HID Mobile Access

4.4 (301)
87.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
HID Global
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for HID Mobile Access

4.4 out of 5
301 Ratings
4 days ago, Iguanakomodo
It works, period!
I don’t understand all the bad reviews about this app. I have used it since day one and I have not had any problems. I have about 32 card readers at my site and I love the way it just unlocks the doors when I get near the card reader. The only thing I would love to see is if we could label the favorite readers. Other than that, it’s a great app!
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2 weeks ago, RIpowi
Enhances mobile entry
This app is very useful to provide mobile entry to a variety of secure locations a building, gym, elevator When coupled with my Watch Mobile Access, it is exceedingly user-friendly
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12 months ago, Kirsties24
Okay with just Bluetooth, but annoying
I have location turned off because it checked my location several times on the weekend away from work. However, every time I try to use it to open the building it requests access for my location and I have to open up settings. This should not be happening and location should be not needed and ruining the app.
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6 months ago, farmergregok
Works great
We installed the system and it has been wonderful not having to pull out my keys
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1 year ago, Matamoncake
Invasive privacy, awful Apple Watch companion
I have never been able to use the watch companion it has never worked for me. The app worked but I hated it that It needed location services when a simple Bluetooth connection will work. Fine allow only when use. NOW they want location services on all the time? Are they Nuts?!
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8 months ago, Rick3d
Great concept
Love to use the HID app, it is fantastic when it works. But sometimes it won’t work unless the phone is unlocked. If the developers can fix that it would be a five star app.
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1 year ago, ITriskman
Stick with the key fob.
Thai app is a big peace of crap. I won’t even go into all the quirks and problems. Cause if this huge company doesn’t t Know what they are by now. All I can say is I wish I could give them negative stars. The fist BIG problem. Apple setup electronic keys in wallet. And yet this app doesn’t Apple the key to be added. Oh and I’m getting to work reliably in background is potluck !!!!
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10 years ago, RFIDnut
Fantastic and reliable new App to integrate your phone with an access control system.
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7 months ago, ERButcher
Not to reliable
It does always work and many times you have to do it 10 times until it works and the line of cars wanting to come in start honking
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1 year ago, mcleodm
Not the easiest to use
It works…but not very well. Most of the time I need to open the app unlock a door, and trust me, I’ve tried all the setting changes they recommend. They need Apple homekey or something that doesn’t rely on this sorry excuse for an app
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1 year ago, ChrisPtheITGuy
Bad Mobile App
After the update recently everything has gotten so much worse. My phone is much less likely to contact the reader when trying to scan in and the Apple Watch app has become completely useless.
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8 months ago, Žigo
Junk for older iPhones
Installs just fine on my 6s, the app forgets to mention it’s unusable. It requires not Bluetooth and NFC, which is limited to the Apple Wallet on these older devices. The app won’t let you know, it just won’t work and let you debug on your own.
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1 year ago, Fmajowich
Location Services
New app requires location services 24x7. Poor design, bring back allow when using the app. Also new app take more battery. Going to request a physical key fob given these issues.
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1 year ago, Nezzi_Trax
This app is the reason I’m not going to renew my apartment lease. So annoying and inconvenient. 50/50 chance my phone is read, and it always opens up apple wallet unless I open up the app every time which is another annoyance.
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1 year ago, Unhappy user 123456778
This is just parking app but it ask for location tracking at all time
This is just parking app but it requires for location tracking at ALL TIME. WHY?!?!?! One star for extreme privacy invasion behavior!
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11 months ago, User57632
Hot Trash
Terribly annoying method for garage access. Doesn’t reliably activate - takes me several attempts sometimes, so I get to look like an idiot holding up cars behind me.
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6 months ago, ewhite7900
Apple Wallet Integration
Instead of forcing us into third-party vendors to integrate into Apple wallet, this should be done by HID.
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8 months ago, jmarka1
Location Services
This app continues to harass me to enable location services but my employer does not permit me to enable location services on corporate devices.
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7 months ago, Eric Dallas
Need an invite.
Not sure how to get an invite, but I don't have one and that makes this app useless.
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3 weeks ago, bucknelson99
Opens apple wallet whenever I use
It’s a pain
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11 months ago, yehovathereal
Not working
Communicating with reader and nothing happens
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5 years ago, Bretty Brett
Big missed opportunities
The app is generally reliable for me, but the Apple Watch companion app has a few big missed opportunities. The Apple Watch companion app has a watch complication but it only works with certain watch faces. The complication doesn’t work with the newer watch faces such as info graph, which is a much more appealing and popular watch face. Also, the watch complication just opens up the Apple Watch app. If the idea is to make the Apple Watch app as convenient and secure as possible, HID needs to focus on the Apple Watch COMPLICATIONS. The Apple Watch APIs should allow for a more interactive complication for ALL watch faces that doesn’t require the app to open in the foreground. Another missed opportunity is that the watch app only works when tethered to the iPhone - even when you have a cellular enabled watch. It would also be interesting if the watch app could be used like the phone, in that the watch could just be held up to the reader without needing to press a complication/open the app at all. But I understand that the Apple Watch battery life may be prohibitive.
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5 years ago, B.S.B..
Would be great if reliable
The idea behind this app is wonderful. However, to really be useful it needs to “just work.” This app, well, doesn’t. I can think of exactly one time it unlocked a door the first time I held my phone up to a reader. Beyond that, I find myself consistently standing at the door, failing to unlock it with the phone three or four times, and reaching into my bag for my card—which works like the phone should. For as inconsistent and unreliable as the phone seems to be, the watch app and lock screen widget are worse. To be fair, the phone app does seem to be more reliable when open and running but allegedly that shouldn’t be a requirement. We installed new card readers in part to support unlocking through smartphones, and have a waiting list of users asking to have their devices enrolled for this function. I’m “lucky” enough to be one of our testers but, as the IT leader who is sure to have the flakiness of this system pinned on their group, don’t think I’ll be rolling it out to our users any time soon.
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2 years ago, JMAK34
Continue to miss the mark…
This app was generally useful before the latest update. It would work with Apple Watch fairly well. The only caveat was that the app had to be started fresh on the iPhone (i.e. completely closed and re-opened) daily in order to run somewhat reliably via the Watch while the iPhone was locked. Not too big an inconvenience. Following the most recent update, the app is absolute rubbish. Users must toggle to allow location service “Always,” the app will not run/work while the iPhone is locked, it will not work properly via the Watch, and even when using the app strictly on the iPhone, it is unreliable and totally inefficient to use. Doesn’t seem too difficult to hit one out of the park with this app, but to date developers have struck out.
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3 years ago, __storybrooke
This app does not work. Our work has rolled these out and we used to use key cards but we have switched over to the app. I can only get in to the building 50% of the time. And even on those times I typically have to open the app in the car before I walk to the door and then still have to restart the app standing at the door. All while also wearing a face masks and gloves, you then have to use a pin and fiddle through closing and reopening an app. In the cold. I’ve never been so annoyed at an app that should be so simple. Some people at our work haven’t had issues but we’ve all compared our settings to each other and to what the app recommends and it all is correct. Please figure this out... clearly from the reviews it’s been like this for years...
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2 years ago, MacSince87
Please bring back the old version!!
The new version makes this app pointless. In the old version, the widget allowed you to remotely open access to doors, turnstiles, and elevators with the simple click of the widget access button. The new version widget button is now deactivated. It only wakes up once the phone is placed directly on top of an access device panel. Also, the widget used to open access without actually launching the app. The new version simply launches the app. With all these “upgrades” using a physical card is much easier and involves fewer steps.
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6 years ago, Subcomandante
Awesome. If only it was reliable.
I’ve been dreaming of not carrying my badge everywhere and Jan g my watch instead for a long time. This app enables that which is amazing. Too bad the app isn’t reliable. The settings are inscrutable, and for an incredibly simply app they managed to create a confusing UI. Half the time it doesn’t work. Every now and then the app goes crazy as soon as I enter my building, sending notifications every 3 seconds which only stops when I force quit. In other words: too useful to not use but there’s soooo much to fix.
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2 years ago, FIRST1710
Decent, but needs a lot of work
I don’t know what it is, but if I open my Bluetooth settings and change anything at all the app forgets every access point I’ve ever used. Then I’m stuck having to actually have the app open to unlock anything when I should be able to just shake and go. Also the Apple Watch app is literally useless.
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4 years ago, Chitobruh
Somewhat reliable but... please improve ASAP
I use my Apple Watch with this app due to my work’s garage transitioning to a gated entrance. The phone app works okay. However, I think the 2 meters (6feet) should be 3 meters. 2 meter range hasn’t been working properly with my Apple Watch, even if my phone is close to my door (driver side). This kind of defeats the purpose of the Apple Watch having a Mobile Access complication. Please improve ASAP.
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5 years ago, hello.hudson
Holding my phone up to the door causes Apple Pay to open, then when I open the HID app, Apple Pay pops up again, then maybe it will unlock when I dismiss Apple Pay a second time. It’s a whole rigamarole every time I need to get into the apartment building. Not to mention this involves digging through my stuff to find my phone, having to take off my gloves to unlock the phone to open the app, etc etc. Super fun especially in winter, coming back from the grocery store etc. My kid has a fob, it works great.
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4 years ago, Jtransue
Clunky, kludgy, privacy concerns...
Running this on the latest iPhone- I have a hard time understanding why it is so bad. App usually has to be re-launched (which means PIN because of faceID and masks) and then the credential has to be manually selected to attempt to unlock doors. I have heard good things about HID the company, and if they want to keep their reputation up... this has to get fixed OR they have to admit there are technical challenges that mean their product isn’t ready for general use.
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6 years ago, High-Stepper
Great idea needs improvements
The good: When it works, the app allows me to open secure doors in my condo building without having to search for a key fob. The bad: The app works about 25% of the time (I’ve tried all kinds of settings, and neither regular method of holding the phone near the reader or the “twist” method seem to work consistently). The ugly: The app brings up an image of a credit card linked to my Apple Pay account when I try to unlock a door. Kind of scary.
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4 years ago, kmm154
Initiates Apple Pay, does not run in background
First off, it initiates Apple Pay each time it’s used. Secondly, I have the app set to run in the background, however that means nothing. It will not work unless I open the app each time I need to enter the building. This is a major inconvenience as I get to work each morning, or anytime I need to re-enter the building. It has never improved and it doesn’t look like anyone is in a hurry to improve it.
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6 years ago, CptnYawp
Continually alerts of reader communicTion
Whenever I’m within about a half a block of a reader, my phone starts going crazy alerting me of communication with a reader. When I get close enough to actually see the reader, I see it is flashing multiple colors like it does when I hold the phone near the reader. It does not actually unlock the the door until I hold the phone up to the reader. But it should be alerting me like that when I’m not really at the reader!
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4 years ago, Slim fugu
Can I give 0 star ?
My apartment started rolling out this and it has been a week now I can’t get this thing to work reliably.. usually took me 7-8 times (1-2 mins) to open the gate. When I held my iPhone next to the reader, the Apple Pay wallet app showed up and I had to kill it and somehow with one hand to try the app again .. has the company tested this with a real phone with Apple Pay installed to see the conflict between two NFC apps ?
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6 years ago, Kakebl
Terrible app
1) it only works sometimes, 2) most other app based locks on the market allow me to give guests access but this one doesn’t, 3) app works maybe 50% of the time, and 4) this is the only app that doesn’t backup in an encrypted backup. Every time I swap phones or back to reset my phone I lose this app. This is an unacceptable app and the developer should be ashamed to have released it to market.
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3 years ago, Scminter...
Not Reliable
When it works it is great. But most of the time I have to close and reopen the app to get in. Maybe if it could be added to the Wallet it would work more often. If it worked half the time I would use it, but that has not been my experience.
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2 years ago, miamibrett
It needs work
It looks cheap and the functionality is a bit dodgy. The phone app usually works for access. The watch app is pure unreliable junk. Works about 40% of the time AND you have to have the phone near by for the watch app to work.
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2 years ago, iPad062
No, you may not have 24/7 location access to my phone
App has terrible design practices and has to run 24/7 and demands constant location access from iOS. I refuse to enable this for any app - and almost never need to because other apps use the system APIs properly - and so this app does not work at all.
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3 years ago, SriK@nth21
Lot of room for Improvement !
It’s unstable. Sometimes it automatically recognizes the access point other times there’s a wait. Advice: can you make the card accessible via Apple wallet.
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4 years ago, Ripple80
Opens Wallet / Clunky
I only use it in emergency. Every time I scan, it opens my Apple Wallet. I was hoping an update would have fixed the issue by now. It has been that way for as long as I have had the app. Great when you forget your badge. Little too cumbersome for me to use on the daily.
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2 years ago, Mattopotamus
Barely functional
The new app update doesn’t work well when your phone is locked. I always have to launch the app. The Apple Watch function doesn’t work at all, and there is no longer a Lock Screen widget.
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5 years ago, frshly grnd
Opens Apple Pay? Yikes
The key part of this app works fine. The UI is not pretty but is functional. The concern is that 50%+ of the time a scan opens Apple Pay. There is no payment (for me) in this app. I’m surprised it got through App Store review with such an interaction. Violates Apple’s rules as I remember when I used to work on iOS apps.
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2 years ago, cableguy7778
Very Poor
This app works well only when your phone is unlocked, turned on, the app is open and on top. These things are exactly the opposite of the selling points of this product. This needs to be fixed in order for me to consider this a functional product.
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7 years ago, dknight15
Control Center Functionality
This would be more useful if you could access the app thru the control center in iOS 11. Too many steps to open the phone then navigate to the app.
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2 years ago, jasezero
No longer works without app open
Upgraded to iOS 15.4. No longer works properly without the app open and upfront. I assume it's due to a change with the newest iOS version. Needs to be updated to be anywhere near useful again.
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4 years ago, Tall people
Do not use this app
I thought it would be convenient to use this app for work. It’s not. Also it tracks your location wherever you go. You need to have the location services enabled so the app works as it should. But, as a consequence, it tracks your location full time. Total garbage. Possibly deceptive.
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5 years ago, A SportsFan
If it would only work
As others have said...great concept...poor execution. I had success with the app for a number of months even though I would routinely need multiple attempts to open a door...but it worked. About a week ago it quit working altogether. Time to go back to the separate card.
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3 years ago, hEKcy
Worst app ever!
I don’t know why our association got this but it’s terrible! Everyone in our building complains about it and it just does NOT work! We need to keep using fobs! So annoying! We’ve tried all the settings possible and still it’s NOT working! Avoid this app and solution!
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3 years ago, T321321
This App does not always work, I frequently need to close the App and open again before the reader picks up the device, even though the App is open in the background. Needs development work on reliability, especially when it comes to communicating with readers.
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