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User Reviews for Gumroad

4.73 out of 5
24.5K Ratings
4 years ago, Vonkaiser
Needs Work edit: It's good now!
edit: the Gumroad staff seems to have corrected and patched the flaws I once lamented in this post. Congratulations to them! The app is now quite sleek and usable. Good stuff! Thanks for all your hard work. old post: It looks nice but it's been crashing often. The video content I'm using it for has audio when I watch it on the pc but doesn't in the iOS app-this is a pretty big deal. I'm looking forward to some of these problems getting corrected and giving the app and the hard working team behind it the five stars they deserve, but it's just being held back by a few unfortunate flaws at the moment.
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2 weeks ago, HockeyTock
New Format Makes Finding Content Harder
This update is a step backward, in my experience. In video courses I’ve bought—ones with many, many chapters—videos now take a lot longer to find. The content inside these modules used to be titles-only, in a compact list, but now they include an “expanded” view of what are supposed to be video thumbnails (no thumbnails actually show). I used to scan titles quickly in a compact list view. Now, to find a video, I have to scroll down way farther to find the titles I’m looking for, and it’s making the app a lot less convenient. There’s too much fluff when trying to navigate my course content. Please change it back, or give us the option to switch how our material is displayed: in a more compact list view, or this new expanded icon view. For complex online courses, the new format isn’t working for me.
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4 weeks ago, Really hyped bro
Great! Why can’t I buy things here? :(
As above - the app works wonderfully, and I have few gripes. I can easily view any content I’ve purchased, download it, etc., which is perfect. However, I really wish I could browse the website through the app. Plenty of times I’ve clicked the link to a Creator’s page from a product I’ve bought, and rather than seeing their page in the app, it opens it up in Safari. I can guarantee, I would be purchasing twice as much content and supporting so many more creators if only I didn’t need to jump through that extra hoops of swapping apps. It’s no dealbreaker, but it sure is an inconvenience. Would really like to have an all-in-one experience in this app in the future.
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10 months ago, RodSerlingLives
Needs Work
The app as a whole does most of what I need it to do, but has shortcomings. I can’t control audio completely with my AirPods. Volume adjustment works, but play/pause does not. Clicking the AirPod stalk does nothing. It isn’t a problem with the AirPods either because this issue isn’t present in other media consumption apps. Also, when accessing the media of a creator, I have to scroll all the way down to the bottom to get to the newest episodes. We are talking about a couple of hundred podcast files. When I open the app, it doesn’t pick up where I left off either. I’m glad Gumroad exists, but I think it should be able to handle the bare minimum for audio playback and filtering/sorting of media files.
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3 years ago, @echurch25
Easy roadmap to success
When I first started running I could barley make it 50 meters without my lungs feeling like I was breathing fire and my legs felt like telephone poles. After being consistent and doing what I could I worked up to running 5 miles with out stopping. I’m still working to get my times down but am so grateful for this program and the guide that it is and for Matt’s help. Highly recommend this program. Might not be the sexy flashy stuff influencers try to sell you but it is the stuff that works as long as you are consistent. Wish I could give it more stars.
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3 years ago, WolfLilVillain
Good transfer from computer to app
So I had no idea this existed until I started following more digital artists! It’s made things so much easier to see all of my content I currently have and they have made strides to make it better! Also the new dark mode is a nice touch! However I do wish that I could rate products on the app instead of going to my laptop! As well as I hope one day they will make the only difference between laptop and phone is just the layout! It would be so wonderful to be able to purchase content to from the app!
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2 years ago, Falconsdback
Great for what I use it for
I use this platform for one specific series of audiobook so I can’t comment on many of the uses of this app or platform. The series I have it for works great and the interaction is easy and useful. The missing star comes from the fact that the play/pause requires me to toggle from either my phone or my CarPlay. I can’t toggle it using the controls on my Apple Watch, AirPods, or the controls of a Bluetooth speaker connected to the phone. Other than that inconvenience (I pretty frequently listen when use of my phone is impractical), I greatly enjoy the use of the app.
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4 years ago, HollyGBG
Underdeveloped app
I purchase files from Gumroad online and some of the files don’t show up in my app. I hate this. After I purchase something, it should show up in my app immediately. I feel like the app could use improvement. It’s way too limited in what you’re able to do. It’s so simple that it’ll a little too simple for me and not functional enough. I’m also clicking the link sent to my phone number from the website and it’s not opening in the app at all...
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3 years ago, anonfrog123
Lacks features
I enjoy the opportunity to support my favorite content creators, but the app lacks a lot of features. My biggest gripe is the audio player does not remember where I stopped listening to a podcast so I’m constantly searching around for where I left off. It would also be nice to have a share button that would allow me to export an episode to another app that has better podcast features. Edit: They added both of these features so I updated my review to a 5. Thanks y’all!
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2 years ago, AzlanB
Pretty good app
The content I am subscribed to shows up no problem and also plays without issue. Would love if I could play the content while my phone is locked, but it appears the only way to do that is to do the mini screen within screen thing. Because the content is long form, I would love to be able to rewind/fast forward by 15 seconds instead of just restarting the content/skipping to next video. Other than that, it does pretty much everything I need it to do. Thank you
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2 years ago, LuvzJesus
The P:E Diet
Not really a diet, it’s a new way of life to give you a new lease on life! Im down 40 pounds & my blood sugar is under 100 most days for the first time in 20 years! Blood Pressure is coming down too & my waistline which was over 50” is an inch away from being in the 30’s! Im a few days away from 60 & I have Beautiful muscles in my legs & Im wearing shorts! I haven’t worn shorts since my 20’s! This is Love! Im Loving Myself & Im running circles around co-workers half my age. Love Yourself & Follow this wisdom; you won’t regret it!
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4 years ago, S. Wes Moss
Good for listening, not so great for watching.
I have a few podcasts on here I listen to, there are some problems with turning off the podcast and trying to go back to where I left off. Seems to freeze up if I fast forward long periods of time. This could just be my cell phone though. Biggest gripe has to be there’s an option to stream videos to the TV, but if you exit out of the app or if the phone goes into screen save you’ll lose the video. I had to cancel a subscription over this. Other than that it’s really a good little podcast app.
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4 years ago, CV619
Great app, could use a convenience update
The app works flawlessly and has all my courses in one place. A lot of the courses I’ve purchased are video courses, so I think the app would be better if you could mark a video as watched when you’re done with it. I think it’d be a lot more convenient if you could save the exact time stamp from when you stop a video as well. A lot of times in these hour long videos I pause and close the app, then when I have time to continue later in the day I have to skim through to see where I was in the video.
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3 years ago, AsiyahS
Pointless app
Downloaded the app a couple months ago for a course and all the material went to Gumroad. Recently purchased another course and Gumroad wouldn’t allow me to download or upload the material into the app, I can only manually view the course material from the sellers link via safari which is completely pointless to even having the app if I can’t have more than one course In it.
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3 months ago, Crisicorrianis
Broken downloads
Switched to gumroad's app so I could download and use procreate brushes I've purchased, as gumroad's website download buttons on iPad do not work. The app is no better, and I cannot access my files unless I access them from a computer. Some products in my library do not load any download files, the way files are presented varies either from showing all information(file sizes, file type, etc) or just the file name. Lastly, an INCREDIBLY frustrating issue with the app is how it refuses to respect my orientation-lock settings. I have my iPad flipped so I can charge it without bending the cord, but this app resets the orientation while in the app.
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4 years ago, TheWhyNoDo
The app is missing so many functions
I wrote a previous review saying how there’s NO SIGN UP FEATURE. Now I hate to be hateful but this feels like it was made in a day. After going to the website to make an account, it told me I had to sell something. After a while, I found out how to go to buy stuff. When I tried to login with the app, it just took me to the library. You can’t do anything if you haven’t purchased anything. You can’t even search. On the website, the least you can do is search for a product. On neither can you search for like a creator. You can’t do anything in the app except just stare at a screen that says “Your library is empty” and a button to log out.
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1 year ago, lasandra c
Ivy Birthday Bundle
I have been repairing my credit with Ivy using this app and so far I love the process. I’m able to get easily access to my purchases and she sends out any updates or what’s up next via this app. Try it out for yourself and see how great and knowledgeable Ivy is when it comes to getting your personal and business credit on track!
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4 years ago, ArtGod69
Good but a bit pointless
i downloaded the gumroad app to view things i paid for so i can download, and it does that fine more or less, but it’s a bit disappointing that there’s no in app way to browse for new stuff to buy and download which forces me to go back to my browser and look for stuff there and then go back to the app to download. i believe there should be an in app browser and make it more of a social media app in a way. have suggestions for things we might be interested in, and let us look up creators.
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3 years ago, Stevngilbow
Love the access to my buddy Frank Hassle
Great app except if I don’t have headphones on or I am not connected to a Bluetooth speaker the audio will not play through my phone but other than that it’s great shout out to Frank Hassle also if the devs respond to this I need them to thank me for my service I served on marine kill squad 096 in desert storm I was a sniper also if the devs could also take some pics of themselves saluting me for my service that would be great too
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2 years ago, Stormi808
A rather low-tier Patreon App
The content on here is excellent. But the entire point of an app is that it should be easier to navigate than a web browser, which is not the case at all. I only have access to the library through the app, and any other issues I need to work on I have to do through the web browser. Also I purchased a specific piece of art, and then app sent the receipt to one of my two emails; not the one I used to set up the account. So I had to make two different accounts in order to access all the products I paid for. Which is less than ideal.
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4 years ago, Bakuten57
Nice app, but needs some features added
This app is simple and pretty straightforward, but it is lacking a lot of features. I would like to see a way to sort and filter purchases based on the seller or alphabetical or even size of downloads. Right now it just has everything in its most recent purchase order. I hope to see this app receive more love and care to the point where you can shop and get updates to when creators you follow have posted something new in the store. Great start though.
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4 years ago, Mary's tunes
Useful when it’s not crashing
I like the exercises and they work. But the app drops the connection constantly. The 7-weeks are based on different vowel combinations and are identical. There is not even an explanation or description to differentiate between each week. This made me feel I got ripped off. But there were a few more tips in the last tracks such as warm down exercises. This app will help your vocal technique but I would look at some other options. I like the VocalEase app by Arnold a lot more for ease of use and warmups, etc.
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2 years ago, gaudirbehiskskfk
App is extremely buggy
Podcasts will frequently “stick” at a specific timestamp, and the only way to get past it is to restart at a later time in the recording. Also the app doesn’t update the feed automatically, and i usually have to restart my phone for new episodes to show up. Recently it has stopped working for me altogether, and an episode i was about halfway through won’t work no matter what i do. Have shut the phone off, updated the app, logged out and back in, nothing works
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4 years ago, Enderdragon123456789
I can't access any of the classes.
Even with help, I'm not able to access any of the files. Frustrated, doesn't work on iPad either. I have posts regarding each class but there's never a link to any of them. Clicking on the picture doesn't help me either. All I get is the class description.
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3 weeks ago, Phitedawn
Won’t show any of the contents of a product.
I’ve downloaded and redownloaded the app, done all the clear cache stuff, but nothing shows. When I click the product, where all the files and folders are supposed to be, nothings but a description line shows up. I can access online, but not mobile website, nor the app. None of your mobile stuff works at all, is it that hard to make a simple click and play app. It’s not candy crush, it’s files and folders.
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1 week ago, Ziger
The captcha alone is impassible
A while ago, I bought three works from gumroad, cheap and simple. I was able to read them online by going to my emails, which was nice and convenient. Today, I tried to do so - and it turns out, they can only be read through the app now. Exploitative, in a way; I don’t want to have to get another app for my phone. But *fine*. So I tried that. I tried making an account - it didn’t go through, apparently. So I tried doing it on the app - and the captcha has kept saying ‘accepted’ and having me do it ***again*** for the better part of an hour. The novella I wanted to read was fifty pages at most. This site was once decent, but now it’s focused on the app. And I’m brimming with rage and bias, but right now, I feel very much that the app is a scam worthy of a swear word or two. I’ll update my review if I’m ever allowed to read the books I paid for.
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2 years ago, TheKaazz
It’s ok
I’m frequently experiencing complete stoppages in playback. Can’t fast forward 30 seconds or go back 30 seconds. It just stops. It won’t continue unless I completely close the app and clear it from the cache, and even then it can still be frozen. I also don’t like that the playback speed selector jumps from 1 to 1.25, without an intermediate speed, such as 1.1. A speed of 1 sounds too slow, but 1.25 sounds too fast.
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2 years ago, DL from IL
Disappointing, frustrating…
I use an iPad. Perhaps the app is different on other devices. 1. There is no way to alphabetize my music lesson purchases. 2. The ability to slow down the music for learning purposes is no longer available. 3. There is no direct way to go the the previous or next lesson. It is necessary to always go to the table of contents first. And, this takes more time than it should.
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1 year ago, willguardpro
The missing link
This guy actually did it. Simplified the nonsense and put out content that is clear, simple to understand, and isn’t manipulated in anyway. Obviously put in a lot of work for us to enjoy but FINALLY answers to all the questions that have mixed answers in just any general search. Bravo.
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7 months ago, Schmenbie
Fine for what it is
For e-books, this app is begging for some organisational features. There is presently no way to reorder content in one’s library, and purchases seem to just drop therein, ordered based entirely on purchase date. I’d love to be wrong about this. Also, some artists release content by chapter. It would be lovely to be able to define custom lists (akin to “Shelves” in Google Play Books) to better organise such content.
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3 years ago, Ben Nissen
Great app for artists (painting & drawing)
Love this app for watching my library of tutorials when I’m away from my computer. Perfect for on-the-go sketching and practicing techniques. Gumroad is an incredible company for artists selling their own work, as well as students who need affordable education from industry professionals. Highly recommend!
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4 years ago, CandynJon
Needs more
On the app: There is no way to navigate or organize content. There are no settings options. There is not even a way to find more content to purchase - just your purchases on a page. It has a save option but I have no idea what that actually means in this context. I have no idea how to do simple things, much less all the activities listed by the developers. I have never seen such a bare bones operation - if I missed some other way I should be working this app, please let me know.
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3 weeks ago, Misswolf01
Getting to settings
To be honest I’d prefer the settings being on the app then rather going to the full website just to get to the settings and in all honesty I’m just gonna use it to purchase things then rather use it to also sell things because of this experience it made me uncomfortable because I know in the long it will be frustrating and difficult for me to get to settings whenever I might need to make changes because I don’t want to see just my purchases all the time
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2 years ago, JAW13131313
When you start badly…
It never ends well. So I got a free book offer though an author trying to support this app. The book sounded interesting and I like to support smaller vendors who promote and support each other. But. And, this could be just a crazy idea, a new user who downloads this app should maybe, I don’t know, be able to create an account?!? I thought that I was crazy or missing something. Nope. In other reviews I found the answer. I can go online (http address provided that I can cut/paste) make an account, then use it to sign in to the app. That was the tech support answer. A YEAR AGO. In the last year they have neither added the ability to create an account or even, at the bottom of the splash page, put a link to the website to create an account. I don’t think that I will be using this app. Ever.
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4 years ago, farankfaranklin43
Fixed my Issue
I previously left a one star review, but was too hasty because they’re customer service team fixed my issues and refunded all extra charges. Would recommend the service but be careful because the layout can be confusing and accidental purchases and cancellations can be made.
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3 years ago, Zstatisticort
Update: thank you!
Edit: Thanks devs, love the sort function! I have many products in my library, but it’s inconvenient to scroll through everything in order to find a product. A search or sort function would be immensely helpful.
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2 months ago, JordanShackelford
Can't even purchase stuff on the app and other stuff
I barely have noticed anyone complaining about this, so might as well say it now Since you made the app as only a library for purchased products, that means none of us can actually pay for the products on the app, even though you literally allow people to use Apple Pay but only on the website And also everytime I open the app AND log in, I can’t do diddly squat, meaning I can’t even use the search feature on your app
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4 years ago, chiquitabonita1
Great app
It’s a fantastic app. The only thing is I would like it to “remember” where I left off. If no each time you need to fast forward and rewind and rewatch. Another thing would be a home button that allows me to arrange my videos better. If you have that already let me know. Thank you.
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3 years ago, numero dose
Offline Please!
Solid app, works fine, plays the purchased video as without problem. I find it a BIG drawback that I can't download a video I have purchased to watch when I can't be on the Internet. Can’t use the app to search the store for new purchases. Had a video I new existed, could not find on store to purchase no matter how I searched - finally got it to work with external link. Very poor search capabilities.
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2 months ago, StunZ-Jon
Bring back better downloads
Before they gave you an option to download all files given in a file, now I have to download everything one at a time. Also you could view the files before downloading to a different software and or device, now you can't do that at all, hoping this changes back
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1 year ago, harvep
Anabolic Handbook
I’ve read several books on Anabolics. Even the famed book by William Llewelyn. I was completely surprised by the depth of content and coverage. This will give you all the knowledge and information to run blasts and or cruises and how to counter any sides from any AAS. Definitely 5 Stars!
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4 years ago, Beene B
Need more app communication
This app is a little frustrating. Not easy to navigate. It shuts off if device sleeps. Can’t tell how many minutes are playing. I don’t know if it’s downloading, not playing because of internet connection or if the app is not working. Some songs work by clicking on them some don’t and I don’t know why. I have no idea where the songs go when downloaded.
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4 years ago, sleepypo
Needs more UI features
The app is clean and simple, but some minor UI additions would provide a much better user experience. For example, I have purchased some podcasts, but the full title of each episode is not shown (only a small snippet is shown). It would be great if I could scroll the text to read the full title of each item.
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1 month ago, Thomby "tombs" Toune
UI just got worse
I subscribe to video content on this app. It used to be easy to navigate my library. A recent update changed the UI. Rather than showing a concise list as it used to, each episode overburdens the page with bulky video playback screens for each episode. Navigating my library is a chore that turns me away from the app and the products I bought. How did your team manage to make a good thing into something this infuriating and insufferable?
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1 year ago, gemm7209
I purchased a video and I was unable to #1 sign in, # 2 I tried numerous times to reset my password and number 3 was never refunded the money! I am disappointed in the app and the person whom posted the video that did not respond to my concern.
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8 months ago, ch dj dj j
Honest review of this app. The UI is very poor compared to any other app nowadays. It’s very difficult to even access your account/books you purchase. Not only that, the customer service takes over a week to respond and gets nothing accomplished when you do answer them…still waiting to hear back from them after a week. Note the authors on this app are also unresponsive. Very disappointing, like the idea of the app, poor delivery.
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1 year ago, Erinstorun
Please help
Can one of the creators please help me? There is no create an account on the app or login page. It just tells me I’m not a part of the app and doesn’t offer me an action to sign up. What can I do here? Never mind lol I figured out you do it online first.
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2 years ago, SaveLocalWater
Audio player keeps crashing
I’m playing an audio book and the audio player keeps crashes some 10 mins into playing. It also does not remember the last play location. For a 10 hour audio book, you’ll have to scrub to find the location each time. Please fix this.
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3 years ago, Vinny949494
Small UI improvements would make such a difference!
Please make downloads more intuitive for viewing -- it's hard to see what I've downloaded and not. Some glitches when scrolling
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1 year ago, UmaKinst
Too confusing
I downloaded this because I saw someone recommend it in the internet. I could not create an account on the app, and I had to figure out how to create one on the website, which was just as confusing. I could not finish the account so I just gave up. The app on the other hand is Stuck on the library screen and I tried reloading it. This is a trash app due to it being confusing and hard to set up an account. 0/10
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