GoCanvas - Business Forms

4.7 (1.5K)
249.7 MB
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Current version
Canvas Solutions, Inc.
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for GoCanvas - Business Forms

4.74 out of 5
1.5K Ratings
4 years ago, Beauheemuth
Something I’d never expect.
I’m sitting here in the garage just after midnight watching an old episode of Seinfeld. I was browsing shortcuts trying to unlock the “allow untrusted shortcuts” option in settings. All because I wanted to get a shortcut I’d seen at the flekst0re that allows you to make new icons for your current apps. But I had to create and run a shortcut before I was allowed to unlock the option to allow untrusted shortcuts in settings. Now that I’ve done so, I let my mind wander and ended up seeing something that led me to this app at the App Store. I love this app :)
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6 years ago, Rakm5898
Time saver 10 stars would be better
I did all my inspections on paper before, now I’m able to email the report in real time directly to the supervisors and they can fix the problems ASAP. Also liability wise it is a track record to show I let them know of the issues. The Team at GoCanvas also reaches out to make sure I’m still doing ok 3 months after I started my subscription.
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6 years ago, Crazyhorsecannon
Go canvas review
Moving our inspections from paper to apps was a very scary idea. The thought of having no paper to touch was only slightly less scary than the thought of us having to build an app as none of us are computer programmers. A year into it we love it. Actually we loved it from day one. This is the only way to go....GOCANVAS
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2 years ago, billy jean271
They raise your rates almost every year because they add random services that most people do not even use. They add these “services” just so they can make it seem like they are doing something special just to have another reason to raise rates. We have never used any of these special services, we use the basic proposal log & that is all. They do not offer a basic plan for this stuff, they are wanting to charge the same $65 a month fee regardless of what you use. I started out paying $20 a month now it’s 3 times higher!
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5 years ago, Sal Piccolo
GoCanvas rocks!
I use GoCanvas for the medical company I work for in NJ. I have transformed all their field forms into apps and now we received info up to the minute vs. weekly or monthly! App work offline which is a huge plus. The GoCanvas support team is amazing. Theresa, Kareem and Jason always have an answer and no is not in their vocabulary.
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6 years ago, patchmasterdoom
Needs UI fixes.
Drivers need to be able to drag and drop the order of their stops from within the app. What makes sense by the map (if dispatchers even bother putting the trip in order) a lot of times doesn’t on the ground. Example being receiving hours force you to make your last stop first. Or a last minute add on gets put at the top of the list, but it goes in the middle of the route. Also the app orders stops like a computer orders files. This throws things out of whack when dispatch does take the time to order the trip. Example: I have stops 1-14. The app will order it 1, 10-14, 2-9. It is expecting stop 1-9 to be listed as 01-09. Again this would not be an issue if the user can drag and drop trip orders.
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2 years ago, GarynMike
Powerfully simple…
If you’re looking to create an app that you, and/or your employees, can use to provide reports to clients then this is it! Stop looking, start creating, start benefitting from the satisfied clients you can start servicing!
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5 years ago, JessDaBest823
Such a big help!
I love this app it has really help me with creating waivers, consent forms, and recurring credit card authorization forms for my small business. The look of the app is very clean and professional And super easy for my clients to use. Thank you GoCanvas!
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2 years ago, d.dior12
Crashes upon submitting, EVERYTIME
I’m literally in tears as I write this, I tried over 5x to submit my report and it has crashed each & every time upon submission; I’ll get to the very end just for something to happen where it crashes and doesn’t save my report and I have to redo it. Why? I tied to contact their support yet it’s an endless wait time via phone, tried several times via email to no avail; please fix these issues.
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5 years ago, Juliecutie2904
Very Helpful
Go an as has made my process of signing in and collecting signatures completely paperless and instant. The team is very responsive and willing to work with us. Great product and great people!
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1 year ago, ElvisGzlz
black screen
I updated to the latest version and now the app stays on a black screen
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6 years ago, Garden Gal TX
Changed the way we do business!
Going on three years using Canvas with custom forms and .pdfs for our Motorcoach operation. The Canvas goes above and beyond every time. Paperless trip reports are indispensable now.
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5 years ago, Sal@sfs
User friendly App
Fairly easy to use very, good efficient app for our type of business.
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4 years ago, Abraxas27
This COULD be SO powerful.... but...
Where’s the integration with contacts in my phone? Please tell me I missed something. My customer list is in my phone. And I’m supposed to retype their name and address again each document? Nope. Please tell me I just missed it and this app can use contacts because I could use this.
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1 year ago, Ameliacolin2
Good but sometimes not reliable
Good app when it works. Last update result s in just a black screen on both an iPhone and iPad.
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5 years ago, Cadagil
No history search
The “CEO” should stop wasting money in making stupid videos and start working on a search bar for the history page.. or people is going to switch soon to. After you do that! do a video advertising the search bar. You’ll do much better... as if now.. the app is worthless.!
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3 years ago, Jay Karmali
Not Bad
So far day 1 using the app, saves one from all the paper work.
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2 years ago, Gen A/D
Worst app ever.
This app constantly logs you out and forces you to log back in and then go back through the steps to get to where you were before it logged you out. This app is required at work so I use it all day. It’s counter intuitive. Simply maddening. Fix yourself.
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5 years ago, iphonessuckforever
No option to clear saved form lines
Why does gocanvas not have the option to clear all saved remembered lines of a form?this makes my report writing much more annoying. I want a setting option that clears all remembered lines for forms across the app
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5 years ago, needsmultiadd
Needs multi add for images
This app works great and is very versatile. The only thing it really needs is a way to multi add images. This would be extremely helpful and time saving.
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7 years ago, DJ Marcuis
Powerful app!
I use this app daily and am impressed with its functionality.
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3 years ago, dnsjeksks
Go Canvas
Very quick and helpful
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6 years ago, Scam alert 2
Buyer beware
Sales people here use Tactics to lock you in to a long term contract without explaining your options. The service is sub par with app not syncing. Workflows are not reliable. Cannot keep a submission editable since it must be handed off person to person. Not what we thought it was for sure
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4 months ago, 335i=joke
Dark mode?
Dark mode for those of us who work nights please?
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4 years ago, Big gamer 1234
The new invoice system they designed for me is awesome!! Makes life easier.
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4 years ago, christinae79
Do not use
Too many bugs and issues. There are plenty of other apps that cost less (yes, they change you after your intro where you do not get full access to the app) and perform better.
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5 years ago, myszdeb
Go canvas
Easy to use and easy to set up
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4 years ago, AJ Nuggs
Enjoying gocanvas
Easy use of app. Very efficient.
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6 years ago, Binobanbino
Field review forms
Needs to be able to upload multiple pictures at a time.
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5 years ago, Espurg
Great app
I love this app , helps write tickets with ease .
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2 years ago, Fred-905m
Poor privacy practice
The app constantly pasting personal information from pictures, text messages.
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5 years ago, Buzzfeedsuxballs
Keeps crashing when I try to submit
Has anyone else had an issue with submissions and the app crashing as you submit?
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1 year ago, hzhdhdhhhsgshhs66542
Complete garbage
Crashes constantly. Update: still continues to delete my work as I’m filling out a form.
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6 years ago, AG Emp
Great App!!!
Works Great!!! 2 month user
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12 months ago, RH00STER
Slow. Quirky.
App will randomly sign out and is very slow to load.
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1 year ago, Thumbs down emoji
Not reliable since 3/23
Every day I have to uninstall and reinstall the app just to use it.
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4 years ago, Itried(10)nicknamesnot
Very simply put; it flows...
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3 years ago, NeL5o0
Very moody app
Works when it wants to
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5 years ago, Far out design
You can only create a custom document. No copy paste or import.
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6 years ago, Ido3d
At first sounds like something that could work but then I see it is a 45-65 PER MONTH!!! Sorry goodbye......
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13 years ago, mammazoe
Easily go green with very little $
These apps are amazing! Try it, whatever you do you can customize to your needs. I am a massage therapist and have been trying to find a way to go paperless for a while now with disappointing results until Canvas! Other options were either too expensive or didn't fit quite what I needed but I am so pleased with this product I can't even verbalize it! I have my health history (which I easily customized to fit my needs and even allows me to take pictures), my informed consent with signature capture and I can even do my soap notes where I added the option to take a photo so I can compare to earlier photos for posture evaluation over time helping to better assess results (if i want to I can first take a picture with another app body level so I can mark up posture pathology). Then I have access to all the info, can create reports or email lists. It's perfect!
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9 years ago, Jwrob32
Business Owner
Incredibly powerful app that has changed our business, saved time, increased our closing percentage and overall has made us more efficient. So many features to learn and use but client support team is great. I've called them a ton and they've been super. After trying google forms and other apps, this one is the only one that does what we need it to. I can't say enough about the app. It does take time to learn how to build an app that is robust because there are so many incredible options. Take the time to learn it because it is a game changer.
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11 years ago, AIEW22
Love, love, love Canvas!!!
I love Canvas. When my husband was looking to move his business toward wireless, I searched online for something, anything that would integrate/play nice with our backend system (Quickbooks). Thank good was We discovered Canvas. The staff is phenomenal. We were able to not only get our forms converted to apps (that are pretty robust) but also get customizable PDFs that look better than our original invoices. And with the click of a button, we are able to download all of our transactions so that they sync with Quickbooks. Again, love, love, love this app (and Company)!!!!!
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9 years ago, Sarale41
Best program, most helpful, easy to use.
Go canvas is such a fantastic program. I'm an esthetician and when a new client walk in they fill up go canvas form with all their info. They take a selfie, so you can remember who they re in the first a few times, and there's a place for me to write what treatments I did, what they purchase and what they need for the next treatment. When an established client comes in I look up to see what I did last time, what they purchased and what I suggested for this treatment. Best program, user friendly, very simple. Highly suggest.
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9 years ago, Ben1canobe
Awesome App
Awesome App... Great pricing ... They are wonderful people to work with.. Extremely helpful and resourceful as well... The App works perfect and I can't wait to find more and more uses for it... What a great concept... Have already created over 7 custom form Apps... Forklift inspections log Press inspections Building and equipment Preventative Maintainance Schedule- inspections log and reminders... Paint useage and adjective usage record-keeping for EPA requirement... Just to name a few... Can't say enough...
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9 years ago, Chris Huber123
Functional; bugs with latest iOS update
Canvas is still a good app and got even better when they added the ability earlier this year to go back and edit submissions without having to start completely over. BUT, with this latest iOS update, I am constantly getting a low memory warning Pop-up in the Canvas app on my brand new iPad mini. I rarely have more than 1 or 2 other apps running at one time and I have tried closing everything, but still get the warning which seems to happen mostly when taking a photo or uploading a photo in the app.
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10 years ago, Ronitapita
Excellent app and superb customer support
I am an occupational therapist that does home visits. Canvas's app has been extremely helpful with my note keeping on the go. Customer support has been available and helpful around the clock, and made building my own app possible. I'm extremely happy with this great idea and that has made my business so much more organized! Thank you Canvas!
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11 years ago, Nbmedic
Awesome application
This is the best form application out there and we tried a lot of them. Awesome customer support and the options to collect data don't seem to end. Since using GoCanvas our collection rates are 100 percent and the availability to instantly provide our clients an electronic estimate onscene and professionally put together is priceless. Companies using paper can't compete with this application.
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7 years ago, Greatscot63
Great time (money) saver
App has worked flawlessly for a few years saving countless hours of mundane searching thru stacks of binders and trips to various facilities to retrieve information. Recent changes made to the program have made it even easier to create worksheets. My techs being able to submit paperwork from the job site with their phone is icing on the cake!
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12 years ago, BrazilianMusicMaster
Waste of time.
Application has a bug every second. Does not run well at all. Its so bad that I never had a chance to pass the login window. Strange error messages pop up and the whole thing crashes. It will probably charge me an arm and a leg after the 30 days trial version is over anyway. Don't you hate these companies that hide the true cost of the service until you believe that you have no option but to sign up with them? Be aware!
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