Go Kinetic by Windstream

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Windstream Communications
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1 month ago
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User Reviews for Go Kinetic by Windstream

4.76 out of 5
73.8K Ratings
5 years ago, Plreefer1971
Nice an easy so far. I have used this 2 months now so far it’s nice and easy let’s just hope it stays this way and nothing unexpected happens like we’re telemarketers calling more emails from places I’ve never seen or heard of credit card leakage anything out of the ordinary that as an avenue going through directly to the company that I’m working with instead of going to three different companies just pay a bill and remembering all the passwords to all these different places to login so hopefully it stays nice and easy I like it so far as able to login my amount was right there of that was due I hate Clickbait I pick the credit card the pain out and that was it easy Peezy.
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5 years ago, Mimayamor
Unable to Pay On Time
The App was not showing current bill and had no option to pay the amount that was due until the DAY OF the deadline and because I was busy yesterday, I was not able to pay it on time. I just realized that there was a bill due but I was late a day! This is unacceptable! Can you please find another app developer that can resolve this issue? Other companies can do it. I am not happy that you allow this to happen. I usually pay my bills at least a week before they are due because I don’t know how busy it could be for me on different days. Your app is NOT user friendly and ridiculously unhelpful! Oh, and I did set up auto pay through the app. Nothing happened! What are you guys thinking?! Don’t you want to get paid on time? How many customers do you have? If you have 45,000 high speed internet customers paying an average of $80, you will be missing about $70,000 a day on interest if they can’t pay on time. If they pay ahead of time, your money is making interests those days you were not even supposed to have our money. Please get a good app developer and pay him/her/them a good amount. It’s an investment worth paying for.
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1 year ago, KY caregiver
App is fine service is spotty
I’m giving a 1 star review for the fact that I have had issues with my service from the start. I live in a 4bd townhome. There are 3 beds up and 1 down. The internet box sits in the bedroom directly above my room sometimes I don’t have service and others I do! Never have the techs that have came out been able to fix the issue! I live in a small town and we have a limited number of providers we can choose from so I stuck it out with this company.. I was initially signed up with this service through a marketing rep who came to my door. He advised me I would get service for $33 and some change a month now my service has gone up to a little over $80 with no warning of any sort!!! I work 2 full time jobs just to be able to survive so every dollar counts! I do not qualify for any discounted rate due to having to work 2 full time jobs which in my opinion is unfair! I’m not looking or asking for any handouts; however be reasonable here!!! I do not appreciate your company charging me over double what I was paying without my knowledge!
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5 months ago, lololol ololololol
Beware of this internet service!! This is the worst internet service I have ever had. For 8 days now I have been without internet. I call they won’t tell me what is wrong with it. They say don’t worry about the timeframe of getting it fixed. I have to I work from home and have had 3 kids home from school and they haven’t been able to do their school work. I get text saying there is an outage and the next day they create a ticket for someone to come out to my house, but then it’s canceled. They text again with another ticket time for 3 days later. I already had a ticket for the day of but it was canceled so I have to keep waiting. Who does that why cancel my ticket and more it up 3 days. We have to go another 3 days without internet I pay for. Also I been paying for a house phone, but was told I didn’t have one. I will not be staying with WINDSTREAM!!!!!
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3 years ago, Geekboi1
Superior Service and Company
I remember when Windstream was introduced into the place I grew up in GA. I originally started using Windstream as a landline service for the simple fact they had the best prices and I don’t have to bundle to just have a basic phone line. The staff is very nice and friendly. I know the family kinda personally of one of the techs because his family has businesses here. Plus Jessica she is my favorite, I remember when she started working with Windstream because I was one of he first locations. Both techs kept informing me and kept me up to date regarding when the new Fiber Optics was coming into our town. Guess who now uses Windstream to provide my home internet services. The app has also made it very convenient to be able to keep my bill paid and always be able to reach the staff through chat!! Thanks Windstream for being the provider that allows me to pay for your services. Sincerely, Alex C.
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10 months ago, LaLaRogue
Never knew it was so buggy
I’ve been getting Internet service for five years now from kinetic. I have been using the app the entire time recently I had to get all of my modem and everything else that technically is involved with that replace like a new install what I didn’t know was after they did that I would no longer be able to access my devices or see my usage in the app their app is buggy and I have spoken with three technicians trying to fix it so that I can control my smart home which is no longer working properly because I cannot see it on the app nor can I control my parental controls this is very frustrating when you rely on these things to run your home smoothly do not advise getting attached to the app until they work out all the bugs
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2 weeks ago, CityMorgue99
Can’t get the App or Website to load?
I don’t know if it’s just me, or if other people have experienced this but whenever I go to log in whether it be on the app, or the website itself I get stuck at a loading screen. On the app it says “syncing data” and will stay there, the longest I’ve waited for it to load has been 3 hours. On the Website I just get a white screen, and this is also on other devices not just my phone, my computer, my old phone, and my iPad all produce the same results. Each time I have to pay I have to call them. When I brought up that the app or website not working to someone on the phone, they tell me “just wait for it to load.” I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong, or if there’s something wrong with my account but I’ve never gotten the app to work, or the website.
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10 months ago, OriginalM.
Easy to Pay! Minor changes to the App could improve costumer satisfaction
The APP makes it is easy to use to pay bills. Not as easy to see the breakdown of the bill. The APP USELESS when your internet service has an interruption of service. The customer makes a call which is generally answered in 9 minutes and 59 seconds, the customer service representative must transfer a the technical service department; they may have an answer (best case scenario), they may run a diagnostic OR the technical service representative may ASK, “Have you tried rebooting the system and running your own diagnostic on the APP?” 😬🤯😲 PLEASE CHANGE THE SCRIPT! The APP cannot be used if there is no internet access/ internet service interruption. A suggestion to provide better customer service: SEND A GANG TEXT or AN EMAIL TO THE CUSTOMERs IN THE AREA OF SERVICE INTERUPTION. Then I do not have to call you and use my PRECIOUS TIME. This minor change could make many customers much more satisfied with the service you provide. Thank you.
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4 years ago, waxon13
The App is So much better than trying to talk in person and just as helpful... good for nothing but paying the bill or “resetting “ the network.. Customer service over the phone is terrible and useless. I call repeatedly about my internet not working right or at all. It has to be “reset” every few days. I don’t have energy to call every time it’s out it’s just unbelievable. And forget getting back any money paid out for lack of service.. that’s just a battle not worth the lost time in your life.
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2 years ago, Cgrace85
Screen time limitations don’t work
My ex internet provider had a really awesome internet limitations/WiFi extender called Plume. I could set limits for each of our devices, websites they could and could not download from and I could set downtime hours for each of my kids’ devices. When I switched to kinetic, I was told I would have something similar with this app. Most of my devices show up as “unknown” so I have to find their IP addresses to figure out what device that is and every time I set down time, it shuts the internet off to their device at the wrong time. I have no idea what time zone this app is in but it’s definitely not mine. I set down time for 10 pm and by 5/6 pm, the internet is not working. Useless.
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1 year ago, Alpha Corndog
Don’t do it!
If you have another ISP besides Windstream just do yourself a favor and stay with them. Do not switch to Windstream/ Kinetic unless you have no other option. This app never works. It worked on day 1 one this week after we signed up for fiber service with Kinetic. Now it can’t connect to the gateway and I can’t edit my profile to fix the incorrect spelling of my name. Customer support was a total joke and they couldn’t fix it either. I’m just glad I haven’t called to disconnect Armstrong yet. I’ll stick with them since I’ve had them for 2 years with zero issues. At least their app actually works and I have more control over my network with Plume. It may cost me a little more but the extra expense is worth it to me for their reliability unlike Kinetic 🤷🏼
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2 years ago, Foxcatlover
Absolutely horrible
Whole service is terrible. The app just keeps buffering when I go to register with contact information, went online and did the same thing. Went to store to try and fix it and they had me call the help line, help line told me I had to register as if I wasn’t calling about it not letting me register in the first place 🙄 told him that the app and website was doing the exact same thing(buffering non stop) when putting my number and email in. Told me to delete app and restart my phone as if that would do anything. Absolutely horrible and definitely considering switching services. I work swing shift so it’s very hard for me to get time to go to store to pay the bill so it has late fees now because I can’t pay online.
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5 years ago, Lurly01
Unable to pay
I signed into my account online to pay my bill and I was redirected to the my win page. When I tried to pay online my only option was to download the app or sign out. I downloaded the app and it shows that I owe $0.00 due Jan. 28, but when I scroll down it says current charges are my usual monthly bill amount. There is no option for me to pay my bill. I have tried every page on the app and still no option to pay so I guess I will just say thanks windstream for taking care of my bill this month. That was an awesome surprise.
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2 years ago, annon 7894368
The only reason to download an app for this service is to pay a bill. Every time I pay my bill using the app it acts like my payment did not go through. The first time this happened I kept trying and trying and ended up having to call (which takes forever). The next time it happened I went to their website and it said I owe $0 because I had I fact paid it. The app still showing that I owed my monthly payment. It’s annoying to go on their website and have their app shoved down the customers throat for it to not work properly. You might as well just pay your bill on their website. I would be switching providers if there were any available in my location, but unfortunately, there is not.
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2 years ago, shane graham 33
Customer service
So far my first bill was about 40 more then it was supposed to be. I was on the phone with customer service for over an hour and a half yesterday. I eventually hung up. Because I should not have to have paid the extra for the phone bundle, anything to do with phone because I did not ask for it.
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7 months ago, bixeman1945
Needs more payment options
The app would be better if it gave you a custom pay option. For example if I owe $150 the app only allows you two choices to pay: the entire $150 OR past due $80. It needs an “0ther” option to select your own amount. I’m on a fixed income and wanted to pay $125, but can’t do I end up having to choose the past due amount which is less. These are tough times, giving a customer the option to pay more than the past due amount (as your competitors do) would generate you more revenue and help the customer budget on a fixed income.
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5 months ago, yhnpanda
Don’t make the same mistake
This Wi-Fi is by far the worst I’ve ever came into contact with first of based on your area the best you can get is 3g for those who don’t understand let me put it like this 3g hasn’t been used in normality since phones came with a keyboard. Next thing you have to deal with is that it will constantly disconnect and/or drop in speeds when you call to get opinions on it good luck cause there best idea is to reboot it instead of finding a permanent solution, sure the price might be lower than most but the amount of difficulty’s you will face due to it are the highest of them all. All I’m saying is make a good decision a wise decision and don’t bother with this company, you get what you pay for truly.
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1 year ago, rosie pot
Paying through app
I use the app on my phone to pay my bill as I do all my bills, and kinetic is by far the most disliked. You submit payment and it does not Acknowledge that it took payment noConfirmation number or anything then it’s on to check bank to see if posted or call kinetic to see if it posted. It’s so frustrating to pay this bill. Do something to the app so it show bill was excepted. Other wise I love the internet service. What a far cry from spectrum. Edit: thank you. When I payed my bill tonight it said payment excepted. I appreciate your listening to what I had to say.
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2 weeks ago, BlackJack7512
Doesn’t listen
When I called kinetic to start my service I was not listened to, I told kinetic that I didn’t get my money until between the 29th & the 1st of the month, kinetic set my payment date up for the 26th of the month & when I called kinetic about the issue I had call 3 times before I got my due date changed for the next month & they tried to charge me $7 for their mistake when they didn’t listen to me in the first place & kinetic still expects me to pay my June bill on the 26 of the month, the internet service works perfectly but customer support doesn’t work
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2 years ago, erical2019
Service is fine but customer service supervisor arrogant
Internet service was good; at least the technician was honest about my speed (due to my house location)— way better than Spectrum who lied about the internet speed. However, I don’t like the fact that I was lied about the initial charge by Kinetic sales. The sales told me no initial charge. When I set up, I was charged $50 initial fees. I called the customer service; the representative was very unfriendly (and almost arrogant) telling me that she was the supervisor and not willing to waive $50. I won’t recommend.
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5 months ago, Forty Six and Stu
Won’t get past Syncing Data screen
I’ve done everything imaginable to get this app to work and I sign in and just says syncing data. I can’t pay my bill unless I call and even that is glitchy when I get two different user interface options. I have updated the app l and uninstalled it and reinstalled and nothing. I’m running an iPhone 15 pro so there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be working and it makes paying my bill and enjoying the “benefits” of Go Kinetic pointless. Unfortunately I don’t have any other options in this small town for internet but I’d rather use 3G Wi-Fi hotspot then this garbage.
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10 months ago, swampsmurf
This is a good app except for the fact you have to use they’er guidelines for a password and not the one you or I would like to use !! As far as a password goes , I should be able to use what ever I’d like to use , even one that I had before !! I should change this to 3 stars instead of the 5 I have it . Just because of the password issue’s !!
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1 year ago, no ugly boxes
No ugly tangle of boxes and cables
So far so good. It is more economical and just as fast as cable internet, with no tangle of ugly boxes and cords in the corner. Even after the introduction price period it will still be economical compared fro cable. Locally, there are only two choices for 1000 service, cable and Kinetic. All other providers are slower. Cable also frequently did not deliver the promised speed.
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12 months ago, D.Brew
Making Payment
I’m excited to use the app to make my payment. I was connected with a representative to make a payment on the phone but was greeted with a baby crying in the back ground along with people laughing like she was at home. Didn’t feel comfortable after hearing that and had to argue with the representative that I’m not comfortable and will use the app.
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2 years ago, Daisy Huerta
Your Choice What To Pay
Everything is great! The only one thing that would be nice, if it will allow us to pay more than then the amount. This way if someone is short for the following month, they don’t pay much because the month before they were able to pay a little more.
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1 year ago, Nightofstars
Good Service/Internet Prices Are High
Memetic Windstream has a good working Internet service. I just wish Internet cost were not so high each month. Fortunately I have the program that helps lower it for now but it’s hard on families how much the cost of Internet goes for each month. I’m very grateful for the connectivity assistance program right now.
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3 years ago, sparklingon
Won’t connect try again message
The app will not connect to server. Will only show billing info I’m suppose to be able to view what day and time they moving my service but it says no notifications. So I don’t know if is ever been scheduled or not after waiting on hold forever to talk to one rep where I was disconnected. Them called and waited forever again with another who said nothing was scheduled. So she scheduled and said I would get an email with the information or I could use the app. No info in either. So I don’t know when or if I’m really scheduled! Arggg
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1 month ago, Dashamrock
App is barebones
The App doesn’t do very much, your not able to change service plan, it’s a convoluted way of showing you your paper bill breakdown , seems it’s just another “tool” for them to get you to monitor your “Data Usage” otherwise you can use it to pay your overpriced bill and see when your service is not reliable which ok btw customer service is a nightmare with this company constantly upselling your plan without actually telling you, just billing you for it.
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6 months ago, Mspress
Payment Rejected
I just received notification from Kinetic that payment was rejected by my credit card institution! Recently my account was hacked and I was issued another card but I was told that even though this was a draft it would automatically transfer to my new card account so if this is true, why did it not go on through or what do I need to do to correct this?
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2 years ago, Teretha Carter
Excellent Service Provider
I have always gotten outstanding service. The agents are very knowledgeable of the products and tech support is without reservation the best of the best. I have never encountered a problem with any of my services. Yes, I have internet and home telephone service. Thanks to all staff members for excellent service. You’re definitely rated #1. TC
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2 years ago, Heather44144
A disappointment
Most of the time the app and website won’t communicate with the gateway. If you have a wifi extender it also won’t show on the app or website. No way of checking what signals the devices are at. I should of done more research on Kinetic before I signed up with them. I called them and they said we have to wait for an update but couldn’t tell me how many updates it would take . It could be a week or it could be a year!! Such a disappointment!! I’ve had nothing but issues since I signed up.
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5 years ago, Dwkuhl
No finger print log in
Downloaded the new Windstream app and noticed first thing it does not let you log in using finger print for passcode. I guess the little eyeball thing out to the side is for facial recognition. Still a lot of people use older iPhones than the X model or newer. Have not tried to pay a bill but will try that when the bill is due.
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3 years ago, Okmulerider
In theory, nice app; in reality, no
Easy to install; looks good. I have had to call tech support twice; another user’s device information is on app; no issue with billing. Thought problem was resolved 9/2; found same problem again late 9/3; again, appeared to be resolved after phone call. Didn’t check 9/4; today same issue with all the same devices, none of which are ours. Currently logged in on laptop and can see serial number, password and 10 devices; more today as there’s a guest. This is infuriating! Will call AGAIN
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2 years ago, Changing supplier
Unsatisfied customer
The App is the best thing about Kinetic. The service is terrible. I have been having problems with my Internet for several years and it os always the same problem. I was told back is 2021 by technicians that I would have fiber optic by te first of the year of 2022 and it has not happened yet
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11 months ago, njakfm
Rip off
I just had my internet installed and the deal was 1gb internet speeds for $70 a month. They also had another deal of 400mb or something for $40 a month. I’m currently getting 400mb out of my 1gb plan and being told by customer service that it is up to 1gb and that it will vary? So what’s the point of paying $70 for something I’m just not getting? And the man I spoke with at customer service was an idiot. I got 500mb speeds from spectrum for $40 a month so I guess I’ll go back to them. Salesman really sold it to me. Don’t make the same mistake I did.
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5 years ago, H&k mama
Speed test
I’m not sure if the speed test on here is accurate. I had a windstream tech advise me to use another speed testing app. According to it in pulling almost double the speeds the Windstream test is showing. I have tried a few others and they are pretty close. I think the issue is that the boxes can’t support higher speeds WiFi properly.
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5 years ago, awuppy
Unable to set up autopay
This my second attempt to write a review. Apparently my nickname is taken. I’ve tried at least 6. I can’t set up auto pay which I’ve had set up for several years. The old method was easy and quick. Your new easier method won’t work. I’ve tried for over an hour.
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2 months ago, Carledun
Seasonal hold
I would like to control seasonal hold on the App. I had to pay for full service for a month at my vacation home and I wasn't even there. I tried twice to reach Kinetic customer service unsuccessfully to put my account on hold and then didn't remember that I had to call back again to put my account on hold.
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2 years ago, happy but frustrating
I tried to fill out the application for 30 dollar discount but it never would let me submit it, it kept saying error but wouldn’t send me anywhere or tell me what to do. I kept trying but it never would submit very frustrating.
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1 year ago, 73mademe
Hidden Fees
I signed up with the low income program and got charged $121, and they said that I would pay at most $30. I already have a low income now Kinetic with Windstream is going to get $121 out of me. Highway robbery it’s a shame how big companies like windstream get away with this. This is why I don’t trust people but I love my good credit so I guess I need to pay this scam.
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3 years ago, Jojo snetopolis
App is terrible
App worked fine for months but it has started showing old history. On the home page it show my current bill is due in May 2020 but it is August 2021. I can look at my payment history that is up to date but not the bill history because it shows bull history from 2018. I contacted customer service a month ago and it took about 4 days to get it working again. It worked about a week and now is back to saying current bill is due May 2020.
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3 years ago, trrnene
Payment options
Payment options should be different Example no options to split pay only pay total. In a financial situation a customer can’t make a partial payment At least I didn’t see that option Thanks
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1 year ago, BennyBaseballFan
Unable to communicate with gateway
When I first got this the internet was great and the app was wonderful. Five stars. However when I moved and had to get a new account the new gateway cannot communicate with the app. I have called support and they walk me through how to connect using the IP address on my computer but there are times I want to just use the app. Support doesn’t seem to care about the app or my issue with the app and refuses to help.
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3 years ago, bsizyxbfnksu
I absolutely love this app it’s so much better than what it was several years ago… So, much better. Within 10 seconds I’m done and on my way thank you so much for simplifying my life it makes it so much easier to make a payment thank you thank you!
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2 years ago, malinkamasue
The app doesn’t always work, then you threaten me with disconnection for late payment. The app should be easier to work, especially on the weekends for people who work during the week. You should check out the app for Jackson EMC. It is super easy and super fast.
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1 year ago, Farmerdougnkarla
The app is pretty good, but they should make the important information clear. That is how much is owed, over what dates and when it is due. I can find it but I gotta look. My service has been pretty good. However, it’s been out for the past four days and I’m hoping that it get fixed tomorrow :(
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1 year ago, Parulablue
New customer
We are so very grateful and pleased to have gotten the service on our very rural road. The service is fast, reaches into our metal barn, and works great. All the crew who worked to getting the fiber up and installing the equipment have been so kind and helpful. Very very pleased!!
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11 months ago, Terrie_ach
App is awful and website is worse!!
Every time I TRY to pay my bill online with this company it’s a nightmare! Every other company in the world has a website that’s easier to use! Come on Windstream-get it together!!
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2 years ago, JustBeb
Terrible service
Most unreliable internet provider with terrible service and connection. Drops every time it rains. Sit on hold for 30min plus waiting on a representative. Do not use. However, the app is easy to use except it will not connect you to a live customer service representative. Save their phone number in your phone for when you have to call 20 times to get your internet reconnected. DO NOT USE THIS PROVIDER if you work from home. Or if you want reliable service.
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1 year ago, shaunshaun87
Thank God for this app😍
This is the best app especially when it comes to paying your bill. It was so simple and beyond easy and my bill was past due and I didn’t have to reach out to anybody or anything. I just made it straight online. Thank you for making things easy.
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