4.7 (30)
55.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
PEMCO Mutual Insurance Company
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Go PEMCO

4.7 out of 5
30 Ratings
6 months ago, Pbuck44
Love it.
Simple and easy to use would be 5 stars if I could still add and remove vehicles
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9 months ago, CSW Seattle
Pemcodometer is not reliable
As a couple of others have mentioned here my Pemcodometer score plummeted overnight for no reason. On August 29 my score was 99 and the next morning (no intervening trips) it was 84. My phone distraction score was a perfect 100 and it dropped that night to 78 and is now 66 despite the fact that I have not once used my phone in the car while driving during this whole period. In fact, I have not taken it out of my pocket once. So far, Pemco’s customer service has done nothing except come up with reasons my phone is showing activity. They vaguely claim that taps are being detected, however all my trips (300+) have perfect, 5 star, phone distraction scores and customer service will not/can not address my question about why the score dropped overnight and is continuing to drop despite perfect drives. In addition to all this the “hard braking” scoring has obviously changed although they deny it. I have very few hard braking dings, but after August 29 they are impacting the overall trip score much more. I believe I’m also seeing more false negatives and am keeping my dashcam footage as proof. For the 45 days prior to August 29 I was happy with the program, but now I am quite disappointed and unhappy that Pemco is not taking the initiative to find out what’s going on.
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1 year ago, Frogs and Kittens
I think PEMCO’s app is awesome!
I’ve always liked PEMCO because they are not like your average huge corporate insurance company. But I was surprised to to find that they also had a better app than the average huge corporate insurance company. I read some of the negative reviews posted here and they seem to mostly be written by a few loud disgruntled customers. I think most people, like me, are very happy with PEMCO and with their app. The app makes it simple to get in, do whatever I need to do, and move on with my life. Just what an insurance app should do, in my opinion. I’m glad they added the ability to put my ID card into Apple Wallet. I even sent my kids copies to put in their Apple Wallets. I also like how easy it is to make changes to my insurance. I got a new car and used the app to get the insurance all changed over. It was a snap. I used their feature that tracks your driving habits for 90 days. I also found that to work very well. It did notice when I was speeding, but it seems like it never dinged me unless I was going at least 10 mph over the limit. Now I’m getting a discount because of it. I also use the app to pay my insurance bill. I hope they add a feature to allow me to pay with Apple Pay. Also, PEMCO, if you are listening, a reminder when my payment is coming up due would be nice. 🙂 Great app, keep the enhancements coming!
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1 year ago, fff. gg
It’s super user-friendly and makes everything so easy.
I e been using Go PEMCO app for a while and it’s getting better and better. One thing I love about the app is how simple it is to access my policy information. I can view my coverage, deductibles, and make payments right from my phone. Plus, the interface is intuitive and fun to use. Filing claims seems like a breeze with the app (I haven’t really filed a claim but fondled around it). You can easily snap pics of the damage and upload them, and the app gives you updates on the progress of the claim. It's so convenient!!! All in all, if you're looking for a hassle-free way to manage your insurance, you gotta check out Go PEMCO. It's made my life so much easier, and I'm sure it'll do the same for you.
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1 year ago, Panda19181
My Driving Feature Is Terrible
There is a feature that tracks your driving and scores you, and if your score is high enough after 91 days you may be eligible for a discount on your insurance. However, the feature is terrible at tracking and does not work well at all. In order to actually get a good score, you have to drive like you’re 100 years old and like it’s your first time behind the wheel. Ever since it has been tracking me, I’ve had to deal with many angry drivers because I couldn’t keep up with the flow of traffic since the app would classify it as speeding. Almost every turn I make is also classified as hard turning, even though in reality it’s a normal turn. The app also does not have a solution for that and simply just tells you to take another route to avoid being marked for hard turning, however there’s no other route I can possibly even take. This tracking feature is just absolutely terrible.
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11 months ago, retired033118
Great app feature!
We just joined Pemco Insurance with auto and home insurance. Chris E. our rep was very prompt and courteous and repeated numbers back for accuracy. When I received my email I created my account login. I opened the app and took a look around. Great that I can download the insurance card and proof of insurance. Why did we wait so long to switch companies?!? Thanks to Chris and looking forward to a long journey ahead with Pemco.
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1 year ago, TheSmithZoo
Nice job on this app!
Has anyone else noticed that PEMCO has been adding a lot of nice useful stuff to this app lately? I have. You can send them feedback or ideas through the app and they actually listen. Keep it up PEMCO, this is one of the reasons I keep my insurance with you guys. 👍
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12 months ago, jannybird
Super easy and quick to use!
This app is so helpful for managing our home and auto insurance. It has been super convenient in times of immediate need for auto info and for changing or updating our plans.
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9 months ago, TwoShea 2
Easy easy easy
How much easier can it be! Everything in one place, makes my organization look and feel stellar! I love it!
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1 year ago, Mel2k
So far so good
Just wish I could make a split payment on the app instead of having to call every month.
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10 months ago, billyb0bth0rt0n
Can’t open driving portion for monitoring period with new update
Ever since the new update, I have been unable to open the driving portion in the app to monitor my driving over the 90 day period. Please fix, this is very annoying. Thank you
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1 year ago, Straight Answers
User friendly!
The PEMCO app is the most user friendly app! I appreciate being able to quickly access any docs I need.
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9 months ago, Daddysam1
A very handy app!
We have multiple drivers and vehicles and the PEMCO App makes sharing our information dry convenient!
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10 months ago, AndyHomer
Driving monitoring is a scam
I had a high 90’s score for almost the entire driving monitoring after driving like a 92 year old grandma. After the newest “update” my score goes from 99 to 81 overnight. Now continues to go down despite “perfect drives” in the final week of monitoring. Sometimes it goes down even when I’m not driving. This is a total scam.
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9 months ago, Peepurrcat
Easy using
This app is very easy to navigate and very easy to find what you need at all times!
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3 months ago, Nena🌼
This app is very easy to use. Very user-friendly. Payments are all done through the app.🌼
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2 months ago, —CalebD—
Easy to use
Really nice design, don’t find it hard to use at all
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3 months ago, BigDaddyDiesel78
Still asking me to update ID Card in Apple Wallet
I was excited to see this update would fix the app constantly telling me to update my ID Card in Apple Wallet, however it’s still broken and the app is telling me to update my Apple Wallet, again!
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1 year ago, MozartNot
Happy camper here. . .
Everything I use is perfectly Apple-device compatible, easy to understand and navigate and, fast. I can suggest many other companies who need to learn customer service from PEMCO. The other day I called with a question and the lady said I’d been a customer for 50 (FIFTY!) years. I’m still a happy camper!
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6 months ago, Jimro42
This app is classy, to the point, easy to navigate, great map info. Great layout of pertinent information. Thanks
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9 months ago, Matt1990!
The tracking in the APP needs a lot of work, my overall score was destroyed because it didn’t track approximately. I love PEMCO and think they will get it fixed, but their tracking for the safe driving thing is kinda whack.
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8 months ago, Former Fetch User
The App Could Use Work
There’s no reason a regular paying customer shouldn’t be able to pay using two different cards. That’s a hindrance for the both of us.
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1 year ago, rlund92
So user friendly
Best insurance app they have thought of it all!
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10 months ago, rosariorose
Easy to use app
The app is very easy to use
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10 months ago, Nykeec
Great App!
Easy to use. All my information at my fingertips.
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8 months ago, Alanmerr
Love it!!!
It is so convenient to have the ID card. In my Apple wallet now. Thank you.
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8 months ago, not an easy thing to do
Changed app now can’t print
You have changed your app and now you can’t print. We have learned that Wi-Fi is not always available so when it is something important, like an insurance I’d card we make a copy. Your new and , I guess improved, app won’t allow you to print. Very frustrating when headed to dmv. Must pray we can call up wallet to show insurance I’d. Fingers crossed! That old saying, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, comes to mind. Minus one star rating!
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8 months ago, seamonkey.b
Nice app
Love the convenience of having my insurance info with me at all times.
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1 year ago, JK in Seattle
PEMCO app is easy
I am 62 and found it so simple and very helpful Lots of prompts and good information
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8 months ago, Sleeper in seattle
Easy and simple to use well made app
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1 year ago, @coachjaymills
First Time
Great teaching tools and simple to navigate!
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5 months ago, C .Maurer
Great we so
Easy to navigate!
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1 year ago, Testr3
Changing ‘Insured Driver’ name.
This works well as does saving the update in Apple Wallet.
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2 months ago, TomasIsI
Printing proof of insurance is a pain
I can only get the print function to print a full 8 1/2x 11 page, not a card size
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8 months ago, Vladaslavian
Good insurance and good app
No problems so far!
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2 months ago, K2lovely
Best insurance app ever!
Easy, fast, super convenient.
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3 years ago, rhoih
Serviceable, but some updates would make significant improvements
I have to admit, I have yet to make any claim on the app, but so far no real complaint in using it. As previously mentioned in other reviews, incorporating Apple Wallet would be great. Also adding notification features would be helpful. Relatively new to the company, thought with the ease of electronic communication, there would be a reminder sent when payment was due- (nope only a ‘Notice of Cancellation’ was issued 6 days later 😳). Fortunately the payment feature was easy enough to use.
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8 months ago, mushy1
The ID card in the app does not list all our vehicles
We have 4 Vehicles insured not three listed on the electronic id card
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11 months ago, TonicHD
cool app
very handy to have my insurance card digitally.
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3 months ago, f Evan
This app is very sensitive
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1 year ago, Llanathemall
Never buy insurance from this company
The way they are running their business is to fool customers. At first, they will give you a low rate for home, vehicle insurance and additional discount if you going with paperless. The thing is they waved some coverages required by state in the first document without notifying you. Then after several weeks, they will send you another document which shows they increased your vehicle insurance amount by 50-60% to add those policies required by state! You probably will miss that email among their advertisement emails then they will automatically start charging you for that additional amount! Even if you don’t miss that email, you need to pay that because those policies are required by your state. So, in a word, they basically set a trap for customers who wants to use basic coverage!
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9 years ago, The Hammer 2015
Workaround if app crashes
This version of the app has a bug that can cause the app to crash for a small number of users. If you encounter this problem, you can fix it by simply deleting and re-downloading the app. Sorry for the inconvenience, a permanent fix is on the way.
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6 years ago, kmarmstr
Does what I’d expect
Good: Does everything I’d expect from an insurance app. Straightforward design that makes it easy to do what I want. Bad: not high resolution, so the app looks a bit fuzzy on the iPhone 8. Overall: 5 stars, although I’d really like to see an update to make it look better on iPhone 8.
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11 years ago, emperorjones
It just works
Not a lot of fluff... it has all the right stuff. Runs fast and does most of the things you'd want an insurance app to do. This is a good first release, looking forward to new bells being added to future versions. My mobile life thanks you!
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3 years ago, ar3ddy
This is a great app
I really like the Pemco app, everything is easy to find and I can pull up my policies very easily. The only thing I am requesting is that you add Apple Wallet integration so that we can put our insurance cards into Apple Wallet. Then it will be even easier to access our insurance in an emergency.
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5 years ago, Natedog266
Does everything you need it to
Amazingly simple to check or change coverage. Bought a new car and got the coverage set up in less than 5 min.
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6 years ago, acemanawc
Please include screen optimization for iPhone X
This is one of the last apps on my iPhone X that is NOT YET optimized for the screen? Come on Pemco! I was so hoping that this latest update was going to be the one, buy you only added FaceID. Please go back and update for the iPhone X screen so that the annoying black bars on top and bottom are gone. Thank you!
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11 years ago, Sandykumar
Useful & Handy app!
I'm a customer for the past 4 years and I love PEMCO's customer service. This mobile app is another example of its service to its customers. I love the app as it gives me access to all my basic things i do with my policies! Way to go PEMCO!!!
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4 years ago, Altex1629
Beautiful and Simple App
Such an easy app to navigate and use. Adding pictures to claims is simple and can even add a description. All the necessary information is quickly accessible
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4 years ago, mrsryyyn
Super helpful
Very helpful app. Needed to get a new copy of some information. Was able to find what I needed quickly and easily. With just a few clicks what I need will be sent.
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