Homebase: Staff Scheduling App

4.8 (53.6K)
166 MB
Age rating
Current version
Pioneer Works, Inc.
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Homebase: Staff Scheduling App

4.78 out of 5
53.6K Ratings
10 months ago, >lele$@luv
To keep communication
Home base is a very highly use for communication volume that is very highly recommended for all workers that carry a title working for Carlo’s company. I do depend on Home Base it really helps me to keep in communication with my Boss and coworkers etc. and especially in this time of quarantine during this pandemic COVID-19 the Boss and coworkers been communicating with one another checking on each other during this time for me I feel that it brought out POSITIVE BLESSINGS to one another Home Base kept communication for us all. I am a worker for the Las Vegas Bakery I truly miss work can’t wait to go back, so I highly recommend that we can keep Home Base it really serves a lot of purpose for me and for my other coworkers, supervisors, bakers,assistant manager and our GENERAL MANAGER, with all that I have stated above this Is all from my HEART communication is very IMPORTANT so Home Base needs to be kept ( if I took this to seriously forgive me it’s my HEART ) that did the talking I was just the person following my HEART with communicating. Please everyone be safe wear your mask and hope that this all blow over soon so we all can get back to work and bond as one again. I thank you for giving me the time to express how important Home Base is to me. Thank you, Marguerite Aina ( retail associate from the Las Vegas store)
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2 years ago, TruthGiver888
Amazing App!
I have used Hot Schedules multiple times, and this is the first company I have worked for that uses Homebase! Homebase blows Hot Scheduels out of the water, completely! The interface is amazing, coupled with the communication tools! The way you can release and have shifts covered is beautiful and simplistic! The creative to give the “work staff” personal profiles to allow for uniqueness outside of the work uniform is another great feature. You could perhaps call it a mini Facebook for work. Homebase will text you an hour before your shift to remind you of work that day! They will text you when the schedules is posted and will include the schedule within that text. They truly have so many great features. It’s incredible how companies like Hot Schedule dominate the market and there are wayyyyy better applications to use such as Homebase! I truly mean this. Lastly, Another great feature of Homebase is the ability to create separate chat groups. Ex; like a servers chat room, or kitchen chat room. That allows only the people in those position to see the message content that is clearly only related to them.
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1 year ago, reviews are dumb162725
It’s ok when it works
Homebase has good features like reminders to your shift and being able to clock in and out from your phone. But somethings just don’t work properly. I have zero messages waiting for me, but it says I have 9 unread ones. On top of that, the message notifications I do get are stuffed behind other useless notifications from the app. Also the set up for “cash out” is slow and made me get stuck on a “loading” screen for several minutes twice. I had to close out of the app for it to response again. I then got a notification that cash was ready to go but when I check the app it says “bank ineligible”. Why would I be told its ready to use when it’s clearly not? There are times randomly when the app refuses to work as well. Like when I open the app and all it says “error 4400” or something along those lines. Then after 30-40 mins of it not working it makes me sign in again only for it to not work still. I really don’t understand how this app can be so glitchy and laggy when it’s used by many businesses. Last thing: if the cash out feature is for people who need money right away, why would you put restrictions on who could use it? It really blows my mind that you have a system in place to help, but you won’t help because of “low income deposits” It’s my money, it’s insulting that the app thinks I can’t handle it or that I don’t deserve it.
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3 months ago, Kthaze
Love this app!
I have always loved this app… However lately it’s been doing this thing where it will log me out every time I’m not using the app… and it didn’t use to do that, I would always stay logged in. Now I have to enter my user name and password every single time I get on there which is a little frustrating, especially if you are using the app a lot every day. I thought at first it was happening to me bc I got a new phone but my co workers said they are having the same issue!? But truly I Iove this app bc it keeps up with my hours, I know my schedule and everyone I’m schedule to work with every day. It’s easy to switch shifts and ask for time off and keeps up with how much you make… the best part is the cash advance!!!! It’s so great and fast if you are low on $$ in your bank account and a bill is coming out… ok seconds you have as much as you need and once you get your check, HomeBase will take the advanced money out on there own so there is no way to forget to pay it back and no late fees if you were to forget to pay it back. So yes, I’m a big fan of HomeBase!
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1 year ago, Triasb
Amazing App!
This app makes our scheduling a breeze and makes my job easier. So thankful I found it! I have been using the free version for months now and am looking at upgrading to the paid version. So many benefits in this schedule system. I am a manager in the corporate sector but also have my own business. I am seeing many benefits in being able to use both options. The only downside is you have to pay a fee for each “location”. Would be nice for the system to be able to make several schedules that can cross communicate for companies totally unrelated to each other and not have a huge fee for each location. Like in my own business, I am the only employee. App with free features is working well with scheduling my corporate employees but just to add my own business as another “location” jumps my fee up to $50 per month. Overall in the long run so think it is worth it. As a side note, if they could allow this to interact and sync with the personal calendar on peoples phones that would be amazing 🤩.
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2 years ago, dibeiveihdihei
Employee user side is awesome
I am an employee with the Homebase app and it’s so nice! It’s super user friendly and intuitive. It’s easy to clock in and out for everything, I get reminders when my lunch breaks are almost over, which is a life saver. The best part, however, is that it shows my earnings right on my main page! It’s so motivating to see how much I’ve earned as the day goes on. There’s also an “earnings” tab in the app so I can see how much I’ve earned pre-tax for any given week so I have an idea what my next paycheck will be. It’s so transparent! You can also take money out before payday without having to ask your employer- if you’ve logged hours worked, it’s going to allow you to take a small percentage out before payday if you need to. There’s no fee or interest- it works like PayPal or Venmo in the sense that you pay a few dollars if you want it immediately and it’s free if you wait a few days for it to process. I’ve never used it, but it’s awesome that it’s an option!
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1 month ago, ESlike711
Could be better
It’s really difficult to see the entire schedule. They don’t show a calendar view, they only show week by week, which you have to scroll through. It makes it really difficult to map out your entire schedule, especially when you plan month by month. Also, whenever my manager adds something to an already existing schedule, or she creates a new schedule, all it says to me is that a new schedule was published. It does not show what was changed or added. It doesn’t even specify whether it was a change or an entirely new schedule. It only says “new schedule published.” So I have to come through the schedule and compare to see if it was actually a new schedule, or if it was just changes… And then I have to find those changes myself. Overall, it’s just not very easy to read. If they could give an option for a full month’s calendar view, and specify when there’s either a new schedule or just changes, and then actually show me the changes that were made, I would give it five stars. Because those little things honestly make it such a pain to use. At this point, I feel like it would be easier to switch to paper scheduling.
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6 years ago, Oicorr
Wish the clock out feature worked
I’ve used this app for sometime now and always wished it had the option to let you clock out on the app as sometimes I forget to clock out since I’m in a hurry, luckily I work for family so I don’t actually get in trouble for it but it is still an inconvenience. Then I remember reading that there was a feature for you to be able to clock out of the app and I was so glad, but I can never find it on my app and I have looked everywhere but the only option I get is to send my manager a msg letting them know I forgot to clock out. I updated the app to the newest version just today and saw that one of the things on the new update was a problem fixed in which some people didn’t have the clock out feature. I was really happy but then got disappointed, as I was on my way home I realized I forgot to clock out but then remembered the latest update and though thank goodness it was just fixed but much to my surprise I still couldn’t find that feature anywhere within the app. I again had to resort to just leaving a msg for my manager. Wish this would get fixed.
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4 months ago, PurpleDust💜
Not receiving notifications..
The app works just fine for the most part, but for some reason I can never receive notifications. All alerts are enabled on the app for push notifications and they’re also enabled through my actual phone settings, yet I never receive anything. I can receive emails about new work shift schedules which is fine, but it’s rather annoying that I can only check new unread messages if I manually open the app and check my inbox, when I should be receiving push notifications to alert me. The only “efficient” way I can respond to messages in a timely manner is by leaving my phone unlocked with the app open so I can check my inbox every once in a while throughout the day, which isn’t very convenient. My phone recently updated the app also, so I know that’s not the issue either. I’ve been using this app for almost 2 years now and even got a new phone during the holiday season, yet the issue still persists. I’m at a lost on how to fix this, but otherwise I have no other issues with app.
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2 years ago, Princess Kirsten
Great for My Small Business!
I have been using mainly the scheduling portion of Homebase for 1 year now and love it. My employees can easily ask for time off, trade shifts, fix availability, and more. I get notifications each time they ask and it inputs into the system so I never miss one and make a mistake on scheduling. I am easily able to see employee availability when making schedules, cutting my schedule making in half. I also love the employee interactions! You can give shoutouts to employees, which creates a positive work environment between managers and employees! l Since using, I have had less tardiness of employees due to a one hour work text that is sent out. I am able to effectively communicate scheduling conflicts and other human resource issues with this app. Overall, wonderful app. Love it.
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1 year ago, Madison Mafi
Message notifications and Shift changes won’t update
We’ve had a decent time using Homebase at my work, but everyone on our team has mentioned that it’s frustrating that the notification numbers for messages are just a running total, and they don’t update once you’ve read a message. Also some of my employees won’t get certain team messages at all- they’ve even pulled up the chats and showed me how it won’t update. As a manager it can also be frustrating to not have the option on the app to see at a glance what schedule changes have been proposed, and to try to delete them if possible. One time my app was open and my hand must have brushed it, causing some accidental changes to shifts, and I can’t see what was changed, only that there are 9 proposed changes. I’ve tried quitting and re-uploading the app- three weeks later those 9 proposed changes are still there and I can’t clear them. I can now no longer make changes to the schedule on the app because I have no idea what those accidental changes were and don’t want to approve them.
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3 years ago, qwertbsufbrks
Does not update/reload automatically
I am a retail employee who uses Homebase to clock hours and message managers. What I don’t like about Homebase is that it doesn’t update automatically. Like most other apps, such as social media and texting, you are notified as soon as you receive a message or you have changed your status. However, homebase takes a few minutes, usually several (like 20-30) to register that something has been changed or received. For example, if I tap the clock in button, the page layout will not change, making it seem as though I have not clocked in. If I tap a different page, such as scheduling, and then return to my homepage, then it will reload. Additionally, I messaged my manager to notify that I’d be late–my manager got the message After I’d arrived to work. Notification badges don’t dissappear for a while after notifications/messages have been read, as well. As an employee, using Homebase would be much more user-friendly if it updated in real time.
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3 years ago, g16703
Good, but one very frustrating glitch
Overall Homebase seems to be a really good system, I really appreciate some of the functions and features it has (like messaging coworkers, seeing your money earned per shift, clocking in and out on the app, etc.). That being said, there’s one glitch/issue that drives me NUTS. There doesn’t seem to be any way to clear message notifications on this Homebase app. When I get a message, no matter how many times I close the app, open the message, scroll through all of the messages, or even delete messages, I still always have a notification that there’s an unread message. Not only is this super annoying visually, it makes me think I’ve missed something from a boss/coworker every time I open the app. It seems like such a simple thing to have read messages NOT give unread notifications, yet this app still struggles with that. If they’d fix that issue it really would be 5 stars from me.
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2 years ago, lostsheep7
Notifications & Bugs
This is the best app I’ve found for team communication and team scheduling. That said, I do have a few minor issues…with the latest update, all of us have been getting double notifications, which is annoying. I’m sure the devs will be getting that sorted out soon. I would also like the ability to delete chat threads that I no longer need, but at this point, they can only be hidden. The last minor complaint is that I pay for the usage of the app and I wish I could keep my team from seeing each other’s hours because sometimes that causes internal conflicts. That basic feature is hidden behind a more expensive pay tier along with other options I don’t need. Seems like that basic functionality should be an included feature to keep team moral from taking a hit. Overall, the app is very good.
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2 years ago, Random Goober
All around, not bad!
We started using this app about 4-5 months ago now, and is been pretty amazing. I have it synced with my Google calendar, so when my boss makes the new schedule it’s on my phone moments later. It also makes it easier to see who’s working the same days as me, and it allows me to chat with them if they want me to bring in breakfast, might be running late, etc. This has been helpful a couple times because I’m not friends with some of them on any social media platforms; therefore, I wouldn’t have had any other way to contact them. I haven’t had a single crash of the app since I’ve started using and that’s a big deal! This is my first review for this app, so hopefully this helps someone. Y’all take care 🤙🏽
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2 years ago, Gordon Fletcher
Integrated Alerts are a life saver!
First: I freaking hate scheduling. As a business owner I hate it! I love my staff and always give them the time off they need. Requests on Homebase for days off are a great reminder in aiding the scheduling process. So for me to say I actually enjoy scheduling now, is a big deal. Second: the seamless communication between my desktop, sending out notifications and the ability for my staff to keep track of their hours rather than calling me, saves me loads of mental energy and anguish. Last: If you are a small business owner and would rather spend your energy on things besides scheduling you are doing yourself a disservice by not having this app. The free version works amazing for me! Thank you Homebase.
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6 years ago, Luciuslips
App keeps crashing or freezing
I use Homebase for my work, so far I’ve only had one issue in which, I was unable to clock out due to an update. Eventually it was fixed and I could clock out. Unfortunately I have run into another issue, this time it’s worse. When I try to open the app, it loads and brings me to the dashboard, but nothing is on it except the date and time, and clock in button. All the buttons are there, but I cannot access them, because the entire app is frozen, after waiting a bit, the entire app crashes. I’ve tried deleting the app and downloading again, but it doesn’t work. I saw that there was a new update, it seems that every time there is a new update, more base parts of the app don’t work. Please read this and please fix it. The app is great other than constant updates that constantly bring more problems to the app. Thank you.
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1 month ago, Darlene Harris 420
Just a worker
This app is really handy! No more writing your schedule down, as it’s uploaded to the app.. It tells you precisely how may hours you have already worked and how many hours you’re going to work so you’ll know exactly what you’re paycheck will be. Also, depending on your bank, you can have access to your money up to 2 days earlier! You can even look back nine months to see how much you worked that month and even what days you worked. The best part about the app is that you can borrow money against your paycheck at anytime! And the only time you’ll have to pay for borrowing money is if you wanted it instantly; and I mean like NOW. Then it only charges you $4.99! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HOMEBASE!!!
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2 years ago, Nickelasss
Best time-clock app, but PLEASE add paystub access
I’ve had more jobs than I’ve had birthdays and imo this is by far the best work scheduling app I’ve ever used. It’s the only time-clock app that includes the whole staff schedule in chronological order & color-coded by role, optional shift notes for specifics if needed, proximity-based clocking in & out, employee availability setting, shift coverage & trades, time off requests, and optional text message &/or push notifications. The cherry on top: Homebase keeps track of your earnings for each shift, compares it to your estimated earnings based on scheduled hours, AND gives you the opportunity to cash out a portion of your paycheck early! I just wish there was a way to access our paystub PDFs.
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3 years ago, Word Loving Woman
Pretty good, could be more user friendly
use the app as an employee and as a manager. It has some pretty decent options but has plenty of room for improvement It is fairly basic, allows for widespread messages to be easily sent to the entire staff and some very basic sorting into employee category to narrow message audience. However that sorting feature could use lots of improvement. •Sorting by: name, department, job title • the ability to form and save groups for later use ... things along those lines would be really beneficial. We are a very busy restaurant and as examples it would be very helpful to form (and save) groups such as: kitchen staff, dish staff, line cooks, servers, bartenders, cocktail servers-•, bartenders and servers, lunch servers, dinner servers, office staff, bus staff, host/hostess staff, etc AND all manner of combinations of the above groups. The ability to make and save different groups (or target audiences) would be very useful for a variety of announcements/messages/bulletins which frequently need to be delivered to select groups of employees. An option to form and keep groups would save lots of time and help prevent the painstaking chore of perusing the entire employee list, selecting all intended recipients and then praying no one was overlooked before sending!
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3 months ago, Mahranda82
I had kind of somewhat of a mishap.
I had a bit of a mishap. But they resolved it so fast it was unbelievable and they have me an extra day to pay without any penalties! I borrowed $100 from them with a $5 fee to get it immediately, so total was $105. I had that exact amount in there but they didn’t take it because they want people to not get overdrafts. They want anywhere from $10-$50 extra in there if they withdraw it automatically, but if you don’t have that amount you can go to their app and do it manually yourself and they’ll accept that! Pretty cool they did that and actually care about us getting tons of penalties! Very understanding! Great app all the way around!!
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4 months ago, Meokae
Director of Saline County E911
Since the change over to military 24 time clock this app works perfect for us to allow staff online access to schedules, the ease of covering open shifts and having online time recorded. With the previous 12 hour time clock we had staff confused if they were coming in am or pm as we only use military time in the 24hr facility. So someone coming in at midnight was very difficult to schedule unless we put them as 1159pm otherwise they would be thinking they needed to show up a day early at zero hours on 12 hours late the night of the date scheduled. Thank you for getting the change made from 12 hours to 24 hours clocks!
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6 months ago, katanomii
Needs major work
I wish I had good feedback for this app but it’s completely buggy and has many errors. It doesn’t notify me of messages, it doesn’t allow me to cash out properly, sometimes it will, other times it completely takes that option away and doesn’t show at all! I’d have to delete and reinstall the app for things to properly work. Other times I’d have to re add my card all over again. I have plenty of storage, so that’s not the issue. Internet and signal is perfectly fine, so I’m not sure why this app is so bad. Sometimes I’d have to sign in after it logs me out randomly, even if I was just in the app five minutes ago. Please fix whatever this is, jobs shouldn’t depends on apps that aren’t useful especially if it’s going to be a major inconvenience for the employees. My job relies heavily on this app specifically for shift changes, schedule updates and group messages.
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1 year ago, Cutie$
Beware iPhone Users
Homebase is the best app i’ve used for work, except for one massive flaw: a bug that sends the wrong photo (usually a couple images back from the intended photo) on iPhones. As I use this app for work and want to always be perceived as professional, this is always extremely awkward and uncomfortable when this happens. It has sent the wrong photo three times now, all in company wide group chats where we do inventory. These photos also cannot be deleted once they are sent, which seems to be another bug within the app. iPhone users also do not get the courtesy of seeing which photo they pressed on before it sends, as it does not show up in the text box, but sends immediately. Again, this app is great on all other fronts. But PLEASE fix these issues. I’ve given up on sending photos through the app completely.
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9 months ago, alsmomof5
We used the free version of the app for awhile and then we upgraded to the lowest plan. We strictly use the app for scheduling purposes. We don’t track payroll or clock in and out using Homebase. I manage the app and make the schedule. The free version allowed our staff to request days off without limitation, the upgraded (paid) version only allows two employees to request off for any given day. This is not a feature I chose to use so I asked if I could alter the number of employee requests on any given day and I was told basically no, unless you upgrade your subscription again for approximately $100 a month, it’ll stay at two employees. I’m more likely to go find a more user friendly scheduling app then pay an additional $100 a month more than we already pay.
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3 years ago, Liss Harmon
Nice to have, but needs some work.
I previously reviewed this app and gave it 5 stars just for the convenience. I love how easy it makes to view your schedule and contact coworkers, it’s a lifesaver for me to be able to log in and see my next shift right at a glance. I genuinely love that my work uses this app, but after a bit more time with it, I’ve found some quirks I hope will be fixed in future updates. ie, if you leave a chat window it erases what you’ve typed. And it’s really hard to get the app to notice you’ve read something and get rid of the notification. It seems to operate with a little bit of a lag in general. These are minor annoyances on an app that I otherwise love, but I feel like they are fixable for the future.
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2 months ago, KKScott
Syncing Issues
Homebase was working great until about a month or so ago and then it started having syncing issues with iCal. Now every time I open Homebase it adds already synced shifts onto my calendar, so I have multiples (sometimes over twenty!) of the same shifts in my calendar. It is a major pain to have to delete the excess shifts, and then once I open Homebase again it adds another duplicate. I contacted support and their only recommendation was to update my iOS (I’m fully up to date!), delete the app, and reinstall. I have done all of those things, and even their most recent update, which was today, did not fix the problem. I have now disabled the syncing feature, but this is one feature that I really appreciated from the app…as I have been using it for over 5 years. Please figure out this bug Homebase!
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2 years ago, bird4650
Good app overall
This is a good and user-friendly app overall. Some things that could be offered that would make my life easier are allowing managers to move events from one day to another without having to delete one event and re-enter it on a new date. Also, please allow events to be placed in chronological order by day. I’d love to be able to review resumes on my mobile device. I used to be able to do this on my iPhone and then that functionality disappeared. Finally, there is a huge jump in pricing between the entry level paid subscription and the next level. Can you offer a middle ground for small businesses? Thank you!
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3 years ago, WestyChunggg
The app is usable
I believe that this app has potential to become something great, but right now it is subpar. As a teen working, the UX (User Experience) is rough. It consists of a lot of unnecessary clicking to sections. They clearly wanted it to be organized, but they sectioned it so much, it feels like a mess. I use SubItUp for another job, and find that interface simpler after understanding and getting a grasp of it. I have had this app for 2 months+ and still feel like I’m struggle to operate the app the way it was intended to work. As a pretty tech savvy person, it shouldn’t be this way. It just needs to be simple and clean instead of trying to be showy and impressing. That would do the app a favor and make me like this app more over others. Simplicity is impressive nowadays. Hope you have found this helpful :)
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6 years ago, MTommyBoy93
Pretty good
The app is pretty simple to use and tends to be super helpful with managing shifts. The only thing that kinda bugs me is the messages. Sometimes it shows that I have unread messages even though I’ve read all of them so I have to scroll up a few times in order for the notification icon to disappear. Also, when I go to delete one of my messages it takes a few tries. I also had trouble using the camera to send pictures. I have to take it a couple times in order for it to send. The last thing, though not super important but certainly convenient, it’d be nice to be able to label group messages. It can get a little confusing who I’m sending messages to when I have multiple recurring groups. Other than that, pretty solid app!
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9 months ago, KJ737
Horrible Payroll Service
Not one, but ZERO STARS. Changed from a previous service to this, big mistake. Don’t think people working there actually talk to each other. I had explained as the manager the things needed to shift the payroll at the beginning of us joining very clearly. The agent assigned to us never got those done and they filed the WRONG TAXES for our small company. They STILL HAVEN’T FIXED this issue and it’s been two months since I first contacted them. Instead, different people from Homebase keep sending me messages about entering a tax ID that doesn’t exist. I also talked to them over the phone; the second or third time I talked to our agent to fix our issue he scoffed on the phone and told me “yea yea it’ll get fixed.” Next few times I called them, and each time a different person told me it would get fixed. Still has not happened. Absolutely ridiculous and horrible experience!!!
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10 months ago, FHABFAKWCSJS SH
This app is pure garbage. It’s great that it gives me money, but my god the issue is for absolutely no discernible reason this app just takes forever to load anything cannot connect to the internet/use data. it’s profoundly infuriating and genuinely unbelievable that every other app on my phone has no issue loading or connecting to the internet whatsoever. Yet, when i open homebase I am conditioned to expect to wait 2-3 business days to clock out or look at my schedule. what’s the excuse??? what’s the reason??? no other things on my phone have this issue; why homebase??? i’ve troubleshooted it time after time. yet this garbage app does not ever load. Luckily my managers don’t mind late clock outs but others may have managers that will not accept late clock outs and the issues with this app could result in real material problems in the lives of people that use this. Unbelievable, fix. the. app.
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3 weeks ago, AlxAnnihhil8r
Very convenient and it is nice to be able to have access to my schedule and be in contact with my employees on my own for trading shifts and having cover when needing off and not having to go through the boss it’s great to be able to see who’s working each day at any shift it’s just all-around great. And I think every place of employment should have something along the lines like this, and not is stupid. Even the last job I had and there were times I was late or missed shift because I was not properly given my schedule because of someone else I’m not doing their job properly.
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3 years ago, not a stalker2
Hate the new update
The new update makes it very difficult to see how many hours I’ve earned. It’s pushing the cash out option really aggressively and I don’t particularly have a need for that feature. I mostly need to keep track of my hours and avoid going into overtime. The new update doesn’t show the total number of hours worked, just the amount of money I’ve earned so far. I also find it annoying that the old version showed my shift in hours and minutes but the total number of hours in hours and decimals. Just pick one! I don’t care how it tracks time, but don’t make me jump through conversation hoops to calculate my hours! It’s a problem because the second week of the pay period has the first week of the pay period added on to it, so I have to remember how many hours I did the previous week in order to make sure I didn’t go over 40 the second week.
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2 years ago, 1Help1!
A few issues
Since the last couple of updates, I’m no longer able to see GPS of employees where they are clocking in and out. Also when adjusting clocking in/out or breaks I’m getting a conflict on schedule warning. I’m not adding to the schedule, just adjusting time already scheduled. The notes section where employees can leave a message for manager on clocking in/out are now missing. My company is a service company and would be helpful if employees can clock in and out multiple times during the day. They were leaving a note as to when they left one job and arrived at another, but can’t as the notes have been removed from the app. Overall it has been a good app though.
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2 years ago, Mamabear rawwr
I like but could use some tweaking
I would like to have all the same capabilities in the app that I have online. I would also like the option of clocking out employees a head of time. The app has been useful and so far I have been pleased with Homebase. I NEED MORE OPTIONS using the app. Another thing I’m running into is not being able to fix their mistakes with clocking in n out vs lunch. I need to be able for it to just do it instead of going to the computer and even then I usually have to delete the whole timesheet. The app definitely needs a few more updates for options. I also have a few guys who have a difficult time signing in and figuring it out from the employees side.
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2 years ago, StrongSad32
Randomly doesnt work and no refresh with app closure
App is kinda annoying to use. You clock in, nothing updates not sure if it worked. If you want to verify any action has taken place, you have to close the app and reopen it to see if the state has changed. The cash out feature is pretty nice though and the only thing that saves this for me. If youre in a tight spot, your company can authorize up to like $150 early pay through the app that is handled by homebase incase you find yourself tight on money. They do charge your bank account for the amount paid out at the next pay day so plan ahead and dont make a habit of it. Really nice for those pay periods that hit you with some unexpected smaller expenses. Bad explanation but I appreciate the service offered.
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2 years ago, hannahalthea
Annoying “cash out” pop ups all the time
The app can be slow and glitchy at times, however the user interface on the employee end is decent. It would be nice if the buttons for requesting time off for vacation or sick time were easier to find and clearly defined. Also I would rate this app higher if it didn’t notify me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I open the app or clock out asking me if I’m interested in cashing out. I’m not interested, I never will be. I wouldn’t recommend for that one reason. It feels weirdly exploitative to have to receive that when I have no choice in what scheduling app my employer chooses. Also, it takes forever to get rid of message notifications. And I wish it would tell you who exactly read and reacted to a message. Thanks!
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5 years ago, NoehlSB
Great app great software
We looked at many other time and attendance programs. Homebase is by far the best for the price, great support as well. Of course there is always room for improvement but they are on the right track. While we were on the trial plan I requested that that they add a “Today” button to the calendar & they did. It must have been in high need, requested by many others for them to add that fast. It’s makes quicker work moving between weeks when planning out our schedule. Our employees have been quick to pickup the app as well and we are also using the clock-in component at two stations for those that aren’t technically adept.
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1 year ago, jdicnelwoc
Great app. I just started managing a bar…
It has made life so much easier. I do with there was a week view so I can look over the whole week and who is scheduled. The day by day view is very nice as well. The communication aspect of the app has been phenomenal. I have only been using it for a week. Thinking about upgrading because so far everything I have used has been completely free. It is also free to integrate with toast which again has been a game changer as I am not in charge of making money decisions for the restaurant. It just has so many aspects to it I could write about it for days but I’ll stop here.
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6 years ago, crjphoto
Nice app, but
There are some inconsistencies including clocking in or out from your mobile device when it says you're too far out of range when you're actually in the place of business. It had worked in the past but for some reason not currently. Once or twice it would not let me sign in at all. That said, it's a very handy app with great scheduling features and time card records, as well as other features. Of course, the more you take advantage of advanced features, the more your monthly fee will be. The free version is basic but is useful for just a basic scheduling and time cards and a few other things. I can recommend it and hope they fix the mobile clocking in and out.
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3 years ago, Blanca Cherrie
Best App For Employers/Employees
Out of all the apps I have used throughout my years of employment this app is hands down the best one. It allows you to view your schedule, gives you your estimated earnings that you have made so far in the pay period and your estimated earnings for the entire pay period. My favorite yet small detail about the app is how it tells you how long you have left for you break. If you’re like me and constantly forget what time you clocked out this app will notify you 5 mins before your break is over and you can also go onto the app and it will tell you how much time you have left on your break. Highly recommend!
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2 years ago, Weston_T.
The best I have seen so far.
After switching from my corporate company’s outdated system to my new company’s Homebase system, I am finding so much use in it. The ability to not have to worry about taking a picture of your schedule or get one from a coworker is a major plus. The messaging feature is amazing and it’s built-in read receipts is comforting. The only difficulty I have dealt with is the availability system. There was a slight learning curve, however that may have just been me. This app is so intuitive and by far the best way to go especially for small businesses. The analyst it’s for my hours is very helpful and the community engagement features are very pleasant.
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1 year ago, 𝕄𝕠𝕟𝕤𝕥𝕖𝕣𝟜𝟠
Please fix this.
1 why would you put a restriction on cash out obviously I’m able to pay it back other wise I wouldn’t be pulling it. 2 why do we have to wait 5 days after pay day to get our pay checks like what? My pay day should be on the first and 16 and I don’t get paid til five days after, like what’s the deal about that?! 3 why does it clock you out at that specific time and not let you clock in early like I still have to do my job I should get paid for it. Js. We shouldn’t have to get wrote up for not doing it because we’re not getting payed and we shouldn’t have to do it without getting paid. 4 why can’t there be like a monthly view instead of me having to click through this weekly schedule. Like again what?! Just a couple suggestions because me and my coworkers aren’t very pleased with this.
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4 years ago, CPCMARSH
Great scheduling app
Love Homebase! We were looking for an option to make scheduling easier for everyone and a way to streamline requests. This is SO easy for everyone to use, convenient and meets all our needs. Scheduling is a breeze - I love that staff can block out times that don’t work for them, request time off and trade shifts. This is all with the free version. We tried the paid version - there were some nice options like blocking time off and the clocking in, but I didn’t like that it gave you the option to choose what time you arrived. I would recommend this to someone looking for a great app to use! The app is very user friendly!
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1 year ago, thatonejesterkid
Lovely app experience
I’ve been using Homebase with the last couple of jobs that I have worked. For both of those experiences the user friendliness and fast and effective customer service have been absolutely outstanding. I have only ever experienced one small error with the use of the app (which was entirely my mistake) and when I wrote an email to customer service to fix the issue, it was resolved within 24 hours and 3 emails. Will continue to love this app as I use it with my employed experience, and I won’t hesitate to consider it if I happen to own my own business some day.
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4 years ago, PrgmStaff
Helps with Programming
We use it for our internship and apprenticeship program to communicate to host, students, and teachers who are not paid through our budget. It’s so helpful to calculate and project payroll, do online/gps tracked clock-in/out, and communicate to specific teams or all teams. It’s also a great help for students for their own payroll information because they don’t understand taxes or unpaid breaks so it helps teach them from making silly mistakes if they are trying to calculate their own pay. Super helpful for shift reminders and clock out reminders and tracking who comes in late. When I start my own business, I plan on using this tool.
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5 years ago, johnnysays
Easy and Essential! (Employee Point of View)
Been using Homebase for just over a year and I love it! Very easy to view shifts for yourself, coworkers, and other available shifts. I usually turn off all notifications on apps, but the 1hr pre-shift notification on the app has saved me numerous times lol! I’ve recommended it to other managers to use for their teams to help with organization and scheduling. The app is very user-friendly, and I love that employees are color-coded to make viewing on the web a lot easier! I love that everything you need is within the app; checking schedules, requesting cover, available shifts, messaging, and [estimated] earnings.
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3 weeks ago, Mnows
Ruined my calendars
After downloading this app for my job, I gave it access to my calendars so I can see my schedule on my phone. It duplicated the same shift 12 times each day. I’ve spent so many hours deleting this app, restarting my phone, deleting all my calendar apps on my phone and Mac, stopping my iCloud sync, restarting, and for some mysterious reason they continue to duplicate on any calendar app I try to download and use, even with the Homebase app deleted from device. When I look at the event it says at the bottom “powered by homebase” even though I don’t have the app anymore. So now I can’t use any calendar app on any device because every day I have a work shift, it’s showing the same shift 12 times. I’ve wasted so much time trying to fix this with no solution. Extremely frustrated. Please please please help me!!!
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1 week ago, Justin's Plumbing
Phone app vs Desktop version.
I like the phone app but the recent changes made to the desktop version is awful. I liked the original format and layout of the previous desktop version. The new one is not very user friendly. I don’t understand why the desktop version had to change. It was fine the way it was. Too bad, I may be looking for a new scheduling program. I don’t use this app to do payroll, just scheduling. I don’t need another payroll software. I export time information into QuickBooks. The only reason I chose this program was for scheduling employees and exporting timecards because I didn’t like the scheduling program T Sheets by Intuit because it wasn’t very user friendly. Now, this program is doing the same thing, becoming user unfriendly! I wish you would go back to the previous version. Thanks.
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