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Homecare Software Solutions, LLC
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10 months ago
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11.0 or later
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User Reviews for HHAeXchange

2.95 out of 5
1.3K Ratings
3 years ago, jujunzsgd
Kind of flustered
Works really good for me. How ever i do wish that we could put in for time correction through the app that allows clients to sign off on the time corrections. I usually clock in once I’ve gotten in the door. However there are times that as soon as i walk in I’m need by the client and will forget to clock in until it’s about time to go. Witch means a trip across town to the office to get a paper form. Back to the clients house then back into the office in a timely manner for bill. It would really make things more convenient corrections and my life a whole lot easier plus save me on gas
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8 months ago, Amber130490
One of the worst apps I've ever used.
Most apps have issues at some point and that's totally understandable. However this one has had issues from the beginning and it's never been fixed. To start off, when I got a new phone I was no longer able to clock in via Today's Schedule section. I was having to call in to clock in daily. After some playing around on the app I found that I could go to the visits section to select the visit date from that list to clock in and out that way. But even that way isn't reliable. There's at least 3/4 times a month I'll get an error message and am unable to clock in/out. Our agency has really gotten on to all employees about clocking in and out and doing so on time but we can rarely do anything about it with this app. And fyi, agencies are losing money in some instances. When we can't clock in or out or if the agency has to clock is in/out too many times, they won't get paid for those hours. And for reference I have the iPhone 14 pro max which is now a year old. I really thought that by now the app developers would have fixed the issue with being unable to access today's schedule on it. But even before the switch I still had these issues at times but just got worse after I got the new phone. So beware if you're buying a new phone and transferring to it. It most definitely will not be a seamless transfer and will cause you more trouble than it's worth.
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4 years ago, Brittible
Kind of buggy
The last two visits I clocked in when arriving and when I clocked out, it showed I never clocked in and called my clock-out an unconfirmed visit, this is making me very anxious. Also the GPS function is spotty. Sometimes I cannot clock out because no matter where I stand it won’t even give the option to check with GPS, it will have it grayed out and not clickable instead of blue and clickable. Signing in and out won’t help, if it doesn’t want to work, it won’t work. Very frustrating when you’ve been on the job a long day and you’re fiddling around with this and end up having to stay longer. Not the worst app, when it works it’s wonderful and I prefer it to calling in and entering all the codes. Hope these issues get resolved soon!
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11 months ago, sagittarius42
App needs more modifications options
I use this app for two different agencies , what I don’t understand is with my 1st agency I had a problem 1 time with clocking out but with the 2nd agency I work for it’s a constant issue with me clocking out , I called the office to let them know , they said come in to get a timesheet, I can’t do that every time the app doesn’t work. I was finally able to clock out after several attempts hours later smh, which is ridiculous because I’m not getting paid for that time. Please fix the issue asap with this app to make it more easier to use , when clocking out I shouldn’t have to be stuck on it saying loading
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4 years ago, trinurs
Don’t update
If ur first time download -it good to keep that way ( don’t update) because after update it will freeze and loading loading when u try to open to check ur visit list or schedule it won’t show. Meaning updates is worse. Even though it say update for better bugs fix but it not so please don’t do it.
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2 years ago, beadzoo63
Bites the big one!!
Clock out at 6:28 pm docks work hours to 6:15 pm, clock out at 6.01 pm docks work hours back to 5:45 pm. The 15 minutes I am shorted is equal to my bus fare one way. This app is costing me money to the point I cannot afford to work for this company. I like what I do, so I don’t really want to quit. I can make more at McDonald’s!! I have to delete and reinstall app after every update in order for my visit notes to stay even though it says notes were saved. It would be nice if app keyboard had auto cap and easy punctuation accessibility even better if the microphone was available for notes, especially since notes must be reentered so frequently. NOT USER FRIENDLY, I AM VISUALLY IMPAIRED MAKING IT EVEN MORE DIFFICULT FOR ME TO USE!!!
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5 years ago, Sophers51
You guys really need to update this app
My grandmother uses this app for work. Every single day she has to change her password because the login won’t work and will keep her out. Mind you she has to wait for me to do it. She will continually use the correct password and login but the app still says something is wrong with her email or password. I’ve seen it happen myself multiple times when trying to fix it for her. It’s a constant hassle and quite frankly it seems like they do it on purpose. Not allowing her to properly log her hours and she has to go call who knows who to fix it. Honestly, you need to update this app. Making an already stressful day more difficult than it needs to be, for someone just trying to work.
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7 months ago, filthyukai
Buggy App
This app is supposed to make things easier but it’s buggy. Let’s say for example I’m supposed to clock out on 11/01 but when I press the date to go clock out, it’ll say 11/02 over the clock out button which is crazy. Also the app will glitch out on you and then say you never clocked in. Which is wild to me, because then you think you clocked in and the coordinators will call and say you didn’t. The whole point of this app is for things to be more accessible but it’s nothing more than annoying headache where I have to hope that it will work when it’s time for me to clock in/out.
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4 years ago, Caelan Bassett
DO NOT USE -Optimize iPhone X-XS phones!
TL;DR — screen needs optimized for iPhone X to 11. Choose a different care provider app other than this one people. Don’t download it! • I even saw on the Apple keynotes that it’s easy to update the app for retina displays and iPhone X to 11 family screens. Why haven’t you guys done this yet? How lazy can you get? This still looks like an iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 app that Apple would probably pull since it’s out of date visually by massive margins. Get Ruth the tunes, please. • I don’t recommend people use this app for the lack of visual updates and outdated keyboard alone. Go get another care provider app before you regret it folks.
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3 years ago, Odunola
Good App
The app it’s a good and smart technique to put in our daily performance of our work schedules. It saves time. Hopefully it could be advanced to work perfectly away from Some technical difficulty I sometimes encountered when logging in. Because it has to be routed through GPS, there had been occasional routing problems.
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3 years ago, ElectricHighway
The worst work app
This app is literally the worst app I have ever used for work. The loading takes forever which makes me late to clock in and out. Sometimes it won’t load at all and i can’t clock in or out. There is no excuse as to why this app is running this way when this company knows health aids rely on this 2 star app and its bogus and buggy and does not work half the time. Either hire better developers for the app or let us go back to paper time sheets. Ridiculous is what this app is.
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3 years ago, Fed Up Caregiver
Bugs, Bugs, Bugs!!!
Avoid this app at all cost if you are an agency thinking of using it to track employees time punches. I have had the misfortune to have my agency switch to using this app and have had constant issues with it. The app will randomly decide to simultaneously clock you in and out for the current day while trying to clock out for the previous day. This could be an issue with the fact that I work as a Live In and my agency requires me to clock in and out each day at 8am, but regardless, it causes such a hassle with payroll that I want to scream!
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3 years ago, Irisboom
Update Issues and clocking in morning times
Sometime I keep getting pop up messages from time to time when trying to clock in morning shifts, an update message pops up to update the latest update, when I checked to see in the app store the latest update there is no latest update, I usually update all of my apps weekly basis automatically! Last update on this app was a week ago and was having issues getting into the app for clocking in this morning!
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1 year ago, blac_beauti84
Had the app before now I have to pay for it??
I had this corny app a few times and deleted it because I started calling in a out now we have to use the app again I go to download it it keeps taking to me payment info I checked my transactions and found it’s almost $7 or $8 in the App Store when it should be free this app needs some serious updating first the gps is so wrong it’s a shame anytime I clock in and out I’m always 10 /15/ sometimes 25 feet away and I’ll be at the home or standing at the door 🤔😐🙄
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3 months ago, Amity Park
Gets the job done
My only real gripe with the app is the size of the digital keyboard honestly. It makes it really clunky to type on and I often have to go back and fix something because I accidentally typed a b instead of a space. If the app could allow for different keyboard sizes that’d be a great change.
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1 year ago, Noel73
This app needs an overhaul. Rarely do I get notifications, and the gps always has me Mike’s away from my client even though I’m sitting across from her at the dining room table. On rare occasions when the clock-in does go through it quickly turn red and says your clock-in didn’t register. Time is money, and with this app my coordinator is constantly having to send me time-sheets to fill out so I can get paid. You want us to use the app? Then make it user friendly.
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5 months ago, Ayakashi Ayaki
Clock in not going through sometimes..
Many times when I clock in it shows it went through and I even check it again 10+ minutes later and it still shows but however when I go to clock out somehow my clock in has vanished! I have to have time sheets sent to me in the mail to correct when this happens. It’s extremely frustrating that it can’t be corrected through the app
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2 years ago, Tattoos131215161715@$5?,4,?52
Faulty at its best
This app is faulty at its best. Can’t even login with Face ID on the app, keeps showing I’m how many feet away from the patient, when I’m inside the patients home. Crashes sometimes, and claim it had an error clicking me in or out, I use the patients phone, then I have two different clock in or clock outs which causes an issue. Needs major updates. Definitely not running as an iOS 15 app, more like when iOS just came about.
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4 years ago, HHA-1973
Un useful app!
Greetings! In my personal opinion, this app is un useful. Because it make me loose time, even when I’m trying to get in than getting out. Also, if I confirm the the time at 7:23am, it shows 7:30, then, when I confirm the time of getting out at 9:37, it shows 9:30. That’s not fair! Almost 15 minutes of work was taken from me. I would like to know, if it is the law , to have this app on my personal Phone, or it is just optional. I don’t like it and I don’t want it! Thanks! Keep safe! Blessings! ❤️🙏❤️
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6 months ago, Tiff.E.
Doesn’t work on IPhone 15
I’ve had my new phone for a month & for some reason the app has never worked. I keep getting a synchronization error message when trying to click on “today’s schedule” no matter how many times I login & out or how many minutes I wait after logging into the app. I’ve updated it & reinstalled & still the same issue. I still have to use my old phone (iPhone 12)
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9 months ago, Jesslkng
Easy but flawed
This a very easy app to use but you should always be able to correct but you can’t, and the GPS is always weird. Currently won’t work but they say it’s MY device…the exact device I’ve been using the whole time. Go figure. GPS has been my biggest issue and random little ones along the way. Always something.
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3 years ago, kizzzaayeee
Bad application
Do not get this application for your employees!! This application messes up constantly! It never lets me log in on time even though my password is correct and when it finally lets me login it is in Arabic so I can’t understand it. The Application needs a lot of work. I should not have to delete the application and download it again everyday for it to work properly! Fix this mess or delete this application.
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5 years ago, Gigi Ger
The app freezes from time to time causing me to shut down and restart my phone and on a couple of occasions, reinstall the app. This is frustrating when trying to clock out. Recently I’ve noticed I cannot view and open previously submitted hours history.
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2 years ago, is this nickname 🆗
Doesn’t work and no tech support
Keeps freezing and won’t let me clock in. I contacted the developer and they said they don’t provide tech support to individual caregivers, only agencies, because apparently bugs are usually the fault of the agency? As if it’s the agency’s fault the app freezes whenever I click anything. Anyway, I’m working 44 hours a week without pay because this stupid app won’t let me log my time.
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2 years ago, Angelmom_00
Need more options
If the website is having issues or WiFi not working correctly we need other other options. I work for two companies with my one client and the other company has this ability to do this on their app. It let’s you tell input why you weren’t able to sign in or out.
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3 years ago, baakhari
Major UI change is needed
This app looks so outdated on bigger screen iPhones. It still doesn’t support 6.7 inches iPhone. There is a big black area under and above the screen. It response to a touch(tap) really slow and takes forever to load. iOS 15 is out and the UI of this apps like it was made for iOS 5. Please, this app needs a major UI change which is very user friendly.
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11 months ago, jasmine2009823
Use it for work
I have issues with clocking in and out every week. We need to fix the bugs I had to call supervisor and tell them I miss time and could not clock in and most times clients can’t resign once we figure it out and I’m on the way home
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1 year ago, Leothewise
App is simple to use. But shows no way to make a correction once you press the confirm button. And it does not tell you of a human error during the processing of your check in
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5 years ago, Meika tank
Interact with office
I feel you should be able to chat with your office on here as well if you need more hours or less hours you should be able to talk with some one as well
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3 years ago, Xio Pau
Keeps kicking me out
I got it in the beginning and worked great. When I was going to log in today, it asked for me to get the updated version. I did and now it kicks me out. It keeps saying to update, when I already did🙄🙄🙄 I deleted the app four times and reinstalled it to my phone, same issues! I turned my phone off twice the same thing.
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11 months ago, Q-$
Clocking out has become a problem.
Clocking out has become a problem. I can clock in but not clock out for the last 4 days. I’ve uninstalled and installed it and logged out/logged back in as suggested by my employer, that didn’t fix the problem. Any suggestions or help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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4 years ago, NoLyfe?
So I had to update the app but for some reason it’s giving me this error “unapproved mobile device”. I’ve been using this app for a couple months and this is the first time I’ve had this problem.
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1 year ago, SMSLP
App Has Problems
For a while, the app worked well, but over the last week it has stopped letting me save my progress notes. Just spins its wheels saying, “Saving.” But. . . it does not save. Ugh. The app developer does not seem to be able to offer a solution. Very frustrating!
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3 years ago, MywayAlways
Always being updated! Always getting better
I love this app. Makes my life easy.
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5 months ago, slytherpuff02
Glitchy app
This app has the worse GPS system. Even when I am in my client’s home it shows that I am miles away. I don’t receive the notifications that I need for my agency. This is the worse app ever! It needs to be updated! Also, when I do a clock in and clock out it never gives accurate time.
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4 years ago, Dalin P
It glitched
It glitched on me trying to clock in today. The loading screen took forever to load and my clock went through the first time but when I check again it never took my clock in! I very frustrated with this app. I had to restart my phone a couple of times already in order for it to work! Fix the issues please!
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5 years ago, Red4always
HHA Better system
Isn’t work correctly sometimes depends the area is frustrating when u want a go home and keep loading noooo when u done ur work and is time to go home I want a go home and when u have to clock in the same problems and then u have to be calling the office bcuse u wasn’t late noooo they better fix this app or continue with the timesheets
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11 months ago, Only1jenda
Recent update issue
the app recently updated so I wasn’t able to clock out via the app aka EVV so I was stuck on a screen with the loading icon all night. I’ve never had the app crash on me for such a long period of time before I don’t think I could even clock in or out for the next day
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2 years ago, Crystal mary Salado
Fix the problem
This app is good just when checking were you are is wrong I am standing in front of my patient and yet if says I am more than 200 feet away
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2 years ago, Mbates9494
Terrible app
This is a terrible app. !! I clocked in and out for my shifts and sometimes it didn’t register causing some of aides to have disciplinary actions and loosing hours! We are required to clock in and out through an app and if it didn’t register or it didn’t work at certain places then you will loose hours!
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5 years ago, Xbdeegee
Idk what happened
Since the recent update I can still log in but I can’t really view the screen. The background is white but the letters seem to be white as well so idk what happened with this update. Please fix.
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2 years ago, DeniseC03.
Trash, do not use
This app is garbage my company got rid of timesheets and if I miss a day I can’t get paid, well I tried signing in to clock in, the app wouldn’t load up, same issues after I uninstalled it too I don’t have time to be missing out on 4 hours! times are hard! Fix this crap
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3 years ago, Antwood
Update after update and the same thing persist: the app doesn’t function properly. Clocking in/out the app’s GPS shows me being over 1,500 feet from my client, it’s impossible. This app is how those of us that are required to use it, earn our livings. The least it should do is work!
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11 months ago, Amazon Overated
Third day in a row I can’t clock out
I don’t how they are still in business. This app is absolute garbage. I can clock in, but can’t clock out. I call to use the phone method and was given an error message twice. They were informed and have done absolutely nothing, which is normal for them.
Show more
3 years ago, jibzeejay
This is th most horrible app ever! It should be taken down and shovel down a long hole! It messes up your work schedule and it takes forever to load making it seems like you are late! It just keeps loading and loading and loading!
Show more
2 years ago, DreamLeague17Lover❤️
Glitch/Crash, Very Frustrating.
Please update the app, there is some type of glitch where it says “password/email incorrect” when trying to sign in. I am tired of getting locked out and having to keep changing my password. Fix asap
Show more
2 years ago, Angelbrunetta23
Since day one I have had issues
I don’t get all message notifications, gps locator is way off every day, I’m literally sitting in my clients house trying to clock in and on some days it’s says I’m 75 ft away seriously please fix. Now the majority of my plan of care for my client is gone
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3 years ago, Snowybeach100
Frustrated HHA
I wouldn’t even give it one star. It’s the worst. First it wouldn’t let me log in and when it finally let me in after half an hour of trying, it said I never clocked in. Don’t get this app. It’ll make your life harder than it has to be. Stick to the phone and dialing codes.
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2 years ago, Amiusus
App issues
It’s so frustrating working on this app always got issues with the clock out and it shows me no schedules to clock out and all kinds of loading issues please fix the issues or get a better app towards the future
Show more
2 years ago, Luvzberry
Records nothing
I’m not even sure what the point of this app is it doesn’t record clock ins or outs I’ve had to do so many timesheets because THIS APP RECORDS NOTHINGGGG!!!!!! Super agitating. You can’t go in an change time anymore either I noticed and you can’t view prior weeks of work unless you’ve screen shotted it.
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