Hawaii News Now Weather

4.7 (4.8K)
83.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hawaii News Now Weather

4.68 out of 5
4.8K Ratings
6 years ago, Topwahine
This is a pretty weird app. Not only does the future feature work the past isn’t all that reliable either. Caught between the future or the past I don’t know what is happening right now. Guy needs to tell his boss to stop pushing the app until it’s fixed. Every time I hear him pushing it I cringe. I worked in IT for 50 years so I know what is great and what isn’t. This isn’t. Recommend Dark Sky for iPhone. The second star is strictly for Guy Hagi. He’s a good man caught in the middle.
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2 years ago, Kawekui
Easy Peasy to Use
We keep track of weather forcast in DC, New Zealand, Japan, and just about every place we have visited around the world. Its great to see the future forcast by radar. Telling us if any major storms are headed are way or is it all clear to take our canoes out.
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8 months ago, AlohaBill77
Stop wasting my time with useless information alerts!
There are over 20 categories of notifications but this app needs one more so I can uncheck it: “unimportant information”. “Gentle trades for the next few days” or “Winds are decreasing; when will they ramp up again?” is NOT information I need to be alerted to! Haven’t you ever read the story about the boy who cried “wolf” too often? When the real thing came along he was ignored because of too many false alarms! These are not actual ALERTS; they are simply a developer’s PLOY screaming “Look at my app”! STOP IT!
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3 months ago, sweethapa
It’s fine if it’s all you’re using
The thing I don’t like most about this app is that it does not let you switch between Say texting. If I select the text message that just came in, I go back to the app to finish watching the report and it starts from the very beginning, and I have to watch a commercial again. That is super lame, but the people reporting on it are great
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5 years ago, fteruya808
Don’t like new updated version
The weather radar map was great the way it was. The recent update made the radar map always dark (day or night), and doesn’t seem accurate. Don’t like the “past and future” option either. Both looks the same. Doesn’t show as much as the previous version. Please go back to the old version!!! If not I guess I’m just going to use someone else’s app.
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12 months ago, Ranger Dan 1979
Weather Updates
I really enjoy the information that Hawaii News Now provides me regarding weather and conditions in the Hawaiian islands. I think this is good for the public and it’s also good for the safety of our public. Keep up the good work.
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1 year ago, cap’n billy
Commercial junk
Annoying is the rubbishy stuff that comes with the weather forecast. Abandon it & you will notice much more interest
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5 years ago, Midori808
Black background
The background used to be blue like the color of the ocean and I used to be able to see waves and which direction the wind was blowing but for a few days now the background is pitch black. I thought it was just the app on my phone but I see my friends all have black backgrounds as well. What’s up with that? It no longer looks pretty and makes me feel blah!!! Can u fix the issue so I can see it the way it was before?
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1 year ago, Pat iTunes
Weather Alerts
Appreciate the video to stay current on the quickly-changing weather during the day!
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3 years ago, Aunty Nani
My review
Love it, that I can go to this app and plan my day. Looking at the radar I can tell what type of clothes to wear for the day or night. Thank you for this application.
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1 year ago, Cookiemed
Love HNN Weather app
We sure wish we had this back when we bottom fished for a living back in the 80’s👍
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3 years ago, LizardKilla
Used to like this app👎🏻
I used to like this app. Now the app requires you to allow them to track info on your phone. Unlike other apps that give you the option to allow or not allow an app to track this one will not let you continue unless you allow them to track. I will be deleting this app from my phone
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4 years ago, MyNameJeff789
Buggy and a Battery Killer
1) This app hangs up every once in awhile. 2) drains battery. My locations is only supposed to be on when using the app. But for some reason this app runs in the background and over the last few days is killing my battery (although I have not changed my locations preference).
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2 years ago, rkricardo3
Not very accurate
I live on Kaua’i and there is only ONE radar here and it is on the south side. To give weather reports for only one part of an island isn’t helpful. Get another radar to support the other parts of the island that experience completely different weather patterns…especially on Kaua’i where we get hit HARD with inclement weather.
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3 years ago, sasuage dog
Very informative reports you can Riley on to plan your day
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1 year ago, Dabatkid
Using the radar doesn’t change orientation
I don’t know what they did to the app, but now when you hold the iPhone horizontally the orientation of the map doesn’t change. Fix this issue, it used to be awesome before this last update for the iPhone.
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3 years ago, mermaidmagic
Great weather app
I use it all over world when i travel. Always works for me.
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1 year ago, 808rate
Awesome weather app
I love the Doppler radar it’s very accurate. I love the weather alerts ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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1 month ago, Dis person
We use to like it. Not now.
The old app version was so much better! We liked the old radar. We don’t like it since you changed the live radar. Can see anything! Who ever did the updated version ruined it.
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3 years ago, frutrated music junkie
Don’t bother!
The functions of the app are fine, but they do not update the weather forecast anymore than once a week or so. You are better off looking at other sources for up-to date weather…
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6 years ago, Ckaig
Irritating when there is a warning
This app is irritating when there is a weather warning. You get a warning notice and I clear it. About 15 minutes later it tells me again. Once is good enough don’t have to keep pushing it. I just deleted it.
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2 years ago, Jennifer is better looking
Nice App
We don’t need Guy Hagi anymore, that will save you guys big bucks.
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3 years ago, D_Dubbs
Long Ads, Glitchy
Would be nice if HNN would integrate the information in this app with their main app. Also, 1:00 unskippable ads to watch a 1:21 video forecast? Yikes. Needs work, or consolidation with the existing app.
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2 years ago, casabosque
Thank you 🙏 🇵🇷
I’m from Puerto Rico but I have relatives in Hawaii that’s why I met this app. The one I trust must 🙏
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5 years ago, M3m0m
Not liking new radar. Bring back old one.
The old weather radar was great. This new doesn’t seem to be as accurate. It’s raining right now and it doesn’t show up on the radar. I went to the noaa site to be sure, and it shows it there.
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3 years ago, pumps🤙
Great app
Quick and fast!
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6 years ago, mydearash
Constant crashes
I downloaded this app to keep up with the Hurricane Lane path projections, but every time I zoomed in on the map, the app crashed. EVERY. TIME. Not even being dramatic. I just deleted it because it did the same thing for Miriam. 🙄 over it already.
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3 years ago, "Tiger" Bob
☔️Winter Weather in Hawaii ⛄️
Awesome !!! Winter Weather we haven’t had in a while. Great for the 🦆”Ducks” !!! Stay Dry & Safe.
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2 years ago, Duttor
Too many ads!
Can’t play the videos as the ads keep repeating. Plus I would prefer to read the stories!!
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5 years ago, Dedicated but so sure
Radar Map
I agree with the previous review the map is so dark surrounding the islands, why change something that was working great?
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2 years ago, Renn911
Advertisements Galore
Uh…is there any information provided under all of the ads? Three bright yellow Longs ads on the screen - really ruins the usability of the app. This app was once good. Now it’s just a mess.
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2 years ago, rhaunani
Hilo rain
Thisthis so helps me to plan my day I povllllll
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4 years ago, HI Island
Videos Inaccessible
App is ok if you are looking for hourly forecasts. I am looking for reliable forecasts for Hurricane Douglas and find that the KGMB videos are not available on the app. Not at all helpful in planning for a major weather event in the islands...
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5 years ago, stinkie37
Useless weather alerts
I have alerts on for bad weather alerts. NOT for daily “more best weather on the planet” alerts.
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6 months ago, Sparky1929
Best all around!
The best weather info ever.
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1 month ago, Honu Surfer
Hawaii No Ka Oi ! 👍😎
Reliable Weather News Team 👍😎☘️
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2 years ago, botoman96
Weather report
If it’s Guy it’s a 5
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5 years ago, Fredschulz
No Land Scape View
No Land Scape View
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5 years ago, VikkiKF
Advertisement we’re in a constant loop not allowing viewers to watch the weather forecast video. Also, constant unnecessary alerts.
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6 years ago, kahtiloki
Guy Hagi is a terrible meteorologist
Don’t trust this weather app, the weathermen or the interactive weather radar provided by this app. This is the most unreliable weather app I have ever used!!!
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6 years ago, Jimsac
Harmful ads
Site has ad pop ups like literalizing309 that carry warnings from web browsers. Clean up your act Hawaii News Now.
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3 years ago, Sean80833
It’s not always accurate sometimes it says rain s as bf the whole day has no rain
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4 years ago, stor5y
It’s been frozen in the title screen for 2 days and I guess no notices because I’m the only sucker who uses this app.
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3 years ago, toytigets
You could do a lot better
Very unreliable.
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6 years ago, lolife52
Not loading and right when I need it..
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6 years ago, AJHawaiian
Will not work in landscape mode, especially using an iPad with a keyboard
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6 years ago, PhotoNippon
Stupid app wants to connect to WiFi during a blackout...Yeah, right...
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5 years ago, Iteleportfan
Doesn’t work on iPad Air 2s with IPadOS
Crashes on launch.
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4 years ago, jclc0415
HNN weather app
The update not working with my iPad
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5 years ago, OCEANCOVE
Forecasts are usually incorrect. Navigation on the app is Not good.
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