GoGuardian Parent App

1.6 (261)
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Current version
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for GoGuardian Parent App

1.59 out of 5
261 Ratings
5 months ago, itsyourlocalmadaps
My opinion! (my opinion is a 2.5 out of 20)
To start off, a complete invasion of my privacy, and honestly creepy. I would give it one star but it does have its pluses for teachers, but as a student I don’t like it. Spanish: Para empezar, una invasión completa de mi privacidad y, sinceramente, inquietante. Le daría una estrella pero tiene sus ventajas como profesor, pero como alumno no me gusta. Arabic; بالنسبة للمبتدئين، يعد هذا انتهاكًا كاملاً لخصوصيتي، وهو أمر مزعج بصراحة. كنت سأعطيها نجمة واحدة، لكن لها مزاياها كمعلمة، لكن كطالبة لا أحبها.
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2 years ago, anna9753124680
Absolutely not
This app is a invasion of privacy and it dose no matter if you are using this app for your child, your students or in extreme cases your spouse. My school just recently started to use this app and it is awful. I recently had a anxiety attack in class and decided I should email my counselor. In the middle of writing this email to my counselor I got a pop up from my teacher using this app and she had typed “get back to work”. She had been watching type the email for the past 3 or 4 minutes. This is a complete invasion of privacy and I honestly don’t know who thought this would be a good idea to put in schools. And if you are using this this for your child you are honestly a toxic parent. When you feel your child is doing stuff online that you don’t like you should talk to them about it not spy on there phone. This can cause sever trust issues in a child. Thanks for reading
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3 years ago, it you r
Why you shouldn’t get this app.
It’s not safe, because you can see our important information that nobody needs to know (Only our families get to know our important information.) and can’t you see everyone who sign up for goguardian’s information. It’s invading people children’s private. I mean I get it like up want to know what’s going on your children’s phone, but just ask them politely...like it’s really not that hard. Y’all parents don’t need to sign up for a app that can basically see your important information on your phone. Like I’m pretty sure they can see your important information. Like they created this, they programmed this app, so basically they know you’re important information. In my personal opinion everyone should privacy. This app was very dumb to create...like this app shouldn’t have been created at all. - 🤗
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1 year ago, MeggyMeg092
Great for Teachers in the making especially for the students that aren’t doing work.
As a teacher in the making and with how school district courses are very intense and pressure is put on timelines. It’s great to monitor the students who actually do there work. Teachers deal with students lying about there progress to their faces. Parents do actually ask for weekly progress reports and screenshots from Go-Guardian is required and very useful for sake of Children’s education. PS: to any student or teenager that write these reviews saying how horrible it is, …. when you are a teacher and parent the appreciation will change.
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3 years ago, gucandchips
This is horrible
First off, GoGaurdian should be considered pure spyware. The fact that a teacher can connect and take control of your own pc just makes it plainly obvious that the teachers do not have one bit of trust for you. Second, this app if you can find out can take full control of your computer with out anything the user can do about it. I’m surprised this isn’t illegal in the US. There is no way this can be legal and something for teachers to use and take control of any computer from anywhere. Third, the fact that if I bring my personal laptop in to school I can get it taken away because they can’t use gogaurdian on my laptop meaning they are addicted to their own power so much that they will send anyone to iss if they don’t have control of your laptop
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3 years ago, Tottenj
No opt-out option
I’m a Dad, and a long time EFF supporter. This application not only violates student privacy, it is also violating educators and parents. GoGuardian customer service has told me that they retain information collected by subscribers and users and that they do not have a system in place to delete this information, even when requested. This application’s only intent is to collect private data under the ruse of student safety. This company and their CEO are actively lobbying lawmakers to loosen privacy protections so they can later sell the information that they collect. Parents and teachers need to collectively push districts to end this kind of exploitation and terminate their partnerships with corporations like GoGuardian.
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3 years ago, Kat'Dog
My teachers use this on our computers I am a sophomore in high school and,I was emailing my counselor about something personal because someone was being a jerk I’ve had a bully since like fifth grade so this girl was bothering me and my teacher said do your work and I’m like I’m emailing my counselor or something and he was like well don’t worry about that you need to rework and I’m like I need to email her, and then one time I was done with all of my work in one class and then I was working on a different assignment and then my teacher was like do you work and I was like I’m finished I need to do this because we’re having an exam in our class and then I’m like I need to do and he was like oh you don’t need to do that
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3 years ago, Brooke Strumeyer
I am a teacher of a 2nd grade class, and i needed something to see what my kids are doing on thee computers for online school. So i got this app thinking it would to the trick. 2 days go by, my computer started glitching a bit but i thought nothing of it. 1 week goes by, and my computer absolutely just shuts down out of nowhere. I eventually got it back on and i realized that i was hacked on this app and a person got into my password onto my computer because he was watching me use my computer. I was so scared - i didn’t know what do do but throw my computer. Eventually i got my computer fixed and immediately uninstalled. DO NOT DOWNLOAD UNLESS YOU WANT TO GET HACKED!
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4 years ago, Mbamiller
Talk About An Eye Opener
I have two students who learn remotely. I heard from their principal about this app and volunteered to test it for our school. The school IT administrator set up a parent link for me to grant me access to see my students’ activity. Note, there can only view not block sites. Now that I can see what they are doing, there is no more wondering to unacceptable websites during school. My students’ attention to class has increased and they are more accountable for their computer use. Thank you!!!
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4 years ago, PhotoBiker
Beware the Terms and Conditions
First, I really get a kick out of all the kids complaining about the invasion of privacy and such in the reviews. Someday they’ll understand. Second, read the terms of use very carefully. They include clauses where you give up your right to sue them either independently or as part of a class action group. As much as we need to monitor our children’s online activity, I think I’m going to find another way rather than condoning this burgeoning legal menace.
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3 years ago, hdgksol
Please don’t get this
I am a teacher of 2nd grade and needed to know what my kids were doing, my computer started acting up and all of the sudden shut down. When It finally turned back on it wasn’t even my account. I am not sure if it is a glitch or hacked but then I asked another teacher and the same thing happened to her. Please do not get this app it dose not let you look at your kids work and it glitches/hack’s your computer! From my experience this app is a 0/10.
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3 years ago, eUuniquee
0 stars!
Its a no for me because a lot of personal information is put out there and this app also gives people to much power over your device. For example one time we had to enter our passwords for something we was doing and the teacher forgot their laptop was plugged to the screen and everyone seen eachother passwords and we couldnt all change our passwords until a two weeks from then
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4 years ago, Replicant813
Needs work
It shows very little detail on activity. It will tell a parent what domain or website their student connected to but doesn’t show the content. It also doesn’t allow parents to see google searches.
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3 years ago, Ms. Hamilton
A complete mess!!
My teacher-friend Cathy suggested this to me; No way I'm taking her advice again. In my way of teaching I respect my students privacy because I believe that when students themselves feel respected they are in the mood to be their best. All of my students are a grade ahead of where their supposed because of my teaching strategy.. Take this into consideration- AND TAKE THIS APP DOWN.
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4 years ago, ghost_Pup
Might as well just leak my passwords and files to the whole world.
If you like having your passwords,files,apps,photos,personal data rummaged through, then this is the app for you! Guaranteed to store and leak your personal data! Just like zoom! This wonderful state of the art app for teachers makes sure that personal privacy is non-existant! Download today to have all your personal data and space invaded! :D
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4 years ago, Destiny❤️😆😜
M’kay, I may sound childish/stupid but it isn’t okay letting our teachers/parents watch what we’re doing, it’s creepy and weird they close tabs on us and it’s super annoying and we can get very paranoid to the point where we don’t want to even use our school computer or iPad or simply our home iPad or phone. This review is short but true a lot of students may agree with this
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4 years ago, marchrpea
It is a great tool for teachers and parents to see what kids are doing on school issued computers. You can redirect a student back to work during the school day if they wander off to play games.
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4 years ago, Mirri995
doesn’t work and no tech support
It worked for two weeks. Now it shows an error when i open it and won’t allow anything else but the error screen to show up. I contacted tech support multiple times to get a busy line on the phone, on the chat, and no email responses. I’ve deleted and re-downloaded the app multiple times. Garbage.
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3 years ago, barrietta
Invasion of privacy
Hi, I’m a student whose teachers used this on my school computer to “help” me. At least that’s what she said 😐 In my opinion, this is terrible, if your teachers do this, don’t just let it slide. And NEVER let them put it on your phone because they will be able to access and see EVERYTHING on your device including your texts, your emails, your passwords, your
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4 years ago, certified_zoomer
Invasion of privacy, against the law the reason we have a password is so no one can see out personal stuff or to hack or mess anything of out stuff up. But apparently when it comes to the older generation they are like a monarch they want to know everything and make sure their in control of what you do, say, act, and look at. I rest my case
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8 months ago, L. Sandra
PLEASE DO NOT GET THIS. I am so angry!! This app continuously shuts down and my students start going on things they aren’t supposed to!! Please update this frustrating problem. All staff uses this in our school and we are all having this problem. Our school will use another app if this problem isn’t fixed.
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3 years ago, skinprick
So one day I was doing my school work and my teacher goes on this stupid app and she is spying on my work that she doesn’t need to know so I’m like I’m just gonna forget about and the 3 days go by and then she goes on this app again and I’m having an important conversation with my mom and she turns my camera and mic on so the whole class could hear it so yeah NEVER GET THIS APP🤬🤬🤬🤬
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8 months ago, GumDrop_71
Absolutely Not!
This is literal spyware. People (parents and teachers) can see WHATEVER you are doing using this app. Thats just a complete invasion of privacy and shouldn't even be legal. What is a student or child needs to send a really personal email to their counselor? Kids deserve privacy too.
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3 years ago, d_star_88
As a parent, this app is very appreciated and helpful in starting conversations with my student. I do have to laugh at the number of teens unhappy with this app! 😂
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2 years ago, Sunday lawn :) :) :)
If your school uses this app then I’m sorry. This app is disgusting and only an invasion to your privacy and can see whatever your doing, from wherever and whenever. Can see through your camera and your passwords. Please delete this app ASAP
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4 years ago, MAD PERSON8
This is a great idea for a parent or teacher to see the content their student is looking at, BUT it’s awful and actually ILLEGAL. Parents and teachers and LOCK SCREENS. AND DISCONNECT devices. Parents and teachers and see your personal data, and you entering your PASSWORD. They can CLOSE your tabs, OPEN tabs, and BLOCK WEBSITES. Do NOT get this app if you are worried about your personal safety.
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4 years ago, hjvginvguj
This is Illegal, the only people that should see stuff is the FBI, it is an invasion of privacy and is very unpleasant. Not only violating privacy but invading trust. Teach your kids or students how bad inappropriate stuff is. If they watch porn a third time get them help. This app can make feel people unsafe the feeling of being stalked is very terrifying therefore, this app is ILLEGAL
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3 years ago, teadyl
When me and my students started using this no one wanted to learn and everyone wasn’t doing the work because they knew I could see what they were doing, one of my students EVEN GOT HACKED! and it has lots of bugs and issues and is over a terrible chrome extension and app Uninstall
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3 years ago, Papa Thundie
Just no.
It’s literal spyware. People (teachers, parents, etc) can see WHATEVER you’re doing using this app. Which is OBVIOUSLY an invasion of privacy. Just because most of the people being monitored using this app are minors doesn’t mean they don’t get to have privacy.
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2 years ago, 🖕🏻Privatize please 🖕🏻
0 Star
If u read the special permissions on the computer it tracks your physical location. It is so breaking your privacy permission screw the schools that use it. On the computer read the special permissions guys! Terrible site/app Hate it with a passion!! Get rid of it or get sued
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3 years ago, Demetrio74
pls why are teachers that obsessed with us to the point where they spy on what we’re doing- like first of all i never got consent and second of all that’s an invasion of privacy and a student could literally be doing something personal for themselves for nobody else to see like health or counselor talk and the teacher could be sharing their screen looking at peoples tabs and they could be exposed, i was in one of my classes and the teacher was showing peoples tabs and also this can be illegal??
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4 years ago, E3108
This app is glitchy. I set it up with the school to monitor my distracted child and it worked for a couple months. Now it keeps giving an error message. At the very least, offer a web login. Better yet, fix the parent app.
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3 years ago, arianaretes
The one day in school I was doing a project and my teacher was on go guardian and I was looking up pictures do dogs and baby crying and I didn’t notice he was there but then he yelled at me and said“ go do your homework now you’re going to get suspended and I want you know not to cry watching talking babies crying
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3 years ago, hola nínõ
I hate this
this app makes teachers feel like they take full control of you and they dont have any limit to anything.. This app can easily take your information and hack you. do NOT download.
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4 years ago, maymente
Very bad would not use it again
There are so many bugs they app did not seem to work, would not recommend it to anyone. It kept glitching and opening up random things. The worst.
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3 years ago, va5262727
I hate it
This app litterly gives no privacy teachers and parents have gone to far more it’s this app if students don’t want to do their work that’s on them their the ones failing on their choice so mind your bissnes.
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2 years ago, XIAO-LING DING
we had everything we needed...
This app made childrens life miserable its the only reason why this generation is terrible back then without this we were free.
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3 years ago, TheaterIsCool
This is creepy!! You are practically spying on your students!! The fact that you can see when your students are online!! Omg no words. AND YOU CAN BASICALLY HACK INTO THEIR COMPUTER. A teacher i had used this app to spy on their students. PLEASE GET RID OF THIS APP. YOU ARE PRACTICALLY SPYING ON YOUR STUDENTS.
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3 years ago, pandaqueen115678
Go Guardian
Who are you to basically take away the rights of children’s privacy. We do not need a eye on us 24/7.And teachers take advantage of it so just take down the app. #Ban Go Guardian
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3 years ago, jaky:(
Its plain stupid that teachers can see what tiy do ? Like ok yes a student may not be doing their work but they do work all day so teachers dont have a reason to have this as and extension
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3 years ago, gigilikesicecream
Invasion of privacy
This is outrageous a teen should not go through something like this this is dumb and should be deleted immediately please just trust your children this isn’t fair
Show more
2 years ago, Laiyla.bird
So dum
Y’all can see our personal information and teachers are annoying with this spyware
Show more
4 years ago, stalionb
Definitely no privacy and we can’t get on anything without old people asking us what it is
Show more
4 years ago, poke61735372724
It is very dumb. Teachers use it, parents use it, and even though many kids don’t do anything it shows no trust. No respect and it makes me feel like I am trapped
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3 years ago, ftg_student
Horrible classroom environment
Student who know that their teacher doesn’t trust them by monitoring their screen makes a horrible classroom environment
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4 years ago, icarly33448292
Worst app, very many bugs
This app is terrible. It needs so. ugh work done on it, you might as well not even download it. Very laggy, and lots of bugs.
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2 years ago, Herhehehe
Absolute rubbish
This is an invasion of students privacy and should be shut down now. No wonder it is rated 1.6 stars
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4 years ago, Troy the Boy in town
What about teachers?!
Well and good that there is an app for parents, but it doesn’t help the kids of the teachers can’t logon with an app.
Show more
4 years ago, .-P.J-.
An invasion of privacy and teaches kids that even their own parents can’t trust them. Disgraceful
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2 years ago, hdhrhdjejdk
Any school that has this needs to be investigated
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