4.4 (1.8K)
19.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Palo Alto Networks
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
10.3 or later
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User Reviews for GlobalProtect™

4.41 out of 5
1.8K Ratings
3 years ago, Buque24601
Please consider bring it to Mac
I understand this is not intended for Mac OS, but it seems to work reasonably well on my M1 Mac and I like it better than the native Mac version (pkg), which has a HORRIBLE menu bar icon that I cannot remove, even when I am not using the vpn. The only problem I am having with the iOS version is that for some reason, one of the SQL tool I use, Aqua Data Studio, does not seem to connect to VPN. The other tool I use, Azure data studio, works perfectly fine with this version.
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4 years ago, Big Husky SF
Worst VPN app used
I have used many VPN app over the years, but this one is by far the worst. When you first download it it will connect successfully, but if the connection underneath changes to/away from wifi/cellular you end up in an endless loop of pop up notifications and then messages about not being able to connect to the gateway, as in that moment you have lost wifi or cellular connection. Even if you switch to another VPN profile it forces it back to GP and same spiel. You can only fully uninstall it and then reinstall to get proper connection once again. Just don’t try to turn it off or switch connection type. The Mac and Linux clients are just marginally better , though (just as with mobile) MFA integration (for example with Okta) is extremely painful at best. I love many of this company’s products, but GP ain’t one of them at the moment.
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4 years ago, soylent_green
Works fine, just don't enable notifications
No issues here, works as intended. As others pointed out, it spams with notifications, so just don't enable them.
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3 years ago, Keira090208
Really bad… Do not recommend at all
I have to use this for school and there is so many problems with this. First of all, It won’t connect half the time, and when it does it goes in and out. This is frustrating because my school set it up so that when the Global Protect isn’t connected, you can’t do anything. And mind you, THIS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH WIFI OR DATA CONNECTION!!!!! Also, there are times that no MATTER what you do, it won’t connect. Just horrible service and connection. And there’s nothing i can do about it. I am behind on so many assignments now because of this thing so I really DO NOT recommend it. 0 stars.
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2 years ago, No nickname is good enough.
It could be better, it could be worse.
Perhaps this is not an app issue, but a back-end issue, but the biggest problem I have is that at least in 1 in 10 attempts to connect, the connection process gets stuck and never loads. To fix, I have to force the app closed and try again. Or, alternatively, I try to connect and no matter how many times I confirm through the 2FA, I get asked to confirm again.
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4 years ago, iOSDeveloper007
If turned off, can’t connect to WiFi
If you disable this app, it won’t let your WiFi connection receive any data. The WiFi icon in the upper left of the screen disappears, even though in Phone’s Settings, it shows I’m connected. Confirmed on 3 different iPhones, on both iOS 13 and 12, that this app is the culprit. I’m forced to use this app by my employer, it I uninstall it the moment I don’t require connecting to a server behind our VPN and incur the pain of reinstalling when I do need it because otherwise, *my phone can’t connect to the internet at all*.
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2 years ago, Jayne-Norah
Like BUT Glitchy & Dysfunctional - constant crashing
I truly love google protect on desktop or laptop computers. However the iPhone app has glitches in dysfunction that has worsened over the past few months. And the app crashes at least 2 to 3 times daily, and at its worst I have to delete the app and reinstall. The app used to function smoothly, however it seems to be having more issues.
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2 years ago, Bimmerite
Needs ability for multiple portals
As a consultant, I have lots of clients on PANs and need the ability for multiple portals so I don’t have to constantly type them in. I also have clients with various locations around the global that also need the ability to save multiple portal profiles. The desktop application does it, the Forticlient IOS App does it, I see no reason why Palo Alto couldn’t do it.
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3 years ago, ZPAD13
Most recent system update
Recently updated my Mac a few weeks ago and global protect is no longer compatible with it. I’ve been using this app since the beginning of quarantine to wfh and Apple and Globalprotect really dropped the ball on this one. I know a lot of people who need this app to wfh or attend classes online and not being compatible with each other in today’s society is EXTREMELY inconvenient for those of us that are still lucky enough to have a job. Get it together and fix this issue.
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4 years ago, Carlos David Garza
Decent vpn for work purposes
Somewhat decent VPN for work purposes but it has too many ongoing issues. Wish there was some more consistency with updates. I would like to know though... why does the GlobalProtect app request access to my personal files and external hard drives??? Note to everyone, DON’T give this app access to any of your personal files. It’ll still work.
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5 years ago, Nickbl
Spams false notifications - otherwise fine
The app does its job when it comes to vpn connection. However, when your internet blips (say switches from WiFi to cellular, or from no service to service) you get a push notification that says “connection failure” - but this means nothing as the app gracefully reconnects so the notification is useless. Also if you disable the notifications the app prompts you every time you open it to enable them, which is also a pain.
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4 years ago, Lock smith
Just the worst
This thing can’t reconnect for crap. When it does have trouble reconnecting, it goes into a panic mode, constantly spamming reconnect errors. It doesn’t give you a chance to fix the issue in settings. Instead it overrides anything you do to say it can’t connect! You have to uninstall it and reinstall in order for it to shut up and give you a chance to fix the issue. Don’t use this. I’m just forced to use this for work. It’s just the worst
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2 years ago, oskarKG
Needs to save previous server addresses so I dont have to retype it every time
I would really like to not have to go into my settings and retype a new vpn address every time I need to switch to a new server. Otherwise the app works great, I would give it a 5/5 if it had a saved servers menu
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1 year ago, Gmarco35353
Garbage protect
This app is absolute garbage. With every release it gets worse. All I want to do is be able to log into the VPN without having to disable the “connect on demand” setting and relog in 5 times while using 2FA and retyping my password. I don’t believe a lot of these reviews. This app is trash but I have to use it because my employer forces us to. Why can’t it just work the first time I log in?
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3 years ago, MisterLem
Does the job
Just the click of a button gets me on or off the VPN and I’ve never had issues with it.
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4 years ago, LuluCloud9
Works like a charm
Works like a charm. No issues here. Staying on WiFi and disabled notifications when prompted at the start of this App. Now I can access journal articles from home. Excellent.
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1 year ago, Deal search
Prefilled password issue
Prefilled password does not work well. Also doesn’t use FaceID. Doesn’t stay connected long and require frequent log in. Need to use Face ID for faster log in and prefilled password function needs to be smoother.
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3 years ago, Nsmith436
Either annoying or violates guidelines
Every single time you open the app, it prompts you to enable push notifications. There are ways to get provisional notifications, but this isn’t offered easily to the user. I don’t want your spam. If you have a reason for asking, explain it clearly. When I say no, don’t ask me every time I open the dang app.
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5 years ago, douglasehowell
SLoooooooow to update....
Every year when new iOS comes out this app is broken for some amount of time. Isn’t that why developers have access to betas ahead of public release??? To test their apps with that new release and get things worked out ahead of it? Literally this is the only app I usually have issues with at iOS update time.
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2 years ago, Sixstringseraph
An endless worthless loop
It turns off the internet connection somehow after I installed, but it needs the internet to log in, so I’m just stuck on an error screen and my ipad has no internet connection and no VPN. I uninstalled it and voila, internet is back. How this even got released as an app by a big company is baffling.
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5 years ago, iPhonePhreakazoid
Don’t tell me to contact my IT support team
This app stinks. No feedback that it is trying to connect. Nothing. Agree with the sentiment that the second worse thing is the desktop app. I’m a cloud architect and see accounts all the time moving their crappy PANs up to the public cloud and having to buy dozens of them. Time to stop that madness and recommend alternatives.
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3 years ago, Kamakazie
Don’t install the latest version 5.2.6 it breaks it
It worked perfectly then received this update a couple of days ago and now can no longer connect. The version does not recognize that it is connected to a network trying to see if there is a way to install the prior version
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5 years ago, doris forever
Two thumbs up
I love the idea of “always connect”. As an administrator, it felt a lot secured when no body left unprotected. two thumbs up
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4 years ago, pseudopsyche
Authentication error
Always has authentication error no matter what I do. Devs don’t seem to care about this at all, can’t believe this is supposed to be a “reliable” enterprise-worthy product. As others have said, why is it never ready for new iOS versions within any reasonable amount of time after they’re released?
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3 years ago, ThisSaysOtherwise
m1 macbook
I was plesently surprised to try and see the iOS version working very well on my m1 macbook pro.
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4 years ago, MH55!
Always deleting and reinstalling
The connection fails about every 24 hrs, only way to gain connection again is to uninstall and reinstall. Read another review with someone having the same problem. Been uninstalling and reinstalling for months now... wish I didn’t have to.
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4 years ago, blackspothamster
Disconnect VPN will also disconnect WiFi
Disconnect VPN will also disconnect WiFi. And if I try to manually connect WIFI again, VPN will also be automatically connected. Basically, there’s no way to use WIFI without VPN once you’ve connected to VPN once. Unless reinstall the app or reset the whole network settings of my phone.
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4 years ago, waleed_9663
The app hang my phone
There is an issue when I installed GlobalProtect it hangs my iPhone completely so i uninstall the app and it’s gone from the background but still show in settings and I can’t opened or install I tried to restart my iPhone multiple time but the issue still exists
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3 years ago, Recrem Sirrah
Buggy, broken, and unreliable
This app is very, very frustrating to use. GlobalProtect works fine on my Mac, but on my iPhone I need to uninstall and reinstall it every time I want to log in, and even then it only works about two-thirds of the time.
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4 years ago, Brian Woellm
Brick on airplane wifi
Keeps shutting down the WiFi connection so you can’t sign on. Solution uninstall when you get on board and reinstall when you land
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2 years ago, Ed Davis
Will not connect.
Latest update crashes on connect. Tried uninstalling/reinstalling, rebooting, delete and recreate the VPN profile, talked to my IT people and they have no idea what’s wrong. Palo Alto won’t talk to me at all. Guess I just won’t connect to work from off-campus then.
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3 years ago, Conn4733
Not good
This app is crap. It won’t stay connected. It times out in seconds and before you can do anything you have to go back and reconnect. My company uses this trash app and it’s made my job 5 times harder. Wish we could go back to AnyConnect.
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4 years ago, cyborgeater
Change the connect disconnect flow
My app takes a second to refresh so when I am trying to disconnect it ends up reconnecting. Can we just get a disconnect button? It’s very frustrating as is currently.
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5 years ago, Kneeler999
Works for vpn but...
Needs more control. I want to be able to disable its aggressive re-connect. The desktop app has an override that can be allowed by policy. Why not this?
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4 years ago, orakzai.shahid
Works good for me
Some people don’t like it but I love it. It’s through my school and works like a charm.
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2 years ago, srinud
App Crashes
When I try to connect app crashes and closes then a notification alert messages comes “Always on mode is enabled. Please sign in to continue”.
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2 years ago, TheCiscoKid
Crashes immediately upon opening
For some reason, this new app version crashes immediately after open it on my phone iOS 15.4.1
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4 years ago, Zylo47
Takes many tries to work
I use quite a few VPN apps for multi factor and this app is by far the worst. It ALWAYS takes more than one try to get it working sometimes as many as 5-6 tries. Either: - I don’t get the prompt on my phone - I get the prompt and no notification to approve in the app - I get the prompt but the notification takes so long in the app to appear that by the time it does my client times out. It’s just a terrible experience.
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2 years ago, Hi-Meh!
Update: simply does not work on iOS
Our company was using GlobalProtect combined with RSA authentication, which worked fine on desktop computers but not on iOS devices. Recently our IT department moved away from RSA, but we are still using GlobalProtect just through a different means of authentication. The app will constantly crash when attempting to connect. It simply does not work. Waste of time and space
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2 years ago, M Mims
Horrible !!
Don’t use
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4 years ago, Bob T N
Stable and easy to use
My iPad loves it and my PC laptop likes it.
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5 years ago, Watson041
IOS 13 - not working
App worked fine, did what was needed. However, no support for iOS13 on iPhone. Nor for iPad OS that came out. Can’t connect at all. When will app be updated? I ask again. When will app be updated for iOS 13?
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5 years ago, VincentWang93
Easy to use
This app is okay. Not as bad as described by the other reviews.
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3 years ago, MC&G
What’s wrong?
Used to work well in iPad and iPhone and one day ago it stopped working on them. I can only use it on my laptop. Please check what is wrong and deal with it...loosing precious time for these bugs!!!
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4 years ago, Jetjaguarz
Can’t disconnect?
I have to uninstall the app to disconnect because there doesn’t seem to be another way. You can toggle VPN in the iOS connection settings but it will automatically flip itself back on. Hot garbage!
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5 years ago, Lmanthas
Very very flaky app for iOS
This is most flaky app which I ever worked. Connecting remotely never happened and its foes work with okta, both on mobile or wifi. I would never use this app given choice.
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1 year ago, Dan Shook
Working poor for user certificates
The app fails to connecting when users are installing a profile on iOS16 phone. Connection fails
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2 years ago, Red XIII6
I got your service and canceled it right away because I didn’t need it. I keep getting calls telling me that I signed a 3 year contract.
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5 years ago, maryland user
Just garbage, we are required to use it at work. Won’t stay connected. Multiple restarts required to get information from server.
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5 years ago, 3x Parent
As someone else already said
Doesn’t work under iOS 13 and gave no warning to users that it would be incompatible.
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