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User Reviews for GigSmart Get Gigs

4.66 out of 5
6.2K Ratings
2 months ago, OH IO!
Ant Boogie
This is a great side hustle! Don’t trip too much if you feel as if you’re not being paid an hourly rate that you’re worth. The way to overcome that is to show up on time of course to your first gig, work impressively, so that you get call back for repeated assignments. Each day after working, paying the 3% for an immediate transfer, actually translates as an additional four dollars and a half to $6.25. Today was the sixth assignment for the same employer, and he asked me if I wanted to work full-time. No sir… I do not! However, I do want multiple assignments that fit my schedule, and I receive immediate pay, which increases my motivation to work hard and work constantly without being tied down to a full-time job that conflicts with my schedule. This is the best gig app that is on the market in the area that I live!
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2 years ago, 60s Crossfitter
Gig Smart- Pay attention to mileage.
I accepted a gig the other day based on the miles on the app which said 6 miles to the construction site in Littleton. When I put the address in my Apple Maps function, I was told it was 26 miles. That meant basically over an hour of unpaid time stuck in a car. When I brought it up to the rep, she said it’s not their problem, it’s the requestor that’s responsible. Obviously that’s not an acceptable response. Gig smart is actually responsible for that error. It is their duty to double check and make darn sure the facts are right. In addition, we are representing gigsmart when we work and it is their duty to take care of our grievances internally. So in this case instead of making $20 per hour, I made 16 per hour factoring in the time and the gas. Anyway, the point is; pay attention and double check the mileage to the gig. Do not accept gig if you’re unsure. And gigsmart? if you’re reading this make sure you understand exactly how far the mileage is from the workers residence to the job site. It’s VERY important. Thanks. Besides that it was a pretty seamless process as far as tracking the hours and getting paid. And thank you gigsmart for making work available to us people who need extra money.
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7 months ago, So sad sorry
Massive Disappointment
Ultimately I requested to be removed from app. It came down to “options” I had for pay from client. I made a human error with clocking in in job site. I’ve never been late to any job. And I always represented myself and GigSmart beautifully. When I asked for help as the option I chose. I was met with complete rudeness and disdain. I was berated by a woman named Nicole. I explained my needs and was met with extreme and way left responses. I asked several time while speaking with this person to just leave a message to whom I had dealt with before. Which is a man named Stuart. The customer service I was given failed me. I never would treat a customer of mine with less than stellar decorum. When Stuart got back to me. He informed me of a recorded call. And our mutual kindness became non existent. As I stated the option I was told I could have chose. Was just that an option. My intent to chose option for GigSmart to expedite my pay on my behalf. From client that I mistakenly in error did not record. Well, it became a train wreck. I would not recommend this app. Jobs are not varied enough. Many glitches and again do not ask anyone there to look up your information. They will have a brain aneurysm over going above and beyond. I do hope more engaged staff and protocols happen. It’s a cool name for app. Other than that it’s just a waste of time.
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3 years ago, themyschic13
A waste of precious time
I really had high expectations for this app but it seems that the employers take forever to hired. If I applied to a job two to three days before the actual job date and I don’t get a response I’m I supposed to not go on with whatever I have to do? The uncertainty of not knowing if you will be hired or not or how soon it will be doesn’t leave room for the people applying to these positions to plan accordingly. Your app is built on the notion that people don’t have other things going on. I’m glad I gave your app a shot, it’s better I stick to the other gig apps that have a system that allows people to plan ahead. Plus: it doesn’t show you the location of the job until you sign up for the shift. How does that even make any sense? How I’m I signing up for a gig not knowing where I’m going? It gives you an estimate based on what mode of transportation you say you use. It simply doesn’t give you the option to decide if you’re willing to go to a particular area or not until you sign up. Take this from me, you’re better off with Insta work or Wonolo where you can see the addresses from the jump, are automatically hired for the shift (gigsmart literally wants you to sleep on the app waiting to be hired). I thought this was supposed to be an avenue to make extra money without wasting time.
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1 year ago, sutrodidit
Could be better way better
I don’t need someone to call and ask me if I’m going to show up everyday . This new feature where you confirming is useless … that’s the whole reason you cancel before the 10 hour mark if they don’t follow through suspend them unless a valid reason but I just got my job and didn’t even have a message to confirm it ANYWHERE and it canceled my shift and put me behind ALSO gig requesters should NOT be allowed to wait until Day3 to pay us because a lot of them are purposely waiting or taking there time to pay us , we should be paid as soon as gig is over or the next day not wait 3 whole days for a job that we already completed and requesters waiting to pay us just because they can, when alot of us are on this app because we can’t wait 2 weeks to get paid our kids are hungry Now ! also we should be compensated option to get more requesters on the app for people who need workers immediately. Also instead of suspending someone for two weeks the first offense should not be so long some of us live off this app and life happens to everyone . Punish the people who consistently make it a habit and consecutively cancel last minute.
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3 years ago, yourrder$
Don’t sign up
I work almost 3 weeks this agency need to be shut down I live in California I work over 10 hours they did not pay me time in a half straight payThey also don’t tell you but they take money out of your your earnings I like eat up to nine dollars a day for their fees for him they say Disability in case you get hurt it’s always different so there’s a big surprise every time you get beat you worked a certain amount of hours and you look at what you got paid for the day but before you know if they’ve taken 15 $20 out of your pay so you make nothingI work for a job and they the job didn’t let me take my lunch to after five hours in the state of California there’s a penalty for that they do not wanna pay me that extra money this is not a company that should be in business and they need to be looked into by the state of California because this is not the way to run a businessWhat the heck in a company get away with not paying you time and a half for overtime after eight hours plus if you work past five hours and you’re supposed to take a lunch and can’t they don’t give you the penalty money on that all are also this this agency is a joke they still owe me money and he can’t they won’t even pay me me
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1 year ago, CockyEye
Something isn’t right !!
I really appreciate this app & the vast opportunities that it offers, but I’m rather confused at times. It seems as if I have to confirm a job 2-3 times to ensure that I’m going to show up & complete the job. When I 1st downloaded this app, I only had to confirm once. I’m noticing either last minute or after my shifts have been canceled that I was supposed to confirm again after I’ve already confirmed in front of the hiring manager. This is frustrating because I’m anticipating to show up to work & so are the employers that are expecting me. This isn’t a good impression that I’m showing Gigsmart or any of their partners. Currently, I believe my account has been restricted because of this matter & I was personally sent shifts directly from an establishment & now I don’t see them anymore. What is going on ? Can I please have some assistance ? I use this app to assist me with making up for bills that my other job cannot cover & that puts me far behind than I need to. Please, help.
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7 months ago, svnsik
No Good
First time I downloaded it was sketchy, to just leave all your information there, in a app that there’s no real person. So I finally got a gig, so I followed directions exactly how it told me to go and do, it took me to a shopping center Stevens Creek near Santana Row, there was a few of us waiting on a parking lot, so it was like 3:00 PM, we started at 3:30 or supposed to, there was a no-show for the employer,There was a contact number, I’ve tried to text and called no answer very professional, everybody’s asking me if it was a scam, I told them this was my first time as well. Anyways heading down to the chase my point is very super unprofessional how the app has it as well as third-party I never did the job they didn’t show up and i didn’t get paid I tried to contact the number, no answer I left my contact number no call so I gave them a 0, careful people, oh yeah, they restricted me from the app, try to say my fault, WOW, I just didn’t argue, your not the only app, it’s a gig, side work, a hustle, but very UNPROFESSIONAL, UNORGANIZED, NO GOOD, oh did I say that I never got paid for the 3 hours waisting my time, so far by far a waist of my time and the people that where waiting as well.
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12 months ago, KeithHollywood
Payment issues
This app was good right up until a few days ago when a requester contacted me outside the app told me not to come due to the weather and not having funds to cover payment on the days I was supposed to work. Contacted gig smart about it and I have basically been told that I’m not getting any payment because the requester said they canceled my shift due to performance. First my shift were canceled because the requester failed to contact gig smart and let them know that they didn’t not need me to come in 3 hrs before my shift was supposed to start. Then gigsmart restricted my account which canceled my shift for the next day out and I get called out filie being a no show….that clearly doesn’t make any kind of since. The policy states that I will be paid 50% of what I was originally supposed to be paid for the day and I’m missing two days worth of payment and time I can’t get back because of how the requester and gigsmart handled the situation. My advice to everyone is to be careful when working on this app and with these requesters.@ Cockyeye had a very good point and I have been having that same issue as well!
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2 years ago, Yohanna J
Every negative comment that was written about this app is true. I hate it. No job opportunities, no one to speak to (no customer service number or chat), no nothing. I read some where on the comments where they take your information and use it. Recently I had someone hack into my PayPal account and I believe it may have been this company. I have been requesting to delete my account for the longest and no one has deleted my account yet. Every day I have submitted atleast 20 request to delete my account. I even took most of my information off that app including my profile picture and name. I changed my name to a profanity name (F-U word) and my profile picture is all black and still my account is up and active. I have seen fake jobs requesting me to work even with my profile looking like this. Now what real job will actually want you to work for them if they see your account is full of profanity and a dark profile picture? I want them to delete my account now! I love Instawork! They have sent me jobs and paid me on time! I recommend you use them instead.
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1 year ago, Mad<3Dean
Finally got a gig and it all went perfectly
Have been applying for gigs for weeks and I finally got one. One of the gigs I had applied for sent me a request to work a shift, which I didn’t know was a thing, but was super stoked that it is! A representative from the app called me upon my acceptance and gave me a play by play of what the gig was going to be like, as well as instructions for what to do next and answered any of my questions. The gig requester contacted me right away (which was awesome because with most of the other gig apps you can’t even get ahold of the businesses you’ll be working with/they have outdated contact info). When I got to work it was a blast! I was able to make the necessary changes to my time sheet and it was approved and I was paid within 24 hours! Love this app!
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10 months ago, JediBanks
Good App, however
The app in general is a good one to have if your needing other gigs to help your income. One of the challenges to get into a gig right away is being accepted for the work. Because a lot of the requesters have been burned by people they hired for a shift have literally stood them up, it makes it difficult for new gig seekers to get hired quickly as a result. So if you know a person who’s already worked at a job and that person vouched for you that’s helpful but at the same time can be time consuming overall. One very important positive note is the pay! You verify your timesheet after each shift ASAP, DO NOT PROCRASTINATE, and you decide to approve it ASAP. By the next day you’ll see it was approved by the requester and you can transfer it to your bank account either w/ a fee of about 3% or standard (no fees) which is best because it can hit your account in 12-24 hours! Be on time!!!
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3 years ago, hemisF
Been Great For Me!
I am in no way affiliated with GigSmart and this review was written on my own volition: I’ve used this app for over a year, mostly to generate income in between jobs — and it has truly been a Godsend for me! Shortly after I started using the app, I managed to get a job that put me in the middle of an amazing art exhibit for six months — something I will never forget. I haven’t used it much, the point of the app is to help you get quick money when you need it. And for that purpose, it’s served me well. I’m now in between jobs again and I’ve managed to pick up 7 shifts through the app, and that is going to be a tremendous help! Hopefully I don’t have to use the app again, but it’s good to know it’s there for me (and you!) if / when I need it.
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1 week ago, mshelly45
Bad reviews
For the life of me I can’t figure out why this app has so many 5 stars ratings if every comment I have read is about all the problems no pay no customer service and many more . Is this app fixed . Cause so many bad complaints but all 5 stars just seems like there doing there own thing for people who don’t pay attention to comments . Shame thought this was a good app till I started reading then it’s one disaster after another. I must of read 30-40 complaints all different about them sir complaints uncommon with like2 positive seems to me all the rating should be 1-2 stars ⭐️ if there lucky with very few 5 stars like the complaints say no customer service except 1 lady had someone walk her threw it with a phone number this must be company written 30 ish no customer service complaints they can’t get no one to one that gets a total run threw I have not he’d of helping videos like Uber that answers all your questions !
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8 months ago, GaidenVXL
Why is it so difficult to start a job here??
I loved this app when I downloaded it at first. But I have applied to 10-15 shifts and I don’t get accepted for them. And that’s my problem with this app, unlike Wonolo, which once you select a gig, you’re locked in to start your shift. This one is a bit complex, once you select a gig, you have to write about yourself, and why you’re good at that job. And it really gets tiring after the 5th time you have to write the same thing over and over again every time you apply for a gig. Once you apply for the gig is up to the employer if you work the shift or not. So basically you probably competing against 20 to 50 more entries for the shift. So that’s the negative about this app. Once you apply for a gig, you’re not guaranteed to get it. Even if they pick one of the people that applied for the gig. The Gig stays stuck on your profile saying that you applied for it. Sort of giving you hope that they will probably pick you but I fact they already filled their shift days ago. That’s why I don’t like this app. And I will uninstall it. It’s been a month and I can’t land a shift there.
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4 years ago, Fly Jets
Unpaid gig
My husband and I went and worked very hard. At the end of the evening we were asked to come back at 10. As the Astros are not working, that means I am not either, I care for my father who is terminally ill, and needed to be paid for the hard work. I don’t mind working hard, but everyone should be paid. When I went to discuss, he said they didn’t press start, and this was both our 1st gig. Then it stated job canceled due to inactivity. In addition we drove an hour there and back. I’ll drive as far as needed, drop everything we were doing to help, as long as at the end of the day, we get paid. I was advised he would handle through customer service. At this time I have sent a message to customer service, but as gig canceled on employer side, the number will not reach the client. Brandon T. I am hoping we can get this resolved and continue to work together, let’s get this handled please. If payment had been made, I think this is a great way to find work and or workers. I’m sure once the kinks are out, it’s gonna be great.
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11 months ago, Ladie Re
Unbelievably disappointing!!
My honest opinion of the App is “Please don’t waste your time”!! I worked consistently for just over a year before I noticed the change. I had one complaint about a gig. The time had changed the day of the gig. I had informed them of the error and I was punished. Recurring gigs that I always worked I’m no longer allowed to apply for. Whenever I apply for a gig and get accepted, I’m then immediately cancelled from the shift. What I find funny is no company has given me a bad review. I have nothing but five star reviews on my profile. They constantly send me gigs that’s out of my traveling range. But of course my requests go unanswered!! I feel like I’m being ignored/ punished for speaking up. I’m so disappointed due to me telling all friends about the App. Unfortunately they have had more of a problem than myself. I would hate to throw away two and half years, but I can’t waste anymore of my valuable time.
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1 year ago, chilly cheese hotdog
my accounts got restricted. I never used it.
I made my profile, and I applied a few jobs, and I got very irate, and I message the employer, because I never really worked gigs before other than Veryable and Wonolo, which are also very good ones, however, my experience with them they first from a lot of you guys. So, after messaging, those employers, my account got restricted, and they say I violated the terms. So I never worked one job with gigsmart, but managed to get my account blocked. And then I reached out to them after the 45 days of course. And they forward me with this message. We will not be lifting the restriction on your account. You submitted a very inappropriate and unprofessional support ticket which is a violation of our terms and conditions We wish you the best in your future endeavors. GigSmart Support I guess me asking repeatedly when will I know if I get hired for a job? And perhaps point out the employers incompetence and letting me know what’s going on really tells you how shallow they can be as well. Try Wonolo and the best one so far is veryable. But this one lacks customer support and they do get back to you, but very mean. Meanwhile, the other ones always get back to you very kindly, but got gigs. They are extremely mean. So a big middle finger to y’all
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11 months ago, s got m
Just a thought
Gig smart is GREAT app to make money quickly. It is. Its a 5 star app although I wish a few things would change… Just an idea I understand my rating ig 5 yes it deserves the 5 for the purpose and platform just a few helpful insights😊 1. I do not understand why we can’t recieve tips, its blocked. 2. I do not understand when they hire you they will send you another alert and if u miss the second alert they will unhire you (sometimes it comes through the app sometimes through text) that needs to be removed, people can be busy, gym or something. 3. I wish they allowed you to work as much as you want (example: a gig starts at 11am - 2pm and same place has a gig 3pm to 7pm) you are only allowed 1 but if course next day is fine. WE want to work as much as possible 4. The pay should be a bit hire. Yes I understand the reason for the $1/per hr. But if the normal is ((ex: $17/hr, plus %of mileage & tips (the app should at least pay the full $17 since there are NO other incentives))
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1 year ago, GGBank$
Not bad if you want to make money on your own time.
I really enjoy this app. I think it’s organized pretty well for the most part. I do think that their a little harsh with their penalties if you were to call out a shift within 24 hours ; banning somebody for seven days, in my opinion doesn’t seem productive at all. I almost stopped using the app after that …other than that pretty easy to maneuver through.. the agents definitely tend to call way too much to notify you of your shift. Way better than Bluecrew, as an app though.
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2 years ago, Would be Loyal Customer
Room for improvement
Gig Smart is great at face value however there is one drawback that I would consider if using and one that I think needs some re-thinking: When you work through Gig Smart they charge you hourly, that’s not the problem, they are like a temp service and they have to get paid or make money as well. The problem is that after they charge you for every hour you work and you finally get paid, it’s similar to Cash App where your money just goes to your wallet on the app and if you want to transfer it to your bank account instantly they charge you again. 3% of the total amount. It’s insane. Robbery at its best.
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2 years ago, Lilmizzmizery
Scam app
Just to let the people know he went to download this app the people saying that this app worked for them are liars I have tried using this app for the last three months I have filled out 53 applications and have gotten no kind of activity on the app at all. Everything was filled out the way it should be all my skills everything done and all they’re doing is stealing your information to send you all these crazy scam emails and that’s what I’ve been getting and I traced it all back so don’t download this this is a scam app they are not helping you find work in any of the reviews saying that they do are people from that company trying to get you to come and put your information in so they can drain your account so your cash out PayPal or whatever cause they did that to me as well.
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3 years ago, beckygrn3
Convenient, Helpful and simple
App has been working perfectly, user support is absolutely amazing they check on you regularly and reach out without an inquiry even. This is super helpful for side jobs and gigs to earn extra money in your free time and options are very flexible and convenient for anybody’s schedule the app is very simple to use and the services that were very helpful in my time of need. Everything moves fast and efficient and the contact from employers is very timely.
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5 months ago, hwells88
Was great until now
1. The hire process. When they post jobs why are we required to fill out the same questions every single time we apply to a shift if we have worked at the company previously. 2. When we get offered a shift we apply for or if a pick up shift and we accept the offer but and the company gives the shift to someone else even after you already accepted and we’re waiting for confirmation. Today I got screwed out of two shifts I was offered. One was bedtime they filled it after I had already accepted the shift. And the second was a system error. 3. WHY ARE THERE NO SUPPORT AGENTS AVAILABLE TO HELP ON THE WEEKENDS OR OVERNIGHT? For god sake gigsmart FIX IT please!
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8 months ago, Johnwink21
I am having some rather difficult times getting jobs nearby
All of the jobs that are being posted are over 45 minutes away from my location. I’m in Greenville, and I’m really looking forward to having some jobs nearby that I can actually make it to if the app can either stop giving me jobs that are so far away or try to entertain the idea of having more jobs in the area. I’d be great but it says nearby nearby to meet at 20 miles or less so I would just really appreciate if we could try to focus on getting some more work in the area because otherwise, it’s absolutely not benefiting me.
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7 months ago, IGSTSay
A Work App you Need
There are many apps that offer similar services but GigSmart is the only one that provides consistent work. I also enjoy the hiring process itninsures quality people will also be working with you. 4/5 due to the over complicated system of confirming, re-confirming and re-re-confirming shifts one applied for and accepted to work. I understand they want to assure you’re going to show up. However, auto-canceling shifts is annoying especially when you’re unable to reapply and find yourself out of work for the day.
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4 years ago, Geronimo288
It took a while to get my first gig but the gig they offered was not a bad gig to have and I would have taken it permanently had they offered. But right now any permanent gig works just thankful for the part-timers I get. The only real problem is, I had to give up a 10% finders fee on gigs and also five percent of my total payout for same-day pay-outs. I don't mind the finders fee but having to pay to get paid doesn't seem all that great but everybody is trying to get paid but I seem to be paying twice to have one job.
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8 months ago, Art Daniels
Get paid same day after you complete your shift !
I Although I have only used the GIGSMART Platform a few times, I can confirm that I have received payment within 30 minutes after finishing my shift. I commend the team for accomplishing this. Furthermore, I have noticed that the individuals I have worked for on the platform have consistently been amiable and conducted themselves in a professional manner. Therefore, I express my gratitude to GIGSMART and eagerly anticipate my upcoming shift on their platform. Art Daniels
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5 months ago, Donovan H-S
Love the app
I live in Northwestern ohio. I enjoy using this app so much today I’ve made about $1700 on my own choice and it could’ve been easily more than that. I choose to go to a place called Dashmart . Dashmart is a grocery store by Doordash. All I do is pick orders and pack them into, I paid a good amount per hour and I get your cash out as soon as I leave perfect if you’re looking for extra cash or a bridge to a next job you found an option
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8 months ago, EKMurphy99
Not looking out for workers
While I can say there is work to be found through this app, a lot of their policies are in place to protect the company and never us the workers. I’ve tried to get my fair pay on two out of the four occasions I have worked via GigSmart, and ultimately was denied that pay. Be careful what you try to sign up for because certain companies will chronically cancel your shift and they are protected to not pay for the cancellation (which they really should be doing). Just fed up with gig companies caring for anything other than the hard working folks who are really the ones making their business work.
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1 year ago, writeagooglereview
Gigsmart is not it
The customer service department is rude and condescending. They threaten to remove you from the platform for illegitimate reasons and make you feel horrible for reaching out in the first place. The requesters can take a very long time to approve your pay. If you click the wrong button, there is no going back. This can cause you either lose money or lose a job offer. You also cannot message the requester without being hired for the job. So there is no communicating if you lose the job. And there is an unreasonable amount of times that you are asked to confirm for the shift and if you don’t confirm, you lose your job. Gigsmart is not it. I recommend finding another gig app.
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9 months ago, Oyhsa23
App needs a lot of work
Honestly love the idea of a gig app where you can have your own flexible schedule and work independently. However, you have not only wait for people to confirm jobs that you apply for but you also have limited options to choose from. There are little to no gigs, and you are lucky if you get a decent one every now and again. In addition, if you ever have issues with the app or at a work site their based out a small office in Colorado, and they can’t ever really help you because they care more about keeping their clients then their employees. With this model and from recent reviews this is crashing fast. Other app companies are wayyyy better!
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2 years ago, swags77
Horrible app
It was good for me for what I needed in the short term. The customer service guy is not very nice or helpful and blamed me for a computer error on their end trying not to pay me for 24 hours of work and saying they won’t fix it. Stealing the money from the employer to keep it for themselves and then making lies saying I cussed at him. Which is not true I was upset because he said in the end it was my fault not theirs. That they “were going to pay me” wouldn’t tell me how you have to transfer the account! Horrible company horrible customer service! Don’t use this app! Plus they take money away from you when you work! I have now been restricted! They are breaking several labor laws!
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2 years ago, jojobean9494
Don’t get your hopes up
I’ve had this app for 2 months now and have applied for gigs every week of those months. I’ve only been accepted for one gig on here that I was able to work two days after that I was not able to get any gigs, not because they were not available but because the people that post the jobs are not accepting people. I’m not sure if its due to profiling or severe negligence on the job posters part because for all the gigs I’ve applied for I’ve been more than enough qualified for. Though my sister has had the opposite experience and has much success with the app. This is not a consistent app if you need something consistent, instawork has worked better for me.
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3 years ago, Lgw10967
Feeling frustrated
I’m currently feeling frustrated with this particular app. A few weeks ago I applied to a job and didn’t hear back until the day before and I had already booked another gig. The same thing is happening again. I applied for a 3 hour server position for tomorrow and here it is 2:30 on Monday and haven’t heard a yes or a no. It’s fine if they aren’t interested in me but they need to let me know so I can find something to do tomorrow, which I have but there is no option to cancel or contact the employer until they hire you. So it’s very frustrating thinking I may be letting Someone down and I have no way of contacting them. Sent a message to support. No response.
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3 months ago, Urvanflow
Promising new gig source.
Just did my first gig with Gigsmart and it was quick process for approval, app friendly and easy. Matt and Martin made the whole process straight forward and simple to get on the way to make some extra $$. Just finished about an hour ago and now I have my money in my bank account to use for what I need. Definitely appreciate the fast process to access the $$. When can I go again! 👍😃
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1 month ago, SA_Aggregate
Clock in issues
This app has no way to sign in if there is any issue with network or you have to park in an area that the app doesnt deem in the area. When that happens they cancel your shift and it is a problem, most of the time to get the requestor on the phone to get them to start your time. They count that against you and makes it difficult to get more gigs
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5 months ago, Stringofnumbersandletters
Mostly good!
I’m grateful to get a lot of work through this app! And the company and app pay quickly. I don’t like that sometimes it won’t let you clock in and then says you arrived late and the requester can cancel your shift without pay. And it makes you keep confirming that you’ll be at each shift. Bestie, I said I’d be there, I’ll be there. :) Wish they would have some option like once you’ve proven yourself the app relaxes. :) Otherwise good and glad to be working a lot.
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8 months ago, Hdhdjfjfjd
waste of time and effort
I have a few qualms with this app. first, you have to apply for each gig that you want to work and there’s a written portion for each application, with every other gig app i’ve used, you simply accept the gig and it’s yours, first come first serve, simple. Second, you have to apply for positions (ex. bartender) and wait to be approved, some of these take a long time for approval. Third, you dont hear back from any applications. I’ve applied to 13 gigs that I am extremely overqualified for and haven’t heard back. Complete waste of time and effort filling out so many applications only to never hear back. SHIFTSMART and JITJATJO are the BEST APPS. Good luck everyone!
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5 years ago, $BeautifulGoddess76
One more try
Started our small business and came across this app. I was blown away by the reviews so I went for it...1st problem we encountered was the app did not like, for lack of a better word, our business email. Luckily we have backups. 2nd issue I encountered was when I went to launch the app it just kept “glitching” out. Almost like it was trying to reload and reload etc. I am giving 3 stars for now and I’m goin to reinstall it and see if that helps. Oh and in that “glitch out” all the profile information I had added the day before is gone!
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1 year ago, MicOak
Way better ones out there.
These people will use you when they need you, keep dirt on you that they allowed when they needed you and then use it against you later when they don’t need you. A company operated by double standards, lack of ethics, and based off using its product, you the labor force as a scape goat if anything. If you do work THROUGH THEM not for them then keep EVERYTHING ON FILE. Recorded, documented, filmed, and or recorded. They treat and use you like your an employee, and will fire or punish you like one, but you receive none of the benefits of it. Pretty much agreeing to being the ultimate scape goat. Just sleezy middle men essentially.
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3 months ago, Billy4now
Very easy once you get use to it but what is very frustrating is when I get hired I make plans to work and I may be working at other establishments that need my full attention. So I get off that job head to a gig smart location to only find out i was removed along with my intire schedule I mean little drastic and needs attention to maybe correct this problem
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5 years ago, AsLong37
Game. Changer.
This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Only wish I’d had it when I was still in college. As someone who likes a lot of freedom when it comes to when I can work, this is the PERFECT app. It’s like Uber, but I can actually use it to do stuff I want to be doing- like marketing work, coding, babysitting, dog walking, whatever- AND I don’t have to put miles on my car. I love using it and I can’t wait for it to grow even more!
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9 months ago, kdstra2
Yet another app that needs all your info with no reward
The setup on this was so long. All your info, consenting to all kinds of messaging on your phone, choosing what you’ll work over and over and over in different categories (“barista” is in like 6 categories alone). Then…one shift. $19 an hour (but they take $3 for a “trust fee”) so $16 an hour to drive for 3 hours, 50 miles it says (no gas reimbursement either). And you have to wear dress shoes, black slacks and a white shirt to deliver prescriptions? For $50 (before gas)? No thanks. Enjoy all my personal info, can’t wait to reply “no” to a bunch of texts I don’t want after I delete the app.
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3 months ago, smithmat002
Nice gig work app ( Louisville )
So far ive worked at the dashmart a few times. There aren’t many different shifts on here in the state yet but the potential shows how good the app will be here in the very short future. I recommend giving it a try if you do gig work or are just looking to pick up shifts for some local or out of town work every now and then
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3 months ago, CindiMay
Always crashing! Super annoying app functionality!
I can’t tell you how annoying it is that this app crashes so often. I miss gigs all the time because the app is stuck on all white screen or just completely frozen. I have the most updated iOS so I don’t think it’s that. Extremely frustrating and I hope it’s fixed soon or I’m just going to stop using it all together. It makes me so angry when I’m trying to open a notification, or trying to clock in to a gig that the app is doing weird stuff; I get so mad I wanna throw the phone somewhere. Please fix the issue.
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9 months ago, SILLLKY
I’m Good Company
I’ve been working with Gigsmart for sometime. The companies that requests you all the time your a good fit for them and the companies that try to be Slick and you speak your mind they report you to Gigsmart. Gigsmart takes the requester side all the time they never support the worker and that’s not fair. But it is what it is. In good company is a delivery company you deliver in your own car use your own gas and they lie to you they tell you we pay mileage and wait time that’s a lie. And by law they suppose to pay you that do to the California law proposition 22. Proposition 22. Is to protect us delivery drivers and this company DO NOT FOLLOW THE LAW.
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12 months ago, UptownScoundrel
Great App!
As a long time gig worker this app may have finally figured out the ideal platform. Easy bookings, communication and payments. Plus they’re not evil and seem to actually care about the people who use their platform. Offering benefits and insuring is while we are on he job by heir own doing. Now that is a breath of fresh air. Take note other apps. This is how you gain loyalty right here.
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1 year ago, Lavish Hadid
Great App for Work ASAP
This is a really good app to use if you are looking to work immediately ASAP, because the process of getting a job now is a lot longer with having to wait for an interview, and then going being in the hall having to wait two weeks just to get paid. I highly recommend individuals to use the gig apps because you can get your money the same day for a small fee.
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10 months ago, Clifton Mauricio
Initially thought the app was good, I selected a few position that were compatible with my skills. I was hired for the position for one week getting paid daily with the app. For some reason the app keeps canceling me and selecting other workers. I’ve spoken with the company and they stated it’s something gig smart is doing and not them. The company doesn’t want to work with the app anymore because of these issues as well. Do better GigSmart!! I also have been having issues with no being able to Log in the app at all. Just a blank screen or error message comes up.
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