enough storage space on the device I need to pull the info up on so now I have no way to get to that information.
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1 year ago, Hoang0620
Hidden fees
When it was Shedul, it was 100% free. But since it was bought and changed to Fresha, they have been trying to make money out of it. The sms was free but they now charge $0.01 per notification message. They take 20% fee on new client that books on their Fresha marketplace. So make sure you use the proper link (not the link that redirects customer to your Fresha profile) on your website or you will be charged 20% on all the new appointments that booked through your website. I am considering of switching to a different system now.
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4 months ago, nxtstar
About to look elsewhere
Seems like it’s going downhill. The layout changes are annoying and super frustrating. Just as you get used to one it changes again. There’s no reason for it to keep changing. The included free text message reminders quantity went down, then the fee for additional ones doubled. The online booking fees is a joke especially the 20% one for some new clients.
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5 years ago, B. Combs
The best tool for your business
I started using Shedul last year , for my beauty business . I had amazing support as a new user, they reached out to me to check to make sure I was happy and offered assistance if I was ever in need . I was in shock that the service was free . This scheduler is loaded with all of the bells and whistles I need and it has really made my business run smoothly .
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3 years ago, Krizz28
Hidden fees
I been using this app for over 2 years I recently upgraded to Fresha plus and omg I was surprised that they charge for Every appointment that is book manual or online I’m okay paying fees for cc but paying just booking is ridiculous so I decided to keep the free system and use square card reader for my clients during this time is hard so we have to save some money
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1 year ago, Quinn 676
Was great until it wasn’t
Our Salon has been using Fresha for over 5 years now and have loved it up until a few weeks ago. The continued freezing and long lag times have made Fresha extremely cumbersome and ineffective. After almost 3 weeks of back and forth with customer service it appears that the Fresha engineers are looking for users to trouble shoot this issue, unfortunately I do not have a software engineering degree.
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1 month ago, RobDanL
What's with the updates?
Every update seems very unnecessary. The buttons are getting smaller, notification tap is very tiny and at the top right now. It doesn't help. Now I'm also having issues when my clients click on the links. The page goes blank and shows no times. Several clients are letting me know and this is affecting my business. What is going on?? I might have to switch to something else permanently since you guys can't keep it straight.
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2 years ago, Miznikay
The best booking app!
I have owned lash business for 5 years now and this is the best booking app I’ve used, fees are low, customer service will make sure everything is taken care of also, will help you promote. Great for my staff of 4. I highly recommend this app to beauty pros!
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2 years ago, Jess4me28
Love It
I been using it for years. An Im very happy that its free. Im not always busy busy but It helps that I don't half to pay for service when Im only booking. Don't have account for credit but hopefully when I'm steady, i will add credit services. So thank you Freshia!!!
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5 years ago, Melymontero
Shedul- Great Scheduling app for salons
We’ve been using Shedul for the past 10 months and we are loving it! Very user friendly, multiplayer, all the business needed for growth. My favorite part is the reports, you can even see your occupancy and react immediately to have better daily sales.
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1 year ago, minniebad11
The Beauty bar by MinnieBAD
I absolutely love this app and have been using it for my salon for about a year! I’ve tried many different software and glad I found this one. I am still learning the app but overall I love it.
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5 months ago, warynoy
Bad experience for businesses
I have been with Fresha for years. Instead of their booking system supporting businesses they keep adding ways to charge us. They just changed free text notifications from 100 to 20 with a week notice. This will hurt small business with an up charge and is not sustainable for clients to get notifications. Shame on your Fresha for hurting small business when they are been surviving an economic crisis!
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4 years ago, BebeLindaxo
Fresha plus
This was the BEST APP on the market until they started charging crazy fees and never depositing any of my payments! As well as changing updates last minute where my clients weren’t getting email notifications anymore or reminders because of this new Fresha plus update. Now it’s manadatory to put your card info just to send notifications.. so disappointed as I convinced many business owners to this app!!
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2 years ago, smorcor
I’m new to using this app. So it takes me longer to around to what I’m looking for, need a little more training I think. But it does provide everything! I’m impressed and very happy with this app.
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