Hidden Camera Detector

3.6 (1.8K)
33.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hidden Camera Detector

3.61 out of 5
1.8K Ratings
2 years ago, Evilflaz
Works well
Love to know I’m not crazy. It could be more detailed on system working in my area and range was better other than that it’s great use it all the time
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2 years ago, ayysaa
Someone please help!!
Does this app have audio alerts?!? I have been searching everywhere in the app & online for the answer to this question and I'm finding nothing so I'm getting even more spooked. I used the 'detect' feature in my bathroom at my new condo - pointing directly at the small air vent on the wall, and the red detector was shown but I also heard "Warning! Red light Camera" coming from that area and I want to believe it was from the app ... I have been using the app all over the rest of the condo and again in that spot several more times but never heard that alert again... 🤔 I have an iPhone - the ringer is on & volume is up. Idn why I wouldn't hear the alert again if it came from the app. When you google the phrase, nothing helpful comes up. Help😫
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4 years ago, EmberCoffeeLover
It does what it’s suppose to.
Now listen there’s bad reviews yes. But the thing scans for the night vision aspect of the camera. Not the camera it’s self. On top of that it even includes a list of ips. I’m at a hotel currently and it listed over 200. It goes as far as to separate them out. Yes the app is a little slow on iOS 14. But that’s okay. I was physically able to connect to the hotels PRINTER settings. This app does way more then I thought. The people leaving the reviews simply don’t know what the app does. Turn off all possible light sources and then scan. Any camera with night vision will be detected if it’s on. And 4$ a month isn’t bad if your going to cry about 4$ then get a bloody job. You spend more on coffee more then Likely then you would on this app. To top it all off there’s a FREE TRIAL. If you can’t handle pressing cancel then you need to get over your self. This app works like it’s suppose to. If your being pissy over it then how about you buy a profession device that could run you over 100$? Oh wait that’s right you can’t even afford 4$. 😇🥰 Edit; Christ sake people for you guys who don’t know how to cancel there’s this AMAZING thing called apple support and wait for it... Wait for it... Google 😱😱😱😱😱
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4 years ago, Stellamilano
This is okay I guess
This app is okay it does have some glitches and doesn’t pick up the same number of whatever is connected to and I don’t like that it doesn’t use easy methods for canceling or unsubscribing to the product so it basically will charge again and again without you being able to do anything about it . Now it also picks up all lighting including your camera light which also ruins it for me so I dont want to continue using it or being charged please cancel my subscription I don't really like or consider your app worth $3.99😩 a month and refuse to use it so please take note of my comment and stop my subscription please . 🥺😔
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2 years ago, Kng Tut
BEST Camera Finder App Hands Down!
I tried just about every app out there and this one was the best so far. Now i have yet to find a camera or someone to sing my internet but by far this app explains what your actually searching / looking for. I’m a normal everyday phone/computer person. I probably have below average computer skills except what I put on my resume! If i was to start all over again I’d only of used this one and saved my time on the others!!!
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6 years ago, Sansoo6
Covert expert review
I have 12 years experience installing covert camera systems for public and private law enforcement. Some in my industry are irritated that their cameras are being found, and so I suspect they are leaving misleading reviews. This app found 7 out of 10 covert cameras in my testing. As a draw back, I had to hold the camera at a fixed position long enough for the app to scan. It did not work when I was trying to scan a room quickly. Not perfect, but an inexpensive tool and nice to have with me on my iPhone at all times.
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4 years ago, Bright-Idea 👨🏻‍💻
Don’t download
• You will find fake reviews encouraging you to download this app and saying that this app actually works, when it doesn’t. The reviews will lie and say that bad reviews are being posted by people who are upset that their cameras are being found. That’s absolute nonsense. • Initially upon downloading the app you’re prompted with a misaligned sketchy looking page that asks you to sign into your apple account. Which is likely storing that information or key logging you to track what you type. At which point you will likely be hacked immediately. You can choose to skip, and are met with a wonky cluttered looking instructional page, and then that’s when it hits... the good ole begging for payment for “premium”. You can’t call it premium if there’s no free version of service. Premium implies that it’s an advanced version of something else which clearly isn’t the case. You need to pay to use it at all. It’s a garbage app and a sham and should be removed from the App Store entirely. Don’t download this. You’ve been warned.
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4 years ago, awillisson
Couldn’t detect Echo Show camera
I tested this app out at home and it completely failed to detect my Echo Show’s camera in plain view of the app. Two stars because the wireless/Bluetooth scanning might be useful and it might do a better job detecting cameras that are attempting to actually hide, since it seems to work by turning on the flashlight and looking for reflections If you have control of the flashlight, flickering it and taking a diff of the frames might work better if you aren’t already doing that. Still won’t help for cameras behind reflective surfaces like an Echo’s or phone’s camera would, I expect
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2 years ago, stephhh010197
Please Be Smart Use Cash App Card
This app does not work. Kinda felt stupid for hoping it would. USE YOUR CASH APP CARD FOR SUBSCRIPTION. if you’re going to subscribe anyways use your cash app card or another card that you can lock when not in use because apparently there isn’t a way to unsubscribe. Please be careful and read these reviews. The low star reviews are honest and straightforward. The high star reviews use a lot of elaboration and enthuse at a level that is unreal and unprovable for someone reviewing this type of app. These good reviews are written by the company and people the company has paid. This app does not work.
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2 years ago, tekesevent
Try to cancel, it dares you
Granted, I am the idiot who paid a ton of money for a degree in English Literature but I do think that makes me qualified to say that it is an absurd amount of reading and research to cancel this subscription. I have spent almost as much time on my thesis as I have on getting rid of this app and the associated charges. It also doesn’t detect hidden cameras well and we had to bring in a professional that we also paid to find the camera. Basically, a total waste of money but they asked for a review. Tl;dr - waste neither time nor money on this app.
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5 years ago, StillSlipery
Failed terribly
Failed to find visible and hidden cameras and also did not detect five cameras using 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, and Bluetooth (2.45 GHz) at ranges from 3 meters down to 2 cm. It did start to detect a Logitech C922 (a 6th — wired camera) at about 20 cm but it kept saying “adjust lighting”. After turning the lights down it got all kinds of false positives off of any reflective surface. Useless against anything behind glass. Seems to mark anything that seems to reflect a single point of light as a camera, even water spots on a window or computer screen. You can probably do better yourself waving a dim flashlight around a dark room.
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3 years ago, Jordan Kat
False advertising
I give this a one star because in order to use it at all you're required to sign up to get a free 3 day trial. If that's the case it should have said so right on their description in the App Store. I despise being lied to, and bait and switch is a form of lying, in my view. Honest advertising would say you have to sign up to use it. I am not against paying to use apps that are really good and useful, or even against signing up for a trial period if it's clearly stated. But not when deceptive tactics are used.
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3 years ago, ychro1
no subscription
if you have taken my money fir this subscription then put it back. i didn’t find the Three that i tested with shiny objects. it may work for some but did not for me. no further subscription and apple in-house subscription has no way of unsubscribing and i couldn’t find one anywhere to do so so this so my asking of unsubscribing without any drafts from any of my accounts. thank you . Brian Bass
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2 years ago, FeetloafMeatloaf
No option to cancel
If you download us they will give you three days free, and then absolutely not install a way to cancel it. You can renew it, but that doesn’t make much sense because they’ve already got you on the hook for a monthly subscription. Again, no way to cancel. I’ve been writing the makers of the app to see if they will let me go from this devil’s contract. I will keep you updated.
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2 years ago, PATTI 007
Hidden Camera
In my opinion, it does not tell you how to detect anything. When pointing at objects like pens, clocks, etc it does show little red round light but it does that on so many objects in the room. So it looks like there is something hidden in every corner. There really is no way to tell
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5 years ago, Dirtbag26
Open your camera-turn flash to on- point your phone at anything and if it reflects the light of your camera or even reflects or sparkles from a different light source, could possibly be a lens of a hidden/spy camera....- i just saved you 3.99 and from feeling duped by this joke of a spy cam detection tool -lol it does not detect infrared or signals of any kind and only will tell you ip address of your router an anything connected to your wifi - GARBAGE.
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5 years ago, Panda1eleven
New WiFi scanner works.
It found my home security cameras immediately, just checked out a restaurant and hotel WiFi. Scanning my work and other networks next. Kind of addictive.
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1 year ago, Sxvvysavs
Somehow steals money for subscription
I downloaded this app and deleted it same day. Today I realized they have been charging me for 2 months. I never subscribed to this, nor would I want to because this app was useless. Have requested a refund but if they do not comply I will be contacting my bank. It’s not a lot of money but CLEARLY they’re able to charge cards without permission.
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4 years ago, Luna-007
Playing Detective
Great product! Especially for the price. Not 100% accurate, however, kinda hard with all the electronics in medal around. Having lots of fun with this product!
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2 years ago, djpartypel
What’s going on ?
I purchased this app when it first came out , worked great and now it’s asking for subscription. I am a legacy customer and was wondering how do you as company support those who supported you from your conception . Please advise. And thank in advance.
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4 years ago, rpmcleod
Im upset
I bought and paid for the original hidden camera app. Now it no longer works and they want me to pay a monthly fee for the new version. I think i should have the choice to keep the original app i paid for not be forced to upgrade to the new version that also comes with a monthly fee.
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2 years ago, Tensae Douglas
It says to manage your subscription just tap ‘manage’ below and when you tap ‘manage’ it show a screen saying “it can not connect” you just going to tap for the next 3 day with no results and boom you will be finally charged and you keep tap for another 30 days with no results and boom your monthly charge is due. 😂
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4 years ago, nelson-traveller
FIRST, I worried the app would detect spy cameras in hotel room and hesitated to subscribe in their preminum. BUT, while reviewing their intro video, decided to purchase once and then cancel if it doesnt work. AFTER subscribed, I completely suprised the app had detected all hidden cameras in the room and very happy to use it for lifetime since i love to travel and do stay in many hotels. FINALLY, very appreciated to the app, worthy of it i can say loudly. Thank you!! 😍
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5 years ago, sYpHr53
It’s such a rip
You’re not paying for the app you are paying for a service. I thought that the app it self would be able function at least partly using the camera detector and that the network scan would be extra as premium subscription. Only to find out the app is 100 Percent useless unless you stay on their subscription. I want a refund
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5 years ago, Buddy Thunderstruck
Instantly Functional
I wanted an app that would highlight infrared camera emissions clearly without guesswork. Within seconds of opening it on my phone, it worked as advertised.
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1 year ago, Xenomorph_6
Requires Subscription
The App Store may say free, but there is absolutely no use to this unless you pay for the “premium” version. It’s not really premium if there isn’t a free version of the service. Not to mention the UI looks like something an amateur in his basement made, so I personally don’t trust that it won’t store any information typed into it.
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5 years ago, Rushright7
This app work greats!
Use this with a bug detector and your golden . People who say this app doesn’t work, should be happy as they are not getting targeted.
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2 years ago, KingYoshiBlack
Detects circles thats it
Anything thats reflective or circular it will mark it. I click on the item description and 9/10 will go to a non existent page. All “learn more” videos are off of vimeo and no videos are available. Yes i did the trial and canceled due to not doing as it should.
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4 years ago, Patsy W
Misleading In-App Purchase Info
In reviewing this app, I noticed it listed an In-App purchase amount of $3.99 for Premium. I thought that would be okay if I wanted to upgrade. It did NOT list that $3.99 as a monthly subscription! Other apps that have subscriptions are upfront about it. Not this app. Beware the HIDDEN subscription fee listed instead as a “purchase” fee. Not sure I’ll use this one now.
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5 years ago, Kernian
Pathetic joke
The first camera that I tried detecting, it did not pick up whatsoever. It treated it like an in adamant object. I have tried this on three cameras and none of them has it detected. Absolute waste of money. I will cancel my subscription now, as this clearly is either for entertainment only or a fraud. So which is it developers? Because it certainly does not work.
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5 years ago, MacDaddyNavy
Total Fake Trash App
Sounds great wondered why so few people have purchased app App in setup mode asks for yur email to send updates info ect Forget it . Next it asks for access to your camera then everything you try to do requires you to subscribe to a monthly service ! Nothing works in this app as described or shown in the pics for me on iPhonex Very disappointed !
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3 years ago, George 296543
Not only is this app lame! But when you want to go to cancel it there’s no option to do so contacted the apps creator and he refuses to answer my emails do not get this app if you do it’s gonna keep renewing itself on your credit card and there’s nothing you can do about it I do not recommend it
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1 year ago, extremebananaeater123
Useless unless you’re ready to pay
I could not even use ANY of the features, any button click redirects you to the subscription tab, which is extremely unwise since at this point the developers could just make the app paid.
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6 years ago, Markie2020
Found one
The app found a tiny camera hidden in an electrical box near the hot tub at my daughters condo. Manager said it is a camera. Why did they hide it?
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3 years ago, debbie346n
I have been telling my friends about this app
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4 years ago, AkwaWatcher
Not what I was looking for
As I got my hopes up for this app, especially with a paid subscription, I was soon disappointed by the lack of thorough detail and vagueness of its performance. Though 3.99 is far from an expensive monthly rate, this app simply did not come to justify paying it.
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2 years ago, pizzaty1000
Not fun at all buy everything :/ :(
You have to buy everything it’s not fun to buy stuff when you don’t know if it work’s so just don’t buy this but if you whant to buy it be my gest because it might not work soooo just don’t I don’t whant to see people losing money
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5 years ago, User 9998
Shine Detector- not worth it
I tested out this app with 2 camera phone next to each other. The app is only picking red on anything the light is reflecting back, basically anything shiny. The app is only picking red on the rims of my camera phone lenses. I tried a metal lock and the app was covering red all over it.
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5 years ago, Jessier75
Didn’t work on my 6s
They say it’s free to try but when I go to scan to try out I have buy it. Maybe I’m doing it wrong, who knows it would be nice to actually try all the features for a short period of time like a trial period and if I want to continue to use then I would pay for it. So what’s the point?!...
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5 years ago, Calamity Coyote
Latest update ruined app
Originally the app was okay. Although I wouldn’t say it was five stars, it was descent for checking hotels for cameras. Although I only used it maybe once every year or two. The latest update renders it useless unless you pay $4 a month. No thanks. It’s not even worth $4 as a one time fee. Deleting.
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1 year ago, Coolage_aa
It’s actually a very impressive map, considering the limitation and restrictions of Apple places very impressed
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4 years ago, shdcndnskcixbend
Do Not Purchase
I went to test the app had someone just open up a camera and start filming and the app never discovered the camera what so ever even putting it as close as two feet from the object maybe I don’t understand how this is supposed to work but if I do this is falsely advertised. Does Not Work
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4 years ago, Mused1
No good
Apple people please test this crap before you add to the apple stire and STOP faking out your customers for gain. This app does NOTHING absolutely NOTHING. All your apps that indicate hidden cameras are fake FAKE . I would think Apple developers are smarter than Chinese but I see otherwise. If you are a developer-then be a real developer otherwise find another job. TRUth
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2 years ago, Kev2Kool
This app is terrible
Makes you pay a subscription tried cancelling but charged me anyways this is outrageous the app scan doesn’t even work and the wifi scan is so slow don’t download if you don’t wanna waste your time
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6 years ago, nickname1937
Not sure
I’ve had the app for a few days now however I’m not able to tell if it spots something or not. I thought the red target was the indicator but it shows up on just about anything. I’ll keep trying it out and change my review if anything change.
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2 years ago, pffftwhatajoke
Omg how ridiculous
This app detected hidden cameras in my nachos, that I had just made a few minutes before I opened the app. It picks up reflections or highlight areas no matter where you point your camera. Apple should remove this app immediately. It’s a scam
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3 years ago, ihaveanewoutlook
Can’t do anything without subscription
This app is worthless, there is nothing you can do without subscribing. Just allow for one time purchase at that point, we all have too many subscriptions already. One star is warranted!
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3 years ago, La Solano
Fake and cost a lot
People that writes the reviews forgot to put that you have to pay first this is basically scamming because the app doesn’t work at all and on the other hand you’re paying for a app that doesn’t work!!!!
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3 years ago, LexisLuther
Bait and switch
The app didn’t work very well when it was a one time purchase, but now that the developer has decided to invalidate prior purchases and charge again for a $4/mo subscription for the privilege of continued use... I’m out. Sorry, but it was a best, a marginally useful app.
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5 years ago, 23152slyr
I purchased this app over a year ago open it up today and I can’t use it because they have switched to a subscription based service. Why would I pay for an app that I have to then pay a monthly subscription for. I can’t believe Apple allowed this.
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