Google Authenticator

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User Reviews for Google Authenticator

4.84 out of 5
456.2K Ratings
5 months ago, BingusCheeseball
Google Authentication is an exceptional app that has become even better with its recent improvement of cloud support. The app provides an incredibly secure and reliable means of keeping your accounts safe, and the addition of cloud support has made it even more efficient and user-friendly. With the new cloud support, users can now easily back up their authentication codes, making it easier to recover their accounts if they lose their devices. The app also features a smooth and straightforward interface, which is easy to navigate, and it works seamlessly across all devices. Overall, Google Authentication is a must-have app for anyone who values their security and wants a hassle-free experience.
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3 months ago, torhavn
Don’t use Google to auth, just don’t.
Why anyone would use a Google app for authenticator anymore is a mystery to me. Google doesn’t really maintain or support apps, they just change them and then you often lose things. Why have an app where you have to be worried about being singed into Google all the time? That’s not something many of us want at baseline. I’m addition you have to worry about transferring accounts and worry about if you forget to handle it right when you get a new device. I regret I ever used Google authenticator on a few accounts only to find out I could no longer do auth on those accounts when Google just changed the whole thing. I had to go to a bunch of trouble to finally to get back into my accounts. I’m so glad my cybersecurity friend got me to convert to using 1Password many years ago. I love it and when it comes to authenticator capability it’s so much easier and makes so much more sense. They make it so easy to add authenticator to a sign in process, and saves the one-time password generator right in the entry in your personal vault along with the sign in for that particular account. This backs up to the cloud and goes with you when go to your new device. They maintain and support the app through the years, you can have it in any device or add it to any browser. No more worrying about being logged into Google and losing your ability to get into your accounts when Google changes their authenticator app.
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1 year ago, LivNic18
I Lost Everything
I lost access to my google account I’ve had my entire life after I got a new phone number and had to get a new iCloud account. I didn’t even get a new phone so there’s no “new phone” to get the codes from. In turn I lost access to my google photos account that had over 18,000 photos backed up to it. I lost all of my daughters newborn photos, my wedding photos and countless other memories I will never be able to retrieve. Unless you’re some sort of high level security person you don’t need this app, DO NOT get it. It’s too easy to lose everything. I don’t even remember why I got it because I didn’t need the extra security. I just thought it was a neat feature I guess. Biggest mistake of my life. I’ve also lost access to ALL of my apps and accounts as well. I had to make all new social media accounts and I still can’t get logged back into some apps because I have a new phone number as well. So I’m logged out of my bank app and pharmacy app as well. I’m sick to my stomach. Please just don’t get this app unless you absolutely NEED the extra security. I would give ANYTHING to be able to retrieve the memories and photos I have lost forever.
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2 years ago, monster trucks and dogs
Terrible mfa application. The absolute worst.
Use any other MFA app, but this one. It does not save your information. If you change phones or migrate phone platforms, you are completely screwed unless you remove mfa from all your apps before you uninstall the Google Authenticator app. And if you lose your phone, you are just screwed with no recourse. If you use the Microsoft Authenticator, at least it will remember your information while you are on the same phone platform. But Google? Nope. Don’t even bother to ask for help because all you will receive is arrogant script kiddies belittling you for something you didn’t even know you were supposed to do. I’ll be uninstalling many Google apps in the coming month. I can definitely do without you at least Microsoft has support for the products they make. Imagine if GM made you ask other car owners how to use the windshield wipers, or how to change a tire. Google’s arrogance is amazing. I’ll make use of capitalism and find a better mouse trap.
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2 years ago, jaumb830
No Cloud Backup
There are many reviews complaining that deleting the app, migrating to a new device, etc… lost access to their 2-factor auth codes. This is exactly what you want from a security perspective! That is precisely why I rated this app with 5 stars. Very few 2-factor apps do not backup to the cloud and this is one of them. No question that cloud backup is extremely convenient but there is often a trade-off between convenience and security and this is a great example of that. This app is for those who choose a bit of extra security (codes only stored on the device) over the convenience of having their codes stored both on the device and in the cloud.
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5 months ago, Nate (all others are taken)
All these 1 star reviews.
Holy cow, there are a lot of 1star reviews. I read most of them and they are complaining about losing their stuff. Maybe they should be complaining about their stupidity. TURN 2FA OFF. If you were smart you would know to just turn 2FA off before getting a new phone. The day before. Or if your phone breaks then that yes I understand that but if you are getting a new phone because your current one is outdated maybe turn it off before trashing your old phone with 2FA. It’s a good app to have all around, I almost got hacked but 2FA saved my account.
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3 years ago, Proteus846
Essential App, But No Cloud Backup
This is one of the most essential apps on my phone. I don’t know why I trust Google with my 2FA codes (I don’t really) but this is a very useful and important app. It is pretty basic as far as apps go, but it works for the intended purpose. They just added the ability to transfer 2FA codes when upgrading to a new phone. They released this feature less than a month after the second wave of new iPhones came out… so less than a month ago I did the transfer manually, turning 2FA off and back on for my new phone across a dozen services. Some were easy to transfer, others were the opposite. It took over an hour. Their timing with this feature is awful, but at least it’s here now I suppose.
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4 months ago, Gr8wyt14
This app needs an Apple Watch version
Our job requires us to use the Authenticator to log into our company portal. I finally broke down and purchased an Apple Watch with cellular capability so that I could leave my phone in my locker and still be able to make calls and send texts and also have access to apps. Recently I accidentally left my phone at home and it wasn’t until I tried to log in to my workstation that I realized I left my Authenticator at home as well. Why is the app not available for Apple Watch. With the functionality of my Apple Watch Ultra and the fact that the Authenticator only displays digits, this seems like a no brainer. I will obviously continue to use this app but a version in my Ultra would be awesome.
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2 years ago, J0CCC
Do not get this app!! I’m sure there are other apps that can safely store your information. I got my phone smashed and haven’t been able to retrieve anything, I thought everything saved to my iCloud but nothing was backed up. I had the screenshots from this app but due to have my phone smashed, I obviously can’t see them. I was never sent an email (as they should confirming this service) and have 0 trace of what I used to create this account. You’d think it’d work with a google account but no, it’s like I never had it. I’ve been unable to reach my passwords to accounts I’ve had for years and I have read every site possible with no solution. Google has no contact number to reach when you need help and if they do they just send you to the most unhelpful links. It’s a really unpleasant experience I urge you to not get this app.
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6 months ago, Reviewer 795
Just don’t
Heed the warnings of the countless other reviews saying how they lost access to their accounts. The same thing happened to me when I upgraded my phone because, unbeknownst to me, the codes that Google authenticator generates are device specific. Thankfully, I only had one account linked to it, but it was one that was sort of important. Unfortunately, after multiple days of trying a plethora of recovery methods, I ultimately ended up having to have that account permanently deleted. Of course if you were aware of all this and you were smart and changed your 2FA setting before switching or upgrading devices, then yes, this app is easy to use, safe, and operates as intended. But save yourself the hassle and use literally any other 2FA method. One of the safest and easiest is your phone number. Also if the account you are using offers backup codes to copy or download when you set up 2FA, I can not stress this enough, SAVE THOSE CODES!!! TLDR: This app operates as intended but if you switch devices you will lose those authentication codes which makes it incredibly unreliable, and you may, like so many others, end up permanently losing access to your account that are linked to it. Please don’t use this app.
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2 years ago, MisterBigJake
App Deleted ALL My Accounts - STAY AWAY
This app displayed duplicates for all my accounts. Naturally, I deleted all the duplicates. A few days later I was prompted with the “get started” screen, and to my horror ALL of my accounts were deleted(including crypto wallets and other extremely important things). As it turns out, I am not the only one affected. Simply search “Google Authenticator Duplicates iOS 15” online. I am currently locked out of ALOT of money and several productivity accounts at work and might be completely out of luck. I expected much better from Google and this has only hastened my separation from their products and services. This is inexcusable. Typically I am lenient, but when a product exists to secure your online accounts, it shouldn’t effectively lock you out of them. This is outrageous and it blows my mind that QA did not catch this.
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2 years ago, Codgod1335
After 2 years…
After two years using Authenticator I am very disappointed in the lack of communication in the lack of support and basic usage steps. I have lost over 8 accounts, imagine being hassled to set up two factor authentication every time you log in only to lose your accounts if you ever upgrade phones. Not once or anywhere on the app does it say that you will need both phones present to transfer the codes. I run a business through Facebook which generates over 500k in revenue a year. Imagine losing an account with that much value. Luckily I have things in place to keep up advertising. That being said I will be contacting my lawyer and looking into what options are available to me maybe even look into class actions as I see many others are having the same issue
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6 days ago, TheAdsHater
I also lost everything.
Oh wonder my phone had broken and had to go through a whole process of rebuilding not a going to be specific, but all my data was lost, everything was fine since all I had was pictures and nothing important that I couldn’t get back but guess what, my first ever account I had created with all my info and logins which I couldn’t log back into, such a shame really. Tried looking for any chat support or anything, didn’t find any, and for those saying “this is exactly what we want”, no, I’d at least me expecting a better support from you guys by now since you’d know this would be happening. Many other apps have already a support system that could help return your account if something like this ever is to happen but I guess you guys are too good for it huh.
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4 months ago,
Google Authenticator app
I would recommend the Google authenticator app to anyone who wants to have a double layer of security while they’re online doing business and any other thing that may involve high security. Once the Authenticator app is set up, which is fairly easy. The app is fast and easy. More security verified in real time helps me protect my assets. If you don’t have it I would download the app and connect it to the various accounts you have that offer the second level of security or the passwords change every 60 seconds. I love it.
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3 years ago, Doggettall
Do not use this app!
If you are in a situation where you are forced to use this app, be sure to keep backup codes so that you can access whatever applications you need to access in the event you lose your connection with Google authenticator. Because of a recent Facebook debacle and not knowing that it was necessary to save recovery codes with Google authenticator, I am now unable to access a 10+ year old Facebook account that includes some business connections. Facebook‘s issues are on them however, since I have a long-standing Google account, I don’t understand how I am unable to recover the connection with my Facebook account to allow me to get back in again. Is google authenticator completely unaffiliated with Google? Very disappointing and in 2021, I can’t believe things are this difficult for the average every day user.
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5 months ago, EJB123
Most Secure but terrible for people new to 2FA.
It IS secure. Just make sure to research 2FA extensively before using so that you know what you’re getting into with this app. No doubt this is the most secure 2FA app given that it stores everything locally. The problem is, it doesn’t explain this for people new to 2FA and are used to everything backing up the the cloud. It is going to lead to a lot of people losing valuable data. Google could fix this issue pretty easily by explaining how this app differs from others. I find it strange that they don’t mention this in the set up process. It makes it feel like they don’t want to turn people away even if it means that they wind up losing access to their accounts. Do not use this app unless you have a good understanding of 2FA and how to properly store backup codes in the event that you lose your device or upgrade to a new phone. Without those codes or your phone to migrate, you will lose access to many, if not all, your accounts. I would only use this app for a handful of accounts that I want the highest level of security on and have stored my backup codes safely, non-digitally, in multiple locations.
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12 months ago, Rubiconnect13
Mixed Feelings
This app succeeds at providing an air of security to users. But, who is going to protect us from Google? Every time you use the app, Google links you and your device at that time and location to the application you are authenticating. So, if you are deliberately trying to stay private, but are forced to 2FA, this app actually may diminish your personal privacy and security. But, of course we can trust Google! They have spent a TON of money telling us that. Still 5 stars. The truth should not diminish a good rating. It should be transparent.
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2 years ago, Manu_9804
Do NOT use this app - use any other alternative
The reason I simple: since there is no way to back up your accounts: if the app doesn't start, crashes, or worse, you have NO way to get your accounts back. This is basically what happened to me. First, after upgrading to iOS 15, I noticed that all my accounts got duplicated for no reason. Then, I tried to remove each duplicate, and at some point the app crashed and all my account got erased in the process!!! Thankfully, I had tested - a few months ago - the account transfer feature, to see if I could transfer to my iPad,l. So I had a "backup" of sorts on my iPad and wasn't locked out of my accounts. But if I had not done that, everything would have been lost and I would be locked out of everything!!!
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1 month ago, Hassansony
Use Microsoft Authenticator Instead
I wrote this review to give some people some advice. I’m rating this app five stars just so people can see this review, but in reality, this is garbage. I don’t use this app because I actually don’t know how to use it, but I’m starting to think that I probably shouldn’t try to learn it. You see, there are about a million reviews(ok maybe not a million)from people who used this saying they lost access to their accounts, and couldn’t get them back, and judging from how many reviews there are, I don’t think they’re lying. I use Microsoft Authenticator for my accounts which in my opinion is WAY better than this trash. So instead, I recommend you use Microsoft Authenticator, not this one. Please try doing what I recommended, and that’s all.
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3 years ago, chopinrlz
Risky Choice for 2FA
Using an authenticator app for 2FA is seen as a top choice for securing access to sensitive accounts over other methods. However, when the app stops loading, and instead crashes on open, you can easily lose access to these accounts if you’re relying on the app for 2FA and you don’t have backup methods configured (or physically accessible to you in the moment). This app is quite terrible in terms of its support and user experience. It did work, at one point, and now it doesn’t which means that I can never rely on it again. I’ve been slowing shifting to the Microsoft Authenticator app which has a superior user experience and feature set, is substantially more reliable, and works. I would not use this app if I were you.
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2 years ago, g_harp
Wiped all my 2FA codes
Like many other reviewers, it finally happened to me: Last week, I opened the Google Auth app to see all my accounts and codes duplicated. I went through and removed the dupes, and everything was fine until today, when I launched the app to find an empty “welcome” screen and no codes. This is the same phone I’ve had for years, the app hadn’t updated in weeks or months… no clue what caused this, and I’ve used this app daily for years… until this happened out of the blue. User beware - if you use this app, make extra sure you save your backup codes and have a backup auth method on all your 2FA accounts. Personally, I’m using this as an opportunity to migrate to another auth app that allows secure backups and no reports of random resets.
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3 years ago, Review guy 467
I just wanted to say Thank you for finally putting a export accounts option to move from device to device cause this was always my more preferred app but due to lack of exporting accounts couldn’t take the risk so I’ve been using the Microsoft version. I did like how there was a Apple Watch version although It was never really that useful anyway. But I hope maybe there might be a Apple Watch version of this someday if not that’s fine then. Please always keep improving this app.
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6 months ago, $lim Medi
Best Authenticator
Look there are a bunch’s of MFA tools you can find including the famous one but I’m telling you use Google Authenticator. You only see why Google stands out from the crowed when it comes to that simplicity embraced with security. Simply imagine you are switching your phone and get transferred all your MFA list… I can’t tell you how simple was I able to do that using Google Authenticators while the others were giving me a headache.
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1 year ago, micandguitar
Improvement Suggestion
I think there should be an easier way for me to regain access into my account authenticators that I had on my device before I had refreshed my phone While my phone operates much nicer than it did, and though the accounts that I have yet to regain access to do not have very much money at all and I have access to my accounts that I want, I feel that increasing convenience would be an easier process for account recovery especially because I have everything to prove that I am the owner to all of the accounts that have any money as with the accounts that I have access to now, I went about identifying each account individually Thank you for ensuring that my accounts are secure permitting me to have direct access to what I want - Keean
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2 years ago, Nyx._.
Use something else!!! (0 stars if I could )
I recently upgraded my phone and none of my data transferred nor does this app offer cloud backups,I’ve had to contact support for each of my accounts and have them turn off 2FA for me. The fact that this is a google app and I have to use my Gmail to use this app should mean cloud backups for that account. And yeah I get there’s a transfer but that completely useless because you have to have the previous phone data still in tact to even use, when most people just whip the phone and give it to a family member or sell it online. Look for something else I recommend Authy or Microsoft’s Authenticator.
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2 months ago, DropLeBase
Pen icon that’s usually on the top right’s missing
Prior to the new update, the pen or pencil icon which is used to delete and edit/rename Authentication Codes have gone missing. I noticed this when I accidentally made an error and wanted to correct it but couldn’t because the tool used to do so is gone. This is a good app but I feel as though the devs have totally forgotten to add back that feature. Now it’s replaced by a cloud symbol.
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9 months ago, BryceWetzel
Great but keep safe and stored right!
Great but keep safe and stored right! I’ve lost once before long time ago my google authentication app. Lost everything connected to 2 auth. Had issues getting my accounts back to 100%. However, that’s what is so amazing about this app. Only me, or whoever has the full capability of getting into a secure app and device. people granted basically. Thanks google once again.
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2 years ago, Cmy3y
Works… could be a lot better!
I lost a lot when my phone died. So I understand the frustration with not being able to backup, and also understand why they chose not to have this option. But this could be safely and easily solved by having a recovery option linked to a phone number. Essentially the same way that emails can have a backup email, why not a backup 2FA? They could do much better allowing for sharing between devises. This is important for teams or even just people more than one device like phone and a tablet. Finally most don’t need this, but some do. So why not have an option for some organization? I give it 4 stars because it does work, and it is a great solution over text massage 2FA which can be very problematic when traveling between countries.
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3 years ago, 2trot
Is this the update we’ve been waiting for?
I saw with the most recent update Google added the feature to move accounts to a new device. Previously the Authenticator app only moved Google accounts so if it now moves all accounts that are stored in the Authenticator app that would make this app 100% more useful. I only change devices every few years so I’ll need to wait to confirm but this appears to be a major update with a feature that people have wanted for a very long time
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3 years ago, philiaagape
Won’t start after iOS 14.2 update, v3.1.0 of the app
(UPDATE: it’s working again after app update! The App Store told me there was no update available when I first checked, but now 10 min later there is an update. Problem was Apple, not Google.) I have loved google Authenticator for my 2fa needs: SSH verification and websites. But now the app will not start. I’ve rebooted my phone and checked the App Store for updates but I’m running version 3.1.0 of the app already.
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1 year ago, DontPatronizeMeBro
Basic But Good
Google Authenticator is a good, but very basic Authenticator app. In my view it is missing the ability to 1) make a backup of your keys; 2) sync your keys between multiple devices (you can add a key to multiple devices now but only manually); 3) add a password or otherwise secure the app, so if someone gains access to your device they can’t also get into authenticator. Microsoft Authenticator and Authy both offer these features. Google needs to up its game.
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1 year ago, 多花黄精一个个
These validators make things worse
After my Apple phone reinstalled the system, the account in the Google authenticator was gone, and the website that required two-step verification could not be opened. Please, is this a normal situation? Once the app is uninstalled, the website that has previously undergone two-step verification will not be opened. So, what is the meaning of these autoencitors?
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2 years ago, JayBliz01
I can’t get back on my old google Authenticator
There are many reviews complaining that deleting the app, migrating to a new device, etc... lost access to their 2-factor auth codes. This is exactly what you want from a security perspective! That is precisely why I rated this app with 5 stars. Very few 2-factor apps do not backup to the cloud and this is one of them. No question that cloud backup is extremely convenient but there is often a trade- off between convenience and security and this is a great example of that. This app is for those who choose a bit of extra security (codes only stored on the device) over the convenience of having their codes stored both on the device and in the
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3 months ago, Rick_James_007
Recent changes removed features
I’ve used this app for years for two factor authentication. While still a solid app, recent changes removes features that were occasionally useful, such as editing the entries (you can’t rename them any more), re-ordering your entries, or deleting codes for services you no longer use. Other than that, solid app that works. I like how easy it is to transfer codes to other devices.
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2 years ago, HiMeh-
Random 2fa delete.
I had been using this app for a year now I think. Randomly I updated it and my 2FA accounts were duplicated, so I had to delete the duplicated ones. Today I was doing nothing at all with my phone, didn’t restart it, didn’t delete anything, didn’t update anything (I have auto updates disabled) and suddenly when I get into the app because I had to use it, everything got deleted, as if it was my first time using the app. I changed to Microsoft app now, there is no backup method in Google Authenticator. I also had to delete my Sentri account which had an open application because of this app.
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2 years ago, Go Cuba
GOOGLE AUTHENTICATOR deleted my accounts, after duplicating them.
One day like any other I decide to enter my GOOGLE AUTHENTICATOR and all my key (accounts) were repeated, so I decide to delete the copy or repetition of each account, and everything remains as always, or as it should be, I leave google 2FA and when I go back in to my surprise all the accounts I had were deleted, therefore I have lost all my 2FA passwords, since Google AUTHENTICATOR made the Serious mistake of duplicating my accounts, and then deleting them when they were normal, I hope it will Somehow the support can help me, since it was the App itself that eliminated them.
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1 year ago, Alphahannah
This is utter crap. Locks yourself out
I can’t believe I’m having to write a review. I’ve tried time and time again to work with this STUPID 2 way authenticating crap. The codes don’t work and I’ve tried every troubleshooting instructions I’ve found on the internet and yet nothing works. Because I have a new device, I can’t access my old codes. And now I’m locked out of my own accounts and can’t get in. The only way this is going to be fixed is if you throw this entire process into a fire. Or if you’re lucky, MAYBE someone can help you. I JUST want to get into my accounts! Is that too much to ask?!
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2 months ago, pedro646__
Great Authenticator app
I have been using this app for a couple of years and I will write that I have not had any problems with it. I have used this app for my different platform accounts. No one has been able to login to any of my accounts that I have two-factor verification on. I appreciate the Google company for providing a good authenticator app.
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2 years ago, John-Paul Neilston
Bad Design
Google, just because you’re user base is FORCED to use this product doesn’t mean you should do the bare minimum. Did the developers think we would only need to store 10-20 accounts? One star review until there is a way to organize accounts by folder/category and export more than 10 accounts at a time. Come on! This is basic UI/UX stuff here. When you have a lot of accounts loaded it takes forever to find anything. And why would anyone only want to backup 10 accounts at a time? You should allow backup of All accounts or select accounts.
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1 year ago, Dragon21rider
Lacks Functionality
This authentication app will work but lacks functionality when being used as MFA for multiple sources. While some of the issue is with the sources not setting up their QR Codes and/or URLs correctly and either leaving a default name or email address this app also doesn’t have the ability to rename the authentication tokens. This makes it harder to locate the correct for accounts not normally used or when you have both private and corporate accounts for the same source.
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2 years ago, Dkrkdk
The worst Authenticator app ever. Tokens get removed by themselves.
You have all heard of complaints that the app does not allow you to migrate your Authenticator tokens over to a new phone or other device. This is unfortunately expected with this app. Use Authy if you need to be able to back up and transfer 2 factor authentication tokens. The real issue came in after the iOS 15 update. The app decided to add duplicate tokens to my Authenticator app. Meaning I had 2 codes for 1 account. Logically as one would I removed one (1) token out of the app and continued with my day. 2 days later the app randomly decided to delete ALL 6 of my tokens. Meaning I had to re set up 2 factor authentication on 6 different websites and services. TL;DR this app is broken. Tokens (2 factor authentication accounts) get removed by themselves magically. The app has not been updated in months and the developers lack the brain cells to update it and fix bugs.
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2 years ago, Gina33853
No Apple Watch app
I need this to work from my Apple Watch. The position I have my online website asks for the Authenticator almost every 30 Minutes and anytime you don’t click the screen for 5 minutes. I can’t keep getting my phone out or using the one on google and you can’t have both set up. The Watch app would be easier for me to look over and have it easily assessable.
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2 years ago, MySaviorLives21
Great app
Easy to use. Functional without significant software issues. This app would also be very handy to have a widget which was present when I swiped left on my iPhone so that I would not have to click into the app every time as my current organization requires two factor authentication every time I login.
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3 years ago, iLangston
It’s alright... but they listened to my feedback and improved!
The app doesn’t explain many of its features well and has noticeably less features than the versions on other phones. I sent a detailed feedback message about important features that were missing, and a few weeks later all the features I mentioned were either improved upon or added! It makes me happy that my input was listened to!
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7 months ago, Jeheisjbeidbdkgkeifj
I hate that you exist. Two step verification is a plague. Soon I will have to do use two-step verification to use a toilet. I hate the fact that I have to have a phone on me 24/7 just to log into something. Why even have passwords I got to remember? If someone steals my phone they have my entire life to steal away. Google auth is the equivalent of writing your passwords on a napkin with labels and usernames and leaving it on a Dennys table. But what’s the solution? Having another Authenticator app on my computer to verify my phones auth app?… it’s just getting ridiculous. Thank you for your time.
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6 months ago, Dave A Rose
Needs the ability to group accounts
Great application, but it’s missing out me simple feature. I’ve got many accounts, both personal and work related. It would be extremely helpful to be able to organize them in subcategories and even another label below those. For example, I’d like to group my accounts on the first level for “work”, “personal”, “family” (because I manage some family members accounts). Then, within each category I’d put “AWS”, “gcloud”, “banking”, etc.
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3 years ago, Martin Tuskevicius
Crashes when I start
Normally this app works fine, but it seems like there was a recent update that broke it. Whenever I start the app, it just shows the Authenticator logo and then crashes and takes me back to the start screen. I tried restarting my phone and it didn’t fix it. I’m afraid to re-install in case I lose my accounts.
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2 years ago, Lola_2011
Just trash.
Thanks to this trash app, whoever designed it and to whoever “maintains” it, I can’t access my Nintendo account with all my points and rewards. The fact that I have to save the backup codes and Google couldn’t be arsed to sent them to me on an email, means I can’t access my account anymore. Why do I have to save the codes? What if I lose my phone??? Why do I have to save them?? Google really couldn't sent them to me on an email or, god forbid, save them on a cloud?!?!?! The codes the app generates in the fly don’t work. Nintendo keeps telling me they are incorrect.
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1 year ago, festatichiama
Huge liability!!!
when I migrated to a new phone it deleted all of the different accounts, and now my Econ business is not able to sell or advertise on the meta-apps including Facebook or Instagram whatsoever. There is no warning about this issue and therefore it is extremely risky, and likely that a business owner is going to get locked out of numerous accounts. The Facebook problem is gargantuan, and there is absolutely no way to fix it on the Facebook side, I have been talking to their High-levelTeam for three weeks. Huge huge huge problem I can't overstate
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10 months ago, Cypher_86
Don't lose or break your device
My only smartphone just died. I can no longer recover my gmail account that is connected to Google Authenticator because there's no more way to revive my phone to access the app. Unless you have a recovery phone number (and you haven't lost your number yet) or email then you should be able to get back to your account. Microsoft Authenticator is better, I was able to get back my email accounts that I connected to it as it won't ask for authentication once you provide your password.
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