3.5 (17)
80.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Siber Systems, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for GoodSync

3.53 out of 5
17 Ratings
6 years ago, Scorch S
The new version look great, but need more develop
Cannot swipe to next/previous photo. This is very basic function for every app.
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6 years ago, Jimmut
Do you know how to use?
I saw all the bad reviews and figure this would not be a good app but I was wrong. Once you figure it out it is awesome. I can send files to my home pc and I can get any file I want from my home pc by just browsing all the drives from my iPhone. I think people thought this was more like a dropbox that you just set it and it does it thing. Its completely different but I am really digging all the options that are available and what I can do. Good job developers....keep up the good work!
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7 years ago, Bert_RPV
User hostile
Tried for an hour to get a sync working. No luck. Cryptic interface. A simple back up my phone is impossible. A litany of vague messages: cannot create folder, filter is wrong (when I simply wanted ‘all’), etc, etc. gave up. The app is free but I paid for the Mac version. I was trying for the office and would have bought many more. Now looking for another solution.
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6 years ago, eatthebeat
These folks don’t value loyal users
Happy user of GoodSync since 2015, until a recent support request after paid upgrade. In my experience, GoodSync support is poor and condescending to loyal users. I was denied a refund when I realized the upgrade version doesn’t support my workflow. Feeling pretty silly for recommending this greedy & unsupportive company to friends and fellow producers for the last 3 years :/
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10 years ago, kmaslova
Serves well
i now use my iphone as a personal bckup device, to store confidential files
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2 years ago, Krishew
No longer works on iPhone
Worked great for years. Now app won’t open on iPhone 13pro. Have latest update, but still app will not open. App support has not answered my inquiries.
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8 years ago, mcor123
A lot to be desired.
I'm a long time user of desktop Goodsync and love it. Mobile app has a long way to go. First, I'm not expecting miracles. Some of the reviews I've read think that the app should be able to do things that I know are limitations of the OS. That's fine. Still, there are some features that really need to be included for this app to be of any use. 1. App needs to be able to run in the background. Right now, if I start a sync job and then open another app, the sync freezes. Fixing this would (should) allow for automatic sync jobs like the desktop version. 2. Need to support creating and/or running jobs from the app. Right now, I have to grab my phone, open the app, then start the sync job at my computer - so all this app is really doing is saving me from having to connect my phone to my computer with a cable (since I have to be sitting at my computer anyway to start the job).
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9 years ago, Uta Buuta Solo?
While GoodSync is incredible at syncing between a Windows Server and a Synology NAS, this iOS app is utter FAIL. I cannot even get it to sync my home computer with my iPhone ("folders cannot be created here" error). I troubleshoot network junk all day at work and I shouldn't need to come home and troubleshoot an iOS app. Pro tip for any GoodSync employees reading this - QA your stuff before you release it. Imagine a typical user trying to figure this out. You should really fire your iOS team, because this is making you look bad.
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8 years ago, pwily2
This sounded great, isn't clear at all how to actually use it
This sounded like exactly what I'm looking for - an easy way to synchronize files for a remote team. The app has no functionality built-in, though, until you have setup an account. OK, strange I can't setup my account through the app but whatever. I went to their website - I'm not 100% sure but I think I have to buy a license for each computer I use it on before getting a username/password? Lame...
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12 years ago, Allegria2
Works but limited usefulness
I am a fan of goodsync which I use on windows. On iOS it seems that you can copy files to your iPad or iPhone. As the app description says, you cannot access the files on your iOS device. In essence this seems to make my $700 device into a big thumb drive. Maybe later they will implement a way to swap to other applications. Look at goodsync on Mac or windows. It is a really cool program.
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9 years ago, tallguyzz
Terrible support
Do not bother with this app. Their support people give the same response no matter what the problem is. They don't seem to even read the problem report or look at the extensive log file. I've tried every version of this app. I really want it to work but cannot get an intelligent response or get it to work reliably.
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8 years ago, EcuaGYEgringo
It is almost useless to view files
It syncs the files well but viewing, editing and saving the files to to sync them again either does not work or opens the wrong file. Support has stopped responding to messages as it appears they have no solution. The money you spent on the desktop app is wasted.
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12 years ago, Girly Girl 424
Not what I expected
I don't need another storage device. I want to be able to get to my pictures and other file like on my Droid. I guess this app will be removed until it has more capabilities.
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12 years ago, Romantico Aleman ! !
No sirve....
.... Rechaza el logueo, he probado con nickname, correos activos pero me los rechaza es, Desconcertante !
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