HomeGauge Companion

2.6 (21)
16.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for HomeGauge Companion

2.57 out of 5
21 Ratings
8 years ago, Skull Cap
Issues with photos
This app is pretty good, but whenever I do ANYTHING, I mean ANYTHING with photos and it auto-saves, the app freezes and I lose any unsaved info. I've had to get back onto roofs and re-inspect multiple items. Also, this app hasn't made my inspection process any faster, it's just more convenient to carry a phone around instead of a laptop and camera. I average 300 inspections a year so I'm putting this app to the test. I'm currently using an iPhone 6S. UPDATE: I never had any issues with not being able to Include/Exclude sections with the same name UNTIL THE 10/1/16 UPDATE THAT CLAIMED TO FIX THOSE ISSUES. C'mon HG, this is my livelihood. Please help! UPDATE 10/18/16: Be sure to save your report every chance you get because this app will randomly crash and you'll lose EVERYTHING!!! I certainly hope they're working on this because it used to be awesome prior to the 10/2/16 update.
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3 weeks ago, Toyotology
Saves time
I have been using honegauge companion on iPad for 7 or 8 years. It’s had some ups and downs. There was a point in time like another reviewer mentioned that the app would crash and the report would be corrupted. That did happen to me probably 10 times (years ago) but I was always able to recover the photos taken for the report and transfer them to a new clean report. This bug has surely been fixed because I haven’t experienced it in over 5 years. I figured out that it was more likely to happen if I had a lot of old reports stored in the app. So every couple days I would delete the reports for inspections I already completed off of the app. Another review mentions the camera feature is not great. I use an old iPad mini and it only has one lens on the backside. The in-app camera function has always been sufficient for me. Very rarely do I need to zoom way in on a distant object, or need macro for a photo in an inspection report. Overall, the app saves me time. I have created templates and generally have a lot of comments for common defects that auto load into every report. While at the inspection when I encounter a defect, it’s quick to find the comment and snap a photo, and move on. I then upload the report to my laptop and add the final touches before sending it to the client and agent.
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2 years ago, zerothemoon
Camera awful
I paid a bunch of money for this app abut 5 years ago, only to find it useless if I don’t pay their exorbitant online services fees. Not only that, the camera in the app is literally unusable. It is zoomed in much farther than it should be when using landscape mode, and there is no way to zoom out . The only way to take a picture is to push a button on the screen. I use my iPhone camera for all of my inspections and being able to take a picture with the volume buttons and zoom in and out or use the fisheye lens is absolutely critical. And of course it is way too clunky to take a picture with my iPhone camera and then insert it into the app on my phone. You should be able to take a picture with the Apple camera and it should be inserted into the comment automatically. I just can’t believe how many years this app has been out and how little progress it has made.
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6 days ago, B. Ward25
Hg has really put in the work!
I must say, HomeGauge has really put in the work to make this app solid. I love how easy it is to use! I especially love the light feature in the camera setting. I’ve also noticed they frequently come out with updates which makes me feel confident that the app will only get better 🤌🏼 Their support is also top notch! Can’t say enough good things.
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7 days ago, The Teal Inspectress
May favorite Companion
I love using Companion. It’s very versatile between tablet phone, and sending it up to the cloud to then work on at the desktop. I really honestly couldn’t imagine working with a easier software system. On top of that the customer service is top-notch. Big fan of HomeGauge all around.
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2 years ago, Jim the inspector
Great software
Companion make writing reports a breeze. They are always making it better and customer support is always very helpful.
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3 years ago, 🐊🐎🐡
Needs updates
App has often cracked losing all information put into it. Needs updating to make it more efficient such as being able to select and drop multiple photos from camera roll instead of individually selecting and dropping. I’m sure others would agree it would significantly speed up their process.
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3 years ago, CFL Inspector
Great software for anyone not using Apple.
I’ve been a HomeGauge user for 7 years and it’s pretty clear they have no real intention on making an app for iOS that actually works well. I wish they would just bow out of the market and refund us poor suckers who insist on phones that actually work.
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3 years ago, frogsofbejar
Why can’t I download the app?
It will only open right in the App Store.
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2 years ago, gnuccimane
After 8 years of using HomeGauge I’m switching to Spectora.
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6 years ago, Jeremywsd
Best inspection software I have used
I have been using the Homeguage app for several years now. After trying several different inspection apps this is hands down the best. I went from an average of 3.5 hours down to 2.5 hours using this vs. the others. The support I have received was very quick when I needed them. I am excited to see what Homeguage does next. Thank you for continuing your hard work in making your products better and better. Thank you Homeguage crew!! Jeremy Wolfe Wolfe Inspections
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8 years ago, Elsasdad
Works well but Template bug
Well, on this release HG didn't fix the template bug which they acknowledged back in May... they didn't even reply when I contacted them and showed them that they knew of the problem. Who knows when/if it will be fixed. They suggested that I change my template to confirm to this release... But I pointed out they their software says you can have custom column headers... Past post: I found it works well if your template uses consistent Column Headers throughout the template; if not, your report will not download and open from the cloud. HG confirmed this a couple months ago; I'm waiting anxiously for an update so I can use the iPhone with my template.
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9 years ago, Jaynobili
I've tried the new HG app for iPhone & IPad despite the app not being fully completed I like it better. You can't transfer but so many photos and its small glitches with completion checks after finishing sections but other that it's cool. I can connect all my FLIR products straight to the iPad or iPhone which provides easy IR photo transfer into HG reports. I also use HG on Mac w/Parallels. Can't wait for the next update to fix small issues.
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8 years ago, Jmsooa
Bugs bugs
The software is great when it works. I've paid my 200 bucks and after a month of success the new version crashes when I use it. You can't go back to a client and say sorry I don't have your report my software crashed. I hope they fix the bugs soon. Update- two weeks now and HomeGauge claims they can't duplicate my issues. Looks like other users are having the same issues. It seems like support just isn't concerned. It's unfortunate for me I've invested time and money in your software.
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8 years ago, Ozzy tushes
Great Job
Can't wait for the full version. Visually not great but already does everything I need it to. No issues yet.
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6 years ago, SWeston7
iOS version will never be fixed.
For almost 2 years now there has been a picture rotation issue on iOS. Glad I paid so much money for a broken product. HomeGauge says it’s an iOS issue.
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10 years ago, Kurt_Puterbaugh
iPad Version
In the Details section, it says that it is compatible with the iPad. i am wondering when the iPad Version of the app will be published.
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6 years ago, Digital Monst3r
There are multiple bug issues with the iOS Home Gauge app multiple calls into Home Gauge to no avail they will not fix the issues Contacts do not import app freezes up and camera now is not operating properly
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9 years ago, Connor 1616
Still Not Ready
We have been waiting for nearly 2 years and it's still not ready. If you use iOS, don't trouble yourself and find another software. We are in the process of moving to another one now.
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10 years ago, ljmichael76
Horrible in current form.
I realize that this is the first version, but it has been in beta too long. Currently not usable, don't try it or you will loose inspection information. For Mac and iPhone use HIP until Homeguage figures out how to work on Apple products.
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9 years ago, Needhamj2
Not worth trying
This app will cost you time and money. Crashes constantly. Will update once fixed whenever that is.
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6 years ago, XxZombieKingxX
No updates?
For over a year there have not been any updates to the software meanwhile there are all sorts of problems.
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9 years ago, David__Vavid
Bad app
Ok Home gauge needs to get with the program. Apple is the present and future and they need to truly develop an app for the plethora of Apple users. And how about software for the truly stable Apple computer.
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6 years ago, PissedOffCustomer133
Template error
Will not upload any templates from the cloud, user login is glitchy and only occasionally lets you in.
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2 years ago, JDRay0161
If they could just fix the camera
I purchased an android a year ago just for inspections because HG seems to have no problem neglecting the largest mobile device manufacturer. I love the software most of the time. I just wish they would develop the IOS side of the house so I can stop paying for and carrying two phones. Think of how many IOS inspectors went to another product and how much revenue has been lost over the years. I always check back on my IOS hoping for an update. Still nothing.
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5 years ago, Bearded Vent Guy
Companion App is horrible
This version of the companion app is horrible with iOS 11. Do you not have full use of all functions of the app, the app crashes multiple times during a single inspection and you lose all data have to re-enter from the beginning. Home Gauge support offers a lot of empty promises for updates with no date of fixing issues. Claims the developer doesn’t respond. These known issues have been happening for several months. Being forced to go buy an android tablet in order to continue using the software in the field. The desktop version of the software is great and powerful but the field version is very frustrating.
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