Gboard – the Google Keyboard

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User Reviews for Gboard – the Google Keyboard

4 out of 5
46.5K Ratings
3 years ago, Nettajulle
G board
❤️❤️❤️ love Gboard keyboard. It's my go -to keyboard. I have 14 different keyboards. I always find myself tapping the globe symbol and going back to Gboard! Developers should look towards more customizations to create your own keyboard. Most of the regular skins already in app are not really my style. I mostly create my own skins using cute photos or wallpapers. NEEDS: Fonts, more key colors , borders around keys are too transparent. Please add Special key effects. Totally worth it to download and use everyday! I absolutely love this keyboard app!!!! It's missing some things... Like long press on the second and third row keys should open the corresponding punctuation. I say this bcz in certain forms and sites the convenient period button disappears and you're left tapping back and forth between 123 and ABC. Wastes time and makes Swype typing awkward. Having said that this keyboard has the most accurate swipe type keyboard and predictive text suggestions!!!! Will rate 5 stars when some features suggested or others are added to this app. It's been more than six months from my last review. All perfect since the last update. The only thing I would like to see is the ability to customize our keyboards better. I love all my keyboard skins but I would love a way to.... add more personalization. Google is free AND awesome. Thank you to the developers who keep bringing the magic to third party keyboards in iOS 14.4!!!
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2 years ago, SlothinSlumber
It's ok
The app is ok. It gives you a sense of control over but lacks key features that the regular keyboard has. Firstly, the keyboard is only primarily for the Portrait position, and if put to the side mode, it seems distorted. Also, I really don't like how the bottom bar does not go with the asthetics of the keyboard (unless you keep it on black or white keyboard depending on if you has Dark or light mode). On the other hand, I do like the Google suite of features, though it feel a bit clumped, are very useful. It helps you get links to websites, enter GIF's, and translate from one language to another. The only laggy Google service is the voice type, which has to go to the G-Board app to record, unlike all the other features which are right in front of you. I would personally use the voice typer by the regular keyboard which you access quickly on the bottom. Overall, the G-Board experience is meant for a custom based consumer, who would like accessibility features like Google Translate, Google Search and GIF's in their finger tips, as well either not worried about asthetical appearance or are willing to stay uniform with either a black or white keyboard layout.
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2 years ago, Jaroberts87
Simply the best, thx google
I used Swype for years, even once the iPhone days came upon us.. then I randomly got a Pixel 2XL after years of Apple a year ago.. If you're a CHROME user, or mainly default to google(which has been perfect for me) whether you're an iPhone user or "Android"(I've never felt this pixel was a Droid, just a perfected Google phone) you'll know besides losing ichat (if leaving iPhone) that there's really no learning curve or feature displasia, though ichat is almost enough to draw you back alone, it's all I ever missed. I say that to say, the keyboard has been the same as well due to using the Gboard, adding the amazing (and an on/off option for it, as well as other features to fully customize your keyboard to your LOVING ) Swype feature to the already incredible Google Keyboard.. the ONE and hardest thing I find when trying to go back to iPhone, is losing the full auto-fill option for EVERYTHING.. Passwords, saved bank cards, usernames etc it's always instant no thought.. unless I'm wrong google has perfected user functionality in this area, while my Apple remains trusting taking much longer wanting a face recog, thumb print and then sometimes having to pick pswrds from a whole long list, very inconvenient.
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5 years ago, Dirkadirka
Overall pretty good
The utility of the keyboard is great, the autocorrect and suggestions work well most of the time. One thing I dislike about the keyboard is that the space bar's touch-zone is maybe too small. Every time I think I'm hitting the top of the spacebar, I'm actually touching the bottom of the "B" key. The keyboard's correction fixes this most of the time, but it is annoying. Another thing is that when using the microphone integration using the spacebar-hold, it almost always has to switch over to the Gboard app before it can activate the microphone. I understand that it's likely a limitation with Apple's keyboard integration, but it is definitely another thing that holds it back. Also, something that I noticed while typing this review is that while using the Gboard, the text box does not automatically scroll to keep the cursor above the keyboard while typing, so that’s another annoyance. I will say, though, that the swipe typing is probably the best I’ve seen as far as text recognition. However, swipe typing keeps it from doing one of the things I like most in the default keyboard, and that is if you hit the wrong key, you can move your finger over to the correct key, and it will register that instead. Overall, it’s decent, but some of the minor issues really do keep me from using it most of the time. Sometimes, convenience is more important than utility.
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2 years ago, SDS842
Slow to learn my dictionary
I've been using this keyboard for about 2 weeks now. I previously used the SwiftKey board and loved it, but it started glitching and I found out that it is no longer available in the app store, so I had to find another one that swipes. I can't stand the Apple keyboard. This one does a good job of swiping but it does as horrible job on common words, like it or the. When I swipe those words it will ALWAYS add an extra letter, like itt instead of it, or put in a word that doesn't go with the sentence, like three instead of the. The predictive text isn't great at predicting what should go next and it doesn't do a good job of learning my speaking style. Another thing that I get tired of is if it misspells a word or puts the wrong word in and I backspace to remove just one letter (like itt) it will delete the entire word, not just letter by letter. Also, it does not put a space after the word so if I want to insert an emoji I have to put a blank space in before I can insert the emoji. The SwiftKey board assumed that if I typed the word Happy that I would follow it with either Birthday or Anniversary, so those words would pop up as predictive text, but this keyboard doesn't do that at all. This keyboard has a lot of potential, it just needs some good updates.
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5 years ago, 🐚🔔
Thought this was FANTASTIC news for iPhone owners
So when I found out Google made a keyboard for my iPhone I was so excited because Apple's keyboard is terrible....but now into my 3rd day after installing it and I'm so irritated with it, I'm to the point of uninstalling! As I am trying to type this review, here and now, my cursor just starts freaking out and trying to keep just zooming back to the very beginning of my message and no matter how many times I try to move the cursor back to where it should be, it just keeps trying to rewind to the beginning like it has a crazy, possessed mind of it's own! It also just randomly adds words, deletes words, and it even started typing one text message COMPLETELY BACKWARDS!!!!! (Not to mention the crazy auto correct nonsense going on--I typed "mind" correctly just now only to have it auto "corrected" to "kind", then "I typed" was changed to "ill tempted" and "not to" (as in not to mention) was changed to motto and mention was changed to MEMTION!!! Come on Google, get it together... We know you can do better than this! My messages and texts, instead of being easier and quicker to be able to type and send, are taking me 3x as long because I'm having to fight it to say what I want it to say and do what I'm trying to do!!! It's HORRIBLE! The idea or the concept is great.... IF YOU WOULD JUST FIX THE BUGS!!!!
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3 months ago, mishawhy
Significant problems with voice dictation using gboard
Despite these flaws it's still a much better keyboard then the iOS option... but could be so much better. When I press the space bar and hold it to activate voice dictation it rarely works the first time. I have to cancel, go back, and press and hold the space bar again for it to transcribe this means it takes twice as much effort to do one thing. EDIT JULY 2019: Dictation feature still shuts down randomly before I can begin speaking... Like almost immediately after the mic icon appears on screen. Also, if I stop speaking for more than a few seconds, it times out too fast. I don't know about you all, but I do not prepare a transcription of what I am going to say when I am using voice dictation. So having such a quick timeout is not only pointless but frustrating. Why not enable a longer time out so that, say, six seconds of silence can pass before it cancels? Finally, the random capitalization of nouns... I don't know why Google's voice dictation decides to randomly capitalize nouns. It's as if it was programmed by a German or somebody from a similar country were all nouns are capitalized. English nouns don't need to be capitalized in most cases. And while your engineers are at it, they should really use frequency of capitalization to determine whether or not a word should be capitalized.
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4 years ago, dowell_db
Needs a set of instructions but otherwise great!
Maybe I'm just an aging millennial but I can't figure out where to find instructions of any kind for this keyboard. Does every feature of the infinity video (assuming it's called that) need to be discovered by randomly tapping and swiping with multiple fingers at every possible context point? Also, how does one search the sticker packs? I see some defaults were selected for me and I can choose new ones but scrolling through all the options is essentially impossible. I've been using this keyboard for a year or so and there seems to be a lot of functionality hidden behind an interface that I can only assume is supposed to be intuitive to the point of not needing instructions. That's cool, but please make actual instructions available. Finally, I would absolutely love copy/paste functionality thru the keyboard instead of the hit-or-miss screen tapping. I don't know if it's even possible to access selected text from the keyboard interface (I could see ios restricting that) or maybe it's already available and I just haven't stumbled upon the magical tap/swipe/pray combination yet. Please let me know. Mostly great work!
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3 years ago, michcu
My Gboard is fun
I love this keyboard and it functions so much better than the stock one in my iPhone. Since the new update it seems off. When I search emojis for example "star" not one emoji comes up. It's not suggesting then either 🤷🏼‍♀️ I think Every once in a while it glitches. I clear out the data and it's like new and precise. Only reason I gave 4 is because since this last ios update my keyboard keeps getting stuck on Español. Lol I'm bilingual but for the people who don't speak Español it's a problem. So it takes me twice as long to type in English because it keeps correcting my language to Española. It's given me some good laughs but my clients are not always as amused. Anyway, I have full faith it'll get fixed next update. I'm a Gboard user for life so I'm excited to see the next board. Let me just say with the two things I mentioned the Gboard is still so much more than any other board. It's able to read my movement more precisely, it's more convenient, types quick(other board now feel show), it's in time with current day demands for personal and business, and the gif searches are hilarious.
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2 years ago, Djinn Soone
Yoruba keyboard and Preferences: Extra-Tall Keyboard setting
I have been using G Board for YEARS now and I really do like it, however, I am noticing that you are still lackluster with the prominent African languages, particularly YORUBA and IGBO!! The majority of Black people here in North America are of West African descent and the languages are Yoruba and Igbo, not Swahili ( for merchant Marines)! Afrikaans and Kwa-Zulu are the same region. Please get rid of those “trade” languages!! we are RAPIDLY returning back to Ifa (Santeria in the Caribbean) where the canons, songs and prayers are spoken in Yoruba. Now for the G Board use with iPhones, unlike Androi phones, does not give the option to enlarge the keyboard to Extra Tall for those of us who have big hands and thick fingers. It’s frustrating enough trying to type as it is frustrating not to find that when you are pushing for me letter you are actually pushing the letters around it. For example, whenever I intend to type ‘Spain’ it ALWAYS appears as ‘Dpain’ and I am watching myself hit the “S”. So i suggest a wider and taller keyboard option for people with big hands and fingers. THANK YOU!
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4 years ago, ..BirdBoi..
Great keyboard, suggested text can be problematic.
The keyboard is great, before iOS added swipe texting it was an amazing feature to have available. It works just fine for me in most aspects, there are just two main issues I run into with the keyboard. Sometimes after I type a key the highlighted part that pops up to show what key you're hitting will not go away once I tap the key and a lot of them will hover and jumble up they keyboard making it difficult or impossible to navigate. Alongside that issue the predictive and suggested text can be annoying at times. Most of the time it's helpful and accurate and helps me type or fixes my spelling errors but there is a somewhat common issue I have where after I type something out it will change it to something different. For example I could type "for the last time" and it will change to "it's the best side", something I don't say while texting. Not sure what causes these issues but I hope to see them addressed in a future update.
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8 months ago, EdgeCrusher1985
Needs an update
I've been using Gboard for years now and I've rarely ever had any issues with it. But ever since iPhones iOS 17 update, Gboard doesn't preform correctly like it used to. It doesn't remember my text replacements or auto capitalization. To get those features to work, I have to close out of the text/keyboard and reopen it back up. And once I reopen Gboard, then those two features will work. And I've tried everything I can think of like: deleting the app & re-download it, clear my dictionary, clear local storage, clear the search history, turn auto capitalization & text replacement off & then restart my phone & then turn those two features back on. Nothing seems to fix the issue. Every couple of days Gboard with preform exactly how it's supposed to, but then it'll go right back to not working right like a day later. But due to this issue, I've been having to use the regular iphone keyboard, which is slower than Gboard and doesn't have as many search features. This app just needs a good overdue update, hopefully that will fix the problem.
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1 year ago, Carrots22679
Lots of problems in this update
I've used and loved gboard since it was first available. This latest update, however, has a lot of problems. It seems to be less accurate when swiping (i.e. more mistakes) it almost always insists on double consonants, even when it changes a very common word to a much less common one (in becomes inn, an becomes Ann, etc.) There's also one issue that has always been present, but seems to have gotten worse- it seems to prefer proper nouns like names over even common words. Even unusual names that aren't in my phone contacts. Update: the crashing is fixed. However, for some reason, whenever I glide type a two letter word followed by the word "a," it adds it onto the previous word instead of separating it if the word that adding the "a" to is a name. For example, I want to be a pilot becomes I want to bea pilot. Or "All my eggs are in a basket" becomes "all my eggs are ina basket." What would be FAR more useful would be if it appended a single "s" to the last word if that would pluralize it, because it so often doesn't do that automatically even when you carefully make sure you swipe over the "s."
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4 years ago, RainnyDayBooks
I text a sentence or paragraph. I proof read's all correct. Then when I press send 98% of the words get changed to words that make no sense, or the get changed to misspelled words. No wonder there are so many grammar errors in everyone's text. It's doing it now...I had to change the word kept changing it to sent. And it keeps changing the word " word" to worry. Please fix this. Update: Are you not concerned at all about your product not working? It's a hot mess of crap you have to go back and fix at least 8 times in one paragraph or sentence because your product changes it. It's your product. Instead of being worried about the bottom , how about a worthy product? I'm getting another texting app like I had before, I never had to change thing. And when it gave me a choice of another word spelled right and I chose was spelled right....not wrong. Even now the word "was" was changed to would've. Does that make sense? Your one of the biggest tech Giants.....I'm sure you can fix it. And why did it capitalize Giants? I'm not talking about team Giants. I thought it was supposed to predict what you mean. Your app is getting to be a joke.
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5 years ago, AMM2025
Amazing keyboard with one major error
Overall, this keyboard is amazing. There’s so many unique and innovative features, especially searching emojis, the glide keyboard, google translate, and copying links/contacts/etc., and all the customization available. If you’re looking into downloading tbis keyboard, I’d absolutely push you to do it, regardless of the very occasional bugs. That said, there is one major bug that needs to be fixed. Significantly recently, whenever I go to use the keyboard on any application, it immediately automatically switches the the default iOS English keyboard. Strangely, the glide typing on the iOS keyboard doesn’t work either, which can cause a major inconvenience in certain situations. This bug has happened a lot before, but recently, when I switch back to gBoard, it immediately reverts again to the iOS keybord, so I’m almost completely unable to use the gBoard. However, this keyboard is overall absolutely worth the install, as this bug won’t necessarily affect everyone.
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5 years ago, TheBirchWoodTree
So many bugs.
Would be amazing if it weren’t for the insufferable bugs. Apple changed the way their keyboards used special characters and I didn’t like it, so I wanted a new keyboard. I’ve already sold my soul and everything to Google (because I do like google products a great deal) so I decided to get this. But wow. First, if you type too fast for more than about 10 seconds, it starts freezing. The letter pop ups stop disappearing and typing becomes slow until it fixes after about 10 more seconds.. and then does it again immediately. You can only fix this by completely restarting the app you’re typing in. Second is more major: for no reason, seemingly random, it’ll cause no keyboard to pop up when you click a text field. Just nothing. No apple keyboard, nothing. Nothing can fix this short of turning the device completely off and back on, taking a minute or two. After trying to live with these bugs for the last half a year, telling myself “they’ll fix it soon!” I finally gave in and deleted the app. I hate apple keyboard, typing this review on it now just feels horrible, and I’m going to look for another keyboard right after. I think bugs that big going unfixed for that long is inexcusable.
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4 years ago, M1ght1203
Keyboard glitching
Ok, let me be honest here. I've been a big fan and supporter of Google and it's products for a long time, but with this keyboard, I must say that I'm slightly disappointed. There is this bug where after using the keyboard for awhile, it starts to stutter and glitch out. The only solution currently that's working for me is to either delete the app and reinstall, or just turn off full access for the keyboard. I know that this bug has been around for a long time and it still has not been fixed. Even still, I would go out of my way to use this keyboard, but sadly, I think it's time for this to go. Unless the developers do something about this God forsaken bug that has been around for ages, I would not look back at this keyboard again. I think it is a smart move for me explore new keyboards such as swift key or other option. With all this said, I am still a big fan of Google and it's products, but I am hoping for a change with this app, so please read this review and take into consideration of these issues. I am looking forward to a bright future for this app.
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3 years ago, wjreview
Keeps quitting during voice transcription.
The main reason I installed Gboard is because of the terrible quality of Apple‘s iOS voice transcription. Google's voice transcription is vastly better. I almost never have to make a correction with Google voice transcription. With Apple voice transcription I have to fix one to three words out of every sentence. Sadly, however, Gboard on iOS has been extremely unreliable. I don’t know if it is a Gboard issue, or an iOS issue, but Gboard keeps quitting right in the middle of voice transcription. It either tells me "I didn’t get that. Please try again." or it just stops and makes me manually restart it. This happens repeatedly with every attempted Gboard voice transcription in iOS (I am using iOS 14.6). Despite the frustrating voice transcription problems, Gboard does a much better job of identifying and predicting words using the keyboard than the iOS keyboard does, and it includes number keys which makes entering alphanumeric strings much faster. So for the time being, I will continue to use Gboard.
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7 months ago, 1st Apple iPhone User
First Time Apple iPhone User
This keyboard really made my transition from Samsung Notes easier because I have been completely frustrated everytime I text with the my Apple iPhone's standard keyboard. I have to use 3-4 keyboards/options vjust to send a text message with letters, numbers, punctuation/symbols, and a Gif or emoji. That's absolutely ridiculous in this day and age, with all the technology advances, we would still have type a text message like we are on the old school Nokia's phones!!! I love everything else about my iPhone but it's not user friendly when it comes to text messages, which is one of the main things that I & everyone else does on their cellphones. Until Apple decides to update their keyboards to permanently display a row of numbers above their QWERTY keyboard, I will be using and ABSOLUTELY LOVING this Gboard & GIFs!!! THANK YOU for making my everyday life easier when texting, emailing, and internet searching 😘😘😘🥰🥰🥰
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7 months ago, artfoundry
the best
(Update 2) Still buggy - occasionally crashes or doesn't display. Usually switching out to the basic keyboard and back fixes it. Don't know if that's a bug with this keyboard or the 3rd party keyboard system in general. One bug though is turning off auto-correct with auto-capitalization on fails to capitalize the word "I" and sometimes the beginning of sentences. (End update) (Update) Had to delete the Gboard app and reinstall - that got rid of the crashing. This has been the best keyboard, despite the fact that iOS is so buggy with 3rd party keyboards. But just recently it started crashing every time I try to use it. The keyboard flashes once (like it’s reloading), and then reverts to the iOS keyboard (except for some reason without swipe active, so I have to switch the keyboard out and back in to get swipe active again). Every single time, even after restarting my phone. This is on iOS 13.4.1 on iPhone 11 Max Pro.
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5 years ago, Yeonne Greene
Useless Autocorrect
The only reason to use this app at all is because Apple refuses to include haptic feedback with their built-in option. The autocorrect almost never catches any words and it constantly adds apostrophes where it shouldn't. The key spacing is inferior on Gboard, which only exacerbates the autocorrect issue; I am constantly pressing "b" or "v" instead of "space" and it Never. Ever. Corrects. It. Not once will it ever fix this typos, so I look up at my message and have to delete it and start over because not only does it not catch this while typing, it also does not recognize the issue when I select that text. Picking the letters out one at a time would be slower than starting over. And the icing that just makes this extra mediocre is that there is no way to set the keyboard background to use the system scheme, so it is always an awkward block of opaque color where Apple's would be a seamlessly integrated and translucent pane. So, yeah. If I did not find keyboards without haptics basically unusable I would not be using Gboard. Hear that Apple? Microsoft? Literally anybody other than HapticKeyboard? Fix this.
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5 years ago, Howboutthat?
GREAT product!!
This works very well on my I-phone!! It's much better (and faster!) than my previous 1-finger method of typing! I was absolutely devastated when I accidentally lost the keyboard for a few days, but finally figured out how to get it back & was very relieved!! It took me awhile to figure out that you don't have to space between words (in most cases) - the keyboard automatically does it for you. Sometimes you don't have to put in the entire word. Just start the word, & the keyboard will automatically finish it for you. It IS a good idea to get used to reading as you type, though, or you may end up with "feel" instead of "fell" (or vice versa). Double letters sometimes cause problems. The keyboard usually gives you 2 or 3 choices of words if it puts in the wrong word. The more you use this keyboard, the better you'll be at using it, & the more of a fan you'll be!! Have FUN with this keyboard!
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4 years ago, dylanbrown7799
Great!... When Bug Free
I’ve been using Gboard ever since iOS added the feature of third-party keyboards. It’s got everything I need: slide-typing, a great search bar for quick inquiries, access to millions of gifs, a clean look, easy access to google translate, auto-suggested words, and other useful features that I’m sure I’m forgetting about. It’s become my daily-driver and it’s hard not using it, however lately that’s exactly what I’ve been having to do. I used to run into the occasional glitch where it would seemingly crash and reboot over and over again, but this was on my previous phone (iPhone 6s) and I figured it was just because support for older versions of hardware were slowly being phased out. Unfortunately I’ve been running into that same glitch on my current phone (iPhone 11 Pro) and I know now that my previous excuse no longer applied. TLDR: Fantastic keyboard, but there’s a current frustrating glitch that renders it unusable.
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6 years ago, TYLER BESSIRE
"A Boy and His GBoard". (Oprah Stewart gives this a must read!)
The swipe keyboard is so fast if you take the time to learn it! Search bar makes for quick info lookup. I also love the gif finder. Only wish is a better 3D touch cursor. If you press and hold down on the keyboard it goes blank and can be used as a free moving cursor. But that's where that journey ends unfortunately. The iPhone keyboard, if you press more firmly while in cursor mode, highlights and selects text. Could not do that with GBoard. Hopefully I am just an idiot. I don't see Google doing the ball on that. You can personalise the background with your own picture of choice. Makes iPhone keyboard seem kinda rudimentary. Love it Google. You guys rock! Now if they could just make Google tasks have a time with the date my whole life could be synced with Google lol but that is for another time. Seriously. Get Gboard. You owe it to your fingers. And your poor vocabulary. Just saying.
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4 years ago, Mike.S1261
Glitchy and Laggy since iOS 13
Prior to iOS 13, GBoard was the best keyboard out there for iPhone. In fact, it still is in spite of the issues. But, ever since updating to iOS 13 (the version of iOS where Apple introduced their own Swipe to Type keyboard), GBoard has been very problematic. If I type a long email or message on FB Messenger, eventually the keyboard starts lagging to the point of not being usable. I have to save my message or email, restart the app, and then I get some more time before lag returns. Then periodically, once a month or so, it requires a complete delete/restart/reinstall, or the keyboard gets stuck in a "crash and reload" cycle over and over and over again with no cure other than deleting it and having to reconfigure my custom keyboard colors again upon reinstallation. I swear Apple must be sabotaging it now that they have their own Swipe to Type keyboard. But GBoard is so so much better than the native keyboard so I have to deal with the issues. Every update I hope it got resolved, but no such luck.
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6 years ago, Choklatz
Well, I've used it long enough to not want to go back but...
Take a guess what I might have meant in the next paragraph. I typed this with the gboard and purposely didn't correct the typos so you can see what I mean. I spend so much time fixing this stupid board but I'm spoiled on swiping. (I corrected above. Below is usual results. I am a college professor. I am not illiterate as this might suggest.) I've been using this keyboard for a pretty long time. So long I can't guess. I am spilled on swing and just do it automatically now so if I end up on the native iPhone keyboard I end up with one letter of the word because I automatically stay don't. But this keyboard if Buffy. I wants to hang up on one letter and give you just the first letter or the number behind it. I have tried to press note lightly, more carefully, you name it and it still hands up. It also learns your ring which means that it learns your most common wrong series and keeps putting them up as the most likely thing you meant. It also intuits the strangest words that ai would never use. I is almost always spelled ai. It drives me nuts and wastes time.
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3 years ago, markthereefshark
Suggestion Regarding a Useful User Setting
Hey Gboard Team! With regards to a design suggestion, I often find myself using the three word recommendations that dynamically appear as I type. I'm wondering if I can turn off the auto-spacing effect that inserts a space into the textfield after I select a recommended word. The reason I would like the ability to turn this setting off is because I find myself consistently modifying a recommended word to fit the correct part of speech (e.g. "correct" appears as a recommended word but I want to change it to read "correctly"), and I find that having to delete the auto-inserted space to reduce my overall typing speed. This isn't a hugeeeee issue, but I'm constantly wondering if I should just switch back to the default iOS keyboard ;) Sorry I didn't rate it a full 5 stars. Thought a lesser than perfect rating may have a higher chance at being reviewed by the team. I love the product though! Keep up the good work!
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5 years ago, cewstorm
Good app. Some of the glide typing is easy off and I am not sure if it is self learning, which it does not seem to be since it continues to put in the same wrong words every time even when it is just after our later. That is a big issue for me. Making me wanting to go back to Swift key. This either need to really be juiced up out you will lose me a as that is how I've been typing since having the original Droid Razor.... So not changing. Also..? Sometimes it just seems to change from good typing to regular typing in the middle of a message not sure why it what I hit and should not have do that I can at the very least there it just changed from glide typing to regular not sure why, anyhow not sure what I got so I can avoid it change back of need. Where is detailed manual? Thanks and still had fighting change but many of these issues neg to be addressed very soon. Thanks in advance for your help and coding changes. Best Chris Winters
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4 years ago, Dorvinci876
Discriminatory towards left handed ppl. Almost Perfect (Please adjust for left handed people!!)
Such high discrimination against left handed people. So only Right handed people live in this world?! Come on man... The one handed keyboard shifts to the right and no way option to get it on the left. And the space-bar is waay too small and is built to the right. So lefties like me struggle to type because I keep hitting the emoji icon when I'm typing fast becuz I space with my left thumb. Come on guys please fix this. Lefties are real people too. The keyboard is almost perfect and I love it but please just fix these minor adjustments and y'all would be the best around for sure. Very good keyboard but very annoying. I'm left handed!!! So my suggestion is... Remove the globe icon that switches between keyboards (becuz apple already has that built in by default), and use that bit of real estate to extend the space-bar access to make it easier for left handed people like myself who has the habit of spacing with their left thumb. I rarely write reviews but I really hope someone will see this and make the adjustment. PLEASE!!!
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2 years ago, TunaFish#5
Swift & Slick
after using for 2-3 years , happy to report they've fixed several annoying bugs along the way, and improved usability. Recently, they seem to have improve detection of spelling errors. For example: if I write "insistance" it will offer "insistence." If, however, I miss the offer, the misspelled version gets added to the dictionary, so I will have screwed myself. Biggest frustration: I want to write "to" and it comes out as "too" (when "gliding" across the keyboard) I remain clueless about how my "gliding" action makes one version vs the other come out. ~~ Update: "too" vs "to" remains a great & consistent frustration. Also: the app is capricious about learning some words, but resists learning other words. For individual words, I can say "stop suggesting this word" in the UI (which works for some short amount of time.) I can wipe ALL learned words (something I have never wanted to do.) It is impossible, however, to add specific words, like the name of a friend from another country. Special "bugs" (I can see no use case for this behavior): • type |the quoted"| then realize you need to put '"' before "quoted." Place the cursor and type double quote: the new character replaces the leading space. Similar behavior with other non-alphanumerics, but not all. Also, the behavior seems app-dependent. There is no control over, nor explanation for this.
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6 years ago, WrongWriter
90% great, but horrible predictive text is a deal breaker
The layout and abilities of Gboard are so superior to the competition. But, as so many other reviewers have pointed out, the predictive text when using the glide entry is TERRIBLE. For example, when gliding my finger from T to H to E to enter the word THE Gboard will frequently enter THREE instead. THE is probably in the top 1% most frequently used words in English. Why would the program logic select THREE over THE, especially when it makes no sense in the context of the other words in the preceding and following it? I have seen other keyboards that will actually go back and change a word it suggested 3 or 4 words earlier in the sentence once the context of the sentence becomes clear. If things like that are possible why can't Google fix this ongoing problem? I believe the problem had to be addressed in some fashion. The frustration levels I'm reaching over having my flow interrupted every 5 to 7 words to backspace out another wrong word have me ready to jump to a competitor.
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9 months ago, JohnStellar
It has potential, but really drops the ball in an annoying way
I downloaded this app because I communicate with people in Mexico frequently. My Spanish is decent but I could use a little help. When selecting the translation tab, speech to text is not possible. How do you miss this? That’s a feature on web based version of google’s translate and somehow no one thought to add it on the keyboard version? Okay FINE, I guess I’ll type it in. But guess what? Even when you specify the input language as English, there’s no autocorrect whatsoever and you’ll find yourself having to either perfectly type in your text or go back and fix mistakes. To make matters even worse on top of that, you cannot edit your message text with keyboard controls when translator is selected, forcing you to have to click the Google icon tab and then message text. Any time savings this app could’ve afforded you are completely negates by these annoying features
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5 years ago, Mrlemmers
Almost perfect
Gboard is the iOS keyboard that Apple should aim to make theirs. It does everything that the stock keyboard does and then some. It has standard tap typing similar to the stock keyboard, it has voice dictation, and even swipe typing. It does all of these things really well. Recently they also added vibration feedback which is something Apple really should add to the stock keyboard. About the only thing which this keyboard could use some more additions to would be still better theme support. Currently they allow you to change and create a light keyboard theme. They don't allow you to create a dark mode theme however. With the iPhone X series devices especially it's important that the keyboard looks correct in both light and dark. Currently with custom themes though, you can really only use them in light environments with the keyboard looking proper. Otherwise Gboard is great, really doesn't have anything text prediction wise which still needs fixing.
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5 years ago, Lewis is already taken
A truly superior swiping experience
I've been using Gboard on my iPhone 8 for many months because I wanted to be able to type by swiping, a feature the iOS 12 keyboard lacks. I was happy to learn that iOS 13 has added it, but Gboard really is the superior option. It's much better at interpreting my swipes, and almost always offers the word I wanted as an alternative if it guesses wrong. I don't want to gripe about the native iOS 13 keyboard swiping feature, but I have to say I felt spoiled by Gboard when I tried out the iOS 13 kyeboard after updating. What is probably the single best feature of Gboard is the ability to move the cursor horizontally in text, one character at a time, by swiping on the spacebar. This feature alone would make Gboard worth using, even if it weren't better at interpreting my swipes. Its overall quality truly makes anything else frustrating to use by comparison!
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5 years ago, BronzeRecluse
Changed my life!, but one little issue
Gboard is fantastic! I will never go back to a regular keyboard again. The swiping is very accurate. Even if I miss a letter a little bit, Gboard still knows the word. Also it has learned the way I speak so the predictive text is always right. You can talk-to-type and it always understands what I am trying to say. I have English and Spanish Gboard and it's completely wonderful in both languages. My favorite feature is that you can type a word to find emojis! If I type 'heart' all the heart options appear, which makes it easier than searching through all the Emojis. My only complaint is everytime I update the app, it stops being my main keyboard. I keep having to turn the keyboard on and off in my settings for it to show up again. That is very annoying because I love Gboard and always want it to be the only keyboard I use. Please fix that glitch. But other than that, this app is fantastic!
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6 years ago, megdelm
Great things but...
I love the ability to google search, use speech-to-text, customize the photo on the keyboard.. there are so many things I love but the app just stopped working. The keyboard won’t show up sometimes. Sometimes, when trying to swipe, the keyboard decides to get sticky and sink off the screen. I just uninstalled it. I will be trying Swift key for a little while to see if that works better. Keyboard used to work really well but newest update is bad bad bad. Also, it would be awesome if the app could remember the words I actually use everyday rather than the misspelled version I accidentally typed in one time. Really needs a way to edit dictionary which words are suggested. ALSO! Please suggest emoji replacement as predicted for next word: I love adding emojis that come up in predictive text bar but I want the option to add them AFTER adding the actual word I’m typing. Please update so that I don’t have to type the same word in its entirety to get the emoji to be suggested again. Predictive text needs to be smarter!
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2 years ago, Linz@44
Love it!
Gboard is awesome! So many great things all in one place. It's especially handy if you are a gamer or have to read things in other languages, you can quickly translate any message in another language to your own, and type a message and then translate it to respond easily in another language. I really like that it has a search bar too and you can search for gifs or stickers fast and copy and paste them. Super easy to use too! Just download it and then theres a little button by your usual keyboard where you can switch to Gboard keyboard and back to your usual keyboard with one click. Now that I have Gboard I can't imagine not having it because I use it so often and it has so much on it I use. Highly recommend it for everyone weather you like to game or not it's handy anyway but it really is especially useful for gamers!
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2 years ago, PhelineCat
I wonder how glide typing works?
No way to know other than getting into the weeds of Googling it; that was fruitless and crazy making. I’ve experimented but that didn’t help much. I don’t like the “easy” emoji search. I know where all the emoji are, searching is more annoying than a quick scroll over and it’s a pita to get out of. Now there’ll be stickers; will they be any good? The main reason I use this is for the skip forward and back keys- something any normal keyboard should have although SwiftKey hasn't figured that out and Apple decided they know better than their users. (Apple is almost as hostile to their users as Trump is to government, press, anyone who knows the Constitution, law...) At least Gboard exists; as far as I'm concerned, Apple's keyboard is just a burdensome thing I'm forced to used to enter passwords. I still want the option to tuck away the mic more securely if I don’t want to accidentally trigger it since there are long stretches when I know I won’t use it. _______
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4 years ago, unhappy! 👎🏻
Way better than others, sub-par autocorrect
This keyboard has so many helpful and cool features! Many steps above the regular iPhone keyboard and others on the app store in my opinion. That being said, the autocorrect AI is lacking a bit. I downloaded the app many months ago and one day it crashed and froze in any app I opened. I redownloaded the app and the problem was fixed, but it had to re-learn my typing habits. It still hasn't picked up some things and it's been months since the redownload. Names and acronyms it still struggles with. I often don't capitalize acronyms such as "idk," but the AI hasn't picked up that I retype its correction of "IDK" back to "idk" every single time. I didn't have to do this before the redownload. This happens with uncommon names and other acronyms too. It's not enough for me to return to my normal iPhone keyboard, but it's very annoying. Besides that, the autocorrect is pretty good and every other aspect of the keyboard is amazing.
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4 years ago, Pocket thief
Great Keyboard, major flaw
I love gboard and would love to use it over apples poor keyboard, but this glitch keeps the keyboard from even popping up on ios 13. Never had these issues before, so I dont know if its on google or apple but this is beyond frustrating. I JUST WANT GBOARD BACK apples keyboard autocorrection is atrocious. Edit: not really sure what I did but simply reinstalled it and gave it full access to keyboards again and it seems to be working again. I think the iOS update may have messed with settings or something, but Gboard seems to be working fine now. It's far better than iOS's standard keyboard, especially the auto correct and not having the awful predictive typing that apple thinks actually works (it doesn't it literally changes words to things that make absolutely NO sense and is infuriating to actually type with)
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3 years ago, watermelon_guy
Great utilitie, just a few problems
I love how you can change the theme without paying money and you can even have your favorite image as your keyboard. GIFs are easy to access and the Google search button is quite genius. First, I have the keyboard theme as a very dark image. That comes with the problem of, when you use the Google search, the results come out too dark and I can hardly read them. There's no setting for this, and I'm disappointed because the Google search is a nice feature. Also, when you try to use the :-) feature, because of my dark theme, I can't see any of the buttons. I have my letter color as white but it still doesn't show up. Second, there's something uncomfortable about this keyboard. I think the main problem is that the auto correct doesn't move as smoothly as the iPhone keyboard. Overall this is a really good app.
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5 years ago, jdal15
Originally it was great, Not so much anymore
I loved this app when I first downloaded it. I was using SwiftKey, and once I finally convinced myself to try this one, it had exactly what I wanted that SwiftKey & Apple’s Keyboard didn’t have... HAPTIC FEEDBACK ON KEY PRESS! However, it seems like this app is a little behind with the Apple iOS updates because lately my GBoard has been glitching like crazy. Initially I had no problems & now several times a day I will have to “kill” the app I am using, specifically when I’m typing on the GBoard, because it glitches so bad that all the keys pop up & stay up, blocking all other keys. Maybe consider taking a very close look at the app & updating it to the ABSOLUTE BEST of Google’s ability so that it will work correctly with any iPhone/iOS update. I am going to uninstall GBoard & will not be reinstalling until I see that there were a few updates to this app. I use Google/Google Apps for EVERYTHING, So the soon this is fixed, the happier I’ll be and the more I will recommend it.
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5 years ago, nimrod29
Nothing like is green guy counterpart
Nothing like Gboard on its native platform. The green guy if you are still lost. The long press short cuts are not the same. It's basically like the stock iOS keyboard but you can swipe. It doesn't figure out what words I want as intuitively from swiping like it's version and the green guy's platform that I use as a daily phone. There are no long press short cuts on the A-L keys and Z-M keys instead it force touches and activates iOS's cursor mover which the spacebar already supports by sliding back and forth on. The space bar isn't has good as good as the force touch option but still 2 ways to activate the same feature I'll take my long press shortcuts cover force touch curser mover any day. Built in gif and memes are nice and don't have to use Apple's version which is not as good nor intuitive to use. TLDR: Better than iOS keyboard? Yes but they could have made it a better one to one port from the green guy's platform. I'm sure apple app policies hinder it some but it could still be better.
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6 months ago, UmNope2021
Needs some work
Gboard is like the old tv at grandma's house. Remember the one you sat in front of on Saturday morning. Really early, before anyone else was up. So you could watch all the cartoons you wanted and noone up to tell you t9 change the channel. It had a turn know for the channels (all 4 of them), another know for the volume and the little switch to power it on. You loved that tv. Even now when you go to grandma's it bring s back good memories. So Gboard is grandma's old tv. It still works, has been around for ever, you know how to use it because you've been using it forever and its never changed. You love that thing. But, YOUR house you have the new 80" oled Samsung TV. The one that just came out, with all the cool new features, n9 lines qcrossntye screen, and way more than 4 channels. So if you're still good with going to grandma's to watch tv, then hey no judgement here but nothing's going to change. It'll still be the same ol' same ol'
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6 years ago, iLoved5152
Almost there. Gboard should buy Swype that Swype is no longer in the mobile keyboard market. They were absolutely the most accurate predictave text, even if you swiped pretty lazily. I find myself having to re-swipe words slower and V-E-R-Y carefully, which gets annoying for the same words over and over. I feel Swype had a way better learn-the-user algorithm as far as what we were trying to type. Also, please add in punctuation swipes. Doesn't even have to be for all of them, but for ? ! ' , it would help. Like from were the exclamation point would be (letters B-N) to the spacebar. It would be especially great for commas, since they're so frequently-used and having to switch to the numbers & symbols keyboard so frequently is annoying. But I do like this more than swiftkey. The search within keyboard is amazing and so helpful. Think about how often we use our phones for searching information. It's genius!
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5 years ago, Eshaal 。◕‿◕。
I LOVE THIS APP (but a couple things to add)
This app provides you with so many cool types of keyboards and faces to send to people other than bitmoji. Like here are some examples of the faces I am talking about:༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ಠ_ಠ. As I am writing this review about Gboard, I am using a keyboard. But I only have one suggestion, I think you guys should add one keyboard that allows you to draw,type,color, and many more. Overall, this app is amazing and I think you should have it too. I would also like it if that the keys weren't as small as they are. I have a IPhone 10r and the keyboard is not reaching to the bottom of the screen. I would like it if they added a setting to change the keyboard size. Another suggestion is that I also would like it if we could have a couple more minis like a cute minis, halloween minis, etc. But except all of that, this app is great and I would recommend it!! 😀
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4 years ago, 123 ro
It has a flaw, but still amazing.
♡︎ I actually really like the Google Keyboard. It's amazing, the only thing that I don't like at times is that, when I as accidentally typed a typo, the keyboard remembers that. For example: I typed "oo-" and now, whenever I type "oo" it autocorrects to "oo-" and it's so annoying! I didn't want it to autocorrect. So basically when I make a typo, it just remembers that typo and autocorrects the correct word to the typo. But I know that this feature is convenient when typing an ACTUAL TYPO it autocorrects :) Also, one this i like about this is that: you know how I typed "ACTUAL TYPO" a sentence before? Well, now it remembers it and when I type "ACTUAL", the word "TYPO" is in my suggestions! Pretty cool! Overall, this is a great keyboard, I use it every single time I type. I also love the fact that you can have different keyboard backgrounds, gifs, text faves abd more!! I love it thank you so mcuh google (and i used gboard to type this UwU) ♡︎
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2 years ago, crosswithyou
Emojis back but still needs improvement
Finally emojis are working again but there is still tons of room for improvement. First, 10-key Korean input should be supported. Only standard input is available. Second, Japanese suggestions are all out of whack. Why the heck is the kanji for words like "kawaii" the TWELFTH suggestion?? It should be the second or third! The keyboard never remembers your most recently used conversions anymore to keep them near the front. As with the "kawaii" example, the suggestion order is very questionable. It's such a drag having to always scroll to pick the conversion you want. For a moment, glide typing did not work until I disabled and re-enabled it. This isn't limited to just Gboard but also Apple's stock keyboard as well, but I find glide typing has become really inaccurate lately. Words like "remember" will often be input as "Renee" or "reneger." I'm having so many more typos now than I did a year ago.
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9 months ago, Th3P0p3
Used to be the best keyboard
I used to love this keyboard. It had everything I needed and more, and I still use it today. The problem I am facing now is that it has been missing emojis for a couple of years now. It's been a year since it was updated at all. Will we ever get an update with all the new emojis that have been released in the past few years? I have to switch back and forth between keyboards just to type messages these days, and at this point it's gotten so frustrating that I'm considering switching keyboards entirely. Then there are the frequent crashes. I'll try to pull up the emoji or emoticon menus, only to be greeted by a blank menu. I have to cycle keyboards a few times just to be able to use it again. It also crashes pretty frequently when I'm looking for a reaction gif. I could excuse the crashes if it was updated to have the missing emojis. I'm just tired of having multiple keyboards.
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4 years ago, SCBsr
It hurts to use it at times
I use the voice part of the keyboard, I have to because I’m starting to lose my eyesight and I can’t type anymore. The voice part of this keyboard has gotten atrocious since I got an iPhone and I added it to my iPhone. I have typed words or said words that are not the words that it came up with. I actually send voice and it typed in boys, this is just now when I did this. So as you can see if you use the voice part of this you’re going to absolutely get frustrated and want to throw it through the window because nobody’s gonna understand what you’re talking about. We use the slide or the typing it works absolutely fine and that’s why I got a three. So now when you read this in your thinking wow this doesn’t make any sense it’s probably because of the voice part of it trying to type what it wants to type and none of it makes a bit of sense because it doesn’t understand what I’m saying 9 out of 10 times.
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