Google Fi Wireless

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User Reviews for Google Fi Wireless

4.45 out of 5
19.7K Ratings
4 years ago, sprdave85
First year of service
I have been on Google Fi for over one year now. I have been using it with an iPhone 6s Plus. For the most part everything seems to be going well, except the native Apple visual voicemail, but I understand Apple’s lockdown policies. I do have some drops in parts of our building, especially in the basement areas , but that’s to be expected as with any carrier. I do wish there was a better midpoint between the different packages, I sometimes use more than the eight gig limit and had to go to an unlimited plan and wish she was a price point somewhere in between. Tech-support has always been great and I always receive the quickest response .. that is something very unique to Google that I have no experience with the carriers. Overall I am happy with the service and will continue to be a Google Fi customer for the foreseeable future.
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1 year ago, Sara_missy
Don’t use if you travel a lot
The reason I chose google FI was because I need international access in and outside of America. While after several month trails it disappointed me for the following reasons: - it will re-active your account automatically and I failed to notice that. Cuz they won’t inform you. Then I was charged with 0 service for 4 months; - if you stayed outside the US for a long time, it will stop your data roaming and you can’t even call or receive calls. That was also my case. And after 8 months when I came back to the US, I noticed that I couldn’t call or receive calls. But still I’m fully charged. - I finally got time to chat with the support group and ask for refund for the 0 service months, they just refused and said that my account was active. Then I insisted that I only called successfully twice during the past 8 months, they started troubleshooting and tell me how to re-install the app. While it do solved my issues and I could finally call after 8 months (this is also another surprise for me that the app could affect your SIM card service). And that’s it. No comfort/apologies/credit on having 0 service for months with full charges. And it makes me feel like it’s my fault to not contacting them and all the bad experiences are resulting from myself. - I’ll definitely delete my account and switch to other mobile vendors as google Fi really give me bad impression on it’s service and it’s customer support. Cold and ruthless.
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3 years ago, Seeking Mobile Data Nervana
Google Fi lagging in data plan intelligence
Why is it that I need to have 3 different sims in order to get 66gig of monthly data ( work from home)? In this highly intelligent cloud world the Google is a leader in why does my subscription have to be so difficult to manage and switch sims. T mobile is surpassing in offer. Who can offer a simple all-you-can eat plan regardless of per sim and no fake “unlimited data” statements. With to get 66 Gig of true unlimited data on a device I have to add a 3rd sim that needs a 3rd email if and phone and switch sims as I eat through 66 gbytes over a month. Billing flexibility is non existent on Fi . Why can I just order 3 chunks of 22gig “unlimited” plans . Or just round it up and let’s get back in the lead by doing 30gig unlimited plans and “ any way you want it” for all on 1 sim or shared over 2 sims or 3 sims or 4 sims. The differentiator here is in stepping up your game for “all you can eat” and “any way you want it” and call the plan what it really is useable to 22gig then no longer useable - don’t hide it under “unlimited” it’s makes you sound untrustworthy. So what’s it gonna be - do I stay on Fi or constantly churn on best plan of the month for true unlimited and not switch sims? If you make me switch sims then I mines eel switch providers too so I can get what I really need is 75gig unlimited data plan on shared over 3 sims for $150 per month. This is what I am in search for from a mobile provider .
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1 year ago, TacoDelPaco
Great service, depending on...
I haven’t had any problems with Google Fi, I actually have service in more areas than when I was using AT&T but it really seems to come down to where you’re living and what kind of phone do you have. I ended up buying a Pixel and absolutely love it, I’ve already talked my family into also switching to Fi and getting Pixels it’s been great. They were paying almost $200 for 2 Samsung phones (that weren’t being financed) they barely use at US Cellular, now it’s $30-40 for both of them. I do recommend for the full experience of Fi to just buy in, although they have been making changes and allowing more iOS stuff it’s definitely lacking when compared to a phone that’s “designed for Fi” vs just “compatible” but I believe it’s still a great service just make sure you have that in mind you won’t have bells & whistles. A 5G phone obviously will get you further as well, also researching on the support forum or reddit helps a lot.
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6 months ago, Aaron P86
So bad I needed a mental health day
Google Fi customer service was so bad I got rid of every Google product I owned and switched to apple. The reception was abysmal- but of course Google only wants to send you prompts about the service quality when it works. The Pixel 7 Pro lasted from May-July 2023 until suddenly the screen turned green/black and started flashing like a strobe light. This is where everything really started going downhill fast. From that moment on, every interaction with customer support got more and more frustrating. In December 2023 after still trying to get my broken phone issues resolved, my Google Fi SIM card that’s less than a month old just stopped working. No idea it happened but it cost me at least 2 business leads because the phone couldn’t accept calls and made it sound like we were out of business. So, I’m in the process of submitting all of this to a conciliation court so I can at least get my money back from this ordeal. The experience was so bad, I stopped using anything Google. I’ve probably spent $30,000 on Google over the years, not including advertising spend. Everything is going. There won’t be a single Google device in this house again.
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4 years ago, gcbgirl4him
Terrible custom service
I have been with Google Fi for 2 years, since it was project Fi. I lost phone service on my Pixel 2 ten days ago after a system updat from Google and have reached out countless time to Google for support. During the first 2 days I did live chats where they gave me about 20 troubleshooting options that did not succeed. After this the told me it would be escalated to their specialist team and they would email me within 24-72 hours. A while to go without phone service but I could deal with it. 72 hours came and went with no email from Google fi. After email their support team again the asked me if because I had switched from my pixel to an iPhone that I wouldn’t need them anymore. I responded no, I still would like MY phone to work seeing as I am borrowing this one from somebody else. They told me they would get back to me again with 24-72 hours. That was four days ago and I have been emailing them once a day to get them to look at my case or at least let me know what is going on but it seems like they are ignoring me. Bottom line. Google Fi is only good when it’s working but if the slightest hiccup happens it’s a train wreck. Stay away unless you can afford to just buy a new phone when there’s break themselves.
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2 years ago, delete this app google
FALSE advertising from a DISHONEST company
I was attracted by the $600 off Samsung devices promotion for new customers. The advertisement made no mention of special steps that would need to be taken to take advantage of the offer so I purchased a google fi starter kit from my local Target, followed the sign up steps included in the packet and was shocked to find I was no longer eligible for the offer once I was finally able to access the device store. Was given the run around by multiple support members and waited weeks until finally being told flatly that google would not help me as they already had me as a customer and they needed to prevent EXISTING members like me from taking advantage of the company. If there is one thing I cannot stand it’s a dishonest company who can’t do right by their customers. Initially several other families were planning to to join me in switching to Google Fi but because of this incident I’ll be taking my family off and making sure everyone knows to stay far away. Congratulations Google, you played yourself The convenience might seem tempting at first, but as other reviews have stated, if the smallest thing goes wrong, you are completely on your own.
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2 years ago, Lizardkg
It’s OK if you don’t ask for much
Google Fi has issues. Serious issues. For once, unless you live next to a T-Mobile tower you don’t get any signal. I live in Monrovia, CA, hardly a rural area, in fact, it’s a Metro LA area, and there are zero bars in my house. If I want to set my map before I jump on the highway I have to drive half a mile to do that. This is absurd as I’m literally 28 minutes from frigging LA. That wouldn’t be a problem if I could turn on WiFi calling, but that doesn’t work on iPhones and I guess it’s reserved for Google’s second rate phones. Ah! I thought, let me forward calls to a different number. Fail again. The app doesn’t let you do it, so I did on the website, but that didn’t do anything. It says it’s forwarding but it’s not. And don’t get me started on their incredibly slow voicemail system. They don’t use the regular iPhone voicemail. You either call it like this is 1989, or you can check this app, but it can’t possibly be slower. But again, if no other company is around and you live next to a T-Mobile tower (or US cellular, Ha, apparently) do get Google Fi. Otherwise, not even think about it.
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5 years ago, Koontz4ever
I’d give it a 3 star but I want people to read the review.
I have had data connection issues on and off with this service since I got it. Sometimes you get someone in customer service that sounds like they know what they are doing, then you have agents who totally waste your time on reboots, airplane mode, etc when this has been tested previously. This time my no data issue was “solved” by turning off my phone, removing the SIM card, turning on the phone, turning off the phone, replacing SIM card, and turning on the phone. The agent thought that this was an acceptable fix to the problem. I replied I am not going to take out my SIM card every time I have a data loss issue. “Rest assured it will not happen again”. I asked for the specific reason why it happened this time. No specific reason was given. So I am not assured in any way that this issue won’t come back. I am more than happy to change my rating if someone can give me a technical reason why this worked and the issue won’t come back. In general when the service is working, it’s great! Even worked seamlessly on a trip to Europe through multiple countries. But the customer service is lacking skills.
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3 years ago, _CLL_
Limited Features, Horrendous Support
Two of their best features are not supported in iPhone, and it appears very unlikely they ever will be. Depending on your local T-Mobile signal, these may mean you can't actually use your service. First, Fi does not support WiFi calling on iPhones. Second, they do not support their intelligent switching among carriers (you will only be on the T-Mobile network. This second is a hardware limitation for now. My immediate neighborhood notoriously has bad cellphone signals, but T-Mobile is the worst. We fluctuate between no service and 1 bar. (A quarter mile away in commercial areas, signal is fine.) When I've contacted support to ask if there are any plans to bring WiFi calling support to iPhones, they've completely ignored that question and insisted repeatedly (against all evidence) that my address gets great coverage. I recognize that short of Google deciding to support more of their features on a competitors hardware, there is nothing support can do. However, going out of their way to gaslight their customers is outrageous (and I have had 3 separate reps do it so far, so this is clearly what they are trained to do).
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2 years ago, RobloxRob89
They charge for no reason
I’ve been a Google Fi customer on both the Google Pixel and now the iPhone 12 Pro Max. On both phones, Google Fi somehow managed to use up 15GB of data sporadically throughout the duration of while I was a customer. Furthermore, not only do they charge for that, but because my data goes over 15GB, my data slows down. I contacted them multiple times about this each time it happened, and they always treat me like it was my fault, saying stuff like I “shouldn’t be streaming Netflix” so much. I don’t even have Netflix installed on my phone, and on average I use 1.5 GB max, and even then that’s an aggressive estimation since I’m always connected to my home’s wifi. I don’t stream even music when I go out in public, let alone videos. And when it does happen, it happens in one giant spike within a matter of a minute or two. I don’t understand it. I’m surprised no one has sued yet honestly. If anyone else has had this issue, please let’s band together. You can find me on Reddit as theadventureking. Send me a message there. I’m really disappointed in this service.
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5 years ago, 14Amy2!!
One star because I couldn’t go lower!!
BEWARE!! This service is a DISASTER!! My husband and I were at first excited to try Google Fi, but what an indescribable mess we’ve gotten ourselves into resulting in now over 30 hours of time waiting and talking with customer service!! One guy had NO clue what he was doing. It took two days working with Google Fi’s incompetent technicians (and so-called 24/7 service) to get the first phone number transferred. Then 4 days to get the second phone number transferred. So far we’ve been working 17 days to get the third number transferred!!! They’re still trying and we can’t seem to get anyone to help us get this done!! We also found out they don’t have WiFi calling for iPhones and T-mobile/Sprint coverage is SO poor that we can hardly use the phones that ARE working. We want desperately to switch to a different service, but it’s like our phones are stuck in a giant black hole in space! We have to cancel service to be able to get information to transfer numbers out. But we can’t cancel service because their STILL trying to port the last number in and won’t let us CANCEL!!!
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2 years ago, Testu2
BEWARE!! hidden costs/ charges for FaceTime WiFi calls!! International data roaming fees!!
I got Google Fi because i’m traveling internationally. They say the phone calls have small fees but they don’t tell you what the fees are. My international phone calls last month were $70, which I didn’t find out the total until the end of the month. They also are charging me for FaceTime calls over wifi. I have cellular data turned off & I’m getting charged for calls that should be free over wifi. This month they sent me an email saying “it looks like your traveling internationally and Google Fi is only for people in the US, we are now going to charge you international roaming fees on your data. You have 30 days left. If you have issues with this please call us.” But of course they’re going to charge me to call them. So we’ll see how much they charge me for data next month. Right now it still makes sense because it does make it easy to hop on a network in whatever country I’m in and not have to go buy a SIM card… To be continued…🤯
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6 months ago, Frank De Jesús
I had to report these people to the FCC for a billing issue and still to this day after I closed my account because of the lack of communication, they are trying to charge me $2.09? No way! I had set autopay, every time the monthly payment is due, I had to go into settings and edit my card info because the expiration date was wrong. How? IDK. Then, when I fix the issue, they decide to charge $25 instead of the full $56. Then 3 days later, service is off because the full amount was not paid. There is no option to pay the full amount so they decide to take another small payment. Then 3 days later my service is off again. Now I contact costumer support and they did not seem to understand what was going on. All they wanted was for me to pay $4 to restore service. But then 3 days later service was going to be shut off again because $2.09 would be do. So I contacted the FCC and closed my account. And now they have the audacity to charge me $2.09? Go ahead, ill see you in court.
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4 years ago, mqidoeiahdkfowiqhsjdkforoajah
Competent service, considering it's on a competitor's phone
Had Fi back in it's 'Project' days. And admittedly, I was using a Pixel phone, so I had FULL Fi functionality. Long story short, zero problems. However, my whole family has iPhones, so it made sense to come on board with them. Now that there is beta on iPhone, I'm more than happy to come back; even with the limitations. I fully understand not being able to switch networks (iPhone is not designed for that.) But I would like to see WiFi calling and texting sooner rather than later. Other than that, no issues to report. It did take awhile for the 'full' texting capabilities to 'port' over, but that was explicitly forewarned. Bring on full/native WiFi support in the native iPhone phone/texting apps, and I'd go up to 5 stars. Keep up the great work, Google!
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3 years ago, Dusk showed
Convenient, app and plans need work
The service is great. I use it while traveling for work, and sometimes have no access to work and so the data roaming ability is great. It would be nice to have a high data plan or be able to pay for double the data for one line as I often don’t have access to WiFi. The slow data after the 22gb is basically unusable and so I will have bills of almost $200 often. It would be great if I could pay $140 (the price for two lines) and get 44gb of high speed data on one phone line, because paying almost 300% of the bill for 13 extra gb just isn’t appealing. As for the app itself it doesn’t refresh upon opening for quite a while and so I have to sit and wait just to check and see where my data is at. If there was an auto refresh in the startup of the app that would be a great improvement.
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4 years ago, Ariadna_kk
Scam, don’t get this crappy phone plan!
If I could give 1 star I would. Okay so I really needed a convenient phone plan and I heard about Google Fi. I got the plan of $20 a month plus tax so it was around $22 in total. It was fine but then I passed the 6GB and I really thought by getting the $10 extra for GB would be nice and they would only charge 30 something dollars. But then I read it was $10 each GB and I did not know I had passed 60GB so I asked for a refund and they said NO. I tried so many times but they said no and they couldn’t give me a refund. I really did not know and I had every right to get those 600 back but since they are known to steal money they didn’t give it back. I also got an extra $60 dollar change for passing the 6GB when it said it wasn’t going to be much. Then they charged me $5 for calling? It was a disaster that I ended up paying $760 for a plan that I thought was going to be helpful. Don’t waste your time on these phone plans, instead get T-Mobile or some other company that won’t screw you over.
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9 months ago, Reese54519
Disappointed is an understatement!!!
For many years, I have used Google products, so I was confident in this decision to do the free trial for Google Fi. Well, it appeared during the free trial that everything seem to be tranquil and smooth. I would eventually come to find that I was cheated here towards the end of an almost complete billing cycle, which I have approximately 12 days remaining only to receive an email just days before notifying me that my speed has been titrate it down. This disabled me from being able to complete my work from home, play my online games and to just have something to do in my already stale and boring life. So it’s safe to say that once I get paid again next week and when the money starts coming back in, I will stay with the number one provider in the nation and that is Verizon so there’s my rating folks try at your own risk. The only thing that is effective and probably the most beneficial is the price.
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6 years ago, notnami
Great phone plan, finally on the iPhone
I’ve been using Fi almost since it came out. For the first 3 years, I did so with a Google Nexus 6P. Finally, it got too slow and difficult to use, so I switched back to an iPhone, where I continued to use Fi. Technically, it wasn’t supported, and there were a few quirks. But I would rather live with those quirks than switch back to any other major carrier, with all their confusing plans, caveats, and fine print, and technical support staff that often couldn’t offer much help. I’m glad that Google Fi now supports the iPhone, so I can still enjoy the network and the experience, but now without the quirks. Oh, and the app is great.
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1 year ago, Maddunr
No way to block/report spam VMs from app
Note: this feedback is specifically for the ios app, not the service itself, which I would rate higher. The service lets a lot of spam calls through. I have calls from unknown numbers silenced on my phone; so, they go straight to voicemail. So, now, I get a ton of spam voicemails that I have to delete individually because the app doesn’t allow multiple delete and, more importantly, I can’t block/report these spam numbers from the app. For that, I need to go back to the missed call list on the phone, cross reference the voicemail on the app to ensure they are spam, and then go back to the phone missed call list to block/report it. Takes about a minute per spam voicemail. Instead, it could have just been a button in the app in the VM screen.
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3 years ago, Morning_Read
Abysmal Service. Staff Couldn’t Care Less.
I signed up and was in love with the idea of easily accessing my data plan while frequently traveling abroad. My first trip with Google Fi was to Paris and the service never worked. I wasted two days of my trip trying to coax service from Google’s incompetent staff who couldn’t care less. Their system apparently showed them outdated menu screens of my phone type, etc, etc, etc, and they would force me to sit around waiting for them to email with nonsensical repetitive information. Finally they just told me to go buy a local SIM, without any explanation or effort to to solve the system. I flew onward to Egypt and the problem didn’t change. Their local SIM card cop out indicates they never plan to deliver on the 200 country data access they so proudly advertise. Google Fi is the worst service I’ve experienced in years. Don’t let Google wreck your next trip - find a real phone company.
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1 year ago, uncensored
iPhone is discriminated on Google Fi
I work overseas and use Google Fi for only that reason. It is the best deal for service and price if you are living in another country. No roaming fees in the five counties that I have visited and the one I lived in for three years (all in Asia). BUT I started on a Samsung Galaxy with every feature working. I switched to a new iPhone 12 Pro and the features that worked before stopped working, mainly WiFi calling which now is available on the iPhone after a Google Fi app update two years later. I just bought an iPhone 14 Pro and I still have no 5G service offered for the flagship phone. It’s the only 5G flagship phone and one of the most hottest phones on the US market that it will not provide 5G too. Google Fi does not like to support iPhones.
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3 years ago, Degage13
Billing Issues and No Communication
I switched my plan from an unlimited plan to a basic plan at the end of my billing cycle. They charged me for all of the communication and data that happens on my unlimited plan in my next bill. I have contacted Customer Service three different times and they have admitted to the overcharge on my bill but cannot provide me a refund because it’s an engineering issue. They said they will get back to me with an update and I wait a week and they never update me. The previous agent never looks at the transcripts from the previous conversations and cannot provide an update either or a refund for the overcharged data and calls. There is no escalation process. There is no way to take off your payment method. So they are charging you for bills that you have already paid for and previous bills with previous plans but no way to fix their mistake.
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3 years ago, Kruegz92
Support is a Joke
Google Fi obviously outsources their support and gives that third party zero tools to make any account alterations for the enduser. I politely asked to backdate a change (moving my plan from Unlimited to Flexible) by 1 day, so that I wouldn’t have to wait another 30 days for the change to become effective. This is a really simple alteration for literally any other mainstream telecommunications company. Super easy, barely an inconvenience. Fi Support, on the other hand, told me they didn’t have the power to make any changes to my plan, at all. Let alone to see any back end system. To clarify, my reason for the swap is that Google misled me into believing that my phone plan included tethering and that I could hot spot my unlimited data (up to 22GBs high speed) with my other devices. Google also advertised that my phone would work in 177+ countries with their service. What they failed to mention is that the tethering wouldn’t work outside of the USA. So, here I am outside of the US for another few months with a virtual SIM in my phone and a data-only SIM in my wifi hotspot, with neither of them working for tethering. And I still have to pay for Unlimited data for yet another month, that they won’t even let me use. Ugh.
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3 years ago, don a user
Google Fi has gone downhill, sadly
Google Fi was an incredible service with a lot of innovations. Unfortunately: (a) no 5G support for iPhones, (b) competitors have caught up, and (c) CS has gone downhill - I was traveling in Mexico and on day 5 of a day 8 trip, they randomly stopped my service telling me that I could only use Google Fi "predominantly" in the US, and now my service would only restart when I return from my vacation on Sunday. I had been traveling to some outskirt cities near CDMX, imagine if I had been stuck where I couldn't use my Google Translate app. I get that some PM @ Google thought they were being clever to save money, but I signed up for T-Mobile Magenta Plus plan as I was finishing up my chat with Google Fi CS. I used to recommend Google Fi to everyone (NPS = 10), but as I sit here abandoned by the service I once loved, I'm left with nothing but disdain for the service. Do better, Google Fi. Do better.
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3 years ago, PaulAkeju
Based on google capacity, they can do way better than what they currently offer in terms of data and coverage. I use and iPhone and use Samsung but having good data connection constituently is a mirage. My wife sometimes do door dash and it’s difficult for her to use GOS and at same time use the dasher app. . I can’t even use zoom on my phone without wifi, I have called support more frequent just to make me be able to use data without stress and each time it’s a different settings on the AP. For me to be able to sometimes receive dat call ls and do MMs easily. I believe strongly they will improve as time goes on but should have started better than what it is right now. Their support is quick and fast to attend to issues. Ami think it’s pocket friendly for what they offer. I expect a network from google to compete with company like Verizon and not what it is now
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4 years ago, Nickie_glynn
Terrible customer service & price gouging.
I got google-fi back in May. It was incredibly difficult to set up. It took about a week and persistent emails and calls to the help center. At one point one rude customer service agent disconnected me before even providing any help. Then when it finally did start working I was charged during that time it wasn’t even working. I’m an overseas soldier and also student so a big reason I got this was to be able to hotspot my computer to do homework. Even though it says that you have hot spot capabilities with iPhone, that’s only if you activate in the US. That’s something I clearly couldn’t do at the time. At one location I bought gigs of data with my sapphire puck. I would never make it through 25 for a months time. Google offers 30 gigs of high speed data and after that the service slows and basically becomes non-existent unless you want to pay some ungodly price to up your service. The craziest thing is where I used to never make it through 25 gigs a month with another service, with google fi I fly through 30 gigs, just so they can charge me more. Lastly, my monthly bill has progressively gone up since getting it in May. This company is clearly price gouging, & I can wait to return home and cancel the service. If it was an option to give 0 stars, I would.
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3 years ago, Get Microsoft out of Skype
Don’t do it.
Google Fi is truly the worst phone carrier I’ve ever had the misfortune of using. It claims that it will work with all types of phones but this is not the case. Don’t even try it if you don’t have a Google phone. It took months of fighting with customer service to be able to send photos. You have to do all of the set up yourself which takes a very long time and is very complicated if you don’t have a google phone. There is very little service even in large metropolitan areas. Even when there is plenty of service, the sound quality on phone calls is atrocious. Often times if I’m on the phone for longer than a half an hour the sound will just cut out and neither party will be able to hear one another. If you don’t have a google phone you will have even less service. Yes it is cheap, but there is clearly a reason why it is so cheap.
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5 years ago, M💋YA
Super easy!
I’ve been with Google Fi when it was Project Fi. I had to take some steps to activate it with a Pixel to get it on my iPhone back then but I was super excited that they were able to start rolling in the iPhone. Even though it’s in beta process it’s come a long way and i can’t wait until they get better. When I received the new Google Fi simcard the steps were super easy to follow and installation took less than 5min. Love the service and the price. I’ve been with other low budget cellphone providers but didn’t meet my standards. Loving the new app feature also. I can’t wait for newer features. I highly recommend!
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4 months ago, KimaJe
No customer support
The customer support is so bad that I couldn’t believe that this is a Google product. When my wife traveled abroad and have issue with her phone, the customer support required her to call in for help, which international calls are not free. I left a pass and a couple weeks back. I was traveling internationally and I have some issues with my internet. I try to context support through the website and their call kept going into the spam. I finally called in using my phone and asked if there would be a cost on the phone call. The person I talk to said none, yet I was charged. When I tried to call to customer support when I come back, they just hang up on me. In conclusion, if you need a service, it is what it is. If you need something that’s have some sort of support, maybe try somewhere else.
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4 years ago, gigs4jewels
I switched from T-Mobile. Coverage is just slightly better, not great. I have one bar in my house, and still lose service in my driveway. iPhones are compatible but not ideal with this service. Would be nice if they provided full functionality without buying their phones. I originally purchased the basic plan $20 plus $10/gig of data. I forgot to turn WiFi back on ONE day and quickly went over. Now switched to unlimited. I was unable to access voicemails in GoogleFi for about a week, during which I was on call for work & job hunting. I wasted a lot of time with tech support when this was a known GoogleFi issue. Now that is fixed. My contacts and calendars are still not syncing after multiple attempts to correct this. So far this hasn’t been a big issue, but it keeps asking for a CardDAV password and won’t accept any that I’ve entered. Otherwise, this service is pretty ideal for international travel, so that is why I switched. T-Mobile throttles down data speeds internationally so it’s almost impossible to use sometimes. GoogleFi does not. I’m hoping I will be allowed to leave the US someday again and see how well this works. Lol
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5 years ago, Sammy boy route
Disappointing service, bad customer support!
So I signed up for Google Fi thinking of all the other service Google provides, and how good their support is, boy was I in for a nasty surprise! Not only the service is exorbitantly pricey, but they have one of the worst customer support I have seen in years for any Mobile phone service provider. Google-Fi promised me a month of free service, however did you know they pull you in and the 3rd month is free, I mean whatever happened to months 1 & 2? Then there is the whole billing system where they charge you for the next months calls & texts upfront while the data is billed AFTER the month is done. So this means if you ever intend to move away from their nasty service you end up paying for 1 month’s worth of calls and texts even thought you may never use it! Such a nasty scam is highly unexpected of a company like Google! Disappointed.
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2 years ago, Grandegeek
Google offered me free unlimited service through local guides till the end of 2022. I accepted through the link and had a SIM card shipped to my home address. Fast forward 10 days and it says delivered, sweet, but nothing in the mail. Check the web site and they sent it to an address from 9 years ago. Contacted support and after awhile found someone to help me. Ordered another SIM card and that one was sent to my house. Set it up in my iPhone and proceeded to use it. Two weeks later I get a bill for $56 dollars. Contact support, was told oh no you have two devices, no I don’t, it’s the first SIM card you sent to the wrong address. Oh ok well it’s because you aren’t using a pixel. So now I have a charge and likely 60 more days of charges for a free service. Do yourself a favor and don’t use Google for anything. I learned my lesson.
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2 years ago, Lost Is Found
The Plan that Can’t Figure Out Basic Technical Support
Tried to sign up for service and port in numbers. One line got hung up despite previous carrier confirming that the port was approved. Google Fi’s technical support couldn’t figure out the issue after 30 days so we left, and they said they wouldn’t charge us for the line we couldn’t use. In the end they did charge us for it. They also keep having technical errors with cancelling the line, so I just got a notice that they have scheduled a third charge for another month on a line that I have never been able to use. When I told the agent that it was unacceptable for them to charge me again before processing my refund, she hung up on me after a long hold. This is the most incompetent phone company I have ever worked with. Save yourself the dozens of hours on hold and go with someone else.
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4 years ago, Wageearner
Extremely harsh slow data speed
I’m not happy with the extremely slow data rate after allotment cap is passed. 256kbps is way to slow to accomplish any meaningful work. And streaming services are not passing through the throttled rate as well. I find it hard to believe that a company that has a business that is built around internet products would actually prevent or slow down a customer’s access to those services. 22gb is way too slow of a threshold for today’s internet usage. I live in area that does not have access to phone or cable services or I would use those instead. And $10 for 1 Gb is excessive as that would have driven my monthly bill beyond an additional $300 for the month. If Google doesn’t see this as a problem I will look for other methods to provide internet access. I’ve herd rumors that star link has an affordable option.
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1 year ago, Blacktophachi
Military member in Guam
I received my SIM card Jan 6 and installed per package instructions. Phone service did not work. Called the google help line and they told me I have to get verified I was military, even though I told them I believe I did already. Twice I was told to submit the form and wait. After a week I found the information, myself, that stated I had verified my status in Dec 22 and told them my information. My phone service was still not working. Then they told me to send them screenshots of my settings, which I have 3 times now, so they can get their “ENGINEER TEAM” to find a solution. Takes the engineer team a good week to get any kind of info or they request more screen shots. I even suggested to them to let me try the e-sim (which did not work either). I’m on day 25 without service and “STILL”waiting to get a fix to my issue.
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3 years ago, Lightstefan
If you have an Iphone.. don’t..
I was excited the first month of trying Fi.. then the second month in 2 weeks because of internet outage (one day) I had to do more on cellular network. I rapidly went over the 22gB data offered on the most expensive plan. Speed got truncated to 256kbps.. that is ~0.256mbps and that is a speed where Iphone most basics features and apps don’t really work at all. To avoid this you can pay unlimited $10/gB on top of the $70 bill plus taxes (around $78+ extra gB). That’s crazy expensive and most importantly you’ll always use tmobile network. No way you’ll use att or verizon on iphone using fi. Go directly with tmobile… for $65 all included no other tax and fees you get better deal… unlimited uncapped data speeds and same service as fi since they use their towers. It was a disappointing experience for me.
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5 years ago, Josean PR
Discrimination against Puerto Rico in all Google Apps
It a shame that a company this forthcoming and so in tune with SmartLife SmartNews Smartphones and Times treats the US Commonwealth as foreign, when it shouldn’t. Please verify the boundaries of national extent, in terms of the people who live on the island more than any other retrograde nonsensical unincorporated territory, lived by US citizens, born in a territory that belongs to but is completely a part of the United States, where immigration, borders patrol, Homeland Security, the US Distric Court, Medicaid, Social Security, passports, Ports Control, the National Guard, Army, Airforce, Navy and many others, including essentially mote than 97% of all federal programs work and subdue the Commonwealth like in the Incorporated territories, ie the States. I understand we may not be a State, but that does expell us from the country. Please stop projecting a wrong notion of reality, and stop discrimination against the United States Citizens residing in the US territory of PR.
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2 years ago, ChefBlairG
Excellent Updates - Thank you for listening.
Generally I was happy with the service before the plan updates, but the premium price for 22 gigs of data always left a bad taste in my mouth , having to always budget my data towards the end of the month was frustrating. Now that you have not only reduced the price but also included 28 more gigs of data (total 50) before it slows , it seems like the perfect service for me. I also appreciate how you’ve added a megabyte counter for used data , it was tricky to know exactly how much I had used before as it only showed the chart in gigs. I have been using the service on my IPhone 13 mini and although I have to choose the network when I travel , once you get familiar to the process it is super easy and functional. There is no doubt that Google Fi has heard our concerns loud and clear and are actively trying to provide a high quality and robust service/support to its customers. Thank you.
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5 years ago, chicgeekcutie
Happy I switched
I feel for the people that have had not ideal experiences. As for myself it has been really great! Personally, the least I have to interact with a human being on the phone the better so it was great that I could do it all on my phone using WiFi to setup. Traveling international was so seamless and managing my service and data is really good from the app. The only issue I found annoying was checking my voicemail on the iPhone. Now with this new update I can do it all on my phone. Keep improving google fi! I recommend it to several friends and they are just as happy with the service too. :)
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2 years ago, lkjhgfdsaSDDS
Google Fi on iOS now supports Wi-Fi calling!
Ok- first thing’s first- if you have crappy T-Mobile coverage where you’ll primarily use your phone, then Google Fi is not for you, as this is the underlying carrier that the service uses. With that said, the service is fantastic if you’re a frequent international traveler, like me. Very affordable overseas calling rates (especially in comparison to Verizon and AT&T, it’s not even close); great data allowance, and free data-only sims for your tablet/laptop on their top plan. With the release of wi-fi calling capability on iOS, the service is tough to beat. Highly recommend. Now if they can figure out how to integrate voicemail with the iPhone, versus having to go through the app…
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3 years ago, Affinity Principle
Worst Telecom Experience Ever!
I don’t think I’ve ever written a scathing review of a vendor before, but GoogleFi’s inability to provide even a modicum of care about me or my family’s attempts to get connected is mind boggling. Having dealt with many telecom companies over the years, both on a corporate and personal level, I’ve been astounded at times with the bureaucracy and unwieldiness of these behemoths, but GoogleFi has taken this to new heights. After trying to activate my phone for four weeks they finally succeeded in getting me connected and summarily refused to port my family across because by the time they actually managed to get me connected we were already overseas. Suffice to say the much recommended GoogleFi has fallen way short of any customer service metric and if o could give ‘0’ stars I would. So disappointed!!
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5 years ago, reptileshow
T-Mobile better value
Google Fi’s data is quite expensive compared to other options today. The only real benefit Fi has is the international roaming at 4G speeds without paying extra. I also have an iPhone 7 and have had continual problems with my data connection when moving from a WiFi network to 4G/ LTE. It requires a reboot of the phone (airplane mode doesn’t work) to reconnect to the cellular data service. I had this same phone on T-Mobile for 2 years prior and didn’t have any kind of issues when moving between WiFi and 4G
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10 months ago, Ayeeeewordsarefun
Unreliable in every way
I have used Google Fi in the past and it was fine, but this is the most inconsistent service provider there is in the market. My second time around trying to use this service, it did not work at all I had no service for days, and I paid extra for the international usage and once I landed in Europe it did not work at all. I cancelled my service with them, but turns out my service was still active and I was charged a second time even though I did not use their service at all. It boggles me how I did not have service or could even use my phone at all, but I was still charged. Customer service was no help at all, they couldn’t find a way to resolve my issues and would instead blame me. I’m never using this again.
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5 years ago, OyVey!
Caveat Emptor
Gogle Fi tech support is all but worthless. E.g., initially they told me I would have to port my Google Voice # to my iPhone, otherwise I would lost all my Google Voice messages. I did, and all my messages disappeared anyway. Google Fi blamed that on my iPhone. Months later, I got 1 tech who told me (and showed me) that I hadn’t lost anything. My current issue is that waiting for a webpage to download (5-10 minutes), is even more tedious than watching paint dry. Google Fi techs checked out my iPhone, etc., from their end, and said it was all good. My signal strength was, and continues to be, 4 bars - they blamed their carrier in my area (T-Mobile), and told me T-Mobile was throttling data. They told me they’d escalate, and get back to me. Nobody contacted me. I’m dumping Google Fi ASAP, and, as well, filing complaints with my state’s attorney general’s office, and the FCC.
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2 years ago, gidget2282
Completely useless if you’re on iPhone
I would give this trash 0 stars if I could. I ran a compatibility check before joining Fi to make sure my iPhone would work. Website told me it would work but I wouldn’t get 5G or carrier switching. No big deal. Literally nowhere did it state that I couldn’t use Wi-Fi calling on iPhone. Well, turns out I haven’t been able to get a cellular signal ANYWHERE I have taken my phone, and now I find out I can’t use Wi-Fi calling either, so my only recourse is to either cancel my plan (which I’ve already been charged a month for, even though I just activated the sim 2 days ago and haven’t used the service at all) or buy one of Google fi’s phones. It feels very dishonest and like a bait and switch on their part.
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4 years ago, N509JB
Almost Complete Garbage
As an iPhone user, I was willing to overlook the “beta” service and not being able to use visual voicemail. Then any incoming call not in my contacts started going right to voicemail. Worked with tech support, they couldn’t (and still can’t) fix. Recently upgraded to iPhone 12 and they don’t support 5G access for this device even though their website touts an impressive map of coverage, but no mention of the exceptions. Contacted support, they were useless again and didn’t know about this. I only found out about the “known issue” on Reddit. The only saving grace is international service, but I don’t use that enough to justify the horrific customer service and fraudulent claims about 5G service. Bye bye, Google Fi.
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2 weeks ago, BigPineapple2012
Never buy a phone from them
I have tried them a second time since project fi and had good experience until I bought phones from them. It was for my mom’s new line I opened with them, and they were to credit the full amount back throughout 24 months. Before she came to get it, I used the phone on my line for a month, then Google stopped crediting me back. They told me because the phone was activated with a different number first, I’m loosing all $500, even if it was activated with the correct number afterwards. I made a few phone calls and emailed them a few times and threatened to close all my 6 lines. And I finally got a go ahead from them. So here I am. Done with Google being my carrier and with their phones
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2 years ago, MF2120
Google Fi is a Scam
I got the Unlimited Plus plan before leaving the US. The only thing unlimited about it was the data. It says unlimited calls and texts but that’s a lie. I got charged for $70 worth of calls when I was in India and called back to the US and then got charged again when I was back in the US and calling to India even though help-desk said at least those calls would be “unlimited and free”. Then when I wanted to cancel after clearly being lied to they charged me for a full billing cycle after I was told I would be reimbursed for the remaining billing cycle. Google is absolute garbage. They don’t even pretend to give a crap about the people they serve. All of the call support is offshore and I’m sure getting paid slave wages. Find another phone plan.
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3 years ago, Blipmaker
My husband and I have been through multiple phone services. This one is terrible!! The worst. I will say it was great for traveling overseas, but as soon as I got back to the states, it crapped out on me again. It’s so frustrating to not be able to use my phone for even the most basic things. When I call my mom a few states away there’s a lag. When I have to disconnect from WiFi it makes my phone a glorified paperweight. The. Most. Frustrating. Experience. Ever! Even when I was talking to customer service, the call kept dropping and I had to talk to a different person every time I called back and re-explain my problem(s) EVERY TIME!! When my husband gets back from Europe, we’re changing service right away!!
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