Hiya: Spam Blocker & Caller ID

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2 weeks ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Hiya: Spam Blocker & Caller ID

4.54 out of 5
227.6K Ratings
7 months ago, RLNfirst
Outstanding unique design app!
I would like to sit down and take the time to Thank the Developers for such a great unique outstanding design app! Seems like only yesterday you could pick up a phone book get information on a number and who that number belong too! Those days are gone one we were only looking in the city where we live now it’s all over the World. Technology is changing every day every second and yes every minute! Are you going to get every time you’re phone rings information as who is calling? ( good luck on that thought) why because the people who created the words Spam and Fraud are changing their numbers every day every second and yes every minute. The Developers of this app are working hard to make this app the best they can to meet the technology changes that are taking place as I write this and I hope you read. How do I know the Developers are working hard look at the number of updates that are being made! So download this app today now will you be sorry? I don’t think so will you get who is calling information all the time ( good luck ) , these great Developers are working hard to some day soon do that for you and myself. Too the Developers thanks for a 5 star app with a great unique design! I Tip my Hat 🎩 for all of the Hard Work you’ve done over all the years to create a Unique Outstanding Design App! “ Thank’s “
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5 years ago, YorkieMama21
Never blocks on its own, wants u to update to premium!!!
This is a great app for blocking numbers after the fact...after u tell it to block numbers for u...but it never blocks them ahead of time. So u still have to receive the incessantly annoying amounts of scamming & telemarketing calls throughout the day!!!!! When u look up numbers, it will say that the name is available to u, but only if u upgrade to their premium service, which is another annoyance in itself!!!! So I still have at least 10-20 calls from unknown numbers I have to input into their system, write a report for & wait for them to block for me. There should be a feature where u can save the reports u have entered so u don’t have to keep thinking of new ones & re-typing them every time. It is very time-consuming when u have to report as many as I do every day, especially when they don’t block the numbers after your first report. Sometimes u have to submit 2 or 3 before they will block them!!! So I sometimes spend up to an hour (or more) on this app per day when I receive more than 5 spam calls. I ought to at least get a discount on the service for having to use it so much!!!!
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5 years ago, Cynnie66
It ain’t what it used to be- and getting worse.
This app has discontinued many free features and made them premium, with a subscription. But the parts that are remaining do not work well. I have the setting to Block Scam and Fraud, and Spam calls- but it doesn’t. At least, not all the time. I don’t know if it actually blocks any. I still get them, and there is no icon warning that it’s a scam or fraud. Just got another one today, with no indication- but after the call and voicemail, I checked the number on Hiya- there was a months worth (over 45) of reports and comments left, all reporting the same scam. If they haven’t picked up that number then they need to figure out why not. The listing on my recent calls still shows nothing, no comment, no icon. Update, weeks later: I had two calls yesterday, one of which I missed and one I declined, from the same number. No indication what they were. I checked later on Hiya and found that they were “debt collectors”- only after I checked did the icon for that appear in my recent calls list for this number. Hiya is always open on my phone, so even if it’s a recent number it should be updated. Another update: telemarketers’ calls are not labeled as such. I’m not sure if it’s worth keeping this app on my phone- it hasn’t “warned” of anything, but I get voicemail messages from telemarketers, since I don’t answer calls from unknown callers.
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2 years ago, 24434everyday
App moving away from purpose
This app was meant to be able to look up who is calling you/identify incoming calls and enhance blocking options. Now they are mostly focused on being a call screener. Rather than the first screen being the lookup screen it’s now a nag screen to enable call screening. I didn’t buy this to screen my calls. I bought this to identify calls manually. Now I have to go to the “keypad” section and there is supposed to be a paste lookup button at the top. Sometimes it’s there and sometimes it’s not. And when it is there I have to give it permission to paste every single time even when I choose always allow and confirm in Settings that the permission is always allow. Lately more often than not the button is not there unless I restart my phone making it more of a nuisance than a help. Don’t think I’ll be renewing since the whole purpose of the app is to allow me to lookup calls when I want and now it’s become very cumbersome and they are just interested in me in allowing them to intercept my calls, which I don’t want. I have all the updates of everything on my phone so that isn’t the issue. The app has been problematic since they implemented the call screening. No longer worth it. It has gone from best app for call identification to very low on the totem pole. Many apps now that handle it better. Another case of an app going from doing something well to an app trying to do everything and now doing none of it well.
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5 years ago, Caribbean Jim
Great app, but Family Subscriptions don’t work
The app is undoubtedly the best of this type. It was free for several years and I loved it. When it began to charge $3/mo or $15/year, I did not hesitate to go for the latter. The problem came when on my wife’s phone, having Family Membership, I downloaded Hiya and upgraded to Premium. The usual message from the App Store is “A Family Member already purchased this, so you can obtain it for free.” With Hiya, however, my wife’s phone was billed to my account. I chatted with the iTunes Store and they cancelled the charge, but told me I needed to contact the developer to have my wife’s phone also have Hiya Premium. However, there is no way of doing that. “App Support”, both here on the App Store and on the website, consists of FAQ’s and blogs, with no way of telling your story outside of a review such as this one. Hope it helps. UPDATE on July 2019: after several years the above has not been fixed. NEW PROBLEM: on March 8, 2019, I changed my number TT&T has a policy of letting a number rest 90 days before re-assigning it. Hiya and several others report my new number as belonging to one Kenny Sanchez. Only the “Lookup” app has been correct from a few days after I changed my number. Today is July 27, nearly five months and Hiya continues to say my number belongs to a person who quit the number eight months ago! WOEFULLY OUT OF DATE!! I quit my subscription and will get “Lookup”.
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5 years ago, MobilePhoneBill
Clunky - Feels Like They Should Pay Users
I expected Hiya to flag calls as they happen which it does infrequently. However, If a call has not been previously recorded into their database you have to go to your phone log, copy the number, paste it into the lookup function, and then have Hiya look up the number. If it is spam, you then have mark it as a blocked call, flag the type nuisance call it is, and provide further details in order for the listing to be useful for others using the app. In other words, Hiya relies on everyone reporting numbers and providing additional meta-data to build out its database. Spammers are constantly changing numbers so this copy, paste, add data routine is the process most of the time. When logging a call if the app is ‘working in the background’ it does not automatically read the copied phone number from cache so you have to manually paste it into the lookup function before it finds the number. You have to shut the app down and restart it every time if you want it to automatically pull the number from the copy puffer - also annoying; adding more steps than what seems necessary. They really should not charge for this since users are actually building their database for them not too mention that it takes too many too many steps to be convenient. Maybe simpler to just block calls in the iPhone app.
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4 years ago, Hollywood Sparrow
Lost hundreds of numbers I had entered to block for no reason
Lost all 347+ numbers I had personally entered to block over the last several years for no apparent reason whatsoever. Very upsetting to say the least! I did not clear any history. The only thing I can think of is I powered my iPhone down a couple of days ago because it had been a while since I had rebooted it OR it was when I had to force close the app because I was not getting any notification for calls I was expecting & waiting on. Phone did not ring nor show a call coming in as they were being blocked and going straight to voicemail with no notification of a new voicemail. OR maybe it’s from the newly revamped app. No matter the reason for the disappearance of the numbers I had entered...it’s quite disturbing and extremely frustrating. Got a nuisance call today and when I went to enter that number to block I was shocked to see all of my numerous previously entered numbers to block were no longer there. Because of all the numbers I had previously entered I had rarely been receiving any spam, nuisance, or telemarketer call. Now my phone is blowing up with them!! Prior to today, I loved this app and would have given a 5 star rating at any point over the last several years because of it’s superior performance BEFORE this latest update and revamping of the app!! Now I am going to have to tediously enter lots of numbers that should still be showing to block in my app and also should actually be being blocked.
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6 years ago, JordanGeneral
Real Talk!
I was with AT&T. AT&T have a similar service such as this one to block and inform the person receiving the call if it’s A scam, Tele marketing, spoof calling, and etc. I think this app can do a better job at notifying us if the number is a potential spoof number. We don’t find out unless we answer and don’t get a response and have to call back to realize that the number is a non-working number. I’m sure this isn’t the first time these scammers or pests, called someone that has this app. By sharing the reported number, than the app can notify the receivers of these annoying calls can get a heads up and we don’t have to answer and have a choice to block it if need be! I appreciate that this app service does give us more control and that does prevent innocent or real business calls from being Blocked Automatically! But this app is giving no warnings of a number being a possible bad Caller. The people that are doing this, are catching on to not use any number that starts with mine. They just pull random numbers. If enough people report this, than this app can be a lot more proactive and giving the receiver of the call, a possible Warning! I’m not with AT&T any longer, so I cannot use their service and your service is the next best thing pat gives the user a lot more control instead of blocking potential Important numbers! Please work on this.
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3 years ago, Sergio Trabant
App does a decent job, but has to be open all the time in the background
I got this app out of necessity when I got an IRS scam call that almost fooled me in spite of being skeptical at first. After I picked up on his tricks and called him out on it, I’m pretty sure he sold my information, and I’ve had a steady stream of spam calls since then that I didn’t get before. Hiya has done a decent job of helping me identify which callers I should be calling back, since I don’t pick up unknown numbers anymore. But I admit I’ve been disappointed during the years I’ve used it that it’s not been great at real time call identification. It’s gotten somewhat better recently, but still leaves something to be desired. Additionally, one update in the last year has nearly driven me crazy, and I’m about to give up on the app- if you ever force close the app, it brings up a notification that your spam protection has been reduced, and basically you have to keep the app open all the time if you want full protection. I feel like this should be able to function without me always keeping the app open in the background, and I think they could probably do a better job at this. Aside from that, the app does a decent job with identifying spam calls, though I wish it provided more details as well about who’s calling exactly when it comes to undesirable calls.
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6 years ago, Amber_sct
Hate subscriptions on apps
I loved this product when it came out. I get tons of spam calls and being able to block them once and not worry about that one again was really helpful. I still have to block more daily almost but it does make me think I’m making a dent in the sea of unwanted calls. I used the search feature and being able to read others comments on a number to decide whether to block or not. Now that is gone. I even believe the service provided is worth charging for the app but not charging every month for it. This information is free information but multiple companies are trying to profit off making this information easy to get but all thy have all done is make it impossible to google search and get the info for Free because all the companies pop up first that want you to pay for that free information. I am disabled and love on fixed income that doesn’t even cover my bills let alone a subscription monthly to be able to search phone numbers before blocking them. AT&T has total protect also provided by Hiya and is free and it doesn’t allow searches either so guess I will stick with them even though I did like your product better prior to “premium” being the features I really liked. I gave you 3 stars because it is still a good app it just isn’t as good as it was.
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6 years ago, Cbgc
Hiya on my local news and a time saver besides
I found the app after a local news radio guy raved about how great it is. And he did it during a conversation with someone on the air spontaneously. That is how I know it was not a commercial. He commented after words that he shouldn’t have said it because he can get in trouble for that. He apologized and said that he was not doing a commercial and was not a paid spokesman for the company just a customer. It really seems to work great. I run a small business here in a major American city and because of that my number is published in many locations. That means if I wanna keep getting customers I can’t change my number but I get constant telemarketers and scammers every day. They really try to take advantage of businesses because of the fact that they know that we cannot change or disconnect our numbers without going out of business. Sometimes I found that I was wasting 10 to 20 minutes per day on answering calls that were a total waste of time. That means over the course of the year I will save dozens of hours of my time and be able to really make more money talking to my customers, hiya is well worth it.
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5 years ago, Vampaliciousss
Dishonest scam anyone?
So the free version of hiya worked pretty well. At the time I was being seriously harassed. I’m an AT&T customer and discovered on my own that the hiya logo was on the call protect app. I was told that it was upgraded version of hiya and the hiya developers confirmed that. I was also billed through Apple, not AT&T do it made sense. Until a couple of months ago when it just completely stopped working. Not even logging incoming calls. I stupidly called AT&T. I contacted Hiya when, after an update, I was directed to activate hiya 1 and hiya 2, hiya 3 being premium. So I wrote as asked them why they were continuing to send me annoying ads when I had call protect, which is already the upgraded version, and by the way, it wasn’t even functional. They informed me that it was not the upgraded version. That they were 3 separate apps. When I replied to ask them kindly what exactly the differences were, because the descriptions were quite alike, and if it was accidental that an app I paid monthly for didn’t function at all, no further replies. So you’ve already shown me how dishonest you are, but yes. Let buy a subscription so that your next version will coincidentally stop this one from working and my money will have disappeared and been wasted. Sorry. I’m too clever to let you force me into your latest money scheme. And your customer service skills leave more to be desired than your apps do.
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6 years ago, Danielle F Watson
Finally, I’m limited on the Robo and Fraud Calls!
It’s been a blessing to not have to get so many Robo calls during the day. I used to get a lot more, but since I’ve started using Hiya I am receiving less and less, and having the calls screened for Scam, Fraud, and Telemarketing is a plus. Plus, even finding out who is calling me if I don’t answer is great when I want to look up the number. Update June 2018: The app isn’t working as well lately, and I have been receiving IRS extortion calls from east coast numbers this entire week and the app is not picking up many of them. After I copy and paste the number, only a few come up extortion. I understand that not all numbers can be found, so we’ll see how this app handles more of them. Update July 2018: The app is working better than last month. There have been a lot of local numbers coming up, but it’s picking them up more often now. Those pesky east coast numbers are still coming up, and the IRS scams still get through as the Robo callers are getting more tricky and finding other ways around them being blacklisted, but, all in all, so far so good.
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6 years ago, Nerdy Pete
Vague interface makes this app hard to use
Short version: The UI on this app is not clear. It seems overly complicated to me and has no familiar design elements to make it easy to use. I very nearly deleted it because I could not figure out how to enable blocking. Long version: I could not figure out how to get this app to work. The UI is very vague. It looked to me like in order to block any spam calls, I had to enter in each spam number individually. As I dug through the app I saw no familiar design elements like iOS-style switches or check boxes so I couldn’t tell how to enable the service, aside from entering in the phone numbers individually. I was very frustrated and even wrote a negative review that never posted. So here I am again. What is different is that after reading through every section of the app (and there are more sections than seem necessary), I found that elements that look like tabs are actually check boxes. They don’t look like check boxes but they do the same thing. The problem is there is no visual cue that says “here’s what you are looking for!” You have to read everything. In today’s messed up world, I don’t have time to read everything and most apps don’t require you to. It seems odd to render your app useless to anyone who doesn’t take a moment to read. I almost deleted this app because it required so much of me. We’ll see how it does now that I know how to work it.
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6 years ago, Glapalom
Good but...
I’m impressed with the basic protection this app provides. Especially for the free version! I would rate it even higher, but it seems even though I leave the app running all the time, I am constantly having to go back to the app, and reset the settings I previously selected. About once every couple weeks, I begin receiving a noticable number of spam calls coming through. When that happens, it’s my queue to go into IOS settings, and once again I have to set Hiya as my call protection. I also have to go into Hiya settings and reset things like the type of protection I want. I won’t upgrade to the premium protection until these little annoyances are fixed. Once fixed this could be a great app. Right now, I just see it as a good app. By the way, the feature just announced, that the dial pad protects you against calling a spam number? What is that? Why would the app developers think this is a good feature? How many spam numbers do you mistakenly call each day? Seems their time could have been better spent fixing things like persistent settings instead.
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7 months ago, Lucky13624
Newest update & redesign
I pay for yearly premium service as I get a lot of random calls that are spam. This newest upgrade to the app and redesign is a step backwards. It’s take away the option to actually look up phone numbers, and now only seems to give the option to view “screened” or blocked calls, which are now located in 2 different places instead of being able to see them in one more centralized location on the app. You’re provided with no information to confirm if when the last time things were updated or if that update is in process and how many numbers you may now be protected against. Giving only 2 stars at this time because of features being removed that are part of the subscription. Please bring back the old version with all of the features that subscribers are supposed to be getting by paying for this service!!! Update: this app seems to get worse with at least every other update. The “call screener” that’s supposed to actually screen calls by having the person calling say something so you can decide if you want to answer or not, hasn’t worked in months and is letting almost as many if not more spam calls through as it’s blocking.
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6 years ago, DeeEzBee
This app made answering my phone no problem!
I kept my family's phone number, after my mom's death. My family had had this number for 62 years! I wanted mom's friends to be able to find me, and I could inform them of her passing. When I found this app, from channel 5 tech report. I was not sure I should down load it. You know all the various viruses and other bad things that get in your device. I did get it, and was just about jumping with joy! I grabbed my son, and showed him the app, telling him it would really be good to have on his phone... He got it, and with a couple shows of things I was using, he got his Hiya app the way he wanted. It looks wierd to review from iPad, but my iPhone was charging. This app has prevented all the home improvement calls that that had been coming. I had told them I was a renter now. But they kept calling. Now, Hiya, can note under the caller's name (unless it's unlisted) whether the call is suspect as spam, or not. I can silence the call, then check with Hiya to see if the number was scam, or how high of scam suspected. I love this app!!
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6 years ago, Jadedgazelle
Used to be better (I think)
Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but since upgrading to the premium service, many apparent spam calls started getting through regularly. They come from a lot of different numbers that don’t show up in the Hiya database of spam type callers. They don’t ever have a name to identify them. They often come from my local or nearby area codes. And yes, I do have the option checked to block calls from my regional area that are suspected spam. I tend not to answer calls unless I know who they are from and specifically want to talk to them. So in fairness, I can’t be sure these are spam calls, but there is a great chance that they are because they never leave a voicemail. It wouldn’t seem like the premium service would cause what I am experiencing to occur, but who knows? Either way, the paid version hasn’t added much of any value that I didn’t already get from the free version. But it is my fault that I failed to get the free trial cancelled in time. If I had reviewed this app several months ago, I would have rated it 5 stars. Since it now fails to filter the vast majority of my unwanted calls, 3 is the best I’ll give it. Hope your experience with it is better than mine.
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5 years ago, RWalker56
Used to work well, now it doesn’t
Hiya used to work well, but now it doesn’t. I recently upgraded to an iPhone 11 Pro Max, and was unable to enable the Hiya premium features, which I’m paying for, in the phone settings. The only way I was able to enable the premium features was by uninstalling, which caused me to lose all my Hiya settings and blocked number list, and reinstalling. Then I was able to enable the premium features. But then a couple days later I noticed that calls from numbers in my contacts we’re going directly to voicemail. That was my fault. I needed to give Hiya access to my contacts. Once I did that everything seemed okay for a day. But then today, calls from my wife started going directly to voicemail again. I checked the settings and Hiya still had access to my contacts. This time, turning off neighbor spoofing didn’t help. In fact turning off all blocking within Hiya didn’t help. The only thing that worked was turning off Hiya all together in my phone settings. I don’t know if there’s an incompatibility between Hiya and iOS 13.1, or if Hiya is just broken. In any case, out of frustration I deleted Hiya and canceled my premium subscription, and will live with the new Silence Unknown Callers feature in iOS for now.
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5 years ago, yanababyy
Great app but whitelist contacts should be default
This app has been super helpful with preventing robocalls. However, the app is user based, and robocalls can be made from any number these days, even those that belong to actual people. Users of the app report spam calls like these which stop legitimate calls from coming through, and it sends them straight to voicemail. The app has an option to whitelist contacts, but it’s not a default option. I got a new phone and redownloaded the app and didn’t realize I didn’t have whitelist contacts on. My mom tried to call me and was sent straight to voicemail, as did my dad. I wasn’t getting notified about these calls and it took me like an hour to figure out the reason for this was because of this app, and whitelist contacts not being on. Obviously I would want calls from my own contacts to come through??? But I guess that means that the app is definitely working if calls from my own dang parents weren’t coming through. And since using this over like the last year or so, I have noticed significantly less robo & spam calls. So, 4/5, would recommend.
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4 years ago, iWanit
Works well (most of the time)
I really like Hiya, but sometimes it lets me down. It may or may not identify a caller and I have to let it go to voice mail. Then I copy the number from the voice mail or missed call to paste into Hiya for identification. The real problem comes when it seemingly stops working altogether! A visit to the app will show an alert telling me to go to Hiya Settings and turn on all three switches. There is a convenient button to press but it takes me to a blank settings screen. Moving up one level (back) and the whole Call Blocking & Identification section is missing!! A restart of the phone will not fix. A hard restart (reboot) doesn’t do it either. The only way I’ve found is to remove and re install Hiya. It’s too bad this I don’t get a notification when this happens; I do get notifications when updates fail. All told, Hiya is very good at what it does. It just needs a little more refinement to stop these infrequent occurrences and let the user know when it happens. I have not tried any of the other call blockers; so I have no benchmark.
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6 years ago, judielee
A+ app to notify & block extortion, threatening, spam, fraud, telemarketer, & spoofing phone calls
I was at my wits end with frustration over the extreme frequency of extortion, threatening, spam, fraud, telemarketer, & spoofing phone calls. The phone company would/could not help. Hiya has been a stress-reliever. It notifies me when a phone call is one of the above. I just don’t pick it up. Afterwards, I block the caller and then mark the type of phone call on the Hiya app. This is optional, but it helps others in the same way their notifications have helped me. There is also a choice to block these callers rather than just warn me. For a trial period I wanted to see how well & how often I was warned, and how many problem calls I was actually receiving. A lot! I have now just switched to blocking all of these calls. I want to thank the makers of Hiya, and also a great big thank you to others who have sent feedback regarding the types of each specific phone call they had received. It’s a group effort, and a frustration-reliever. Thank you.
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6 years ago, nothing else available
Not good anymore
Update: I uninstalled as I planned 3 days ago. I also turned on DND. Then when I realized *all* the spam calls had already stopped I turned off DND since it was silencing my texts too. This app was definitely the *cause* of the spam. It should be removed from the App Store. Original review: This *was* the best app ever. I even installed it on all my elderly family member’s phones. It used to cut down on the spam calls really well. I even praised it when it still let through most of the neighbor spoof calls because it was still blocking most of the rest of the calls. I would say about the time Premium became a thing (no I would never pay to know the name of my robocallers) it just went to junk. So many of the calls are getting through now. I guess I’m deleting it since I can only assume they really do sell your number like the conspiracy theorists have been saying all along. If you don’t use your phone for phone calls to and from lots of random numbers, consider making a contact list in your phone with all your real contacts you want to get calls from and turn on “do not disturb” for anyone not on the list. Spammers never call back within the hour, so it should block all of them without fail. Now I’m off to delete hiya from Grandma’s phone.
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6 years ago, DrCourtBen84
Just download it already!
I had been getting at least 5 spam calls a day for months...then the spam texts started showing up. I spent hours researching how to get this all to stop and/or how to control it so I didn't punch these fools through the phone. I read great things about two app options, one of which being Hiya. Hiya is my favorite and the only app remaining on my phone to assist in spam call screening. It truly is amazing and has DRASTICALLY REDUCED the number of crap calls that get through while providing a full warning label for suspect numbers that do ring. I have reviewed maybe one app in the past because I generally just don't care that much about nonsense I download to my phone. The set it and forget it nature of Hiya is so simply perfect that I just had to let others know how great it works. Imo, Hiya but is so much more than just an app, it is a true public service. Download it, allow it full access, and be much less stabby when your phone rings.
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6 years ago, rwvanoy
Used to be better
Don’t get me wrong, I use the app and like the app, but it used to be better. Maybe I’m wrong but I feel like they pulled some of the (what was free) functionality behind their now Premium subscription. It would be nice if the program gave you a report as to how many calls it has blocked/day. Now that there is a free version and a paid version, I don’t know if the call that made it through was unknown (as Spam) or not blocked because I’m not paying. I do know that more calls are making it through after the change, and when I search the number Hiya already has a report listing for the majority of them. That said, if the paid version works as well as it used to, the subscription price is not too far out of reach. It’s just a shame that functionality of the free version had to suffer in favor of the subscribed version. UPDATE: I can answer a previous question, Hiya allows known Potential SPAM to ring through with the free version even when the option to block the call is set. I had suspected this but I’m now noticing some of these unwanted calls have Hiya SPAM identifiers.
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3 years ago, Aushra
Could be five stars but……
This is a great app for screening and/or blocking spam calls. I have been using the app for years. However, the reason I docked two stars, is that in the last few months with recent updates suddenly it is blocking TOO MANY calls. The app has been silencing calls from people in my contacts and directing the calls to the Hiya apps voicemail not the one that I get with my provider. I’ve missed several calls because of this. Calls from my doctors, family and friends. One was urgent and never knew I had a call until I looked at my phone at lunch. The notification said, so and so’s (someone in my contacts!) call was silenced. And then as mentioned went to Hiya’s voicemail system. I’ve went through all the settings many times trying to figure out why it is doing it and haven’t found anything to fix it. I’m really aggravated and unless they fix it, I’ll be canceling my subscription and deleting the app. While it’s improved in a lot of ways, it’s also got worse in other areas. Specifically what I just wrote about.
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5 years ago, PDawgTho
This is seriously the greatest thing, maybe, quite possibly ever...However... I find on my device/version/IOS it hasn't allowed we to just view the name/identity on my dropdown list that iPhone has as a function. I can see everything if I copy and paste number, but feel this is sort of "extra" as they say, lol. Some times the caller id will say "Oh hey! Hiya: Satan calling!" I thought that was super cool. Then...it stopped doing it! 😩 I am starting to think maybe it doesn't currently have the phone number stored to forewarn. The only other minor this is the "Blocking" feature. It's temperament for me, but not too crucial where I'm not going to take advantage of that yearly price renewal! This app is amazing and sooooo helpful. If you happen across numbers you receive calls from though, let's be in this thing and get all the spammers and Robo people that laugh with the 'ol "Ha ha ha! I'm not sure what you mean!? I've never been asked that before!!!??" 😒😐😑 Two words: DO IT!!!!
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8 months ago, WorkingIntheCloud
Have to Use Call Screener
Call screener breaks some of the best new features of the latest iOS. It sits in the middle and calls to your iPhone first hit Hiya. Update forces you to use the call screener. Yes, this is probably the best way to screen calls against stir/shaken database and also the hiya database of known spammers. But you are basically forwarding all calls to Hiya first. Down the road if you have forgotten you did this it can cause you problems. I am in Telecom and I know how this works. 3rd party spam filters have always not worked great in the iOS ecosystem because spammers can easily just grab a block of new clean numbers to work with. It really needs to be down at your mobile carriers switch to determine if the number is spoofed which is the method taken by most fraud callers (different from Spam). I would still use Hiya because they have one of the largest user reported spam databases but not if I am forced to use their call screener. The best solution with the new iOS is to send callers not in your contact list to VM (in iOS settings) and screen them. Hiya would be an additional layer of protection when they stop forcing call screener on you.
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3 years ago, GNPHiking
Not As Good As Previous Versions
I have the Premium subscription, for over a year. Not sure what is occurring, but during the past 2 weeks, the number of identified spam numbers in the database has dropped by 25K(+) numbers and currently only has approximately 165K numbers; while a different Call Blocking app (Nomorobo) I am also using has added almost 100K (that database is currently at 1.7 million). Not sure which app is actually doing the better job, but overall, the daily number of robocalls is dropping. Up-date: After uninstalling (in Nov 2020 when I started using T-Mobile’s spam call blocker) I decided to reinstall in early May 2021 to see if the App had improved. Before reinstalling, my daily spam calls had slowly reduced to two-three per day. After reinstalling this App, my daily spam calls have increased to 10-14 per day. So, it appears if you want more Spam calls, installing this Spam will accomplish the task. However, if your goal is to get less Spam calls, do not download and install this App. I have deleted this App and will never install it again. I have no involvement with T-Mobile, other than as a consumer.
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4 years ago, lovebama
Hiya stops them in their tracks!
I am so thankful for Hiya! It used to be that every other call I received in the day was a Robocall or someone that had access to a phone list and they were constantly calling me. Yes, I signed up on the Federal and State “Do not Call Registry”; but, it never stopped nor did it lessen the amount of incoming calls by salespersons nor the Robocall machines. But, Hiya did what these lists could not! Thank you to the creators of Hiya. You’ve made a life-long subscriber out of me!!! Finally, an app that truly does as it advertises! UPDATE: Hiya has decreased my unwanted, telemarketing, and scam calls so very low that when my phone does ring it often catches me ‘off guard’ and I find myself startled by its ringing. If one has ever been affected by the constant, often untimely, and just plain annoyance from telemarketing, scamming, and unwarranted calls then I cannot recommend Hiya any better than to tell others they need to download and use the most useful app on the market. I have bought and upgraded to the Hiya Professional version now and it just keeps getting better. I’m not exactly sure how it does what it does; but, five star rating doesn’t give the app enough credit. It’s a true GOLD MEDAL WINNER of all apps. PS: These statements come solely from a happy user that has received no compensation of any kind as a reward for my endorsement.
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2 months ago, Jshot6987
Testing out the anti-spyware, Robo call and spam calling
I’ve been trying to reach customer service now for over two weeks regarding my cancellation and my money back which is guaranteed in the fine print if I’m not satisfied with the product and I am not they have a lot of bugs and other issues with the app that they need to sort out and it’s not my job to do it for them they’re not paying me. They’re not giving me any kind of free sponsorship with the app or anything along those lines. I may be a developer but I am not this companies unpaid internist I will continue to try to reach out to the company whether it be multiple emails and if I have to I will just have to send them a letter from my lawyers office letting them know that they are in breach of the contract that is in very fine print and forcefully trying to make it so that it goes past the 180 day mark just so that they don’t haveto give back the money that they are legitimately trying to at this point steel even though it’s only 2995 but they also don’t tell you that it’s per device
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6 years ago, Juliegilli
My Sanity Thanks You!!
I used to receive 30+ robo calls/ spam calls a day I believe bc my cell # is associated with my business & I downloaded this app on a Friendster on me my phone stopped ringing off the hook!! Wow! As a new mom, a full time single mom & my infant son being in daycare the only people that really ever call me is the daycare because there’s a problem, or a client from work-again because there’s a problem, so of course when my phone rings I have to stop my job and look at my phone. Seeing random area codes from all over the country calling me all day everyday frustrated me to the point I actually threw my phone across the room one day! Luckily I didn’t break it-as a single mom w/ no extra income or lotto winnings I obviously can’t afford a new phone... this ap has given me my sanity back, I have already told everyone I know about it & couldn’t be happier :) thanx again sooooo much👍🏼👍🏼⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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3 years ago, twofishWink
Appears to work very well.
I used to receive six or more “ robo” calls every day, despite blocking every suspect call with the iPhone’s built- in blocking feature. The built- in feature is effective, but it can not identify incoming calls as unwelcome. That’s where the Hiya app helps. The free version seemed to be effective, but only for a month or so. The upgrade was reasonably priced, so why not give it a try? For the past six months the number of bogus calls has finished significantly. My method of screening calls is: 1. Never answer a call not in my phones contact list. 2. If the Hiya app doesn’t flag a suspect call, wait to see if a message has been left. If one has been left, and it is unwelcome, report it with the appropriate label. 3. (Optional) Do a search for the owner of a phone number. If an owner has been found, then the number may have been hijacked. Then block, or not. 4. Block number. First with Hiya, then with iPhone’s built- in app.
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1 year ago, Socalmissy
App needs daily settings update to work (APR ‘23)
I have used this app for a few years with no apparent issues with the exception of the last few months. The app no longer works without DAILY, MANUALLY updating/refreshing the settings in both The Hiya App under BOTH the >BLOCKING and the >SETTINGS tabs well as in iPhone >Settings >Phone >Call Blocking & Identification section. It no longer recognizes calls by itself as spam (or anything) unless these features have been refreshed EVERY MORNING. And then after that, the app takes roughly 10+ minutes before it’s ready to actually work by itself and recognize future calls. But by then, your IPhone call list history is not recognized and has to RE-REFRESHED so it’s kind of useless if you have to enter each number in the app manually after the call just to get it to recognize a number as spam and block it or not. (iPhone XS Max v16.4) it has been enough to make me search for a new app that actually works without “doing the work manually, for it”.
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5 years ago, Flyby777
Only premium users can submit spam
This is important to know if you're considering going with the paid version. People who use the free version can't report spam numbers so their "data update" is only from people paying for their app. After stopping the premium service, I've received one spam warning and some of the numbers that came through, not flagged as spam had been flagged when I paid for their service so if a "spam warning" shows on the free version, it's probably a ruse by the developers to get you to pay for premium Out of the hundreds of millions of spam callers, eliminating the majority of a crowdsourced base won't increase their data base so the developers are probably recognizing .01% of spam callers at best. Paid users have reported credit card fraud identification numbers, internet providers, mobile carriers, legit businesses and people who simply dialed a wrong number. When only a tiny number of users can submit spam numbers, it is absolutely useless. When you no longer receive warnings after cancelling premium, the app is useless. The developers want your money so don't fall for their scam!
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5 years ago, Kaseychongyo
Fraud/Spam calls have decreases SIGNIFICANTLY
I was being blown up by annoying fraud, spam, and spoofing calls. I put my number on the Do Not Call national listing, but the calls were still coming and nearly every 10-20 minutes! It was becoming overwhelming and extremely frustrating! A friend recommended this app and I decided to give it a go—and I’m so happy I did! This app helped decrease the number of fraud/scam/spam/spoofing callings significantly! It’s also a great tool to search phone numbers with and report unknown callers as fraud/spam. Overall, I would highly recommend this app to anyone who is getting those annoying and unwanted phone calls. I already installed the app on my parents phones and some other family members and have also shared a post on Facebook about the app. It seriously helped and I’m so thankful to the developers! Thank you for providing an app that works and for FREE too!
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4 years ago, Donnatjones
I’ve just downloaded this app. I’ve given it 3 stars to start with as I would like to view this app in action. I will provide updates as needed. I’ve already blocked at least 4 numbers & reported these same numbers as spam. I’m looking forward to learning more about this app & how it will assist me in stopping these awful harassing “spam/fraudulent calls; if not at least slow the number of calls I receive daily. In the past I’ve received as many as 15 calls in one day. I receive just as many texts messages (some of which call me by a name that isn’t now or will ever be my name)...I’ve repeatedly asked to be removed from “ALL CONTACT LIST” and I block them immediately. The scammers get around this by sending texts out to 20 people or so with 19 numbers I’ve already blocked and and the 20th number is buried far below will be the one number that hasn’t been blocked... I can’t tell you how frustrating this is. And please, don’t get me started on the “Fake IRS” callers.... So, I’m crossing my fingers that this app will live up to its name & provide much needed service... Ahhh....It’s the little things in life. 🤗 One day...Oh!! One day may they all go away. Update: SO FAR SO GOOD!!! Thank you Hiya for providing this service. This app has already stopped a lot of unwanted calls... 5 Stars for sure!!!
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6 years ago, ttu101
Free doesn't mean hands-free
This is a comment on only the free side of the app. What you get: more robust blocking options than Apple offers; access to the Hiya spam/telemarketer database; post-call lookup. In an ideal universe it would be better to have an open-source crowd-sourced database and app. But as there isn't any such app (is there?) Hiya is a fairly good compromise. Their database is partly crowd-sourced, and easy to contribute to. And the lookup feature is fine; it's not automatic. Difficult to complain about that in a free app. And there are no ads. But no app can capture all spam calls in advance. I am happy to see that they have added text and spoofing coverage (though the spoofing doesn't seem to flag anything in advance), but it may be impossible to create a database of spoofed numbers, and, oddly, I've experienced an uptick in spoofed calls lately. If scammers move to spoofing, that may be an unintended result of blocking that is worse than the original problem. Time may tell.
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5 years ago, marencorie
Paying for too much
I am paying for in advance help, because so much time is used with scams and sales. I am very disappointed in “no name” answers! I wish this company would get on the ball and start to investigate “the no names”- you know them, you have a staff that can investigate. At first you were better when no cost. Then you started to back off and forced us to pay, and for what??? You need to be what you promised, if you really want to be a much bigger success! The people want this, the sky’s the limit for this company! Can you imagine, there would no ceiling to your potential. Scammer and unsolicited or no name calls are within your power. Just get people to Followup on things not found. You would own the market, and I and others would recommend you to everyone. But now, I can’t tell friends and acquaintances to pay for full use of your app services.
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6 years ago, Carlsbad Dad
Works ok but not like I was hoping
I downloaded this app because I get tons of calls from unknown numbers. Even though I am on “do not call list”, I still get lots of scam calls that somehow get through. This app seems to identify the scam calls fairly well but its inconsistent & sometimes there’s a delay in the app identifying a scam call. I have to manually copy & paste the number into the app most of the time rather than the app notifying me that it’s a scammer calling. Problem is I haven’t had any luck w the app giving me info on other calls. So, I did a 7-day trial of the premium version to see if the premium version would give me more real-time info on who’s calling . Unfortunately by day 6 of the trial, I didn’t notice any difference between the premium version & the standard free version, so I cancelled. Still find some value in the free version but not enough to pay for same. I’ve just gone back to not answering my phone and assuming legitimate callers will leave a message. Hope this helps?
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2 years ago, BritBrit043
It was awesome now it’s not
I used to love Hiya, I was a premium subscriber for YEARS. I recently canceled my subscription because the app doesn’t do the basic things that I want it to do. They are trying to force Call screener on you when you don’t want it. I should be able to choose whether or not I use call screen AND still be able to use the app for spam blocking and number look up. Prior to this fall I could do that but as of today the app is useless. I’m continually getting spam calls even though I have it set to send to voicemail. But they fixed the interface so you can get past call screener…small victory. And just for the record, I tried call screener when it was first released. I hated it, it tended to block calls that I didn’t want block (phone contacts like my mom and husband). And I was job hunting at the time and it would block calls from recruiters because they weren’t in my contacts. Unfortunately, I’m on the search for another spam blocking app since Hiya no longer works.
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1 year ago, Micharms16
Awesome app that actually works!
I love the design of this app, and the features it has. It’s not expensive, but I think Apple should purchase it and make it a standard app on every iPhone (no, it’s not expensive, but when you are on a fixed income..disability…you sometimes can’t fit even $4 extra in your budget)! The only thing I have found is, I missed a few very important phone calls. But I think it’s my settings that caused that more than anything. I have kept my ringer off for about two years now, because of spam calls that start at 6:00 am and continue until 11:30 pm, hundreds of texts… at one point I had over 2,000 unread texts and over 200 phone calls.. from me looking for car insurance and other vital things online. I haven’t listened to the screening message yet, but I love it!
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6 years ago, patty&joe
A Solid 5 Stars. 😃😃😃😃😃
This is the absolute truth. I was getting so many BS calls that I actually counted them one day. The number was 29. I was thinking about changing my number, but I have had it for at least 20 years, no lie, and the aggravation of all the work I would have to do when I did that, ended that idea quickly. So I began looking at apps to see if they could really do what they advertise they can do. Well, I am happy to say that I have been using this app for about a month and from day one, I noticed a big difference. The first day, the calls dropped to 8 or nine a day. Now that I have a system when a BS call sneaks through, in less than 1 minute, it’s blocked and never heard from again. And, any numbers in my contacts list go right through with no problems at all. My BS calls are about 2 a day, which I can easily handle. Check it out
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2 years ago, OOGLi BOOGLi
To Be Or Not
Not really sure what happened over time but this app used to be easy to use simply download the app and pay monthly but no it seems you have o call a number they ask you to in order to have the phone e calls go thru what ? I guess their system before you get your voicemails and in it continuously will ask you to call again like as if you never had so I’m curious as to why I have to periodically call the five digit number in order for it to do what it says it will do for you. Still some calls aren’t blocked or exposed as to who’s calling you. Nowadays with all the privacy breaks in now curious of how safe this app or any of these apps are with receiving your calls. Maybe I’m losing calls or voicemails who knows. Again In order to cancel you have to call a certain number so they can release your voicemails to you. I don’t know, to much call this number to activate or deactivate. Oh and I’ve used it for easily 3 years if not 4yrs so I have experienced the changes made.
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4 years ago, Phoenix1979***
Be careful
I was getting a few more spam calls then I cared for and decided to try this app after trying 2 others before it. I tried the app based on the fact that it was said to be good for iOS users and that they didn’t give your information to 3rd party companies. It worked great for the first couple weeks as did the other 2 apps. However, eventually I was getting double the calls I ever did without using this app and it seemed to be blocking very few of them. I was in awe of how many blocked calls I had accumulated and it didn’t seem normal. I didn’t ever remember receiving that many calls before. I was hesitant to delete the app because it had good reviews and denied sharing your information with 3rd party. Eventually, I became so frustrated that I deleted it and decided to return to blocking calls manually in my phone. Upon doing this the scam calls decreased drastically. I have to say I only get a few random calls every now and then and I’m much happier with that. Please steer clear or use at your own risk.
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7 months ago, Dstefonek
Excellent screen Application
I’ve been very pleased with the service provided by Hiya for the price paid. I choose not to acknowledging on social media such Facebook or Twitter’ as I don’t trust the political back ground of them. Hiya - Not so excellent anymore—- As of November 2023 I like the Hiya App less. It was then they started or near then that call screener came on the scene, and at that time it was personal contacts, people and family I know would call and when I’d pick up on the call it would disconnect and send them to VM. That’s very disturbing. The screening aspect is fine and good but not when it cause’s disconnect from people you know and don’t like causing an convenience of being hung up on. If this is the way Hiya service will continue I don’t see myself continuing another year at the end of my current subscription.
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6 years ago, Austin-Girl
So far I am impressed
I was complaining about all the scam\telemarketer\political calls to my cell lately and a colleague recommended this app. He has the Premium subscription and showed me enough that I was very hopeful and installed it that same day. That was a week ago so it’s too soo. For 5 stars, but I am planning to try the Premium subscription as soon as I finish this review! At first I thought the app was doing nothing, but then I started noticing missed calls after barely a single ring & realized that was the app warning me and blocking calls. Today alone it blocked 7 calls, none of which were legitimate calls. I’m looking forward to callerID on all these with Premium. You can look them up manually with the free version, but I think you get significantly more detail with Premium, as well as comments from others on what each number is (e.g. “they tried to sell me health insurance”) This app is pretty much plug and play except a few settings like enabling Neighborhood protection and those a user friendly. I feel like I could give this to my non-techie mom and not only would it reduce my worries about some Ahole scamming her, but she wouldn’t be constantly calling me for “tech support”. The only negative so far is that it doesn’t block texts, which is something I’d pay for! Hint, hint, developers... :) Do yourself a favor and try this app today!!
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5 years ago, Matthew3:22
This app doesn’t even work
I bought the yearly subscription for the app because I liked the Caller ID feature it talked about. It only showed me the caller Id information about once a week on a call so I contacted there support asking what I was doing wrong. They told me the caller Id feature is only for numbers in there data base and I need to make sure I am refreshing the app to keep it updated in order to work. I tried leaving the app running in the background on my phone for weeks in hope it would work. It still continued to only alert me with caller information once in a blue moon. As for the spam blocking I had it set to alert me of it was a suspicious number and although that worked more then the caller ID function if still missed about every third spam phone call. I was highly disappointed in this app and asked for a refund after a month of using it and the developer refused to be any assistance and even referred me to apple to resolve the issue. Poor customer service and a poor app. Don’t buy it unless your willing to throw away the money you spent.
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6 years ago, obg47
Wife phone would not ring in.
I had this app for around 6 months and telemarketing calls cut down considerably. But all of a sudden my wife’s and son’s phone would not ring into mine like they were blocked. After 4 different calls to Att finally resolved by removing the app. First we removed all the blocked numbers that were even similar to theirs, then removed all the blocked numbers. Nothing helped till I removed the app. Then the telemarketing calls started again. I’m reinstalling the app and hopefully will be more careful about allowing who and what numbers are blocked in the future. I thought I sent this review already but came back to rate again and it still here. So I’m about to dump it. Still getting 1-3 calls a day from unknowns. So time to find something better. Now this one is wanting $2.99 a month to upgrade to premium. I don’t care to knows who’s number they use I just want the calls to stop. I think there must be one better out there?
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2 years ago, deepstate007
Ain’t Broke, Don’t “fix”! Don’t waste your time or money!
I work in IT and application Dev and I have rarely seen such a drastic turn in the wrong direction. The app used to do what it was supposed to do, and was intuitive and exactly what I was looking for. You could see who was calling, whether it was spam, etc, then in real time add it to your block list where it would automatically end future calls from that number. Now it is simply some bizarre version of a “call screener” where if the number is not in your contacts, they have to state who they are before it shows you any information on the calling party. It is completely wonky and not helpful whatsoever. I wish I would have been aware of this horrible change before my auto renewal occurred. Also, it’s pretty disingenuous for all of the 5 star reviews from 1-4 years ago at the top of the review list, giving the appearance that everyone is in love with the app. If you sort by most recent, you will see a drastic turn in the quality of feedback on the app.
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