Generations Homecare System

4.5 (1.4K)
5.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Integrated Database Systems, Inc.
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Generations Homecare System

4.52 out of 5
1.4K Ratings
5 months ago, Cocoluvcoco143
It’s a really good app. I like this app version because it’s very easy to navigate the app and get to each column with trying to figure out how do I login and out. Where do I go to see my schedule or pick my shifts. This was a great ideal simple yet well put together. Especially for people who don’t really know how to use certain apps on there phone or even know how to use apps at all. Most apps you just to play with them and sometimes the log out or settings are hidden.
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5 years ago, Twingurl
This is a good app!
This is a good app! It’s easy to use, more convenient than timesheets, you can communicate with the office inside the app, you can document everything about your client, you can see what prior aids posted regarding the client, and the GPS is the best!! I catch the bus to my clients and it tells me stop by stop to ensure I know where I am going. It’s the best! Thank you for keeping me safe!! The only reasons I don’t give it five stars is because it doesn’t give you any information about the client before you accept a shift. All you have is a name and location. This makes scheduling your client’s harder because you have to keep calling the office. That’s so inconvenient! The other thing is that payroll is separate from the app. You should be able to see the total hours you work on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis at least! Also, it notifies you when you need to clock in, missing a signature but not if you forget to clock out. That makes no sense! Then it would be worthy of a five!!
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8 months ago, MzpositivitySwagg
Greatly organized app
Definitely loving this app. It’s offering simplicity in one app. Logging in, client care plan , notes and logging out. Available shifts , message board it’s very convenient and easy to use. I really appreciate this app and I appreciate working for this team, the CEO & management are very professional, helpful and humble people. Sincerely D.L.
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2 years ago, cccmmm90
Good working app
The app functions well, and I am glad I can see the total hours worked and details on my client. However, I do wish I could get some sort of NOTIFICATION that a client was added or canceled from my calendar. This would be a GREAT addition to the app. Unfortunately, I check my app numerous times a day to see if someone was added to taken off. Wish I could simply get notified by email, or something.
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4 years ago, CheriBerg
Easy and Helpful Resource
As a caregiver for a family member, my life is very busy with the other details of my life as well. I appreciate having my whole schedule for the month available to quickly check it when making other appointments so they don’t conflict.
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5 years ago, BJohnson65
Great Way to Stay Informed
I like being able to see the reports for each shift. Mom and Dad both have memory issues and it’s important to know when they have good days and not-so-good days. Our service calls whenever anything serious happens, but the little events (that don’t need a call) are really important to me too. I like knowing the schedule too - especially if it’s incomplete.
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2 years ago, Eklund2510
User Friendly App!
This is a super user friendly app and it doesn’t take long to get the hang of it! I would definitely recommend it to any home healthcare company!👍
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5 years ago, Ramseybugs
App suggestions
Yes, on the care plans the aide signature button is hard to find and should be on an area by itself also adding the mileage button where it can be found easy and quickly would be awesome. I still have not found it again. Geez. What we do is stressful enough, making paperwork easier is the goal, simple and efficent.
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1 week ago, Selling Homecare
Good app
This app helps with efficiency. As the salesperson for a Homecare agency, I enjoy the ability to input client info, and not have to rely on office staff. It helps with accuracy. One downside is that occasionally, the app does not save a call center note. I know that I then have to delete and reinstall the app. That is a glitch that should be fixed.
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7 months ago, =*^^
Doesn’t work for overnights
Been working for a company for almost a year now have had more problems with this app clocking in and out than I could ever imagine seem to be fine for about six months but now the serious glitches have started all over again it tracks you well knows where the employees are. You can clock in but most of the time you can’t clock out.
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3 years ago, HCA2018
Has a lot of issues
Lately this app has been glitching a lot. Can’t sign in can’t log in or out of shifts. Have to re start the app or my phone. It’s been a pain. Especially when I only have 30 minutes to get from one location to the next and it isn’t letting me clock out. Hopefully an update will be coming soon to fix this problem. A lot of my coworkers are having the same issues this week and we are all very frustrated
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6 years ago, Caregiving
This app doesn’t connect to GPS or data. At my client’s home it does not recognize the location and states to contact the office after glitching for about a minute trying to re-locate my GPS. Unable to log out once logged in, the very few times it allows a log in. Slow start up, when not starting unable to access data it can take a minute or more to even bring up the log in screen. Also very slow to accept any changes made in client’s file.
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7 years ago, pallyb13
My home health agency uses this system. The main reason we got this app was so we could track our aides and make sure they make it to the home. This app or system consistently has GPS issues. It works one day, then doesn't. It allows my aides to log in to the location, but then doesn't let them log out. Somedays doesn't allow them the log in at all. Your a homecare system designed for homecare and this very important feature that doesn't even work properly.
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1 year ago, WHCSllc
I love the app, I just wish it had a few more functions the full website has. For example- under the schedules sections in the app, having the grid be an option would be an excellent feature!
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4 years ago, ******Kristin******
Some flaws
Overall, it does the job as a caregiver. My frustration comes from several issues 1. Sometimes logging in and out of shifts are unsuccessful 2. When logging in to the system it errors out after allowing the log in. 3. Can’t save password or use fingerprint to log in... even though I use the remember me feature.
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6 years ago, old skool longs!!
This app is ok for what it is!! Does the job but glitches and logs you all the way out frequently!! When you go from one screen to the next you have to start all over when you go back! Would be nice if we could put in a request for assignments on the app and the company could see it and communicate that way!!
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4 years ago, Ashh91
My agency chose this app to use for their caregivers. I do like it but there are some bugs. Every now and then it won’t log me out because it thinks I didn’t log in but I did. Occasionally it will take forever to load and sometimes won’t recognize the location I’m at. For the most part it does what it’s supposed to do.
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3 years ago, Nelo-chi
Makes reporting easy
The app is very easy to find all the informations regarding the client. It is a great to read up about the client, check your schedule, and keep up with required tasks. The app is easy to navigate and makes everything about caring for the client a priority. Thank you so much.
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5 years ago, C/GwCCI
C/G Annette, CNA
Appreciate being able to preview previous caregivers notes! Also checking task List to make notes concise! Facilitates the ability to coordinate with our care team! Thank you for Encouraging us to provide the best care possible!
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7 years ago, LadyVaughn
Loving it!
I love this app. And it's so handy. People complain about the GPS, you can solve that by writing in the note section upon arrival and the same for departure. It shows the time that you write the note. Simply I'm here and I'm gone.
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3 years ago, Dhamma.
I’d really like if there were a Touch ID option to log in. One thing that bugs me a bit also is that the app lags a bit if you hadn’t officially logged out during the last use of the app. In general, the app is easy to use.
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2 years ago, Sloslowe
Nice for out-of-state families
Good way to stay up-to-date with schedules, caregiver profiles, and etc from a distance. Minor annoyance when signing-in doesn’t “remember me” even after checking box between visits.
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6 years ago, Lady1p
I though I would love going paperless, but the software crashes often, I forget to log in and out. You can only log in at the resident. I am. Caretaker for my mother, which we are not always home, so I have to log in later. Terrible!!!
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5 years ago, happy in Jesus 74
As a caregiver
I am very thankful for this app. It is very easy to use. I like seeing if there are new shifts available. I like how easy it is to sign in and out. I like being able to communicate with the office and the clients families.
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4 years ago, Granna Grinch
Log in app
I really like the new system. Although, I haven’t had access to WiFi at my client’s home, so I’ve had to clock in by phone.
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5 years ago, mirkat36
It’s annoying
1. Add Face ID , fingerprint log in for iPhones .. or automatic login using Duo Mobil or something similar. It’s really annoying having to manually log in each time. When we arrive to shifts , it’s frustrating having to log in to clock in . Also makes caregivers run late 2. Monthly schedules are nice but it would be nice to be able to see the total hours for the week I am working since I get paid weekly
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6 months ago, felecialashae
Needs some work
Slow processing & bad bugs. Please work on this & make this a better experience for the masses
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4 years ago, lansny
This is a really good app!
I didn’t have any problem with the app I just go sign in and it went through. I love that you can get in on time and not wasted any time.
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2 years ago, Ms Saundra
Generations AP.
The AP is good. Still have a few glitches periodically, & I have to call my agency for help/answers to my questions. Cuts down on paperwork.? Thanks
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3 years ago, ❤️ love Puddin
Love Generations app
Love this app, well put together. Any employer looking for an easy well organized app for employees. Look no further. Gave it a 5 star
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2 years ago, edimi
Needs immediate improvements
When clocking in the GPS only works in certain areas where clients live makes difficult to clock in and out. Please fix. App has its flaws but needs improvements
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7 years ago, Jeep Girl57
This app is very convenient and it's easy to use, however it needs improvement. I spend more time trying log in. I think this app needs faster login, perhaps thumb ID. Getting in and out of my visits is difficult sometimes also.
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4 years ago, narcis23
Needs improvement
I have to login twice before I can clock in. You have to wait for gps to find you before login. I can’t add or edit notes. It’s not user friendly and my clients have a difficult time navigating through this app. It’s not bad it needs improvement
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7 months ago, Lexus Eirby
Best app ever
Been using for awhile working for my job great app I love it !! More jobs should invest in this app
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4 years ago, Robertajms
The only thing I would recommend would be for directions verbally given while driving to a client’s home.
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4 years ago, Hrs tang
Easy & Accurate
I like the simple point & click of this app, plus all signing n scheduling. Notes are great plus clients and caregivers have access to vital info.
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6 years ago, asharbour
Works OK, but needs Touch ID support
The app works well, but it is frustrating to have to re-enter a password every time the app is launched. Touch ID support would be a welcomed feature and the use of biometrics for access is HIPAA compliant.
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6 years ago, lvn-gs
Works well. The exceptions being mobile home parks and large complexes. When visiting these locations I have to use the patient’s home phone.
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4 years ago, Apdicted
Barely a web view app
Terrible app: doesn’t remember user/password/agency. No Touch ID/FaceID, it is just a web view wrapped in an app. Extremely slow. Still adding 1 star because at least I can see the calendar but honestly the app is poorly done.
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7 years ago, Xaznjohnx
It’s ok
It only lets me clock in and out once a day so I can’t really input my hours as I need, but it works I guess
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5 years ago, Roving Reporter 13
Works for me
Mine has never crashed or given me problems. I like not having to use the phone to sign in. Keep it going!
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3 months ago, Bakernoggin
Structured family care
This app is very Senior friendly…very easy to use. Love it!!!
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4 years ago, kram-s
It’s extremely user friendly Best I’ve used yet!
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4 years ago, atreib
Needs Improvement
The concept is nice, but there are many bugs that need to be fixed. For example: -Users are NEVER able to ‘log in’ via the app. GPS can NEVER be located. That’s even after troubleshooting as the site suggest. -The system constantly bumps users off and doesn’t remember your log in. Maybe that’s a safety/privacy function. Not sure. -When searching for/ viewing available shifts, it’s not very user friendly and takes a long time to navigate through.
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4 years ago, Angel060911
I like that it’s easy to use. Very simple. Wish we could write our shift notes in it.
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7 years ago, Cappysbabe
I have had to uninstall this program 4 times it doesn’t save my notes (very irritating) I write lengthy notes and to waste time retyping is annoying. This isn’t so great for the health care system
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6 years ago, SHANITA1960
This app is no good when it’s time for me to clock in I have to either shut my phone off or now it’s reload it and I’m getting my pay ducted all from punching in.
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5 years ago, Xxsol
Close to useless
The calendar shows a generic need, no specifics as to whether they need a nurse, a caregiver, or a janitor. You still need to contact a person to find out what the position needs. It's not updated on weekends. Too dependent on the scheduler who doesn't always update it.
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8 months ago, arty1021
Fix your app
I can’t auto sign in anymore on the app every time I try the app crashes!!!! Please fix it soon This started happening when the new IOS update came out?
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6 years ago, StormieTInk
Does not do what it says it does.
This app is great and annoying. I have too much information to worry about to have to remember the agency name, login and password but the “remember me” doesn’t work. I’m done with this. I will just go to the website.
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