HD Supply Solutions App

4.8 (11.9K)
142.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
HD Supply, Inc.
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for HD Supply Solutions App

4.82 out of 5
11.9K Ratings
8 months ago, speed walking
Maintenance supplies
Most of the time you can get the parts needed quickly and efficiently. If your having trouble getting parts a rep for HD Supply is ready and willing to help. After adding mobile app it’s super easy and quick, so your right back to work
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3 years ago, maintenance1234
Maintenance lead, Lincoln property 20years
Hold things in shopping cart after you purchase. Slow to respond. It's important to always have pictures showing part/item accurately. You listed ice maker as a whirlpool part. What I got several times was GE icemaker I couldn't use. Delays in parts arrival, and appliances arriving damage is a big issue. When we order it's because people are waiting on these things to be fixed or replaced. "We lose money." Concessions have to be given to residents when we can't get what we need and in usable condition. It's not someone pulling the wrong part. Special orders like doors, cabinets, baseboard, appliances parts need to be speed up majorly. But, your service is better then Home-depot pro. I hope they don't do to you what they did to Wilmar.
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2 years ago, fercho8383
Delay delay delay
I ordered one set of sliding doors and it’s been more than 3 weeks and I continue to wait. Costumer service is not useful at all, for two weeks I called every day and they all told me the same thing: that it was “in transit and it would arrive today before 5 pm” like programmed robots. Every day the same thing, they told me they would send emails and I would get a response but nothing. This has been a waste of my time and now I’m behind in my project. First and last time I buy from this site.
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5 years ago, Twiztid Bowels
Can’t order everything from app
Won’t let me order blinds from app, I have to go online so I end up not using the app because most of my orders have blinds in them. I wish it would work for that, then it would be so handy to use & look stuff up
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4 years ago, Normal Grace
Excellent Customer Service
... and on time delivery. I love that I can call and speak to a human being who speaks good English and who can tell me almost to the minute, well really to the hour, when my goods will arrive. It means I can have confidence in my schedule and plans on delivery days.
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1 year ago, Just naming this is hard even
Tracking orders
Looking up orders is very difficult. You have to open each one and it list by the order number. Home Depot has pictures, you have a basic picture so you could scroll down and see what you’re looking for. It’s much easier when you have many orders they described through order numbers that you do not have on hand. Plus, the app is slow and malfunctions all the time
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5 years ago, Lucy Joe V.
Riviera Oaks Resort & Racquet Club
Hi my name is Joe Villaverde and I’m the facilities manager. The app. Is very convenient for me because I can get on the spot information and order at the same time wherever I may be. Today world is all about Partners in efficiency and the HD Supply app. is a great tool to have when I’m on the move.
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2 months ago, pagej78
Great Service
HD has always had great customer service. I have been in the business for 25 years now and can always count on HD. Looking forward to 25 more years working along side of HD Supply!
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1 year ago, ddude55904
Can’t customize blinds
Downloaded the app to a virtually new iPhone to see if I could customize vertical blinds. It would allow me to change the width but gave no drop-down menu for length. The reason I downloaded the app was because I am unable to customize blinds on any of my computers either using chrome or edge browsers. There I get all the drop downs but unable to submit/save/place in cart. I guess I just have to go to Menards.
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4 months ago, Mr Gill
App keeps on getting better and better
Love all of the enhancements within the app during the past year.
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5 years ago, Cwick21
The new update was much needed
So much better than the old one. Logged in and saw the products I get often, was quick to reorder. Also searching for products is a ton easier
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1 year ago, Mod-row
In app issue
Every time I click on “view order status” it tells me “oops something went wrong” I’ve tried all options and have come to a dead end. I guess I will have to just go back to using the website instead of the mobile app.
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7 months ago, Baba ganoosh 2
App and website
Super easy to use, and my rep, Cyndi Mitchell is amazing! She has helped me out with a start up, and has been on point with everything despite her busy schedule!
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4 years ago, donnie burnette
Love the service
Service is great and you can expect your shipment on time or a day before very great place to order from they make you feel like your getting the best quality for the lowest buck
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5 years ago, Castlebond007
It’s incredibly hindering to not be able to zoom in on product pictures. It’s the only format I’ve seen anywhere lately that you can’t do so. Another complaint would be not showing a listing of comparable models on some parts. Particularly appliance parts. Other than that it’s fine.
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5 years ago, gwhoevers
Barcode scanner is WORTHLESS
I'd love to use the barcode scanner but it's completely useless. I tried dozens of time to use it but it doesn't work. It seems pretty straight forward but I don't know, maybe it's user error. 🤷🏻‍♂️
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5 years ago, George Henson
Worse with every update.
I would like to say what kind of problem I’m having but it has to work to begin with. The last update made it unusable.
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5 years ago, totomayok
Maintenance supervisor
I’m mariocubar I just wondering if you guys have still sales representative that going around our property to promote merchandise. Before I have Luis Garcia from HDSUPPLY sales representative. We discuss what we need in our property especially pricing and promo.
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4 years ago, Iuuu
Years of satisfied service
Selection/Delivery and Support have always been on point!
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5 years ago, Renewstudios
A Massive Improvement!
Wow this app looks amazing! Its so easy to use and a huge improvement from the previous version. Highly recommended.
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2 months ago, Don Tonio*
Very expensive Price Gouging
I don’t know how this company stays afloat there prices should reflect the amount of volume they do equally things should be cheaper or getting cheaper to purchase but it’s totally opposite the more they make the greedier they have gotten what happen to the days of honest companies?????????
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2 years ago, hdtjjjfdddf
Bad business
Apple is boosting this app by changing review ratings. This is common. Go look at the 5 star reviews with nothing but complaints. Nothing I order on this app shows up correct if anything shows up at all. Now you can’t even see past orders. Home Depot essentially ruined this company. Chadwell is far superior in every way.
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5 years ago, Panduro1951
Great company to do business with
I have been dealing with this company for over 17 years and I’m planning to continue on thanks for the good service
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6 months ago, Lou at PJC
My opinion
Even tho everything is overpriced by 2x or 3x it’s price, The company I work for still uses HD. Plus Tom Kelly is an amazing Rep.
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2 years ago, Jugador creado
I really like it very much. It's very easy and safe and it works very well for construction companies
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4 years ago, necrovitalize
Fast and easy
Faster than the website
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4 years ago, Alex Holty
Great customer service
Always so easy and quick to get what we need!
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4 years ago, 6338284728394728
The best
I think it is better than any other app that you can shop on
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1 year ago, Justice528Hz
App needs to be worked on by an expert.
To many bugs within the app. Especially when charging an arm and a leg you think they would have a better app.
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4 years ago, Charles R Clarke
So easy to order on the go or to add things to cart.
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3 months ago, May14@2023
Maintenance Director
Always find any item I need , great representative Russell Johnston!!! Always their for our Community!!
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3 years ago, MerelyStarDust
Great service!
On time parts when I need them!
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10 months ago, Kay Kay 10415
Fast way to order
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4 years ago, OP-WDM
We love the app at our property
Thank you HD for making everything so convenient!
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4 years ago, 79chicano
Great app. Little slow loading up items. Good stuff .
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2 years ago, to hard to use
The site never shows when a delivery will be made. Some items are on back order for moths. Delivery says next day? But it’s weeks. This company is going down hill fast.
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2 years ago, nickname3642255
Cannot login to the app
Cannot login to the app at all. No problems logging into the website from my PC. Using a password manager so it’s not like I am mistyping the password. I even made the password visible to verify that it is the same. Great store but app is unusable.
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2 years ago, Whitecloud1989
Great app
So far so good Easy to use no issues as of this time
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12 months ago, Aguila1972#1
Great service
Good customer service next day delivery and competitive pry
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1 year ago, binka patel
Good service
I like HD supply because good customer service. Very fast shipping
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3 years ago, SDP@roanoke
Very easy and convenient
HD created very nice , easy and convenient with good features
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2 months ago, Clay ORG PM
Professional service!!!!
Rep sales Shawn does a fantastic job
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3 months ago, EWG30
Great company and easy to shop with. Thank you
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3 years ago, Gramitez24
It’s so convenient and easy to use.
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4 years ago, AHVTB
The app works fine up until I want to open an item link from my search results. As soon as I click on one of the results, the app closes immediately and clears my search.
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1 month ago, Mr. Big Nuts
Pop ups every 2 seconds and windows you can’t close which make what you’re scrolling 1/5 of the phone screen
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2 years ago, Mtips18
Another crap Home Depot app
Search function won’t even work. Home Depot is trying really hard to push business away.
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4 years ago, GaryUpa
Fantastic App
All that we need at fingertips on the go 👍👌🏻
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5 months ago, Cleburne tx
Joseph maintenance, Director
Best app ever way better than DSSI
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2 months ago, Drum god 1211
Come on!
90% of the items I scan come up as a different product.
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