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GetResponse Sp. z o.o.
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11 months ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for GetResponse App

3.79 out of 5
174 Ratings
6 years ago, CarmNJ
The app is very good. But GetResponse is an outstanding esp. Great delivery.
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4 months ago, Mop.89
I look for value in all my relationships business and personal. GetResponce has all the tools I need from an auto responder. All of the agents I have worked with have been out standing. Both in understanding my issues and the knowledge of their products and fundamentals of modern protocols. They’ve helped me solve my questions by providing a understanding of GetResponces tools and their applications for my business. Thank you techs for your patience and willingness to provide the most important components of business today, value.
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8 months ago, Abu-Abdulrahman
This app looks good and attractive. But after I started using it, I have gone over slow technical support. Every technical issue I have it takes days to be resolved. Also, my issues are not resolved at the first time. I use to receive a response after days that the problem is resolved and when I check it I discover that the problem is not resolved yet. Also, the app claims that users can configure everything simply. I discovered that there are many settings can only be done by the technical support. Even the chat agents are not able to help. The technical support are not even accessible by any communication mean. This app is the worst
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2 years ago, BrycejPalmer
It’s awesome to finally find an app like this for business that actually has an IPad version. Seriously, I’ll switch to any app that has an iPad version instead of a dumb iPhone app that works on the ipad, like PayPal, even. Its app is just the iPhone app that doesn’t turn horizontal for the ipad. Lol who does the majority of their business on an iPhone? I’m thankful that Get Response gets it! This is the way design an app made for business usage. Thanks GetResponse!
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6 months ago, Emarlatt
Best auto responder I have ever used
I have used just about every auto responder that has been made and by far get response has been the best so far. What you get for the monthly cost of it is just absolutely amazing. There support is by far one of the best and is definitely the best support I have ever gotten from an auto responded company. I absolutely love get response and highly recommend using it!
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6 years ago, James924
Really bad
Very clunky app. Please remove it from the App Store until you guys get serious and fix or redo it. All sorts of issues, crashes, no ability to even add a logo or other image, total of recipients when selecting certain lists does not match the total shown in the actual desktop software with the same lists selected. Most importantly, there was a typo in my subject line. Upon reviewing it and before sending it out, I changed it. But when I hit send and then checked my email inbox, the change had not been saved. I still had an “of” instead of an “If” so the subject line, most important part of getting a good open rate, ended up looking stupid and embarrassing in front of our 2,000 subscribers. Still love GetResponse as a platform, but the mobile app is probably an idea that should have been left on the drawing board for a few more years.
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6 months ago, Fatt The Dat
Great Info at your fingertips!
App works very smooth and I like having access into my account while away from my desktop to check on STATS!!
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9 months ago, Sashastar4
Can’t edit & emails…
I switched from MailChimp to GetResponse recently and was super disappointed to find out that for the so called superior service, the app doesn’t offer the opportunity to create and edit emails other than basic text only emails.
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1 year ago, sananton49
So far so good. I’m really new to this. I’m still trying to get started. Not sure what the steps are. Thought about getting some help but concerned about the cost. But it looks promising.
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2 years ago, angiegriffith
Love! 👏👏
Love that the GetResponse team is always so quick to respond for chat support. Makes my life SO much easier… thank you!
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2 years ago, Sturgomatic
Nice tool!
I enjoy the features that GetResponse offers!! It has definitely helped me grow my business!! 🤙🏻
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3 years ago, Cynthiagarden
Not as easy as the desktop version.
I have created a newsletter & a website & an email online, using my laptop, but when I open the mobile app, I don’t see any of that. I will have to figure out why this is so.
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7 years ago, Vanz07
Terrible service. Ok App
I tried GetResponse because I was excited they had a mobile app. But when you find a bug or something wrong with their app or platform and contact them, they just try to argue with you instead of fixing it. GetResponse has the worst customer services any company I've ever dealt with.
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3 years ago, dnalkered
GetResponse customer service is atrocious
They shut my account and it was like pulling teeth trying to get the steps I needed to take to resolve the problem, meanwhile they dawdled around so long my account renewed for another term and they refused a refund. Aweber is more reliable, easier to use, and has far superior customer service.
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6 years ago, Cornelius Butler
New beginner
This is my first time learning and using this platform and I’m very excited about the possibilities
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4 years ago,
Wish it showed more
I usually want to know the lists and the numbers with that list. I can find the lists but they don’t have the numbers beside it.
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2 years ago, Rusty3314
Great app
Very user friendly and a great addition to my company
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4 years ago, Jonathan Tynes
Not easy data
No where near as easy to understand as mailchimp... takes twice as long to get basic information.
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12 months ago, macostap
User friendly
It is super easy to use. Love it! 👍🏽
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4 years ago, Yogachicklet
Not accurate
The app doesn’t show all of the newsletters that have been sent. It’s not accurate.
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5 years ago, B.D.M..
Can’t access lists
There are fundamental features that I can’t access from this app. And there’s no way to ask for help. Very frustrating.
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3 years ago, Electrichighlights
Website is garbage. I had reset 50 times to try to get back into the affiliate program and still didn’t get in. This is the worst affiliate program of all time
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6 years ago, Jose Villeda3
Would be cool to..
Would be cool to be able to build landing pages and auto responders from the app.
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4 years ago, noname3012341
Don’t bother
The app doesn’t even pull current data. I’m comparing it to the website and it’s showing Lists but no activity on them. Useless.
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5 years ago, Dyslexica007
I really need help and having trouble getting in contact with support!
I really need help and having trouble getting in contact with support!
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9 months ago, 47 chinook
Set up
I’m losing patience. I’ve been trying to get help with set up and no one seems to listen
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6 years ago, EnronRocks
Never Works
The only thing this app is good for is telling you that something went wrong.
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4 years ago, Son Is Rising
App does. It make it easy to add to &/or manage lists
I am often jumping into The app in order to add an email. Very clunky about that.
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6 years ago, myjellybean
Not working
I can’t get any updates frm my acc in the app. It shows nothing... Please update the app thanks.
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5 years ago, Kellia01
I can not figure out how to cancel this apple cation. I do not want this service!!!!
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3 years ago, William Papa
I don’t need this a
How do I delete this. And am I paying for it
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2 years ago, mcrum2223
Great Mailer
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3 years ago, foot up ya bum
The worst ever
Don’t waste your time and money. STAY AWAY!!!!!
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8 years ago, BlessingOfFitness
Love the app - very convenient
I have found GetResponse to be extremely useful, especially since I send business emails from my phone when I am at work. Get Response even gives you training on how to effectively use the app to earn extra income. Love it, love it!! The only reason I gave the app 4 stars instead of 5 is because I cannot work on the actual Autoresponder messages from my phone. I have to log into my tablet or at the library to update those. 😔
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2 years ago, holyghost power30
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7 years ago, HeatherLee333
This is my favorite email marketing app
It's easy to use and makes it simple to get work done anywhere. 99% of the work that I do daily in the web-based app can be easily done in this mobile app on the go. I would definitely recommend it to anyone thinking about using it or anyone looking for a good autoreponder/automation company to use for their marketing. I have found that with GetResponse there are none of the headaches that I've dealt with from some of their leading competitors prior to joining them. They are the best, in my honest opinion.
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10 years ago, JuNeneK
Keeps me in the know
I can still check my state when I'm away from my computer to know how many opted out, how many clicked through and if I'm on target with my goals. Great app. The only thing I would like is to be able to see exactly who opted and and clicked through. The app doesn't provide that information.
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12 years ago, SINN Records
GetResponse App
I have to say. One the best auto responders I've used. I check it daily. I wish it could send individual newsletters or one email at a time when I want to test out a follow up message. Perhaps it does I just don't know. Either way well worth the few bucks. I highly recommend it!
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8 years ago, Nana candie
Absolutely, number one !
I believe if you want to learn about Email Marketing this is all you will ever need. Fantastic training that you can apply as you are learning. I am now in my 30 day Free trial but no doubt I will upgrade to a full time member. To our success!!
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8 years ago, Losttheone
This app changed me
I never thought an autoresponder app made much sense. How wrong I was. Not only does this app help me to remember to mail more often, it also helps me understand why some emails are more successful than others. Truly an amazing app.
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7 years ago, RadRyan09
Almost there! Just needs test emails
This app is great! Just waiting on being able to send a test email from mobile then 5 stars for sure. Don't want to risk a wrong link or formatting issue to my whole list without testing it first.
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7 years ago, Motown Magnolia
Awesome email app
I'm a HYUUUGE fan of Get Response. I think it's user-friendly, affordable & had GREAT customer service & training. I love having the app to check out my open rates when I send my weekly newsletter. It's kind of addictive
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8 years ago, Jennifer78234
Too easy, Super Effective
This auto responder program well delivers more than it costs. If you want to keep your clients, leads and customers engaged and informed, you need this.
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7 years ago, Theo Broma
Don't waste your time
Move along and go find Constant Contact or ANY other email marketing service app. The app shows you many pretty ways of looking at the same data but absolutely no way to create a professional looking email, only a very basic one that resembles a text only message with no possibility to add any images, just small ancient looking emoticons; welcome to 1999.
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11 years ago, dmcmenomey
Great tool
Tried several email services in the past, this the only one I will recommend for first time Internet Marketers who need simplicity of use.
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12 years ago, YLC
Needs work
Created & sent a newsletter in plain text using the app. First time it crashed. Second time it sent, but inserted HTML characters, which made the newsletter look bad. Worst of all, it sent out my newsletter multiple times - prompting a bunch of unsubscribes. Needs an option to send a test email.
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12 years ago, Eyebrow74
Very handy
This app is super clean and works as promised! Very handy for checking stats or sending fast notes from my phone.
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11 years ago, Fixed401k
Tried others, GR is better
I tried Constant Contact and Icontact - GR tops them in functionality and power. Even the mobile app is easy but functional.
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11 years ago, Getgetresponse
Great program and easy to use
6 months in and loving the ease of use, drag and drop editor, and email analytics. Highly recommend.
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11 years ago, SiriusPhoenix
It's the BEST...hands down!
This app and the service is amazing. I don't know why anyone would choose anything else. This is an essential app for all of here at Sirius Traffic.
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