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User Reviews for GoTo

4.81 out of 5
69.7K Ratings
6 months ago, Jhinnant
Works well!
Did a lot of research before deciding on a VoIP phone provider for our software development firm. I talked to just about all of the major players, and I found GoTo had the best package for us. So, we ported our existing local and 800 numbers, and it's worked great! The best part is using the auto-attendant and preventing all the spam calls! We went from several spam calls per hour to none! The app was a bonus that I didn't think I'd really use at first, but now 90% of my calls are through the app. Audio is clean and clear. I rarely have any issue, and when I do, it's because of a weak internet connection and not the app. I have the app on my phone and tablet. I've recommended this service and app to several of my customers. For most, it's a great choice!
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3 years ago, ndkane3
Worst app ever
This is one of several apps I have to use for work and it is THE WORST app and website I have ever used in my life. My team constantly has problems with it, the UI looks horrible and is awful to use, 50% of the time only the app works, 50% of the time only the site works so we are always switching back and forth trying to make it work. Calls drop, half the time the audio doesn’t come through, the audio controls on the app are extremely limited and practically useless, sometimes the phone audio rings and sometimes it doesn’t, sometimes the call doesn’t even come through - we just receive a voicemail after the customer reported calling several times, no of which my team saw or heard come through. I have a brand new MacBook Pro, AirPods in great condition, and terrific wifi, and I do not experience these sorts of issues with any of the other app we use. It is truly the worst app I have ever used in my life. I think there are plenty of applications better than zoom, but I would pay money to use zoom over this. Unfortunately I have to use for my job. But if you have any in say in whether you use this app, I would highly recommend you choose literally anything else.
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2 years ago, Pokoliko Wahine
Practice Manager
Go To has been a lifesaver for the dental practice! It’s not just easy to order and set up the sales team, onboard training team and ongoing support team is AMAZINGLY PATIENT because I am not very tech savvy at all! I was forced to change because of a family illness and had to work from another state. Due to necessity I was forced to make a change. I wish I did this a long time ago. It has been so easy to use so easy and accurate to track my phone calls and to go back to voice messages too. The fact that we were already using Lighthouse 360 so integrating the two software programs was seamless. It brought the practice to another level in patient service! I love it so much please use me as a reference for GoTo!
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5 months ago, Markymark7174
I was with another well-known provider for a business and hated their service for nickel and diming extras and generally being expensive already. So I shopped around. I could not be happier with GoTo Connect. It offers more for less, the UI is intuitive for call handling on the desktop and once set up the app is great. There are one or two features I wish they had (like scheduled SMS messages for reminders to clients) but that’s nit-picky and requesting improvements on what is already brilliant. There’s a lag in VOIP which is annoying but, overall, could not recommend more highly.
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1 year ago, SamDoe123
My company recently switched to GoTo in hopes that it would allow us to answer calls from the road and allow us to cancel our Zoom membership. Unfortunately everyone in the company now hates GoTo and we avoid using it at all costs. We all now just use our personal phones and zoom. Admin has been in contact with the tech department at GoTo and they’ve not been able to address any of our issues. Calls drop, service is spotty, sometimes calls never ring and go directly to voicemail, sometimes voicemail notifications don’t pop up or go to email, the video conferencing is embarrassingly bad, texts often don’t send, and chat groups are a mess. This program lacks very basic features that most competitors have, and it makes it very difficult to use, particularly for our older employees. If you’re thinking of switching, avoid this program.
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1 year ago, Odineye
Very buggy
The mobile app is extremely buggy. I find it almost impossible to successfully schedule a meeting within the new mobile app, and typically have to go back to the older app - which they say they will no longer support - in order to do so. I also find this app has significant audio issues - not with call quality, but rather with audio connectivity. If there is any change in network connection - moving from Wi-Fi to cellular, for example - audio will drop out and fail to reconnect. Disconnecting and reconnecting to address this will result in multiple versions of myself on the call, with echoing and similar issues as a result. GTM has been around a long time, and these are issues that competitors - Zoom, MS Teams, even WebEx (which otherwise isn’t great) don’t have. I am a long-term user of GTM, frequently over mobile, and I have found this update to be extremely disappointing.
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12 months ago, Granny Robbie
Congregational Devotion
A number of members in our congregation have expressed gratitude for this app. We began utilizing this app during COVID restrictions and continued after the lifting of the restrictions. We have some members unable to attend the physical service (myself included) due to illness and/or disability; consequently, would miss the spiritual nourishment, if not for GoTo. I’m 70 years old and find the app very “user friendly.” That’s a ‘10’ rating for me! I do experience two glitches during use: 1. Sometimes when initiated, I have sound; other times, I have to switch over to the phone screen and press my speaker key—sound comes in—speaker light goes out. 2. My screen goes black, intermittently. This causes delay in my being able to respond in class, when attempting to use my mic. We use this app for Bible study also. Our IT team has been unable to provide a solution for these issues. However, these are minor interruptions and have not caused any major difficulties. Overall, I enjoy using the app. I gave the ‘4-star’ rating due to the issues listed above.
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4 weeks ago, Nio16
Excellent Phone Service
I was a Nextiva customer for over 15 years until I found GoTo’s easy friendly and innovative platform. The quality of the calls are great, their customer service is quick and efficient, and the features of GoTo are innovative and so valuable to my business. I’m able to text my clients either from the app or desktop, receive faxes, and schedule video meetings straight from my dashboard. As a small business owner GoTo provides exactly what I need for my phone system.
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10 months ago, Sam@his house
Video Quality Review
I’ve used to go to meeting for over two years and there’s always been trouble with capturing the picture correctly. For example, I might only see the top of someone’s head even though on their end, they see their entire face. So what one party is thinks they’re capturing is not shown on the other end. I coach parents during activities with their children, so I can’t see what’s happening as they move from activity to activity until I apologize and ask parents to move the device 2 to 3 feet further away than they think they need to. This problem also happens during a meeting when two people are facing each other. I can see it fine until I need to rotate my phone for better audio and then I can only see the top portion of the other person’s head. I’m thinking now, that maybe because the application is made to be used with a larger device like a laptop but with young children in a home, a small device like a phone is less distracting.
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1 year ago, judekatatumba
It was quite easy to use and both Video & Audio were epic!
Having never used the GoTo platform, I found both the web and app version as intuitive and easy to navigate as they come. I was even able to add an external participant without hustle straight from my Outlook inbox and along with that, both the audio and video were solid! And so, although my organization uses Teams citywide, which too is excellent, the GoTo platform is definitely another worthy contender.
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2 years ago, stephanie112592
Used to be better
I’m a teacher and we use this app at school to communicate with other colleagues in the district and parents. I really enjoyed the app at first. It’s awesome to receive calls on the app on my cellphone. I would also get notifications of incoming calls on my Apple Watch (series 3). Extremely convenient. However, I’ve been using it about 6 months now and I’ve noticed that maybe after the update I am no longer receiving the notifications on my watch. I’m not sure if it’s the update or is the app not compatible to my new watch (series 7)….
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2 years ago, YourReviewAppDoesntWork
New app icon
Your new app icon kind of gets lost with all the other apps on my phone now… your old app icon was colorful and very easily recognizable and really stood out (just an observation and opinion). I love the fact that I can call parents from my mobile phone and a school number appears and not my cell phone number. This app makes getting a hold of parents a lot easier.
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2 years ago, megaloid1
Works well when it works. I have triple checked my notification settings and can confirm my iPhone has enabled all notifications for this app. Often I miss calls because it never rings then the app says I have no missed calls despite receiving voicemail messages in my email, and people telling me they can’t reach me. On that note, even when my inbox says I have voicemails, those voicemails never show up in the app. Have had to uninstall and reinstall multiple times to get it to work properly but it ends up breaking again. Hope developers can fix this.
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3 years ago, sun🌞shine17*^*^*^*^^%*%*
Nice- with some minor flaws
I am teacher. I use this app everyday day to call students and their families. The app is very good for work. It organizes contacts, and works just like a regular cell phone- as far as VM, text, and calls go. One complaint, is that the app. does not update numbers- that have been added as contact- very quickly. It takes about a min. or so. My other complaint is that GoToconnect/ Jive is not compatible with all headsets. It does work with a bluetooth though. Other than these two things- I am very pleased over all.
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2 years ago, matinum
Clunky and slow
the Apple iphone (12 pro max) and PC app are slow and laggy- the PC is actually worse.. The worst part about it is the texting app- it's as if the programmers are reinventing the wheel and making it square. Sending texts, querying contacts, especially adding attachments😭😭😭- it's a travashamockery of an interface. Someone please save the day here. Everything "phone" works well, but sometimes you get a floating menu, sometimes its in the app, sometimes its hiding somewhere behind a window... pretty minor but annoying. I've never done a meeting on my iphone so no insight there
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2 years ago, 2478533674367
Drops calls, no incoming audio
I’ve been using this app for 9 months as the primary communication line for a busy hotel reservations desk. It frequently drops calls, but more often, it will have no audio from the person who has called you. They can hear me just fine, but I receive zero audio on the call. This happens nonstop, so the app is virtually unusable for hours at a time. Shutting off the phone and force closing the app results in needing to sign in again, but not fixing the issue. Sometimes it works just fine, but more often than not, this issue puts us out of commission for the day. Disappointed.
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3 days ago, One weak
Simple and effective
I am not a computer wiz kid. This app. was very easy to navagate, with exceptional quality and great audio as well as video reception. It has been years since I have been on an app. of this type and I was dreading how long it would take before all of the people attending the meeting would be up and running. I was pleasantly surprised. You have a great product here!!
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4 months ago, Blessed Mitchy
Ray Reynolds Webinar
Ray REYNOLDS webinars are a positive, uplifting , and inspirational life long learning experience! The knowledge that you gain will change your life forever! Financial freedom Information that is not being taught in the schools or Universities & Colleges! Mr. REYNOLDS rage to riches stories is the greatest example and story that I have heard in my life time! He is a true example of GOD”s vessel who wants to save and educate the world from bringing the pain hone while creating financial freedom from auto residual monthly income! I am only a couple of months away from realizing my life time financial free and monthly auto income! I pray that he remains healthy and safe so that he can continue to help as many people as he can and positively change their lives forever! Mitch Duren
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3 years ago, Lynnix_14
This App had helped me so much!
As someone that works on the road, at home or even on-site. This app has been exceptional! If you have bad cell service and are not connected to Wi-Fi the it won’t work just like your cell phone but that is expected! On good Wi-Fi or if I have good service it has been a huge benefit to me and my customers! I would recommend this platform to anyone!
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3 years ago, TechieGirl!
Voicemail Alerts Issue
When I get a voicemail notification and then click on it to open the app, it should go right to the voicemail, correct? It doesn’t. It opens the app to the recent calls and then I can’t even click on the voicemail tab. I have to close the open and reopen it. And it takes so long to sync once you do open it. I’m not loving this app. There are much better phone system apps out there that have no issues. Please fix the voicemail notifications issue.
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2 years ago, Miley_live
First Impression was great.
I had a business meeting scheduled and did not realize I needed the app since I have used other meeting software in the past. Using it was as simple as downloading the app and going back to the previous page and I was in my meeting. Audio and video quality was excellent without any drops or jitters. Would definitely use it again.
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1 year ago, Michael Set Free
This was my first class and I must say I was 100% impressed! The person in charge was knowledgeable and I can relate to him… Everyone in the class participated as the Director made it is easy for us to speak up and share our experiences… this is what life is about . I would recommend this class to everyone…. I’ll look forward to next week. This was a great experience for me. Michael Abney
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9 months ago, swee Mama
First time using App
Seem a bit difficult and wasn’t accepting my pass word reset my information but it kick over quick and I was able to join the audio meeting a few minutes late Grateful to hear the information it was helpful knowledge for me
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3 years ago, gfpk
Latest update makes extensions more difficult
I need to be signed into different extensions at different times, and the latest update means more taps to change extensions and I can’t just easily see which extension I am signed into. I have to tap on my profile and then tap on extensions to find out what I’m signed into. I really wish that was easily available to see what I was signed into and a change from one extension to another. Otherwise, the app has function well for me.
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3 years ago, laka12345678
Works great for the most part
This app works great for the most part! But I do notice that sometimes when I’m on a cal it glitches and sounds like we have a terrible connection. Also when I am using my office phone and I pick up a phone call, the app doesn’t register that I answered the call so it keeps ringing on my cell phone. I also wish the app integrated into my Apple Watch so I received call notification on there as well because I don’t always have my phone on me.
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1 year ago, Summit County
If only I could give a zero rating
I have been a GoToMeeting subscriber for 17 years. This app is one of the worst I have downloaded ever for any company. All I want to do is view a recording on my iPhone that I made a few days ago. This app is not intuitive at all. The most aggravating thing is that once in the app, it does not conform well to horizontal vs vertical orientation. Some screens will not scroll up and down, leaving me without access to some buttons and links such as starting or sharing a video. This app is useless on an iPhone. It’s just another point of friction that moves me closer to Zoom.
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2 years ago, TooFastForITunes
App is buggy. No support is offered.
The app is full of bugs, but there’s no way to get any support. Not phone support. Not email support. Not even chat support. They have a chat bot, but it’s not a good one. So dev team, if you read this, the dialogs presented when there’s a server connection issue are incorrect. Says there’s no account, but it’s actually just a connection issue. Then when the connection is restored, there’s no way to turn on Do Not Disturb for the phone. It throws an error message saying there’s an error and to try again. Exiting an re-entering the app doesn’t fix it, nor does quit and restart.
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3 years ago, mollyboyajian
GoToConnect Mobile App
The App works well. Like any VOIP service the App will use your smart phone data or connect to WiFi. There are times when the call quality can be diminished. This applies to all VOIP services. The mobile benefits far outweigh the occasional call quality issues. App is easy to download and use. SMS texting is a feature within the mobile app. GoToConnect continues to evolve and improve. Vernon Evolving Technologies Michigan
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2 weeks ago, CandiB.
My Rating...
I give the phone app a 4 on phone app, because as the organizer I’m not able to edit and change caller to their name. On my tablet, I use to have no problems and it was 5 ⭐️, but the past month and half, it kicks off my Audio. On my laptop, I could hear them, BUT No one could hear me, even though my Audio was on 100%, I had to end up using my phone. So, I give it a 1⭐️.
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2 months ago, i2lisa
Almost perfect
Love this app and the fact that it’s compatible to use on my PC for texting too. The only downside is that the desktop version doesn’t allow you to see the name of the contact; just their number. So I have to look up the name in my phone contacts to be able to text them on my desktop. At that point I may as well just use my phone.
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9 months ago, GreenPaladin6212
Works OK until you minimize the app
The app works fine the first time you open it. As soon as you minimize the app to the background, whenever you tap on a chat, notification or an incoming call the app phrases and no longer works until you close it and reopen it. It’s really frustrating and takes a bunch of extra time that’s really not necessary. this happened on my iPhone device on iOS 16 as well as the current version. iOS 17.
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1 year ago, Daspenst
Great app, like to see a change when used with HDMI
This is a great app and works very well. The only problem I have with it is that I like to use my phone as a hotspot for much of what I use this for and then plug it into a monitor using HDMI and the audio doesn’t move into the monitor speakers like my other apps. I only my have audio on my phone speaker, it would be 5 star if it there was that one change.
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3 months ago, Phs2024!
Needs Improvements
Personally, 8x8 was better. Why? - Better text features. GoTo is limited on what you can view with files. - Better connection with 8x8. GoTo drops calls or has poor sound quality. - Better synchronization between my labtop, landline and mobile phone. GoTo has delays between devices. You can silence your computer but your landline will still ring as well as you mobile. You will have to manually silence all devices should you have the app downloaded to multiple devices and causes interruptions when your on a call and incoming calls comes in. GoTo lacks in all of these 3 areas which is why I requested for the company to ho back to 8x8 it worked better for someone who recruits, advertise & reaches out to candidates all day long.
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3 months ago, InDaWeeds
GoTo settings
Does "see you" mean that your screen is being shared with the organizer or other participants? The green camera symbol at the top of the phone indicates that my screen is being shared. Even though on my GoTo webinar settings, it says camera is disabled.....which is it?? I do not want sensitive financial information to be displayed to anyone else, while I toggle through different apps on my own device while logged into a webinar
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11 months ago, ChucknNY
Was asked to download app when meeting was to start.
I was frustrated when I tried to go to the meeting on my Ipad and GoTo tried to make me download the app and start an account. This never happened before. I usually just click a link that was sent to me via email and get into the meeting. I was able to get around it, but this could have been bad.
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1 year ago, ColinT games
Severe issue with webinar registration links
I have the GoToWebinar app and use the service all the time and I had to delete this app, because when I would click on a registration URL for a new webinar or replay, it would open both apps and they would get stuck in an infinite loop, each opening the other again and again, never going to the registration page. Deleting this app made it work as expected. This is a huge problem if I can’t give my customers registration links that take them to a registration page.
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1 year ago, mike@6040
Much better than the using zoom
As long as everyone mic is turned off except who is designated as speaker. The feedback resonance becomes less. Thus providing a clearer sound. Great app that Would be even more efficient, if it included a caption as well as a translation feature.
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3 years ago, Lillian 💎
Warm Transfer & Hold Glitches
Recently when I attempt a warm transfer, my colleague on the other end is unable to hear me. This has happened every time I tried do a warm transfer. Also, there’s a glitch when I place a current call on hold to take second call. When I place the second call on hold and go back to the first one, the first call cannot hear me. When the first call calls back, they still can’t hear me. This is very inconvenient, please fix this!
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10 months ago, TheOnlySalleen
Easy to sign up and use this app
I thought the app was easy to sign up for & easy to use. Compared to similar apps I’ve used, this app is my favorite because it is user friendly! I also enjoyed it because the audio and video quality was excellent.
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11 months ago, sashadoggo
Lacking the most basic features
You can’t even maximize the screen of whoever is presenting. On ios it’s a tiny window on half the screen, with no ability to make it the full screen. All you can do is a laggy zoom in. Even on desktop you can’t full screen, it still has all their UI surrounding it in a window. This may be OK if you’re just using it for meetings with webcams, but not having the most basic feature of fullscreen for any sort of screensharing presentation is a joke.
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1 year ago, MimiMarte
Go To
The ease of doing the Go To rather than driving, getting my handicapped hubby out of car, rollator, and reverse all when done! I like that my Voice Therapy offers this. Such pleasant people experience! I did like in person but my circumstances changed and this was suggested!
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1 year ago, Label man1
We have been very pleased with our ability to have multi-locations. We administered this precovid and are very happy with our being able to have meetings with wfh employees as well as traveling sales people. I would recommend this product.
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3 years ago, Davidulloa180889
Works fantastically
I like it, but as in everything, we have always a chance to be better. On this case, I would like that we can make a call without opening the app, and go directly from the contacts. Would save time.
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2 years ago, Mrs Muzzy9
Can’t Use This App
I’ve tried using this app, but am not able to. It wants me to log in even though I’ve never used this app or created an account. When I try password reset (my only option) of course I never get the password reset email because I don’t have an account. I tried getting online support but only find “helpful tips” no way to actually call someone or submit a ticket. This app is useless to me and is the one my doctor uses so extremely frustrating
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1 month ago, Willy Biggs
Makes my work life so much easier
I love the GoTo app. It’s super easy to use and lets me take calls anywhere I go. I’ve used other VoIP apps but GoTo almost never seems to have a bug and my calls are always clear. 10/10 would recommend
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10 months ago, Sr0987
speech to text is malfunctioning
over the past month I can’t seem to use speech to text when composing a text message. once it is dictated, the message disappears when I touch the screen, Very annoying as I am a heavy user of that function to confirm doctor appointments monthly for our psychiatric clinic. I have deleted and reloaded the app twice. I tried contacting your technical support with no luck. Please look into it and fix this.
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1 year ago, NYC BDBx
Family life Insurance engagement
Jerry did an awesome job of engaging the wif and adult children as we enlightened them on the wealth accumulation life insurance policy and the potential benefits of legacy wealth. The growth potential and flexibility of the insurance instruments is tremendous. Looking forward to our children leveraging their insurance to growth and business development.
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1 year ago, Paul R. Stanko
Pretty good conferencing app
Had some issues returning from the chat to the main conference. I am not sure if it was my phone or the app. The graphics were small on my phone screen, not sure what could be done about that, that’s why my rating is still pretty high. Other than that, it works great.
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3 years ago, NinjaNance
App was great until most recent update
We use GoToConnect for working from home. It’s been a great tool until about a month ago. It now doesn’t allow us to do transfers directly to voicemail - even though the button looks active. Very frustrating. Working with their tech team but still haven’t been able to address the issues.
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3 years ago, graylinn542
Consistently difficult
My workplace replaced ALL desk lines with this app. It has some major benefits - no more putting my personal number on my business card. Being able to text clients from my work number. However, the reality is not as smooth as the theoretical experience. I have a great data plan and yet my calls on this app are often dropped, weirdly echo’d or far away. Sometimes photos are not going through via text. And I can never seem to listen to a voicemail without it going silent while up to my ear (no I’m not touching the screen with my face) Love it in theory. Looking forward to improvements. Our team at work echos similar issues. May need to just purchase a second real phone after all
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