Genius Fax - Faxing app

4.9 (34.3K)
43.9 MB
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Current version
The Grizzly Labs
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Genius Fax - Faxing app

4.87 out of 5
34.3K Ratings
5 years ago, rockstarnimborock
I recommend each App from Grizzly. I have only Fair skills...
Thank you Grizzly. Busy figuring the terms conditions appropriately. All the apps from Grizzly are and have for two years functioned effortlessly -it is the user’s network configuration’s which most often interfere with application functionality. The Genius Fax App is now (crops fingers) effective and efficient timely sending and receiving important legal documents.I am impressed, considering being 58 and in and out of operating effective manipulation on internet faces and devices your apps are, from my experience, easiest for us of minimal skills. Seasons greetings to all across our world planet-pray for gratitude and less resentments - especially I need to participate in my own advice... ha, ha, ha, Merry Christmas, Hanukkah, and all others faith organizations -Happy New Year- especially to the Mental Illness Advocates of Junk Psychiatry.
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3 years ago, Deticxe
All I could say, WOW! In a state of panic I was given the option to fax a delay document. As I went to my Fax machine and entered the phone contact, it hit me my Fax machine was disabled because I discontinued my Landline 😩. I called my sister using her as my soundboard and she said can’t you use your IPhone. I said hmmm I don’t think so. As I prepared my Genius Scan (yes I’m a subscriber) to mail I notice the option given to Fax (WHAT!). Excited I tried and TA DA, fax sent. I was so excited with receiving the confirmation receipt and at 8:43am the next morning the recipient contacted me regarding my fax. OMG!! This was the best thing to happen during a stay at home Pandemic. I have shared my experience and have received calls and texts on inquiries regarding your service. Thanks 😁
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4 months ago, Julia Kardosh
This far I haven’t received any faxes and I know 2 were sent
The fax aspect for receiving- I can’t attest to that. I was told that 2 faces (in different subscriptions) were sent and I never received any. The sending faxes has been a lifesaver for me, however the cost per page is incredibly high. I wish there was better integration where you could draft a fax and come back to it and edit prior to sending. I wish I could save the number and come back to the program and finish a drafted fax and attach additional pages to it. That aspect is lacking. In addition you aren’t notified if the fax doesn’t go through so if you don’t use it often and assume something was submitted, you coukf check back a month later in a panic to discover your document was never sent.
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2 years ago, CrimsonKindred
The Best Fax Experience!
I have been faxing from my phone for years, and this app has been fluid and organized. All of my previous communications are well recorded and easy to find. I love the interface and tie in with Genius Scan. Super solid experience with small to medium sized fax loads. I really can’t speak to fax loads over 20 pages other than 1 or two occasions. There was a problem with my internet connection at that time, but as with any situation involving important communication, make sure you have a strong and fast internet connection especially with longer faxes. well worth any associated costs in my opinion.
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8 months ago, hrbie
This Worked Great & it was FAST!
I’m this day of technology it’s great to be able to fax from your phone. However it’s not easy finding an app that doesn’t charge outrageous fees just to send a couple pages. All the other apps want to charge higher fees. This app charges $.99 for 1 page. I needed to send 2 pages and paid $2 instead of $5, $6 or more. I will definitely be keeping this app for the next time I ever have to fax. This app was a life saver today! Thank you for being reasonable and allowing to pay per page for those of us that don’t need to fax on a consistent basis! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 stars from me!! 👍😁
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4 years ago, eimcmullin
Fantastic for Simple Home Use!
Can’t speak to heavy duty, professional use because I don’t have that need. If this app performs as well in that arena as it does for simple needs, this is one heck of an app. Genius Fax is simple and easy to navigate. To send a fax you open the program, tap on the easily found “new,” put in the fax number, attach the file, hit send. Done. It does take a bit of time to send but don’t get nervous, it will get there. Pricing to send faxes is quite reasonable. For light home use, purchasing the 50 credit package is a good deal. It takes one credit to send one page. That package, I believe, is about 40¢/pge If you need a fax number in order to receive faxes, you can purchase one. I think of it more as renting than purchasing because you pay so much for a period of time. I don’t remember the time frames and prices offered because, since I don’t need a fax number, I just glanced at them. I do remember registering that the prices were, like those for the credits, quite reasonable. Overall, great app.
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6 years ago, Debbieee x0
Love this app
I love that my cell phone has now turned into a fax machine. This is great because I could never set up the fax settings on my printer, so now I don’t have to worry about it. I’ve been using Genius Scan for years now and just discovered Genius Fax a year ago and it’s come in handy many times. Especially when companies say you can mail or fax paperwork to them, but if you mail it, it’ll take weeks to be finalized but if you fax it it’ll get done quicker. The first scanning and faxing apps I downloaded and the only. Everything with both apps worked so great that I didn’t have to go looking for another.
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3 years ago, Eeeyore the great
Great and easy app to fax.
I’d recommend to buy the 50 fax because you save on it. I fax a few times as week for work and at like 5 different hospitals on the go, just make sure you stay on the app until it’s finished and it does what is required. Take a picture and even use the white and black filter and it makes it appear better. I used other ones and this one seems pretty good so far. Just can’t have one bar of service or it takes forever of course. (I typically screenshot all my PDFs and just edit them or use this to simply convert photos to PDFs.)
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2 years ago, mikkizack
I am so Grateful for the app
I was in a pinch. Closest fax machine was 20 minutes away. I needed to fax something before midnight. This app saved the day! Not only did allow me to enjoy the Halloween holiday with the little one with out worrying about this fax but it also worked flawlessly! I love this company and all the apps they make! You recommend them to everyone that needs to scan, fax, has mobile office capabilities… their is no other company I recommend. This is it. If you need these tools, just go with this company. Easy to use and flawless performance.
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12 months ago, LLJJ85
Number: fax
I really like this app. It’s saved me in a pinch many of times. With that said, usually an app like this is for emergency times when we’re not at home or office. The only thing I DO NOT LIKE is, you purchase a number separately from the amount of faxes you can send. That can bring trouble when you have faxes available and your number expired Friday when your fax was sent out and then Monday morning you don’t get a fax in return because you don’t have the same fax number!! This should be a fax number + amount of faxes bundled!! Not separate!! I Hope the developer come up with something better. I’d give 5 stars but the separation of the two is a major problem.
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3 years ago, conkichu
Perfect solution!
I have been using Genius Fax for a little over a month now and it has worked beautifully every time. I tried another fax app first and never could get a fax to go through so I just assumed that all of these apps might be clunky like that. My faxes with Genius have never had any issues and have been sent to multiple locations. I like it so much that I just signed up to start receiving faxes from them, as well. This really is a great product and the perfect solution if you don’t have access to a full-blown fax machine.
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1 year ago, Brookie4443224
Great for small businesses or simple tasks
My husband has a small business, but he still has to do all the same things as a large corporation. We didn’t want to add a new fax line at his office, because it would cost more than it was worth. I used the regular Genius Scan for nursing school, so I already knew this was going to be a great tool! I was right! It definitely is worth it! The only thing I would change is the length of the fax number. I would love to see a 1 year option for us, that would be awesome!
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6 years ago, LizzrdVanReptile
Incomplete app details in description
Downloaded Genius hoping to send and receive faxes. Understood that credits would need to be purchased to send faxes, and I promptly purchased $6.99 worth of credits. What I did not understand until after I’d purchased the credits was that there was an additional recurring fee in order to be able to receive faxes. I sent an email promptly requesting a refund and stating that I had not used any of the credits and that I was uninstalling the app. I received a welcome email encouraging me to respond to the email for support, so I again explained my situation and requested a refund of the $6.99. I haven’t received any response whatsoever addressing my refund request so I’m unimpressed with the customer service. And it would be nice if the additional recurring fee for receiving faxes was mentioned in the app description.
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6 years ago, MTguy23
Easy to use and well-integrated with iOS
Simply could not be better. It has a very clean interface and is well-integrated with iOS. I pulled an empty PDF form file into Adobe Fill & Sign from Dropbox, completed and e-signed the form, shared it with Genius Fax, chose a recipient from Contacts, previewed it all, sent it away, and saved the cover page and confirmation back to Dropbox from Genius Fax. Seamless. Took no time at all. Documents are saved in Genius Fax and may be viewed, resent, or deleted with a swipe. As a developer myself, I enjoy well-executed software. And Genius Fax is.
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2 months ago, SanctuaryCounseling
Great experience with Genius products
I started with Genius scan, which I use often and recommend to many people. I was using iPlum fax and it was a bit clunky and customer service wasn’t great. I had been sending faxes with Genius Fax (seamless from Genius scan to send a fax thru Genius fax), and decided to switch to full Genius fax (send and receive). Mike was so easy to work with and the product is fantastic. Way fewer headaches with my job now that I have both Genius Scan and Genius Fax. Thanks Mike!!
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3 years ago, GhostBustingUSA
Blurry-Buyer Beware
Something needs to be fixed. Sent a fax using a file from Genius Scan to Genius Fax. For some reason when the file transferred over it lost resolution in this process. The receiver said it was unreadable. Now I suspected the resolution dropped when I previewed the fax file before send. I thought since it was only the preview that was why the resolution dropped. I was wrong, what you see is what you get. For being a paid app and pay per fax I expect better. For me this is a waste of money, now I have fax credits that I spent money on but useless to send clear faxes. Developer please look into why the resolution drops when you send a file from genius scan to genius fax. I used an actual file, I did not use a picture or scan.
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3 years ago, ShadeTrei
Pretty good fax!
Was able to figure out how to set up a fax and actually have it successfully sent. That was wonderful. Thank you Bruno for checking on me. I was still working out some other details and didn’t get a chance to finish my faxing but it worked, it worked great! So right now… I have something I can trust now. Rated five star but I cannot get the star to light up. It’s like that it doesn’t recognize my tapping. I’m gonna have to get a new mbl device … grumble grumble grumble…..
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4 years ago, Ashleypoga
I mostly like your app but it’s frustrating that there is no easy way to just simply click on and copy my fax number. I don’t wanna have to memorize the number and re-tape it over in another app if I want to share my fax number with someone who supposed to send me a fax. It seems really tiny and simple but it’s actually a bit of a peeve — I don’t understand why we can’t just click on the fax number and copy it. Also it’s a little frustrating to me that this is the only place where I can provide feedback instead of an actual Feedback/tech-support button.
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6 years ago, Tanya.Davis1975
I love how easy it is!
It’s easy, it’s fast, it’s reliable, and it sends free cover pages. I was worried that I would have to go to Office Depot and pay a lot of money for sending the fax. I did it in less than 10 minutes in the comfort of my own home, including the time it took to download the app and open an account. Faxing each page does cost a few dollars per 10 faxes but I would’ve spent way more than that on gas and Office Depot. I also love this app works with documents saved in genius scan.
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6 years ago, Aquaman_
Excellent, reliable, and quick way to fax!
Who faxes these days? In those rare instances when you DO have digital files that can only be received via fax (by a HIPAA compliant organization that is still required to use fax technology) this app is awesome. Well worth the minor cost when in a hurry, us you can simply send right from your mobile device, from your favorite cloud storage platform (e.g. Dropbox)! Rarely use it, but when I do, it’s the best app for me to quickly send a fax right from my iPhone.
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6 years ago, Anmlcmn
Gets the job done.
I haven’t compared this app to any other product but it has faithfully sent my documents. I installed the app on my iPad and it’s easy to fetch documents from my google drive and upload them directly into Genius Fax. A little pricey per page unless you buy bulk but the cost was worth it when I needed to fax transcripts immediately (at the last minute) to educational institutions that I didn’t trust snail mail to deliver safely. I really like the fact it keeps a history of the documents you’ve sent so I can make sure every page was sent.
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2 years ago, momznotbuzy
Good so far BUT BEWARE
I purchased the phone number and “credits” from you. I have faxed successfully and easily. BUT, I did not realize I was purchasing this from France. That explains why I am being bombarded with spam email with French words. I’m out of my mind upset with the number of spam emails, much of it “looking like” it is coming from legitimate places I do business with. I realized Genius must be out of France as my purchase of this app included a foreign transaction fee. I’ve been pleased with your Genius scan app for many years and finally had a need to fax which led me to purchasing your fax app. Sure wish it didn’t come with all the spam that I am having trouble filtering out. One more thing, I have received two faxes that were intended for a doctors office. I notified the sender BUT guess who gets to pay for receiving those faxes? Yep, using up my purchased credits. Again, another issue. Buyer Beware!
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2 years ago, lanibear99
Easy to use and pay per page!
I never write reviews but I felt the need to for those people who are like me and only use faxing once in a loooong time. Every other app is a subscription to send faxes, which makes no sense. I appreciate this app for allowing you to purchase credits, it saved me the hassle of going out and looking for a fax machine. Look no further than this app, it’s simple, easy to use, and effective!
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5 years ago, IPadwonk
So Handy
There are still offices that want you to send a fax, but eliminating the need for a trip to Office Max and sending one instead from your iPad is so handy. I use the bulk purchase price for additional savings. The app is simple to use and gives you a free cover page when needed. Getting the document there instantly is a real time saver over snail mail. Plus, it keeps a record of all the sent documents as backup proof. The app confirms your document was sent.
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6 years ago, Tridip
Great tool combined with the Genius scan
I love these tools paid 6.99 for 10 page credits I am a veteran scan app user would love if this fax fee can be waived off or if not then give me 10 more pages of fax credit thanks a lot for combining Genius fax and genius scan love both the apps and their native integration and features and also the ease of use I’ve scanned more than 1000+ documents and faxed like 50 pages until now and love them Thanks team
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7 years ago, haffieldj
Genius Fax is a phenomenal tool that everyone should have.
I have used several other “FAX” apps for the iPhone over the years, but for the past few years I’ve had to use Geniys Fax numerous times and they’ve always come through. If you’re a student, employee, employer just anyone needing to Fax papers/docs... then you need to purchase this app. You will not be disappointed!!! My only slight con: The cost of the per page to Fax is a little pricy. But so worth it!!!!!!
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6 years ago, rkmonroe
I had just completed a very stressful phone call with a medical group explaining I had confirmation I had double paid them. After about a 15 minutes conversations, check numbers confirmation numbers, they continued to demand a fax copy of documentation. I knew I had Genius Scan but was unaware I had option for Genius Fax at my immediate deposal. It took me from 100 down to 10 with my stress level and was very easy to use. Thank you Genius Fax ! Mary M.
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4 years ago, 294day
Very happy
I got genius fax to start off with but I also got genius scan and genius sign. I get documents to sign all the time in emails so I load them into genius scan import them to genius sign and then send them off with genius fax. It was such a hassle before when I only had my phone to do this stuff on but now it has made my life a lot easier to do this stuff with out having to get my computer out .
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3 years ago, Katwomanje
Easier than going to UPS or FedEx
I just sent 125 pages at about the cost of about $70 that I guess would’ve cost about the same or more at FedEx and UPS. It just seems like a lot of money, but it’s much easier doing it on your phone if it does all go through correctly. It’s saying they all went through so we shall see. Glad to have the app for when you really need it. You can also purchase a fax number if you want to be a recipient, but I’m not going there yet…
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5 years ago, flatboat52
Works well with Genius Scan!
Genius Scan makes faxing tolerable. I send what I want, where I want without a hiccup. I had to get the subscription for a few months as I arranging retirement. Dealing with the government and approved HIPA communication is a real pain. I figure me and my family will eventually use up all the 50 credits I bought, and I don’t remember seeing an expiration. I have been pleased with Genius Scan and Genius Sign, so Genius Fax will be my go to.
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8 months ago, Wes8870
Took 6 page credits for spam fax
I have no control who might fax me by mistake, my fax use is 100% outgoing, I want NO incoming faxes. While the service works great, I will seek another service if I’m charged for inbound faxes I didn’t authorize. I was refunded the 6 credits that were taken for the incoming spam fax, thank you! Hope to see a block option in the future to turn off incoming fax’s.
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2 years ago, ?what next?
Does what I need very, very well.
G-Fax, G-Scan+ and G-Sign are a tremendously powerful, easy-to use and VERY well supported combination. I use them when I travel and when I'm home. The entire suite of Grizzly products are on both my iPad and iPhone. Five Stars is well earned! I can now use Fax credits on multiple iOS devices, print coversheets with fax documents... the app just keeps getting better and better.
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2 years ago, FullertonRegan
Appreciate payment options
I rarely need to fax, but HIPPA doesn’t allow for emails to your doctor. Knowing that I can fax one page for one dollar is excellent! No need to subscribe for three months or one year at a rate that I would never use. This allows me to send one page at a time, or buy other credits for larger scale fax needs. I really appreciate the flexibility!
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5 years ago, Creative Boost
Great but scanner needs fine tuning
This was my first time using it. I like the flexibility of the app, however the scanner needs fine tuning, it should be able to differentiate the edges of the document better. I use another app for scanning and when I put against a darker surface and provide better contrast, the scanning is immediate and sharp. Pretty good product, I am glad it is available to increase productivity
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8 months ago, Bill and Val P
Beats running to the UPS store
Sending faxes are a pain. Unless you have a fax machine it entails running to the UPS store or Mail Boxes etc to have you fax sent. With this app life is much easier. No more running out or waiting on line to send your fax. Easy to use, reliable and inexpensive. Your fax gets transmitted, you have confirmation and cover sheet is free ! Highly recommend
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5 years ago, Regina J.
UNABLE TO OPEN FAXES SENT OR REC’D /I have compatible OS on IPad Pro 10.5
😳😒UNABLE TO OPEN FAXES SENT OR REC’D / I have compatible OS on 2017 IPad Pro 10.5. All of a sudden I have lost access to ALL new and old (back to 2014!) faxes so the entire app has become useless! (I still have credits, too!) AND I tried to work with the company But they now ignore my polite correspondence. The same thing happened in the past with my IPhone 7+. And my complaints also went nowhere, but at that time I was able to access all on the IPad so I stopped complaining about my lack of access on IPhone. SO THIS IS NOW INTOLERABLE. (So my loyalty, credits on file, and thousands of pages stored but now inaccessible mean nothing to Grizzly Labs...
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3 years ago, Ummi Sophia
Genius Fax & Scan Saved my job!!
I was able to work from home during 4 months of COVID-19 quarantine in NYC. These Genius apps truly saved my job. I don’t know where I would be without this. I pay to support this via paying for my own personal fax number because it helps me fax documents for my job and personal documents etc. I love their apps. I really think its the best out there honestly.
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3 years ago, Leighsacarole
Perfectly Perfect.
This app is perfect. It works. It’s easy to use. Why worry about a physical machine? This app doesn’t need paper or ink or repairs. It’s always with me and available. The use of it, is straight forward & simple. The ability to refer back to any document that I’ve sent is valuable. I highly recommend this app. It literally makes my life easier.
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3 years ago, Human1219
Needed it in a bind. Saw it recommended by the first legitimate publication I could find and immediately downloaded. Super quick and could not be simpler. Also something about the fact that they charge $0.99 gives an air of legitimacy and seriousness as well — whether or not rooted in the truth when compared to free ones. That kind of stuff works on me, so... good job?
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4 years ago, Robin in CA
Works Great for Receiving Faxes
Didn’t want to have to go out and interact with others due to Covid-19. Gave this app a try and it worked great. It cost $3.99 USD for an efax number and $.99/page. As of this writing there are no subscription fees to worry about having to cancel. You pay $3.99 for the efax number and it expires in 30 days. If you want to keep the number, you’ll have an opportunity to do so.
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6 years ago, Gullu's Mom
Fantastic App
I have been using Genius fax for past 3 years. Never had any issues and faxes always got sent right away. I have sent 9-10 faxes in 3 years as I use this application for “emergency/urgent” faxes only while I am away from office. But totally worth it and had saved me a lot of time and provided peace of mind while away from fax machines. Will recommend it to anyone who deals with faxes.
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1 year ago, Billnil
Great for those who only fax 1 or 2 pages a year
I like this one since you do not have to subscribe. You can pay $0.99 a page. I only have to fax 2 pages a year, if I don’t have time to use snail mail, so it works out well for me. I checked with the recipient to make sure they went through and they had, so it does work. I can’t vouch for the security, but I hope it is.
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1 year ago, Don't use genius fax
Faxes don't go thru and they keep your credits
Been trying for a day to send a 9 page fax. Had to buy 10 credits for $6.99. After multiple failed attempts with an "Error" message (even though the recipients number is correct), I've given up. But there is no way to get a refund after they force you to buy credits before you send. You shouldn't have to pay until the fax goes through. Seems scammish.....I guess I could hold onto my credits but I'll never use this app again. Save your money and fax in person . Lesson learned.
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7 years ago, RK-3!
No subscription required!
I was looking at options and many require a several dollar a month subscription or you have to buy $15 worth of credits. With this service, you just buy pages when you need to send something. I just needed to fax something to Japan. Two minutes and $0.99 later - it’s been delivered.
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2 years ago, wryter2000
This app is just what I needed
Many fax apps charge a monthly fee, which is fine if you send a lot of faxes. For those of us who only send a few a year, they’re too expensive. Genius Fax lets you pay for what you use. It was super easy to use, and you get confirmation your fax went through. It worked like a charm for me.
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3 years ago, Nica Lulu
Superb faxing service
I’ve been with this company for years and have nothing but great things to say about their service. I ran into a snag one time and received excellent customer service representation from their technical staff. I have no reason to go nowhere else for my faxing services. I am part of the 98% and not affiliated with the company, nor did anyone pay me to leave my comment:)
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1 month ago, DaGripper
I’m in Columbia. I’ve been here for five months. I have not been able to find the fax machine anywhere and there are times. I need to send faxes. It’s something they just don’t use here maybe in the big hotels who knows but I’m not getting a room to send the facts, this application has been very valuable. Thank you. Creators
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2 years ago, chontired
Easy and convenient
I can’t believe I still need to be sending faxes at this day and age. When I do Genius scan and Genius fax make it so easy! The crop feature of the scanner plus the integration with fax is great. The cover page feature works as expected and they don’t charge credit for it. Well done !!!
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3 years ago, cr8zchris
Great App
Downloaded app in less then 30 seconds and within 3 minutes I loaded 2 page credits at 99 cents each, scanned my page and faxed to 2 different recipients. Confirmation within seconds of sending. This was actually faster then actual fax machines I have used. I love that you can apply credits as you go vs. a subscription fee. Love it!
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3 months ago, EdwinasBiz
Nice and easy!
Some apps are complicated for no reason. I love Grizzly Labs for their simplicity. I use Genius Scan and needed to have something faxed. Of course there was a fax option! I downloaded Genius Fax and, for a small fee, sent what I needed. I almost used something else, SOOOO glad I didn’t! Now I have a fax machine whenever and wherever I need one!
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