GIF Maker - Make Video to GIFs

4.6 (82.3K)
306.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Brain Craft Ltd
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for GIF Maker - Make Video to GIFs

4.65 out of 5
82.3K Ratings
6 years ago, lalinjar
Fulfill my expectations 💪💪
Last of the days I was looking for a Gif maker which give me total package of making smart Gif. But didn’t find these types of app. Then I was trying to full-fill my expectation by discover the app . I have tried all of the Gif maker on App store. At first I was being confused to see the reviews. I don’t know why people has given much negative review in this app. When I was start using the app then I discover that this is the best ‘Gif Maker’ I have ever used. Simply you can use it. After installed just take videos or photos & converted to Gif. Various ways it has that you can edit videos or photos. You can even edit live photo to Gif, slo-mo, lop Gif also. The outcome of the Gif I have made these are high quality although while I making them it looking not good but after that you check the Gif you made, it’s supperv. 👌👌Most entertaining thing is that you can also make funny meme by using photos. It put takes a very short time to make Gif. I am sure that it’s quicker than the others Gif maker. Already I make some Gif by editing videos & photos. The Gifs are looks like professional. I love being creative and the app lets me do that.👍👍👍👍 Loved it.❤️❤️❤️❤️
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3 years ago, Andrew81856
Pretty good app
Great app good experience overall except 1 thing when making a gif it said I ran out of credit and I think you shouldn’t force your users into paying for something that they have to make themselves not saying the premium option should be removed but you should just make it so those who don’t get premium can still ur your services but with ads that way you still make money from those who don’t have the extra money to pay for a premium subscription sadly because of this I had to delete this overall great app but if you could change the policy it wouldn’t negatively affect your income and it would positively affect your users maybe just increase the amount of ads slightly to balance it out
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5 years ago, Cherie Fairy
Would give 5, but...
Giving only the ability to make TWO gifs from video to those who do not have premium is extraordinarily limiting and may even make people not want this app. Not everyone has the means to pay this kind of money every month to MAKE A GIF! Sure, paying to have features like effects and filters, I get that. But paying to be able to make more than 2 GIFs is ridiculous. The reason for 4 stars is cause the gifs can be made pretty long and the quality is overall good. But, again, I would love to be able to make as many of them as I want without having to pay to just simply make them. GIPHY has an app that allows you to make as many as you want (granted, I’m not a huge fan of how the quality is sometimes and sometimes it gets screwy, which is why I came to this one). Just a tip going ahead. Most people looking for GIF creation apps are looking for something they don’t have to pay for and they can just make things real easy with. Also, nothing in your case, people want one where they don’t get an obnoxious watermark of the app name in the corner cause they’re making them “for free”. It’s a GIF, they’re not making jewelry.
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2 years ago, Davey Doggs
Don’t even bother unless you plan to pay….
The app is cool and very easy to use, but if you don’t plan on paying for it, don’t waste your time. This app only allows you create TWO gifs for free (with limited features and ads every 30 seconds or so). When you try to share (save) your third gif, you will be sent to the page where you must subscribe to the premium version or the fun ends there. Most legitimate apps allow you to use them to create unlimited files that are limited in length/size or premium features as long as you don’t mind watching some ads. I’m very disappointed by the greed exhibited by the owners/creators of this app. The ad revenue isn’t enough? They really need to force users to pay a ridiculous amount for a subscription? What about a reasonable price of less than $5 to use the app without premium features? That would be a little easier to swallow. I’ve lived long enough to know that nothing worth having is actually free, but a silly GIF creator that makes you watch a crazy amount of ads seems like something that could remain free (or reasonably priced) without the premium features.
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4 months ago, Roach V
Scam, developer not listening to concerns
Would be a decent app if you didn’t have to pay $10/month just to make a simple gif. That’s such a scam. I can make gifs for cheaper and even free elsewhere. I will be deleting this app. I enjoyed it for the first two gifs I made, but that didn’t just “give me a taste of the app” (dev’s words on another review) and make me wanna buy premium, it just made me realize how scummy these guys are. I hope no other customers are easily fooled by that. Having premium as a feature is fine, but restricting the amount you can use this app’s free features is NOT. It’s misleading and frustrating. It would be perfectly fine to have unlimited basic gifs, just with ads. I see the developer has noted other people’s reviews with similar concerns from YEARS AGO, but here I am in 2024 still having the same issues. You guys don’t really care, you just want to look like you do while you keep trying to shell money out of people’s pockets. I’m not spending $10/month to make more than two stupid gifs when I only make gifs once in a while. Ridiculous and money hungry. So sick of this behavior from app makers and companies alike. Do better.
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2 months ago, Mic's phone
Need my purchases restored
I really love using this app as it’s very useful and easy to work with. However the app keeps telling me to make a subscription when I try to make a gif and it won’t let me restore my purchases. And I really don’t wanna have to sit through an ad every time I want to make a gif and export it to my photos. This is especially a problem for me because I’m also an artist who sometimes makes gifs from pictures I made myself. Can you please help me restore my purchases? I do still really like the app over all though.
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6 years ago, Eggo in LA
After you make two gifs, the app prevents you from making any more. It forces you to subscribe to the premium version of the app for a renewable $10 per month (that’s more than Netflix). If your app is called gif maker, I expect to be able to make gifs with the free version. Maybe sit through some ads, or deal with a limited feature set, but you just can’t make gifs beyond the first two. Another horrendous feature is this app is overloaded with ads. As a former app developer, I get it. Free apps should have ads to generate revenue, but this app goes overboard, forcing you to sit through two ads before making one gif is a bit much. For what it’s worth, when I was able to make gifs, this app showed promise. I’d be open to supporting it if it were designed better and offered more on the free side than two gifs and you’re done.
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1 year ago, CMartin109
Pretty good gif making app, limited uses though
It's very quick and easy to do, it's nice if you ever need that one gif to send to your friends that no one else has made, use this app for about 3 times and then you get to uninstall and find an alternative one because it will start to bring up a subscription screen when you attempt to save anything! (Don't wanna be rude but I'm trying to be honest with this review, trying to get people to pay 10 dollars a month for something as small as making gifs is just gonna send them away from your app because I don't know who would want to make a purchase like that unless they are some professional gif maker, I think ads alone would have been fine)
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3 years ago, OnlyMe&NotYou
Pay? & my privacy is stolen?
First, I suggest reading this app's privacy policy, BUT be real sure you first have fire blocking and malware protection etc on your phone's and computer's browsers, because if you click this app's privacy link, it takes you straight to Google's site, which claims, but offers no privacy protection, tracks your personal info, contacts, what you purchase and scarily more as does this app! This info is always kept, forever and never goes away even if you delete the app or the Google page. As for paying to make gifs? I use my old PaintShopPro by "JASC", not by Corel (which removed & deleted) the great "Animation Shop" for creating gifs and has different effects and timing features for free, as well as websites you can use. Just don't Google it! No right to privacy anymore... Developer: don't bother to answer.
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3 years ago, nicknameqwwerttyy
This is a rip off
I can’t lie I would have given this a 5 star if you didn’t have to pay more than Netflix just to use it. After creating 2 gifs they force you to subscribe to their thing which is $10 per month just to creat more. This could’ve have been a potential tool for everyone to use but I guess not. Money always comes first right? Which I do understand companies do need to make money, but the deal their selling is not one most people are willing to buy. Another company could make an app just like this and have a better deal where you don’t have to pay to use it but rather just pay to have fancy texts or something idk get creative. Not to mention there are already other apps like this or if you really want something that’s free just use your computer or a website.
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5 years ago, SGKivette
First, let me start by I didn’t realize I had successfully started the trial. When trying to do so the app kept glitching and never showed that it completed (first red flag) so I closed out the app thinking nothing of it. DAYS later, my phone alerts me that the purchase was complete!? I tried going in to send a message to tell what happened and no such luck. I then saw I should have the option to at least turn the auto renewal off under my account settings but after clicking on every single option (even going to the website and FB page) there is no such thing to be found. I’m extremely irritated and find the app to be terrible. I can’t believe they get away with charging this much for such limited capabilities much less false advertising their subscription terms. Stay far away!!!!
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7 years ago, Akka.Studio
Smart gif maker
Total gif package in here. This surprising app provides an user almost every possible gif making options. I used several types gif apps. To using many gif app finally I reached my decision that this is perfect. Seriously... this is amazing. Some gif apps are only reverses gif and some are based on only adjusting gif looping or speed. Photo to gif option, meme creation, video 2 gif all types are available in this marvellous gif application. An user can store his created gif in this app's storage either wants to share this.
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6 years ago, Sarah201597!
This is the worst app I have ever downloaded. Sure it has the nice tools to make a gif meme, but it isn’t worth it when they want you to pay a $9.99 monthly fee! I was only able to make one free gif but then it doesn’t allow you to make any more until you pay up. To make this app even worse is that they lie about giving a 3 day trial! Because after the 3 free days they still take your money because it automatically forces you to do the monthly fee! How is that a free trail? The other option is to pay $100 and have it payed off forever. WHO THE HELL WOULD PAY $100 DOLLARS FOR AN APP! This app is total garbage and a scam for people’s money who are desperate to make memes. Why the hell should someone have to pay a monthly fee just to make some gifs! DO NOT GET THIS APP. Their are better ones out their that don’t charge you
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5 years ago, jsdf237
Make only 2 gifs and ask for money
I’m very mad at this app not telling users that they could only make 2 gifs for free and then they have to pay $10 a month to continue using it. It feels like a scam. This kind of “detail” should be put in the name of the app. I would rather they app charge me upfront before I download it. If I see good reviews, I would pay to use it. If I’m told before I started making any gifs that one needs to pay after making 2, I would probably be okay with it as well. But let me use it twice and all the sudden tell me to pay feel very much like a scam. I get it that app developers need to get paid for their work, but this kind of forcing is very upsetting to me. I can afford $10 a month and the app itself is good. But I can’t deal with the way the app asks me to pay.
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2 years ago, GldsGymGuy
Able to make one gif, then forced to buy premium
Most people don’t read the agreement when they get an app for free, basically we authorize the app to gather all kinds of information on us, this is how they make money and you get to use the app for free. Not so much with this app. On top of all the info they get that creates revenue, this app has ads which also generates revenue. But after creating only one “video to gif” I was locked out from creating more unless I paid around $9 every month. Seriously! From what I can see this wasn’t explained anywhere before I downloaded the app, so that’s why it gets 2 stars. I will be deleting the app immediately.
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3 years ago, FaZe_ButtCheek
really good but only two edits?
just uninstall and reinstall the app every time it makes you buy premium. i find this so stupid, but the app really does work well and is high quality (i only use it for turning videos into gifs so other stuff might be broken idk) so just uninstall and reinstall every two times you make something 🤦‍♀️ Update: the response the developer made sounded like it was copied and pasted as a reply. again, the app is good but the premium is so not worth it just use the two free turns you get, uninstall the app, then reinstall and you can just repeat that.
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1 year ago, laco2011
Only 2 free gifs?
While I love the quality and process of making gifs with this app, the fact that you only get 2 free gifs before being forced to pay is absolutely ridiculous. If the 2 free gifs are truly a “trial” then why not give access to the premium features for those free ones anyway? Might as well just call the whole app a pay-to-use. Should take a look at picsart’s model and keep the free version available for everyone, then have a premium version behind a paywall. The developers are losing potential users by forcing a subscription. Only gave two stars because the quality is actually very nice. But I now hate this app and will definitely not recommend it.
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6 years ago, Wild thing😎😎😍😍
This worked great the quality was great I partly liked this so much because any other apps like this that I have had were all horrible I used this to make a slideshow for my kids birthday party and she was so happy with it I was freaking out because I couldn’t find a good app for this and I found it last minute and I was worried about the timing but it was super quick enough time for the party thank you for this wonderful app
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5 years ago, IzzieBot
Too costly for casual users
High quality gifs, nice options and features. My only qualm is that this is way too expensive for a casual user. I’d happily pay $5 for a stripped down version I can use the few times I need it without the bells and whistles, and with the option to buy upgrades. But the sub is really expensive. I literally wasn’t able to save a gif because you get two “tries” and both times I had to redo the video and then realized that’s all I got. Didn’t even save a gif. I think casual users like myself are a lost market when you don’t offer options for one-time purchases
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2 years ago, lisetteZdemoncat
You shouldn’t download this app
Here is my review of this gif making app.. you have to buy a subscription just to make more than 2 gifs which I get the developers need to make money but they could make money other ways like with ad revenue the developers can still have a premium option but that’s the point it’s an option. And my second one was that the gifs that came out were very choppy and were also very pixelated which is why I’m giving this app 2 stars and say that to anyone wanting to download this app is that you probably shouldn’t unless you want to spend it on a subscription.
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6 years ago, wolfBox@%
It’s cool...But ads!!
Absolutely dependable app. It keep In lots of features. Where I can make different types of Gif. It’s also easy app to use. What you want to change into a Gif, change the speed faster or slower and it's supper serviceable. This is the best app I have ever used. When I saw that then I take three days’ free trial and after using that I have invented that’s the app what I am actually looking for. Finally, I take subscription for a month. Really I enjoy the features like text, filters, stickers & the option to customize the amount of canvas. “Make GIF with Live Camera” this option is much attractive for me. Now I can share GIF with my friends by social media like Instagram, Facebook, twitter. Output of high resolution still looks great. For a mobile operation it’s very nice and useful. FROM MY EXPERIENCE. I want to say the developer they worked well but they should decrease ads from the app. I think it should be annoying for people who doesn’t really like ads.
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6 years ago, Spechtaculyons
What a joke, could be great, but no
Seems like a well built app, but hard to tell as the free version is very limited, and it’s not worth the price to find out. And no, you don’t just buy it — you subscribe. Cheapest option is $10 for a month, then $60 a year, or $100 if you really want to buy it. I’d happily pay $3, hesitantly pay $5, I might even begrudgingly pay up to $10, but the prices are ridiculous for something people goof around with to send to friends or put up on social media. Wouldn’t recommend buying it btw, as developers tend to lose interest in apps once they have new ones to focus on, so $100 on a “lifetime membership” for an app that might not even work with the next Apple update for all you know... it seems like a bad idea. On the other hand, if you have tons of money to spend, go for it, developers are often underpaid, and like I said, it looks like a decent app. But price is a factor in ratings, and it’s a huge factor when something’s this overpriced.
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4 years ago, AllyGriffin164
Great app, needs more for less
First of all, I thought of the functions in this app were great, it’s the only app I’ve found so far that can make a gif without speeding up, slowing down, destroying resolution or messing with the colors. But, I thought that amount of gifs you could make before having to pay for the app was low. I know that the developers are trying to make money. But there are many ads in the app anyways (which I’m fine with.) Great app, but maybe make it so that there were some features you had to buy instead of a subscription, or have more ads?
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3 years ago, This person named ashley
I would give this a 5-star rating, but I experienced a problem. I downloaded this to make myself a discord profile picture, and I didn’t know much about the gifs. When I first made my gif, I was really happy with it and I was ready to give a 5-star review. But when I tried putting the gif as my profile picture, it told me the file was too big. I was totally fine with that, and I could just make the clip faster. But I opened the app, and re-did my steps, I was told I had used up my free edit? That was really disappointing for me. And now I am currently looking for a better app.
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4 years ago, ShimmerKittyKawaii
Really? :/
I thought you could only make two gifs and then you'd have to pay, but it turns out you get to click two buttons and then you pay! I clicked the video to gif option, selected the wrong video, backed out. Selected it again, wrong video again, backed out. I couldn't click it anymore because I had apparently made too many gifs when I hadn't selected my video yet. Really? You're that money hungry?! Clicking two things is the free trial I get?! Alright, then. This isn't actually a free app. You have to pay a ton per month to actually use it, it just has a little free sign so you will download it.
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2 months ago, kill cloiiu
Best gif maker app
All the other editing tools similar to this one make you pay monthly, but this one is for free and monthly only makes it so that you don’t have to watch ads and ads is fine as long as I don’t have to pay this is truly worth it
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1 week ago, Kiramoure
Ads are fine to a point.
Don’t make me watch yet another 30 second ad just to save it when I had to watch one just to get started. Making a gif quickly is half the fun and when it takes a full extra minute it takes most of the fun away. I like the tools this app has but if these ads stay to this extent I’ll look elsewhere. Edit: telling me to buy premium doesn’t address my problem. You hold my own work hostage behind a second ad wall just to save what I made. Ads are a necessary evil and it’s fine, however your implementation of it makes me not want to use this app.
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1 year ago, Ninja Midgett
Limited free options
Tittle seems confusing, but let me explain. First off, I would like to give some credit to the Devs. The app’s free features are pretty nice and I was able to make two really cool gifs from recording on my phone. But that where it stops, at 2 gifs. Once you make your third, you are no longer able to save it unless you pay hence why I say it’s temporarily free. If you only need one or two quick gifs, or if you don’t mind paying for premium, app is pretty good. If you want a free app to make gifs like a true meme lord? This app ain’t for you.
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2 years ago, tinywaffles
No longer launches on iOS 16
I liked this product until iOS 16. Now it just hangs on launch until it is terminated by the system. I’ve rebooted multiple times in the hopes that it might fix it. I’d recommend the dev team take a look at issues with the iOS update. I do have a fairly large photo library and some of that seems slower on iOS 16 so it may be that the app is touching the photo library in the main thread on launch which results in the application hang. I’d recommend deferring that and getting the app launched and being careful about what’s accessed on the main thread for performance reasons.
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3 years ago, 115striker
Good app, but a feature I feel should be implemented.
It’s an all around good app, but I feel as if there should be a feature that you can place an image in front of a gif. And customize the image duration to about 0.02 seconds so we can see mostly the gif when looking at it, but when it is still you see the picture. It’d be a great way to support profile pictures for example discord with its gif profile picture feature.
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3 years ago, katheybo
Great App…but
This is a great App; simple to use & a quick way to create a Gif. The only thing I found super irritating are the ads for other Apps! It seemed like every time that I changed a setting or just made an edit, an advertisement for some other App would pop up. You have to wait 5 seconds before closing it. I just found it quite irritating. Other than that, this is a fun App!
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2 years ago, kya is a poop
Mm you should read this
I was so excited because I got this app and I wanted to record so I recorded my video all good and then I went to edit because I feel like well I’m gonna be cute you tuber but then I didn’t try to do all these things I need I need a subscription so I’m really sad because I can’t edit my video so I delete this app and I hope you fix it because if you fix it would be a great game
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5 years ago, LindaHx3
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6 years ago, Nikku##%
It’s Not BAD! But need more......**
This app helps me to creating GIF from photos and videos very easily and I am super impressed with the quality of the app. The app allows to me to customize my GIF as I need. I can share my GIF to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, etc. and my friends are amazed. Now I can add stickers, add text, filters, frame, emoji and artworks...!! This application has new many features and enjoyable GIF MAKER with attractive design…!! **I wish there was a “favorites” button or another way to show most recent GIF’s I’ve sent.
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2 months ago, Samg_is_a_Ninja
Absolutely a racket
Developer charges $5 per WEEK to use ffmpeg, a FREE and OPEN SOURCE tool that the developer DID NOT BUILD and runs on your device, so they are not incurring any server costs by running it. This is worse than restaurants that charge for tap water. FIVE DOLLARS PER WEEK. They are undoubtedly making tons of money off tech illiterate people who forget or don’t know how to cancel a subscription. I also suspect review farming. Also they ask to track you, so for all I know they keep copies of your photo library to better serve you ads (even more $$$). Insanity.
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2 months ago, mshuman
Need one tool
All I want to do is to take a gif that's already been made, like popular meme ones and I want to paste a pic or image into the gif. Don't want to create a gif from scratch, don't know how to anyway. Example: popular gif of little kid dancing. I want to put the head of say a cartoon character or my head into the dancing kids head. It can be done, I see them everyday. Going in this with zero knowledge of gifs I'm more lost now than I was. You really have to know already to even use this.
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3 years ago, DIMACID
Too expensive
The app works great but $10/month for an app that you’re only going to use once a week is just not worth it. It should be like $1.99/month or simply make users watch ads. They give you 3 free gifs and then you have to pay, but I found a way around it. You can just uninstall the app and reinstall it and you’ll get another 3 free gifs.
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5 years ago, cstensen
I don’t understand
I cancelled my subscription the day after I got this app and yet I got an email today saying I’ve payed for the first month. I went back to my subscription section of my phone to see there is no option to cancel but small print saying select an option to resubscribe. But that’s exactly what I saw a month ago when I unsubscribed. So I genuinely don’t understand why I’m getting billed. If I am mistaken and I am indeed subscribed to it, please let me know how to unsubscribe.
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6 years ago, zayla1
Blurry gifs
I bought the pro version and yes it’s nice that you can make as many gifs as you want, but they come out blurry??? Like if I’m paying 5 dollars to make blurry gifs what is the point. I even put the quality to high and frame number to 15 and it’s still blurry. I just feel kinda disappointed that I spent 5 dollars to make blurry gifs. You’d think spending 5 dollars would get you really high quality HD gifs or something. Also you can’t crop the gifs which is also stupid. I want my money back
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6 years ago, Hectoriu$
No free version :(
Well look at this app thinking it’s all big and bad, only let me make one gif and then wants to charge me to keep using it. This isn’t the only gif creator on the market, you know? I would be fine with it selling me filters or extra stuff, but the whole thing is a pay app trying to show up disguised as a free app? I’m not cool with that. You wasted my time. Shame, you would’ve had a paying customer if it wasn’t for those shenanigans, because I had no problem paying for filters and stuff if only the rest was free. Sorry, Jack, I’ll take my business elsewhere.
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4 months ago, madikiep
I don’t understand
I gave the app limited access to my photos, selected the live photo i’d like to turn into a gif, the app crashed and forced itself closed. i went back in and couldn’t access any photos at all so i allowed full photo gallery access and the only live photo i wanted to make into a gif (the one i saw while under limited access) was no longer showing up. i don’t understand how the live photo was available until the app crashed, even after allowing full gallery access ?
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4 years ago, Bernt Fartens
Works.. However GIF keyboard is problematic
Very expensive $$$ when basic functions don’t work. So using the GIF keyboard is very annoying. I’m using an iPhone. Compared to iphone keyboard GIF keyboard consistently mistypes. Problem is your stuck using their keyboard. When I first used it I could easily toggle between regular iPhone and GIF keyboards. For whatever reason that’s not the case after a few weeks. So no matter how good GIF Maker is, it’s not with it for that reason. Especially when paying $9.99 for one month ☹️
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4 years ago, Whatdaheckb0ss
It says you can have a 3 day trial and 10$ is charged after that. AND YOU NEED TO CANCEL 24 HOURS IN ADVANCED FOR IT TO TAKE EFFECT. So if you are 2 hours away from the end of the 3 day trial there’s no way to cancel in time to not get charged. I’m going to cancel immediately after I used it’s services to make three gifs. Hopefully I won’t get charged. I read IN THEIR APP that there’s no way to cancel a subscription after it’s begun, but the developers comments on these ratings say you still can. I’m just going to have to wait to see if I get charged or not. But I’d stay away from this.
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6 years ago, The.Big.Guy
It’s listed as an option, but this is not in the app!! I’ve created three gifs, and now can no longer create any more unless I want to spend either $10 a month, $60 a year, or $100 for a lifetime membership!! THIS IS AN APP FOR GIFS!!!!! Who in their right mind would charge this insane amount for a gif app?! I don’t mind five bucks to show some support to a developer, but this is greed at its purest form! Unbelievable and ridiculous! There are tons of other gif apps in the App Store that are great. Don’t waste your time with this app, this is a total grab for cash. Nothing else.
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2 years ago, peraltajer
Ive been looking for a gif maker for about 4 days to show my friends some gifs i made and i found some none worked but when i found this gif maker i loved it it worked perfectly and i dont know why other reviewers rated it so badly i think its amazing
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5 years ago, Unknown 03
this app is one of the few that actually lets you make quality gifs and is easy to save / use as a whole. what I don’t like is the constant pop up of adds each time you press a button. sometimes ads don’t let you exit them or take forever in doing so. its not a big deal obviously but it’s getting annoying :/
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4 years ago, purritoooooo
Great app, but...
Don’t get TOO attached to this app. Yes, it was pretty great and the quality was splendid... but you can only use it for 3x before you are forced to pay premium. I very much disliked how u found that out, I messed up with the gif I made so I went to go create another one and I find that out!? Wasn’t the gnarliest of experiences. The emoji selection could be enhanced because they literally look like someone’s failed plastic surgery. You are literally limited to only a couple of filters and that’s pretty annoying...
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4 months ago, stephan schumacher
Terrible don’t waste your time.
I almost never write reviews but had to for this. The app worked fine for the first two uses and is advertised as having free features. After I closed my app and returned to make another free GIF. It will allow you to get all the way to exporting your fill and lock it behind a paywall. Even the lowest tiered option of exporting is paid. Anyone with a second a free time can just go to a browser and do it for free and easier. And not have to navigate this ad riddled cesspool.
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2 years ago, DorothyMcD
You can make/save 1 GIF before you have to pay!
So I tried to app so far I liked it. Didn’t get to test it out too much because it only allowed me to save one GIF before I asked me to sign up and pay a lot of money to use! I would of been ok with watching stupid ads to make more but the only way to get past testing it is to pay monthly or yearly! Maybe if it was a small fee to use forever but no it’s a large fee and it never ends.
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3 years ago, Pugs4life gamer
Listen. You don’t have to give me all the features, but this is a free app. I am NOT paying to make a 3 second gif. That is a SCAM. F your free trial, make the app usable OR better idea. Charge for the app instead of allowing people to use it while keeping them unaware that the free bit lasts like a week. I’ve used this app to make one gif. It was ok, after that I stopped, well apparently, now I need to pay 10 bucks a month to make a video into an image. I’m taking my business else where. Fix your stupid app.
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