Google Smart Lock

2.9 (433)
42.3 MB
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Current version
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Google Smart Lock

2.92 out of 5
433 Ratings
2 years ago, K. M. Peterson
Useful, mostly, but broken in iOS 15.2
Well, for me it's broken with the iOS 15.2 upgrade - and it brings back the issues I've always had with it: No support. As in, no one in Google's support organization has any clue about what this app does. No support group discussions as far as I can tell ("Smart Lock" is too generic to really find anything). That's not surprising, because while I've figured out how it works/what it does in my use case, there's really no clear documentation on it - like what it even does, really. I'd be more likely just to reinstall it, but the steps aren't really clear and fiddling with my access tokens isn't good when I have work to do. Getting a new phone last month I had to turn off 2SV for my account to kill ALL my keys and re-enroll them to get the new device. Glad I'm an admin! When it works, it's helpful and works reasonably well. But, stupidly frustrating to understand and set up.
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4 years ago, wyt
Too many steps to use phone as second authentication factor
Pros: can use iPhone’s security chip as authentication hardware key Cons: I have to open my gmail app, tap the yes button and then type in my iPhone lock key. Why can’t they simply tap into iPhone’s Face ID to skip all these steps? I might as well type in my google password to login. Yes, it’s more secure. But it does not save me the trouble of having to type in password (in this case my iPhone lock key).
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1 year ago, Count Vladimir
Far too complicated and confusing to get working right
I added my iPhone as a security key and was able to use this app as my 2FA to approve logins. I’d get a notification, say yes, and move on with my day. Stupidly, I purchased and added a titan security key from google thinking I should have one in case I lose my phone. This has completely destroyed the use of my iPhone as a security key - now push notifications to approve logins on my phone also make me use the titan security key. Every. Single. Time. Remind me what the point of adding my phone as a security key was if I need to use another security key?
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4 years ago, AravindKSelvam
Blocked Security Feature
I’ve enabled this 2-step verification from Google after purchased Google one subscription to ensure it will be more secured. But, the smart lock has stopped working today to verify my login request from other device so I had to log off from this smart lock app since I cannot login to “Google Account” page to disable this feature. Once I log off from this Smart Lock, then it doesn’t allow me to login again stating that you have enabled “Advanced Protection” turned on so you can’t sign in right now. Well, this is that stupid app suppose to protect my access if log off from this application how else am I suppose to login and authenticate. It’s a classic dead lock error which google doesn’t fix it and they sent an email about someone from google support will contact in 3-5 business days. This is atrocious! Why the heck we should purchase a “Google One” and lock our own accounts just because this app doesn’t work in iOS.
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2 years ago, locked out 22222
Frequently requires multiple attempts and sometimes doesn’t work
Frequently requires multiple attempts and sometimes doesn’t work. Almost every time I open the app from the alert it never pulls up the screen to approve. The Bluetooth often times out and doesn’t work. Not sure if it’s the phone or the device trying to login. Also not sure why this needs to be Bluetooth anyway. Should at least Govea users the option to try to verify over internet?
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2 years ago, Elwailly
Does NOT work on iPhone XR
Logging into Chrome on Mac triggers a notice on iPhone but clicking “yes” in smart lock to finish login just goes into a long pause then “could not find device nearby”. What does that even mean?? Obviously my Mac reached my phone to trigger the notice. They should be talking at this point. Deleted the app. The outrageous part is that chrome on my Mac insists that this is the first go to method to do 2 factor and there’s no way to change that. Really?? FIX IT if you insist this is the first go to method. I see from comments it’s been a problem for over a year.
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1 year ago, bostongeek02191
Doesn’t work at all
tried to use this as a second factor most of the time i get an error and can’t even try to use it. when it does work it always fails saying bluetooth isn’t turned on. it is.
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4 years ago, Dasali
Great update - my iPhone is a security key
This is a great update. I like the new design and how the functionality of the app is clearer now. The best thing about this is that now I can use my iPhone as a security key. This is a huge step forward to make it easier for people to protect their accounts. I’ll still keep my hardware keys as a backup.
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4 years ago, EzarNyc
Doesn’t work
Doesn’t work. Set it up fine. Later was inexplicably logged out of google domains. Cannot use the app to log back in. Have tried everything. No way to receive support... without logging in. Their support forums are full of this, but no solutions. Guess I won’t be using Google anymore. Hope I don’t get any important emails at my Gmail account! Unfortunately it was my primary account. Not even sure I will be able to set up the $40 USB key I ordered that still has not arrived. Hope they accept returns!
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4 years ago, Schmefyo
Does not work for iPhone XR!
WARNING: this does not work for iPhone XR on the latest OS. When attempting to sign into my Google account on my iMac, I receive the sign in notification on my iPhone. However when I click the notification and open the Smart Lock app, I just get a loading spinner for a minute or two. Then, I get an error message that says “Smart Lock could not find a nearby device” and the only option is to change my Google password. I’ve been searching for a solution but cannot find one. HELP.
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2 years ago, Heavy News Reader
Delayed alerts cause issues
I use this for both personal and business accounts that I run and administer. The delays with login alerts sent via this app are significantly delayed. I’d much prefer to have the text based security codes that were previously the norm. Google has a long way to go with this app in order to make it functional for business use. I would discourage people from using this app until it’s been corrected.
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1 year ago, wylht
Block other security keys
For no reason sometimes Google will ask you to use THIS app and ignore other security keys already plugged in your computer if you have configured both in your account. This totally destroy the point of having multiple security keys and phones. If I lost my phone, I won’t be able to login my account using other security keys. How ridiculous!
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4 years ago, frankdawson
New Update Brings Necessary Security to Google
The new update now lets you use your phone as a physical security key when logging into google services on Chrome. Greatly appreciated and really helps with security concerns for the amount of data Google has on us.
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9 months ago, nitrogenx
Works fine after disabling content blockers in safari
Initially had issues but after disabling content blockers in my safari settings it works. I must have some third party extension blocking a Google domain.
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2 years ago, Brett M.
When it works, it’s fine but too often it doesn’t. It will receive a notification for 2FA but will hang and be unable to find my Mac even though it’s connected via Bluetooth. This brings up another question: why the ef does this app need to talk to my Mac over Bluetooth? No other 2FA app I’ve used does and they all work way more reliably than this one!
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4 years ago, ShortDawn420
Added protection where??
I used this app for my emails and every single one was stolen from the app! I can’t get them back either because they get so far as to signing me in with my iPhone key but then I have to continue recovery of the account when I’m just trying to get my emails and then during the recovery process they end up telling me they can’t validate that I am the account owner. 7 different emails had been hacked from that one app and are now unrecoverable! It’s a joke!
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4 years ago, Josh Estelle
Built in security keys are a game changer
It’s awesome with this update to use my iPhone as my security key when logging into my Google account. Much better security than SMS as a second factor and way more convenient than carrying around a separate security key dongle.
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1 year ago, Dread Lord CyberSkull
Doesn’t do it’s job
Setting up a passkey in iOS 16 is pretty easy, but this app and the Google website make it impossible. When I try to set up the passkey Smart Lock tells me to download Smart Lock from the App Store and follow its instructions. 🤦‍♂️ Also, the app doesn’t seem to have back buttons so I have to kill it to go back to the main menu (there might be a back button in some cases, but it invisible if it is there).
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4 years ago, SK1LL3R Saint
Get this app if you wanna be safe. I recently got almost hacked by hackers from Saudi Arabia but this app helped me change my password fast and alerted me their were people actually trying to get in. If you have this and twostep you will be virtually safe.
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3 years ago, O.o.0.o.0.O
Stop making life more complicated
Like every other app invented, this dumb idea was brought up to add another step of mediation btw the work I am required to do to eat and myself, because having to click on a couple extra buttons is what makes this VC speculation based economy function, to the detriment of every person who could care less if their work email was hacked. I hate it here.
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3 years ago, kirillzubovsky_us
Good idea, but…
Honestly? Great idea, except for when you end up in a closed loop the developers didn’t think of, and you are completely unable to log in, with constant redirects and critical security alerts. Will try again, when improved.
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4 years ago, Tazzminaj
Thank a goodness’s!
Yessss laws, finally something that can finally keep me safe from all these cyber hacks omg B thanks to google and the folks who helped design this app you are attributing to a great cause privacy! I appreciate you tremendously! “Phillip Rhodes”
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1 year ago, Syzdoth
Works perfectly with my old standard USB A key. Touch to the back of my iPhone 14 pro. No need for any cables or converters. Up and running in minutes.
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3 years ago, Tacit-Bud
Worthless App
This stupid app won’t allow a sign/register my accounts using the USB key (which I’d prefer), because it wants me to use THIS EXACT APP in order to validate my sign in! How can I sign into this Smart Lock app using another Smart Lock app, when this is the only smart lock app I have/use? It won’t provide the USB key option or any other option to sign into it. Pathetic is not the word.
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2 years ago, 3glot
Crashes, no help available
I’m moving from an iPhone 6S to an SE 2, both at iOS 15.2. I’m locked out of Google Voice with 2FA. When I try to authenticate with Smart Lock and a Bluetooth Titan Security Key, Smart Lock crashes every time at the step where I’m about to enter the Titan’s PIN. Google has no help available to address this situation
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2 years ago, T o d d 792
New phone no longer works
Not worked for some time. Possibly due to iOS update. Impossible to get support from google. Note I have 2 paid accounts with google. A personal and business. Still impossible to get support. Google use to be great and now it’s worse than Microsoft…
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2 years ago, Демид19
Constant glitches
Never works correctly. Constantly has issues of some sort. Leads me to waste time and/or be locked out of my account.
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2 years ago, cmlad
Buggy, “Something went wrong” is all get
This has become completely useless. It used to work then stopped. Now, no matter how many times I reinstall and/or re-enroll all I get is “Something went wrong” and that’s it. No other message, no pointers, nothing.
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4 years ago, Nikusha Kalatozi
I ll write full review as soon as I ll test full functionality
I hope it’s perfect tool for 2fa auths on iOS system.
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1 year ago, Ghdjrjgktkdjvjdkcks
The codes it generates don’t work. I’ve tried several different ways to sign in and I’ve had to downgrade the security of my google account just to be able to login because I can’t get past smart lock codes
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2 years ago, ixh82!
Epic fail on IOS
All it says it “something went wrong” and trying to load after account selection and stuff in forever loading … uninstalled, reinstalled, access and privacy reset doesn’t help
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1 year ago, tunepong
Good luck setting up a Yubikey
Today google refused to send SMS codes and forced me to install this app for security codes. Went through the motions and it does not detect my yubikey. All I get is the default page the NFC opens. I cam this a cheap attempt at accessing data on my phone.
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2 years ago, imntacrook2
It just doesn’t work
I’ve deleted it, reinstalled it, followed the instructions, did everything I know how to do and it always fails to do anything!! Piece of Google junk. I really think it gathers my data and nothing else.
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1 year ago, Mordecai one
Don’t use
Not usable. Got the 13 mini for kid. Try to generate a key for lock can’t use it on my phone as it does t work across to other. Can’t log into lock on kids phone as the physical key doesn’t read at all
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2 years ago, SashaBelgrade
Bad app
This app didn’t work properly every time I tried to use it. Only sms option works without problems. Please fix this.
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3 years ago, BigZ243
Does not work with iOS 15.2
Google Smart Lock works great until iOS 15.2. It will crash every single time when it goes to access Bluetooth. The app needs to be updated to work properly.
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4 years ago, emily000999888777666555
Useless— doesn’t work
This app is useless. The google titan security key says you need to use this app to pair with Bluetooth. But this app does not give the option to pair with Bluetooth. Instead it circles you in an endless loop, where to log into smartlock you need to....already be logged into smartlock.
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2 years ago, Yoojinpapa
Too bad
It actually blocks me to login from some devices I had to remove iphone security key setting from my account
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2 years ago, Etceteral
Is this expected to begin working again?
Mysteriously fails to understand that this iPhone has a built in key, or to communicate back to my Mac when authorization is accepted. Another abandoned Google product?
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4 years ago, Another reviewer 1134576
When it doesn’t work, it ruins your life
The Smart Lock requires that you use it as your primary security method. If it doesn’t work, you can’t get into your account and that’s that. Don’t use this. Use literally any of the 20 other ways to secure your account.
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1 year ago, godivandcream
I should have read the reviews… I have completed the setup, but now what??? This app doesn’t do anything. I deleted the app again, followed the straps, nothing. I am struggling to see the proper of this app. I’m deleting this, serve no purpose.
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4 years ago, hjsjjzuu
Won’t connect to chrome book
Useless for use with chrome books because iPhone Bluetooth is not compatible with chrome books. What a bummer
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1 year ago, Instantout
Titan Security Key
My Phone + Bluetooth does not Pair at all. I connected it to my laptop and uses my phone got the app. It’s not out of the Box Ready. anyways, No information unless you go out of your way to find it.
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2 years ago, ThaDeej
Doesn’t work
Hasn’t worked for a month or longer. I’m locked out of several apps on my iPhone at the moment because I’m traveling and this app is not working; my NFC key is at home.
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6 months ago, robert_Chen
Cannot back from account management
Indeed garbage app I ever see from Google LLC. Even can not normally get back from account management, the only step I can do is force quit the app and launch again!!
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2 years ago, Vladimir Zaytsev 4
You had one job to do and you failed
Your app has one simple job to do and it crashes. Very disappointed by quality of software at Google these days.
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4 years ago, henry81
Doesn’t work with NFC Titan key
This app doesn’t work with the small and flat titan NFC key, only with the big bluetooth key which I don’t want to carry. This might have been ok if you don’t have a long waitlist for using an iPhone as a hardware key.
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6 months ago, JRandomGuy
Useless if your have improved security on your Google account
Requires you to use your security key, which won’t work on older iPads with the Lightning connection.
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4 years ago, Smit V 005
It changed after the update and now its awesome
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2 years ago, High on lifeeee
Just broken
I get prompted on the browser when signing in when I get the the 2FA portion but this app no longer notifies me or prompts me to let me sign in with the security key built into this app. It’s pretty much useless now.
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