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HiHello, Inc.
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User Reviews for HiHello: Digital Business Card

4.88 out of 5
17.4K Ratings
4 months ago, John Roc 007
Insurance Broker - Hi Hello is the best!
"HI hello is a game-changer when it comes to networking and exchanging business information seamlessly. This innovative app has revolutionized the way I connect with professionals in my field. With HI hello, sharing business cards has never been easier or more efficient. The app's intuitive interface allows me to create stylish digital business cards that stand out and leave a lasting impression on potential contacts. I love how HI hello eliminates the hassle of carrying physical cards and simplifies the process of exchanging information at networking events or meetings. Additionally, the app's advanced features, such as personalized tags and notes, make it easy to organize and follow up with contacts effectively. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting your career, HI hello is an invaluable tool for building and nurturing professional relationships. I highly recommend HI hello to anyone looking to elevate their networking game and make meaningful connections in today's fast-paced business world."
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2 years ago, Dawn Dodge
Hi Hello is an amazing app.
They give you five or six free cards just to try it out and they let you access everything you need. The only thing is when you set up your background for your virtual zooms you have to go on a desktop there's some set up features that requires you to go on the desktop to set it up but everything about this app is amazing. They have updates their app recently and may have fixed those items. They're on the cutting edge of contact free cards. In years past I had multiple for profit, ministerial and other businesses with different pictures and even a video on my cards. I paid for the upgrade because they're worth it. But even if you want to start off with a free account they are more than generous with that. I can't say enough about this app!!!
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2 years ago, plaintiger
Looking for better
This app is not well coded. It's missing things like the ability to control light and dark mode from within the app even the ability to delete the cards you've created – you can't delete a card, but have to go through each card and delete the contents of each field, field by field (and if you delete your name, the app will complain that the card has to have a name, even though it didn't before you entered your name). But the clincher for me was the customer service. I wrote to them asking about the ability to turn dark mode on and off within the app and received responses from "Ella" with no greeting (maybe they think calling their app "HiHello "should be greeting enough for anybody), a haughty tone, and no closing – no "Thank you for using HiHello!", or, "Thank you for being a paid customer!" – not even "Sincerely" or "All the best". Just…nothing, as if my very existence was an annoyance to her. So I canceled my subscription and will be deleting the app and certain not to annoy Ella again.
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3 years ago, Ckende
Best Digital Business Card App
I still love this app so much! And the updates keep getting better and better! I love seeing the notification to update my HiHello app! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️👍🏽 I love HiHello so much! I have been looking high and low for an app like this for about two years. Each update just makes it better. I work at a college, and I have been looking for some kind of digital card to send prospective students and my current students so they can have my contact info. There’s a bunch of cool features. I love to make a card. And the zoom background is awesome! since covid I have been doing a lot of admission appointments over zoom. The background makes it look professional but fun at the same time. Keep up the amazing job everyone at HiHello!!
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2 months ago, whhhhydoI have to
Disease Intervention Specialist 3
Hi, I am very impressed with how easy this application is to use. It goes in your wallet on your phone so double click and you have your information ready. I work for the Office of Public Health and meet ppl unexpectedly often. In order to help my community I need to be aware of all the programs in our area for pregnant women, the underserved, people with mental disorders, homelessness, and ppl trying to find help with substance abuse to name just a few. I learned about this app from an attorneys office tht assists with free lawyers (expungements, child support cases, divorce and more). This is was a great idea and helps my team and I a lot. Thank you!
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3 years ago, *jadams***
Love it ❤️
I have been in sales for over 20 years! It’s new. It’s different! Years from now may be a “thing “ so won’t really stand out with a new client as it will these days. I have zoom appointments with customers and what perfect thing you can send after is your electronic business card. The links to all of your social media/website information so you get have followers and likes. Cons: it might be TOO much info if you have all of your scheduling/social media/website/hyperlinks which of course you can just put a few but could be more compact. Very large photo too The option for a contact to send THEIR information to back to YOU could be a lot easier. It’s pretty confusing and not all are technical savvy. If the phone app did more functions that you get if on a laptop would be a lot cooler Overall I enjoy it. You can do A LOT with the free account but I do have the pro and definitely recommend checking it out!
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3 weeks ago, a fortiori
Difficult For Receiving Person to Save Card
Great concept, but after the card is scanned by the recipient, sometimes the button to save the card does not appear for them. Other times it only appears after they attempt to download the app onto their phone, which is not ideal. Sometimes the button appears if you try two or three times. It seems like the developer is forcing the recipient of the cards to download the app. This is a huge mistake. When you’re meeting people, they should be able to instantaneously save your / deliver your contact into their phone. Forcing a recipient to download an app first is a mistake. Unless they fix this, I’m switching out of this app.
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8 months ago, Donya's Florals
The Best Business Card & Networking App Ever!!
Gone are the day of wasting my time and money ordering printed business cards to hand out to contacts who despite their best intentions misplace or discard them. This app is the digital business card solution for business owners, entrepreneurs, geeks, students, and professionals alike. There's also so many features included in the basic version that Ive decided to wait until I actually need a feature or function only available in the paid ver., which is just a matter of time for me. Nice job, dev team!
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3 years ago, cam_tacular
I really love this app. It is easy to use and share with other people. With COVID and everything going on this is an awesome alternative to handing someone a card. A person won’t leave their phone behind or throw it in the trash like a business card. It won’t get lost in someone’s wallet or purse so you know it’s in there, it’s also awesome that it can also save contacts!!! I still have the free version but I’m trying to convince some folks we really need this. The free features seem to be so amazing it’s not too expensive. Awesome work!
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4 months ago, Miss Alana Jayne
A huge lifesaver when at career fairs!
As a recruiter, I spend a lot of time on the road and meeting people. HiHello has provided me the opportunity to share my information quickly & efficiently! If can carry less on me, it’s a bonus. As an added bonus, I always have my phone on me, so I always have access to my card! I also love that it’s part of my apple wallet! Thank you, HiHello, for helping me connect with others! Gone are the days of me scribbling my information at the top of a flyer and getting lost in that paper struggle!
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4 months ago, BoyBye
Very useful and easy to use
I selected HiHello after trying 4 different card apps. This app is by far the easiest to understand and the user interface is well designed. Packed with features that constantly made me happy and a great help system that actually helps. The card scanner does a great job. The only negative I found is that the card scan sync with hubspot does not pass all the scanned fields to Hubspot. It fails to send title, address, both cell and office numbers and the card image. This can surely be easily fixed.
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11 months ago, Cterrillteach
Awesome App!!
I love HiHello! I was at a conference and realized I forgot my business cards! I told a friend who said, “No worries let me show you what I just heard about, the app HiHello.” Having my business card available digitally has been great! It has made networking so much easier. It has also been fun to share and everyone seems to love it!! I appreciate how the contact can be added to my phone and I can see where I met the person with the location feature! I am a total fan! If you haven’t tried it, give it a go!!
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4 months ago, The Money Chic™️
I Love This App!
Hi Hello has been a truly great addition to my business. The ease of access, the ability to have it on my Apple Wallet and present it within seconds is top tier. The response I get at networking events is universal in that, if they don’t shady have one and are cheering me on, they are eager to learn how to get one themselves. This too, of course you guys have covered, since recipients are also given the ability to create a card. Thanks for this amazing app and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!
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3 years ago, LawyerBetter.com
The future of business cards
My goal is no longer to give out my business card, which will end up in someone’s drawer. Instead, my goal is to get into their contacts. Digital business cards make it much easier to get my information into their contacts, and most people are happy to give me their mobile number so I can text it to them- so I end up with their contact information as well. All told, this app is a complete win-win.
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4 years ago, littlelexamor
The Best!!
I’ve been looking for an app to share my virtual card and this one has the others beat by far! The platform is easy to use and customize. The simplicity and options it provides in terms of fields that can be added, photos, logos, etc. makes it an all inclusive card. It can fit all the vital information about my business without having to sacrifice anything. It’s super easy to share and I LOVE how it shows up to the other person and the options it gives them to save it as well! Highly recommend!
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4 months ago, Manixbee
Great App!
As a business owner constantly seeking innovative and efficient networking solutions, I’ve found an indispensable tool in HiHello – a digital business card app that stands out for its simplicity and effectiveness. This ease of use makes it accessible to professionals at any tech-savvy level, revolutionizing the way we connect without sacrificing professionalism. You can change the card for updates whenever you’d like and also saves your business a lot on buying paper business cards.
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4 months ago, Mileiry
If I could give this app 10 stars, I would. The fact that you’re able to create a digital business card for free is life changing and the template is nice and neat. I love the fact that you can add links to websites and apps such as LinkedIn which is very useful for networking events. With one scan, the other person can save your contact info to their phone which saves so much time during busy networking events. Highly recommend this app to anyone!!
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4 months ago, Aglaure
The best business tool!
I attend a lot of film markets and used to always run out of cards and then had to bring home and sort through the mountains of cards I had received, all while making sure to not lose any important ones. HiHello makes everything easy and oh-so sleek. Every time I pull out my phone with my digital card people are so impressed that they immediately want to know the name of my app so that they can use it as well. My favorite app!
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4 months ago, Candy Mount
Business card
I love the app, it makes me feel very comfortable when using it around my coworkers or clients it’s easy to use. All I have to do is look up my app scan it and have someone else take the picture so they can open their app and scan. this has helped me greatly. Keeping it on my phone is easier than holding a business card and not knowing where you placed it as today’s technology. This is the only way to go. Thank you.
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2 months ago, JasRamos88
Love it!
HiHello is an incredible app that has truly transformed the way I manage my contacts and connections. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to organize and share contact information seamlessly. One of the standout features for me is the ability to create customizable digital business cards that can be easily shared with others. This has been a game-changer in networking and staying connected with colleagues and clients.
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12 months ago, BWsReviews
Unethical Subscription Process and Non-Existent Customer Service
No customer support or way to manage your subscription in-app so you can’t cancel your subscription if you wanted to, when and how you want to, even though their FAQ page says there’s a way to contact customer support in-app. So if you’re not using it regularly, you better have an impeccable memory to remember to cancel right away because they won’t refund your subscription either, even if you never used the app that whole year. Then of course they steal the $72 annual subscription from your bank account without even notifying you via email like any other reputable company that your subscription is about to expire.
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3 weeks ago, H4Healing
Seamless and Functional
Hi-Hello digital business card has been remarkable. The instructions and guidance to set it up was easy and straightforward. The email signature was a bit small for my preference, so that could use some improvements. However, I may not be aware how to adjust for my liking. Overall thus far the use of the digital business card is seamless and easy to use. I would recommend and I have to several colleagues.
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3 years ago, Pvt_Walfwood
Great for networking
I am of the mindset that business cards are a waste of time. It’s 2021 as I write this, and I was getting ready to go to a large conference and thought about how to pass my information along. So I figured the App Store would have the answer, and sure enough, it delivered HiHello. It allows me to give far more details to someone than a business card ever could, and it will enable the receiver to send me their details even if they don’t have HiHello!
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1 year ago, Lootcifer.exe
Will give it 5 stars whenever I stop getting harassed when opening the app
Can the app PLEASE STOP asking me every single time about notifications and location?? It’s disruptive and very annoying. Been considering other options just cause I don’t want to keep dealing with the same screen every single time I open the app. If there’s a way to turn it off then you guys aren’t making it very obvious to find it either. I love the app and what it can do and I wanna keep supporting you guys but it’s hard when I’m being bombarded by the same thing constantly.
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6 months ago, Nathalie (304)
One of the Best digital business cards system
Hi is One of the Best digital business cards system ever created offering many options from customization to sharing. User friendly and no need for coding. Definitely recommend to at least try it and you will see there will be no need to worry about running out of business cards. This is the future of business cards. Stay professional.
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4 months ago, Church Doctor
Fast & Easy
I recommend HiHello for both personal and professional contacts. I use it all the time. It is a clean, safe, and visible way to communicate with new contacts and with friends. I keep two cards for different uses. My friends are impressed when I send them my personal card with my academic accomplishments and interests. I quickly can link to business contacts with all my information using my other card. I am sure you will find many uses, too.
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2 years ago, Anonymous Black
Great Customer Service
I’m a long time user of the app (4 years at least) and had an issue syncing HiHello contacts onto my phone. Ella (the rep) was responsive and guided my issue through multiple exchanges, including convo with engineering and product development to get my issue to resolution — I needed to temporarily switch my default browser from Firefox to Safari bc FF downloads weren’t initiating the Profile Download needed for the sync. Anyway, thx!
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2 years ago, Sapphire360
Game changer!
This virtual card is absolutely the best thing going. It is so useful and right on time due to the pandemic that we are facing at this time. No exchanging paper cards at all. All you have to do is get their number and boom, they have your card right there in the palm of their hand on a device they carry with them every day. No excuse such as, “I lost your card”. No no no....Just tell them to check their messages. 😉
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2 years ago, Jim Chalil
What an amazing business networking app!!
Yes Business Cards a must but having this allows you to share content and contact info and allow the recipient to have it stored immediately into their device!! No more losing cards or forgetting to add them to your device as this allows you to do it immediately and that is vital for business networking !! Love it and oh you get get the free version which is also amazing!!
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3 years ago, trons
Awesome multi-purpose app!
I’ve been using HiHello for 3-yrs and have enjoyed the versatility, power and flexibility of this app. Well thought out format with improved features over other apps. Gives me the separation between business and personal cards or anything else want to individualize. I can’t speak highly enough about HiHello. Always improving and refining. I’ve recommended it to all my friends and business associates.
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4 months ago, Horrible content
Love it!
Great app! I love that is free and still has all the perks I want for my digital business card. My biggest flex is being in an event and if I dont have business cards I can show the QR and people will automatically save my contact. AND I get in the app their contact too. I can add as many categories as I want and it looks so pretty 😊 The only thing I would add is the contacts from the app syncing with my phone contacts.
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4 months ago, Londa.B
Always got my business card handy!!
No more searching for a business card in your purse or wallet…not when you have Hi Hello! a digital card that can never get lost it’s always in your hand, a touch button away on your phone how convenient is that! The Best business card I Ever had!! And my clients love the idea of not having so many cards in there wallet… it’s so much easier just to go to my Hi Hello link in there it is… I love it
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2 years ago, qwerttyuiinxxzsdf
This is not 5 star ! This is 10 Stars !
I love this app, finally I can have free business card and not bring with so many staff, especially when someone asking for. When is not with me the business card. and simply I can just share over my phone fantastic idea. Only one suggestion would be nice If I can add my website url with simple click they could take them to my site.
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2 years ago, FortWorthMan
Brilliant! Love the flexibility and how well it works.
I’d been reading about the growing trend of digital business cards and after researching all the different options I went with Hi Hello and couldn’t be more pleased. I have multiple businesses that I manage and this give me the flexibility to have a card ready for each one. There are so many different uses I’ve discovered for the cards - great option and great app.
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4 years ago, Crocomagator
Fantastic app without any gimmicks or click bait
I recently discovered this app while looking for a way to create a digital business card for my growing brand. It’s super simple to use, and contains far more than I anticipated I’d desire in a digital format and it is working far better than traditional business cards. In a world where people are always in their phone, this is the way to go. 10/10 recommendation.
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4 months ago, Torrie Kerney
An app worth having
As a Realtor, having a business card is essential however it is more important to acquire the contact information of my potential client. The HiHello app allows me to provide my contact information and collect their information simultaneously. I recommend this app to every business person I meet. It is professional, easy to use, and a valuable resource.
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3 months ago, Ness2704
Great concept
This is great. Sharing is a little cryptic though. It looks easy enough, but the person receiving the shared card has to have the app as well. There is a workaround if you go to preview it and act like you are sending it to yourself, but put the other person’s phone number in there. They get it then. I also hit the “save to apple wallet” option and it never saved. Has some bugs to work out, but it’s a good start!
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4 months ago, Getting Disciplined
Superb Customer service
I had a problem with the links on my card not connecting to the right social media I contacted HiHello and received an immediate response to my request. Margaret was the agent helping me and she did it in no time. I was adding the information wrong. Thank you Margaret for your friendly and prompt response. Would definitely recommend HiHello just because of their service.
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2 years ago, Th3Grillmaster
I needed business cards but our office secretary failed to order them in time for a meeting. So… I was forced to make a digital business card…. And LOVED it. Not a super tech gal it took me a little longer than a young person— but not any longer than I would spend creating a aper card. And I believe this is way more functional for todays world. Easy to make, use and I love how it connects to my contacts.
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2 months ago, Mr EZ Pun It
Hi Hello is the real deal!
I've been using the upgraded version and it's great. I just started a customized digital card service and I use this to program and design cards for customers who don't want to be bothered and it's a breeze and looks very professional. More templates would be a bonus and the ability to increase the size of logos and placement would be my only request. Five star worthy!
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2 months ago, SavedBy_Grace
Cool Digital Business Card
This digital business card is such a cool idea. It’s ideal for quickly sharing contact info and can easily be updated. Traditional business cards get lost, misplaced, or stuck in a pile. This method gives the appearance of being tech savvy, organized and confident. This helps put your best self forward. First impressions do matter! Thanks HiHello for helping me share key info in a cool and fresh way.
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2 years ago, cc. Smith
Hi Hello App is Fabulous!
I have been looking for a digital card that was professional looking yet user friendly and I finally found it in the Hi Hello digital card. I didn’t need to wait to receive a card in the mail days later, I was able to quickly input my inform and send out my digital card from the start. Thank you for putting in the hard work that makes me look so good! Constance Smith-Realtor CA & AZ
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3 years ago, Morbidpete
Super useful
Have been searching for a web based way to send and view my contact via QRCODES, NFC and email for some time. Rolled out a few on my own using dockers and Apache, I’m no coder so they looked terrible. This service really fit the bill. Looking forward to the M365 sync, outside of that. App is perfect. Reached out to the comp at and got a response from the CEO in less than 5 mins. A level of service unmatched by any vendor I use with my business!
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9 months ago, Peter Wesner Realtor
Awesome Product
HiHello is my go to for a digital business card. I am in real estate so when I get a new lead I send them my digital business card via message. contains my name, company, name, email, phone number, license number, and picture. I constantly receive great feedback about my digital business card from my customers! I would definitely recommend HiHello to everyone!!
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2 years ago, CowboyBebop2005
Easy to use
This is far better than paying for printed business cards. I pay for the professional version. I wish there were more formatting and design options when it comes to email signatures. Easy to use though. There’s a widget that you can put on your phone and a multitude of ways to share your contact info.
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3 months ago, TeeTwoTimes
User friendly !
Great app. Incredibly efficient and easy to use interface. This app is really helpful during the times that I don’t have any physical business cards on me and I think it’s a great way to make some serious connections quickly with little hassle. Although I am a fan on the traditional business card the digital card is pretty awesome
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1 year ago, Conduit805
Easy and Impressive
I’m using the free version. I was worried about the option levels with the free version but after reading the reviews I decided to give it a try. It’s intuitive to setup. People are very impressed with the digital data available on the card. As soon as I get all my ducks in a row, I will probably upgrade to get rid of promos that show when I share.
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3 years ago, Bubbles919
Very user friendly!
I’ve been using this digital business card for the past year now and have no issues so far! Loving the customization options and all the social media accounts I can link 😁 Plus no cost for printing a physical card and makes networking significantly faster. Will continue using for the foreseeable future 💜✨
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2 years ago, Truthfilmer
Great app for business cards
This is a super cool app for a digital business card. It’s very user friendly and affordable. I have stopped carrying business cards around as this is a better option and I can make for one for each business that we own. I look forward to more added features but overall this definitely suits our purposes.
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2 years ago, Garrenmg
This replaced my business cards forever
I used this as a backup because I forgot my business cards at an conference… Walking up to the event, I had it set up within minutes. Extremely unique way to give out your business info. Never spend time uploading cards just collect direct cell lines and company names. Outstanding app thank you 👌
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