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User Reviews for HCMToGo

4.22 out of 5
12.8K Ratings
2 years ago, Jimi Crow
Great service provider
This app is perfect for businesses, to help employees see and keep track of their hours, and also make request for days off, unpaid and PTO. It helps keep things organized which I really like. The only Con I really see is the ‘Clocking in & out’, it can be way better. I go to work and clock in fine, and when I clock out it doesn’t show that it’s for the same shift. It’s as if I’m starting 2 different shifts a day. If that can be fixed and reflect on the timesheet, this app would help a lot of employers save time by not going back and fixing every employees Timesheet.
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4 years ago, BronsonL1992
Clunky interface is confusing, crashes between opens, overall very hard to use
A company I work with recently switched to using HCMToGo. My first reaction was that the interface was extremely hard to use compared to the app we switched from and was way more intuitive, way more user friendly, it took me and everyone else I work with WAY longer than it should have to simply find our schedule. Information that should be easy to access is hidden through menus and tabs, maybe that’s all customizable to some point but the default UI would be way better if it was simplified. That’s my biggest gripe, and I hope the developers working on this app consider the non technical average joe and simplify the interface. The app crashes between opens. I understand logging out after use, but the app crashes and after each login I have to manually close the program each time. Minor inconvenience, but this app is riddled with minor inconveniences that add up across our company while we are adjusting to what is right now a very cumbersome app.
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2 years ago, AA1574
Huge usability issues
This app has quite a number of usability issues that continue to get worse with each update. The level of customization that is available only adds to the confusion and does not allow the user to layout any features that are used on a daily basis. The need to drill down through multiple menus is ridiculous for features like clocking in and out. It should be available from the home screen by default, or at least able to be located there. And on a similar note, when browsing through the settings and opening the profile info, all of the users personal information is available clear as day without any obstruction to anyone who may be near by. This information includes but is not limited to full name, date of birth, and full social security number. Between the daily usability struggles and a lack of concern over personal information security I would not recommend or continue to use this app.
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3 months ago, Disgruntled App-loyee
Major functionality issues
Apart from the usual connection issues, periodically not registering clock in/outs properly, and dizzyingly confusing user interface, now for some reason (guessing a new update) I and my coworkers are constantly being logged out of the system whereas before we were able to open the app without issue and punch in or out with ease. My phone saves my login information for all apps I use and are quickly unlocked via the handy little biometrics feature. You’d think that would work for this app. It doesn’t. Tried to check if maybe there was option in the app settings or permissions. There is NO SETTINGS MENU anywhere on this app. To be fair, there are advantages to having your payroll information readily available at your convenience. But the app is just a painful chore to navigate and use. Here’s to hoping the devs can sort this one out.
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1 year ago, e_wolff
When programmers are allowed to design a user interface
The software works, most of the time, but that’s about the best I can say for it. It’s not at all intuitive. I’ve used it for over six months now and I still can’t find what I need most of the time. There’s virtually no consistency between the various screens and how the reports work so what works on one screen doesn’t necessarily work on another one. The same controls and settings will often appear in different places on different screens. Numbers that the app should be calculating in real-time (like how many hours I’ve worked today when I’m still punched in and my week-to-date hours worked) don’t. Even after you punch out, today’s hours don’t show up in your totals until tomorrow. This app could easily be SO much better. But it’s not. :-(
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4 years ago, BLNIENVS
Love it!
This is my first time ever using or even having the option to use this kind of app for work! It is very easy to use and it’s SO convenient! Every big work organization should have this for their employees! Even down to the small details to see exactly how long you’ve work; down to the amount of days is just so cool to me. If I could give a bigger star rating I 100% would. I have heard of other employees having difficulties with this app. I’m not sure if it’s due to the user or our HR but I personally have had no problems. Not to mention requiring to update your password every so often is great. It’s a hassle to do but they do what they can safety of your information and I love it 😃
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County Paratransit Driver
As an Apple family of apps, user, one gets kind of used to industry standards as far as apps. Overall, this app works as indicated there are a couple things that they could do to improve to make more compatible with industry standards i.e. making the password section have a visible/invisible eye adjustment that unhides what you’re typing. This is helpful when you’re working off a normal size iPhone. As it is without being able to see as you type, there are chances that you will miss type, especially with the fat finger syndrome and many times you get locked out and after trying to reset within the system. Then we have to go to the administrator to have them reset a temporary password. The lack of expandability of screen with two fingers would be a welcome addition, especially with some of the sections for small font type size. These both would be a couple of suggestions that I think would make it much more easier to maneuver and utilize this app.
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4 years ago, Deb85233
Not great , not even good
First off, I despise the unethical practice of companies harassing the user to give an automatic 5 star rating to get rid of the pop up asking for a rating. I have chosen “no thanks” 20 times trying to get that request to go away. I would not give a 5 star rating for this app. I might have given 3 stars but now its 1 star for that reason. The app itself is poorly done and difficult to navigate. The headings given do not describe well what you are looking for. I’ve used this app since January and every time I’m looking for info such as what my PTO accumulation rate is, or how to correct a punch because YOUR server is down, I have to search and search through menu options that do not describe what I’m looking for. So although you embezzled a 5 star rating from me, I’m here to give you 1 star and wish I could give zero stars
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11 months ago, E.S.P.ecially
Versatile & Easy
As a user, HCMtg covers many aspects, including schedule, pay breakdown, time off requests, Digital forms for updating SOP, & clocking in & out It also has many clearly labeled methods of browsing to these options, making options easy to find It’s only weakness is its dependency on internet access, which can delay sign in/out, but not using the internet would be a trade off instead of being strictly better Finally, it’s just a business app, so it’s not like it’s especially thrilling, but that should be expected
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1 year ago, Mega Chungus
My only complaint is that they don’t let you easily access multiple employers when using the app.
Overall it’s a great app and good for timesheets and tons of other HR, payroll, and other options. My only gripe is that there didn’t seem to be a way of accessing multiple employers if you had two employers that both use this same app. If there was it wasn’t easy to find it which is still a downside.
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1 year ago, iambrokeasf
Very Glitchy
My god if I had a nickel for every glitchy error it gave me then I’d get 2 paychecks! It logged me out so many times and had to create new password after new password and since their pw options are strict I had to remember long ones. Loading circles are insane! And if you try to refresh app by exiting it it’ll give you another error message saying the app’s server is not working therefore I have to restart my phone and even with that sometimes it still has that server error page so then i have no choice but to wait like about a minute to then re open the app for it to finally function. Keep in mind that I have to deal with this when I have to start my shift! So I have no time for this, it’s bizarre!
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3 years ago, Miser Mitch
Awesome App with deep functionality
I am able to do much more with HCMtogo versus other HCM apps. The widgets are customizable and easy to use. Employees can very quickly learn to navigate a broad set of features. Our business is so much more efficient with features like PTO requests, missing and chanes to punches and shift swaps using the app. We are able to spend more time on employee satisfaction versus mundane tasks. The app is very secure with face ID allowing seamless login with GEO fencing to prevent time theft. The technology is way more advanced than any other platform.
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4 years ago, Rensca
Buggy and insane menus
Face ID login never works and I usually end up having to type my user name and password every time. Admittedly our company uses very few of the plentiful features, but it’s wild that every navigation menu item is buried with in at least one collapsable menu item. Usually by the same name. (My Time > Timesheets > Timesheet (other options in that menu include “My Timesheets” why not just one button. Ultimately I appreciate that I can clock in and out on the home page (unlike many other time tracking apps weirdly) But the organization and prioritization of everything else in the app is really frustrating.
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4 years ago, Colton_H
Difficult to use and outdated
My job recently switched to using HCMtoGo, and none of us like the app. The schedule is very difficult to find hidden under multiple tabs. The timesheet gives decimal points for your hours, so you have to do math to figure out how many hours and minutes you’ve actually worked. This has caused multiple of my coworkers to go over hours because of how confusingly this app is set up. Please take away all the multiple tabs and make the hours show in minutes and hours. All of my coworkers are great with computers and technology, but this app challenges even the most computer literate person. We have never had any issue using the previous app, TSheets! This app could learn many things from TSheets!
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1 year ago, nolan-void
Archaic interface for timesheet tracking
The overall app feels like it was designed a decade ago. The most glaring example is in time tracking. I have to imagine tracking hours is one of the primary use cases. If true, why do we need to jump through multiple hoops each time we want to enter a start or stop? It would be fantastic if I launched the app and it simply prompted me to start tracking time (if not currently tracking, or stop tracking time (if currently tracking). And, set rules that remind me to take a break when required by law (where applicable) via push notifications, email, or SMS.
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2 years ago, Shane198634
Absolutely Confusing
I absolutely hate this app. Worse thing my job did was switch to it. The app won’t load unless you remember to force close it after each use. Setting up direct deposit is a headache X 10. If you switch banks or have 2 banks good luck trying to get them set up as it’s a nightmare with constant error messages saying only 1 direct deposit account can be set up at a time or some other kind of error. Why you can’t just go to your direct deposit section and click edit and change your account info and call it a day is beyond me. If you can avoid this app, I highly recommend you AVOID it at all cost.
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4 years ago, SaYes
not super great. still needs some work; Won’t open again after you use it (you have to hard close the app each time) a white screen just shows, navigation within is not intuitive. issues clocking out if you’ve done an overnight. i know this app is supposed to be helpful but managers end up having to take more time than normal to add in all the missed clocks. and there isn’t a way to go back when entering benefits data if you’ve missed something, you basically have to start over again. keep working, team!
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7 days ago, digitecca
Awful UX
Removing face id, forcing me to click remember user name every other use, having to take extra time to click into additional schedule lengths and then have to view each of them individually… the processes of this app make me take far longer just to check my schedule and upload it to a calendar app than it should for any reason. Use infinite scroll. Lazy load me additional cards past 4 days if I continue to scroll. Bring back Face ID/passkeys. Remember device id and keep remember me checked. It’s an iPhone, there’s no public profile that anyone else is signing into. Maybe even include Caldav or ics.
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9 months ago, Shagee08
The Worst
Remember what you used to have to do to MySpace to get it just the way you wanted? Well they stopped halfway through that process here. This app is NOT good to put it mildly. The presentation of information is basically 4-Chan or Reddit quality. It’s nearly indecipherable. The clinical nature with which information is displayed is at LEAST twice as sterile as an OR and once you’ve managed to claw and bite your way to whatever it is you’re looking for good luck making sense of it. This is just the equally bad website in app form. 0/5 stars. I think I’ll just stop checking my time if this is what I have to use to do it.
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3 years ago, Durandal405
Does it’s job, but…
This app has a lot of timesheet utilities and makes clocking in/out more accessible, but it does have some bugs that are off putting. As a user, I’ve had more then a few instances (including right before writing this) where I opened this app to get a “server is unavailable” message, only to then force close and re-open the app and be able to connect and log in just fine. These kinds of things can potentially make a difference in punch in/out times.
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7 months ago, r0sebyanyothername
Rendered Useless
This app has been rendered completely useless for a month now due to a login issue that clearly hasn’t been addressed. People need to use this to clock in their hours for work (not voluntarily might I add) and it doesn’t even serve that purpose anymore. I shouldn’t have to use the desktop browser every time because this crashes on login no matter what I try but unfortunately that is the case right now and it’s very inconvenient. Please fix this issue asap it’s extremely frustrating and clear that multiple people are having this problem.
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4 years ago, Schadey Steve
Facial recognition for IPhone 12 Pro
Facial recognition started out not working but them magically started work after a few attempts on my new iPhone 12 pro max but only stopped working. Now when I log in with my user ID and password it gives me a message thy face recognition is active. Went through this with my previous iPhone with using my finger print to open it. A minor bug to fix but inconvenient for the technology.
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4 years ago, MetalBender6420
Does this work?
I’ve repeatedly had problems with the app. Especially towards the end of the shift. I can’t move around in the app., it freezes up, I can’t clock out or it doesn’t register that I clocked in when I certainly did and I will clock out and tells me I can’t because I just clocked out when I hadn’t! Sometimes unusual or wrong pages come up and I can’t get them to go away. Other times I can’t get the app to work at all. I deleted the app and reinstalled it but I still have problems with it.
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2 years ago, JaXzing
Too much bull
Our company uses this and TriNet and after downloading both apps you still can only punch in on the web browser so it usually takes a long time to just get punched in having to log in 3 times waiting for codes and trying to figure out why the app and browser are not compatible. The app says I need to check my emergency contacts and personal information that’s always been entered and I get notification from the app that means nothing like maintenance it honestly feels like the people that programed this have never had to use it
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10 months ago, dammitrichard2
Face ID? Touch ID? Anything?
I live the app, it’s very convenient although I just wish this had Face ID for instant log in or Touch ID for other users. I’m getting tired of having to put in my password every time rather it just Face ID and log me in. It would be even more convenient if this app could have that. Even bank or credit apps provide this feature, why not this app?
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1 year ago, therealhalibut
Obviously used for work, but very solid app
No real issues with the app, can clock in and out quickly and easily, you can login with FaceID, and things are laid out relatively clearly and simply. The only real issue I’ve had was that the app logged me out a few days ago (about a week into using the app) and I had to relog. But yeah, decent app.
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7 months ago, allthewaytothefloor
Bug fix needed
Within the past few weeks (likely due to an iPhone update), I've been unable to log in. After entering my info, it logs in, loads for a moment, and then returns to the login screen with no invalid password notification. A fix would be greatly appreciated; the apps great other than this.
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10 months ago, Not on the road again
It’s frustrating
You have to sign in EVERY time and can’t stay signed in!!! For an app that you have use potentially 4 times on a work day to start work sign in a out for lunch and again at the end of the day. Also if you sign in at 7:30 AM in the morning it will NOT change AM to PM when you dial in 12 noon to start your lunch period. The same when you sign out you have to make sure you change AM to PM otherwise it will show you working all the way through 4 AM the next day.
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3 years ago, coop4422
Quit changing the app
Since the latest update the “clock in” button is at the bottom of the screen on iPhone 11 and 12 so close to the “swipe up” bar that we often accidentally clock in when our intent is to background the app. Also the little “drop down” arrow to select “clock out” is too small and we often end up clocking in when we want to be clocking out. You need two separate buttons further from the bottom of the screen. Also, if I am clocked in at the moment the clock in button should be grayed out and vice versa.
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2 years ago, DismalScientist587
HCMtoGo is glitchy and slow with iPhone SE
The opening screen always tells me that I’m denied access to this info, but if I click on the menu on the upper left, a drop down menu appears and I am allowed normal access. We use this app to clock in on a desktop. I’m not sure if the option for a WiFi clock in on our phones exists, but that would be much easier and more hygienic. Navigating through your own data in this app , at least on an iPhone SE, is not intuitive and redundant.
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1 year ago, I’m Not Anonymous
Features limited in app vs. mobile web
This must be a bug. On my iPhone, some options are not available when I login via the app compared to the mobile web interface. For example, I cannot clock in or clock out using the app. On the “my timesheet” panel, it shows that I have clocked in, and it shows the current time, but it is missing the clock in or clock out options. Since I clock in and clock out almost every day, it’s one of the most common features I use, so this essentially makes the app useless for me.
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2 years ago, RRAY2286
Not very user friendly.
My job switched to this company for payroll. We had ADP before. This app is horribly clunky, not user friendly and a nightmare to navigate. ADP allowed you to clock in/out from the Home Screen. This app makes you clock through several screens just to clock in/out. Also, why do they even have a “fun” section where you can feed virtual turtles or Buffalo. It’s a useless feature that is pretty infantile for an app that is used by professionals to track their time/benefits.
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11 months ago, ThaBBCServiceTech
Efficient and very convenient
It is not often that a company employees an app such as HCMtoGo where the employees/technicians can track and monitor their hours, benefits, payroll, details; etc. all from the convenience of a mobile device. HCMtoGo stands toe to toe/neck to neck with ServiceTitan (another great HR resource tool). I highly recommend this very affordable at and give it five stars.
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6 days ago, Ghibli_girl
Clock in/clock
The clock in and clock out buttons I feel are too close together and I often select the wrong one. It also doesn’t seem to serve any purpose that I can clock out when I’m not clocked in or that I can clock in when I’m already clocked in. It also takes a long time to login and log my punches. Also, when I’m waiting the 30 seconds or so to clock in or out if my screen changes position it stops the clock in process.
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2 years ago, Queenty 927
Needs work on different areas or locations for signal
The app needs some work when it comes down to clocking in and out because of the area or location, I be in I can not clock in or out at the right time. So then I have to call or text someone from payroll to adjust or correct my time. But other then that it’s a ok app to use when tracking your hours and making sure your paycheck will be correct before pay day!
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1 month ago, Dandielayla
App wouldn’t let me in, and I changed my password
Hi HCMToGo, I have recently changed my password for the app and now it won’t let me in!! They said the password is about to expire in 10 days, and wanted to update it. I didn’t know u guys changed the website, and app!! Plz help figure out who I can contact, and on my email they said talk with the admin.
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11 months ago, PBPizza
Review of this app
The app is convenient for asking time off; however, it does not let you make changes once you’ve submitted your request. It would be better if you could go in to make changes, corrections, or updates. This is the biggest problem I’ve found. It would also be nice if the schedule was posted by the supervisor on this site.
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1 year ago, I'mAFan2
Great system!
It’s very convenient to be able to access all my information and everything at anytime, and the ability to make changes without having to go through HR or office personnel is great. It’s also easy to use and navigate. I think it’s a great system!
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1 year ago, Destiny @}---
Nice and convenient
I like the convenience of this app to check my time sheet, make sure I punched in or out, enter leave can save paper by having a digital paystub. I give it a four because it can be confusing when I need to add a note and when I request leave for a full day it only enters 8 hours. I work 12 hours.
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1 year ago, Kendrick Dabmar
Time clock on the go!
Perfect for jobs that allow you to clock out via your mobile device! You can make adjustments to your time card from your phone, request vacation and many other features without “the face to face” interaction.
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3 years ago, Admin users
App usage
The app allows for a minimum amount of usage via phone as it does not stack available screens/data easily to allow the user to view options on a smart phone. Scrolling up and down and turning a phone from side-to-sides needed frequently to view data. Users unfamiliar with the regular screen options could easily get frustrated with the app version.
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1 year ago, MrFaTtYwAcKy
Great App!
This app allows me to seamlessly look at my hours, pay, points, and even be able to see how much PTO I will have in coming weeks! So far there have been absolutely zero bugs and the two factor authentication is something I very much appreciate!
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2 years ago, d A k i N e
This app is like HR in your hands! You can request your days off on here, look at your paystubs, your schedule and etc. I’ve never had a problem with this app ever! It works fine never did have to wait for any undergoing maintenance nor anything at all! This is the absolute best!
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2 years ago, me48294
Absolutely awful, I lost $300 because of their terrible system. It won’t let me make my bank account the remainder because “only one can be the remainder” while the other account that is the remainder is one I don’t even own. All of my money is going into it and there’s no way for me to wire it to my actual bank. Everything I try gives me the same error message and is a constant loop, to top it off the account’s bank is permanently closed so I can’t even call them. Fix it.
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1 year ago, KlitKahManDoor
I’d give it zero if I could.
Literally, and I mean literally the worst application I have on my phone. It will log you out every time even if you say not to. It will log out out and you’ll have to find out certain things about the company before you’re able to log in again. The screen will come up, and be interactive, only to let you know later that it did not pick up anything you entered, because it was in fact, signed out. This app deserves 0 stars.
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7 months ago, Jake3927491016
Stupid app
Let’s start with the bugged per diem amounts… I was grossly overpaid for perdiem which I had to repay, I was given an extra year of leave time on top of the year that I already had which I reported but was told that it was correct…😬🤯. Now this MUST be the most secure app with the most secure bugs because they are requiring 2FA every 24 HRS. This app is a frukking joke. To business owners I say…”find another system”. To other forced app users I say… “I am so very sorry that your company has forced this on you”.
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8 months ago, my50cheeses
Glitches and restarts after new iPhone update
My phone updated last night and now the app glitches and restarts after login. The app bas been rendered inoperable. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app, and that did not fix things. I tried turning the phone off and back on again. Nothing. This does not seem to be isolated just to me, and I am comforted others are experiencing. The same issue. That said, a fix is needed… badly. And quickly please. Thank you.
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8 months ago, R no dh
I have updated my phone and since I can’t get into the app. I am able to log in and before it displays the clock in/out screen it kicks me right out and takes me to the “select region screen” and makes me do it over and over. I am no longer able to use it, it’s so frustrating. I have deleted the app in hopes it helped, unfortunately it didn’t do anything.
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1 year ago, aluap41
Worst app ever
1. People must sign into work before they can sign out so “clocking in” should be on the left and “clocking out” on the right. 2. Constant “server not available” is a pain. 3. The app can only remember your location for the immediate time frame you are clocked in for even though it is the only place you work. 4. If you don’t tell it to save the location, it doesn’t clock you in at all. 5. Why does it require a new password? The old one was working just fine!
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3 years ago, App user T
Why I gave you two stars
This app has some good applications, but overall it is not particularly user friendly. I always click the Remember My Log In box. And the app never does. Navigating thru the various sections is a crap shoot at best. When I want to check my schedule for the next week or pay period I often get re-directed to another page that is NOT what I need. It might be a good idea if you have a user that relies on this app help you make it more user friendly.
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