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Docebo Spa
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1 month ago
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15.5 or later
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User Reviews for Go.Learn

2.1 out of 5
354 Ratings
5 years ago, TThom74
Doesn't work half the time
A subset of our users get a blank page when trying to access any content within a course, and uninstall/reinstall does not fix this issue. It occurs on a variety of phones and internet connections. It also won't allow them to download courses to watch offline. It doesn't appear to be a connection issue. Really disappointed as this was a really exciting feature for our users.
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5 years ago, RyanHagel
Potential not realized yet.
This app is a great idea, however, it has tended to frustrate our users more than aid them. SCORM objects aren’t executed properly ending in stuck students who get stuck in a loop. Webinars and ILT’s only show overall info and do not show any details regarding the date/time the learner is scheduled for and does not allow them to select a session or join a session. Also, the app frequently loses internet connections even when other apps have no issues. The UI is not very user-friendly. It needs a lot of work and is costing out company time and money. I would consider avoiding the app altogether until it is improved to avoid making more work for yourself. I have worked with many company applications and this is by far the least polished and most “buggy”.
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5 years ago, Darnell235
Great App To Learn Door to Door Traits
I started this app and like any skeptic I thought to myself “is this really going to work” I’ve been using this app for the past three months consistently picking up all the traits for my profession. It has all the content for practically every door to door product. I’ve increased in my sales skills and the knowledge that I apply have actually worked. It’s not a night and day difference it’s about consistency.
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3 years ago, eddukes
perfect when it’s set up correctly
I love being able to access my training on the go. I think many people might struggle because their organizations don’t have the app configured properly, but mine does! I love this app. Learning is easy with this app.
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4 years ago, Soulful l3eauty
The learning process is really good and the testing isn’t too hard. On the other hand one of the tests, for some reason doesn’t mark my answers. I waste my time going all the way back just to make sure every answer is selected only to find out when I submit the test, it still shows my answers were not selected. It’s rather frustrating and annoying.
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3 years ago, e-mech
Difficult to use
Very difficult to use and almost impossible to figure out what courses are actually required now/soon. Really needs a recently issued, soon to expire display right on the home screen. Also doesn’t show all courses available to me that show up on the web browser site. You’re also better off using the website because the app doesn’t like giving you credit for courses completed.
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2 years ago, Joaznit2win
Easy Access
It allows me to listen, engage and upload content for assignments due providing I’ve got it in a file on my mobile device or through photos.
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2 years ago, Dallas Hater
I didn’t know an app could be so terrible. If I could leave zero stars I would. Just as an example, every time I go to watch a video in a course it works fine. At least until the video ends, or I want to exit the video to go to different content. The “back” button becomes inaccessible and I have to close the app and restart. Other times, I will exit back to the main menu and it will default to my downloaded content - of which I have none because I am only using this while online. I’ve reverted back to watching videos and looking at content through my phones Internet browser rather than using this app. At least until these folks figure it out
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3 years ago, SavD96
Fantastic experience
This app gives me a great offline learning experience. I love being able to get away from my desk and learn while taking a walk or listening in the car.
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2 years ago, CCCSP
Doesn’t Work
I was forced to download this to view a Thompson Reuters course, but the app did not work at all. I missed the meeting trying to get it to work. It asks for a “Platform URL” but doesn’t give you any parameters. I tried to paste my URL, but it wouldn’t accept. When I went back to the course webpage to redirect me to the app, it just sent me to the App Store again. I’m ashamed that Thompson Reuters using this tool for viewing their courses.
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2 years ago, bgkasado
Pop up blocker
I had used the app for a while in one of the courses it suppose to allow me on line learning but pop up blocker supposedly is on when it’s off So it won’t let me lunch the class very disappointed I had tried everything but nothing seems to be working
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6 years ago, ShannieB143
Made learning a breeze
Easy to download and access my training on my phone. Also has an offline option which made it easy to do my training on my flight. A++
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2 months ago, Leerice1
Content/videos don’t load… spinning wheel of death
Can’t do any of my coursework from the app because none of the content will load. Just get the spinning wheel of death for minutes trying to get a video to load… never ends up loading. Maybe check out Datadog as a way to improve the performance of your mobile app and backend services.
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2 days ago, Kandgamer79
Password Not working
For some reason the password will not take when it takes you to the URL for the site that you are receiving the training. I checked and double checked the password that I use on the desktop, even changed the password for the app, and the password will still not work. I don’t get it 🤷🏾‍♂️
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1 year ago, DiscoDyno
App works as well as the courses are designed
Worked well the first try since the courses and site were layed out well.
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5 years ago, mykh8*
Terrible UI and no info available
After downloading the app and starting it for the first time I’m promoted to enter “Platform URL”. I have no idea what that is and no information is given. I try guessing using the same URL I use when for desktop browser — the same URL I tried on my mobile browser which promoted me to download the app from the App Store. That gives the unhelpful message “that URL is not valid. Thanks.
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1 year ago, Kody D.C.
Poorly Maintained
80% of the courses do not work, and are full of bugs. The new redesign makes it impossible to find all your courses in a convenient area. So much potential with so little effort or upkeep.
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5 years ago, Today's man
Pure garbage
Absolutely trash. Crashes all the time. Doesn’t let you advance to next chapter or keeps saying your device is offline no matter what the status of your internet connection is. I haven’t been able to do a single thing other that an introductory chapter. Crashes immediately after. This app will literally stress you out. Who released this buggy unfinished apps pure trash
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2 years ago, Braditude
Logging in could be streamlined
Please refine the log in and off-line use experience. Logging in each time I open the app is cumbersome. App often does now work in off-line use. I enjoy using when it works though.
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4 years ago, Jeff Godin
Company is weak
The app underperforms in many ways. I have been a customer for almost 8 years and been requesting simple features such as the ability to access assignments on the mobile app for many of those years. It falls on deaf ears. They fix bugs when it’s convenient for them leaving my learners in a lurch and me dealing with their dissatisfaction. Dropping this LMS as soon as feasible for our company.
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3 years ago, Mr. B & Mrs. G
Barrier to learning
I’m very tech savvy and this app is so much worse than just accessing the Rotary learning center through an internet browser. Whatever your organization paid to incorporate this app away from the internet browser was a massive waste of money. I can’t imagine how much less resources are being accessed as a result of this “application”.
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1 year ago, mrcarlon
Garbage, really disappointing for mobile users
The app is pretty much garbage. I get an error message when trying to view my profile or dashboard that says it can’t be used in the mobile app. In the actual training I get more error messages and if it does load it won’t play. Did anyone test this?
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5 years ago, Loud annoying adds.
Doesn’t Work!
Wanted to get my courses done but I can’t get the next courses to unlock. I’ve watched everything serval times to be able to advance. I’ve removed the app and reloaded it. This is stupid. And I can only do the classes though this app. I am aggravated with this especially after reading all the other negative reviews. This is 2019! This shouldn’t be an issue.
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2 years ago, PeachyJessie
Cannot Access App AT ALL!
Every time I try to log into my platform, it says wrong credentials. However, I access my platform website on my browser app and my login works just fine. Your application is broken and is honestly pointless at this point in time.
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5 years ago, Toe Knee Tee
Password saving?
It would be really convenient if we could have our password saved, so we could log in with a click or Face ID. There’s no option for this that I’ve seen.
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5 years ago, Methai
Doesn’t work. Tried many times, over different updates.
I have a 10% chance of this working. Generally it’s just blank screens and you can’t get to anything at all. Worse yet, the site doesn’t support a mobile web version so I can’t actually use any of it at all on iOS devices.
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4 years ago, Ryhix
I would give negative stars if possible.
The app doesn’t work. Period. I have called Docebo and emailed and they refuse to help me and keep referring me back to I-car who stated I am doing everything correctly and it’s an issue with Docebos app. What a terrible company to create an faulty application and refuse to assist the end user to make their garbage function.
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5 years ago, Adamwepa
App is buggy
Can’t take course app will say “pop up blocker is turned on”. When you so fix your pop up blocker it still doesn’t work what so ever. Very annoying
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5 years ago, SSDogh
It’s not working
The display is not working. It’s slow and only showing partial information of each course. The button is not visible to the next page, it doesn’t allow users to zoom in or out either. It’s a very disappointed app.
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5 years ago, Ryan bioc
Fix your app
Just created an account and entering/copying/pasting my account info from email confirmation and it’s invalid. Very frustrating. Can’t wait to see more bugs and issues after I login. If you need this app for work, tell your employer to use something or different edu program.
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1 year ago, ChatyGPT
Fail in basic UI design
It is impossible to back out after watching a video. Such simple basic user requirements that shouldn’t be a problem in this age of time. Clearly their developers did not use their own app.
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4 years ago, Randall Sharma
Don’t buy into the negative publicity
It’s great! I particularly like the scene with the mice children and Rebel Wilson scarfing down the tap dancing cockroaches. Must see movie of the season.
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4 years ago, Drew608
Does not work for Icar. Doesn’t do anything when you click “start learning now”. You also can’t download the course to take it. Clicking download doesn’t do a single thing. I suppose a garbage training company would choose a garbage app like this to run its classes. Thanks ICAR, for your continued failure!
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5 years ago, Falsy
Every day I open this app and find a brand new way to be unhappy about it. Now I can’t seem to progress at all, it just “loads” forever. And if I try any other format it chooses between working and then pretending it didn’t, or working and then failing again later.
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3 years ago, RL9876
Doesn’t work.
After I sign in, I’m told there is a new version of the app, which I just installed. There is no newer version. There’s no place for me to go and I can’t get in. I’d give it less than one star if I could since I can’t even use it.
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5 years ago, Goodtomove
Extremely poor
App keeps requiring me to sign in even though I hit stay signed in. Format is not user-friendly. Only has landscape in one mode. Cannot read headers of what course is until you open it. About the worst App I have ever used in my entire life
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2 years ago, Solidwolf
Can’t finish a course.
I interact with every module on my course and it will not allow me to progress, despite repeating the same lesson several times. No point to a mobile experience if I can’t actually complete lessons.
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5 years ago, Chris10111213
Terribly slow app
This app makes it more difficult to complete required workplace courses. It’s very slow and constantly freezes up. Not sure why an app is now required to do these courses. Going directly to the website was much faster.
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5 years ago, valdoooo
To many bugs
Have to reinstall it sometimes and is kinda Annoying.
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6 years ago, JettyMcJoster
Doesn’t work
Just downloaded this app. Clicked on a course and it loaded nothing. Introduction: BLANK Tried to go to the next section, it did, but it was also BLANK. Not sure how I’m suppose to “go learn” if all it does is list the courses and provide me with no content. Please fix this
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2 years ago, Amy.Pruett
Doesn’t work
I’m disappointed as the app Doesn’t work. Even when I try to use my phone to study - it always automatically routes me to the app. Quite frustrating:(
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5 years ago, leilanawaz
Great when it works
I’ve had to uninstall - reinstall every time I want to access the content shared with me by my company. Incredibly frustrating. Please fix!
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4 years ago, Mike Beze
Will not fuction
I’m trying to do any of the learning modules for I-Car and it won’t work. Tried downloading to use offline and still nothing. Seems like a great idea but needs the bug worked out of it first.
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11 months ago, BlueLogoBird
Horrible interface
Doesn’t support increased text size so I have to constantly zoom in and out to read the tiny text. The voice over doesn’t cover half of what is written. It’s like a grade school puzzle trying to figure out what else I have to click on to complete a page. Just make it flow! If I never have to use this app again, my life will be better
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1 year ago, AMReyes12
The APP will not let me past the login page. Continuously, delete and redownload, changed passwords for it all to still not work. Waste of time. Just terrible.
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1 year ago, peterson2217
App froze
This is frustrating! I’m trying to use Go Learn and it has frozen.
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3 years ago, 111987NicoH
Waste of time
Downloaded the app and I can’t even get signed in. I sign into the elearning (with the same credentials) on my laptop and it works! It’s not a user error. The app simply doesn’t work!!
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4 years ago, joshwcorbett
Dysfunctional at best
It’s nice to have all of the learnings and courses organized like this, but I’ve experienced too many bugs to enjoy it. 1. App constantly freezes. 2. App frequently doesn’t mark courses as ‘done’ once completed. 3. App frequently tells me I’m offline when I’m connected to WiFi. Those are my main complaints, but those problems happen to be major enough for me to leave it with this rating.
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5 years ago, Gil O'Bryan
App does not work
My training site suggests this app on the homepage. This app, however, won’t connect the the URL for that site to let me log in to my account there. At least I didn’t have to pay for this app.
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1 year ago, CindyS333
Doesn’t work most of the time
It could be a great app if it actually worked and functions as it is supposed to.
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