GreenPal, Lawn & Yard Care App

4.4 (1.7K)
45.6 MB
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Current version
GreenPal, Co.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for GreenPal, Lawn & Yard Care App

4.39 out of 5
1.7K Ratings
5 years ago, CincyBridget
So Easy!
GreenPal has saved my life! As my dad got older, at first I tried keeping up with his 2 acre property myself. Then when I moved him closer to me in a condo, and he needed more of my time, I just couldn’t keep up with it all. Finding someone to handle his lawn when I had a million things to keep up with (paying his bills, doing his grocery shopping, finding caretakers etc) absolutely saved my life. And I got it done for a very reasonable price! I wasn’t even always able to get over there to check it! But I knew it was done, and it gave me such peace of mind during trying times. I’m getting ready to sell the house this summer, and I’m using GreenPal again this season until it sells! Thanks GreenPal!!
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3 years ago, FGWood
No Customer Service-All Robots
I first used this app last year and loved it! I recommended it to everyone! This year my landscaper is not working with Greenpal, so I got new quotes. They were triple the price of what o was paying, then when I accepted bids, the company’s stated they didn’t service my area. I finally found a company, approved the work and then my card declined. Not sure why but the app stated to update expiration, so I did. Didn’t work. I tried another debit card and a credit card, 3 cards total! And they all would not be accepted! But each time I tried a new card the amount due which started at $30, increased by $5. Ultimately leaving me with a balance of $55! I called Greenpal, no real person. I found an email on the app, emailed, it’s a robot! It advised to handle the payment with the company since they don’t know why it’s changing. I reach out to landscaper he stated he has the amount at $30. So the card retries every night at 12am- but for $55! I email again, Sarah the robot advises to handle with the company. So I do- he took a cash app payment. To ensure I’m not double charged, I reach out to Greenpal. They remove the landscaper from Greenpal and keep threatening me with suspension from “unpaid” balance. There is NO ONE TO HANDLE THIS ERROR!
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4 years ago, Kwinkle1
Loved but now disappointed
When I first found Green Pal I loved it and recommended it to several people. I got a quote from a great company and used them for about a year. Unfortunately the went out of business so I got a new quote. I used that company for about a year. In 2019 my mother passed away and I was selling the home—the lawn service I had been using was informed and just did not fulfill the last scheduled service. I was forced to get a new bid. The lawn service gave a bid and the next day said they did not service that neighborhood so I was forced to get a new bid. That service came and raised the price after they were on site—not related to length of grass but size of the yard. I had no choice but to pay. Now I have moved but because of the quotes I was forced to get at the sold home green pal says I have used up my 2 quotes for the year!? 2 quotes?? I cannot wait a month for my new address! I need service now?? I am very unhappy in a service I previously loved. 2 quotes is not enough when the providers pull stunts like some have with me. What happens if you accept a company but are not happy with the service? Sorry you have no more quotes available.
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5 years ago, ELAKA096
Great concept, poor product
Used them to schedule one service. It was fast and pretty easy to do. I wasn’t particularly happy with the job the company I chose did but that’s okay. I scheduled a one-time service but was inexplicably signed up for that same company to return every other week which I wasn’t aware of until my guard gate called and said they were there. I remember a note popping up when I selected one term service so I don’t understand why I was signed up for recurring service. Every other week for 6 months had been scheduled for me and I had to manually cancel each service because there is no option to do them all at once. I was then locked out of my account, and the password recovery function was not working in the app. I emailed GreenPal and exchanged emails with “customer service” who didn’t seem to care that I couldn’t login and sent me twice the same generic FAQ response. No troubleshooting worked, and the “customer service” rep simply stopped responding to my emails. I deleted the app and have no intention of using them. They don’t seem to need the business. Disappointed. I would not recommend using this service.
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5 years ago, nevr-again
I don’t know about every city, but I live in Oklahoma City...
I have signed up on their app, got bids, “hired” local company with a competitive price, then the app locks up! Tried to schedule a time for the following day or ASAP, said bid was accepted and scheduled for following day...he never showed, told me in text after I contacted him that he was behind because of the rain, said it would be the next day, then didn’t show again! Kept texting and he would say every day that he was coming the next day for 5 days he strung me along until my yard was over their 10” high limit for the regular cost, so now it would cost an additional $20! Tried to cancel him on my account and could not get it to do anything except lock up! Have tried for the last 2days to get this canceled before they charge my account! There’s no ability to get customer support help, no way to change who you want to accept for the work! Very poorly designed company! How can you not have any kind of customer service? Don’t know how I can cancel my account and app is still locked up on one page saying I have mowing scheduled every 10 days! Save yourself from days of having to fight to find out ANYTHING from this company!
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5 years ago, JGregoryAtiba
Good mower, rough app
Found a good mower and set up regular service quickly with this app, so I guess in that sense it did its job. But there are lots of problems with the interface. I chose bi-weekly service, but the app says “weekly.” But, scrolling down to the dates, I see that they are indeed bi-weekly. I chose 2-day flexibility, but it still shows +/- 1 day. And mysteriously, the website says 10-day frequency and has all my calendar dates 1 day before what the app says, but still at the correct bi-weekly frequency. And there are places where images have wonky aspect ratios. Then I got two payment confirmation emails, which made me rush to check my bank account unnecessarily. Also if you mess up your login on the website, you’re going to have to refresh the page before it lets you in, no matter how many times you type your password correctly. Suggestion: It would be nice if you could tap your yard photo to zoom in on it. Otherwise you really can’t see much more than, “yeah, I think it was cut.” All in all a great concept, but seems like it was rushed to market on a limited budget, and could use a lot of polishing.
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5 years ago, Bearcub6127384729171
Worst experience I’ve had
I utilized this service to hire a lawn person, they cancelled on me (I only have a .5 acre lot). I tried to get in touch with greenpal because you are only allowed 2 quotes a year - and I didn’t want this to count against me since this was not my decision. The chatbot on the app only provides automated responses and does not assist in anyway. The 800 number allows you to leave a voicemail, instructing you to press 0 - however - when you press 0, it says “invalid selection”. The automated voice also promises to speak to a live representative on the app - which is a lie. It’s an automated chatbot Sarah. This process has actually been the most frustrating experience I have had in hiring a lawn service. I would like to speak to the vendor prior to hitting “hire me” now since the first guy canceled on our only .5 acre lot. But that’s not an option. I also received an automated text to rate the ease of use greenpal as been - but the rating went to the lawn guys page who cancelled on me and you cannot delete reviews (only edit). I am so glad this app worked for others but it has been so horrible for me - did not find a service and was frustrated for days by the process.
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3 years ago, cquant-131
Congrats greenpal - your awful customer service convinced me to write my first app review
This company is an absolute joke. I had two no-shows for mowing appointments, which somehow used up my two allotted quotes for the year. I contacted customer service asking if I could receive more quotes from local companies since it wasn’t my fault they no-showed. I got a rather nasty boiler plate message back from customer service stating that I must be confused and that I need to work with my provider to sort out any refunds. WHAT?! I never mentioned wanting a refund as I was never charged. And no, I’m not confused. I fully understand that any problems with the lawn companies would need to be sorted out with those companies directly. I just want SOMEONE TO SHOW UP. I replied to the customer service agent clarifying my problem and NEVER heard back. If you actually want someone to show up to mow your lawn, don’t use this app. Their customer service agents will just insult you and claim it’s not their job to help you. I’ll be calling around to hire someone locally myself. Good freaking riddance.
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4 years ago, shelbmbstl
Absolute headache
This company /app has thee absolute worst customer service. They do nothing at all to help customers who have been wronged by shady lawn service providers. I was charged three times by the services and within that two week period of being charged only once did the lawn worker come by and only cut half the yard but proceeded to charge for three full yard cuttings. Now GreenPal says that it is completely up to the individual who charged us on whether or not he wants to give us our money back. When trying to ask GreenPal for further advice they got annoyed and blocked me from sending messages. And when an individual refuses to reply to you or return your money it leaves to either take them to small claims court or take a loss of $75 dollars. Hire a neighborhood kid before using this app. Plus 80% of the hires this company provided before did a mediocre job while charging quite the premium. I’m sure plenty of people have good experiences but what makes a company good is how they handle bad ones and the handling of this has been trash. Good riddance GreenPal
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6 years ago, Rockefoe
Unprofessional, take no responsibility
Not pleased with this lawn service company. This is a third party app that allows others to bid on your lawn needs. The first person we hired was absolutely unprofessional and inconsistent. He would not show up for his scheduled jobs and would not contact us, despite us reaching out repeatedly. He would respond days later with an excuse and request that we cancel or change the appointment to a later day in the week (causing it to show in the app that WE chose to cancel the appointment). It has been over three weeks since our lawn was mowed, and now we will incur a long grass fee by the next company. When we reached out to GreenPal for help, hoping to have the long grass fee waived (as the negligence of the initial servicer was of no fault of our own), GreenPal completely washed their hands of taking any responsibility whatsoever, and then stopped responding altogether to any of my messages on the app or through email. Their phone number is a lengthy message with no functioning voicemail. Very unprofessional; disappointed.
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2 years ago, Distressed Couture
This app was one nightmare after the next
Beware of this app. The mowers offering their service on here will undercut the next mower then text you when they confirm your appointment and increase the price through the text. I’ve had 3 different people on this app so far. First mower I booked with came and mowed the lawn 3x. On the 3rd time he left sheets of grass clippings all over my lawn then never came back. Second mower was doing a great job then disappeared from the app and never responded. 3rd mower was suspended on the app and then canceled services because he was inflating prices. I then tried getting quotes from several other people and locked in a new mower then he texts me and tells me it’s a higher price because of the times we’re living in now. Beware as many people on here are not screened. Some are Fly by night mowers and I’m assuming they can’t handle it then disappear. Good luck getting customer service to get back you. There is no phone number and their live chat is an automated message. Unbelievable. And also be careful because you only get 2 times you can ask for a quote. Once you are out of quotes you have to wait 8 months for a new quote. Who came up with this rule or this system??! I am now out of mowers because the last JA got suspended and the next guy quoted me a low price then texts me an inflated price and that made me run out of quotes. Be very careful using this app. Honestly it’s not worth it.
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3 years ago, these guys are bad news
Zero respect for contractors doing the work
GreenPal canceled my account after expressing concerns for being contacted multiple times via text message and email about the same properties saying they hadn’t received a bid. I click. Everyone had at least 2 bids. So I post on their Facebook page. And they delete my vendor account because I asked if anyone else had these experiences. They have absolutely no respect for those providing the services for the customers. They take a percentage of every single job and invoice they send. They are worse than paying per lead. They do not discuss percentage with contractors and just take it from the pay we request from the customer. Ie. I cut 2 yards. 1 is 185 the other is 75. I was paid 254 and some change. Everything else went to them and their pocket and they’ve provided absolutely zero customer service support or vendor assistance. Instead they just remove you and block you like children.
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2 years ago, Rrrrmmmmkkk
Have a problem? Tough S
The app is great for finding somebody and not having a deal with the people specifically that do lawns at other locations for you. But if you have a problem with that particular person they basically tell you contact them. No matter how many times you contact them if they don’t wanna contact you back, then what? They tell you they’re going to fix it but after 4 days, what else can you do? For us he sent us a picture claiming he mow the lawn at our property. We paid him then we hear from the person living there that he never came out to mow. The app has no place to warn or let others know other particular Lawn Service individual that may not be on the up and up. Also if you complain and send pictures or put a stop payment on your current Lawn Service individual you’re not allowed to look up anybody else to take over. So we lost money, live and let learn won’t happen again.
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3 years ago, Btrigger23
Will be amazing one day
I used it for about 6 months and it worked well for about a month. VERY buggy. DO NOT try managing any more than 1 property as it will mess everything up and it CAN NOT be fixed. Their solution is “we’re still working out the kinks and hope to have it working one day”. Why they even offer the ability to manage multiple properties since it just ends up in disaster is beyond me. Even when just trying to manage one property the app likes to add or remove services on a whim, and will even just totally replace your servicer without notifying anyone, not even the landscaper. I feel bad for the landscapers who are wondering why they were fired when it was randomly the app’s decision. Again it has a ton of potential but for now I can’t give it any more than 1 star as it just ended up causing more work than it was worth since there are numerous other landscaping apps out there.
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4 years ago, Melinda Santana
New but love it so far!
I am new to Green Pal but so far I love it! I signed up late one night halfway expecting it to be some sort of scam. But to my surprise the next day someone came and cut my yard! They did an excellent job short neat and cleaned up, even blew off my driveway! And there was no surprise fees added on last minute. I paid exactly what was quoted besides the optional tip I included. They also don’t charge you immediately. They give you the opportunity to look over your yard and approve the charge first. Very happy with this Service so far and look forward to continuing for the foreseeable future!
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3 years ago, regf2603
Great concept, poor and unreliable service
The idea is great. I am out of town a lot for work and initially the service was easy to setup. The problem is it will support the vendor more than the person who sets it up at his/her property. If they don't show up, who cares? They will reschedule indefinitely. If you need to cancel for poor service, there is no way to cancel all at once, you need to cancel individually every single service for each week you had setup (even if they never showed up the first time, they set you up forever somehow). I had this last one reschedule 3 times. Today the service told me "we are on our way". Never showed up. I look at the app and now the service is scheduled for tomorrow. Huh?? I am done with this. Bottom line: when you get a good service provide it is great but, in my area anyway, it is more the exception than the usual. Good luck.
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9 months ago, Pilotman71
Just a go between app, and no guarantee with customer protections.
Tried using greenpal, but the first contractor just kept pushing my mowing date back. They charge extra for longer grass of course, so I cancelled service with that contractor when I realized what they were doing. When looking for another, I inquired greenpal if there was any guarantee to avoid this from happening again. They only responded with a cut and pasted response that didn’t answer my question at all. When I said that it didn’t answer my question, and suggested that I had no confidence in using the app anymore, but would try looking for another contractor one more time, it literally just said okay, here are other apps you can try. Was that suppose to psychologically make me keep using the app? I deleted it after that.
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3 months ago, Jewel.D
App has severe bugs, and no customer support
This app was great several years ago, but now has fundamental flaws. Every time I login, I am told my credit card is no longer valid or has expired and have to enter the same info on a valid card again. When I login in March to schedule new bookings for the season, I’m also forced to rate the service from the last November mowing before I can proceed. And then I’m asked if I want to tip. The service isn’t that great, so I prefer to not say anything, but that is not an option. Thanks to the developers. There is also no customer support conversation option anymore. It always says something went wrong, refresh. That doesn’t fix it. No 800 number is listed, so you’re stuck with a list of FAQs on how to buy more service. Ditching GreenPal to find greener pastures in another app or local yard service.
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6 years ago, Smagin
App got quotes without my permission, uninstalled.
I installed the app and then it asked if I wanted to get quotes. I did not so I shut down the app. A couple hours later I have an email box full of overpriced quotes. I have a very small flat front yard that takes approx 10 mins, 15 max to mow. The average was $30 up to mid $40’s. Way overpriced. I’ll pay the kid next door $15 and feel good about it. DO NOT peddle my info until I ask you to!! Uninstalled. Edit: Day after uninstalling I am STILL getting new quotes. Looks like I have to delete account first. Worst app experience ever. As a fellow developer it appears they cut corners in QA. 2nd Edit: No way to delete account on their website after logging in. You sign in and it goes to a page with your bids and no navigation. This is a joke right? Re-installed app and no way to delete my account there either. Too bad I can’t give this a zero rating.
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1 year ago, Janaetor
Buyer beware
Some clarity about the app you should know before using: Your mower can upload a fake photo, mark it complete, and if you don’t reject it in a short window you will be charged and support will admit they can do nothing but provide you with cookie cutter responses. The worst part of this, and the part to be aware of, is that this app has no safeguards for you as the customer. Support was completely unhelpful because they encourage you to try and solve it directly with the mower (who is already screwing me over) and wants nothing to do with actually supporting you as a customer inside of their app. If you decide to use it and get a good mower, great! If you don’t, it’s all up to you since they give you limited refreshes and no monitoring of communication with you and your mower. Just know that going in, that it is not setup to help you succeed as the customer.
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4 years ago, JelseyDeJulio
The app it self is garbage.
I’m so frustrated with the apps user unfriendly-ness that it’s not funny. It freezes constantly and gets stuck in loading loops. When I finally decided to uninstall and reinstall it wanted me to hire two companies at once. After I went through and canceled all the bookings for the company I didn’t want, the company I did want was no longer booked. Plus I used all my “spins” to get quotes for the next year cus of that bs that now I’m stuck with the company I didn’t want, because the company I did isn’t showing up. When I went to the help button to figure out how to get my past companies to appear the buttons the help info directed me to either didn’t work, or were just non-existent. I’m having to go to my email and get the phone number of the company I do that was provided to me and text them directly to hopefully schedule them.
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5 years ago, nonlineargirl
Horrible customer service
Their customer service is horrible. I got one vendor who didn’t even yard and they refused to let me fire them and get new quotes, telling me I had to stick with them. Enough people complained that they finally let new bids begin. I got another quote and was doing okay until the vendor said they were canceling my mowing because it was overgrown and I needed like four mowing at $90 a pop... my yard doesn’t need mowing at all. I’m can’t fire the vendor for trying to rip me off, and so I messaged customer service. I got a generic response that didn’t answer my question. So I tried again, another generic response. So because the vendor said my yard is overgrown I’m never allowed to use the app again. I can’t even just say okay and then immediately fire them, it’ll automatically add four mowings at $90 each... for a yard that is two inches tall all over.
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3 years ago, Thund3rMonk3y
Not Pleased
I thought this was going to be a great thing. Been using it for months now and the lawn service I hired was excellent. They had a 5 star rating and was very attentive to the customers needs. Suddenly out of nowhere, GreenPal suspends them and forces new bids in me (that I didn’t initiate). I wasn’t ready (being this time of year that grass isn’t growing) to hire a new service. Now I am seeing you apparently can only ask for 2 bids a year and they took one from me this year as I never did ask for one. So then I attempt to contact support. It’s literally just a canned answer support system that tells me to reach out to my lawn service (that they banned) for questions. There is no way for me to request a bid back that they initiated and no way I can find to actually message a live person. This only works if you have zero issues ever or don’t expect any help from anyone.
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3 years ago, Laurence Hicks
I downloaded the app only to leave a review. I’m pretty sure it’s just as bad as the web application. The service, and about 95% of the vendors on it are pure garbage. The app/website is weird to use, the “quotes” you receive for yard work can only be acquired twice PER YEAR. If you want to switch mowers more than twice, OR IF THEY CANCEL ON YOU (as they can do for any reason without an explanation) you can only go with the last person who cut (again, even if they canceled on YOU) or….That’s it. You literally CANNOT USE THE SERVICE UNTIL THE NEXT YEAR. Also the service is set at a cost of $35 even if they do a crappy job or you have a small yard. If you read this, and still use this garbage app, or any of the rude people on it, shame on you. Or maybe you’ll find the few people on it that are actually decent.
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6 years ago, Boodle Bear
Way Overpriced.
I live in a pretty nice area and the average cost to have your lawn mowed is around 30 dollars. That usually covers mowing, weed eating, and a edge up using the weed eater. I signed up, and I was receiving offers from $44 - $66 dollars. I waited a few days to see if they will get any cheaper. I feel cheated using this app because I was expecting affordable prices. I assume GreenPal charges a high premium for their lawn service guys to use the app. I just can’t think of a reason why someone would ask $66 to mow my lawn. To top that off, that particular company only mows weekly. So I would have to agree to have him come out once a week for $66. I’m sorry, but that doesn’t even seem reasonable to pay around $250 a month for a small suburban yard. I assume this app only caters for people who have big yards and lots of landscaping. Thanks for wasting my time.
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2 years ago, Shelly281
No Accountability
The idea of this app is great. I use a similar app for snow plowing and I get great results. I downloaded it and got quotes to cut my lawn because I had to go out of town for an extended period of time. Thus, I won’t be able to cut my grass. I had it all set up and scheduled. Two days after the lawn service was supposed to come but never arrived, I got an email stating that the company was no longer with the app and I was given a new quote from a new company. Now here we are again two days after the company was supposed to come out and they have not shown with no word or updates. Now my grass is long and I have no idea how I’m going to get it cut. It seems like there is no accountability for these companies when they don’t show up.
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5 years ago, Wootsiewoo
Happy happy!
I was having a really hard time finding a lawn care professional in my area most of the summer. When the third company failed to show, I took to google to find a lawn service. That’s when I found GreenPal. I found a lawn care pro in 10 /15 minutes! Signed up on 20 Sep (Fri)grass cut 23 Sep (Mon)! No hassle - they did all the legwork. Quick and easy too. My grass hadn’t been cut for over a month so it was looking pretty shabby. Not any more! My lawn looks good and I’m sure I'm not going to get the side eye glares from my neighbors. I pay via the app when I’m happy with the job. Thanks GreenPal
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5 years ago, Yessimas451
Great App, but...
This is a great app. Needed a huge job completed and was very pleased with the quick response on bids, setting an appointment and the service that was provided. The providers also send a picture of the completed work, just in case you aren’t home to make a judgement before paying. So here is the “but,” we as app users get a picture of our service provider...this isn’t vise versa. Although they don’t typically need to speak to the homeowner, on occasion they do. It would be nice to allow the owner to add a bit more customization to their profile in the app.
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2 years ago, Chuckle Margolis
Love this app!
I’ve had several quotes from different lawn services. They either wanted over $200 just to mow my yards or they never showed up. I saw the story about Green Pal on the news and WOW! So easy! I entered my info and I had a quote for mowing and edging that was less than the company on the card and a quarter of the price of the first guy. Miller lawn service did an awesome job and I have scheduled them to come back every 2 weeks. No cash transactions. Just let the app pay them. So wonderful!
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4 years ago, Jaelene44
No way to gain support
I love the lawn svc GreenPal found me. However, after a few months, I started receiving emails and texts that my card was declined. Upon calling the bank, they advised there was no problem with my account or my card. They didn’t even show any payment attempts from GreenPal or my lawn service company. Getting a human to speak to at GreenPal is impossible. When you call the phone number listed, it says to press 0 to leave a message for someone to call back, and when you press 0, it says it’s an invalid entry and hangs up immediately. I must find a way to pay my lawn svc directly so I can keep them but get rid of GreenPal.
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4 years ago, MusicCleansesTheSoul83
Professional and prompt
I was looking for a lawn service company to hire for the season and based on the app, they found a great company for me to use. Not only did I love e reviews that I read about Hoss Landscaping, they came out within HOURS of my signing up and took care of my yard the same day!! After completion, they send you a pic of what your yard looks like for your viewing, how cool is that?!? Very professional and I would recommend them to everyone in the Arlington area!
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7 months ago, Darth Manos
Set up an account. Entered my address and info. Described my yard and entered all relevant details. Received 5 bids on my yard-mowing within 10 minutes (these seemed like auto-bids). Selected cheapest bid, and mowing was booked! The day of mowing, winning bidder told me by text that he “needed to see yard” but that the info I had put in initially would cost MORE than his bid… you know, the info that he had based his bid on to begin with. I cancelled the service and also the app…. if a business offers to do a service for a set amount, but then says that amount was “not rite” (his spelling, not mine)… well, then the app AND the contractor have a problem. I do not.
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10 months ago, ksjsjajss
Terrible service. I had 4 companies show me after I hired them weekly and tipped well. Then I had a guy charge me $65 to mow a lawn I moved 5 days ago without explanation or prior approval- he had quoted 30 but charged 65 plus tip. GreenPal customer service is non-existent and useless. They only have a chat bot Do not use this app. On top of the 200%+ overcharges, most weeks I tried to use GreenPal in the past, other mowers no showed. I ended up time and time again with no service as promised having to scramble to find someone to mow an overgrown lawn. I finally had to start mowing myself, defeating the point of the app. Edit- I emailed the address the developer gave already weeks ago from the website. Zero reply, other than the email chat bot that was zero help and told me to reach out to mover. The mover caged me $65 for a quoted $30 now….why should I have to reach out to them? Infuriating useless customer service that refuses to reply in private to solve my problem. GreenPal is a scam, avoid!!!
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5 years ago, acole1381
Bad Quote Hostage
Signed up for service from someone that put in a bid. My grass is 4-6” tall. Then 2 days later I get a cancellation notice because my grass is “overgrown,” and the only way forward is to pay this person double what they are asking, no other options to get a 2nd opinion. Luckily I had a referral from someone else and just going to go with them. Kind of silly that they lock you into the first person you choose and they can hold you hostage for higher payment if you want to keep using the MyGreenPal. You guys have some serious work to do on customer service! Needless to say, I deleted my account and the app before really getting a chance to even use the service.
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4 years ago, dnixon42
There is not accountability
I just want my lawn mowed. The first vendor did well but then just stopped showing up and they were removed. The next vendor scalped a corner of my lawn and then stopped showing up, but not before trying to bill me for a visit that never happened. They even sent a picture of the wrong house as proof. There is no recourse after that. Either you pay them to be able to then cancel their service, or you can never use the app again. There is no way to appeal. No one to talk to if the lawn care company doesn’t respond. You’re screwed. I deleted my account and I’ll be reversing any charges that try to come across. Maybe then they’ll actually talk to me.
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10 months ago, Eli29gre
This app has companies working for them and will do nothing for you if the company scams you. I hired PNG lawn services and they sent me a picture of the wrong house without cutting my grass but green pal still took the money out my account. They have in fine print that they don’t work directly with the companies so there was nothing I could do to get my money back through them. Right now my grass is 6inches and I’m $40 in the whole. I reached out to PNG lawn services and they asked for my Venmo. Instead of giving me my $40 back they requested $35 and never responded to my messages when I informed they requested money from me not refunded me back.
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1 year ago, CJKor
The new “Uber” for landscaping & lawn care!
This app/ service great! Simple to use, communication is straightforward and thorough. I received about 10-12 quotes for lawn mowing within hours of posting - which was impressive, given I needed it within two days! The service I selected was also very responsive and helpful when they arrived to mow. I would recommend this service to anyone needing lawn care or landscaping assistance.
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5 years ago, luxicon
Rude customer service
Downloaded this app to explore it as an option to use when the weather is nice and I need my grass cut. Filled out a form to see how it works, clicked out and never submitted it, and yet I started getting bids for a date I never requested. When I reached out to customer service to ask how to stop getting bids for a job I never requested I got a lecture about how I shouldn’t try to submit a request just to get better prices from vendors (huh?) and then several auto responses in a row about why their system is so great and how it works like bidding for a hotel. I uninstalled the app less than 24 hours after installing it and will not be coming back.
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4 years ago, JMartNez
Wouldn’t recommend this app!!!
Thought this was gonna be great! Got someone out they did okay wasn’t to happy. Was gonna give them another chance just being nice. Then after a couple of days the lawn mower person contacted me and sent me inappropriate message . I have asked for my money back and they said they couldn't and I need to contact the lawn company. Definitely not what I want to do since he is sending me sexual messages!!!? I got no where with the support team they just recommended me to another app! Smh..horrible customer service! I would definitely be careful who you have mowing!!! I would not use Moseley Lawn Service!! Lost money and sent inappropriate messages.
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9 months ago, HoboBassist
Profoundly Useless
I can hardly say anything good about this app. There is absolutely no support line to contact when their site or app isnt working. There’s an in-app chat - that doesn’t work. I’m currently stuck logged in being fed quotes instead of being able to access my existing service, and there is no option to log out. The last time i tried to change my service schedule it got screwed up because “every 10 days” in my app sent “every two weeks” to my lawn guy and vice versa. These bottomfeeders are raking in god knows how much money and wont spend $5 of it on a development team. Its embarrassing.
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4 years ago, Kbuckster
Used to Be Good
Signed up on this app two yrs ago and even recommended it to several people. It was great, so convenient and liked my vendor. However, now the truth comes to the surface...once you are set up thru to your vendor the app is absolutely of no help to you. The app charged me for a mowing that was not completed in late Oct. And vendor has yet come to make good on the error but continues to tell me he will. The months later now and I finally read all the FAQs and discover one of the disclaimers is that the app does not assist you with refunds at all for any reason. It sure does assist in taking your money but nut with getting it back. Deleting app and looking for a better one
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1 year ago, gabbinwithgabs
New home owners dream!
I downloaded this app and had my lawn serviced within three days! The price was unbeatable, and they did a great job with my lawn. I recently moved into a new home and buying a lawnmower seemed like the last thing on my list. This was an easy booking and a fair price. I look forward to having my lawn mowed every two weeks without having to worry about doing it on my own.
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6 years ago, KMCJsec
Needs work
The concept is good and my yard work was excellent; however, my card was charged twice and even though when I set up the service I selected that I only wanted a one time service (it noted that I might not get any quotes because of this) I still wanted to try it anyways. Unfortunately, after I got a quote and agreed on the bid, afterwards it automatically set up reoccurring visits once then had my credit card info. Very frustrating. Also, while getting in touch with my service professional is easy, I’m having difficulty getting in touch with someone from GreenPal to discuss.
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5 months ago, StuPitt
Good idea but didn’t work
First, we used the app once and it says I am out of quotes. I got ONE quote. Do you just have one vendor? I was looking for a guy to plow snow. The guy who came out was a nice guy but it took him a day and a half to get here. He was priced fairly but he didn’t have the equipment to handle the job. The snow was hard and his blower really didn’t do much. So I wanted to try someone else and your app tells me use him or nobody. I thought when I used it I would have many quotes, but hit only one which makes me feel suspicious. In addition I was booked for future lawn service from him and I don’t need lawn service.
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10 months ago, jnuc
So far so good!! This is my 1st time using this app. I needed some to cut the grass at my father’s house as he isn’t able to do it anymore. I got several quotes within an hr and selected a company. JD was very responsive and contacted me to find out about my father’s lawn. He told me up front that there would be a “tall grass charge.” He showed up on the day ge said and sent me picture of the lawn.
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2 years ago, brtnearmstrng
Can’t get my grass mowed
My previous lawnguy that I got through this app business went under. So the new guy that I just hired won’t come out to my house and he keeps canceling all my appointments. I can’t get a new person because I’ve ran out of quotes. But everyone that I keep hiring won’t mow my grass. It’s extremely frustrating I just want someone to mow my grass and pay for it. Do not hire Conception&Creation C in Orlando Florida - they will NeVeR show up at your house even for the first mow. Or ever… And designer cuts m is no longer is business.
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1 year ago, Tallgirl44
Wonderful Concept
I was so excited to find this app when my grass cutters of 12 years retired. I got a really good guy, who did a really nice job, but he was supposed to come out on Monday and he kept canceling and finally came to my house on a Thursday. I also got some good estimates, but $45 is too much to pay on a weekly basis. I could not believe some of the other estimates were as high as $70 a week, just for cutting the grass! Who in the world would pay that? So, I’m going to try to find somebody closer to my house and cheaper.
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5 years ago, Kit-n-kaboodle
Tried it, Fired it...
I knew I was pushing my luck to see if this worked in my area as it isn’t very populated. But, I suspected if they didn’t have any companies in my area that I just wouldn’t get any quotes and I was fully prepared for that. However, instead I got quotes from companies nearly 1,000 miles from my home?! I had to double check that my address was in there correct, it was, even the satellite image of my yard was correct. I highly doubt though that someone is coming from 1,000 miles away to mow my yard, and from some of the other reviews I’m really glad I never accepted any of the quotes!
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1 year ago, Steven TX
Very easy to use app
I found out about the app/service thru our local Community Impact email. I needed a lawn service but didn’t want to use just anyone as I was concerned about the quality of the job they would do. I got multiple bids and was very pleased with Tom’s Lawn Care. Had a very positive experience with the app and would recommend to anyone.
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4 years ago, LyleChipChipperson
Forced Feedback
The service itself has worked out pretty good for the most part. Have been using it the last two years. The app, however, is obnoxious where it forces you to submit a rating after every service before you’re able to even continue using the app. There’s no reason to submit a rating more than once and especially not every 2 weeks. Add a “no thanks” button on the rating page to be able to bypass this.
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