GIF Keyboard

4.7 (1.1M)
229 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for GIF Keyboard

4.67 out of 5
1.1M Ratings
5 months ago, Beverettt
The easiest to search gifs!
Way much better than stickers since this pulls up as a keyboard so I can use it with any app (not just iMessages). I have honestly used this app constantly for years now and I love it. There’s just a couple of nitpicks that would improve it: - a frequently used section or recents section would be incredibly helpful - I would appreciate being able to filter out gifs by how big or small they are. It’s quite underwhelming sometimes to scour and find the perfect gif, post it, and it turns out it’s one of the ones that is physically so tiny you can’t really see what’s in it - you can combine gifs in your own “pack” and heart gifs you like, which is great. However, it’s hard to pull these up through the keyboard. (And of course you do have to make an account to keep track of them.) - the keyboard has been randomly crashing a lot lately (like almost constantly). I did just install the latest iOS update, so hopefully that will be fixed.
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1 year ago, itsmrj2u
Full circle, I need to update my review as it was mainly operator error!
I figured out that I need to make sure I’m signed in and have since been able to get it to work as it should. Some gifs still won’t let you edit but all-in-all it’s still a great app to use. I loved having being able to edit the pics with captions. However, it’s not letting me do it at all now. Whenever I type a search name it pulls the related pics up and I can choose, but then it goes back to the default starting page. So I have to keep typing the same search name for each and every pic I want. The search bar won’t auto correct and requires backspacing all the way to retype a word that was spelled wrong. Now… can’t even edit the pics to add phrases. Just not user friendly and def no better than any other app. So disappointed.
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1 year ago, lmt2693
Ugh the worst
While I love gifs & think this is the best gif keyboard out there, it leaves much to be desired. I’ve had this issue since either Riffsy rebranded to Tenor or since Google bought the app…it’s been a while. First, my empty packs wouldn’t delete. I would try to reorganize my gifs, only to have the empty pack show back up. Then, and this is the more annoying issue, my packs show up as empty. I’ve been using this app since the beginning (or if not the beginning then close to it). All the gifs in the that I have carefully cultivated into packs over the years are gone. If I add new gifs to the packs, they’ll show up temporarily. And, gifs that I’ve added to the packs show up on the cover of the pack but aren’t in the pack itself. Now, I can’t delete empty packs because what if they aren’t actually empty? I’ve emailed at least once a year about this issue, and it’s unfortunately still unresolved. As annoying as this issue is, I will still continue to use the app because, as I said previously, this is the best gif keyboard app I’ve found.
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4 months ago, MJLoverNerd
This App Has Gone DownHill
Yeah it’s easy to search gifs and whatnot. That’s the /only/ thing it has going for it nowadays. I liked and downloaded this app so I could caption GIFs and it was nice at first… but then it started glitching when I tried to caption certain ones and you have to go through 50 of them before you can finally find one that will let you caption… /if/ you have the patience to find one. (And this particular problem has been happening for years mind you. Since 2017… it is now 2024… 7 whole years and this is still a persistent problem). The app developers will probably not do anything due to the high ratings it receives in the App Store as it makes it look like this app is good and everything is fine. Just be wary if you do download this app, you may be one of the ones lucky enough that this app works to its full capacity, but if you are one of the ones who have had problems with this app… you will continue to have problems with this app. It will be another 7 years and this app will work on and off but mostly off.
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5 months ago, flipper_mike
If a picture is worth 1000 words than an animated gif is worth 10,000!
Such a great app for those who just cant find the words to convey the message they are trying to get across. Easy to use and works incredibly well and its FREE. Simply enter a topic into the search, and hundreds of images appear, copy and paste directly into message and send. You can even make the animation, completely unique, simply by adding a caption before you copy and paste into your text message. No junk, no adds, no pop ups, no hassles. Download and transform an otherwise mundane response to a hilarious “flop on the floor” funny one or even a serious emotional and heart felt one. Text messaging will never be the same again after using this add on to your text keyboard.
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4 weeks ago, nargalsious
Ok but forcIng full access now?
had this on my old phone and enjoyed it but installing it on my new phone it now wont let me install without granting FULL access to my keybord which IOS warns me will allow them to view ALL of my keystrokes including card numbers etc. Do they want my credit card numbers? probably not but they DO want to know everything i type everywhere, so they can sell my demographics and data. You used to be able to deny that access and have it ad an app where you could just open it, search for a gif,copy it and then paste it into whatever app you wanted. and it is aggressievly reminding me every time i write ANY text ANYWHERE even as i write this review, with a big popup that encroaches on my keyboard, obscuring my view at the bottom of my input is BLOCKING my predictive text and causing itself to be pressed inadvertently wheb i try and use letters on the top row. the popup will gladly funnel me to allow Full access. ya know what? i will live without this app!
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3 years ago, Vkng90
I love Tenor but I don’t love being “forced” to give permissions
I installed the Tenor app b/c I use it in desktop a lot. It was great at first—Easy to install and setup, easy to use in texts, etc. But now any app that allows any form of messaging has a giant banner that says something about enabling full access, instead of just access to my Messages app. According to Apple forums, there’s no way to get rid of the banner (and it’s super easy to accidentally click it and have to back out and go back to what you were doing due to all the real estate it takes up on the screen) unless you give those permissions. Tenor says it’s “not as scary as it sounds,” but when you’re someone who uses privacy apps like Signal, you don’t want to give 3rd parties ability to read all of your typing! So I deleted it. Gave it 3 stars b/c it’s very fun and functional, but not enough to be willing to be coerced into doing something I’m not comfortable with. I will definitely redownload if they rectify this in the future.
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7 months ago, Chleonitis
To much personal information
I was gonna get on the app like I have for over 4 and a half years and what do I se”allow access “at first I’m like what wrong with that but I always look for disclaimers and luckily I found one it said”Giving full access will be look at all texts previous and after”at first I wasn’t thinking and was like okay I can do this,couple hours later I come to put this review it’s very annoying why in the world would I have to do this and knowing I could be giving my personal information out to random strangers and my card information could be used for game updates if I’m not careful people might say I’m exaggerating but think do you think it’s a good idea to give out your card information,phone number and even address the worst part is they can see you do it all it doesn’t make sence that they havta see all your text some times I feel like it’s no worst it giving your personal information for a dumb game DONT DO It this is how people get kidnapped
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1 year ago, kenziegirl123
I love this app!!!
I love this app. It has way more gif than the Apple keyboard ones. Anything you search up you can find it. This app even has names. Also you can add captions. They have holiday sad moments happy moment they have sassy attitude moments. These gifs just make me lol. They even have memes. At first I was not sure about whether this was a good app or not but I still got it I was amazed and the fact that about everything was free I was amazed. This app is literally superior. This is a must have app especially for children 9+ because they would love to text there friends and family funny meme and gifs. Morel of the store this app is most definitely a superior app and it’s a must have. I hope this was helpful please mark if it was helpful or not. Thanks
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12 months ago, sedgley99
I use it everyday
This keyboard allows me to find the perfect gif for any conversation I am having. I can probably count on one hand the number of times I couldn’t find one that I was looking for. I have this on both my personal and work phone. It is great to use in Microsoft Teams to lighten the mood. It works seamlessly with Apple Messages, automatically copying after selecting the gif so all you have to do is paste it into the text field. With Facebook Messenger you can either send directly after the gif automatically copies following selection or if you select the 3 dots (…), you are able to swipe left to the copy link function. Paste that in the Messenger text field and you can add additional conversation text. In Facebook, the gifs can be added to Posts or responses. The catch to this is that you have to copy/paste the gif link into the text field in order for the animation to work. For some reason if you paste the gif after the gif keyboard does the automatic copy after selecting the gif, the animation does not occur and it is just a picture. All in all this is one of my favorite texting tools. I highly recommend it.
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3 years ago, ettie3
Full Access Just Isn’t Acceptable
So I’ve used this app for a while and it did its purpose. It was a little slow to load some images at times, and it’s not organized very well, but the search feature got me what I needed. The problem is the app and I guess other keyboards require full access to your phone and see everything you type or even have previously typed if you re-install. This is a crazy security risk and just too much for my liking. The company tries to downplay the significance but this is a big deal. I can’t have a random developer seeing everything I type like credit card numbers. 3 stars at first because the app generally did what it needed to do despite this huge security risk, but dropped to 2 because the app brushes past this issue and doesn’t mention it at all when instructing you to download and allow full access. It would be better to address it head on. Shady
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2 years ago, greenprincss
Love this app!
They’re great expressions to help explain or exaggerate exactly what your trying to say or convey in your messages! It gives my texts emotional context. I love that I can find the perfect one that says it all! I know you can also make and personalize the gifs but I don’t have the patience or time to look to try to figure it out. But people even, grandmas do it, and are successful because I can see and use the GIFs they make. So It’s a great app… no complaints yet except I usually end up going down a rabbit hole while I get lost scrolling through all the options to choose from. I will even forget what I originally was looking for because I start saving the best ones and creating categories of all my fav’s! Have fun folks!
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1 year ago, HazardousZERO
Captions Stopped Working and Causes Crash
It has been months since the option to add captions to non-copyright gifs has worked (I understand not altering on copyrighted images). I am giving a three-star rating bc, without caption option, it’s just like every other gif search app… mid. Without the option to add captions myself, I find myself scrolling almost endlessly hoping to find something close to what I would have made. Very often that search ending in disappointment. Still reading this? Okay, I’d like to note that I didn’t rush over to AppStore to flame-rate this the day it crashed and stopped working. For years, this was my favorite gif maker, so I gave it it six months or so for the development team to work their magic and maybe rollout an update/fix. Still crashes when you attempt to use the captions option.
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4 months ago, kittencuffs
Easily the best gif app, could still use some improvements
I’m one of those annoying millennials who uses gifs about 50 times a day, and I’ve tried a lot of different gif keyboard apps. This is definitely my favorite one, with the best selection, most compatibility with Messenger apps that *aren’t* iMessage, and most ease of use. The one thing it could really use is a dedicated list of recent search terms; you can only see your two most recent search terms, then they switch over to show all the trending search terms. I’ve never once needed to access trending gif searches, but I *frequently* have to retype the same searches repeatedly because the app doesn’t keep them listed. It’s frustrating enough to knock a star off my rating, and I’d *love* to see it added!
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2 years ago, Manasteel
It’s the go to
Works well as a primary choice for gifs on my iPhone. There one thing I wish you all would make happen? When typing out what you want to search for, there’s no way to spell check/auto correct to spell the word correctly. So my fix is, is to just type out whatever word in the text box of the message, find the correct spelling and then use that to type correctly in to the search bar of Tenor. Also you can’t copy or paste that word from the message into the search bar of Tenor either. That’s what I’ve found to work, there’s some steps involved where there shouldn’t be it’s just a waste of time..but oh well what can you do…..
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4 years ago, Clarkclarkclarkclarkclark
App is disorganized
1) there’s 3 different instances of the app. The keyboard top bar select, the actual selectable keyboard, and the app itself 2) all 3 instances are missing features from one another. So if there’s something you want to do or settings you want to change, good luck finding which instance to use... 3) stickers will only show up in their own distinctive category if you use the top bar select version, However you can’t use your account version. If you use the keyboard itself you can’t really tell what a sticker is from just another gif. If you use the app itself you can only manage your library but cannot search for stickers at all. The app does what is advertised but it seems any effort to streamline or improve is absent. So overall annoying most of the time but if there could be any feature I’d like to see added would be the ability to view only stickers.
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3 years ago, Mrbigdaddy89
Mostly good
This is my favorite Go-To keyboard for gifs when texting, and I can always find at least something close enough to what I’m saying. It’s easy to search through and use, and updates regularly. The only thing that bugs me ALL THE TIME is that I can’t disable the “Trending” or “Suggested” searches. I don’t want them or need any of them, so I shouldn’t have to be forced to have it listed in my recent list, when I’m trying to get back to my previous conversation banter. It never goes away, and pushes out my recent searches, putting that crap list there, that doesn’t pertain to anything I want. Do me a favor, give us an option to disable the trending suggestions list, so that our OWN recent search history can be provided accordingly. Thanks 🙄
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12 months ago, Blah159
Appreciative Husband and Father
As a husband and a father, in our world of rapidly expanding social media with its scary pitfalls (some of which, I believe, purposely lure youth and children into inappropriate subject matter), I appreciate being able to quickly find and send appropriate images to my wife and family. There are some images which I do find unsuitable, and others that are clearly raunchy and disgusting, and I can ignore them. However, my children are often allowed to use my phone; I am concerned that your images/gifs may be too easily accessible by children: are there filters available to set on devices to which children have access?
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1 year ago, Fallingforward3
Great app issue resolved with most recent iOS update
I used to love this app especially because it was integrated within iMessage. Recently I deleted the GIF app and reinstalled it. Now the icon will not show up even though I’ve given it full access. It also happened with another app called GIF Maker. When I delete them and re-install it’s a blank icon which is not as easy to find when I’m scrolling to choose an app. Please advise! Apparently the issue did have to do with Apple and the most recent update which resolved my issue. When I spoke with an apple advisor today she told me it had to do with the app itself which was incorrect
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3 months ago, sbtokarz
R.I.P. Tenor (Keyboard-Only)
Is Tenor TRYING to kill this app? Latest update removed Tenor from the iMessage Apps “➕” menu and is now only available if enabled as a third-party keyboard. The only two keyboards keyboards I use are the native English & Emoji keyboards. Switching between multiple keyboards for anything other than text/emoji is just a clunky user experience — especially since every other iMessage app that I use is already conveniently located in the ➕ menu. I wouldn’t normally be paranoid about allowing Full Access for a third-party keyboard (if I used them) as long as the keyboard was optional and I could still use the app from the iMessage Apps ➕ menu, but Tenor’s switch to Keyboard-Only feels like a sneaky way to make money off of my data. I can’t see any other reason for this change. If this truly is an effort by the developer to boost revenue, I wish they would just be transparent about it and make Tenor a paid app/charge for subscriptions while maintaining the iMessage App functionality that I’m used to. I don’t mind paying for quality apps (like Tenor USED to be), but the switch to Keyboard-Only destroys the UX and smells like shady business practices. I really hope the developer realizes what a huge mistake they’ve made and reverse the changes; but if not — it was fun while it lasted ✌️
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3 years ago, Philly Rico 2 Vegas
Easy to use
It’s Free and Easy to use and quite useful when I am messaging my loved ones. Especially when I am in dire need of that right gif or motion sticker to express myself visually. The keyboard and it’s user interface are easy to use and it’s easily accessible directly from the message being created at the time. This app plays a pivotal role in daily messaging and social networking habits. My favorite feature used in the app is having the ability to generate a word search of the precise media your looking for, allowing you to organize and store content found into categorized folders and sub-folders for future use. Oh yeah best of all have I mentioned that the app is ENTIRELY FREE TO USE!
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3 weeks ago, prim6363
This app most definitely has its values it came in extremely useful in my time of need. I lost my son in an auto accident 2 months ago 😢people were calling me from all over, i could not respond at the time I was distraught I needed some time to get a grip on what happened to my son, and I was crying so much I was getting headaches! I needed some time to get a grasp on reality, knowing and understanding I will never see my son again. So I used this app to help me with the burden that I was carrying on my shoulders this app has unlimited data. I’m very thankful for this app for it was presented to me in my time of need, by my son Jay. De Leon (in loving memory Ruben De Leon)
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3 years ago, Floyd Felsner
Absolute unit
So easy to use, a lot of variety , and you can creat “packs” to keep certain themed ones together!! So any occasion you’ll have a.mood lifter/laugh generator Togo to! I’m the quick. Draw McGraw of gifs now. I’m the comedic relief when our work group chat/dispatch get tangled up. I got a folder for me getting messages asking why I didn’t call back ORRRR why you didn’t show up? Got a folder for basic holidays birthday ones j4th ones thanksgiving Xmas all that. Even got a folder for when I helped my sister-IN-LAW when she got stuck half way under the bed or when my mother in law walks in while I’m taking a shower and drops a 2 pound McDondalds doodoo! Love ya
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3 months ago, Jlrio13
Latest Update broken
Well I have been using this app for years. The last update isn’t working properly on my iphone. Tried sending out a gif and so far my favorites folder is gone. When I do type in the certain gif, it does show a highlighted heart as if it is saved to my favorites but not necessarily there. I checked all my settings, checked my folders or saved folders and favorites just not there. I am unable to send the favorite or other gif’s it kind of boots me out or shut’s down the app completely. I shut it down, deleted the app, re-installed it, signed in and it is the same… buggy and my folders are not there. Problems it never had before. Hopefully another update is required to fix this issue.
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2 months ago, MusicMac
SECURITY! Advise NO use
DO NOT USE! People are complaining about trivial things in comparison to a REAL PROBLEM. There are plenty of app issues to give a low rating, however those are the least of what you should care about. It’s a **SECURITY RISK** Someone already said it, and it’s true - that this app is basically spyware. SERIOUSLY. Its basically a keyboard input tracker. There’s no option to tell the app not to track but that’s not the worst of it. The app ITSELF tells you that it tracks *ALL* of your keyboard inputs. I’m sure it’s EVERYTHING because you can use their keyboard as an input option in anything that uses a keyboard, so essentially becoming part of your system. Most likely it monitors when using any keyboard, not just theirs - including your standard U.S. keyboard. I also saw an iOS warning saying it could then track ANY sensitive info like CC#’s, and our SOC# !! DELETE - I did.
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9 months ago, visij3k
Very awesome gif app, top tier
This is my favorite gif app I like how I’m able to caption GIFs, and how I can find almost anything for the perfect reaction for my friends or family. It’s good for making my friends and family laugh and it’s even better than I can add my captions. I think it would be nicer to be able to add captions to any GIF, but some of them kind of crash, the keyboard, or they simply say “unable to caption GIF” but honestly that’s no big deal because I usually just find another one to send. Overall, it’s a great app and I hope that there will only be great improvements in the future. Thank you Tenor team.
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3 years ago, Ptown Parent
Love this app!! but…
Loads of creative and original gifs along with the standards people love. I do wish they’d go back to the old way of categorizing gifs so it’s easier to find the newer more original ones. Currently, the same tired ones you see all over the internet are prioritized and hat includes ones that are personalized for specific people (UGH, most of us can’t use those!!!). Also, FIX the save function!! I find unique gifs, save them using your folder function and when I go back later, the folder is empty. EMPTY!! Meaning I just wasted my time and even worse, I can’t find those super cool gifs now, because you’ve changed the search function.
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5 years ago, another Little old lady
One to two steps too many
I like the GiF’s very much. However it would be nice if they would sub-categorize further I didn’t put emoji separate show me the photos as well as any stickers, animated or not. Takes a lot of time to go through all of them to think the exact one you want. I would like to be able to cut and paste into something other than an actual message but somewhere in that messenger app itself. So that it is easier and closer at hand. Perhaps if it could detect a word in your text a GIF or two from your favorites would pop up and are you have to touch it a couple of times for it to go onto the message
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4 months ago, Zasur
My go to GIF keyboard
I for real have been using this app since it was created, so many years ago. It is the most consistent, precise gif app on the App Store. Pros: •easy to use •keyboard access is very intuitive •quick captions are a fun touch •saves previous searches for quick selections •works on most messaging and social apps •quick save to photos Cons: •doesn’t offer auto-correct spelling •UX is a bit unintuitive with captions •(please correct me if I’m wrong) in order to access “favs” you need to leave the messaging/social app screen Overall, best app on the market for quick gifs. Highly recommend.
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3 years ago, The Randumb Hero
Real review, from a real person, about a real good app.
First off I am an actual person doing an actual review. I didn’t get paid or receive anything for this (it would be cool though devs!) just kidding guys. But honestly, this is the best app for .gifs out there!! None of the others can touch this app! I’m into a lot of underground and lesser known media, and I’ve found a gif for it all. If you don’t believe me, I bet you don’t know who Old Gregg is, I do, and there’s over 20 gifs of him and lines from the skit. Guys, I’ll be downloading this on every phone I have as long as I possibly can. I love it. I have not one single negative thing to say!!! KEEP IT GOING DEVS!!!
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7 years ago, Cindee23
GIF App changes wud get more Stars
(2) of my friends recommended this App. (1) has an iPhone & the other a Samsung. They loved it. I've been using this for about (6) weeks and have a pretty good idea of how it works now. It's great if you want a single GIF at a time but if there are (2) or more in same section you either have to save them to your favorites right then or go back & search thru the whole list again. Also, maybe it's just me but when I add captions, but all the words don't always show up. I was told it use to word wrap & you had font/font color/font placement options. I haven't seen any of that. Those would be really nice to have. It would be great to be able to enlarge or shrink the GIF. Or even to create New GIF's within the app itself versus having to download a GIF Creator App in addition to this one. Creators/Programmers of this App will hopefully begin to make some adjustments for the better of it's user experience. Plus, please make it IOS 11 compatible or you might end up losing a lot of us because of "bugs"! I would definitely upgrade my Star Rating if even just a couple of changes for the better are made.
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6 years ago, Weathering the storm
Very fun and interactive site!!!
I absolutely love the selection of images on this site to choose from. I only have one complaint. Some of the content is very provocative for younger audiences. I was going to recommend this app to my children who are teenagers and opted not to. They are still very impressionable and have yet to understand the impact on how powerful visuals can be to the mind. Adult content should be reserved for adults and not younger audiences. Other than that one complaint, I enjoy the sight and use it often. I would rate this site 5 stars however I will give it 3 because of the questionable images strewn throughout the sight.
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2 years ago, sortaloquacious
App erases your collections spontaneously
Gif Keyboard really loves to encourage users to make gif packs and save gifs to packs. What the app keeps quiet about is that it loves to erase the gifs from your packs without warning or notice. So if you have a bunch of decent “mood” gifs without any pointless text cluttering them up one week, the pack may still be there the next, but all of the gifs are gone. This app is worth minimal investment of your time and three stars at the absolute most, if only because it doesn’t attach some sort of “gif via Tenor app” garbage to every gif you send. Otherwise, don’t link it to your email. Don’t create a profile. Gif keyboard is disposable. Treat it that way. Just like how it treats users “packs”
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6 years ago, gifConnoisseur
Awesome app, but....
I absolutely love this app! There is such a wide variety of gifs for almost anything you can think of! The only downfall so far is when trying to post a gif in a facebook comment box, it posts as a photo and not a gif! 😩 It will post in a status and a direct message, but not in a comment. I could be doing something wrong, but as far as I can tell, it just doesn't work! But, that isn’t a deal breaker for me though! I can use some of the less awesome ones provided by facebook itself! Such a well pit together app guys! Keep on keeping on!👊 ***EDIT*** APPARENTLY you cannot put a gif in an app review? But that isn’t your fault. I assume that is just one of Apple’s many limitations 👎
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4 years ago, Nina C Ross
Let’s just say I have not yet....
Let’s just say I have not yet deleted this app because I found it pretty useful, not to mention when you sent it it’s someone they don’t expect it and it cracks them up because it’s a great expression of how we actually feel without trying to explain it. You just known. Lol. It cracks me up. Because that’s exactly how be feeling. Into read about how they are working together with Google while improving their product they’re brand. This is great for advanced technology and I look forward to seeing other products and services from Tenor. Great job cause I know this isn’t even the beginning yet. Watch what I say Tenor will be a major household name. L. Chatman
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6 years ago, Footballer 18
I love this! I use it all of the time! It literally has everything. Even if the search comes up as “no results”, it still has a few different options that are close enough... it still gets the original point across. I also love how there is such a great variety! You can go all the way from sending a funny or sexy one to your boyfriend or girlfriend to sending a serious one to your boss! I used to use emojis like crazy! I mean to the point where the predictive keyboard always had an emoji on it. Now, I use this keyboard probably 5 times a day, minimum. I recommend this app if you like to laugh and have fun!
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2 years ago, John21baseball
Thank goodness I am not hungry too I have no one to do it with the other one I don’t want
Thank goodness for your help and thank goodness I am not feeling good today about the pain I have left for my family and my parents house is going on a day and I have to get to the park so we will be able and to be gone by tomorrow afternoon and I have a doctors appointments and a few days later I have a few things for my dad and my parents to take care of and my family is coming in to get a haircut appointment at noon and then he is coming in for the appointment at noon and I have a appointment
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3 years ago, Mitchmannn
Don't listen to the naysayers
This app is awesome saucesome. Yes, you do have to give access to your keyboard and what not. If you're honestly worried about Riffsy spying on you and stealing your numbers/info, then you may as well prepare for the zombie apocalypse because that's what kind of a moron you are. I doubt the developers of this app had sinister motives in mind rather than letting people enjoy gifs in their texts. Anyways, get it and love using it, I know I do! It works incredibly smooth for what it does. Update: this has been working great for 6 years, why is it now having a slew of issues?
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1 year ago, HollyHobbie1
The best gif app ever
I like sending gifs to friends. They are ways of displaying my mood or a way to celebrate an interest they have. They move, which is better than just an image. But the gifs on message sites are not that good and lack the zest and variety that Tenor has. With this app I have a wide array of gifs to send to cheer someone up, say I’m sorry or send a happy special day gif to people who could use it. In return they send me one and I can tell them how wonderful Tenor is and recommend it to them. Then they can send gifs to their friends. Thank you Tenor!!
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2 years ago, junie c.
Your pictures & images are beautiful & funny, gorgeous, & meaningful! Thank you for making my days more enjoyable & for my family & friends who receive them happy too! GIF Thank you for all your wonderful Beautiful,funny, meaningful,& gorgeous pictures! It gives me such joy to be able to cheer my family & friends who receive them with such beauty!! I really enjoy & appreciate your lovely selections!!! I wrote that some time ago, but it is even more true now!! Thank you for the beautiful pictures that give so much joy to so many People! We NEED JOY THESE DAYS!!!! 💗🌷🍃☀️😍🥰😘
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6 years ago, Mayshamay
I love the ease of searching, saving, and sending gifs using this keyboard. Search terms are provided as you type, so you can click when the intended word or phrase comes up. I’ve not had an issue finding the gif I want to use. The only issue I’ve had is that sometimes when I post a gif by copying it, it is a still photo and doesn’t move. I can get around that by saving it to my phone as a video, but that’s only AFTER I post the gif and then delete it because it doesn’t move. Kind of annoying; not the end of the world Very easy to use and I would recommend.
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7 years ago, Robokiker24
Constant freezing
This was the first and only app I downloaded for gifs. It’s been alright since I’ve had it for maybe 2 years or so. It would freeze every now and then, but it was tolerable. With the recent update to accommodate IOS 11, it freezes on me constantly (Yes, everything is updated). Every time I try to copy a gif to my keyboard this occurs. As you could imagine, or as you may already be aware, this is pretty frustrating. Hopefully it’s just a small glitch they’ll have worked out soon. Or maybe it’s because my 6S SO is unable to handle it, but I highly doubt that. I hardly write reviews, and I’m sure this is a bug that’ll be worked out soon enough, but as a man who likes to use gifs as a frequent means of communication, I’m already weary of this bug.
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12 months ago, AlphaZygma
Just fun and great
This is more like a 4.7 ⭐️ review, the only reason I think it’s not 5 is for 2 things: • the text field could use some improvement (sometimes if I mistyped something I cannot place the cursor to fix it or use regular autocorrect to fix the word so have to delete all I typed till where I made the mistake • the constant intrusive request to rate But aside from that, it is just a great source of finding gifs, much better than what native suggestions from apps like Messenger, LINE, iMessage, and thing is that it acts as a keyboard so it is compatible across apps, so no need to install separate widgets per App.
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3 years ago, Onion Lord9874
Scam or not?
Let’s be honest, full access? Why would full access be needed to add these amusing animations? I quote “ These keyboards can access all of the data you type, including bank account and credit card numbers, street addresses, as well as other personal and sensitive information. These keyboards may also access nearby text or data, which is useful for improving autocorrect functionality.” Why must this app be allowed and permitted to access my PRIVATE information to function? If I’m being entirely honest, I find this shady and a large deterrent to anyone looking for a trustworthy app. Regardless, some animations are humerus. Though not worth the risk.
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11 months ago, BreesaBratt
Better than the rest!!
By far the best keyboard that I have found, and I have tried mini. I love that it has content restriction options and I guess you can say adult like maybe because I have a gnarly sense of humor, but also most keyboards don’t have stickers and G capital I capital F options like this app does it is the only keyboard that I will use! Hands-down five star, and I also love that so many options. If you can copy, you can save you can post right to the message super easy to use and never anything wrong with it rarely a bug!
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1 year ago, Jmaerfgj
Lots more gifs
Love this gif keyboard app. The search feature is a lot more forgiving and able to get closer to what you’re looking for when you’re not sure what to type, compared to the default one built into iPhone texting app or others I’ve tried. The one thing I don’t like is that oftentimes many of the options will have the exact same text written on the gif itself, when I’d rather convey the sentiment with just the visual and no words. But all in all it’s my favorite and I use it all the time, for about a year now.
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3 months ago, martinknowsbest
"Transforming Conversations: A Masterpiece of Fun and Functionality"
The GIF keyboard is an absolute game-changer! Its intuitive design makes searching for the most niche and specific GIFs an effortless joy. The addition of a caption option elevates the entire experience, allowing for a personalized touch that adds even more fun to conversations. The seamless integration and user-friendly interface have me hooked – it's perfection as is. Please, do NOT change a thing; it's rare to find an app that truly gets it right on all fronts. This is hands down the best GIF keyboard out there!
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3 years ago, Alex092608
App suggests hate speech as tags
I wrote tenor 2 weeks ago about suggested words that are considered hate speech and they haven’t done anything about it. When searching for gifs from “Little People, Big World”, tenor suggests a derogatory term directed towards people with dwarfism. Tenor has obviously blocked other derogatory terms for other groups of people, but here is one that remains and tenor won’t fix it. Imagine if you searched for the show “Empire” and the “n” word was suggested! This is no different. Hate speech is hate speech! Tenor suggested that I click each gif and report any gif with the term in it. That’s ridiculous! Especially since tenor suggests the word themselves. Let’s all stand up for each other and take down all hate speech. No one deserves to be labeled, especially by big companies… it’s disgusting!
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5 months ago, Spider2YBanana
This app has given my gif game legendary status.
My preferred method of communication is with gifs. At least with my homey’s and my girl anyways. This app has enough variety to allow you to pull up at least something on the weirdest, most niche topics in seconds. Lightning fast gif responses once deemed impossible, is now the way. Another great point to make is that Tenor chooses to allow far more provocative subject matter than the other vanilla, pg13 gif apps. This is the app you want if you are a dirtbag like myself. What do you have to lose? Give it a shot.
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4 months ago, lesleyshell
Are you kidding?
This app gets permission to follow you all over the internet, it records key strokes, web activity on other websites, user content which means it has the rights to all your phones content. For what reason would they do this? Because they are spying on your personal information and activities. This might not bother the younger generation because they have no clue about keeping their phones or lives private. I downloaded this app and when I looked at the settings I could not change on MY phone, I deleted it. I can understand permission for photo and video sharing but why on earth would it need to know who is in my contact list, my browsing habits or what other apps I open. Think long and hard about what info you want out there.
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