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GoFormz, Inc
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1 year ago
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9.3 or later
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User Reviews for GoFormz Mobile Forms & Reports

4.49 out of 5
124 Ratings
12 months ago, Winter-Grace
I'm just reaching out to the developer. I'm sure this app is wonderful it seems like it. But I was looking for something to change whole documents into a version that could be edited. This app just offers forms. It's going to charge me after the free trial but it doesn't give any way or instructions to cancel. No information on how to contact anyone for support. I just need to know how to cancel this before am charged. And surprisingly it doesn't even tell you how much you will be charges. Please help...
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4 years ago, goformz guroo
Ongoing User
The company that I work for, as now been using GoFormz for about 3 years and truly bless it in every work day. The GoFormz platform has enabled our company to be more proficient in our crews daily tasks, as the crews work out on the road Monday - Friday, as well as time management has been decreases substantially. Being able to receive the reports on a daily basis, the supervisors and upper management can see the daily production or if we need to make changes to crews remotely just by having the ability to see reports in real-time. GoFormz has also helped the crews utilizing GoFormz platform eliminate mistakes on the reports as well as the crews love the ability to have some data collection boxes filled with automated forms to allow them to get reports done on a timely manner and to free up time for them. Through all this the GoFormz support staff has always been quick to help resolve issues that we have insured or came across. Trenton Polanco has been a absolute great help to our team and is always reaching out to find out how things are going or simply to ask is there anything that they can do to help us even better. I would highly recommend GoFormz to any business that’s wanting to eliminate any kind of down time or just simply to help in time management.
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4 years ago, my0sotis
Looking for the best paperless forms - buy this!
If you are looking for an electronic forms solution for your paperless office, this is the one to buy. This is the most sorted app i have ever used on an iPad, and the web version offers powerful tools to enhance and automate many aspects of work. From questionnaires, to registration forms, to ways to capture images easily, this is the one. Read and capture barcodes, real signatures, photographs, sketches, and gps coordinates; use workflows to run reports, send emails, and analyze data; automate sending files to Box, OneDrive and other storage solutions; create live reports with real-time data; send our forms to anyone for completion, without the need for them to have any version of the app. The list appears to be endless. Technical support is excellent, with friendly people ready to answer all your questions and assist with troubleshooting if needed. Customer service is also great. I highly recommend this app - nothing else comes close.
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4 years ago, Bugster108
GoFormz Cares About Their Clients
I’ve been using GoFormz for my business for close to four years. I’m not tech savvy, but their platform is a really straight forward, easy-to-use system that allows me to import various manufacturer consent forms into an iPad or my phone for clients to sign. Whenever I’ve had an issue, they are quick to respond and we’ve always reached a solution. Most recently, after my business was forced to temporarily shut down due to Covid-19, I was very impressed and thankful that the company offered to waive two months of my fees, while still keeping my account active, in an effort to alleviate the financial burden on my business. Getting good customer service is one thing, but when a company shows true compassion for your business, it makes you feel like they’re part of your team. They’ll be on my team for a long time!
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3 years ago, DrewLutz
Key to Streamlining Daily Field Paperwork
I am the Safety Coordinator for a Horizontal Directional Drilling company that specializes in Pipeline and Cathodic Protection System Installations. We began utilizing GoFormz roughly 3 years ago and we couldn’t imagine our daily routine without it. GoFormz has been our key to streamlining our daily field paperwork. Being in the construction industry, we have countless forms that are required to be completed on a daily basis and one of our biggest struggles prior to GoFormz was the transfer of the paperwork from our field operation back to our administrative team. GoFormz put that issue to rest for good and we are thankful to have found them. Our Account Manager with GoFromz is Trenton Polanco and he has been diligent in his attempt to ensure our needs are met. Highly recommend GoFormz to anybody looking to streamline paperwork transfers.
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5 years ago, danimal1202
Great app, easy to use and stellar support
Using the app with a built-out a template I created for my field auditors to use and follow to create a full detailed report to review with home owners. Very easy to plug in the pages and build out the fields needed for the auditors to insert pics, makes notes and point out things on the pics, set data fields, build in formulas to calculate data automatically and able to fill out documents and have customers sign right through the app! Customer device is always ready to help and assist. Trent, our rep, is readily available as well as the support through the app itself. Highly recommend to anyone that is thinking of using. Can’t wait for the ability to imbed fields for videos in the templates
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4 years ago, Cascade Fisheries
Consistent Customer Support
Our crew has been using GoFormz for the past few years and have always been assisted quite quickly in regards to all of our questions. GoFormz continues to provide an extremely user friendly format in both the desktop site and the mobile application. Upon delving further into making our uploads more efficient, Harry Orfanos has been a most wholesome contact for any queries and has enhanced our work productivity through keen suggestions. Harry has also provided us with demos that have helped our crew understand how to make better use of the application. We are planning continuing to us GoFormz for our organization for future projects as well.
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5 years ago, VayaConBrio
Simple system, many option, STUNNING customer help!!
This is a cool program - you scan in a paper doc or PDF form that you already have. Then you can lay boxes (fields) over the things you want to enter; could be a number, name or image, for example. I did a customer sign-in form, with checkboxes of what type of item they are dropping off, and notes to write up anything detailed beyond that. It also lets us attach a second form that is simple project notes. It was not quite intuitive to make this work at first. But you can get them on the phone anytime, and they will walk you through the steps. That is rare and AMAZING customer se vice. So happy with this...
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3 years ago, Darren & Misty
Excellent Tool to Streamline your documentation
I have worked in Quality Assurance for the last 23 years and I have never seen a better paperless system than GoFormz. I have been a user for the last 5 years, and it has always helped make my job easier. Whether it be through its automated work flows, 100% visibility and reporting, or as simple as providing evidence of conformance, this app always performs. The service support, and ease of function are amazing. If you are looking to go paperless, add in automated controls, and error proofing into your service or manufacturing, I highly recommend
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4 years ago, Safety Lu
Super Support
I was introduced to GoFormz almost four years ago and just used the free trial for my safety inspections. Trenton was super responsive and patiently answered all my questions. Later I made the leap to expand our subscription and was amazed at the powerful new features that had been added since I first started. GoFormz upped my game and helped me catch up with the rest of the digital world. Now we are integrating GoFormz at all three locations with plans to expand to more departments. Thank you Trenton for the Super Support and ZERO pressure. Thank you GoFormz for making me look like a digital guru at work.
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5 years ago, bradley-g
Awesome documentation and better support
The way the platform works, basically a database on top of PDFs, and the stellar support provided by the team makes this the best forms platform out there. We are a construction subcontractor and are now using GoFormz for all of our material orders, time and material tickets, and timesheets are right around the corner. Kyle and Trent have been really great to work with and the support team has been there to help with development every step of the way. Our company is on another level of productivity because of the platform. Can’t give 11 stars but I would if I could. BG
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3 years ago, CommonMetal
An affordable replacement for paper
Go forms is exactly what it says it is a way to digitalize paper forms in a straight forward an easy way. Pros- affordable, works on any platform, straight forward and easy to setup and use. Has some deeper features for organizations and users with deeper technical knowledge but in the main is accessible to most standard users. Cons- has some of same issues as paper in that you have to fill out each new form from the start. Copying shared data from forms that are logically link is hard. For example if you were filling out a work order for a customer and had to enter name, address, etc. and then wanted to fill out a receipt for the same customer you’d have to fill out the same information again. Just as if it was two separate sheets of paper. Customer service has always been top notched and responsive. Trenton Polanco
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4 years ago, Nicole Dupree
Saving one tree at a time
This day in age no one should be using paper as much as we were. This app has saved us not only paper but money as well, we were going through so much paper and ink each month. As Boutique Hotel owners, GoFormz, makes it so easy to check-in our guests and send them their Reservation confirmations when necessary.
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3 years ago, Johnny1087
Our company has used GoFormz for the better part of 5 years and have been able to make great strides in efficiencies and using less paper! The company I work for is a field services company and GoFormz has allowed the flow of information between the field and office become very streamlined. My account manager Alex Rennie is always willing to help with a project or get answers to my questions in a very timely manner. The recent formula builder in GoFormz is an absolute game changer!
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4 years ago, 11 n 11
Great value
My company has utilized GoFormz for data collection and deliverable production on our pavement condition assessments for three years. The templates are easy to develop and customizable creating excellent efficiency in the field. At my previous firm, management hired multiple IT firms in an attempt to develop a similar app. The result was a tool with much less customization and usefulness at a cost above $80,000. GoFormz is an incredible value, and my account manager, Trenton Polanco, and team provide excellent service. I highly recommend GoFormz.
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4 years ago, SgtMaj8654
I am a high school teacher whose subject requires a ton of permission forms, waiver forms, and even forms submitted by students. Attending to the stockpile of complete forms alone was a full time job. Then I ran across GoFormz. Instead of sending forms home with my students and “hoping” they actually get to the parents or are even legible when I get them back, I simply create the form and send out a link to it. I don’t even have to print the completed form. It all goes to the cloud - fully searchable and secure.
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5 years ago, tucco1959
Buy this app right now!
Our company has been saving literally thousands of dollars per year with this incredible app. We have created dozens of forms that help make us more efficient and effective. Goformz is great to work with and they can help you set up your forms. Reporting functions, signature capture, drawings, picture attachments, excel functions and on and on. Don't waste any more money on printed forms! Save time, money and paper today! You won't be sorry.
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3 years ago, Trinijenz
Best Forms platform out there!
My company has been using GoFormz for the last year and it’s has boosted our productivity tremendously. Not to mention the integration with G-suite/ Workspace creates an easy to access filing system. It’s made our journey to going paperless quite easy. The company’s customer service is also the best. Friendly staff and always willing to assist and find solutions for their customers. 5.5 star rating.
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4 years ago, T.G. White
Improve efficiency, productivity & cost savings
Simple to use software that allowed our company to digitize paper forms reducing costs by over $5k per month per form. GoFormz integrated with our other software tools allowing completed forms to appear in both SharePoint and Provo almost immediately. Trenton Polanco is our rep and as we prioritized the digitization of our forms he did the same. His support, knowledge, professionalism and attitude was key to our success!
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4 years ago, tomemc
President Trade Sales tmac
Trent and Alexis have been awesome with follow-up with changes being made to our template. We complete up to 2000 jobs per year. We were able to digitalize all our paperwork reducing office time for our office staff by up to 6 hrs per day. Also in the covid-19 era we have reduced paperwork from 6 people handling to 1. I would recommend their software and customer service to anyone who needs to digitalize.
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3 years ago, Summit Homes
Great mobile forms app
This product has helped us to stay organized with our customer interactions in the field. The ease of template creation and features to the trigger notifications after you create and complete a form are great for our customers and our office staff. Additionally the communication and support from our account rep, Trenton Polanco, has been outstanding! Thanks Trenton
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3 years ago, Ken765
The best mobile reporting
This app is a key part of our company’s reporting of all services we provide to our customers and is now used for many internal processes too. Highly recommend. Their support, including our account manager, Harry, is also excellent!
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4 years ago, TheMichaelNolan
It took less than a month for me to be excited about using GoFormz. I do outreach case management, so the ability to take down information and complete forms in the field makes my work a lot faster and easier. GoFormz is the first solution that made it through one shift, and I am a huge fan.
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4 years ago, Blahdimere
Highly Recommended App
Made our job easier on our IT equipment deployment. It is pretty straight forward and easy to make forms. Our Account Mgr. Trenton Polanco was very helpful and helped us all the way. Answered all our questions. Organized training. I highly recommend it for small to large scale businesses.
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4 years ago, kenny3099
Editing saved files
I’ve been using GoFormz for a few years now. I like the versatility. But one thing I would recommend. After exporting a form to a save file one is unable to edit the saved file. If you could make it where it could be edited that would be great.
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3 years ago, Juan Alpha
Great app great service
If you want an app to handle large amounts of forms this is it. GoFormz has a great platform and improving every day. My rep Harry Orfanos has always been very helpful assisting me with any issues. If he does not have the answer he finds the person that will. Juan Garcia
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4 years ago, CrazyMuniz
Thank you Trenton Polanco
GoFormz is a great app and software that gives you the most control of your work flow creation and setup! GoFormz also offers great help and support to assist you to use the software to its full capabilities. I made my own forms and uploaded them into the template builder and was able to turn all my forms digital at a fairly low price. GoFormz really is for anyone who is thinking of doing the aforementioned. Trenton Polanco is now helping me to create a form that will be used in my website too! Thank you Trent and everyone at GoFormz!, Chris Jr Noble Energy Conservation Inc. and Noble Electronics
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4 years ago, disi84
Great App, great customer service
I just really wanna say how great this app is, it’s easy to navigate and to use all my advocates using it smoothly. Also I wanna thank my GoFormz account manager Trenton Polanco for always being there for us to support with any requests we need. Thank you
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3 years ago, Lisa4706
Loving it
Our company started using GoFormz mid 2020. It’s user-friendly and looks so professional to our clients. Our rep Harry is always so quick to answer questions. We’ve been very happy with our experience so far.
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6 years ago, Field Service Extraordinaire
This app is amazing! Easy to go paperless. Flexible API
I've researched numerous Field Service / Mobile Form solutions and GoFormz is unmatched. The ability to replicate existing paper forms and turn into smart digital forms is what makes it so powerful. Flexible API makes integration possibilities endless . Great customer support and staff!
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3 years ago, Ter A 123
HIPAA Secure Forms
We needed a platform to help us move away from paper and offer hipaa security. Goformz has been the perfect platform to streamline our daily processes and protect our patient sensitive data. Thanks Harry for all the help!
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3 years ago, Mariposa Construction
GoFormz is an amazing app that really helps businesses grow into their next stage!
Kyle & Trenton are my go to guys! Every company I’ve been with, I always know I can count on these guys to have my back and get the company up and running!!!
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4 years ago, vee mehta
Current user
Have been using from GoFormz over a year now and has. Even great. Our AM name is Harry Orfanos and has been very quick responsive to any question or difficulties we have.
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5 years ago, apauli
Excellent for Real time monitoring
We use this app for our field personnel to complete job briefings and material charge outs. The app works seamlessly to get these reports to the proper personnel in the office. Would recommend to anyone.
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2 years ago, sawyerlawyer
Worst Cancellation Policy
Do not recommend. By far the worst cancellation policy I’ve ever dealt with, haven’t used the service in months, went to cancel and because it fell after their “billing cycle” was still charged and they are refusing to give me a refund. Again, I have not used the service in months. On top of that, it’s clunky and doesn’t work well.
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4 years ago, CL2230
Newer user
This platform is easy and will save countless hours when implemented fully throughout our company. Coast Landscaping Inc. intends to roll it out shortly and we are excited to do so.
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1 year ago, Automotive User
Ongoing User of GoFormz
Very pleased with all the changes they’ve been making to the app! We love using List View
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3 years ago, juan g 76
Account Admin
Goformz has been essential to running out business. Harry has been a great help
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4 years ago, MMS-VA
Great App!!
Very simple and easy to use. We use it mostly for service tickets/logs..
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2 years ago, stephen27morton
Constant crashing
This app is terrible. It repeatedly crashes most days, either while putting in information or after hitting send. It’s a huge waste of time. PLEASE fix this, as it is required by my job to send info every day.
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6 years ago, StockHead
No custom form creation
Can’t make your own form have pick a template from them. They show you a tutorial but don’t give you the ability. I assume they want you to pay but there’s no option for that either. Waste of time, poor app design. Don’t bother with this garbage.
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10 months ago, Targeted tech
Another half hearted terrible update.
Can’t enter numbers in certain fields on new forms and typing on the lines after entering a status doesn’t work either. 1 step forward 10 steps back.
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3 years ago, TGI Automation
Excellent Platform
Great tool that works for what we need!
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4 weeks ago, hjsdvjfec
Not free after trial
This was listed as a free app, and the description doesn’t talk about price or what the limits are on the free trial. But since it requires using company credentials or signing up for a free trial it seems that you can’t just use this for free
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2 days ago, xentaper
GoFormz is the best out there! JASON is amazing. Helped me so much with my Forms.
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10 months ago, Spikezzzz1736181
They have removed features to the ui. Point blank adding 20-30% WORK AND TIME to do the SAME thing only difference is UI. Horrible. Why did you do this?
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1 year ago, 1st disappointment
Bad stuff
Can’t create an account. Most buttons just open my camera.
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8 years ago, Erick Juarez
Director-Business Development
GoFormz is absolutely wonderful. My company is in the construction industry and it is vital that we are mobile and have access to our documents/contracts (new or saved) at any given time. We all know the speed kills in sales and goformz allows this to happen. Whether it's storm claim management where you're dealing with dozens and dozens of clients at a time to commercial sized projects that require multiple documents, goformz allows my company to be quick, efficient and extremely productive. Plus, the customer service is second to none. Lorraine is my rep and every time I call/email her regarding an issue that I'm having, she is responding back to me within minutes. And I can tell you, I'm not a man who has a lot of patience when it comes to technology. She even called me to let me know that I should decrease my amount of users to save money p/month because we no longer had certain personnel employed with us! This is why I currently, and always will, use GoFormz. You'd be a fool to use anything different!
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10 years ago, Time to kill v2
As promised
I started with a basic time sheet which would take me 30 mins or more to complete at the end of the day. It took a little effort to set up but now 5 mins on my phone i can have one put together and printed. On top of that now i can go back and look at a day and check what i did what was billed and who i worked with. I cant say enough about the quick and expert help i received when i ran in to problems when working with the calculations so that it would be just right. 90% of this software is easy to use. But writing the complex formulas for the time took their expert hand to sort out to fine tune it. Im talking about 10+ emails answered within 20 mins or less with a fix. Now my form is fine tuned and amazes me why i haven't looked into this sooner. I will soon be adding my JSA, confined space, and most important my field invoices to this tool.
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10 years ago, Unclemickey
Might be Best in Its Class
This is the form processor I've been looking for. Upload the paper version of a form (or create a new form layout in anything that can convert to PDF), define the fields online and go. Supports the usual field types plus signatures, maps, gps location, photos, and great math calculations. The math may not be obvious, so email tech support - very smart folks and amazingly responsive. Forms can be stored as drafts and submitted when completed. Supports email submission as pdf or csv. GoFormz can publish as a web form for your folks with only browser access. Very granular permissions for users, you control who can create, modify or delete. Cost per seat is comparable or below others in this genre. I was able to cut work order submission to almost zero time. Users only need a wireless or mobile data connection to sync up new versions of forms or transmit completed forms. Working offline is not a problem. GoFormz pushes my 300 client database (uploaded as csv) to my device so it's totally portable. Form templates are created on a non-mobile device so you won't go insane trying to create an 8.5 x 11 form on your phone or tablet. Supports IOS and that other mobile OS as well. Do the trial, email support when stumped, read the kbase, and then decide. So far it's been great.
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