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User Reviews for Grasshopper

4.77 out of 5
42.2K Ratings
4 years ago, Claricesabrina
Awesome for business phone service!
This is such a great service I was able to cancel my Comcast telephone service and the expensive chat bot service I had linked to my website so clients could reach me with questions etc (that forwarded to an app in my phone). My only wish is that is had the option to have a pop up on the website. No let a dealbreaker because I am using Wix and installed their chat pop up so messages from the website go there but responses from me go to their email which makes conversations take a long time sometimes so I REALLY wish Grasshoper would give us a website pop up that worked along with this program I would even pay extra for it. For the money though and what it can do it is totally worth it!
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1 year ago, Driver25457659
Good idea app could use improvement
This app works good 90% of the time. It does have some functionality issues mainly with the text feature. It tends to butcher your speech to text fairly regularly. It will spell out numbers rather than actually show the number so there’s a bit of editing involved. It constantly subs the word ‘are’ with ‘were’. I’d chalk that up to my own speech inflections however it doesn’t happen in any other app. The other drawback with the chat feature is that one out of every 20 text messages doesn’t go through. It shows that it did but it just doesn’t. I’ve had customers show me their phones and I’ve shown my phone and clearly there’s a break somewhere in the system. The phone feature works fairly well although not so much on hand free devices. I find if I am in my vehicle using Bluetooth or Apple CarPlay I still need to accept calls using the actual phone. That’s not the end of the world but, this is an app that I use while I’m out of the office which means that I’m usually in my vehicle. On a positive note this app and the service that Grasshopper provides has made a substantial positive impact on how I run my business. It saves me time and it saves me energy and I’m grateful for that.
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5 years ago, yl.benmuir
Made me lose out on $100,000?
I’ve been using grasshopper to run my flooring business for 3+ years. I’ve been getting complaints from customers calling in that often their calls get dropped while waiting or it just goes to nothing. And these complaints have been increasing. After finally sitting down to do some research, I looked at my “missed calls”. Over a period of 28 days, there were 59 dropped calls from the “Main Greeting”. Not knowing what this meant, I called grasshopper only to find out that the Main Greeting is the initial welcome message customers hear when they call in. Over 28 days, i missed out on 59 calls! Not able to go back any further, I have to ask, over 3 years, how many of these calls were dropped? How much business did my company miss out on? Let’s conservatively say we missed out on 600 calls per year. That’s 1800 potential customer we never got. If I landed 20% of those leads (which we average 50%), that’s 360 clients over 3 years. Our average ticket is $4,000. That’s over a $1,000,000. Truly Makes me sick thinking about it... transferring out my grasshopper number today to my Verizon account.
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5 years ago, boooooooooooooooo!!
Worst phone app of all time
So I’ve been using this app for 9 months and I find it to be a really frustrating app to use, often times it will just not even do the most basic functions, i.e. when someone texts and you reply , often times the reply text doesn’t get to its destination, I’ve lost plenty of customers because of that... so for what I pay grasshopper to do anyone can get for free by just using your everyday phone, however, I choose to use the grasshopper app for my business so that I don’t expose my personal information to the world but grasshopper is not the app I would recommend to anyone after 9 months of use and the worst part of it is that I am stock, because I have all my business contacts on this app and I have no idea how to port them over to another platform which will work and not frustrate me every other phone call or text... I called customer service many times and it’s always the same crap, logout and log back in, or delete the app and reinstall, or reboot your device, seriously? This are fixed my dead gram-mother use to use, it is shameful how bad this app is, I really wish I had something nice to say but I cannot find anything good to say when the technology is so behind, all I want to do is text and call, and this app cannot even do that with out all kind of issues... Save your self a lot of aggravation and stay away from this grasshopper app, just use your regular phone...
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4 years ago, Sunrae518
Grasshopper helps our A-game
My husband and I own/operate a small HVAC company— he does the work, I do the administrative tasks. Utilizing Grasshopper with our mobile phones not only saves us thousands in the overhead it would cost for a full voice system, but also gives our company the professionalism we strive for in all our processes, as well as the comparable accessibility one would get from a larger company. Our existing and potential clients can contact us, leaving messages— if we are on a jobsite, hear our hours and we can return the calls when we are available. I love the customizable features and it fits our small business budget. It’s a game-changer for the entrepreneur and we are glad it’s available to us.
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3 weeks ago, HappyPeas
Unreliable & Unprofessional
Horrid service. I need of a business number I used grasshopper on the trial service. During the trial the text did not work as promised. They did fix it after spending time on the phone with tech support. It was just okay. Two days before trial ended it stopped w working completely and the few conversations with customers were lost. I spent another hour on phone to reach tech support - it took twice as long because call was dropped the first time. They ended up telling me there was nothing they could do even if I wanted to sign up and subscribe. I would never want such an unreliable and unprofessional company to handle my business interactions. What if I was in the middle of securing a large account?? And every conversation was gone. Horrid to think it could happen. I’m going with another company. I’ve used other in the past for several years without issues. Grasshopper can’t even go a day without an issue.
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3 years ago, Gromit1084
Could use some helpful features
Overall it’s a good app and has been ok to use but there are two things that really get in the way of it being a great app. 1) if you add a number and make a contact, the name does not show up in the chat threads. It stays as the number. This is frustrating especially when you have multiple chats going on and have to keep tabs on who you are talking to. In a business scenario, it can create awkward situations. Please fix this issue so that we can see the name of the contact instead of the number. #2) minor: often times the app takes a minute or two to upload the new text message. It requires frequent updating until the message finally appears in the chat thread. This got a little better with the recent update but still slow. If this would be fixed, I would give this app 5 stars.
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6 years ago, parmstrongmft
Works ok
It takes calls well. I like the distinctive ring tone and that voicemail is separate from my own cell phone’s voicemail. Making calls is nice so I don’t have to give out my own number. But that is WHEN that feature actually works. It is not reliable in my opinion. About 40% of the time, when I attempt to make a call, I get horrible feedback and white noise and cannot hear a ring tone. Once the other person answers, I cannot hear them over the distortion. Another VERY annoying issue is if someone texts the primary number, EVERY PERSON (extension) in your company who has the app loaded WILL hear a text alert and see that text in a banner alert. Only Ext 1 is supposed to receive audio and banner alerts to texts to the primary number. What is Grasshopper’s response to repeated complaints about the problem? COMPLETE SILENCE!! They refuse to acknowledge a problem that has existed since an upgrade 8 months ago.
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2 years ago, CJ of Salon JOIERE
I’ve been using Grasshopper for about 4 or 5 years now and I love the service. It’s great having one phone number for multiple businesses. It’s also great having to phone numbers (biz & personal) and only be phone. My only issue with Grasshopper is cleanup. It would be great if the app had a Select All and a Delete button for app cleanup. For on going projects you may have to keep messages around for continuity but when the project is over it would be great to be able to select all or when I select a group of text or VM’s to be able to delete them all versus having to delete them one at a time. If it wasn’t for this small issue I would certainly have given them 5 Stars. Overall totally 💯 %happy with the product and my service. Definitely would recommend!
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2 years ago,
Corporation approved !
As a corporation we have trusted the works and magic of Grasshopper to be the easy platform for communication. The tools available to make this app easy to use and the structure to be organized for day to day operations such as extensions, greetings and the ability to add in your own recordings for the extensions is amazing. 100% recommended this. You get to attempt to pick the number you want. The team members answer the calls pretty quickly. So be prepared to enjoy your coffee while on the phone with them. Haha Anyways thanks Grasshopper for making your platform easy to use and reliable. It’s like having a really great employee working for you.
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3 years ago, bentled6589
You can only text 140 characters-and they don’t even tell you!
I just found out today (after my customer wasn’t receiving my texts) and after calling customer service - that Grasshopper will only send texts that are shorter than 140 characters. But they don’t tell you this anywhere on the app or website - it’s like a shameful secret. It *looks* like the text has gone through. But in fact, your customer is NOT getting the text. I’ve used this app for about 8 months so far. I can’t say that I’ve been really thrilled with the quality of the phone calls on Grasshopper, but I’ve been too busy to research other options. And I haven’t done much texting with it until now. But this takes the cake – 140 characters, and they’re hiding it! They won’t even put in error message to let you know you written too much. You’re just left in the dark, and your customer thinks you’re ignoring them. Awesome. Do not waste your time or your money here.
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3 years ago, Trisem15
Works great
I have a small business and I got an 800 number. I put it on my business cards so when I hand them out people can call the 800 number. It goes to voicemail. I can listen to the voicemail then call the customer back. The best part of it is that it’s an 800 number and it adds a level of credibility. I don’t have to answer the phone not knowing that it’s a business call on my personal cell phone. There’s a couple other services out there that do a grasshopper does but they’re really expensive.
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8 months ago, Degs87
Service in Alaska
My company needed a call forwarding system and this seemed like the best option. Then we found out that for Alaskans, they require you buy a second line and pay international rates for the service to work. We told them no thank you and that we would like to cancel our service. They told us that we were just past our 20 day cancellation period so we would continue to be billed for the entire 12 months for a service we will not use. That speaks a lot about how they look at costumers and providing costumer service. It also speaks a lot to how much they trust their own services if they have to trick people who are not happy with their service into continuing to pay them money when they can’t deliver. This service may or may not work for you or your company but it is important you know their morals and work ethic is below satisfactory.
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6 years ago, Zaspod2675
Major Improvements Needed!
My company has been using Grasshopper for many years now. Overall it’s a great service, however, the customer support department never get our system right. There is literally one person there that we work with because she is the only one that doesn’t crash our system. The App itself is terrible. Never works properly. More bugs than I can even recall to list here. The biggest problems I have are audio problems while using a Bluetooth headset, app crashing, app not loading past calls/texts/voicemails without killing app and reopening, call connection and dropping problems with WiFi calling, and on and on. Grasshopper has served our company well but if this app doesn’t get resolved this quarter we will likely switch to a competitor with a more reliable system.
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3 years ago, kcastro1385
You have to live in the U.S. to use “local” calls
I was excited to use this because it’s everything that I needed, I manage two different business and I can use two different numbers on my phone instead of buying two phones. I chose the partner plan and it came out to $60 a month. I used a local numbers, posted my numbers on all my platforms, come to find out I missed many calls and text messages. Tried to call out and I couldn’t. I didn’t understand why I wasn’t able to call out. Come to find out.... Because I don’t live in the “U.S.” meaning between California and New York I have to pay a $500 “international” deposit. I was told “if you live in the U.S. you don’t have to pay a $500 for international.” Ugh, hello August 21, 1959 Hawai’i became part of the United States of America. Don’t get me wrong, if she had worded everything differently then I would’ve understood. Unfortunately her delivery was wrong by saying “only in the U.S. we offer...” we use the term “mainland” for those living between Cali-New York. I didn’t bother to look up international rates because I didn’t consider Hawaii international and now I know when I look for another company to ask, “is Hawaii considered international? And how much extra do I have to pay?”
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5 years ago, NoLuckHereYet
Bad Functionality
This works well for getting a quick phone # to text and call from, but the system itself doesn’t work well and the outsourced customer service makes errors on my account literally every time I call for assistance. There’s a setting which shows what phone the # should ring to first, I have multiple staff, and it doesn’t ring in the order I program it to. Also, my staff are set to only receive calls 9-5, and randomly Grasshopper will allow calls to their phones outside of those hours. And when I call with a new phone # and say please connect this to the same voicemail as the other phone #s the rep will say it’s done now, I hang up, and it’s still going to the wrong voicemail.
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2 years ago, Zach Lange
Terrible Company
I was drawn into this product by the positive reviews on this app. I’ve never been so wrong about a purchase… The first phone number they gave me was not a local number, it was from a town 2 hours away. The second number was local but it came from a pool of robo caller numbers that are already flagged as spam due to past use. That is the kiss of death for a new business trying to get new customers to answer the phone. I opened up a support request with them 2 weeks ago, followed up on that twice with no response. Looks live I’ve been ghosted, and unfortunately, I foolishly took advantage of a promotion and paid for an entire year in advance. All I wanted was a simple business phone number. Don’t make my mistake, avoid this terrible company at all costs.
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1 year ago, Alek Ceresa
4/5 Star, Great App & concept, Alright functionality
I use it for work and almost always works. I make about 20 phone calls a day with the app and sometimes the call button just won’t show up when I dial the number. Besides that everything works pretty well. A professional suggestion is to make a contact list and be able to make contacts linked to numbers. It’s impossible to remember all the people I get texts from. I have to scroll up on text chats until I remember who they are instead of just being able to look at their contact name. Please consider this.
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3 years ago, NoMa302
I’m not sure why my experience is so much worse than everyone else’s on here. I have been using this app on/off for the past year due to intermittent work from home quarantines in my area. Sometimes the app works great, other times it’s a nightmare. When it’s bad, it’s terrible: phone lag, static feedback, dropped calls, weird noise that sounds like someone dialing buttons, can’t use the app while my space heater is on because it makes these issue even worse. I use my cell phone as my home phone with zero connectivity/reception issues. I have excellent wifi that is more than capable of handling the app. It’s an app so I expect a certain level of random glitches here and there. I wish I had as great of an experience as the rest of the reviewers.
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6 years ago, Koverst
Used to work great, not now
The app takes forever to load all of my recent calls and voicemails which makes it very frustrating when I’m trying to find a number or voicemail quickly. For at least five minutes it says I have no calls, voicemails, text etc. and I have to keep refreshing over and over until it will finally display them. Also at least half of every call that I get if not more does not allow me to access my options such as speakerphone, call holding, mute, ect. which also makes it very difficult when dealing with clients and trying to schedule appointments on the go. I always have to keep a pen and piece of paper in my pocket for when this happens which is extremely inconvenient. I am in the process of trying to get my company to change to a different call service.
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5 years ago, Carolineasaurus
So frustrated!!
Overall I was happy(ish) with this app, with two main issues: 1. when work calls come in, the number displayed is my own number. This is helpful for notifying me it’s a work call, however, now that I have a steady client base, it’s really frustrating not to now if it’s a current client (with a saved contact) or a new call. 2. The notifications are inconsistent, especially for texts, so I often miss texts for hours or even days, unless I keep opening the text page and refreshing. BUT - and this is totally unacceptable- after the recent update, the app crashes as soon as I open it. This means I cannot access any of my work voicemails or texts, or make outgoing work calls. I cannot run a business like this and will need to find another option. So disappointed.
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1 year ago, Marie33431
Cancelled Account
I just signed up for a year of service with Grasshopper. They took the money out of my account. I also opened my business bank account with that same phone number. It hasn’t even been a week and they cancelled my account. According to the customer service line I didn’t follow some security protocol. Not even sure what he is talking about because he kept telling me he couldn’t tell me what it was. How is that possible?!?! You shut down my account and haven’t said a word to me?!?! The only reason I knew was because I tried to sign into the app. This is a horrible way to do business and now I’m going to take my business else where. I hope others do the same. If I could give this zero stars I would.
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1 year ago, Krugsolnza08
If you are a business - please avoid at all costs. They canceled our account without any reason. We have NOT even used a phone number we have purchased however they refer a reason for cancellation to terms and conditions. This is an absolute joke. They didn’t even sent us an email about cancellation until we called and asked why our number is not working. Nothing. AVOID. That’s a response we got from their support: We tried to check the rejection on the reactivation request and it appears that we can't provide service to you. In this case we aren't able to provide the account but we don't have the specific reason, it states that there's a rejection coming from out terms and conditions.
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2 months ago, i am present
It’s OK
Sure - in theory this is a great business solution. However, sending messages & photos often glitches to where you have to close out the app and restart. Also - if you save a contact it doesn’t save in grasshopper for all users. It saves to your personal contacts. Lastly, I wish there was a way to pass the call to the next in line. Often the main contact will be in conversation with someone on the floor and their phone will ring. We have to wait for it ti pass to the next employee for them to be able to answer the call. Definitely could use some trouble shooting.
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3 years ago, MotherofKai
Bad App for IPads
This app is great on my mobile devices and desktops, but when it comes to IPad it doesn’t rotate into landscape mode. If you use the magic keyboard like myself especially for business, it can make things difficulty to answers and make calls. Additionally, the app is a small box in a portrait mode. So, even if you have your IPad in vertical position, the box is small and the resolution is weak. It is not a good quality app for IPads. On the other note, this app can get expensive with the add on features. Be sure you dig into the plans and features you may need to operate your business. Grasshopper isn’t always upfront of the features they have available For Additional Cost! They get you after you sign-up.
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4 years ago, Iphoneusers beware
Not able to send pics??
A lot of our customers are communicating via text instead of phone calls. Which is fine with us and allows more flexibility in communications on our end. However, what is the deal with not being able to send out pictures via text to our customers?? Definitely annoying and seems like an easy fix... but numerous version updates are rolled out and nothing addressing this problem. Tons of people are making this same complaint and all they get back in reply is, “please tell us more about your issue.” There is nothing more, CAN’T SEND OUT PICTURES TO CUSTOMERS VIA TEXT. Plain and simple. Fix it!
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6 years ago, mystery rhymes
App Shuts Down On Its Own
We’ve been using Grasshopper the past couple of years and never had major issues using the app. However, ever since the update, whenever I copy a phone number from our voicemail messages, it doesn’t copy and the app just shuts down. It’s becoming really irritating. I hope this bug is fixed. ASAP! **Follow up: I’ve adjusted my review being that Grasshopper took care of the problem right away. I would’ve given a five stars if trying to get someone on the phone for assistance wasn’t a challenge. But at the end of the day, problem was solved. Thank you!
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8 months ago, Mrs._M
Garbled Incoming Calls
We’ve had Grasshopper for almost a year and it started off great unfortunately within the last month, incoming calls sound garbled. I’ve searched the web for answers and have taken all the advice. Nothing has not helped. The other side hears me just find but I cannot hear them while using the app on my phone. Laptop and desktop work just fine though 🤷‍♀️. I tried to chat with the online bot chat and it could not figure out what I was wanting. I’ve looked for a tech service number and cannot find one. I’m uninstalling the app and reinstalling it for the third time. Hope third time is a charm 🥺
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5 years ago, brevard affordable home care
Just wish it did this!
Love the app it’s great for work! We use it for our business line The only thing I wish it had was some sort of Grasshopper thing on the front of a phone call(when someone is calling you) to let you know before picking it up that it’s grasshopper or a personal phone call- I know after picking the call up it will say “grasshopper” but I wish it said t before on the incoming call too
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3 months ago, Flipmode 22
Can be a bit glitchy sometimes, but overall it’s worked well for my business needs. Live the instant response text & options to forward calls. Only gripe is every now and then I have issues making outbound calls & the resolution is delete the app and re-install. Not sure if that’s a user issue or app issue. Overall, nice tool to have to keep personal & business calls separate on the same device. Also like that I can make calls from my iPad or laptop.
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5 months ago, 7612zdr
Overall good but new bug
I basically use this app to receive faxes and texts. Not heavily used. Overall it’s been great at those functions. The last 2 updates have created and not fixed a bug where when you slide left to choose to delete a text, the text won’t delete. The only way to delete is to choose edit from the top, mark the text and hit the trash icon. Please fix the shortcut. It worked since I’ve had the app until 2 updates ago. Thanks
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3 years ago, Soyblood
Worst app ever
I can’t believe they charge money for this product. Incoming calls kick you out of whatever text message thread you’re in. Halfway through typing a small novella? Too bad, it’s gone now! Want to know who you’re texting? Too bad, it shows up as phone number only and you have to constantly check to see whose number it is. And even then, half the time it’s wrong because it likes to display messages on the wrong text thread! You won’t realize it until you send the wrong message to the wrong person and then the app updates and you realize you sent it to someone else! Absolute trash. This app is the bane of my work existence. If I could give it negative stars, I would.
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5 months ago, TNT Glass Tinting
Works great for some things… Calls are extremely delayed
We have been using grasshopper for a few years now to help streamline our business conversations with customers. We notice this issue a lot, but recently it has been so bad! Calls are EXTREMELY delayed to the point where our customers don’t know if we are on the other end when they pick up. This makes it extremely difficult to communicate when we start talking over each other. Please fix this - it’s unbearable to deal with!!!
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1 year ago, AlexP916
Please fix password issue
App looks nice and all, but something stops me from using it. Can you please have it save the password so I don't need to enter it every time? I stopped using it for this reason, everytime i open app I have to open Apple Keychain just to retrieve my password then enter it. It's very annoying having to do this everytime. I want to be able to turn on my computer and have app running already without having to go through extra steps. Also, can you add way to delete the messages from the app.
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6 years ago, Mogne140
There is a serious issue grasshopper needs to address
In all fairness, grasshopper is great. However, there is one major issue that needs to be addressed within the app. An administrator should be able to allow as many users as he or she wants to access the text messaging features without having to give them full access or administrative privileges to the account. Now, as written, an administrator has to give users full access to the account so that they can access the text messaging features in their own app account when enabled. Very bad. I wish Grasshopper changes that, otherwise, I might look elsewhere for service.
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6 months ago, IPad Ziggy
Good with major issue.
I love this app. Mostly works great. One big issue is sending photos via text. Get use to it saying Error Failed to send messages. This happens like 80% of the time. Sometimes cropping the photo will get it to send. Other times nothing will help. Would also be nice if there was a way to group delete old texts. Especially when reinstalling the app. All the text come up as unread. So you have to go through each one to clear the notification. Once you have a bunch of text the app tends to lag. So I’ve found it easier to go to a PC to delete them.
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1 year ago, Philip in Philly
Good but needs work
Does what it needs to do to keep you connected, but could use some work. The app doesn’t have a native tablet mode so basically you are using a small phone layout blown up on a tablet. Texts sent in grasshopper doesn’t allow Carriage returns, so if you are trying to format longer texts nicely, it converts all of your spacing and special characters and squishes texts all into a huge run-on sentence. We aren’t able to create nice professionally formatted texts that clearly call out important information for clients.
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5 years ago, LiddleRiddle
Good, but not quite 5 stars for business calling
Easy to use! Great for my business. Only compliant is the slight delay when speaking with someone on the phone-I interrupt the other person and visa versa...took some getting used to, and is frustrating when speaking with clients. It seems like it’s worse at times, but other times it doesn’t seem too bad. Overall I’m happy with using grasshopper, wish there was a way to get rid of the delay. Maybe it’s a standard issue with digital calling and forwarding.
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2 years ago, Mallabyebye
Room for improvement
App needs to be more streamlined. More customization. At least 50 more options should be added for hold music. We have like 5 now? UI could be more interesting and modern. The grasshopper logo is kind of ugly. Lastly, my settings keep changing randomly. Things that are supposed to go straight to voicemail are ringing. Certain text messages don’t go through to my business line. Why? This service has potential but it’s just not good enough. I won’t be renewing after my year is up.
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5 years ago, Livio towing
Grasshopper now is the best
I’ve been having Grasshopper for about ten years. It’s always had limited minutes, finally they have had decided to have unlimited minutes and text and pic text. I had never recommended because they had limited; but now I’m telling all my friends and the people I do business with. Trust me in ten years I had tried most of the competitors out there. Grasshopper is the best, now I tell everyone.
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4 years ago, Barnbaby183
I've been using this app for about a year now and am extremely disappointed in almost every aspect. The app consistently glitches and crashes. Currently it's new thing is to sign me out as soon as I connect to the internet and then tell me my password is wrong until I shut off the internet and suddenly it's the right password. I have had serval instances where i did not receive a ton of texts from clients and phone calls only to have the come through days later. Videos sent through the app are blurry and can barely be seen. There is little to no help from customer services. Actively looking for a different app to use.
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6 years ago, mp4Reviews
Grasshopper for Text
The Grasshopper text functions well across multiple employee phones to distribute workflow. The only limitation I find in the texting capability is that I can only search the messages by Sender/Recipient name and not the body of the message. I can’t always remember Who I was texting with, but I can remember what we were saying....I hope Grasshopper adds searchability in message contents/body. Other than that, I rely on Grasshopper daily.
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3 years ago, Ree Hayes
Can’t add two additional lines on phone
I’m not able to add two other lines on my app. I had opened up my app all I’m getting is text, calls, settings, inbox and recent at bottom of app. Not showing drop down box to see about adding additional numbers on here at all. I just got number and opened up app. So what do I need to do for the price I’m paying to have 3 lines and 6 Ext?
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3 months ago, Can Sanitizer Inc.
Great service
First time using a 888 number and grass hopper makes it so simple to communicate with customers whether it’s phone calls or texts. Very affordable and have never had a single issue. Their customer service is also great, they always send emails and phone calls checking to see if everything is working correctly for me.
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3 years ago, goldeneaglegolf
Still new to me..
I’ve had a few hiccups in making the transition for my business but overall it does what it says it does. Now my team can share one number for incoming or outgoing calls. One problem with texting though. For my IPhone 11, the “return” key is not on the primary keyboard. I have to press the “123” key to get access to the “return” key. I hope this bug is addressed.
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5 years ago, -Yana
Pretty good business communication app
Good for small businesses with no or part time office staff. Often delays showing new texts and messages within the app after sending an alert, so I am frequently having to restart the app in order to see the newest communications. I like the voice to text feature for voicemails, and it also alerts you about new voicemails by sending an email. Doesn’t support sharing contacts via text from iPhones.
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5 years ago, MunroM
Awesome app for business and client communication.
Works great for us for our phone tree, texting with clients, emailing copies of voice messages, setting the order that calls ring through to staff, etc. You can also customize your on hold music. We have used it for many years. Pricing is reasonable for small businesses like ours and active development seems to be happening for the site and app. (Love Hawaii Villas)
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6 years ago, Ray Alli
Great experience
I have been using grasshopper since the beginning of 2017, I was very skeptical about a voice over IP service for my business. I have been very satisfied with their service. Also the features that they have available are amazing. I would’ve paid much more money per month free landline service. Try them out for at least 30 days you will not be dissatisfied.
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4 years ago, Shelshu
Okay with a few hiccups
It’s great to be able to use my cellphone as a business phone with a unique number. It’s nice that I can also text on it, and get transcribed voicemails, as well as notifications. The only thing I don’t like is that there seems to be a delay of a few seconds, which makes it hard to not talk over someone. Also, I would like to be able to access other areas of my phone while using the app.
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6 years ago, DontUseGrasshopper
Not Suited for Business
Grasshopper will mess with your pocket book. If your business requires communication with customers (as most do), I suggest you find another program to run your calls/texts through. Our customers have suffered numerous dropped calls, messages not received by or from our office, messages sent at reasonable hours not reaching the client until 3am. This is causing miscommunications, missed confirmations, missed meetings, and an unhappy client base. Steer clear of Grasshopper until their "engineers" fix bug after bug after bug. Although their CSRs are friendly and attentive, the fixes never come. Unreliable. Bottom line.
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