Harvest: Track Time & Invoice

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2 months ago
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13.4 or later
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User Reviews for Harvest: Track Time & Invoice

4.4 out of 5
1.7K Ratings
1 year ago, Jenjen8642
Just lost a star… LOVE LOVE LOVE HARVEST
See below for all I love. Lost a star for a) no Apple Watch interface b) downgrade of The phone timer interface. The rest below is still true. Really has made it possible for me to be self employed. I have ADD and this is the 1st time tracker I could cope with and INVOICING IS NOW (almost) A DREAM (used to be my worst nightmare - who did I work for? When? How long? What?) Also ability to defying project tasks and clock time to those tasks means I can see how much time has gone to each part of a project and impress the client... Eg: I can create 3 tasks and budget time to them (implement 6hours, train 2h , support 4h), then I can track whether I'm on budget or in danger of going over, or tell client we are under budget or need more time allocated. Makes me look in control of the project! (Instead of chaotic!) Sends professional automated payment reminders, allows client to pay electronically. Also can send professional project estimates (quotes) out when I bid. Client can accept electronically and bingo electronically signed agreement! Did I say I love it?
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2 years ago, jeffbds
No upgrades
For about 20 years I’ve been using a custom built time management software. I decided to convert over to Harvest and it’s been quite an effort to do so. I’ve sent several suggestions in about the things they could do to make it easier but I always get the feedback that that particular option or enhancement is not in consideration. It amazes me that companies are so quick to just rule out any type of feedback especially from someone as myself who has developed and use these types of software’s for years. I know personally the things that make using it easier but they simply will not consider any enhancements. The other thing this very frustrating is they provide new phone support. There are substantial bugs in the product but you can actually talk to anyone or do a screen share so they can see it and they’re not the least bit concerned about knowing it or documented it. The CEO was missing in action. He doesn’t care about his product. I get that it’s an inexpensive way of tracking time but you would think they would show more pride in their work. I spent six months converting 18 years worth of data so I’m kind of stuck with it. There are features that I like about it so I didn’t want to say that. And I also know you get what you pay for. But it amazes me that there are absolutely no interest by them to enhance their product.
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6 years ago, MusicLover38
Love this tool
I’ve been using Harvest now for four years of the six years my business has been open. I think it is a fabulous tool. I truly believe the people who developed the software really did try to think of everything. Timekeeping is extremely easy, running reports for invoices is a breeze, running monthly, quarterly, yearly and custom reports for a range of project tracking and accounting is also a breeze. The expense feature took me a little time to figure out, but once I did, it’s extremely easy to use. The retainer feature is my only complaint, but the tool does provide a work around if needed. I’ve also had to reach out to Harvest a couple of times to figure something out, but they have been very quickly responsive, informative and very courteous. I really can’t say enough good things about Harvest. When we hire people, we give them a 30-minute training on the tool and our time- and expense-keeping policies. Within 15 minutes they have it down. It also has a lot of customizable options, as well. You really can make this tool fit your specific business. I tremendously recommend it.
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2 years ago, Nashville Woodcraft
Game changer for my small business
This app is great - has been a game changer for keeping track of my time in between projects for my small business. I’m a woodworker and balance several projects at once - I tried QuickBooks time for a while, it was okay but not well suited for a team of one or two people and lacked a bunch of critical features which this app provides. This app lets me change back and forth between project to project so I know exactly how my time is being allocated, and I can figure out how much of my budget is left for a given job. This is no deal breaker - but one feature that would be nice is to have the roll clock available when ur inputting your time, in case you forget to clock in for a certain job. But this is a super miner suggestion, and I’m sure I’ll just end up getting used to the way it is now. Second to that would just be to display the time of day that you clock in/out of a job. Helps provide some further insight end analytics.
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4 years ago, Sangw1ch
Usually good, but issues lately
I’ve been using the Harvest app for over 3 years and have been mostly pleased but lately I’ve been having an issue with the timer not stopping. My supervisor called me at home, because he knew I had finished my shift, to let me know that my timer was still running. I took the blame, my bad, I probably forgot to stop it. But then it happened again, and again, and again. Luckily I use a mileage tracking app so I can see the exact time I depart a work site and head to a different job. This way I am able to go back and fix my time. But it shouldn’t be happening in the first place.
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2 years ago, Meganomaly
Used to be wonderful, updates render it useless.
This app was FANTASTIC, but with the recent updates of the past month or so, it’s almost unusable. I’ve switched to using just the desktop site, as the app doesn’t update internally to reflect new projects in the system, doesn’t update when projects and times are edited after initially posting, some times doesn’t post a submitted time at all, and doesn’t reflect the running month total anymore. It’s super clunky now, not intuitive. It feels like a major step backward in technology. I have to use this for my work, so I’ll continue to use the desktop site out of necessity. But I might just delete the app now, as it simply doesn’t work. Prior to these new graphic and mechanical overhauls, it was amazing. I would have given it 5 stars. If you guys want to keep your app customers, please revert back to your old systems, or just lightly update the old systems, instead of completely removing features and bogging down the servers. This is ridiculous! EDIT: The developer replied to this review, so I updated the app following that. And the issues are still NOT solved.
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2 years ago, plibc
A step backward
So sorry to see the change to the new app. So many useful features and capabilities gone. For example, invoices pending no longer show the due date in the list. When I opened the app to start tracking time today, it opened to yesterday and I started tracking time on the wrong day- no warning or request for confirmation that I wanted to track on a day in the past. Starting and stopping the timer creates multiple tracking instances of the same project on a single day. Just a mess. Did you have any user testing or feedback? Recommend rolling back to the old version until you can call this one an improvement. Please don’t reply to this review with your standard answer I’ve seen on all the others. I’m not interested in looking for future releases when you had a perfectly good app to start with.
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2 years ago, MrAbominable
Makes Time Tracking Easier
It is a well polished app and I have not run into any bugs. I believe it is short on some UX features, however. If there is a way to look at your week or month I can’t find it. I work on a very sporadic basis and need to be able to look at a month then from there go into adding or editing time tracking for a project. This would bump it up to a four star app. More options/hyperlinks for editing/adding time tracking from the reports section would potentially move it to five stars. Overall a good app and I am able to make it work when used in conjunction with a calendar. I don’t like having to do the manual tracking in a calendar on top of this though.
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4 years ago, Topchee
Simply amazing. Small request!
I love Harvest on the iPhone, the app is simple and easy! It’s a joy to use. Coupled with the web version’s clean invoice generation this app is just awesome! One suggestion that I would ask the developers to improve the app is the note entry for a time entry. If you have notes about a task that are more than a few lines it doesn’t expand the text view, it’s make it difficult and cumbersome to add bulleted or longer descriptions scrolling in a tiny text view. Please if you could make the text field expand in place or be like a separate view that pops up when you tap would be amazing!! Thanks!
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2 years ago, Tazdev1123
Latest upgrade is terrible
Not quite sure how anyone in your development team could feel the latest upgrade is an improvement. It shows far less information and the screen doesn’t even seem to fit my phone. I have tried within the settings to fix that but have not been successful yet. But the worst part is the complete lack of information I used to have such as billing rates and amount earned. I received an email saying you had made many suggested revisions, which means others have complained about this upgrade as well but even when I updated to the latest version, it still is far worse than the old version. I understand the need to always try and improve your product, but the key word there is improve, not lessen.
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2 years ago, JumpinJehose
Clean interface & easy to use
This app does the job I need to track time spent on various work. Switching the count clock between tasks is easy. We use JIRA & this tracks actual time work to such fine level that it’s impressive. Helps to see how much time is actually spent (always not what you think). Once I get into the habit of switching the counter clock between each task, it actually makes the work day much more productive because I don’t have a Task for Slacking Off to Check Twitter & have to switch to a productive task instead. :)
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5 years ago, New to Crosswords
Easy to Use (just need landscape view on iPad)
Very straightforward, easy to use time tracking app. I keep it open on my phone or iPad and just start/stop the task timers as I change tasks. Super simple. Just a couple of enhancement requests. PLEASE update the app so that it will rotate to a landscape view on the iPad. (Without this I have to use the web app to log in which defeats the purpose of downloading the app.) Cannot do data entry or type in notes with my Smart Keyboard very well when app is stuck in portrait mode. Please allow the option to copy forward last week’s (or even yesterday’s) tasks from within the app. This is a nice feature in the Web application when using the Weekly view and moving to the start of a new week. But, if you forget to do this (aren’t in the Web app) on Monday, then I don’t think you have any opportunity to copy forward your last set of tasks. Would be a helpful timesaver. Add these features and its 5 stars.
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2 years ago, Deschain 1748274473
Update is only partially helpful
I appreciate the speedy update to adding back additional timeframes for reporting. But you’re still missing a key component—money! It’s not terribly helpful to see how many hours I’ve worked if I can’t also see money earned. I bill at different rates, so that’s important. Basically, if you can just put the app back the way it was and make improvements to that… that’s a good rule of thumb. Make a great product, which is what you had, better. Don’t obliterate your product into something unidentifiable and then expect customers to be happy when you give them back pieces of what they’ve had for years.
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2 years ago, Msd352
Older version was better
I’ve used Harvest for the better part of a year and really loved how simple it was to use and issue invoices. There were some things I didn’t love, but that’s any app. The latest upgrade makes it a lot harder to use, and I will be looking for something else. I used to be able to track time by project, and then my month, quarter or year. Now I can only track by week. The UI was not improved. It’s more difficult to find things that used to be easy to find. I’m not even sure now if I can create an invoice from the app at all. The form to fill out task details is not as useful. It sounds like other users have the same feedback.
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2 years ago, Lesliehpo
Update is buggy
The previous version worked. If the update worked, the new interface would be fine. Although I don’t like it better than the last one. Bugs: Does not suns as well or as quickly with the desktop version Start and stop laggy and unpredictable. Refreshing does not help sync. Only thing that works is to start one of the timers, even if that’s not the one that you’re working on.
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2 years ago, MITbabe
New Update is Awful
I have loved this app and would have given it 5 stars for the past two years. But the new update is awful. When entering time, I can no longer search by client name, can no longer easily just type time spent (I calculate to the minute) because there is no “:” button on the screen, and when I add a description of the activity, I can’t see what I’m typing due to the interface hiding it. And twice it has changed the client selected to the last client I had selected!, making me paranoid I’m going to bill time incorrectly to the wrong client. Ugh! Fix it quick or go back to the old app, please.
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2 years ago, JoCJo9383
Previous version was fine, 5.0 update has bugs
In Reports > Invoices> closed, all invoices have a value of $0.00. Screenshot is shown below. Also, there appears to be no additional sub-filter options nor a total value sum of invoices being shown, which used to be available. In Reports > Invoices > open section, the individual invoice values are there, but again, no sum total. There is also no option to sub-filter open invoices, which would be helpful. The ability to see labor/time costs filtered by various timeframes (month, year, YTD) appears to be gone. This was useful and usually one of the only reasons I used the app. Please look into bringing it back
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1 year ago, nathan3o4
Big rewrite is a big flop
Harvest is a pretty good timer, and I’ve always really liked the web interface, but the latest rewrite of this iOS app is really lacking in many areas. Firstly, the app was rewritten using a technology called React Native, which has had a detremental effect on the usability of the app. Screens are glitchy, don’t load all the data in a way that makes sense, and shows old data all the time. Buttons also don’t work half the time that they are tapped. Starting and stopping timers (the main functionality of the mobile app) now takes at least double the time as before, as now I open the app and have to manually refresh the “Time” page to make sure that things are up-to-date before actually stopping the timer. Additionally, they’ve completely broken the “Stop my timer” Siri Shortcut. Such a simple piece of functionality and yet it never works. This update went backwards in so many ways.
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2 years ago, Kathryn in DC
One glaring flaw in the update
I’ve used Harvest for a couple years and love it. The update is generally helpful, however, I can no longer see the total fees I’ve earned for the week in the “my time”/reports section — just the hours! I have different billable rates for every client and I set a goal of making X dollars every week — not X hours. I have always used the Harvest app to keep track of this. I can no longer see that vital information. Please fix this immediately. This has materially reduced the value of this app to me, enough that I’ve knocked 3 stars off of what would’ve been a 5-star rating.
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1 year ago, 12345 best
this used to be a good app. They have updated the new application and it is not only buggy but creates tremendous problems. I was reviewing some past charges and unbeknownst to me. The app stayed at the old date even after I closed it. Accordingly, I input it apparently over a week and a half of charges thinking that it would be on the current date but instead it was at the old date. This is horrendous. It’s creating a nightmare for me of trying to update the charges and I’m concerned that I may have lost a number of them since they were now posted in earlier years. I’m not sure what’s going on with this company but I’m leaving.
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6 years ago, SJTD3
Works good until free trial runs out
I would rate this app higher if it wasn’t for the up-sell tactics that they use to get you to buy the product. Once your trial runs out the app just crashes on every launch. No errors, just a crash when it checks your account. This forces you to go to the website and see what the issue is. I suspect most just delete the app and never look back. Also $12 a month is WAY to much for this app, and in tiny little print you can upgrade to the free version. Once that’s done amazingly the app stops crashing.
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2 years ago, Frankkessler
Completely useless after latest upgrade
This app was perfect for logging time daily. I would actually brag to people about how awesome the app was and recommend Harvest to other organizations because the app was so easy and smooth. It has great offline capabilities so you could log time and save it later if you didn’t have internet This latest update makes the app completely useless. The data in the app is always out of data and none of my web entered entries appear in the app like the used to. I hope they fix this quickly because this is the biggest botched rollout I’ve seen in a while.
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2 years ago, WushuMaro
Just started playing with this
Just started but so far seems good, I like the Siri integration shortcuts, but just wish it had a widget I could plaster on my home page for quick turn on/off timers for my favorites. I will update this as I play more with it though! I love how responsive the team is, I just posted earlier asking for dark mode, and within a week or two, they updated it! Wow!
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3 years ago, SWinsor37
Perfect for Individual Business
This tool is exactly what I need to track my time and to be able to invoice my client all from one program. It’s easy to set up and to customize the time tracking and invoicing to what your needs and descriptions are. It is free for those who only have 2 projects and are the only one logging in. The paid version has much more to offer but it’s only me using it so the free version is perfect!
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5 years ago, Birdsong Man
Reminders of a running timer would be nice
Its nice that the app emails me that I still have a timer running from yesterday. What would be nicer is if the app would remind me at definable intervals that a timer is running. Say, an audible (and definable, therefore recognizable) “ping” every n minutes or, better still, a tap on my wrist by my watch. And, like the other guy said, 5 stars if you add that feature.
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2 years ago, Exyis
Need to be able to run monthly reports
Update: Reporting intervals have been fixed. New update looks nice but only being able to run a report by weekly intervals is useless to me. I bill monthly so not being able to easily see where my hours are on a monthly basis is a huge annoyance, especially when the previous version had this functionality.
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4 weeks ago, Tip that.
Good enough when you know the flaws.
A while back they redid the app and made it cache and display old timers. I’m often staring and stopping timers from multiple clients. Sometimes a timer shows an old value before the new one is fetched - then if you start the timer you loose data. Should either be an error or disallowed until sync. This app is one of the use cases for investing in good sync tech and they still haven’t.
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6 years ago, phillykyle
Great for Startup and Growing Professional Services Firms
We have been using Harvest for about eight years. We started with two employees, and we’re about to add our ninth, and as we’ve grown this tool has been capable of serving us. At some point, I’m sure will have to move to a professional services automation platform, but this has been integral to our ability to track time expenses and do invoices
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5 years ago, iGS07
Great for time tracking and invoicing
I like the app very much. We use it at work to track time, projects, billing, etc. Most recently, however, it appears the default in the app for time tracking changed from decimal (I.e. 1.5 for an hour and a half) to minutes (1:30 for one hour and thirty minutes). The sudden change has caused a lot of confusion. I would prefer if it went back to the decimal version we so loved and were used to.
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1 year ago, Timmedavis
New Update is a Big Step Forward
We use Harvest for time, expenses, and billing (the estimates leave something to be desired), and the ability to see so much so cleanly in the app is amazing. It doesn’t do everything you can do on the web in the app, but what it does it does really well, especially time tracking and seeing simple reports on the fly.
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2 months ago, Lieblich
This is the one
There really isn’t another product for time tracking and invoicing in Harvest’s league. I have spent hundreds of hours using various apps for this purpose and nothing else respects your time and gets out of your way like Harvest. It has all the features you need for a small to medium sized business and none of the garbage.
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2 years ago, IndepCons50
Poor corrections to update
The developers updated a functional and user-friendly app to make it clunky and less functional. In response to complaints they have restored monthly and annual reports - but in a way that is less helpful than it was in the previous version. I want a monthly report to see how much money I am making so far this month, not how many hours I’ve worked. The previous version simply and elegantly gave me all that info. Please just restore the previous version. Both visually and functionally it was better than this update.
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4 weeks ago, ahimsaforlife
Best desktop platform
Desktop + Browser: do everything you need them to simply and elegantly. Totally recommend. Mobile: drives me bananas. Time zones continually get confused, over-calculate, send notifications I forgot a timer when I’m 30 min in but send nothing when it’s legitimately been 6 hours. Still love the platform overall, just wish the mobile app while traveling wasn’t a mess.
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1 year ago, Danette Darling
Almost love it 100%
I’m wondering if y’all have any intentions on adding in estimating and invoicing capabilities within in the app? I travel a lot for my business and sometimes I have to go light, so my billing and estimating get behind. So far, other than that, you’ve got yourselves a long loyal customer that will refer many more!! Thank you for helping me solve a problem!
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4 years ago, gstewart
Last update makes it almost unusable - Fixed!
Love the product and use it to track time across all my projects However the last update has severely limited the ability to input a start or ending time for an activity in iOS You can type a time on the numerical keyboard, but it completes the entry so quickly that you only enter the minutes (eg I want to enter 11:00am, but by the time I hit “1” and “1” it completes the entry as 00:11 Alternatively, you can scroll the hours, or separately, the minutes. But as soon as you select the hour, it completes the entry and you have to open it again to do the minutes Super painful. Almost unusable Last update fixed it! Thank you responsive developers!!
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5 years ago, Flashgordon20x6
Decent app but with frustrating limitations
The app runs fine, but it’s been out for a while and has MUCH less functionality than the web browser. I honestly have no idea why the features are not being improved. I can’t even look at the estimates tab on here. You don’t have a lot of the actions you have in the browser, even id there would be plenty of space for them. Overall, I wish I could use it for more than tracking time and marking an invoice as paid.
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1 year ago, SideKickMark.com
Solid App for Time Tracking
The app is easy to use and straightforward. The team has been making fixes to the latest version of the app to fix many of the major bugs it was originally released with. It still has many small issues that could improve the user experience, but overall the app does what it is supposed to.
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2 years ago, Jo7367578
Update made expensing more difficult
The update improved ux for timekeeping but greatly reduced for expense tracking. In the old version screenshot pics could be sent directly to harvest from iPhone , now you need to import from within the app adding additional clicks. The decimal point for dollars no longer defaults , small however still adds additional clicks. The submit requirement is also an additional and unnecessary step and makes it difficult if the payroll processing does not directly correspond to the week.
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5 years ago, CCBBB
Inconsistent reporting vs timesheet
Reports shows in hours with 2 decimal places but the timesheet shows in hours minutes. I.e show 5:30 in time sheet but 5.5 on the reports. Drives you nuts when you are using the reports to review/audit your time but need to correct your time on the time sheet. Needs an option to report time in hours minutes. Also needs to be able to approve timesheets from the mobile app. Overall I like the system but some simple improvements would make it a lot better.
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4 years ago, Xtreme Mike
Mostly good platform, HORRIBLE customer service
I have used this for about 2 years, I made an error in the invoicing section, been trying for days to get help, phone support isn’t available as needed, you must reserve a time in the future, and they are booked out a day and a half. I like the platform, but it sure could use some simplification, and more customer service professionals, and by professional I mean knowledgeable of the product, not just polite to super frustrated customers..... I wouldn’t be super frustrated if you gave me good and accurate support in a timely manner I’ll try again on day 4 to get this fixed!
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6 years ago, dpeterson32
Slightly missing the mark
I fully expected to be able to generate invoices from within the app like you can on the website. Discovering that the app is focused more on time tracking, you'd think that they would really nail that part. Instead, the basic operation of entering time for a task is confusing. There are no labels to specify what you're entering (minutes? hours?), instead you are given two buttons, a period and a colon. Confusingly they both appear to do the same thing.
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5 years ago, bythebay10
Good but too simple
It works very well and love the new calendar integration but I have two requests: 1. Desperately need a way to see project budget/monthly budget and how many hours have been used so far this month from the app (currently on desktop web only) 2. It would be awesome if you could start/stop timer and see time elapsed from the widget, instead of just being able to start and stop a favorited timer.
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6 years ago, StratrgyAdvisor
Harvest makes it easy for me to do my work
I lead a boutique strategy firm, and tracking time was the one thing that would make my team mutiny — and drive me crazy. Until we found harvest. Everything is easy to use and intuitive. And the app, which I didn’t think I would use, had made travel and expense reports easier too. Such a terrific tool!
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2 years ago, JSCorcoran
Mobile UX updates are terrible
I like Harvest for desktop but mobile is UX terrible. Primary buttons that change labels, clicking start time to save an entry but not knowing that is what it does, note fields not being moved up and being obscured by the keyboard, calendar entries not being shown as previously selected, just a mess. I know the functionality was upgraded on mobile but in the process they created a poor mobile experience. Really surprised - can’t imaging they tested this with users. I could build a better prototype of this in a couple of days.
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4 years ago, everynameistakenandirrelevant
Nice but a couple headaches
Kudos on making a great app! my complaints are made knowing I can’t program anything myself and thus don’t know what it takes to do these things. However, it takes a lot of time to figure out how many hours I worked when editing a task I forgot to clock out of. I wish I could just type in 5pm instead of 3hrs duration, etc. My admin won’t change the setting as they prefer duration and it has to be one or the other, not both. Please allow it to be both! Also wish there were favorites always in my Time dashboard so I don’t have to scroll through all the projects everyday as I switch between the same 5–7 every day. Favorites should already be there and I just click Start. Otherwise the simplicity is great, just a little too simple.
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5 years ago, Tr!5t4
Clock out feature not working on app
It happened few times now where I clocked out on iOS app, but when I check on my computer the next day, the clock is still running...it doesn’t seem to sync with the desktop app. Also suggesting to switch out the hours yesterday to maybe “hours last week” on the Time Summary. I think it makes more sense to see how many hours you’ve worked last week if you’re on a biweekly pay period.
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2 months ago, Apollodave
Fantastic product
Simple to use yet full featured. We use Harvest as an integral part of our real estate brokerage’s training, development and compensation plan for new agents. The benefits are enormous not only for our team’s compensation plan but also as a tool for understanding efficiency with our time and seeing the types of deals/clients who are not profitable
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9 months ago, Mobilemind
Very happy w/app & website
As of release 5.0.15+, I can easily do all my recurring tasks in the app. Time recording is quick with a nice UI for client, task, and duration (or timer). I can easily check invoice status, issue a pending invoice, or record invoice payment. A nice app for small businesses, entrepreneurs, or the self-employed working with multiple clients.
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6 years ago, DanielDamf
Great app for entrepreneurs and consultants
Over the years harvest app has been a great partner in my marketing consulting business… It allows me to track time and invoice in a way that is both convenient and professional. My clients responded well to my throw time tracking, reports, And invoices. Not to mention the new integrations with PayPal and make it more convenient for some clients to pay. Thanks Harvest App!
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9 months ago, RadMamaJama
An easy way to track billable hours, either on the go with my mobile or on desktop. And billing is so easy. I use the free version as a sole business owner and it does the job. But if I had a team of employees I’d definitely upgrade for the paid subscription - with every penny!
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