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Merkury Innovations LLC
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9 months ago
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User Reviews for geeni

4.77 out of 5
438.2K Ratings
4 years ago, nickname Erica
Love my cameras!
So we bought three new cameras for our house recently. They were really cheap maybe $20/$25 apiece and I expected themTo not be that great I didn’t expect the picture to be very clear or to be able to see the cameras at night do you always hear that saying you get what you pay for...Well in this case that is not true I got a lot more than what I paid for! I could not be happier with these cameras,they were very easy to hook up and I installed the app and within minutes I was looking at all the rooms I had placed the cameras in. What surprised me the most was how clear the picture was and the colors were bright!I am pretty sure the picture was in HD as well. I love the fact that it has the motion detector and sound attacked her and the one thing I was also very happy with was the wide angled view I can see the whole room!I was constantly having that problem in my kids playroom which is a very big room I could not find a camera that would be able to view the whole entire room. It would normally only do half of the room and I would have to buy two camerasJust to be able to see the entire room. Butbnot with the cameras!I can see the whole entire room and clear as day I couldn’t be happier!I actually recommended these cameras to my sister who also went and purchased a few of them and she is also very happy with them as well! I would definitely recommend these cameras especially for the price you can’t beat it!
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4 years ago, Bryrum
Geeni OW101
I’m a DIY personality, so I have every type of battery operated tool they sell. I keep the Chargers and batteries, for all my electric tools, inside our home in my hobby room so the batteries do not overheat. Anyone that has ever had to buy batteries for power tools can tell you they are not cheap! The only problem I had was forgetting to remove the batteries from the charger, or unplug them when I finished a project. If you leave the batteries charging constantly, it is very hard on the battery cells and eventually destroys them. After making several trips to the closest hardware store to buy new batteries and spending over a $100 on each one, I quickly started looking for a solution. That is when I came across Geeni’s smart plugs. I bought one and took it home to install it, which was a breeze, and set up an automated schedule for all my battery chargers. I have it set to turn on every few days to charge any dead batteries that are on the charger, and even set up a schedule to power off everything nightly in case I forget. I loved all the features of the app and charger so much, that I quickly went back and bought several more plugs for the house and garage. When my wife noticed them, she had me install one under the couch that controls multiple lamps in the living room. I soon connected the app to Alexa so she can turn the lamps on or off through it rather than always stealing my phone! Great product and very easy to install!
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5 years ago, Em Dooey
I thought I wrote a review already
But I’ll write another! I’ve had this little camera for over a year now, set it up in the office to see what my cat got up to when I wasn’t there and now have it in the living room pointed at my dog’s crate where he stays when we go somewhere. After the initial setup, it’s been a great little camera. I downloaded the wrong app at first, as I suspected a lot of people did who have this one star because it didn’t work, but called customer service and got the help I needed to get it straight. Btw, app is Geeni, NOT Merkury. Also, I recall I had to make sure the camera was synced to the 2.4 wifi and not the stronger 5 (we have both, and at first I automatically put it on the 5, apologies that I don’t recall the actual name but every time I sign into my account to get my internet connection I see both so I remember the numbers, I hope if anyone reads this they know what I mean) so that was also something I had to straighten out. Once done everything’s been fine, but recently I switched phones and have a new number, and I can’t see any place to change that, so I contacted customer service in-app and am waiting for a response. If I can’t change it I’ll have to create another account, I guess. Minor annoyance but doable since it doesn’t involve set up of the product haha. I hope this helps someone out there. It’s a good product, give it a chance!
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6 years ago, Daguilar2014
Minor issues but overall it’s a good app
Bought the cw007 yesterday and mounted it to watch our front door from our window inside, since we have recently had a couple packages “disappear” from our doorstep. I wanted something cheap and easy to use until we can afford something better and saw that this model had good reviews. I love everything about it except for the fact that the playback won’t work on the app, it keeps saying “failed to connect.” We made sure the micro sd was empty on our laptop before plugging it into the camera. I formatted it through the app at least 3 times. Restarted the app. Restarted my phone. Restarted the camera. Etc. and even though it looks like playback is recording on the app it won’t connect. Preview which is live stream is working fine, but the main reason I bought it is so it can record and playback so I can see what is happening with our packages. Until this gets fixed or until customer service responds to my request I sent them yesterday I will be leaving a 1 star review. Update: within a few days of posting this review the playback issue has been fixed. Guess there was an issue with the app because we stopped trying to mess with it. Never received a response from customer service but overall just glad the issue was fixed.
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2 years ago, Lacerta4
Newest update still 10-15 seconds before usable
This is a great tool. It basically makes the clap on clap off days seem archaic. It would be a five star app if it didn’t have the lag of 10-15 seconds when opening on a good day. This makes no difference which time of day or whether on WiFi or on cell phone service controlling the devices. There was one update a few back I was really happy with, it opened in abiut 4-5 seconds usable. That makes a big difference when you want to light up an area that is being watched by cameras when something is lurking. And just plain aggravating when sitting in the living room and takes 20-25 seconds to turn on a lamp. Easier now to just get up and turn it on. Anyway. It has the lag on the iPad and another phone as well. But if yours is quick, faaaantastic we need phones like yours. But it’s an awesome tool. Don’t forget it is a convenient usable very smart app. I have five geeni devices and power strips I use almaot daily. I will continue to buy geeni power strips and items as such. They have been well made and I’ve had the oldest one for over two years out in a shop environment. Good stuff no issues. I have the outdoor rated double outlet and it’s been sturdy and well made so far. Great app after you go make a sandwich and come back to continue using it. Mixed review I know. I will continue to buy and use geeni items and apps, good stuff. Three stars for sloooow load
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2 years ago, shakeemup69420
These cameras are awsome I like geeni the best outta all my cams..geeni is the only cam that can detect paranormal activity and record video and pics of it too..I’ve used every brand cam ever made and geeni is the only cam that I’ve ever had that could detect and record footage of paranormal’s better than my nest cam and my ring cam..the stuff it detects will blow your mind so much,u have no choice but to believe the paranormal activity it detects is real..there’s no other explanation for wat it could be and there’s noway that the pics and video footage it records of the crazy activity is not real..all of the paranormal activity it detects is totally real there’s no other explanation so save yourself a lot of grief and just except the facts..we can’t explain what they are or where they come from or how the cam detects thankful !!! its not everyday that u can see unearthly things such as these so if u r one of tha lucky people that has a geeni and can detect the paranormal activity u better enjoy it and take as much footage as u can of it..once the intitiys are aware of u watching them and taking footage of them they will disappear and go undected
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7 years ago, jmshawaz
Technology at its finest
So first off I will start by saying I myself have not had any issues with this app and it’s ability to connect to my Wi-Fi or any issues with my Wi-Fi to connect the app to any of the Merkury LED bulbs, WiFi plug-ins or cameras that I own. To be honest with you it’s great knowing the fact that I can turn any of my lights on or off in any room at any given time with the push of a button on app screen is just amazing and then add the fact that you can change the color and brightness of these bulbs on screen sliders to adjust the brightness as well as the on screen color wheel to set the color of your choice. Also I love the fact that you can set a schedule so you can program a schedule for your lights to turn on and off while you’re at home or while you’re away this is great if you’re away from the house and you want to program your porch lights or garage lights to come on and off at certain time intervals. It’s been a game changer as well as innovative and fun for our family. The only issue I had and this has nothing to do with the app or the product is if someone manually turns the light off by the switch itself while the device is on and been turned on through the app this puts the light into off-line mode and you have no control over it until you that switch is turned back on.
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2 years ago, saleen8927
App is glitchy and not easy to use
The interface is really clunky and hard to figure out, and even worse, it bugs out and doesn’t work at all half the time. It either gives a blank screen, or it crashes, or an error when you try to go into one of your products, or it doesn’t register anything you hit. I have 5 Merkury LED strips, so I haven’t tried it with other smart products, so take that for what it’s worth. It takes a good 15 minutes of fumbling around the app to connect a new device. It never finds it right away, once it does it never connects right, every time you try again you have to re-enter your router password…then on the 7th or 8th try it magically works, despite doing nothing different. Once you’re connected, it’s finicky and not user friendly to make changes to the lighting. To be fair, some of these issues may be due to the Merkury strips themselves, but I also have 5 strips from the other major brand that starts with G and their app always discovers the new product immediately, and is way easier to use. Update: have had these strips for a long time now, and the app continues to be terrible. The app from Govee is perfect and I have never once had any issue. The Merkury (Geeni) lights look just as good as the ones from Govee, but eventually I will probably replace them with Govee anyway just because this app is such trash.
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2 years ago, Zander37927
Gets job done, but finicky if running multiple not-synced light strips.
So never have I ever actually gotten onto anywhere to specifically leave a review. But I am here, perhaps mostly in hopes that the developers see and maybe take my “issue” under consideration. But in my experience so far from using this app (approximately 2-3 weeks), it has been a slightly more negative experience than the inverse for me. The app seems rather finicky when trying to toggle the power buttons for each light. Perhaps it works better/this problem isn’t able to be noticed if only one strip is paired/being used, I don’t know for a fact because I am using a total of six. And I have yet to buy the equipment needed in order to sync them all together. So for now I have to deal with interacting with each one individually. It often times, it will act like the screen glitches when I tap the power button on one light strip, and instead of it turning on/off, a different one turns on instead. Apart from that complaint, it seems to work relatively fine, and at least gets the job done. I would appreciate seeing some kind of patch update that corrects the aforementioned issue. Otherwise, no complaints. I’m a little more inclined to give it two stars, but I decided to be generous and rate it at three.
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4 years ago, IrisLux
Cute, Good tech
I chose this monitor because it had all the (simple) tech features I wanted and I liked the look of it compared to a lot of other monitors out there. We wall mounted it and I am happy with the radius of movement the head swerves and zoom in feature. I like I can look in from afar (like when I am at work). I am a bit creeped out though when Dad happens to be looking in (because he got a notification there is sound or movement in the room) and he can move the camera or talk through the camera/camera app. On the other hand, this is a great feature and capability! I wish there was a way to see either on the camera or an app notification that the other parent (or whoever has the password to the app) is looking in. The video stream in encrypted and I trust this. I do wish there was a feature to block viewing or shield the camera just for an added peace of mind so even if someone tried to look in while I am breastfeeding, they will see black. (Just ideas Geeni!). Only works on 4G network according to the instructions, though no problems. Oh, I also had to buy a longer cord to mount it where I wanted and it has to be plugged in all the time to (a very small expense). Again: cute cute and fits into the nursery! Works just as I need it to.
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5 years ago, BigWLindale
For the price, no major complaints.
Picked up the indoor security camera from a BIG BOX store. Setting up I hit a snag. I have both 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz networks in my home. My particular camera is designed to operate on using the 2.4 GHz network of only. Went thru the setup many times with many devices and it would not work at all. Double checking every time that I was connecting to the 2.4Ghz network. I could get ally the way thru to a solid blue light, but the app would give an error msg that it can’t connect. Just about to give up and return the camera I had an “Ah Ha” moment. My two networks (2.4 GHz and 5.9 GHz) have different SSID’s. To simply things around the house I gave the two different networks the same password. When setting up the camera I would select the 2.4 GHz network and type in the password which is the same for both SSID’s (network names). Would not connect at all on the app, but the camera would go from flashing red, to flashing blue, then solid lit blue as if connected. So I logged into my router and changed the 5.0 GHz password by adding an extra character to the end. Two separate passwords fixed the connection problem. * * * TLDR, will not work on 2.4 GHz network if the password is the same as a 5.0 GHz network.
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2 years ago, GGBrie307
Geeni Products
I have one camera that’s vision is pink, doesn’t have sound, small view, and the motion sensor is detecting nothing.I have four different cameras that all have different device settings and they all do different things. The app has had a variety of different issues including I can’t view the camera view in full screen mode, the server times out and I also can’t access sound. We also bought window sensors just bought them and the battery’s died within one week and they don’t make those types of batteries in stores so we haven’t even had those sensors operating when they say it’s suppose to last months. We bought a doorbell also and it is not compatible without having a power source ran through to your breaker box. At night the picture isn’t clear and freezes up until I exit the view. Sometimes my cameras don’t catch people walking by. The cameras need to catch people walking around and not just a bush moving. I don’t think they are the best cameras. They are cheap and have many issues. Tech support is not helpful. I have subscriptions to the cloud and I still can’t access the cloud so I’m paying for nothing and I am very technologically advanced and this is cheap product and it doesn’t operate correctly. I wish Geeni would step up there game cause I’m not impressed there’s problems left and right.
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3 years ago, JWygant
Great Product, Needs Improvement.
These smart lights in combination with the controller app are a great quality product, & I would have given it 5 stars, however after over a year of use in a house with 7 children I can tell you there needs to be some improvement. First off, the connectivity is spotty at best and the app keeps dropping the previously installed & properly set up bulbs. It seems like every time I open the app I am having to re add all of my devices to get them working again. My second issue & the biggest one in my opinion is the way that the bulb is reset by flicking the light switch quickly needs to be changed because as soon as my 3 year old realized he could make the lights blink by flicking the light switch he began to make a game of it and is constantly resetting the bulbs which is a real pain to have to fix on a daily basis, multiple times a day. If you can address and fix these issues I think this would be a superior product & would gladly give this app and product combination a 5 star rating because as of right now these smart lights have been more hassle than they’re worth which has me seriously considering switching to a standard LED bulbs as opposed to these smart lights.
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2 years ago, Cullens913
Geenie is genius!
I do have ring cameras but needed something different to supplement and my nephew says that he’s had these cameras for a long time and they work well at a lower price. So I went and bought them set them up and I’m really impressed with them. They do pretty much everything, the night vision with lights on ,looks great,You have many choices like turning indicator off ,turning the infrared off so you can see better at night through the glass , it alerts you every movement and records on a loop if you put a memory card in it ,gives you screenshots if you so desire and you can record what you can desire as long as you have a memory card and I mean they’ve done a really great job ,I am so impressed. The only reason why did not give you five stars is because the power cord is so short so you’ll always need an extension cord. That’s the one thing they could improve on. You do need like a dashboard so you can see all cameras without touching anything they ha a version of it but it doesn’t stay on when you open the app. Otherwise for the price it’s genius and I love it they are small you can stick them in anywhere really really great for the price thank you!
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4 years ago, amilacek
Overall Mercury Review
The company has given the consumer a variety of options within their product selection for an extremely reasonable price. I have given a rating of 5 for the simple fact that I can simply “plug and play” in a sense, there is no frustrating hub to have to set up and hide away(embarrassing). No matter where I am I can simply control every single device synched up to the Geeni App. I have not had any trouble with any of the products I have purchased, except for one time and it was due to weather and network failure but that is expected of nearly all technology and of course storm passed and products connected quick and efficiently. I can truly say that they offer us products at an affordable price and with actual quality. The Geeni App is a simplistic program that runs very smoothly and is not going to drain your battery. Overall the App and products are promising, I always recommend their products and talk highly of the overall experience I have had with Mercury. Thank you and I hope this review has helped.
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4 years ago, ^Momo9999Momo^
The latest version, 1.7.0, broke it
The app has changed to be more stupid than before. Before the update, all the motion detection screen captures were listed together under Notification Center, whether it was from a single camera or multiple ones. You scrolled down to view all the captures, when you reached the bottom, if you wanted to delete all, just tap Delete, Select all, then confirm. Now, they group the screen captures by camera, and they put Select All on top of the screen so when you start to scroll down, the Select All disappears. So now when you reach the bottom and want to delete all, after you tap Delete you have to scroll all the way up so the Select All will show up. And since I got three cameras, I need to repeat this process three times, since the screen captures are now grouped by camera. Very very very idiotic! Previous update didn't change the interface much, but the cameras connected a little faster than before. This new version, not only did it force me to log in again, but the interface was significantly different I had to relearn how to use it. But the worst is the connect time. Now I tap on one of the cameras I have to wait much longer, even longer than before it was last updated. Why would you take the time to make it worse???
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2 years ago, Horsebutt
The ONLY brand I want to buy!!
I have bought the smart light bulbs, led strip, and also one of the indoor cameras and they have all been wonderful!! I had bought a different brand smart bulb because I was out and didn’t remember the name at the time, but that brand was a nightmare to even set-up... I don’t even use it. Honestly, I don't look at the other brands of anything that Merkury also makes. The ONLY issue I have had at all was the power going out that my entire apartment became a strobe light and it was not as easy to fix this time for some reason, or it coulda been everything was strobing that was making it feel difficult. Honestly, I will not even consider this a complaint. Merkury, please DON’T GREEDY and jack up all your prices like so many others. Greed is an ugly demon. I have seen so many prices double and I would hate for Merkury to do the same and destroy the respect I have currently. But truly, Merkury is the ONLY brand I look at for“smart products”. Easy set-up and great prices!
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4 years ago, Kirkgregor
Useless Wi-Fi Camera
Junk! I placed two cameras at my camp and when I went to playback the Geeni software provided quite a few color daytime snapshots of my private drive. While scrolling through the photos, The cameras captured photos of intruders around my camp. I immediately downloaded the pictures for the cops. Then this lousy Geeni program shuts my iPad down with a battery at 100% and starts saying I have no SD card. Why/ How did they record the shots for the last week. Then they keep banker hours and they are unavailable to chat or call. I should of waited the extra 3 or 4 days and bought the Momentum. They make a camera that keeps 7 days of action. You can record on demand! These Merkury cameras are a waste of money and time.I was in a hurry and needed anything that would film thieves who frequent my property. So, this system takes snapshots of motion, but then must delete your photos while you look at them. Pure junk! Don’t buy. you will be throwing your money away. Go with a Momentum.
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6 days ago, Das A. Goodone
5 years and it keeps getting worse
5 years with a defective camera they have failed to honour their warranty on and just stopped responding to emails when they figured out their product was defective they chose to ignore any type of correspondence after sending them live video screenshots and giving account access to fix the issue they made the feed worse and useless at night. App alerts for movement but won’t load the video to view what it recorded and no way to just see events cause it say no recordings for that day when I was just alerted of movement. Takes screenshots and when you click on the picture and it should take you to that place in the recording but instead it starts from the very beginning and then times out or fails to encrypt the feed making it unusable at all. I was thinking of purchasing cloud access for 7 cameras but seeing how I was treated and my issues were ignored and 9 months since the last buggy update I have lost any remaining faith in this company or their products because both have failed me personally. Sad to think the products are not worth the company’s response to defend or mediate the issues their products have speaks volumes about the company.
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3 years ago, anonomous🤜????????
The connection process is just painful.
Honestly the user interface to connect devices is not the best in my honest opinion, God forbid your wifi turns off you’ll have to work with your device for hours to get it to work. This is the fourth time I’ve had to reconnect these lights and each time is even more painful and upsetting. Especially after a day of trying to fix my own pc and then this, Honestly I’m done and I’ve given up on these lights. I’m really just settling for Hue which is even more expensive. Or I can just go back to normal lights because honestly it’s much better than having to deal with this. I’d recommend an easier to use user interface and better AP connection because right now it’s really not helping out. On top of that my wifi is strong and has never had an issue but for some odd reason the app keeps on saying that “Oh it’s just your internet”. I honestly am at a lost for words at how disappointing this whole ordeal is.
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4 years ago, alhoover81
I have many light bulbs, a smart plug, smart power strip, door bell, & led light strip. Recently my app crashed, none of my smart stuff would even turn back on, so I had to remove them and re-add them. Which is a headache, my light strip after ruffly 1 hr of trying to reset it to repair, it was a success. Then the bulbs were equally non-responsive to reseting as well, but didn’t take an hour. The phone number I signed up with, is no longer an active number, I cannot change my phone number, apparently you have to delete all devices, delete the account, then start fresh. That’s absolutely ridiculous, I just bought 15 new light bulbs, but will be returning them instead of opening to use them. I have already replaced my doorbell with a Ring bell. The Geeni door bell never made any sounds on my phone, even when I wasn’t at home, which defeated the purpose of knowing if someone is at my door when Im not home. The app is flawed, not being able the update a changed phone number is crazy. When the next person gets my phone number, technically they can take control of my geeni app. I will say, I’ve had everything for over 6 months, so I waited to be able to give an honest review.
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5 years ago, MiGeode
Surprisingly resilient and simple!
My home network contains so many devices that no router made can allow them all to connect at once. I have to have 3 routers using double NAT on each to keep everything online. Many of the cheaper IoT devices have to be regularly unplugged and plugged back in to maintain functionality/connectivity. The Geeni system, for being one of the cheaper lines, somehow is one of the most reliable of all the different manufacturers and brands that I have interlinked. Stays connected better even than the Belkin and iHome products. [Update: Somehow just realized I was writing a review for the app not the camera...I have 2 White scale bulbs, 2 smart outlets, and one of their cameras. Also, I have a different manufacturer of smart camera in every room, including 2 in the hallway (one at each end) and 2 outside) - explicitly TO test them against and with each other and demo differences and compatibilities to potential smarthome builders. Review applies to all 5 devices that use this app as well as the app itself. ]
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4 years ago, Beastradez Z
Amazing, but...
Where do I start? This app has everything you could want with all the devices you might get! I’m a fierce supporter of this company, their light bulbs are extremely high quality, and the program runs amazing! I’ve set several smart scenes already, and I’ve been working on the automatic modes, trying to work out what I can or can’t do. All in all, a company deserving of 5 stars! However, I’ve noticed a slight problem. When I try to set up smart scenes, I have very limited choices and capabilities. I can set it to white, color (that the light is currently set to) or scene presets, such as rainbow, rave, etc... I believe that this app could benefit from a broader selection of options, perhaps placed under an “advanced scenes” tag. This is not even covering the issues with automatic scenes, and I will not cover them, as I have not tested all the settings in depth, but I HAVE noted that there is choices of scene 1,2,3,and 4. Nothing more. Other than these small issues, this is fantastic and easy to use! Great job overall!
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3 years ago, Frustraded Consumer
There is NO support at all. Totally FAKE support ticket system.
Recently discovered why their prices are low. It’s because their “support” is non existent. If there is any issue with a product they simply reply with a canned response which reads they are “very concerned” and that we as users can simply reply to the email for further help(even though all relevant info was already provided). Makes it obvious that no one actually read our request. However that canned reply is the only/final response from them as a means resolution. Obviously it’s frustrating to realize we are completely on our own if the product does not do what’s advertised or if it fails altogether. In our case their first version water leak sensor does not stay connected to wifi. It requires a re-pairing of the device each time it fails.. We certainly hoped this company was reasonable and decent/fair especially after Lowe’s screwed us in a similar manner(for thousands of dollars). But sadly they are just another terrible company relying on mediocre built products at best. If and when they choose to vanish(as Lowe’s smart home did also) we will obviously be left with cheap plastic useless devices from China. Thanks Geeni!! You’re the best
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2 years ago, Star LeBlanc
I’ve had my 1st camera since 2018 and still referring all my people to Walmart or the app to purchase theirs… The only thing is not being weather proof and sometimes as I’m watching the feed it closes out but the 24/7 recording is my go to!! Those that only record motion and 10 seconds aren’t worth crap cuz something’s happen before the motion is actually picked up, especially if u have crap service as we do with spectrum… it I could still run my 6 cameras and a few others that have to use the 2 G bandwidth I would Most def give another company a try but no one else is out here . So we are stuck until Verizon. But OVERALL LIL’ CHEAP BUT PERFECT GEENI IN A BOTTLE CAMERAS R A+ will always be my go too!!! Always plus we subscribe to the cloud on the year subscriptions for all 6 and it’s still cheaper than anything else!!! I jus need an outside weather proof camera that possibly also will follow the movement too!! I’ll be ur beta tester!! Hook w sista up!! ❤️🧡💚💛💙
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3 years ago, Blaze nick
Lights/app not working
The lights were fine and responsive at first but after months of having it, it’s starting to become unresponsive to the app or it just says it’s offline when the lights are clearly on. Tried resetting it via manual and easy mode both cannot find the lights or it says I’m not connected to a network. The issue is not my network because I can load websites no problem. I made the mistake of deleting the lights to start over now they are constantly fast blinking. It’s a headache to try to figure out and this app as well, so I give up Update: Problem resolved, my router and modem were still using WiFi 5 even with 3 bars I still had slow, buggy, and unresponsive internet at times. I HIGHLY recommend going to purchase a router that’s equipped with WiFi 6. Now my lights are working and my device can find them easily. I don’t write reviews normally unless I had an issue, but I changed my review and rating to 5 stars.
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4 years ago, TR-I-GBY
Very pleased with App & Cameras.
I’ve had three cameras now for almost a year. Paid $20 each at Walmart and they have worked as described 94% of the time. Exception being while attempting to access from a weak or less than 4g signal. Motion detection, night time display, sound and intercom works well. Been a great comfort checking on pets and monitoring access by others while on vacation or away. I put the max Mini-SD card (32GB) in each one and reformat them before leaving or just when they get full. I can snap pictures from the video for viewing later or save the video complete with sound. I can talk to the dog while away or the wife if she’s not getting her phone. When all other camera systems were $150+ I got this one for less than $65... and purchased the cameras individually over a three week period. Occasionally a power outage will disable the cameras due to the lag time with the WiFi, but easily fixed by turning them off and back on again. A GREAT VALUE FOR THEIR INTENDED PURPOSE.
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6 months ago, Sfvanover
Genni Smart Camera with Pan and Tilt
Great device and easy to use. It does an excellent job watching over things i came while I’m away and lets me know if anything changes while I’m gone, even the weather! Only problem I’ve had is that it likes to look at everything that moves and in my specific location there’s a great deal of fog, and i mean thick fog. So when those little beads of moisture are whizzing past the camera, it goes absolutely crazy trying to keep up with them andi kinda think it might have actually had a break down mentally! LOL I say this because when these conditions are met they camera will actually turn its eye into a direction that blocks all of its view. It kinda seems more than just smart, but then again that’s what my wife said about me at one point! 😄 Overall though, great device Anna easy to use app to boot! Can’t go wrong so far, I’m just looking forward to purchasing other things to connect to this app after seeing the whole thing with the camera.
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2 years ago, WadesLove
We have security cameras in our house. Unexpectedly something happened to the cable and we needed to upgrade our whole system. Unfortunately that wasn’t in our budget. Our biggest concern was our handicapped daughter. We had a camera in her room to be sure she’s ok at all times. I found this camera by luck to ‘hold us over’ until we could afford our upgrade. Well, this camera is BETTER than the system we had! It literally took less than a minute to program/set up and It’s an app on our phones. We can program it for motion alerts so we know when she gets up. It saves screen shot ‘notifications’ of alerts to delete later if you don’t need them. It has Sound so we can hear her and a speaker to talk to her if we need to! So reasonably priced we invested in a few more (so far), We’re up to 3 now!! We can check on her and our home at any time! It’s Fabulous!
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5 years ago, TTT Leo 23
CW007 camera
I bought this to keep an eye on my dog amd it works gretwhen I am home. But once I leave home whenever I try to look at the live feed ot says “constructing encryption channel “ with the spinning wheel then after a few minutes I get the message, “constructing encryption channel failed” this has been happening for the past two days since. I tried to request help through the app with no response to the 3 messages sent. I have an iPhone and made sure it was connected to the 2.4ghz wifi when I set up the camera. I haven’t yet purchased the micro sd card but for live feed but according to the manual that is needed if you want to record and playback. I also bought the doorbell and also can’t that set up cia the easy method or QR. The software and set up of these devices shouldn’t be this difficult especially since I am somewhat tech savvy! I checked the articles on the website and there was nothing about this error! Not helpful information there!!!! I’ll try again tonight but may just need to give up and return.
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11 months ago, KemaMorelle
I bought LED strips for my children’s room (2 rooms 4 packs) and I can’t get either pack connected to my WiFi. The contacted Customer Seevice which wasn’t helpful at all. He said I needed to download their other app “Merkury Smart” so I tried tht and it kept saying it couldn’t connect to the Bluetooth or WiFi. So he said he’d be sending a email for me to send a screenshot of the page I can’t get past and he’ll forward it it their tech dept. by then time he sent the email (2 hrs later) I had already taken them down and trashed them. Upset I wasted almost $50 for nothing. I have the receipt but not the packaging so nope can’t return them to the store for a refund. Highly upset!! Over the summer I redo my kids bedrooms while they are with my mom so when they come home they have a fresh new room for school and a lil surprise for them 🥰. But my 13 yr old just kept saying “I wish we could get them to work my room would be litty” so surprise ruined for him the smaller kids said it would’ve been cool. I wouldn’t recommend this product or anything else they make. If you do you are risking your money. Next time I’ll check reviews before I buy LED Strips
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2 years ago, JackLovesCher
The Best on the Market for the price!
Since 2018 I have been using Geeni and Merkury Innovations products, including this app. For $20 at my local Walmart I was hooked! My first camera turned into a now whole home setup with Indoor and Outdoor controls or all my lights, outlets, small appliances plus more. Very easy to use and so simple to set up. I have had “Indoor” rated cameras that have been outside for 4 years now (the same ones/never replaced). Now I will say that I have used other camera systems in this price range and a bit more, but these products always stand the test of time and use. Definitely worth every bit of your money. These products are not flawless, but the ease of access and inexpensive products to build your smart home. I love how you can customize the app with pictures and groups. The automations as well are pretty neat. Works great with Alexa as well; making turning off the bedroom light a very simple task, no need to get up or get your phone. I love Geeni and Merkury!!!!!
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2 years ago, b-bra2228
Even worse since update.
Before this update I always said the only way this could get any worse was if the cameras does refuse to connect at all… install the update and guess what exactly what happened. They take at the very least a full minute to a minute and a half to connect to the app and when they do connect it is so glitchy that it will only show a couple of seconds before it freezes up and then says timed out or it just goes to a blank screen and nothing happens. This is not a problem with my Wi-Fi, I have full service on my phone and excellent Wi-Fi. I’ve reset the cameras. I’ve changed their locations. I have reset my wifi box. This is a problem with the app!!!! If you have cameras in or around your home and you’re needing to look at them for any reason, chances are you don’t want to have to wait a minute and a half for the video to pull up…. If it even pulls up at all! Is there some way to uninstall these updates? When I first got these cameras they were fine. I’ve emailed the company, No reply. Customer service should at least pretend to care.
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1 year ago, Ennesco5050
The pay cloud service has been down for a few days and they’re still charging for it
I’ve been a customer there’s about a year now and have multiple cameras and other pieces of equipment have been completely satisfied. A few days ago the cloud service quit working and I kept getting billed and paid for it. I just contacted them today and they told me if they’ve been aware of it for days and they do not have a fix in sight. I asked him about refund and they told me that they don’t do refunds except on the annual plan. I have 12 cameras with them. Of course they did not tell me that until after 30 minutes of conversation. I think the company’s days are limited. They’re taking peoples money right now and not giving them a service. I think they’re preparing for bankruptcy I hope I’m wrong You should stay away.
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3 years ago, Fenz617
Works when it wants to!
I have been using this app for some Merkury color changing lightbulbs that i bought a few months ago i was super excited as i am trying to automate my home. First i have 3 bulbs that i combined into one setting via this app and synced with my echo dot to turn on by voice. Worked fine until i didn’t need to turn the lights on for a few hours only to have the echo tell me that the “Living room” cannot be found. Went into the app to manually turn the lights on only to find out that that didn’t work either. Then i set the timer for then to turn on at a certain time again only to find out that the time had passed and the lights did not come on automatically and again to find out that the grouping for “Living room” crashed again. Hopefully this can be fixed with an update or 2, really buggy and it’s kind of sad that this is the application that this company that makes the bulbs, believes in and is suggesting you use. i believe this app could be great but wish there was another suggested app to run my bulbs on instead of this one.
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6 years ago, SJshore
App is okay but could be greatly improved
We got two cameras to use in our windows for security reasons. The cameras work great and were easy to set up. The app really seems to be lacking some features and has problems with play back. Sometimes playback works the first time and sometimes I have to restart the app several times to get it to work. There are several things that could make the app better. Being able to view more than one camera at a time would be amazing. Also having an easier way to scroll through the playback would be good. Being able to control the speed of the playback would be nice. I think the biggest help would be if there was a website you could view your cameras from. My husband doesn’t have a phone and his tablet and computer are both windows so he has no way of viewing our cameras. We will end up replacing our cameras in the future so he is able to access them and so we have more options with playback, recording, and the ability to view more than one camera at once.
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9 months ago, Beyond Frustratedd
Pay big $ to see ads.. horrible..
I’m going to probably just throw my camera in the trash after this app update.. The app incorporating ads is the LAST STRAW for me. Can’t even quickly see what’s going on if there’s an emergency etc because there are ADS when you first open the app!!!...(mind you I SPENT $100 on THIS?!!?!! I shouldn’t have to see ads ANYWHERE. It’s unacceptable.) We bought two cameras and one of them completely stopped working.. the charging cable completely fell apart!.. Anyway, the audio quality of the cameras is so horrible that you can’t even hear anything on playback unless it’s loud.. seeking through the timeline doesn’t work on apple.. TONS of glitches and I don’t think I’m ever buying more cameras (or ANYTHING that uses this app, if I’m being honest..) I NEED to be able to quickly see what’s happening on my cameras!!!! Ads upon startup, AND it still shows ads when the app’s already open (& you try to switch back to •efficiently & quickly• check on your camera!) It’s ridiculous to do that to paying customers!!!! Signed, disgruntled and angry customer.
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4 years ago, Slickster33
Minor issues but overall worth it for a quick and cheap security
I got two of these from Walmart and placed one of them on my front porch facing my driveway and another on the end of my house facing the road. The one on the front porch works well due to it being close to my WiFi modem, the one on the house not so well due to it being farther away. Also, if a vehicle is driving at a decent rate of speed it will be very blurry. Another thing is when taking a picture at night of a car traveling by “creeping” you can’t see or tell what the car is or anything due to such a bad glare on the picture from the headlights. Another thing is I can’t figure out how to share the cameras with my wife so she can also have them on her phone as well! Anyone willing to let me know I’d sure appreciate it. But honestly, overall for $28 no way you can go wrong with these especially being able to speak through them and hear back with your phone.
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3 years ago, thlip
I have had geeni app now for 3 years. I have Always been in pressed I am not anymore. I’m late for work trying to figure out first off why all my lights are no longer to be found. I never deleted a thing and it keeps telling ne my number and email is still active. Well then let me reorder my freaking list back that I never deleted. This stupid thing will NOT catch my network anymore telling me it can’t do 5 g then I get on the other network still in the same household to reprogram and it tells be network busy. Sick of it. Never had this problem before I’ve worked on this for weeks bow. I quit I also have hue. I think I am just going to stick with them. It’s ridiculous not happy at all. Hue never makes it so difficult so I guess I will sit in the dark. LOL. Do sonethibg about this because you will lose customers. Everyone has 5 g now
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5 years ago, Dani-L B
Love the camera, the app isn’t as great. Well not anymore.
We bought our Geeni camera around Christmas time because our packages tend to come up missing. Everything about it is great. My only concern is that ever since the recent update, I am unable to select all of my notification snapshots for deletion. I don’t look at them often and they tend to add up pretty quick. I swear I scrolled for an hour straight one day deleting the snap notifications. It is starting to make my phone lag because it’s taking up so much space and I don’t have a few hours to kill just to delete everything. I have thought about deleting the app instead. I wish Geeni would fix this and put it back the way it was before. **Developers... anyway that this issue will be fixed? I have deleted and reinstalled the app, I have deleted the notifications too! But no matter what I do, THEY COME BACK! 😫
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3 years ago, nonameguy97
Lights are annoying
Okay love the fact that I’m able to dim lights. But I have a few complaints about the features this app offers. First off it should let you customize the scenes and make your own scenes. For example, rainbow should have all the colors the light has to offer and allow you to speed up the changing for parties and stuff. It’s too dam limited. And second, my lights come off my network literally once a week and we pay for expensive WiFi so I know that’s not the issue here. It’s beyond annoying these lights keep coming off my network because they flicker until I set them up again and then I loose all my groupings and have to recreate! Beyond obnoxious especially at 3am when you go to get some water and instead of your light being on dim setting like you had it, it flickers at 100% brightness and blinds the heck out of you. Please I beg you, sort this out or I’m going to have to stop buying geeni products and find something else
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5 years ago, Dpottei
Blown away
At first I was very skeptical about purchasing some lightbulbs of this brand and not knowing anything about it but I am absolutely blown away by the product and the app itself. You can control your lights from anywhere in the world very easy installation and no hub required the app is very user-friendly you can name all the bulbs in your home different names for each individual room I can Control each one individually to your liking. You can adjust brightness change the colors of the bulbs set schedules for on an off time and set the mood lighting for different settings which is very convenient. The only minor downfall I have with the app is that sometimes after I load it it does not connect through the cellular connection and I have to shut down the app and reopened it other than that I am blown away by this product and very pleased that I purchased it.
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5 years ago, Jay_Dub
Don’t waste your time or money on this P.O.S.!!!
What should be a live view is instead a black screen that only says “constructing encryption channel” and never ending loading symbol. After calling customer support I learned that the only troubleshooting technique/idea they have is to uninstall and then reinstall the app on your phone and try again. They were less than useless to put it nicely. (Update). After reading the developers response to my review I am even more disappointed with this company, the developers and the WiFi camera I purchased from them. I find it interesting that they have the time to respond to every comment made here in the AppStore yet I am still waiting for them to respond to the 2 different claims I’ve filed through the app. Additionally, no response to the two different ph calls I’ve made to them requesting help and my mother has also contacted them for support on 2 occasions with no response to either of those. We have asked for help 6 times and have yet to hear back from them. The only attempt they have made at communication is their response to this AppStore review.
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1 year ago, bkaymcco
Very functional & user friendly! Highly recommend!
We have been using geeni for almost 1 year and have never had any issues. We have 2 of the Merkury indoor cameras from Walmart for a very affordable price (~ $50). The picture quality is excellent and only has a 1-2 second delay (which could be our Internet connection). This was the first time we’ve ever tried any cameras for our home but wanted a pet cam for while we were away during the day for work. The app is very simple and straightforward; most other options require a monthly subscription or 1 time payment, and with it being our first time using anything like this it was nice to have a free app! You can connect several devices to monitor your cameras and even set up a motion detection which is convenient! Highly recommend this app and the cameras!
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5 years ago, KD8DAX
Great App and Product Line (Good Prices Too)
Just starting using your WiFi smart plugs and a WiFi camera this week and so far all seems well, I was super impressed with how easy it was to set it all up with the app to get devices connected to WiFi and linked to account and firmware updated on camera and video/picture quality seems pretty impressive based on size and price of camera I was pleasantly surprised! Keep up the great work! All that said I was wondering if you could look into adding scheduling function for sunrise and sunset? That would be great since daylight times change so much seasonally and with DST and all, this is a function my previous security/automation system (iris by Lowe’s) has but since Lowe’s is shutting the iris platform down the end of the month I’ve switched to three other systems to replace it. Thanks for your help! Have a great day! God Bless!
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3 years ago, Smiley Sun
Good customer service.
It’s not perfect & seems cheaply made. Some one could easily rip it off but the best thing you don’t need to pay for a subscription & the price was right. It had some hiccups at first & the updates can help but once in a while it acts funny & I think it’s how the button gets pressed by others. I have a digital door bell & set it to the chime type in the App. If it stops working I ring the back door & that always gets it going again. I been wanting a smart doorbell to work with IOS HomeKit to look out to see if I need to plow snow with out going upstairs to look but didn’t want to pay the price. Really don’t need it to & the App works just fine. It dose alert your Apple Watch when someone is there even away from home. I recommend it mostly when packages gets dropped off & the sensor alerts you when someone is close to the door & sends you a picture of them. Its not bad for what it is & I recommend it.
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4 years ago, John 3156732
Overall good camera for the value
Nice little camera, has high definition and night vision as well which is the main reason I bought it. Only thing that was annoying to me is the options to record. In order to have continuous uninterrupted recording, you have to keep your phone on and stay in the app itself in record mode. Will take a SD card, but only records to the maximum amount of data and then dumps it afterwards. Still haven’t found out how to actually keep recordings on the SD card itself. Has a speaker capability which is nice but almost always cuts out and you can’t hear it at times when speaking. Also, there’s constant feedback/crackling in the audio which is annoying when I’m trying to listen in on random sounds in our room. For a $40 camera, this is fine for us, but if you’re looking for a high-security camera that has beneficial and user-friendly features I’d probably look elsewhere.
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3 years ago, Big B. from Lv.
Recently Purchased on a whim!
Hi America 🇺🇸 This is Big B. From Leavenworth Kansas and whoever else is checking out this review☝️. Just like the person before me, I really didn’t expect much from these cameras seeing the were reasonably cheap or inexpensive I should say. These cameras are Grrrrreat!!! Not at all what I expected. I couldn’t believe the high definition nor the sound quality. If you are looking👀 for a camera system that works really well for a great low price please go out and purchase these babies you will love ❤️ them but don’t take my word for it, go out and purchase one ☝️ first then try it out I can guarantee the quality and even the fairly simple set up will blow your mind. Hey! People! If you are into saving money and want a high quality security camera 🎥 at a low and very reasonable price, go out and buy you one ☝️ of these MERKURY Innovations SMART WI-FI CAMERAS it’s sure to blow your minds and catch you by Surprise. Your friend Big B in Lv. Kansas.
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4 years ago, DuckBros
Ok but needs some improvements
I use the led light bulbs in my room and I find it being a little unreliable. Sometimes one light will be offline and the other won’t and I have to restart the app so it isn’t too bad. My main complaint is I have to go to each bulb individually to turn them off even if I set them both in the same room. Group control would be great where I can press a button and they’ll both change colors or press a button and they’ll both turn off. Home kit support would be great as well but I understand that Apple isn’t very third party friendly with it. Make the app more intuitive. The pairing process was ok at first I had some issues with it being out of range from my router but that was solved by using my WiFi extended as the access point. Overall great value just need a few minor improvements with the software.
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2 years ago, techman 5443
Love geeni’s app and products! Just one disappointing thing.
I’ve been buying geeni lights for years. I have never been disappointed with the products or service. There is just one thing that disappoints me. The app is really good connecting to the lights and responding to it. Just the “Smart Scene” part is poorly made. For example, I have a smart bulb and I want it to change blue at, let’s say 7:00 AM. First off, there is no option in “smart scenes” where you could change the bulb to color mode. Secondly, even if there was, there isn’t an option to change the light to a specific color. (I know this because it’s what the light strips do.) I think that is the only downfall to this app. If it wasn’t for that, It would be 5 stars for sure. Other then that, I am very satisfied with all the lights that I have bought. Hope the developers could fix this issue.
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