Govee Home

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Current version
Shenzhen Intellirocks Tech Co. Ltd.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Govee Home

4.29 out of 5
1.8K Ratings
6 months ago, Maxedd
Great system but app could be better
First of all, I only came across Govee, I’ve been a long time Philips hue user but I have to say, I’m very impressed with what they have to offer. Maybe I’m only getting used to the app but on the rope light, I feel the settings aren’t very user friendly. I am tech savvy. I’m sure I’ll figure it out but it will take a bit of time I guess. So far my only issue is on the scenes. If I have to edit one lighting scene, I must start adding them into groups? Then it won’t allow me to just add one, I have to go through each category and add more, all this just to reduce the speed. Then, after that when I go back, all the other ones are gone! Look maybe, I’m not used to the Govee app yet but still, if it doesn’t seem easy the first time, please will get turned off. Philips hue app is much easier, cleaner and you can edit each light and each scene with ease. Hopefully this will get better over time as. I will 100% recommend these lights. Have the set up the curtain and hexagon ones now!
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2 months ago, ikeatrashbag
Do not buy anything from Govee unless you enjoy using one of the most impractical apps for everyday use. I have been using Govee products since 2019, including upgrading to lights that were quite pricey just a year later as I had seen the interface and how amazing it was. Four years later, govee has managed to turn gold into literal dog feces. Nothing is even remotely similar, all practically has gone out the window being replaced by something that looks like it was designed by someone who has never used the products. This is one of the most thoughtless updates I have ever seen in an app; not everyone who uses your products has a gaming or desk setup worth a trip to the Bahamas. I am regretting buying another set of even better lights- what is the point when they are barely usable? I would recommend staying away from Govee products at all unless they revert back to the previous interface. Even then, the switch to this very much downgraded design has truly proved that govee does not care about the average consumer, only those with intricate setups that are not practical for day to day usage. Honestly, I would not be surprised if that demographic is also disappointed in this update. TLDR: the app is terrible now for things as simple as turning the light on and off. As someone who has used govee for half a decade, save your money and avoid govee products.
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5 months ago, AegaeonFTW
phenomenal products and application
First of all, I'd like to mention that the application could benefit from some improvements in terms of accessibility for most features, except for the seamless integration with your existing devices. It works really well and you definitely get your money's worth with their products. I've seen a fully equipped house with Phillips, Hugh, and this is the next best thing in my opinion. The colors are vibrant, the scene modes are really cool, and there are plenty of options to customize the settings for individual lights or groups. I'm particularly fond of the dreamview function, which allows multiple lights to synchronize with specific circumstances like music playing or my TV backlight, creating a delightful "surround visuals" experience. Moreover, if you take a look at the patch notes and the interaction from the developers and team directly within the app, it's evident that they are constantly working on innovative ways to improve their products and the app itself. I highly recommend committing to their line of products if you need intelligent lighting without being forced to shell out “go fly a kit” kind of money.
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5 months ago, JXBXJNKE
Govee App & Products are THE BEST!!!
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND GOVEE APP and ALL OF the GOVEE products line! It is so much more than just “smart LED lighting”! This APP does take a little more getting used to than others that I have used in the past, it does have a few “quirks” that could be fixed.. BUT IT OFFERS SO MUCH MORE than just lighting! There is a entire community of people on the app as well that share content & are ALWAYS willing to help if you have questions about anything- Govee’s customer service is second to none in their response time and fixing any issues. In this app you can connect all of your Govee products together to react and dance together! I have spent so much time playing with the different scenes and options, and enjoying engaging with the Govee community! In the app/community you can also earn points to go towards new products- win prizes - be a co-creator/tester for new products! The possibilities are endless!! Just GO FOR IT - You WONT REGRET IT!
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5 months ago, Gigit008
Temperature monitoring
I’m using the smart thermometer and hygrometer sensors to monitor freezer temperatures. The data are easy to view and track. I like that it allows me to set temperature alarms. However, the app requires that you set an alarm range versus only a max or min. The min temperature you can set the range to is -4F which is higher than some of my freezers run. Since I’m only concerned with high temperatures, it would be nice to disable the low end alarm or be able to set it lower than -4F (even if the thermometers are not calibrated in that range). Other than this minor complaint, the system is working well on tracking the temperatures. Set up was easy and I am able to have the WiFi gateway two floors above where my freezers are located with no issues.
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5 months ago, Jolly25
Lights are great but that’s it…..
Lights are great and have great colors to choose from and all. But the Bluetooth on the device and the searching for the lights on the app don’t work at all. My phone will only turn the lights on and off for about a week before it starts saying “failed”, even tho I’m right next to the device with the phone right by it. It’ll still not connect to it. So I have to unplug the lights, forget the device and retry to pair it again. I’ve had to do that many many many many many of times and it’s getting ridiculous. When I want my lights on they should just turn on but no I have to wait for it to find the device (which takes forever) then it just doesn’t find the device at all so I keep trying and trying just to give up and sit in the dark. Bluetooth is crap on the app and doesn’t connect to your devices. I mean it will for about a week then you have to repair it again. Have fun doing that for months. I tore my lights down and I’m sticking with lights that plug in and I can turn on by a button.
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4 months ago, SeveritySix
Would love to see more
I have been surfing through the smart home apps and products. I have landed here with Govee after several product tryouts and working with customer service. I now mostly have Govee. Over all the products work well and the sync well. Using the app can be a little clunky though. With tap to runs being on, I love they can run on Siri, I do not love I have to create the shortcut in your app. This prevents chaining a few together. We should be able to make tap to runs into widgets as well! The widget control does leave room for desire. It’s only a basic on off button, which is not accurate. If the device is on, the widget might show it’s off. To actually turn it off you have to turn on the widget so they match, then turn it off with a second tap.
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6 months ago, T-Stone
Not just LEDs
You may think opening a box from Govee that it’s just a strip of leds and nothing more. You would be highly incorrect. Govee is a lifestyle that can be the most fun you have installing and enjoying how a simple led can really change your mood and way of thinking how to decorate the place you call home. This app is the gateway to a wonderful world of light and home automation. The way Govee has laid out the controls for their products is very intuitive and made simple. But still being able to produce what looks like hours of programming into an amazing light show. And not just the lighting controls are in this app. If you have any other products that Govee has made, all the controls for those are here too. Simple, easy, done right.
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5 months ago, EvoJordan
User friendly but scheduling needs WORK
I love the app. It’s visually appealing and easy to use. My only complaint is the scheduling feature. You can setup a “schedule” but you only have start times… Developers please spend more time redesigning the schedule feature to have a start and end time. For example.. I want to be able to set the heater to turn on at 9pm and turn off at 6am. It gets cold at night but I want it to be setup autonomously so I don’t have to turn it on and off all the time. The heater has an ‘auto’ feature but I don’t want to risk leaving it on all day and my house burn down while I’m away.
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6 months ago, Brithosk
This app and the community of Govee along with their products are spectacular. The app allows you to customize so many things on your lights and adds a fun way to making your experience that much better. The Dreamview options and DIY option are my favorite because you can make your own “light show” and for example, I wanted my Aura light to give off a lava lamp effect so I DIY’d my own lava lamp scene and it’s become my favorite to use every day and other Govee members really enjoy it as well! I really enjoy Govee and highly recommend their app and their products. You have to download their app to get the most out of most of their products! Thanks Govee for being an amazing Brand. -Govee Fam, B C R U N K (Brit)
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7 months ago, Joe 3 Names
Home lighting control
I started using the GoVee lights about a year ago. I have a 60 year old home and so automation has to be on a network. I started with just some of the light bulbs too see how they worked. The recess lights were easy to install and I found that programming was easily done. The directions were easy enough to follow and grouping them together was not too difficult. I was then able to network with my Alexa easily and set up the commands. The hardest part now is just trying to remember what I named each group. I definitely need more of the lighting to make the rest of my home a more enjoyable experience.
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3 months ago, yinka333
Love the humidifier, not the app
Love this humidifier! It is fantastic… has saved my relationship because it has helped with our snoring… and allows us to have essential oils helping us rest and recover, at night. My beef is with the app. Every time I unplug the humidifier to clean it, it no longer connects to the app. I have to we-download the app and reconfigure it, each time. This is a bit more than frustrating when I have to clean it at least every 72 hours. Also, why can’t I save custom color combinations (what good is the saving of specific colors if I have to re-apply them each time I have to reset the system. It is frustrating and I’m likely to just quit using the app rather than deal with this every 3 days.
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6 months ago, 1stSGTMay
Super easy and full of features
This app is super user friendly and has many features available to you to use and try. The community within the app is wonderful and you can share your creations with each other! The customer service is 10 star service. The company is so community and customer oriented. They listen to what the customers like and don’t like and would like to see. The reach out to their customers to try new products that they developed based off the recommendations of their customers. Govee is the way to go for everything.
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5 months ago, BlueEyedBrittany
I used to have a different brand of smart lights (sengled) that worked fine but all of a sudden wouldn’t sync properly so I decided to try a new brand. I came across Govee because of their wide selection and reasonable pricing. I absolutely fell in love with them! Now I have bulbs, light strips, a fan, tea kettle, etc. They are so easy to use and very reliable, unlike other brands. There is no convoluted syncing process like having to flip a switch quickly a bunch of times. The app picks it up almost instantly and makes all the Govee products seamless to operate/organize. Highly recommend!!!
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6 months ago, Zach Plott
Amazing App and Great Company
I recently moved and when we got to the new place I setup my lights and they didn’t want to connect to my phone. I simply contacted the company telling them about my issue and in no time they responded. They helped me out with letting me know what the issue was and they offered to send new lights. The app works flawlessly and I could not ask for any more. I can do whatever I like with my lights and it’s not hard to do so. I also love the feature where you can use other people’s creations on your own lights and it only takes 2 seconds to do so.
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6 months ago, “Big” ED.
Outdoor Lights
I have a total of 6 sets of the 48’ multi-color Lynx Dream Bulb string lights and 4 sets of the multi-color Flood Lights. These sets range in age between 2-3 years and have withstood some nasty weather yet every year they work as expected. Although I have had some difficulties with the transmitters not wanting to link up right out of the box and one 48’ string half the lights did not work, but Govee support has been there to help. Tough, easy to use, and beautiful for a good price. Go with Govee. BTW… Using these lights in combination we’ve won our neighborhood Christmas light decorations contest 2 years running!
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6 months ago, Unknown420spot
Need speed control
Hello. I’ve reached out to the fb group and was told to come here. A lot of users including myself would like to use the preset scenes that are available through the app however some scenes with the lights flashing like let’s take “Christmas” for instance. The scene flashes the lights too rapidly. If I had epilepsy, it would probably send me into a seizure. So let’s make an update to the app to allow control of how fast or slow the speed of the scene is. Just like controlling brightness there should also be a control for speed. Thanks guys. Keep up the hard work.
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6 months ago, BL00D5WEATGEAR5
Fantastic Product, app has a learning curve (automation issue)
As stated above, I purchased 150ft of the Govee Permanent Outdoor lights for the holidays and while the lights themselves are fantastic, the app is a tad challenging to use at first. (I originally rated this app 3 out of 5 until I figured out what caused the issue stated below.) For a while I was having an issue with the “Automation” setting. (Had the lights programmed to go on at sunset and turn off at sunrise). And while they’d turn on right on time, they’d shut off randomly around 2am or so. After awhile I learned that when I linked Govee to Alexa, Alexa used it’s “hunch settings” (programmed to turn lights off when it thinks the user is asleep) to override the settings in the Govee app. Once I turned that setting off, the Govee lights and app have been working flawlessly! If any of you are having this issue, try turning the “Hunch setting” off in the Alexa app! Hope this helps someone!
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4 months ago, JasonS84
Govee quality and support
Some may say it’s a bit excessive but I have probably between 20 and 30 different sets of Govee lights in my house, car, and automotive shop and I cannot get enough. In all the sets I’ve bought for myself or others, I’ve only ever had one “bad” light and I immediately contacted customer support and they were so quick to help with what was going on and find a replacement for me. The products are 10/10, the support is 10/10 and the creativity is 10/10 as well.
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5 months ago, WeAreTheChampas
Work well with app and lots of colors to choose from
Long time user of another brand of well known smart bulbs but wanted to try these out since they are much less expensive and seem to be sold everywhere. Install and integration of lights to wifi and app was simple. The only issue is that the app is a bit confusing with so much going on. I will figure it out soon. Happy overall with price, availability and options. I might convert my house to this brand eventually as the other is very pricey and are sometimes hard to find.
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2 months ago, GymFanatic
Govee TV Backlight RGBIC
Mostly, the app and TV backlighting works well, and I enjoy having the new lighting effects in my living room. There’s a lot of options and effects to play with, and it takes some practice and determination to get everything just right. My only complaint, is the app is a bit confusing with all the options available, and sometimes when I expect to find a setting, it’s difficult and not where I expected…there’s a lot of UI ‘clutter’. On the positive side, the app doesn’t crash and the lighting strip functions well, good.
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4 months ago, bro527
Govee Tv backlight 3 lite
The lights are amazing! Excellent quality and look great… only complaint is that I cannot get the app to connect to the network… I was able to calibrate the light strip however when it came to connecting to wifi and calibrating the camera, It always failed to connect to camera and would not connect to wifi no matter what… I even put my entire eero network to 2.4 and it still wouldn’t find or connect to my network even when entered manually….
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2 months ago, WeAreGroot124
Good clean fun
Govee is a lot more fun than you would think. Other than having the ability to change color and turn on and off your cool light features using Bluetooth, you can also connect with the Govee community and share your cool light displays. Govee also offers a variety of different products from daily usage items to all sorts of light products! This app allows you to control the color of these and turn them on or off. Govee is really great!
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2 months ago, Awolphyone
App is not user friendly
My main issues with the app are: 1. The finger sketch light buttons are way too small. They could really benefit from being wider, so it’s easier to press the one you want. 2. There’s no way to repeat a pattern once you have it added once in finger sketch. Ex: you want repeating Red, White, Blue (RWB). Since you can’t repeat that pattern, you have to manually go RWB, RWB, RWB, RWB, and on and on. Would be so much better if patterns could just be repeated, once one set is created. 3. You can’t edit Scenes or other people’s DIYs. I sometimes like the colors, but don’t want them too move or want to use a different type of movement, but can’t do that in the app.
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5 months ago, Ser_Ser_dc
App kept crashing after I updated it and then fixed it!
I updated the app and it was literally unusable because it crashed every time I opened it. I reported an issue in the app and they fixed it quite fast. It only took two days to fix it, like completely update the app. I’m VERY happy with the customer support. I’ve never had better customer support before. Now I can change my RGBIC lights without it crashing! Totally recommend Govee now!
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5 months ago, Equensuehocha
So much to love
I thought I loved Govee products…a lot! However, I’ve never used an app with so many layers. The community section is absolutely beyond measure. Everyone is so helpful and friendly, it’s like having a secret second family. The user interface is amazing. I honestly can’t wrap my head around it. It’s like the mega-minds at Govee have thought of it all, until they release something newer and better. I’m so glad I chose Govee and their banging app! Sincerely, “ Blinded by the Lights” 🫶🏼
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5 months ago, Kiah Frederick
I love my Govee Lights but...
I got some govee lights for christmas about 3 years ago and never got the time to open them and actually use them. So today I finally put them up. I have the H1640 lights to be specific, which I now know are not compatible with the app. I was under the impression that I should be able to use the app and have the amazing features given, but I can't. I received a card that prompted me to download the app that cant use. It would be 4-5 stars if it actually was compatible with the lights. Please sometime in the future can they become compatible?
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2 months ago, Ben Bracero
Now I Can Use New Version Govee Bluetooth App Home and Listen Music Light Show Finally and The Old Version Bluetooth Couldn’t Connect Bluetooth To Power On and So I Got To Delete The App and Reinstall Govee App To Get it Back and Start Over Again Hopefully It Should Work With New Version Govee Bluetooth App To Use it Test it Out and Now is Working That’s Why I Figured It Out To Think About Everything Now i Ready To Roll With Karaoke To Sing it Out My Big Stage With New Version Govee App LED Light Music Shows at Home. Thanks Govee.
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5 months ago, ryan64pika
Very good app just a few suggestions…
Ive been using this app for a while now and the improvement you’ve made is amazing! the only things that annoy me still is that the speed bar for diys or modes doesn’t have percentage marks, another thing i recommend is adding a feature where you can create solution/dreamviews just like diys and be able to share them, but besides that stuff 5/5 stars if those were fixed. If you guys do see this and fix it thanks!
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5 months ago, ggiovanii8
Automation problem
Love the lights but they have been turning on at incorrect times. For example if I have it set at 8 they turn on at 7. Or even if I have the feature off they still turn on. Another thing is they turn on already at full brightness instead of starting at a lower brightness and ending up at full brightness over the course of 10 mins like mentioned. Is there a way I can fix it??
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3 months ago, gadjitman
A consistent and reliable product.
In trying to find the best behind the TV light experience in 2013 I stumbled across Govee. Not to sound like a commercial, but my experience with the camera over the TV Technology I was amazed on the experience I was looking for. since then I’ve moved on with other projects throughout the house. My next move is to incorporate the whole house humidifier. Thanks Govee for the experience and the accountability.
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4 months ago, Dingjob
Please fix Speed setting
The speed slider is not stepped gracefully. If I set a light to do a gradient, the slider fully to the left means 0, with no colors changes. If I set it the the smallest move to the right, it changes colors every 2 seconds, which is too quick for the slowest setting. Further to the right is just laughable and faster than anyone would ever use. Please fix this across the app. I’ve read online comments that this has been broken for years. This was one of the reasons I bought your product and you are dropping the ball compared against your largest competitor.
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4 months ago, B2455
Not intuitive, missing features and a battery hog
I’m a tech person and I find this app to be a nuisance. There also seems to be missing features. I cannot find any way to change the settings of the light strip. The orientation (clockwise vs counter-clockwise) or the camera orientation (top vs bottom) setting is not changeable after setup. What gives? Also, what’s up with the battery usage? I disable background activity for this app, yet it still takes up 10% of my battery usage with 22 hours of background usage (yet only 1 minute on screen). That’s preposterous for an app that controls your backlight on your tv.
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1 month ago, SlickWick4
Govee - Whole Home
If you’re looking for a one stop shop, GOVEE has what you need. The lights are amazing, and the app is really cool—it syncs with all Govee devices and integrates seamlessly with Amazon/Alexa. Not to mention their customer support is too notch. The only downfalls, as consumers were always concerned with the dollar so the price could be more competitive, and it would be great to see additional accessories like corner pieces and extra plugs included.
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5 months ago, Phoenixplight
Love the interface love the products.
I’ve never been happier with my experience with Govee. I currently have their outdoor lights, Bluetooth bulbs, WiFi bulbs, the rice cookers space heater, and ice maker. All absolutely phenomenal in design and quality. I’m a big functionality person and they always seem to hit the mark. The app is incredibly user friendly and, although I’ve never contacted their customer support, it’s a testament to the app and product quality that I’ve never had to. Only complaint is I wish there were more products to buy lol. I have an air purifier in my cart but would have loved have bought my security cams, water cooler, vanity mirror and bathroom vent fan/light, etc through Govee. Keep up the great work folks.
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6 months ago, Aaron735
I’m literally speechless, I never leave reviews but I had to. THIS COMPANY IS SO UNDERRATED! I bought some lights from them like 6 months ago and their products have been amazing, but omg this app is literally a game changer. Like how in the world do you guys make an app with so many feature I didn’t even think were possible 😂it’s insane. Definitely gonna buy some more after seeing what’s capable with this app.
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2 months ago, kaylakkg
eh alr
i never write reviews but i js wanna say the app is good, not that much options but then again I got my LED's for like $25 lol. Only thing im kinda annoyed abt if the colors. It worked for the first like 3 days then the colors started to get all mixed up. I would press yellow and it would turn red. The I would press blue and it would turn purple. idk if its my LED's or the app but other than that good app. Theres also sounds and modes like sunset/sunrise/rainfall, stuff like that
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6 months ago, cincykid76
Overly complicated settings and can’t do basic things, right
Govee is a company that is constantly trying to do too much. You will buy their products and before you know it, they stripped them of settings and features inside of the app. The app itself tries to do too much and gets overly complicated and yet when you want to do something simple like scheduling, it doesn’t work. I’ve scheduled my outside lights and configured them every night this week only to have them either not turn on when they’re supposed to or not turn off when they’re supposed to.
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3 months ago, CertainLittleBoy
App won’t update correctly
I’ve used this app for the last 3 years to monitor my greenhouse. Never had any issues even though the battery dies every winter and I change it out in the spring. I’ve been using it for the last 3 days and have been right next to it and the app will register the temp and then the next time I go in it takes me to a reading from a year ago and won’t update until I stand next to the thermometer again which defeats the purpose
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1 month ago, Rad Sandwich
Great app and good product
Firstly, saw a review saying their app was garbage. It’s not. -the app: The app allows you to group multiple devices/bulbs for simultaneous or individual control. This is useful for terminating lights in an entire room, or controlling a fixture with multiple bulbs. It’s extremely simple, quick, and easy to use. -the bulbs: The lightbulbs are pretty bright brand new. However, I had to replace mine after two years. To be fair, they were used probably 5-7 hours a day on average, which is a lot. I used one of their bulbs for a desk lamp and it has lasted fairly long. I wouldn’t buy any of their products besides their basic bulbs because of how expensive it is though. 5/5, app is great.
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4 months ago, makv23
Disappointing loser
I was really excited to purchase my Govee TV BACKLIGHT 3 LITE. Well unfortunately it turned my whole weekend into weekend at Bernie’s! My family I sat around like a bunch of dumb dead idiots when the app the lights and the whole nine yards sucked. It wouldn’t hook to Bluetooth and then if it did there was quickly yet another problem. Maybe you guys should stick to one product and then you could possibly get one that works. Maybe make an all girl team or something because obviously the men don’t work there. .. maybe you should your local 7th grade computer class a shot they could do better
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4 months ago, Code Blue Electric Services
I’ve been using Govee products for several years. I own a business and only install products that I’ve tested and I have never had a single problem with any Govee product and I have over a dozen of their products in and out of my home. I would never hesitate to recommend, install or purchase one of their products.
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6 months ago, ntooch
Terrible app
First thing about the app is they advertise their own products, which I get, but spending anywhere from $30-$100 on a product the app should not have any ads. Secondly, I use the app for maintaining humidity levels. WiFi connection drops constantly and loses the log in info having to reenter it. The humidifiers maximum is 70% which can be problematic for some people using them in greenhouses. I wish you could enter a higher level. Thirdly, The app is clunky and not very intuitive, but it’s not the worst app I’ve ever ever used.
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3 months ago, Dan8523angrybirds:)
Worst App Experience
By far the worst App UI and most confusing application I’ve ever had installed. Seems like their is a lot of creation but the app is so dang confusing and nothing walks you through it. The creation process can be much more simplified. I’d immediately fire whoever is in charge of the UI of the app. What a horrible, confusing, waste of time. I’ll never buy another set of these lights ever again specifically due to the app and no remote control provided like the competitors do. Save your time and money and get another product. Also, the Bluetooth function is far worse than WiFi.
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4 months ago, JediBigD
Best Option in LED Lights for the Money!
I have multiple Govee products. They are professionaly packaged (think Apple), come with easy to use instructions and accessories. A breeze to install and the App is the game changer. Allowing more options then a Baskin Robins House of Flavors scoop shop. Govee, please keep rolling out new and inventive ways to allow your customers to express our feelings around light 👍🏼
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4 months ago, Daniefelisha
Govee is easy and fun
I enjoy bringing color into my life. I’ve purchased bulbs and string lights the air purifier and plan to get the dehumidifier. It’s nice having everything on one system. My only gripe is I’ve come across the issue with the bulbs on a dimmer. The home is a rental so that is something I can’t change. Apparently other brands can function on a dimmer. Otherwise I live govee products
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1 month ago, banditt23
govee car led strips
these things are great, product a nice bright color, but my only issue is with the scenes. Whenever i first set these up in my car, i was able to go thru a bunch of different scene colors and i had no idea how i had that to pop up. i’m only limited to about 8 scenes and i have no clue how to get back to all the other scenes. if somebody had this issue and figured it out let me know please!
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4 months ago, tapoutttt
Govee Smart Home
Govee is one of the best products I’ve used. I absolutely love their aura lamp, which fills my pretty big bedroom beautifully. Their smart home app makes it even easier to control my strip lights, allowing me to turn them off to save energy automatically! Highly suggest you buy their product and get their smart home app for the best integration and features
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4 months ago, 마엔
Easy as Pie Setup
My double plug smart device is the first automated item that I have that has completed the set up process with as little pain as possible (connection to Alexa included). This device set up instantly—no lag, no loading. I’m really amazed with this product and if I decide to get more smart plugs, I will be getting them from this company.
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6 months ago, Deucelive
Automation doesn’t work
I’ve had the outdoor permanent lights installed for about 3 weeks now & love them, but the automation feature of the app doesn’t work… Will not turn the lights on or off…It would be helpful to be able to set a different scene for each timer in the “timer section”, as I use them (2nd timer) for security/accent lighting when the Christmas lights turn off… This is also where the automation feature not working comes into play….
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