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Green Security LLC
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User Reviews for Green Security

1.16 out of 5
74 Ratings
2 years ago, ED-MANI
You will never get your hard badge
I paid the $20 + $5 shipping to get my hard badge. They sent me a tracking number (I later found it was fake through USPS) and the item said it was shipped delivered in Florida. I asked if they could send me another one and they asked for more money to ship another one out. Sure, it’s only $5 right? Wrong. They did the same thing again and said they were “unable to deliver” to my address and they’re asking for another $5 to ship it out. They have no customer service whatsoever and will argue back on every point. Don’t expect to get your hard badge.
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3 years ago, all star 12
The worst system and app ever
The company is a joke. In the past I have had and used reptrax, secure, & Vendormate; every single app and credential vendor service put there is light years ahead of this company, especially in the Healthcare sector. App isn't even an app its exactly like the website. Credentialing takes forever. Technology and platform is outdated, customer service is terrible. There is a reason why you only have 36 hospital accounts nationwide. Go with intellicentrics secure and don't waste your time with this company.
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10 months ago, ARSuetta
This company has to be a joke
I can’t believe this company is still in business. It’s been a week and they still haven’t approved my background check. I am supposed to go on site today but will be unable due to the incompetence of this company. Why any reputable hospital would use this company over RepTrax or Vendormate is beyond me. Customer service is garbage. I never received my hard badge either. Complete waste of money. Do not use!!!!
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9 months ago, BY_2022
Hospital administrators, do not get swindled!
Truly disturbing that credible hospital systems are being tricked by a salesman into purchasing this as their vendor credentialing system. If you want an unusable user interface, the inability to track vendors in your hospital (seriously, isn’t this the purpose?), and your personal information at risk for leak, then sure, use Green Security. Otherwise, use any of the REAL vendor credentialing services (I.e. Intellicentrics, Vendormate, Symplr…).
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1 year ago, Maytse
Hardest app to use
This app is in no way user friendly and often times won’t even let me check in to facilities I have access too. The people at the one hospital system who uses this company in my area say it is an ongoing issue and don’t even have vendors check in using it anymore, talk about a waste of money
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2 years ago, frustratedvendor
Beyond Ridiculous
The only credential company who does not have a user friendly website nor app! They ask for almost everything except a kidney. It is a joke! Cannot believe and reputable organization would use them!
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2 years ago, bison1203
Doesn’t work
The app, quite literally, does absolutely nothing. You open it and it’s a blank screen. That’s it. On both my phone and iPad. I can’t believe they are charging money for facilities to use this when it is 100% non functional.
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1 year ago, Fitzy grand island
Easy to use
GS is much user friendly and easy to use.
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2 years ago, MiguelAngeles
Is this a real business?
App doesn’t work and I can’t get in touch with anyone from customer service. Uploaded credentials 9 days ago are still pending approval. They did, however, take my $300 no delay no problem.
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1 month ago, max timm
Rarely works
Mobile application often has to be uninstalled/reinstalled in order to access anything but a blank screen.
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10 months ago, American Deplorable
Worst Vendor Interface
Clearly the most important aspect of this company is getting the “sale” with hospital with vendors footing the bill. The customer experience on the paying end of this business is horrible.
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2 years ago, SteveRacer66
Worthless Scam - App broken
Another scam under the guise of vendor credentialing. App doesn't work most of the time, Kiosks don't work either without rebooting, security is clueless at regional hospitals. $275 minimum, plus $30 for a mandatory hard badge (even though not implemented yet - no RFID just laser QR scanners). Yeah. I'm so very comfortable giving every bit of personal information to a company with an absolute crap app with who knows what little information security.
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3 years ago, IndChick
Fix app
App doesn’t work, they make you pay for a badge that will need to be upgraded and purchased again. Hesitate to give my full SS# but can’t sign up without it.
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3 years ago, Red light Insecurity
Like industry needs another company that just wants to make money by adding hurdles
App doesn’t work, take your money and start your annual subscription before anything is approved. Disappointing all around.
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2 years ago, CA user 2021
Mobile app not functioning
App opens. Color blocking for page comes through. But there is no text- no way to show your credentials.
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3 years ago, 100 Nickname Tries
Doesn’t Work
App doesn’t even work. I’ve deleted and redownloaded 3 times and it still has a blank screen. This is the worst credentialing system I have to subscribe to.
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3 years ago, Juicey Jazz
Personal Information?? Really?
I’m not comfortable providing my personal information to an app as poorly designed as this one. I can only imagine the IT security vulnerabilities.
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2 months ago, Sarah’s Dad
Massive money grab
Exceedingly poor employee training…and this company continues to invent their own necessity…..with that cost being passed on to the customer
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4 years ago, Trav33333
In all honesty I haven’t had the opportunity to use the app, it has never worked! If no star was an option I’d pick it....
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2 years ago, spooniron
That’s all I have to say about this app. Add to the fact that major hospital systems are using this joke of a credentialing company is frightening.
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3 years ago, KLN53
Credentialing takes FOREVER to be approved! No idea why anyone would pick this over reptrax or intellisentrics. Complete waste of money and time!
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3 months ago, ma1111123
Does not work
Downloaded the app but it NEVER opens. I work in Healthcare and these vendor Credentialing companies are the absolute worst.
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6 months ago, Mon1ed
Poorly Written App
This is one of the poorest apps I’ve ever had to use. Looks like it was written by a 5th grader.
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2 years ago, jfjdidfjckcjfjdjdj
So unresponsive, I can’t complete what I want to do. Annoying app that I am forced to interact with.
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8 months ago, DannyBoi227
The system seems like garbage. Another money grab.
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3 years ago, BigBart23
Does not work.
The app does not load.
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3 years ago, thissukckda
App is awful
App never works.
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2 years ago, Multi Credentialed
Another Sorry app
This is another money grab for vendors. The app opens with a blank screen. Beyond that I can’t tell because I can’t access it. If this is a total mobile application, they have failed-as seen in the reviews to date. Update 11/2/21: still no functioning App. Was told by them that they are still working on the App-but they advertised as a totally mobile application. Another scam.
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