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User Reviews for Glassdoor | Jobs & Community

4.75 out of 5
569.9K Ratings
4 years ago, Jean Baptiste Asong
Glassdoor have the best opportunity to help everyone look for jobs and careers in any field of their interest. The great thing is you make your profile, choose what kind of benefit you want, the list just go on and on. You control your pathway and destination. Glassdoor only send jobs offers on base on your interest. No matter what your experience, background or education they always found great offers for everyone. Glassdoor help you look for offers outside of the United State. Most people are scared to look for employment in other countries overseas because they don’t have the tools to do their research and don’t know anyone overseas. But don’t worry Glassdoor has everyone cover. You tell Glassdoor what job offer and what country you want to work for and Glassdoor will send you with the right offer. They help you with interview questions and preparation for you to get the job. They have job offers for people who want to work remotely from home of any in the world. Thanks Glassdoor for everyone throughout our life journey.
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5 years ago, NP in Vancouver WA
Nurse Practitioner
Good search engine. Generalized vs specific information most often provided, for example: provides generic vs specific job descriptions, regional/nationwide salary ranges vs accurate salary ranges specific to location of interest, salary range provided often too wide to be helpful (no criteria provided for low-med-high across the range), posts available positions in a wide radius (location) from preferred location vs in preferred location, thus positions listed in search may be long but in actuality 99% are ruled out due to location (provide more filters), Inadequate “reviews” from past/present employees, i.e. inappropriate job category reviewed (receptionist vs provider vs administrator vs housekeeping), reviews from nationwide employees posted vs local employees from facility of interest, only high rating/reviews posted. ALL reviews from my job category should be provided. Improvement in these areas would yield a 5 star review for Glassdoor. Shortcomings may be due to information provided to Glassdoor vs information requested by Glassdoor. Glassdoor, work harder to provide the specific information required by job seeker. Making these changes will increase the chances of providing the best fit for employers & employees. Both your customers will be happier with the service you provide. Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback. Nonetheless, keep up the good work. You need to sharpen your pencil to land on top in this competitive business.
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12 months ago, Gamer3475
0 Stars Garbage App
This app is absolutely worthless, you can’t do anything within the app it just redirects to a web browser. I used the Sign in with Apple option which was a terrible choice because Glassdoor is not implementing that properly. Since everything has to be done in a web browser and not through the app, you have to log in on a web browser. They don’t have Sign in with Apple implemented properly in a web browser. I have to type in the long random email address Apple created for this account and then it takes me to the Sign in with Apple flow. I tried to delete my account because this service is garbage but I can’t even do that. Even though I am already signed in to my account in a web browser (you can’t delete an account through the app of course) once I click the button to delete my account, it makes me sign in again. So I, again, tediously type out the long random email address created by the Sign in with Apple process and complete the authentication with my Apple account. It just takes me back to the settings page where I clicked the delete account button originally. I try again and it just loops back. So deleting my account isn’t possible and is just a loop. I’ve disconnected my Apple ID from this sign in thinking Glassdoor may let me sign in normally but it still makes me authentic with Apple which of course fails now. I’ve contacted their support to demand they delete my account permanently. Stay away from this app and website at all costs!
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10 months ago, RelaxFrancis
What in the name of terrible UX is this? Was this even tested? With humans? I used to be able to put in one word to search for a salary because no one uses the same job description…so if I am looking for an “event & tradeshow manager” someone who works there may use “event manager” or “marketing event manager” or “tradeshow manager”…. You get it. I would put the word “event” in and search and voila all job descriptions with the word event would pop up. Now, not so much. You have to choose from a drop down… at first I thought the drop-down was confirmed job titles for that company. Again, not so much. Just generic titles. So now I spend WAY too much time going through each job under each section because I have no idea where they put Marketing jobs. While we’re on that topic…. what is with breaking the titles up between “business” and “product & project management”, etc… why is there no clear “marketing” option? I’d be happy to keep going with examples - but good lord..why should I do your research for you? That is your job: create a GREAT UX that is intuitive to use once tested with humans who use the app - not one that is cumbersome and makes people irritated because you released this horrid version without testing. And if you did test, then this is even more laughable. This once easy to use app has become a PIA and annoying to use. It angers me the amount of wasted time I have spent trying to navigate what was is now a joke of a UX.
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2 years ago, MbD01702
Glassdoor is truly the best place to find jobs - it really makes a job search much easier. However, the app is awful. There is just so many issues… that occur multiple times a week. 1) Jobs I save on the app are never on my profile when I log on my computer 2) I save jobs, log on a few hours later the jobs are no longer saved 3) Sometimes the saved jobs change and look like you have 5 jobs with the same company, but in reality there are 5 different companies 4) When you scroll down to look at jobs other jobs seekers viewed - it will say 2 days for the posting & really it was posted like 55 days ago 5) So many of the remote jobs - are not remote. They say remote for the location on glassdoor, but then you click on apply & they are in person in a certain location I always update my phone & app when needed, but it makes no difference. I have been using the app for 3 years & it’s the same issues constantly. Also - the company I work for constantly gets reviews that are not for our company & jobs are posted that are not for our company. It’s really crazy how that happens & how we are unable to remove the reviews.
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2 years ago, Mi$terNoX
Yep; just not the same as Paradise Foods…
When Nugget took over, a LOT of folks realized in short order that Things Had Changed… while their business model works well up further north, Marin is a unique culture and clientele… a LOT of clients and employees quit… folks (both clients and employees) kinda get grumpy when they’re told “We Know Better”… just because something works in Carmichael doesn’t mean it plays well in San Rafael- let _alone_ Tiburon!! While Paradise was _far_ from perfect (worked there for over three years), Nugget’s Corporate Attitude turned off MANY people… simply taking the time to get the opinions of both customers and employees (and actually _listening_..) would have gone a long way towards easing the transition…. They lost a LOT of long-term Regular Customers in a short amount of time… and Probably Future Customers as well, because unsatisfied regulars are going to express their feelings to potential new customers… I know that I got an earful from my regulars, and many just quit coming in… and employee turnover skyrocketed… A Cautionary Tale about Corporate Arrogance.
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5 years ago, DwriteWELL
Copywriter, Digital Content Specialist & Youth Speaker
I love GlassDoor because it lets you know when your resume was viewed and it gives you the salaries as well as reminders for jobs you have saved. A lot of these positions make it seem like heaven on earth until you get to the interview then it’s a bunch of mess and not a real position but outside sales and commission based vending and tabling. GlassDoor screens their agencies posting and so far it has all been legit jobs, however most are not offering me what I’m worth, so I have passed on most. Looking at the salaries is a great deciding factor in applying for a position, especially as a Writer, Brand Strategist and Digital Content Marketer because all those positions require a lot of brain power, my eyes on the computer, research, data collection, training, seated long hours, editing expertise, Facebook mastery, Google skills, Inbound Marketing knack & know how, and I must be respected with an adult payment plan for my passions, talents and superb writing gifts or I give it no energy. As a Freelance Writer, Digital Content Specialist, and Youth Speaker, I’m always sending out pitches and proposal to get lucrative gigs and I have no more time to waste because my dreams are calling.
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2 years ago, annmariealwayslearning
Smoke and mirrors
This company spends so much time trying to convince people on social media that this is a great place to work, including glorifying leaders who truly can’t lead, but hey, their photos look good. You should wonder why they have to do this. It’s because working at CAF is a popularity contest. Other reviews about this being like a Mean Girls movie are true. The clique that is CAF will absolutely promote you if you’re attractive, thin and pretty over whether you can actually do the job. They may promote those who don’t wear makeup or who aren’t skinny because they are growing so fast, they need bodies even if your body isn’t pretty to them. Their Regional Property Managers have no idea what they’re doing because they are promoted too soon and with no training and that puts more pressure on the on-site teams than necessary. But the reality really hits home when you leave to work somewhere else. They don’t care why your leaving and they make your last weeks very uncomfortable. You’ll find other management companies are much more professional and care more about hiring good people over good looking people. This is a very toxic place to work.
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2 years ago, ACKSBCA
Negative reviews will get deleted and rejected
I’ve written reviews for the last two companies I’ve worked for and they consistently get rejected. I have a feeling that Glassdoor does not approve negative reviews for a lot of companies which leads me to believe that there’s some sort of bias going on, possibly related to employer engagement on the app. I understand that there are community guidelines that need to be met in order for a review to be approved, however, I’ve reviewed those community guidelines and I’ve altered my reviews to meet those standards and my review keeps getting rejected. I had an extremely alarming experience at my last job that I feel compelled to mention to anyone looking to work at said company. It is it no way anything in appropriate and has everything to do with how the company continues to misallocate funds to its employees, yes, paychecks are not being paid out properly and it’s a well known issue within the company but if they are new, I feel they need to be warned and not blindsided. It’s really frustrating to write a concise and in depth review for a company you’ve worked for, only for it to get rejected.
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4 years ago, Holly7654
Are they really neutral?
I used to think Glassdoor was neutral and a solid place to go for honest employee evaluations of companies but I’m not sure anymore. I’ve noticed floods of positive reviews and removal of negative but honest reviews for a particular company I’ve been monitoring for some time as my own company is considering doing significant business with them. It is a company I know well at this point. As a result of modified reviews, this company’s rating has gone from roughly 2 stars to 4.1 stars and CEO approval that may have been 30% has increased to 80+ in about 6-8 weeks. This is a company I know very well. I can’t help but wonder who is pulling strings. It may be nothing, but given recent concerning conversations I’ve had with their leadership, this has raised at least some additions concerns about going forward with a business relationship. Something similar happened years ago when the poorly rated profile of a different company I was keeping an eye on completely vanished and shortly thereafter appeared to be replaced with one including overwhelmingly positive reviews. I didn’t think too much of it at the time. Perhaps I should have.
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6 years ago, DeltaStrife
I like that the Glass Door app gives employees and interviewees a place to give their honest opinions and that it gives the public a way to see businesses before they decide to get further involved, which is why I’m sure it was named Glass Door. Haha. What I don’t like is the part where you go to check out the reviews. The way it’s currently designed, one doesn’t readily know that in order to see the reviews on a company that they have to click on the stars or the review section AGAIN after they’ve already clicked on “REVIEWS”. I’m sure some people are getting flustered with that as I did. Since I really wanted to “see the reviews”, I played around with it a min or 2 until I realized that was the way you actually get access to all of them. That feature is annoying because it is asinine to have to click “Reviews” when it doesn’t immediately take you to the drop list of “all the reviews”. You see a couple but that’s it. Not all. So some may have to go about fumbling around as they’re not getting ALL of the content. That’s my experience. Please fix this.
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2 years ago, Biggulpsehh
Consistently bad
The content this app/company has is great. But this is consistently one of the worst iPhone apps I’ve ever used. UI is terrible, after a change years ago when you have a filter option such as with filtering job titles your phone assumes this is a password input field so suggestions are off. The bigger piece is the app itself crashes often, fails to load data frequently, and is probably unusable for what you came there for 50% of the time. The latest “update” has now made it exponentially worse: looking at salary details on a role and clicking back now takes you back to the company search for some reason, took four tries to get all fields to load with a company search, and all of this is after forcing you to go through some intro boxes with your info despite the fact I’ve given this to them (no, couldn’t sign in) and the fact nothing in my actual industry/area was an option to select. Congrats on making an already buggy and frustrating app virtually unusable, Glassdoor. You’ve got a great opportunity to win market share here from Indeed and others and this is not how you do that.
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7 years ago, fiumicela
Frustrating To Use
Even after changing email preferences, I still receive daily email notifications. And many job notifications aren’t related to my search. I’ve received Uber Driver as a possible match when one search was call center related because Uber used the keywords “call center” in it’s description as a call center alternative. That’s absurd. Most people I know in Brooklyn, NY either don’t a car, can’t drive, or hate driving! And I hate feeling pressured to “anonymously” give reviews or ratings of current or previous employers. Having worked for a small firm, anyone searching Glassdoor for my former employer can easily figure out who wrote it by their wording style, title, and details. It’s not as anonymous as you think. And nothing posted online ever disappears even if deleted. Ummm hello, screen snapshots?! Also, I only created a login because I need one tap applications. Most job postings take you to the potential employer’s website to fill out a time consuming application. I’ve found Zip Recruiter to be much more user friendly, with, with employers actually replying back to me.
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4 years ago, danicoss
Ok for salary comparison, terrible for job search
Once upon a time Glassdoor was competitive with its ability to match job seekers with potential employers. Now any time you search a position within a certain area, the first 10-20 results are always random positions from all over the country, presumably with companies who have paid a handsome fee to push their company to the top of search algorithms, search criteria be damned. This renders them virtually useless as a job search site, and is the reason I no longer use them at all when searching for a job. I deleted the app and as a rule I now always skip their site as a google search result because it inevitably is a waste of time no matter how many times I try. The only reason Glassdoor gets a second star is because when it comes to employer reviews and salary comparison, although mediocre at best it is still lightyears ahead of any other sites for these particular functions. It stands to reason... because they are essentially the only company that offers such a service, they don’t necessarily have to be good at it.
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6 years ago, kalthoffdesign
Sends me “perfect matches” that are irrelevant
This app has been extremely helpful for knowing what my worth is at any given company. In the past it’s helped me realize I’m being paid less than I should be at current jobs, and it’s helped me negotiate fair pay when starting a new job. However, I’m currently searching for a new position and every single day I get a notification and email for a “perfect match” that has a much lower estimated salary range than what Glassdoor knows I currently make (because I’ve given them that information). In addition, I’m looking for a promotion with more money, not a position I held in my early 20s. Usually their “perfect match” is up to 75k lower than what I’m looking for. There is no way to set a salary range or key words for what you’re looking for in a “perfect match”. When I need serious leads this is extremely insulting, frustrating, and a waste of time. Please allow users to set some parameters around these notifications in order to actually help them in their job searches.
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6 years ago, Gwynn77
Too much
I have only used the app for a few days so I might be missing some things. I like getting email alerts when jobs open up near me. However, I get twenty emails a day and most of them are for jobs that I am not suited for nor qualified for. It would be better if there was a filter to weed out certain types of jobs. Keywords of what NOT to send me. Plus, I would like to be able to search for multiple cities at the same time. I do not want to have to go in to create a search for the same type of position but one to every city. For instance, I am searching for keyword “supervisor” but I want to search in Charleston, WV, Huntington, WV, Columbus, OH, and everything in between... without creating a separate search for each. Also, would be a nice time savor to search for all jobs in a list of cities that pay above a certain rate WITHOUT having to enter a keyword. Right now it is more hassle than what I wish for but if these things could be made easier I would rate this app higher
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9 months ago, Call me Gideon
Everything is harder to access, navigate, and find. My saved jobs and saved salaries have been wiped out. Saved salaries doesn’t appear to be a thing anymore. Salaries are my biggest gripe. If I keyword search for ‘configuration’ within a company the app used to display any all job titles that had ‘configuration’ in it in the results list so I could see everything at once. Now however it only displays one job title at a time that’s selected from a drop down list. So if there’s an entry for ‘Senior Configuration Analyst’ and another entry for ‘Sr. Configuration Analyst’ your search results won’t display both together at the same time which is just plain dumb. I want to see all job salaries for all jobs that contain the word ‘configuration’ in them at the same time rather than having to searching and scrolling for them one at a time. It seems like the developers are intentionally trying to keep us in the app for longer periods of time by making the app much more complicated and cumbersome than convenience and common sense ease of use would otherwise imply.
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8 months ago, Potatooo94819813
I started using Glassdoor several years ago and it was useful in getting insight into the the work environment, specific roles, and the interview process in a company from past and current employee reviews. In the last year or so, though, I can’t wrap my head around the changes that have been made to it which have essentially rendered it useless for me. What’s with all these community comments, notifications, bowls, and etc? Are they really necessary? It’s so tedious now to navigate around to find the reviews relevant to the company I’m looking up. Speaking for many of us, we just want to be able to get these insights conveniently, while contributing our own reviews to help others. I question the thought process behind implementing all these recent changes that have detracted the service/app so far away from its initial purpose and from what had kept me as a continued user. I went on it again today and once again have found this app just taking up storage in my phone and am considering just deleting it at this point.
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4 years ago, Nitttnat01
Suspected scams in job ads
Glass Door is an incredible concept and service. However, there are several job ads in Houston from “Luna Partners.” This is a scam company that is highly likely to be engaging in fraud and illegal activity. My friend was duped into an interview with them where they asked for her banking information and social security number before she was even offered the job. You can also read other people’s similar experiences with the shady company by doing basic research online (and even on the glass door app itself). The people running it seem to constantly change their business’ name so they can continue to get away with what I assume is illegal activity. Glass Door needs to do a better job of vetting companies before allowing them to post job ads. Or if GD doesn’t have the resources to hire employees to monitor job postings, then there should at least be a way for users to report these kinds of job ads for suspected fraud or scam for further review.
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10 months ago, Jnormal1
Not easy to navigate like it used to be
I’ve been using Glassdoor for at least 10 years if not longer. From when I started using it, until now, the way information is organized has gotten more and more confusing and way more difficult to navigate. When looking for salary ranges you used to be able to go to the page for a company and then search for the job title and area. Now you have to browse 100s of things to try to find what you’re looking for. I looked through 10 pages and wasn’t able to find the job title I was looking for or anything like it. Back in the day, when looking for jobs you used to be able to narrow it down by area. Now you have to go to the company you’re interested in and browse through all of their jobs all over the country. No one has time to look through 1000s of job postings to see what’s available in their area. I hope Glassdoor updates these things and makes the app easier and less time consuming to navigate like it used to be…
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3 years ago, Simmerkungfu
After almost a decade (maybe more) I am completely deleting my Glassdoor account. Glassdoor is allowing painfully, blatantly fake reviews. It’s quite obvious if you take a peek. A company rating tanks due to dozens of honest, critical reviews over the course of several months. Then suddenly within 1 month (sometimes on the SAME DAY) multiple users will post a copy/pasted recruiter’s speech. Everything is listed as a “pro” and there’s zero cons. ZERO. I feel silly now for not realizing but, Glassdoor is a business too. And Glassdoor thinks you’re stupid. I flag what is clearly a recruiter review, only to hear from someone at Glassdoor that what I’ve flagged isn’t an issue. You’re clearly not reading what people are flagging and if you are, then a retraining of all your staff is necessary. I’m not flagging bc it’s fun, I’m doing it bc I wanted to trust Glassdoor. But I can see that’s no longer possible. I’ve found long threads of complaints from other users who have experienced the same issue, search for yourself.
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5 years ago, byliner2019
Irrelevant job openings
Despite my keywords, Glassdoor sends me irrelevant job openings — e.g., public affairs specialist for the Texas **and** Massachusetts Army National Guard. At the top of the job description is a requirement for age between 17 and 35 and enlistment in the Guard. As required, I registered for the draft at age 18 and was classified II-S (student deferment) as a university student, then 1-H (holding) as the draft reached 19-year-olds with draft numbers well below my number of 184. The Vietnam war was drawing down in 1973, and U.S. involvement ended unceremoniously in April 1975, with people desperately clinging to helicopters. Glassdoor shows its incompetence, apparently by asking student interns to post job openings without matching applicants’ qualifications with requirements of the job openings. Glassdoor responded to my message complaint with nonsense excuses. As a writer and editor for print and online publications and broadcast radio stations, I would have been reprimanded or fired for such weak excuses. Glassdoor, shape up and “get with the program”!
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2 months ago, javDieguez
After filling profile, searching and applying for many postings the app suddenly resets and ask me all my personal details again. There is no way to skip that UNNECESSARY RECOLLECTION OF DATA AND PII, this is specially alarming because all data you ask for IS PREPOPULATED so why, WHY WHY would I want to fill all of that AGAIN?? Moreover when I clicked on “why is my info pre populated” you said “we’ve VERIFIED that you already have a glassdor OR fishbowl account so we have filled in your MATCHING information. To edit….” 1 if its VERIFIED what and why are you asking? 2 if you’ve VERIFIED that I have an account howcome you say “OR” I mean don’t you know what you said you verified? 3 “MATCHING” with what?? 4 “TO EDIT”… I don’t wat to edit something I did correctly the first time only because you need to update your database or have outdated systems or for any other reason. I was under the impression this was a reliable app/site but this request of yours asking me to provide UNNECESSARILY what I already provided is simply not professional.
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6 years ago, DoxHoliday
Not very good for job search, but not worthless
Kinda shady that they have a mobile site, but you can't use it unless you download the app. Also highly suspicious that many of the reviews here are from the friends and family of the app's creator. As far as the app itself goes, the filters are a little lacking and the second you put any kind of profession in, it gives you recommendations for everything remotely related. A college professor does not need to see high school PE teacher on the list, a primary care doctor does not need to see every opening in every hospital in a 25 mile radius (from speech therapist to medical director of surgery)... Less is more- figure it out. On the upside, you can occasionally get a review of the employer before you apply. Much of the time though, it is giving you a review of the parent company or the company doing the marketing for the job, rather than the job itself. You are probably better off though using a different app to find a job, then this one to get a review of the employer before applying. Edit: Now the app doesn’t even listen to your filters. You ask for an exact match for the location, and it automatically broadens out to a 25 mile radius, and refuses to be set back to exact location. It’s not bad enough you have to sift through dozens of sponsored listings, but now you get your hopes up that you finally found a match and it is in the next town over, like an hour and a half commute...
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5 years ago, TennesseeTweety
Improvements Needed for Some Basic Functions
This is a good job search app at first, but after a far weeks I continues to get alerts for openings that I’ve already applied for, or that I’ve requested to be hidden because I had no interest in them. I have applied for many jobs that I can’t seem to mark as “ applied for”, even though there’s seems to be a place in the app to store that information. I hate to invoke the name of their competitors but Indeed should be the benchmark for how Glassdoor should work. On that app I can look back at a job I applied for, interviewed and was offered almost a year ago because my progress was logged. This is not the worst of the jobs search app I’ve worked on, they do have some unique job listings and they screen employers so you won’t get scam offers (like CareerBuilder), but they need to work on polishing up some of those basic job search tasks.
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6 years ago, OntheJobHunt
Great Company, Less than Perfect App
Glassdoor is a life-saver for job seekers, there’s no doubt. The Glassdoor app - I have beef with. I am constantly fighting this thing to keep me logged in. Not only that, I’ve noticed it’s constantly pushing the job search engine as the default. I AM currently a job seeker, so usually it’s fine, but sometimes when I do have an interview lined up, or I’m just researching, I get a little annoyed at constantly renavigating to get to the company reviews. The worst is when I search a company, get asked to sign in, then get directed to the job search engine, and then when I renavigate, get asked to log in AGAIN, and then get redirected to the “Jobs” section of that company! I get it, Glassdoor; trust me, I want to find myself as much as you do, but there’s a time and place for everything!! Someone on the Glassdoor App Team address this, because it’s bringing down an otherwise A-MAZING company concept!!
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4 years ago, BunnyHendrix
Fix timeout issue for mobile applications!
Nearly every time I used mobile apply, the app times out and I have to reapply and re-enter all info. You should make the app more user-friendly so applicants are able to step away from the app for a few minutes to copy/paste/compose answers to employer questions. It’s terribly frustrating. I now copy all answers to my notes in case the app decides to crash/restart (unfortunately sometimes even being off of the app for <20 seconds causes a restart and dumps all of your previous answers before you have the chance to apply). Otherwise, I would give the app 5 stars for quantity of opportunities available (both local and remote). Please address these UX issues! Job hunting during a pandemic is stressful enough without having to worry about Glassdoor crashing and deleting your essay and fill-in answers on job apps.
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7 years ago, Penelope in Frisco
Great Tool for Company Comparison
Glassdoor is my go-to tool when researching companies, locating opportunities, or seeking employee perspectives. I like the company overview area because it’s important to quickly identify the size, industry, and score (from employee ratings). It’s a convenient resource that not only helps me to save opportunities but also permits me to open the description AFTER the job expired. // Suggestion for Glassdoor: Consider offering multiple save options for those of us searching for other people. As is, I just have one long list that I have to search through to figure out why I saved it. I would like to add my own “save categories,” such as “maybe,” “need to tweet,” ”need to email to...,” “read details,” “need to apply,” and “keep description.”
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2 years ago, CioRenee
Caving to Corporate pressure, Was better in the past.
I have used Glassdoor is a objective data point for many years about employment topics and been very satisfied. It’s only been in the last 12 to 18 months would I say I am disappointed in their behavior. It appears as though they are giving into the politics and pressure of the CEOs, and/or corporate senior leadership of companies, when an unflattering, yet fact-based trend of opinions are published about the company. It is understandable there are sour grapes, opinions based on people being let go for whatever particular reason however, when there tends to be trends, overtime that are on the negative side and could easily be resolved if a company actually owned its issues those two are being taken down from the Glassdoor site. I think that Comparably is now going to be my go to place instead of Glassdoor as a datapoint for HCM and employment decisions.
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5 years ago, buffyg
Extremely frustrating limitations
Good for researching employers (but there’s no real attempt to normalise feedback for comparison, relies on reviewers for comparative ratings, which is a very dodgy proposition), but the app is quite poor for job search on several counts: 1) resumé import feature requires use of a very poor stock format 2) search feature very poor keyword search that feels like mid-90s web search, doesn’t understand semantics well (for example, it can’t tell cybersecurity jobs from physical security jobs, it doesn’t understand words that define job categories and seniority, like “principal” vs “associate” or “junior” or “analyst” vs “architect”) 3) compounding previous problems, it tends to reverse feedback, (e.g. hiding jobs that don’t match doesn’t persist at all; in fact, looking at a job to say that it’s not a match has opposite effect, as Glassdoor remembers that you viewed, forgets that you marked it as a mismatch) 4) some search criteria like company star ratings aren’t applied correctly 5) you can get results for older searches that don’t appear to exist any more, not clear how to remove them All in all this app is a timesuck if you are using it to stay on top of a job search and a spam factory if you set up notifications. All of the problems the app has have well-known solution options, so this app feels phoned in at the end of the day.
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6 years ago, Mamathuglife
Got my Dream Job using Glassdoor
I just accepted an offer for a teaching position in China. I used Glassdoor for about 2 months applying to jobs and interviewing before I got this offer. Using Glassdoor I applied for about 15 jobs, had 6 interviews and was offered my Dream job on my sixth interview. I will add that I am traveling with my family (husband and 2 children) and was able to find the right position for us including working schedule, pay, and benefits. I had previously been offered 2 positions but they did not include benefits for my family and so I turned those down. I think with Glassdoor you can really find the “right” position for you if your willing to keep searching and applying until you find the right position for you! 5 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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2 years ago, Rubberchicken12
Completely useless. Won’t ever be back
Sign in experience is confusing and on web looks like you can no longer sign in with email address. Requires you contribute before you can see anything. Constantly recommends completely irrelevant jobs. Navigation of app and website have always been painful and hasn’t improved one bit in the past couple of years. It’s really a shame because there’s a lot of potential here. More and more GD is feeling like a neglected afterthought and feels like something built in like the early 2000’s. I would have always preferred to pay some kind of subscription, maybe $9.99 monthly, for a well executed version of this idea. Such a shame. Edit: After having multiple interview submissions rejected due to “community guidelines” I’ve decided this site can’t possibly provide any actually useful information for me as a candidate. Bias in favor of engaged employers is no longer subtle. Account deleted. 👋
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6 years ago, 12 Doll 7
Excellent Information
Excellent information given through this site to further my professional career in the chosen fields in which you share daily on the site. It affords me the opportunity to work with people of excellence in with I enjoy mastering on a daily basis in what every I choose to do. Working is a gift, have passion about what you do comes from the Lord. It’s always a joy to help others regardless of the age. It’s about the people you touch daily with your acts of love and committed duties to those around you. Whatever duties you participate in; do it with everything you have for the success of others. When completing any given assignment you know you’ve done your very best. Excellence is Key to a rewarding future. Thanks, Bobbie Jean Clow CareGiver
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4 years ago, Lillian Miles
Must Have for even the “happiest” of talent
Honestly anyone who is capable of being able to grow, adapt, provide/seek insight into your current workplace situation, or even to help provide you with knowledge of your own industries close competitors for too many to name reasons, should have this app! I would appreciate if users would be more interactive with providing feedback to their current workplace; yet having an HR degree it’s not anything that is shocking. I think if ANY changes are made, it should be alerted industry openings, wage differences, and more accurately reflect the current compensation packages from employers to help entice talent. This app if marketed, and more options would be available for both the talent, & employers it could easily surpass LinkedIn!
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2 years ago, slithery snek
It was great! For about 10 minutes.
The interface is very easily navigable, visuals were pleasant, and it was easy to find a job I had been looking for(but only on the app. The website required me to fill out a previous occupation form). But then, after I go to find more jobs to apply for, they delete my account. INSTANTLY. It says to create a new one, in which I follow up to do, and it wont let me. I have no idea why this happened, but I would not recommend this to anyone, browser or website. They nailed everything except for when they forcibly deleted my account with no warning nor way to fix it. PS- I think it’s a horrible idea to be required to list a previous job on the site before it lets you do anything, including even looking at jobs. I haven’t had a job yet but am actively looking for one, so to be rendered unable to even try and look for my first job is quite frustrating.
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2 years ago, App-pull-sauce
I have to login to the app every time
I’ve been using it for weeks and it’s decent. However, in the last few days, I’ve been experiencing a strange login bug. Every time I access the app, it acts like I’m a brand new user where I’m not even logged in. For example, if I click the app, then click the bottom heart saved button, it says that I’m not logged in so I can’t see my saved jobs. By association my resume isn’t there. So what I have to do is login every time I access the app, which has been tedious. Instead of opening the app and get straight to searching, I have to make sure to login first. I deleted and reinstalled the app recently but the login bug still exists. I don’t know if others are having the same issue, but if you can fix it soon we’d appreciate it, thanks.
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4 years ago, Never Seen This Before
Associate Director
This company is toxic. Like many others, I started with high hopes and full of admiration for this beacon of success in the area. We all, however, realized pretty quickly how bad things were. There is the issue of immature processes, shaky operations, and complete lack of planning - internal joke is that they make money despite themselves- but it is the issue of toxic leadership and culture that is the deal breaker. There is a complete lack of integrity in this company. VPs talk bad about their peers and everybody else, language that would be cause for dismissal everywhere else. Cronyism is rampant; if you are not part of the white boy’s club playing golf with the executives you will get nowhere. There are practically no female Senior Directors. Promotions are based on favoritism. They proudly claim that Illumina has a “passive aggressive” culture. Incompetence is rewarded routinely. Misogyny prevails. Good people leave rapidly. And the dysfunction is across all functions. The CEO really needs to wake up. Look around you, actually get up and walk the hallways. Show your face and talk to people. Hold people accountable and show leadership. My best advice to you - look elsewhere.
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3 years ago, I Hate This App 2.0
Unusable App
I’ve been trying to update my profile and other various aspects of my info, including visibility. I want to add a school, but I only allows me to add the desired level and dates of attendance; it won’t all inpu of school and subject matter of my education. The same is true with my profile; I can input some things, not allowed to input the most important info. It goes on and on. What is wrong with this app? It’s definitely not the user. Additionally, it keeps sending me jobs like restaurant server when I have a master’s degree; why is it sending me jobs that are waaaay beneath my skill and education level? Beats me, I didn’t ask for them, yet I keep getting, littering my inbox with garbage. I’m certain it’s because it picked up my college survival job, but since I can’t update my info, I’m probably stuck with unwanted openings for a babysitter. This app is awful, uncooperative, and frankly, hurting my opportunities.
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6 years ago, Gabbie Neale
Seeking LVN position in Orange County
Thank you for your generosity, and kindness. The positive positions, are very well written, and sounds as a perfect job. Too work for only one company. I am a very responsible nurse. Currently working for Agencies. I have an extensive experience. Longevity at my jobs, I will only mention one. For now Kaiser Permanente at Baldwin Park, 11 Years. Transfer to Orange County for three and six months. Left due to illness of my beloved husband. Too care for his health, he was a former KP employee as well with 15 years as a Senior IT. Thank you for your help. Gabriella Neale LVN III, AA Math and Sciences. Liberal Arts in Science. Psychiatric Nurse. I had walk many miles to achieve a better future. All my prerequisite for RNBSN had being accepted at the prestigious. Azusa Pacific University.
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6 years ago, GramboRama
Sonic Automotive Inc Training by CJ Best
CJ Best lives up to his name! My name is Graham Becker currently working at the Sonic Automotive Dealership at MBZ of Calabasas. CJ conducted a Sonic Automotive training session at Beverly Hills BMW on Wednesday, October 3, 2018, which I attended. The theme was ‘Overcoming Objections’. CJ was thorough, organized, patient with questions, and a pleasure to learn from. CJ Best was truly The BEST! Thank you CJ for a great training session and I look forward to future training opportunities with you and other Sonic Automotive professionals. Everyone under the Sonic Automotive umbrella has given me the support and enthusiastic encouragement any new salesperson could wish for. They truly want me to be the best I can be. I can’t thank everyone enough for the opportunity they’ve given me at my age (65!) and having had NO experience selling cars. Sonic Automotive Inc. has been a breath of fresh air in a corporate world filled with mediocrity and dismissiveness. They have shown me in a very short time what it means to be “The Best or Nothing”! Thank you CJ and thank you Sonic Automotive! Sincerely, Graham “Gray” Becker New Sales Associate and Experience Guide at MBZ of Calabasas
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4 years ago, Truthful above all else
Contractors treated like third class citizen
As a contractor under Ferchichi I endured discrimination and treatment as a third class citizen because I was not part of the “elite “ FTE who can do no wrong. John Lewis quotes to do something when you see something unjust prompted me to write this. I was not even included in Peacock’s company wide emails about discrimination what an oxymoron. Lots of hot air about what should be said and never acted upon. OCC was correct in sanctioning millions Leaders are focused on their annual bonus. Unless you are an FTE expect to be trampled on and be fed “how great USAA is” If so great, why is OCC hanging the company out to dry by the short hairs? Working in GOVERNANCE I saw first hand the daily chaos and lack of accountability Scores of meetings canceled within an hour of scheduled start time for lack of preparation. Leadership confused about policies and standards. 3-4,meetings to explain same policy. Hoping by changing policy or standard name, the OCC will accept! Adhere to policy with objective evidence, don’t do the cowardly act of just changing the policy or standards name. Top heavy leadership who can’t reach consensus and no grassroots framework for execution of tasks, Disappointed in all regards and moving my assets to a financially sound enterprise who’s phone number OCC does not have on “speed dial.” Get your act together and treat consultants like the valuable assets we are, you imbeciles. I
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6 years ago, Sr231976
Love this app but for someone reason I now have to login multiple times!
I really like this app. I use it all the time. Since the most recent update however, after I login and look at a review for company I am then immediately prompted to login again. I login I read another review (there’s no delay here, it’s not timing out)... I have to login again. Prior to this most recent update I logged in and my app stayed logged in until I logged out or until there was an app update. I’m about to delete the app, because I cannot stand do you have to enter my email address and password after every company/review that I want to read. Yes, I’m avoiding saying anything good about the app because I am overwhelmed by this horrible user experience right now and I can’t get past it. Pleas fix this soon!!
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5 years ago, Not Impressed with the Quality
Not impressed by the app
I have to say it’s rare to get a decent job match. The app doesn’t provide a place to mark if you have already applied to the job from the company’s website versus through Glassdoor. Glassdoor will send you constant email reminders “ have you applied to these jobs?” They are still available. Well in most cases I have applied. Seems low tech to not have that feature. I gave 2 stars only because it gives estimates on wages. The search goes way beyond the area you specify that you want to commute. Why have a radius to select from if your just going to go beyond it? Most of the time it’s not a good job match. Should be based on what’s in your resume. Any way. I think you have better luck just researching company’s within your area and going to their direct website and apply. Saves redundant emails and frustration.
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4 years ago, good ol' boh
Needs refreshment soon
I’ve found it more accessible to use the website via safari & google servers when researching degree of fields. I’ve attempted the same exact searches on the app, only information it provides is a loading screen. For instance, the last time I began to attempt to look into possible fields, I get timed out and the app crashes each time. I’m running the latest iOS software on my 11 pro, so I know I’m up to par on my end. I started researching mobile application developer salaries, Glassdoor needs new mobile applicators itself to fix the time out “buggy”issues the app is currently undergoing.
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3 months ago, JoeTheAnalyst
I had some one from corporate call me asking if I had a certification.
Told them I’ve done this type of work from step 1 to the finishing but no certification. I have worked in every industry from chemical to medical, so I applied and then never heard anything else. I know I am more than qualified to run any company as I have been doing since I was 18 and the largest being a $40M GR that I grew from $780k in 5 years simply development a billing template from the peachtree pro software. Why have I not heard anything back when I’ve had not only recruiters calling me for months but also the corporate of IMI. I’m beginning to believe a lot of these positions are already taken and they are “stale” jobs to reel people in
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6 years ago, Shenanigansssss
I spent over an hour spilling info to Glassdoor with promises of salary information in return. Gave them my FB info then was slyly cornered into many extraneous and long winded (30word minimum??) questionnaires. Totally irritating. Then after everything sucked out of me, the information I’m seeking is still locked. Glassdoor is much more helpful before you help them. Example: salaries of interesting careers are visible until you want specifics, at which point the once-public figures are XXd out and they make you do all these mental gymnastics where you think your almost there but it’s really just a trick to take hoards of your time and you realize there’s no end. Just tricks. How much does a new airline pilot make through FedEx? I guess I’ll have to find out another way since my subservience to Glassdoor has taken away this info from me once I so kindly gave to them. Typing this has taken away some of irritation; thanks AppleReviews!
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11 months ago, JohnnyPolo24
Poor app, good website
Like the title says, this app is simply a dumbed down version of the website. Simple things like being able to navigate to an employer when looking at a job are impossible. There are no links in job postings so you have to back out, enter a new search for the company, find the company, find the job, and hope that the salary isn’t a wild miscalculation with an enormous range. The app also sometimes fails to save jobs, meaning that when I go to the desktop browser I have to find them all over again. The app is also obsessed with getting you to interact with Bowls, which are just glorified message boards that honestly seem useless to me but are probably meant to drive “engagement.” Just stick to the desktop site if you want a usable product.
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6 years ago, not-monte-not
Great app
I like the app. I wish there was a way to remove selected jobs from job search result that don’t apply to me. For example some jobs have a language fluency or nationality requirement that I can’t meet. But they continue to appear as highly rated jobs for me. I’d like to flag those jobs as not relevant for my situation. Other than that, I like the features and ease of use. I got feedback to swipe right. I did. There is no hide option. I don’t see hide anywhere on any screen. Even on the desktop app. Guess I’m missing something? Oops take that back. Swipe right shows hide. Silly me. We all have our preferences. But if it were up to me I would have put all options on either swipe right or all swipe left. Go figure.
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6 months ago, SparkyFanatic
Great resource, but mobile app needs work
Glassdoor is great, but the mobile app needs work. I prefer searching on a browser, because you can just search “position x salary at company y” and the Glassdoor link will pop up. This simple task is more cumbersome when you actually start in the app, have to either search for the company or the position first. From there you then have to search from within the company or position page to find the other. It’s just extra steps and it usually does not work well when searching from within another page. The issue with using the browser is it forces you to sign on to view the info. The content is good, but the search functionality makes using the platform inconvenient when trying to get data/info.
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1 year ago, GasExtraordinaire
New UI is difficult
Have used Glassdoor for years off and on. Can’t recall the last time I used it or checked in but I did today and woah. The user interface is horrible. I closed out and thought I had the wrong app. Confirmed it was the correct app and opened it again. Hard to navigate, see jobs and salaries. All the things that made it easy to use and full of good information just went out the window. Can’t say if this update was the most recent or if I’m late to the party but I’m now looking for a replacement. I’ve deleted the app as it’s just not worth the headache. They had something decent and decided to do away with it. My guess is businesses approved of this (after all that’s where Glassdoor gets its money from) because it is so much more difficult to navigate and see the good data you want. Onto the next
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