GoDaddy: POS & Tap to Pay

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GoDaddy Mobile LLC
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2 weeks ago
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16.0 or later
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User Reviews for GoDaddy: POS & Tap to Pay

4.73 out of 5
15.8K Ratings
2 years ago, Forsallen
Beginner-Friendly, Great Value for SBOs
I have designed websites since the early ‘90s and have used many tools to do so while training business owners to manage, maintain, and edit their site(s) using custom templates and various website builders. Each has it’s own particular nuances however GoDaddy is streamlined beginner-friendly and has Top-Notch Customer Assistance available 24/7 which goes a long way when you are frustrated and just need it to work. Websites can be tricky but GoDaddy is the Mack-Daddy of them all! Ultimately, a great value for Small Business-Owners or Start-ups NOTE: I have no direct affiliation with them. I am just an end-user with a unique perspective from the experience of the customer and having clients that I have often recommended their services to and they have always been more than pleased.
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2 months ago, cahcwhflaw
Theives !!!!!do not use for payment!!!!
Use this to take payment for work that was completed. They kept the money forced me to give them a bunch of stuff that made no sense to me, but I did 35 days after this after trying to text them email them and they don’t respond and then when you text them, they’ll respond, but if you don’t text them right back, it starts over and you have to give all the information again, and have my own work that I do on the side so I could not get through a conversation with them in a day in the end, even though I had the manager of the business that paid me for the wages I did and I had sent them picture of my checking account showing them. This was the first time I’ve ever taken payment for work because I just started doing my own subcontract work. I sent them everything that I could that they asked for then their response in the end. Was we closed your account sorry if you don’t agree with what your options are, have us hold the money during our review process which is 120 days and they’ve already held it for 30 something and then you get what’s left or they can refund the money but you can do this within the first 45 days and then when you tell them to refund the money, they don’t respond to you. They just ignore your email these guys are cons that they can hold onto money so they can use it to make money off of it. Do not fall for this.!!!!!!!!!
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11 months ago, ballersbmf
Worst experience of my life
I am a godaddy website user. I have been with godaddy for almost a decade. They refuse to talk to me from the technical support team. They have been blaming apple products for their issues. Constantly today asking me to switch products to different brand devices. Once your website is going and the store and adding products is not working for 3 days they don’t even care to talk to me about the issues from technical support. They blame other departments. One even blamed apple products. This has been a horrible experience. It’s not the cost of their products that has failed me. It’s my time. They refuse to help. It’s been 3 days now and can’t upload products. They should be ashamed of themself and everyone contacting me with updates. Instead they hide behind computers, they work from home and can’t help from home, that’s what I was toldToday. I have so many concerns about that but don’t really care. Buying selling domains is something they should continue doing. Websites and applications they should throw in the towel. So sad.
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3 years ago, BradInCLE
GoDaddy - is “Go To” IMO
I’ve been a website design team leader by profession since 1993. I have used many web design products during my career. Each has its own set of pros & cons, but GoDaddy has always proven best to me. They were first to “crack” the Network Solutions monopoly on domain name prices and have always provided quality web builders and a variety of hosting platforms (including the now popular Wordpress, at more affordable prices than Wordpress themselves). 24/7 KNOWLEDGEABLE customer support is a definite plus (when you’re up all night banging out that project that MUST be done by 8am!) Nobody asked me to write this. I am a humanitarian by nature and only wish to share my insight. GoDaddy isn’t “perfect”, but then again, WHO doesn’t have room for improvement??
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4 years ago, PatriotKnife
Very easy to build
I first tried Shopify and had a lot of trouble trying to build it and thought for sure that o would have to hire someone. I already was using Square so I canceled the Shopify and easily built a website through Square. After a few months I started another business and was looking at price. GoDaddy has a much better deal. I opened the top of the line site and it was easier to build then the Square site and I love the formats a lot more than square. I’m keeping the other square site since they do offer some other things to help me run my business that GoDaddy doesn’t. As for someone with very little knowledge in building a website like myself by far GoDaddy is the easiest.
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3 years ago, Nubian55
New Update
With the new update the “Product” section now had options that I had previously preferred taken away. Previously from the “Product” section you could sort your “Categories” to see and edit your products. With 3 categories it was very efficient. Now to find a product, I have to scroll down the list of about 50 products. It is very time consuming. Also, when I tapped on the “+” to add a product, it would not let me move past section “1”. Also, from the previous edition, I was also able to view my “Inventory” right from the Product section. Now I have to go into the product to edit it and view the inventory amount from there. I would appreciate it if those features could be brought back. To me, it is not more efficient in the way it is set up now.
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10 months ago, ClairesWorkStudio
I’ve been using GoDaddy for my website in small business for a couple years now and didn’t have an issue until now. They only use Shipengine to help you create labels for shipping. And recently ship engine has had a “bug” where they have been double charging me for shipping costs and they flat out said “we don’t know when it’ll be fixed”. My only options are to pay double in shipping or to force my clients to be double charged for shipping . When I called Go Daddy for help, they told me ship engine is the only way to go through this or you can go figure it out yourself now I have a ton of labels that I have to manually write out in order to ship them causing slow turnaround and a long trip to the post office . Also yes I did reach out to try and fix this through shipengine and they told me this problem will continue indefinitely. (Sounds like a scam if you ask me.)
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11 months ago, kjelmt
Great DYI tool for small businesses
I’m a sole proprietor, one woman show with just enough tech savvy to get in trouble. I’ve used other website platforms that I loved, and I’ve used the free GoDaddy options a couple of times. When my small business felt strong enough to spend the money I upgraded to the paid subscription. I figured I’d try it for a year and if it wasn’t as good as the other platforms I’d switch it out. That was a couple of years ago and I’m still with GoDaddy because I have been able to do everything I needed with relative ease. I’ve made multiple updates to my site, and even reorganized it once. This is really a great tool!
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3 years ago, k12080804
Great Website Platfrom
I’m a graphic designer and I use godaddy to create all of my clients websites. I love that the app is very easy and quick to make changes and updates to your site without having to use a desktop; awesome I do have a few things I believe would definitely improve the app; 1st would be adding another payment platform such as Apple Pay and Zelle and Chime ( world wide most popular used form of payments) especially for businesses, also start accepting pay later third party apps like sezzle; I have a lot of clientele that request to add this to there websites. But overall in love with the godaddy app highly recommend
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2 years ago, Flip_Bottle
GoDaddy Hands Down!!!
Since the late 90’s when GoDaddy really didn’t exist (to the best of my knowledge?) I’ve owned IP on the Intraweb (shout out to Richard Rawlings from Gas Monkey Garage) that has made me a wealthy individual. However, in the infancy of the Web getting a domain name or URL was a huge PITA (an acronym, Google it) and the rates were ridiculous. GoDaddy makes a simp like me a connoisseur of the Internet and I cannot thank GoDaddy enough for making the process simple for even the most basically educated person a professional at grabbing domain names and converting them into money printing presses. GoDaddy or NoDaddy, that’s my rule. One Love to GoDaddy ✌️&❤️
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4 years ago, daredevil0551
This would be a great company to start a website. If you’re blind it’s a bad company. As like everybody else they have no accessibility options encoded in the app or the website. I wanted to start my own website. I just paid for today. Not to my surprise I paid for nothing. As I cannot navigate the app and I cannot navigate the Go Daddy website. As jaws for windows on windows PC and voiceover on iOS devices does not work with it at all! They are uncaring like everybody else out there for people with disabilities. But instead they like to run up and down the street yell, scream, and holler over stupid and idiotic senseless things. And not trying to make people with disabilities lives easier. I give this website and this app 100% thumbs down. I will be canceling my membership. Anybody else out there who is blind or visually impaired. Do not waste your money as it will not work for you as well.
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4 years ago, Leikowahine
Although GoDaddy claims that their app is easy to use, I beg to differ. Where it states, “Insert Page.” when you click on it comes up with templates (that you don’t want). It tries to predict what you might want to display, but it has no option to insert what You might want. Then, when you want to upload your images, it only allows two options (it does not include things like Photo gallery, iCloud Drive, and so on), so what's the point if you cannot upload your own work?! I spent several hours trying to get this website up and running (only to get frustrated). Oh, not to mention that I also sent an email asking for assistance, only to be ignored. I even asked for someone to build the site for me—null city. Awe!
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3 years ago, SmallBusinessOwner???$$$&&&
Easy for me,
I have no experience in computers just the basic, I found myself comfortable with godaddy when I decided to get a website for my shop. I’ve been with them for a long time they have updated dice and made a app for fixing your website. I still find it easy, to make a very attractive website. I do feel they are a little over priced, I pay monthly they have options to pay yearly as well....maybe I haven’t figured out the things I need and things I don’t. I did look into other companies but I’m already so comfortable with using godaddy..
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5 years ago, JoAnnFuller
Great App / Company & Customer Service
I have 8 websites hosted through GoDaddy. While I can’t say 100% of the time I feel their website is user-friendly, they do have excellent customer service if something does confuse you. I like the quick accessibility of my sites with the app which allows me to add services, edit the website & more very quickly & easily. The most time consuming part of my business, I believe, is setting up my website- however, GoDaddy offers a huge assortment of templates & gives great suggestions to help it go more smoothly.
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1 year ago, Jas4music
Not Usable
Very frustrating. I’ve had this app on my iPhone for a few years and I have never been able to get it to do anything useful. Simple things like updating product information or sending a message to let a customer know that their order is ready for pickup, simply doesn’t work on this app. Currently, nothing works on the app. I can see my product list but when I click on a product it just spins. Same thing with order list. Contacting customer service is also VERY frustrating. It takes too long to get through and they ask you so many questions before you can even begin to get assistance. I have to use the website to get anything done and that’s just disappointing and unnecessary in 2023.
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2 years ago, anniebananie21
GoDaddy is a joke. You have to upgrade to use anything for one and for two, I’m paying for the GoDaddy marketing and it not once has ever loaded. I’ve spent an unbelievable amount of time in “chats” with people that can’t give any answers or figure out the issue. When I ask for a manager or supervisor they just take you in a circle. The dashboard itself doesn’t load, trying to connect fb and Instagram the social part of the GoDaddy site doesn’t work. Who can run a business like this? And any “updates” to the issue you do have supposedly take 24-72 hours to go through. When I’m reality you wait the 24-72 hours to have the same issue. My advice? Buy your domain and use anything else - Shopify, Etsy, or another domain website builder.
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3 years ago, mikeyc3po
Too hot to handle
It’s a thing now. Apple is overheating our phones. Making the batteries run down, placing controls trying to make us get new phones. Tried using Assurian to get an iPhone 7 but instead of it being delivered it got sent back to the factory I had to call them and tell them so that they wouldn’t charge me this is how big a bridge is that companies have gotten on the GoDaddy so far has delivered everything that they allowed me to do.. Now all that must happen is fir people to promote it🌎🌍🌏ᎢᎡᏌᏆᎻ counts! We deliver!
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3 years ago, jayhix12953
Mobile App on IPad is disappointing
I almost started to use a competitor before going with Godaddy... I guess their marketing paid off. I really enjoyed everything Godaddy offers. However their mobile app leaves me wondering about the attention to detail Godaddy has and if they are who I want to trust starting my first business. While using a keyboard on IpadPro the screen will not rotate leaving you with a cell phone size screen sideways. I started a free trail with another and you could completely build your site from the app, which I was assuming Godaddy would be the same given their name is the most well known. Invest in your app and I will change this to 5 stars for sure
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6 years ago, LLLLPaz
Through it all
Since their inception GoDaddy has always met my personal @ professional need. As we both grew I wondered in I would receive the less needed attention due to the scale of customers and customer service. They have shown me consistent amazing customer service since the early 1990’s is privacy, security and design. Thank you to your team in both ups & downs. Your our partner and we wouldn’t do it without you even though we many have tried at times. Lastly big thanks to all, truly all your support staff! T.Paz CEO, The Only Solutionz Group
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2 years ago, ItisandIamIT
GoDaddy has Great Customer support
GoDaddy has great Customer support. But be Leary of the Unlimited plans. They come with a file cap of only 250k files and the hinders running more then a couple sites. The file cap prevents the unlimited plan they claim to offer. So, when making the choice for you Host provider, be sure to get all the spec’s. Unlimited is not unlimited, when there is a file cap. However, I rate their customer support high, just be careful when you think you are getting a good deal, there is more to it.
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2 years ago, bruuklyn
Racist and discriminative based on your name!
I recently bought a couple domain names with my Amex but they blocked my account and wanted me to upload my passport or state id!!! I said no because its just each $10 domain name . Then i asked the rep refund everything coz you terrorizing me to upload my id then she said in chat box still i have to upload to get refund!!!!! I said “are you kidding” then i called Amex to dispute all of my transactions due to discrimination and even she said this is discrimination based on my name. Thank god Amex cancel all transactions. If your name is Muslim or different do NOT used this website because they will pick and investigate your identity based on your name. Even if you upload they will decide you are legit or not!!!!!!! Stay away!!
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5 years ago, GT500&Raptor
This app is totally worthless, how are reviews so good?
I’m totally confused on how and why this app has such good reviews? First of all it goes into a crappy phone style mode when using iPad..... come on, seriously? Then it keeps trying to sell you all this other website building stuff when you have already paid them for website builder. The packages of BS they hit you with is totally wrong! They make it intentionally messed up so you end up clicking stuff then they charge you for it. I’m to the point that I feel like godaddy is a total scam and cashgrab..... its sad..... i have had my site over 3 years and its never launched..... can’t get template edited anywhere near close enough to launch. I would suggest using someone else for the web design portion for sure!
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2 months ago, Not an American hating Liberal
Bad experience
Decided to use Godaddy for my domain name, website, marketing and payments. I got most of it done including publishing my website but now I’ve been having nothing but issues trying to get access to accepting payments. Been on the phone with Godaddy for 2 weeks now and no one has the capable mental capacity to let me know why it’s taking so long. I keep getting false fix dates with nothing happening. Every time I call I get the same response, we are working on it… nothing else…I’m in the process of possibly changing everything out to another service provider/competitor that has the capacity of not just taking someone’s money but actually provide the service you are charging them..
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5 years ago, crt02
Don’t loose that idea
Being able to instantly check the domain availability for an awesome business name when it hits you is awesome! The name was the last piece of the puzzle in starting my own business and it had been holding everything else up. After 7 months of trying to come up with a name it hit me like a bolt of lightning while I was out one night and I instantly knew that was it. After 7 months of stressing over this, it hit me, I searched the Go Daddy app, found it and bought it in 5 minutes. Game on
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5 years ago, HecVortex
Not sure if it’s my iPhone or the app but....I’m trying to add new photos to a photo gallery. I got to a screen that shows all my folders with photos. Each folders has the number of photos in folder but when I click folders each one says they are empty. Not only that, now I’m stuck there and app is t allowing me to go back to editing my website. Don't get me wrong, GoDaddy, is always so helpful to me. Hopefully this gets fixed.
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4 years ago, j.12.e
So go daddy is good to help you Build a website but the templates are boring plain Jane. The app looks exactly like the website doesn’t feel like an app, having the domain search in the front is a total waste of space and makes it look like godaddy is in SERIOUS need of some money. Also when editing products there should be a save button then a DONE button so you could go back to the section or categories or page you were last on instead of scrolling to the bottom. AND why doesn’t it say sold out on an item BEFORE clicking an item (I suggest getting some ideas from Shopify)
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5 years ago, LonghaulPreacher
Good in theory, but...
Unlike the one star reviewer, I have had great success with GoDaddy for the most part. This app is not one of them. Just got word of an email address down and when I downloaded it just to check what accounts were still showing, nothing happened. It shows that I have email and forwarding account contracts, but hitting any of them does nothing. I cannot access them let alone change them and no error comes up. One would think that a company specializing in online business development tools would not have such shoddy tools to work with for their own business.
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8 months ago, zjdman
Great App - Some suggestions
The app works great but there are 3 things that need changing desperately: 1. The tipping area needs to be bigger and more visible; My customers miss it all the time and then ask me where the tip screen is after they have passed it and are unable to go back to it. 2. Any tipping percentage change I have made through my dashboard does not then change in the app. 3. There needs to be an ability to send a customer a receipt by email or text later on. Customers call me a day or two later wanting a receipt and I have no way of sending it to them as there is no option on the transaction page. Make these changes to the app will make my life and my customers life much easier. Square already has these capabilities but I would much rather use Go daddy as your rates are better. Thank you.
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5 years ago, Alolio
iOS Interface is Awful
It’s simple to use, maybe overly so. But the “Done” button in the upper left gets me every time. It takes me back to a main screen where I have to click two or three times to get back to editing my site. Then none of the changes have saved and I have to repeat the process. I then have to remember to hit “Done” on the upper right of my keyboard to scroll through the content and hit the faint X in the upper right of the editor to save my changes and review my page. It doesn’t seem like it should be this difficult to design a more intuitive UI.
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5 years ago, Unique Sunflower
A great quick option... upload new items to my websites store BUT it only works half the time. I very much wish it was more consistent in allowing me to upload the pictures of my products because I do the photography from my phone but it has a tendency to get stuck loading them. The last update says it fixed this but I am still having this issue regularly. Other then that it truly is a nice app in which you can check and change almost everything- very convenient!
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2 years ago, 00brunette
Gallery flaw
Everything is great except for the gallery option. There is not a way to add an image with a gallery of small thumbnails and a broad description within one container. Only option is to have a description for each photo. This makes it difficult to keep someone on the same page while reviewing all photos for one item. Instead they have to expand and be directed to a new page for additional images and information.
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4 years ago, SEXYASSS
More time slots
I am trying to make a course and I need more time slots . It’s crazy how I can only make two appointments a day oh and not at the same time. My class holds 5 students and I need them to book at 10 am but I only get one slot for that time that is very inconvenient. This needs to be changed ASAP cause it doesnt make sense at all. It should be open to be able to put as many time slots your services hold. Come on Godaddy you guys been out way to long to be so behind time. But other than that I love me some godaddy.
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7 months ago, Angelrx
No helpful, do not recommend
I have several companies from short term rentals to auto rentals to property management. GoDaddy finds undo risk in having an administration company charge the other companies for services rendered without regard for entities appropriate legal status. Customer services not helpful, will be employing other payment services. They also requested websites and social media presence from a new single owner LLC. GoDaddy is probably good for mid to large companies but not small independents. Spent over 2 weeks in justifying the structure of a small company find out it was rejected. Over 7,000$ withheld for over a week, no interest compensation. Do not recommend for small businesses.
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2 years ago, runredpig
I have been through every single app in the App Store that has anything to do with creating your own website and this one is by FAR the best! I can actually edit my own website and publish a new one from the app on my iPad. Something I didn’t think was possible. I have been using the other big named app and I am always bummed that I can’t work on my website while on the go.
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4 years ago, ALOWISHUSH
For what I need, it’s perfect. Don’t change a thing.
Coming from other website editors and struggling to find one that works with my mostly mobile workflow, this is a dream come true. The ability to upload photos is easy and quick. I can update my website as easy as my social media, which these days is a place I’m trying to largely avoid. Please don’t change it!
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2 years ago, Robbin_W
Was far better before the last update
This app was amazing and let me work on my website while I wasn't near a computer. Being able to add content, new products, adjust inventory, and complete orders from your phone was perfect. This last update is super glitchy and I have to reopen the app about 20 times just to be able to view and edit my catalog of products and inventory. Quite honestly, for my use, I have no reason to even touch this app anymore or have it take up space on my phone. What was once promising is now lackluster:(
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3 years ago, bbmav
App doesn’t load
When the app actually works it’s nice to have and easy to maneuver. However, since the latest update, anything I try to access that is store/site related will not load. I can’t coew orders, create new coupons, view the overview of my store, nothing. The screen continuously spins. I’ve tried turning off my WiFi and running off data only, I’ve tried turning off my data and running off of WiFi only and the app still will not work. What’s the point of having an app when I can access all of these features quicker by going to the actual godaddy site? Disappointing.
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1 year ago, R.Vocal
Won’t load
I just started my own business and needed help with starting a website at first I love the app when it comes to customizing your website. However, when it came to adding products and pricing, it won’t load the products I’m trying to attach if I wanna try a new template it won’t load. Pretty much I was able to customize the website when I first started but now if I try to get the site going or do anything on it it just pops up a message that says it can’t load anything. So I’m disappointed that I wasted my time working on the page just to find out I can’t do anything else.
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3 years ago, Tris763
Sell personal information, filling inbox with spam
Having recently switched to GoDaddy as my domain provider, I've found myself drowning in spam emails from web developers of all kinds. All domains have the highest paid level of advanced privacy protection through GoDaddy, as well as ensuring every possible option for allowing advertising is toggled off. Their claim "we don't sell your personal information" is a vastly inaccurate-they are allowing developers access and flooding my email with spam. Did not have this issue prior to switching to GoDaddy as my provider and won't be staying with them much longer.
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4 years ago, Astarabroad
Glitchy and 2 wrong taps and you lose everything
I am getting really sick and tired of being sick and tired of godaddy’s user interface. Last night I was working on a page on the website builder and lost everything somehow, because it somehow “undid” and wouldn’t let me redo before to before the undo (if that makes sense). Hours wasted. Now the app is even more useless.. not user friendly, and a lot of wasted steps that are unneeded. First time user with godaddy, and although I will power through and finish my business site before spring. I cannot promise I will stay with godaddy as I learn more in the future.. so far very disappointing .
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5 years ago, ThePhae
Go daddy is one of the worst website domain, builders and everything. They keep on pushing services and even try to put them on by making you click something in the accident or just annoying you to the point that you just want it to be off. Do not use this service I’m telling you do not use their service they overdraft my account by over $200 and not in one day they kept on doing it over a week. Even though I didn’t have auto renew on one of the domains they still charge my card just because I think I had it on the account or I don’t care they made me so mad. Do not I warn you do not use their service!!
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6 years ago, WMCTM
Easy access and quicker to get to where I need to but not much different than entering through the website on a browser in my opinion. It doesn’t feel personal to me, I still have to work my way through various strings of links to get to where I need to. But overall it make things (estimated)20% easier, but I highly suggest adding an Appointment section for easier review, blocking, and scheduling. Unless your already in the process of developing an individual GoDaddy Appointment App(would be awesome)!
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2 years ago, HvyMtlKng
Does what I need and nothing I don’t.
I downloaded this in hopes of being able to monitor traffic to my website, beyond the analytics that google offers. It gives basic break downs and some stats on the website itself, some editing features and that’s it. It’s perfect and isn’t filled with a bunch of garbage.
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1 year ago, Burpalicious
Too many steps and the layout could be better.
I would love a faster and more convenient way to add listings to my online store. They should have a copy and paste function that actually copies everything and then let you replace just what photos you want replaced I sell a lot of the same items just different designs with the same descriptions, this would make it so much faster and easier. Also, the app runs very slow.
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6 years ago, Rockfish21
Better than before
A lot cleaner and simpler design. Feels like the company finally invested in an app. Searching domains is so much more easier than on my phone browser. I did have the same issue as the other person where buying domains kept giving me an error. Happened for few hours then it started working. I understand new changes have glitches so I hope they fix this. If this continues though will update my review.
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3 years ago, Ms: Ann
Lag Time is Infuriating
I’m so disappointed. •I can’t get this app to load properly most of the time. Or load at all. Sometimes I get so frustrated with waiting that I just give up. A lot of features freeze or take forever to load. •I haven’t been able to send out emails my mailing list because of load time/freezing. • Although my customers have the option to make an account and sign in, they can not view their order history (which is a feature go daddy offers to those that sign up for an account) I causes confusion with my customers. •According to the Go Daddy team, they use a preset template therefore you can’t not add pages that are different from what the present to you. For example, I wanted to build a loyalty program that would track purchases and offer benefits, but this was not possible with GoDaddy. I’m currently seeking a new platform.
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5 years ago, ericdiamondpro
Great company, app is somewhat lacking
I have been a GoDaddy customer for many years and have always sung their praises for Customer Service, Tech Support, ease of use etc. Besides a few minor bumps with after-hours techs overseas, I am still a huge supporter and proponent. This app is nice; however, I’m fairly bummed that I can’t use it to view my GoCentral Email Marketing stats on Campaigns I’ve recently sent. If that could be included I’d be a 100% happy camper.
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2 months ago, Chuck Florida
Ask for “Ed”
The equipment is good, the system is good, customer service. Tried to open the register today only to find out that all of our items and all of our settings were gone. Three hours on the chat with gentleman by the name of Ed, you know, Ed. He runs Go Daddy. He has no supervisor to answer to. He told me this three times so I’m sure it’s true. Three hours later Ed finally transferred the call to someone that was helpful and a half hour later we had our register back on. again, we like the product, but Customer Service is the worst
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4 years ago, Bella_Bullet
This app is incredibly slow and glitchy and it would be a good app if it allowed you to do anything without glitching. I created an entire website but because of their glitching problem it DELETED EVERYTHING! I spent hours building the website only for it to go to garbage. Reason being I spent hours is because of how slow their app is. And the second I leave this app my phone is normal, to prove it’s not my phone, but the app. I do not reccomend this app and would reccomend WIX or Weebly to create a good website. I would have given this zero stars if possible.
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2 years ago, FontaineBeauty
Paid for a subscription Thru app👎
I paid for a website and marketing subscription through the app and it did not connect to my account with GoDaddy although all of my pertinent information comes up in the app. My purchase wasn’t even showing up with Go Daddy the two times I called the phone number for help. I’ll just go use another website company to put my business on since it’s already taken my money and nobody at Go Daddy can figure out what’s going wrong
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