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User Reviews for Gong.io

4.15 out of 5
89 Ratings
4 months ago, Gatrgirl
Love Gong
Gong as a tool is great! The app allows you to listen to calls on the go as well as making recorded calls while on the go as well. It’s particularly effective when you’re on road shows and can’t take notes or didn’t have time to enter information in your CRM. Having the ability to use the note taker in this capacity is a game changer. I wish it had more functionality like with Engage, but it gets the job done.
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4 months ago, dak970
Game changer
This is by far one of the very best workplace tools on the market. Excellent capabilities to go back and pinpoint various talking points in a conversation. Additionally with the advancements in AI technology and capabilities, this is a product that not only saves time, but is highly accurate with the information being provided and summarized. I would highly recommend this tool to anyone looking to help their business.
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4 months ago, Sarareia
Great tool with smart use of AI
I have been using Gong for almost 2 years and I am in awe of the progress that has been made. I highly recommend this tool for recording interactions and reviewing it. The missing star has to do with lack of ability to input / modify some of the results
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5 years ago, Mangnasty
Listening to calls is great but being able to listen in the go is awesome. I can speed up the call and choose what person I want to hear speak. I can take a 30 minute call and hear the important parts in 5-7 minutes and comment on the call while doing my workout. They recently added face to face meeting recording via mobile also which is awesome!
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2 years ago, latpass
love the mobile app
as an SDR, the app is a game changer for those truly dedicated to improving. love the speed/scroll feature in app. the app is a complete game changer - I can workout, walk my dog, or do dishes (a few examples), while improving my talk track and learning from others within my company. a must have for every company, but especially startups.
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4 months ago, Hank daddy in Knoxville
A game changer that allows me to be ahead of the curve!
I’ve used Gong in my role for almost 5 years now. I can’t imagine running a team without it! I frequently use the mobile app to listen to conversations that my team has performed. I can’t remember a time where I encountered a bug or issue with the app. It just works!
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4 months ago, TG Wins
Listening on the go is easy
I was in the gym yesterday playing back the tape. Instead of listening to a podcast, music or radio, it was easy to choose something that is going to put money in my pocket. I’ve using Gong mobile app for awhile. It’s so easy to use and helps make the most of my time.
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4 months ago, bennysmom123
Much Improved!
I’ve been a Gong user for over a year now and LOVE the product. In the beginning, I did have a few issues with the app, but no longer. Everything works perfectly. Also, I’ve used competitor solutions before and Gong is so much more seamless and well done. Highly recommend!
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4 months ago, SamanathaN
Easy to use on mobile!
I listen to Gong calls on my phone all the time to give feedback to my team members. It is easy to use when on a walk, traveling, or just don’t want to connect my AirPods to my laptop. The app is easy to navigate and I love how easy it is to skip to the next speaker with the Gong app.
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4 months ago, Tyler Tworek
Great on the go!
Im a huge fan of gong in general and the app is great for me when traveling. Easy to queue up a call I want to listen to and take notes and send internal slack messages around action items when I cant conveniently use a laptop. If you use gong on desktop but not the app you are missing out!
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4 years ago, Cgcgchip
Super convenient for on the go
As a newly hired Gong employee, this app is invaluable for me getting up to speed quickly. I’m taking advantage of all my commute time to listen to best practice calls and get my talk tracks down. Can see how this would be useful for anyone trying to up their game and deliver more values for their customers. Will be using this daily!
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4 months ago, noahrose
New age tech
Gong is so far ahead of its times - the system is brilliant in showing deal visibility, health and areas to focus. The use your experience is also very easy to use and extremely modern, the visualizations across the platform help show deal insight no matter where you are.
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4 years ago, 2397ljfsdf
Great product but buggy app
I love listening to calls on the go but the app is really buggy. Many wknds in a row I’ve gotten the spinning wheel of death. It’s hard to forward and rewind and sometimes you get two audio tracks playing at the same time. The submit comment is too close to the visibility options. You can’t set up filters for prospects only so I have to always scroll to find new calls to listen to.
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3 years ago, SalesPro13
Great App!
I love being able to listen to calls on the go, such as on a walk during the day. It’s also very handy for making calls from my phone and using during in person meetings as a note taker so I can stay engaged in face to face conversations.
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4 months ago, Amgsplash
Best Rev intelligence platform!
Gong has been instrumental in my professional growth over the last few years. They are by far the most advanced platform on the market, and are extremely user friendly. Couldn’t recommend enough.
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4 years ago, ukfjgjeb
Great service, terrible app
I love using gong on my computer to listen to calls and see where I can improve. Downloaded the app so I can listen on the go and it is awful. It won’t let me pull up the calls I want, if I try to click a link on my phone it makes me listen from the web and not the app, and it won’t even pull up the calls I search for - just says there are calls with that name but I can’t choose any. All in all, great product they offer but you can’t get things done on the app.
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4 months ago, jessecatorres
Great app
As someone that likes to continuously improve my processes and learn from the best reps as well as review my own calls, I love that I can do it on the go!
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3 years ago, LvJohns19
Love the gong app
Having the Gong app allows me to listen to calls on the go, rate them score them… the app has been super smooth no issues or concerns. I love the flexibility the app gives me. It helps me coach and find opportunities for my team to hit their goals. Great App Gong!
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3 years ago, seattlesportsfan100
Easy to use on the go
I use Gong everyday on my computer as a sales person, but this app makes it very easy to listen to calls or see what’s going on in an opportunity when I’m on the go.
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4 months ago, julianna1223455
Learn from yourself
I love this app. It has absolutely changed the sales game for me. Having the ability to hear my conversations is perfect for self-critique, catching missed details, and refreshing my memory.
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4 months ago, Tbel798
Key to work/life balance
I love being able to listen to Gong calls offline. The functionality is exactly what I need to manage my remote team while on the go!
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4 months ago, MK3847
Absolutely amazing & game changing
This app is the most productive and effective tool we use for our business. The product has helped me become a much more successful and successful effective salesperson.
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2 years ago, Casey Drummond
Terrible App for finding anything
Was provided a playlist via email to listen to some calls. When I click from gmail the link takes me to my mobile browser, not the gong app. When I sign in on a mobile browser there is no way to navigate to the app to find the playlist. The search functionality is terrible. Deleting the app now as it is useless.
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4 months ago, Gnvdxj
Good app,
Gong in general is great, but the mobile app is a great add - I get my steps in or can listen to calls while I’m on the go. I do a lot of call reviews for my team and without the app I’d be glued to my chair.
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5 years ago, JSF880055
I manage a team of 12+ sales folks and this app has changed the way I coach my team. I listen to calls & provide coaching on the go and it helps me ensure I am always up to date on key deals!
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7 years ago, 1samken
Could not do my job without it!
This is the best app for listening to my calls and my team’s calls on the go. Simple, easy to use wherever I am - in a car, on a plane etc.
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4 months ago, pjilllllfujdbd
Great for travel!
Useful lite version of gong. Use it frequently while traveling to stay up to date on my teams deals.
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4 months ago, Nabroc4
Great app, Life would be way harder without Gong
I use this to listen to Sales calls on 1.5x speed and have benefitted so much from this app! Thank you Gong!
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4 months ago, Matthew C-M
As a rep, can’t live without Gong
This is as invaluable in my day-to-day as salesforce. Capabilities keep getting better overtime, loving the AI generated feedback and email generation. Keep it going gong team!
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6 years ago, Kate TX
I keep having to delete and download again
It’s great to be able to listen to calls to hear different selling techniques. Unfortunately the app keeps disappearing and has trouble connecting. I really want to hear more calls but so far it’s been a hassle 😩
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4 months ago, MP532
Gong on the Go!
Love being able to download offline and watch gong on the go. Great UI for adjusting playback speed and adding comments.
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1 year ago, Tnjeditor
Seriously needs to support Landscape mode
This seems like a god app, but its really hard to use as it seems to only support portrait mode on the iPad. My iPad is my daily driver with a keyboard and is always in landscape - Please Please Please get this fixed!
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4 months ago, elletash
Great for listening on the go!
I use the app to listen to calls in my car. It’s great for exactly this purpose.
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1 year ago, banhmitran
Nice and stable
Nice and stable app, offline support for your listen later list. But please, please, please, a landscape mode for larger iPads / iPhones would be amazing.
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1 year ago, danialucky
Downloading video
All good but please allow to download video, not audio only
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4 years ago, Rattso2006
3 stars...
3 stars because it’s been at least year since Ive used this app on my iPad and its a pain to have to use it in portrait mode. C’mon update it so it can be used in landscape mode or give the user the option to pick!
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4 months ago, Charlie Anastasi
Great on the go
Love Gong overall. Love how the Gong app helps me do 1:1s and do some of my coaching while I’m traveling. Worth downloading.
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4 years ago, edshmoney
Great insights!
Use this in your sales organization but you really have to use it to be effective.
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2 weeks ago, Slogan12345678
This app is so dope. Super helpful. I have been looking for something like this for a long time
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6 years ago, amc739
Extremely disappointing
Support is a joke when you tell them the app isn’t working properly- which I know it wasn’t because my colleague was using it. So I deleted the app. Redownloaded it and now its crashing every time I open it. Big flop of an app.
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7 years ago, Ann123444
Best app for sales managers
Great app! Cannot live without it
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6 years ago, anonumis
App no longer works
I used to use he gong app everyday on my way to work and now the app doesn’t work at all!!! It shuts down when I open it and if I do get in it freeezes on my calls.
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5 years ago, Isaac239
Phantom app notification badge
There is 1 App notification badge that won’t go away, can’t find where it is in the app, had to turn off in settings, please be more mindful of badges.
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3 years ago, Thatsebas
So Handy!! So Easy!!! So AWESOME
I’ve been using Gong.io to hone in on successful calls from my peers and understand where I can implement their top strategies in conversations to replicate myself and achieve my weekly, monthly AND quarterly goals...This is a game changer, and I recommend everyone in the sales segment of companies to start using Gong!
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2 years ago, Travisdrums91
Search interface is terrible
Please match the search interface on iOS to that of macOS please!!!
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5 months ago, prasta7099
Core Functionality Works But…
No Landscape mode on iPad?
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6 months ago, andychillier
Landscape support
Retried the app after more than a year, shocked landscape mode on iPad still isn’t supported
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4 years ago, Stumblealot
Please add proper iPad support. Allowing your iPhone app to run only in portrait on an iPad does not give you a useful iPad app.
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