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User Reviews for HighLevel

4.51 out of 5
3.6K Ratings
3 years ago, Mrpodcastman
Love it but wish there were more CRM features
I LOVE HighLevel. I only wish they had the ability to cc or bcc contacts when emailing them. And the ability to automatically followup with contacts in the same email thread. These are the ONLY features that are keeping it from behaving like a CRM. These two snags are the only reason why our company continues to use Close as a CRM even though we’d rather transition fully to HighLevel. I also wish that their mobile app could support the ability to allocate contacts to Workflows and make it easier to edit the Additional Info section of a contact’s profile. Currently we are unable to do this on mobile. I hope this review doesn’t come across as negative because I do love this tool and company. It is because we love it so much that we are aware of the few flaws it has.
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2 months ago, Linda gem
PLEASE GHL Improve email tech and notifications
GHL is great for scheduling and tracking campaigns but I am having trouble seeing value in the email service. This is a pain because I now I need to cancel mail chimp because I don’t want pay two two bills but mail chimp integrations are WAY better. PLEASE GHL improve your email tech!! The emails do not save as you are building them and lack so many basic design options. It’s like using a rudimentary version of elementor. But that’s it so basic. The auto save is so counterintuitive for 2024. No one used to a certain level of tech wants to step it down and go low level. No one investing in their business wants an app that makes things harder and less streamlined. We want to cruise easefully as we work and get things done efficiently and most importantly with style that makes and impact! GHL is not offering this in my opinion and needs help. The last email I worked on for three hours and lost everything! The padding between boxes is 12px on all sides so I have to reduce the darn padding because it causes huge gaps in emails and looks ridiculous. As far as this phone app, notifications don’t clear after I read messages and yes, I check all locations. Please improve these things and I will up my stars. Thanks
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2 years ago, jcmcmcmcncnccnc
Best tool in my tool box for my business
By far the best business tool I have in my arsenal. The challenge with small business is you as the owner wear multiple hats. Event Hawk help me with the most important one …. Customer service. Event Hawk has helped me get clients that I never knew I was missing. A lot of customer window shop … event Hawk helps the window shoppers come in and look around and more times then not they end up booking. Event Hawk has helped me get an edge over my competitors but helping me stay in communication with my customers. Hands down best business move in a long time.
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1 year ago, Maemaetaytay
Newest updates are frustrating
HighLevel is never been super simple to use. Oh, as a mobile app, but the newest updates have me stressed out. Notifications are no longer straightforward, the updates on the homepage track every little thing that you do, and make it appear as if your client requested or created a new event. I just canceled a client’s appointment, and now it shows up on my front page as if that Client created a new appointment. If I or any of da users schedule anything it shows up as if our clients have created appointments. So now my front page is not full of pertinent requests. It’s full of trivial information that I don’t need to know never need to know and my brain doesn’t need to process. The reason I use HighLevel is to stay on top of requests and conversations with my clients and this is just made it much more difficult to sift through important information.
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3 years ago, geopopos
A pivotal part of my business
High level allows me to service my agency clients with an all in one solutions from landing page design to drop campaigns to direct one on one communication via sms, email, and phone. On top of that the platform is very customizable so it can be built out to fit almost any use case!
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2 years ago, S2powell
When it works it’s awesome
For the most part it’s great. It makes life easier except… at times the phone app has to be opened and closed 3 different times before it will load any data. If you have templates and press the template button nothing happens so you go to press the template button again thinking nothing happened then two template screens open at the same time on top of each other. The other bug is randomly the text function will switch to email, I’m not sure why in 3 years I have never sent an email but this app thinks I need that as the default setting.
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11 months ago, rockyruntz
Love the software but recent update has glitches
Just got the newest update and it’s cool overall but a big glitch is in the new version that wasn’t there before i updated. When looking at all the opportunities and tapping the message button to send a text it doesn’t bring you to the conversation it brings up the new message screen only. That’s a problem for me since I can’t see if my team has reached out to them while I am making calls. Overall I like the software it’s cool.
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2 years ago, ElMeroMero505
Delayed Response Makes It A Four
This is a great app with lots of capabilities, however, there seems to be a 2-3second delay for almost all functions. For example, you can use the drop down menu to confirm an appointment but it takes several seconds to respond. The biggest problem I’ve experienced is trying to accept an incoming call from a potential customer and the delay causes the called to be missed. I hope this gets fixed because otherwise it’s a great app.
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3 years ago, Matt April
So many great features - but needs work!
I love how versatile and uniform this application is! I use it for my business and have multiple staff members use it. I love how much this application can do: build automations, surveys, forms, text/emails/calls, and so much more! But the reason why i am giving it a 3/5 instead 5/5 is due to the lost/dropped calls that happen VERY frequently, the texting service that is tied to Twilio randomly doesn’t send texts, which has resulted in many lost opportunities. I’m anxious to see how the company improves these services as they grow.
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1 year ago, AP2315
Has so much Potential
The entire selling point of GoHighLevel is that it can take the place of all other programs, CRM, Wix / Wordpress, Mailchimp etc… If that’s the case then why does the app ONLY let you send messages? I myself like plenty of other business owners don’t have constant access to a computer, so if I was able to create and edit SMS and Email Campaigns from the app then life would be a lot easier. Mailchimp has that feature on the app and thus I have to stick with them until HighLevel decides to add that feature to the app.
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4 years ago, Sammie3467
Blank screens and the never ending reload.
Every time I open messages in the app, or if I try to get information on my leads the screen goes blank and I have to shut down the app and reopen it. Though restarting the app might be helpful to getting contact info, I have found no backdoor to reading my messages from customers. The only way to make the text appear is to respond. Highlevel, please fix these issues your app is causing problems for my business.
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3 years ago, 112/&)-73 c
New customer
The first day it started out with a few leads ( out of state and un qualified leads ) then it stopped after the first day and haven’t received anything since ? It’s crazy I truly believe something is wrong with platform or something… I use other companies ( exact same ad ) and get a few leads a day that actually live in my city …. I spoke with my rep today that didn’t seemed alarmed or even had a sense of urgency ! I even asked for a refund as I’ve booked zero ( 0 ) jobs and all he said was let’s give it another week lol So far not impressed Total waste of $$$
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8 months ago, H2obury5
App is very frustrating
I use GHL every day for work and the desktop version is great, however when ever trying to work from the app it’s impossible to pull up contacts. When filtering to find messages not all messages show. I’ve got a filter set where I get a text any time someone responds to a message so I know I have new messages. However when I go and look under unread messages they aren’t there. It would also be nice to schedule messages through the app like you can do on the desktop version.
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11 months ago, gabronson
Love it!
Once you get used to it, it’s incredibly powerful. I love the fresh sharp colors, bright and clean. Other similar apps seem dull by comparison. Certainly ever more key value add functionality passed to the app is welcomed as long as they keep the speed up. Great balance!
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1 year ago, Rachelita1111
Would love to give it 5 stars
Api is amazing. Automated reminders and the whole texting & emailing is phenomenal! Calendar is too basic, many options unavailable on mobile. Would love to have the option to block specific days and times and have more flexibility with custom appointment times through mobile app
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1 year ago, Space Færie
App Doesn’t Work on Older Phone
I know, I have a fossil for a phone at this point, but up to date with iOS. I can get logged in just fine, but nothing loads. I got a notification that a lead reached out, can’t respond to him or even see the message inside the app. Just a blank grey screen. Been on going for a couple of months, tried uninstalling and reinstalling after the latest update, no change.
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1 year ago, Lunalovegood2014
Great app, but..
Why did you take away the option to access chat through the Lead Pipeline?? (You can only move leads through the pipeline now) It was so convenient and efficient. Now more time consuming to go through each chat and figure out which leads belong to which pipeline owner.
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3 years ago, prolificDar
Life changing
This operating system gives you the power to run your business like never before. No more duck taping multiple platforms & apps together. Everything is in one place and seamlessly works together. #gamechanger
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2 years ago, BGolden126
Loading wheel but never loads
It works a few times, then gets stuck on the loading wheel when I open it. Every time it does, I have to delete and reinstall the app. Tried fixing it by switching my internet and restarting my phone, but it's always a problem with the app. Really hoping dev team makes an update to fix this. Very cumbersome at the moment, forcing my to make phone calls through my computer..
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2 years ago, Iforget72
Won’t log in
Constantly I’m going to my HL app and the login button just doesn’t do anything. Happens constantly. And the app itself is limited in so many ways. Adding a new contact on the fly is bulky.
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3 years ago, MicDone
The Desktop is way better than the App
They really need to fix this. High Level is too good of a CRM for their mobile application to be this bad… Nothing loads properly, I have over 1000 unread messages that I’ve already read… Notifications are not efficient… It’s just a bad application… The mobile interface needs a lot of work… But the desktop is amazing
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4 years ago, _Jerrsh
App crash
Every time I make a call through the app the app crashes when I hang up and have to restart the app. Wouldn’t be a big deal if I wasn’t making 100 plus calls a day to my customers and I have to restart the app after each call. It differs from device to device, my employees don’t have the same issue as I do. Kinda weird but would like an update to fix this problem
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5 years ago, Jerry755
Learning the system
I started using this app and the Associated CRM in October...... It's been pretty amazing so far and really easy to use. Everyday I seem to learn a little more of it's functionality and I'm pretty impressed.👍
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3 years ago, Abie shalam
Needs some work. Not much though
It has everything it needs. Calander. Contact. Opportunities . You can call and message. See everything. But it needs improvement. Custom contacts list are glitchy. Doesnt show all my list. Probably my biggest complaint
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3 years ago, SommerNorris
App never works
It’s always loading on my phone and doesn’t open to use. And when it finally opens, the components inside the app don’t work. For example, replying to an email, the function doesn’t load and I can’t complete the task. I’d be happy to update my review if my user experience becomes better.
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10 months ago, tugg speedmen
I see the value but if this thing cost as much as it does. Then it should have an option to import contacts. Right now I’m look at manually entering all of my contacts one by one. Switching back and forth. There has to be a better way. Update it and I’ll give you more stars
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3 years ago, Zaner D
Fitlio review
Texting sends text twice often. Hard to navigate at times. Glad for some of the automation. Delay in contacts to scroll down and search to find someone
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2 years ago, omnizen
Terrible Phone & Connection
For years and level has been one of the worst experiences with dialing out and making phone calls. When your business relies on reliable phone calls. This app falls very short. They have left this issue for far too long to go on unresolved.
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5 years ago, The wattsonator
Best software!
Love this app for so many reasons to help convert leads into follow ups, increase appointments, reminders and reviews. The support for their team is better than any I’ve ever seen and highly recommend it!
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1 year ago, osilva13
Amazing software
This program is awesome. It really does everything a small business could ever need!
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4 years ago, lo peorrrrrr
the worst investment
I've been trying to get a technical problem solved for a month and the answer is always the same as they are going to raise a ticket and nobody solves me, they charged me $ 297 quickly but to solve nothing at all, the worst thing a person can do is do I do business with these people, mark a star because I could not put zero, because my rating is zero.
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1 month ago, DiamondGCoupe
Notification Bug - Still here 5/1/24
Constantly shows I have a Notification when there are no Unread messages. If I log out and back in, notification goes away until I get another message. Please fix…still an issue 5/1/24
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3 years ago, sushigunner0331
Comprehensive and simple to use
The ability to track analytics, send and modify text and email campaign templates and click-to-dial make this the most seamless CRM experience I’ve ever had - by far.
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2 years ago, lLoCoCoCo
They are Great
Love the system super easy to use everything you need just right in front of you.
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1 year ago, blueknight12
Don’t use!!
We have been trying for months to disconnect this service from google and Facebook. All our messages from google are lost to this app and there’s no disconnecting our business from it. Their tech support said talk to google. We submitted a ticket with Google MyBusiness, they said the API has to be disconnected from their side.
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2 years ago, dhrjfnwjdbw
Notification sound is not coming through iPhone
Notifications are not coming through the app. I get the red bubble notification but there is no sounds.
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3 years ago, Bryansbright eyes
Very professional company
This is a great company to work with, everyone is very professional and knows what they’re doing.
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4 years ago, JBFit82
Started out working great but having some issues recently with conversations not showing up when I tap on a lead/member to open the conversation thread of sms/emails etc.
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2 years ago, FabinhoUSA
Some many issue, glitches and slow.
Guys should fix the issues as soon as possible or I will have to move to another one. The app is slow, on computer is slow. The app is not loading. I wish I could upload the screenshots recorded to guys see what happen.
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4 years ago, Breezeway45
A Gamechanger for Agencies!
I love Gohighlevel, it changed my agency game. It’s enabled me to streamline my processes and lead gen systems, and get even better results for our company and our clients. Fantastic team and support as well!
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3 years ago, Vivanco Media
Almost the best
GoHigh Level has helped me build out amazing products for my customers.
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5 years ago, Joshua Centers
This software does so much, sms campaigns, vmail drops, email, it’s a crm, it can record inbound and outbound calls. It handles reviews. I’m so impressed. Shaun and Ian genuinely do the best they can to listen to the users.
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3 years ago, iii_soccer
HighLevel is the best!
I’ve been so happy with the CRM. Awesome for my business and the other businesses I’m helping. Keep up the great work!
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2 years ago, Hooman.Samani
In app communications have been reliable.
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1 year ago, Dougielass
Clunky App
The app needs to be updated. It shows that I have notification badges despite having viewed all notifications. The badges stay there for days thereafter reviewing them. Does not smoothly update
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3 years ago, BedazzledLV
Very glitchy and unreliable
A lot of great features... but operates as a skin for the website and has issues loading. Not a fully fleshed out app. Could be amazing 🙌
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2 years ago, Tinderlovencare
An ok app
Glitchy, doesn’t refresh well, doesn’t update to reflect when potential clients have said no. Other than that it’s a decent app
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2 years ago, TeacherCJ
Hangs up a lot
Every time I click on a calendar appointment it gives me information for the previous appointment and I have to go back and click it again.
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3 years ago, Maria RMG4
Glitchy, rarely ever works
I’ve downloaded and redone loaded this app several times and it never seems to fix the fact that it’s always malfunctioning and pretty much useless to me
Show more
1 year ago, Evbbot
Crashes all the time
Anytime I try and use the manual actions to change my contact list it crashes. No filters to change areas of my contacts either
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