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User Reviews for GroundCloud

3.39 out of 5
233 Ratings
8 months ago, brkfst4dnnr
Good, but needs some tweaking
This app is good, but it needs some tweaking. As a FedEx driver, I find it very frustrating that my supervisor is gauging my productivity based on the app’s average stops per hour for my route each day. What frustrates me about this is that ground cloud factors in travel from the terminal to the route at the beginning of the day, and then travel from the route to the terminal at the end of the day, into the average stops per hour for the day. My contractors delivery territory is an hour away from our terminal. It would be best for FedEx and general delivery purposes if the app calculated average stops per hour beginning with the first stop and ending with the last stop. This would give contractors and drivers a much better picture of where they stand in terms of their productivity.
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3 years ago, TomWiese
One MAJOR flaw
Great app but there is one major flaw for the use on my routes. The majority of our routes is in rural areas. Meaning we have routes that have 80 stops but drive 300+ miles and 200 of that is gravel roads. GroundCloud systems have no idea what gravel roads are apparently let alone which ones are maintained or which roads are pure sand or dirt (mud after rain) and impassable due to weather or even a road at all. It would great if the driver or administrator could alter maps to tell the routing system that certain roads are impassable so that the newer drivers don’t have to waste 20 minutes a day having to backtrack several miles because a routing system told them to go a certain way. Large cities this app is wonderful and the greatest thing to have but rural and remote areas this thing is useless and wastes time. Allow us to alter roads for “automatic” routing and you’ve got the best routing map ever. DRO has this flaw as well on rural and remote areas. You can close sections of city streets and highways but not rural roads. DROs plotting is a joke, too. At least with GC you can manually plot a stop to a very specific spot.
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5 months ago, need2know2.0
New “update”
This new navigation “update” is trash. Stops keep disappearing like they’ve been delivered. The whole thing freezes more then it did before so you have to close the whole app. The navigation is absolutely terrible the little arrow thing that shows where you are in the drive is either 20ft -200ft behind so if you are just auto piloting to the stop you miss the turn. If a new driver or a driver who’s older relies on it (like we’re supposed to) it is going to add hours to their day and miss deliveries will skyrocket. It doesn’t tell you the most optimized route to the next stop it takes you the longest way possible. I was at a stop and had to deliver to a house two doors down a dead end road it wanted me to go out of the neighborhood turn around on a looped driveway and come all the way back. The navigation was not something that needed to be updated maybe tweaked but what you guys did is an abomination and clearly no test trials were done on it. Please at least give us the option to use the old navigation system until this mess is fixed. So we can do our JOBS!
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2 years ago, Hakakian
Saturn 3 Express Mo Hakakian
I'm a FedEx contractor, and this is my second business; days ago, I wrote a review about GroundCloud that they are amazing, but I complained about their phone calls answering! Minutes ago a very polite Marketing Manager called me and explained they had an issue on that day, and I found she was right! I had mentioned this App is excellent, and still, I’m saying it’s a great and user-friendly app. I’m a Computer Engineer, and I can see how they have developed their app creatively. I’d mentioned you are an excellent Company, why you are not taking phone calls … this is the part want to correct myself about my past review, as her call showed me that Customers are important for this company as They take care even for every single review. Thanks Mrs. Sarah, for your call and your excellent communication and explanation of the issue.
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2 years ago, phllyphll
Update: stop search
As a FedEx delivery driver I think there should be update that allows the driver to be able to search up a stop address in a search bar and be able to create a new stop on that exact house or business, building etc. , you can hold a location and add a stop but searching on google or safari maps to see where a address is and then physically looking for that place on Groundcloud is a lot of extra work and time wasting and when u you hold down a location to create a stop sometimes it doesn’t even have the dot on that address and the dot will be a mile away to the same house number but on a different street, a update like this would help a whole lot
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3 years ago, Titian83
It’s only used out of lack of options
This obviously is not run by anyone tech savvy. There are obvious shortcuts taken in the development that even people that aren’t tech savvy can see a mile away. The map for navigation and map for plotting stops are different. The navigation map is extremely simplistic and/or vastly outdated. There is not a check to see if the “access” point in the street is even the same street name as the address. God forbid you have to go to an apartment complex. It’s a coin flip if it will split the apartments into different stops or pile them all into one. If you have to go down a side street and come back it will not order your stops on the right side of the road. It will just take you to the furthest point first and order them from there. This is just a few of the issues that are simple enough to put into a review but this app is literally only used because it has no competition
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2 years ago, cookjr12188
Not that bad
Would be nice if the stop count was added to the map screen. With this systems reoccurring fault of updating many times during the day. The driver would be able to see any added stops during the day without going to the main screen. By that I mean complete/remaining. It’s a pain there’s no notification of added stops after you set up the route. Plus the driver would be able to see how they’re doing without switching pages.
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2 years ago, best driver app for fedex G
Best app for drivers
If you don’t already know, this app allows you to do anything the scanner does and more 1000xs. If you have new houses coming up in your area. You can update the location of the house on the map and it’ll always plot where you put it. Making it easier for the driver that needs to know where that house is the next time. Not to mention, it’ll tell you the SID ID of where it is in your truck. And countless other much needed help. I wouldn’t use any other app. Built in safety training. It’s ease to use. It’s the best!
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1 year ago, XGeoffTheGreatX
If it ain’t broke DONT FIX IT
Ive been using ground cloud at work for almost 3 years and it worked great! All up until this last update. There was nothing wrong with the app I have no clue why they keep updating and adding unnecessary things. Now when you go to route it’s SO SLOW it used to take me about 3 minutes now it takes me 15 because I have to wait a few seconds after every stop I route so it can load. Half the time I’ll do all of that and the new routing just doesn’t take and I have to do it all over again. The app is just so slow now it used to be fantastic, 5 stars up until the last update. 2 stars because it still works I guess, just abysmally. If it ain’t broke DONT FIX IT!!
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2 years ago, LarryATaylor
I’m not sure of another place for talking about the management portal but I love the updates that you’ve added within the last year! A few things I’d love to see if possible would be the ability to assign a vehicle to a route/driver like the route schedule does for route to driver. Also, I love that I can put the expiration dates for documents here and it would be beneficial if I could upload the document itself also. I love the organization I’m able to keep with everything it’s already including!
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1 year ago, shinyoddish
Good app few suggestions
I find this app very useful however, one thing that would be nice is the algorithm for mapping to have more right turns versus left turns as much as possible. Not to mention when going down a cul-de-sac instead of going from right to left right to left (bouncing back and forth) do all the right ones flip around and then you’re back on the right side again! I usually have to manually do route zones and circle each individual stop that I want to do and map out my route that way. Otherwise, this app is good!
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5 years ago, Pikn
Even in the dark
Single most effective tool I have ever purchased for the drivers. Give me 10 minutes with a experienced driver and that driver can deliver any route even in the dark. Give me 2 days with anybody and they can go out and be successful with 3/4’s of a normal route the very first day. After a week by themselves they are good to go. This app is amazing other than houses that have just been built this app knows where it is. Of course my routes are all in the city so I can’t speak for BFE areas but it never fails to find a address in the city.
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4 years ago, Team Hefe
Greedy business practices
The routing software itself works great. My issue is with their billing procedures and other features of the software. We ordered VEDR devices through them and they billed us immediately. Nearly three months later we still haven’t received our order. Standard business practices are you don’t bill the customer until the item ships. This comes across as a purely greedy and self-serving move. Meanwhile I have to eat the cost of the item for three months with no benefit. Also, had to contact them multiple times to get the discounted rate on billing for the monthly services. Then the add-on features don’t work all that great. When drivers report maintenance issues no notification is sent to management.
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6 years ago, Andreae84
If you’re not using this... you need to!!
As an experienced driver, even I have reduced time in the morning and on route. For my newer drivers, it’s easier to train and get them to relate to the stops in their manifest in relation to delivering them. You can’t put a price on training (you can, it’s called expensive) and this tool dramatically reduces the amount of time you have to train a new driver or an experienced driver on a new area. Cross training has never been easier!
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5 months ago, Bilbo131
Please take back the “best route option” I find myself pointlessly driving 2-4 minutes extra sometimes per stop because the GPS doesn’t automatically always show the quickest route anymore, it only shows where my vehicle was last facing and directs me from there. It only takes a second to back in somewhere and turn around. I don’t want to drive 4 minutes somewhere when it could only take 1.
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4 years ago, The ISP
Good and all but...
Good for training the new drivers and for experienced drivers. However it is becoming more noticeable that there is a lack of IT staffing. Recently the system continues to go down and no warnings are given. It currently cant handle the large amounts of data due to the surge in stops. Therefore my only theory is that there has not been sufficient investment on the servers and maintenance side. As an ISP depending on GC I can no longer risk for the system to go down all day without resolution.
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2 years ago, Kendra L S
Time saver!
This app is amazing!!! I was a FedEx Ground driver before GroundCloud. I remember how long it took to line up the routes on a paper manifest and to try and remember where all the hard county addresses were. With ground cloud I can save addresses, leave helpful notes to other drivers and cut back on training time! This app is a delivery driver’s best friend! Thanks for helping us be more efficient!
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4 years ago, GlobaL Theremonuclear War
Helps me run my route faster.
I have a rural route so a regular map engine like google or waze slows me down and sometimes the addresses aren’t correct. Plus I have to input the addresses one by one, big hassle if I have over 100 stops. But this is defiantly my go to every shift. Helps me run my route fast and efficient and also helps me locate the packages easier as well.
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3 years ago, JawaanBivins84
Great App
This app is wonderful. It reduces drive time significantly. I’m a FedEx driver and I suggest that this app be made mandatory for all contractors to use. At least made for drivers use. I can always see what’s scanned to my truck prior to arriving everyday. Can you make this app available to drivers? Love the animated stop icon. Much easier than the previous.
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3 years ago, N'Nah-REE
Actual road orientation
I’m a FedEx operator and use the system as a complete running operation. The issues are of need update for rural mountain travels via back roads and new road accessible to new property subdivisions. The winter weather alerts and alternative routing even good weather tries to steer the operator through private land, hills and valleys w/ possible phantom access. This is one of the best applications available.
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1 month ago, Driver fedex
Too many unnecessary updates
Great app . I use almost everyday . When it comes to “ creating your route” it was never an issue . Now let’s say you have 200 stops for the day . Once you start creating your route and get to about stop 50 it lags so bad that you cannot circle your next stop. Made it impossible. Must fix the lag so it can become an efficient app
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5 years ago, MrMcButtface
Great for training new drivers.
I don’t use the turn by turn myself, but having the map showing where stops are on a street is awesome when I’m filling in for someone. Dropped my review from 5 stars to three because something doesn’t play nice with something else on iPadOS. The process of sending routes has become more difficult with a couple extra steps.
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8 months ago, blakonstrips
I hate Groundcloud
I work for FedEx and Groundcloud is the worst part of my job. It is unable to give accurate and fast directions. If you aren't going the way it wants forget it, the only way to get somewhere to Groundcloud is to turn around 180° no matter where you are and drive straight to the next location. God help you if you work anywhere where it gets hot bc Groundcloud can't work without all the RAM it can get. Im just confused how we can't make an app that works? Or perhaps we can and chose not to for money.
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3 years ago, bob123446677
1st class software!
Groundcloud software has revolutionized mapping logistics and so much more. There is not a company that does more for us “the customer” in ever day operations, monthly reports, and continuing to expand to our needs to stay ahead of the curve. Efficiency has improved with every one that uses this software.
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1 month ago, Matt00795
I wish I was as dumb as the people that run this application. Just doing the certification part is a joke, they literally have no idea what they’re talking about. I could go on for days on how bad it is but let’s just say this…. It never works correctly and I’ve used it since day one. Still can’t take you to the right street and now it won’t work in low data service. Oh wait here’s my favorite part, they can’t even fix the problems they made. Good job 👍🏼
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3 years ago, imfamousitches7
Okay but needs work
As a BC in rural northern Michigan this tool is great. Only downside is that anything outside of a major is city is a joke. It takes you down 2-tracks “atv trails” or even restricted power and gas line areas. If your drivers don’t know the area well you can still use the app but be sure to change the map preference for routing to something like Apple Maps or google maps. Especially during inclement weather.
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3 years ago, whit2flyy
Needs an update
This app really needs an update. I’m a delivery driver and it always wants to take down streets that don’t exists. And it updates really took 2 hours to update my route today. Please update the app
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10 months ago, super rad driver
Great App
Just a couple bugs. When a stop/address is added/inserted it doesn’t always display on the map. Another annoying bug is that when a stop/address (apartments/businesses) with multiple suites will only display 2 suites Max!
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5 years ago, magri812
Great app for training. I was skeptical of adding another of tech onto my drivers. But this app delivers. LOL Our company has dramatically reduced training new drivers. Also my veteran drivers like it cause they do not have to back track all day. Thank you ground cloud team.
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3 years ago, dang ol delivery man
New update is awful.
Stop label in upper left corner with info takes up to much space on navigation screen. Gets in the way of being able to see your destination at times. Also the time card approval at the end of day never works properly. Asks me multiple times to approve hours but won’t accept approval.
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3 years ago, Sean Ratigan
Come to find out everything I hated about this app was FedEx’s fault. Go figure! If FedEx would fix their own operations this could reach it’s full potential. Wish they’d stop flagging my drivers for seatbelts violations when they are wearing seatbelts though!
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3 weeks ago, CW Ranger
Recent Updates Have Screwed This App
Remove the drop down push notifications, they're annoying & they stay stuck on the screen, which blocks the view of map and address cards. And for the love of the god, please quit resetting adjusted plot points. It's significantly impacting efficiency on our rural routes.
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3 years ago, atown4490
Needs better colors on the stop points
I believe it was the 8k stops where it’s dark like the delivered stops. It’s really hard to tell what’s completed and what’s the 8k stops. It’s confusing. Needs different colors
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3 years ago, d1fxdddddddddd
Needs fix
If a home is between two streets the location should default to the street of the address. Many people are set back from the road but their driveway is still on the street named.
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5 years ago, Dayorbit
This is a godsend to contractors. It allows you to stop relying on veteran drivers, does the mmr’s, timesheets...etc etc. now you can even scan all the boxes in your truck to make sure they are in your manifest! Brilliant!
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2 years ago, 801jesthomp
Works Great,
As a FedEx Contractor, I can throw any driver on any route and with Ground Cloud they can do the route. The drivers can add notes to any stop to help other drivers out as well.
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3 years ago, XOGold
Broken app since day 1
There’s a bunch of little things about this app that’s broken but let me give you the one things that’s passing me off this moment. I keep trying to send the same 5 stops to another driver and it keeps sending it back to me within 30 minutes. I’m also trying to fix an address from 209 to 2059, but it keeps reverting it back to 209. FIX THIS CRAP.
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3 years ago, Adrian.pana
Please switch back
“My drive” section from last update is very bad, please switch it back
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3 years ago, CoreyD90
More accurate!
I work for FedEx and I use ground cloud every day but sometimes I do not have all my stops can someone fix this problem please!
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1 year ago, Dyer Deliveries
Love it!
Helps automate you delivery business. Cuts you driver train down to just a few days.
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5 years ago, Fedex781
Is anyone one else having trouble logging in after updating to IOS 13
Show more
3 years ago, Dark Raza
ASAP fix
Where did the delivery and attempt buttons go in my drive
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3 years ago, tshow44
Not sure what happened but everything on the screen has gotten bigger “my drive” section and now there’s not enough room to view the map that shows the dots for each stop
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4 years ago, WColbyK
I love the future.
This is the best thing that has happened to couriers since the automobile.
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3 weeks ago, ..nickname...
Always glitching or freezing. When updating route areas a pop up will stay on screen. Pressing X does not work.
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3 years ago, paproper
Adapt Please!!!
Absolute garbage! This app is not user friendly, not efficient at all and the gps location of addresses is by far less superior than related applications. IT needs to develop and focus on aspects of the app that make occupations easier and not more difficult.
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5 months ago, cloud0779
Map Routing
App says it needs to update but there inst an update available in App Store,no longer routes in app,automatically opens Apple Maps.
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1 year ago, cameronschum
Thank god every update just ruins this app more and more. I’m pretty sure two people in a basement could make a better functional and improved app than this. Y’all are just a joke!!!
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4 years ago, Samijo397
Latest update
This latest update is bull. Won’t tell me which way to go back after being in a driveway. About to get rid of it now. It’s getting worse and worse. Go back to the old ways
Show more
5 months ago, skdjfnf fjchfnf
Terrible update
Ground cloud doesn’t seem to test updates before they release them, can’t use my integrated maps. Gonna be a long day
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