HD Thermometer ⊎

4.4 (8.1K)
65.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Christophe Pereira
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for HD Thermometer ⊎

4.37 out of 5
8.1K Ratings
5 years ago, !*bobbin*!
Suggestion for next update...
It seems to work fairly well... but I have a suggestion for your next update... I tried to show the city & state for a city, but it won’t show the state, only the city & United States... E.G. I tried to type Sun City, California... nothing came up... but there is more than one Sun City in the United States... I live in Canton, Ohio... same thing... the is more than one Canton in the United States... other than that, it’s a pretty cool app... ALSO... I have a small red “1” on the icon and don’t know how to get it off...
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6 years ago, JanMHarris
Does NOT work for indoor temperature!!
I specifically bought this app because the reviews claimed it worked great for determining the temperature indoors. I tried it first as a free app but then read a comment that said to purchase it for it work fully, foolish me! I did, and I won’t make that mistake again! I literally held my phone next to a gas fireplace until I couldn’t stand the heat on my skin - no change! Then once it had cooled, I put it in the fridge, and surprise, surprise NO CHANGE. It may tell me what temperature it is in my city, but the FREE iPhone weather app will do that!! I wish o had seen a review like this one before purchasing - I never would have done it and have no clue how the app has a 4+ star rating for doing basically nothing. I’d get my money back if I thought it was worth my time to do so... I just deleted it instead and would give it 0 stars if possible.
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6 years ago, Temperature on screen
Accurate & Informative
After returning from a trip I have a location coming up for the current location that is not my location‼️ Advise how to delete this location, please ‼️‼️Temperature readings seem accurate and I miss seeing what source the readings are from. I like having both C & F temperatures displayed. 😊
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4 years ago, Nomad16
Helpful app!
I have been enjoying this app because it gives the temperatures in both Celsius and Fahrenheit in different locations where my friends live. Would suggest adding the local time at these locations.
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6 years ago, Engineersyd
Great for a quick glance at what the temp is before you leave the house. Let’s you know how to dress for the day. A variety of faces lets you choose what style is best for you. Accurate for your location. Just overall handy! Well worth having on your phone!
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3 years ago, Aledfink
Handy and accurate! Check it often.
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5 years ago, Georgie Lin
Thermometer seems to be very accurate.
Better than weather service which only gives gen area temps. I need to know what the temp is in the shade for my work and how to manage what i do. 5 degree differences or more make a huge difference
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5 years ago, JewleNic
Not accurate & charged 2ice
Not accurate! Used to be spot on to my personal weather station, but not anymore. It's 103 outside & this app says it's 100. Also I already had purchased this app last year & after updating the app on another iPad, it gave me ads. So I taped on the $ icon expecting to get "already purchased" message but instead got message "you're set to go." Ripped off!! Won't be updating this on my iPod as don't wanna be ripped off another $2.00!
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1 year ago, awhitsauls
Improvements suggested
🔹What would be fabulous is if the current temp was visible without opening the app. Like many clock and calendar apps have. 🔹Some of these apps don’t rotate to the way the user uses their device. Not an issue with phones. 🔻Big issue for IPAD and tablet users.
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4 years ago, Left Hand Screwball
Fun App
Here I am in North County San Diego where the temps rarely fluctuate more than a few degrees, but this summer has been brutal. It’s day four of 106+ degrees with no end in sight. It feels more like Phoenix than San Diego, but it’s HOT! I can’t tease my friends in other states, cause we’re hotter than them!
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3 years ago, Danielos2
NOT True
I downloaded this because the first review said it didn’t cover the readings with advertisements. False and very not true!! It was worse than others, advertising would start and not let you turn them off until so many seconds passed along with load music during the ad, graphics for therm was nice, so gave it a 1 on the 1-5 scale
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7 years ago, Zelda02
It seems pretty accurate, but it doesn't show the temp at my location. The temp it shows is several miles from me.
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7 years ago, Scott IT Guy
Love this app!
This app gives an accurate temperature reading in either F or C, no matter where you are and tells you the location where it's reading from. Love it!
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2 years ago, very patiebed
Works great sometimes it’s a little slow?
Works great sometimes it’s a little slow?
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3 years ago, bea1236473726
Be careful of this developer and do not visit their website they are fraud and track everything once you visit their site, I would post a picture if I could but review will not allow. Do not download anything from this developer they are being reported
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2 years ago, Bulkshit1
Not a local thermometer
I was looking for an ap that would read the current temp from the phone. This just gets the info for your location from somewhere on the internet.
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4 months ago, jlb070
Simple and precise, everything I need
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11 months ago, C O 3
Cool App
We’re staying at a vacation home and this app is GREAT!!! I used it to check the temperature as the rooms were radically different. Many Thanks! C J
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6 years ago, cowgalmt
Since my car doesn't have a Compass and it it's perfect for going down the road. It's simple it's clear it's good.
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7 years ago, ZenMomentsKarma
I've tried to get this thing to stay on my exact location, but it continues to pick what it wants which is several miles from me.
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5 years ago, Fltoner
it's exactly what it says it is
... and is a very handy and quick peek at current outdoor temperatures at your location. I like it.
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6 years ago, chargedwithoutmyconsent
Would request a refund but the apps link to app support brings you to a website that in no way mentions this app and there is no sort of contact. I want a refund. I did not purchase this app. I in fact hit the X on the touch screen and it confirmed my “touch” without my finger being on the home button. Total scam.
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5 months ago, Comparative Medicine
Review of Temp app
Instant, accurate, informative, without having to do anything.
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4 years ago, The Pap-Man
It works!
A very simple reliable way to check the temperature. I like that both systems are displayed simultaneously.
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5 years ago, chattanooga charlie
GREAT!!!!! Just what I desired. Accuracy better than i had expected to ever find. Inexpensive too. Couldn't be more pleased.
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10 months ago, Kr15cmvk
I needed a thermometer to monitor indoors
What a waste of time! After looking for an app to monitor changes in the interior of a room, this was recommended! It’s useless for that! All it does is check current temperature in your area outside. I have a weather app and an actual outdoor thermometer for that.
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6 years ago, SteneC51
It’s fast and accurate. Easy reading, thank you.
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2 years ago, musicwiz123
Thermometer showing local weather.
Question, what is the difference between this paid application and the apple weather that is free. $1.90 is the difference. Two stars for clever gimmick.
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4 years ago, aliisleeping
Not a thermometer but a weather app for temp
I paid for the premium thinking I was getting more but it is only different look for thermometer styles that give weather temp from a weather station. It is not a thermometer which is what I got it for. This should not be listed as a thermometer because it is not one.
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3 years ago, late grandma
Not what I wanted.
I want a thermometer that tells me the temperature where I am. Such as the room where I am. This is no different than the weather apps that tell you what the temperature is at some unknown weather station.
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5 years ago, lgcowboy
Inside thermometer
Seems to be accurate but time will tell.
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2 years ago, chunksoflove
Does not work as advertised
This is a simple weather map. It does not measure the ambient temperature of the room you are in. If you want to k ow the outside temperature according to weather services this works fine. If you want to know how hot or cold it is in your house this app does not work.
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3 years ago, Gertrude8Manhattan
Dont write the exact temp on the sides
What good is the thermometer if the amounts are on the side. Make a feature that allows you to take this part away. How do you teach children to tell temperature if you keep giving them the answers?
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5 months ago, m1chaelb
Easy to use and covenant to use
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4 years ago, skeeterd65
Very accurate between thermometer app and my actual thermometer I have outside
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5 years ago, whatsite
Bills outside reading of the temperature
The thermometer is very, exceptionally, nice I wouldn’t know the temperature outside without it Thanks for that app!
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6 months ago, 2001 Hampster
Doesn’t tell you indoor temperature
The app is advertised to tell you what the internal temperature of a room is. It only gives you the outside temperature which we already can obtain from other preinstalled apps. Not worth it.
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1 year ago, So anoyed!
I want to know the indoor temperature. I am checking the temperature in my room sitting beside a heater and it’s telling me it’s 44° which I know is the forecast for outside but I know it’s not that in my room. so it’s crap they’re just telling me what the weather forecast is!
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6 years ago, Litte Forest
Fooled me
I actually thought this thermometer would tell the temperature around your iPhone or iPad. It does not! It finds the temperature based on your Location and displays it as its own. Who needs that when you can use weather(dot)com and others like it.
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2 months ago, P MINZ
Latast update and it stopped working deleted and Re tnstalled now is working!
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2 years ago, RasaLeela
More accurate than The Thermometer
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4 years ago, magillicutti magee
The most precise thermometer I have used yet I compared it with a van water and Rogers lab thermometer and I was more than pleased.
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4 years ago, HollySue3
Room Thermometer
The thermometer is clear and easy to read, just what I wanted. No bells and whistles necessary.
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1 year ago, DaGoose
Give me what you advertised
I want to know the temp where I am - not for the nearest town. What temp in my bedroom? In the garage? Outside my front door? The temp of my town pops up everywhere, on every device. I don’t need another app to tell me that
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1 year ago, mrmem0
I can’t find an indoor thermometer. I’m having trouble with my thermostat and need to program it to the correct room temperature
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7 years ago, jan in phx
I use this app often. I'm almost always pleased with it's accuracy.
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4 months ago, Wes Mantoothatee
Does what it says. I mean. …what else to say? It’s cool. I like the thermostat graphic.
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8 months ago, Happy Yid
Great! but is not horizontal for IPads
The app is simple and convenient but it’s only vertical and not horizontal for an IPad.
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2 years ago, Alexanderf1f2
You have to have this
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2 years ago, montanakid406
Indoor thermometer
The best one I have found yet
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